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Presbyterian Group, of Mar
ion to Be Hosts to
County Group
JEFFERSON, July 22 Tie
Presbyterian Sunday school at
Marlon win Entertain th district
Sunday, school contention gun
day afternoon at 2:10 p. m. at
Dr. J. O. Van Winkle will b
the song leader, Rev. Smith of
Marlon will hare eharte of the
devoUons. The Junjors of Talbott
will sins; a chorus. Other program
numbers will be: reading by
Marion S. S., solo by Dr. . J. O.
Van Winkle, address by Rev. W.
S. Bnrgoyae of Turner, solo by
Mrs; W. 8 Burgoyne, reading; by
Talbot, 8. S. play by the Chris
tian s. S. quartette Marion
Friends 8. S. Address by Fred
De Vrlea county president, bus
ineas. benediction. Rev. D. George
Cole. .
LIBERTY, Jnly 22 - Mr. and
Mrs. F. EoMercer and daughter,
Betty were dinner guests at the
R. I. Forster home Saturday ev
ening. Mr. and Mrs. Elrey and daugh
ter of Portland were guests of
Mrs. Eireys - parents, Mr. and
Mrs. William Zosel on Monday.
Florence Copley la spending; a
two weeks' vacation at Newnort.
Mrs. J. Patterson, who was in
jured about three weeks aco
when she fell from a cherry tree
in urs. KODOin's orchard. Is now
able to sit up a little while each
Mr. and Mrs. P. Foster and
family have moved Into the
Farnsworth house.
Miss Mary Berndt, who has
been spending her annual vaca
tion wun her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. William Berndt. has gone
back to her work in the Salem
General hospital.
James and Wilms Steven, nt
Caldwell, Idaho, brother and sis
ter or Mrs. c. W. Stacey. stopped
to visit their sister and then con
tinued on a tour of the northwest.
Mrs. W. R. Dallas had the mis
fortune to bum her hand last
Friday while making loganberry
Mrs. W. J. Neuens returned
from Portland Monday evening
where she has been under the
care of a specialist for some time
for her knee which she injured
last fall.
While attending church Sun
day evening, Mrs. Anna Robbins
had the misfortune to have her
car stolen.
Mr. and Mrs. . Roy Myers and
aon, Jlmmie of Fontana, Califor
nia were dinner guests of Mrs.
Myer's aunt and uncle, Mr. and
Mrs. Fred Scott.
Mrs. Joseph Pierre and two
children have returned to their
home near Olympia, Washington
after spending several weeks with
Mrs. Kate Holder.
Miss May Shaver of Salem
spent Sunday as.a-cuest of her
sister, Mrs. Kate Holder,
SILVERTON, July 22 Form
er residents of . Hemmingford,
Nebraska -enjoyed a picnic party
In the Coolidge and McClalne
park at Sllverton Sunday. The
affair was In honor of Mrs!
Clara Styre, who la visiting here
for a month. Mrs. Styve's home
Is now at Albert Lee. Minnesota.
Those In the party were Mr.
and Mrs. Martin Hatteberg. Mr.
and Mrs. Hans Hansen, Mrs.
Christine Jacobsen, Mrs., Jose
phine Jacobsen, Mr. and Mrs.
Hans Jensen, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar
Satera, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Fun
rue, Mr. and Mrs. John Moe. Mrs.
Henry Rlndem, Mr. and Mrs. Al
bert Johnson and family of AL
bany. Mr. and Mrs. Melvtn Moe
and family of Eugene, Mrs. Clara
8tyve of Minnesota. Rev. and
Mrs. H. L. Fobs of Sllverton were
special guests.
Kansas Family
Buys Farm at
North1 Howell
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Gottenburg are
rejoMng over the arrival of a
baby daughter on Jnly It. This Is
the fourth child and all daught
ers, and has been named Nola
The farm belonging to ; Mrs.
. Hannah Rlckard of ' Salem and
which la situated one mile west of
the North Howell school house,
has recently been sold to Albert
Houaer of Kansas. The farm com-
: prises about 83 acres and has been
rented by Earl Rlckard .tor sever
al years. Mr. Houser will take pos
session about Oct. 1st. . .
Tfcfe members of the Stevens
elan are planning to drive to
Portland'on Sunday next and hold
their annual reunion at the home
or a relative there. The Weisner
families mlso have their' annual
plcnle next Sunday. This year ft
: will b held at fihade-K Acres near
Barlow.' ..."..., . ....v,.
Ail Because of An
WOODBURN. July 21 "Little
dogs that Insist upon chewing
pencils shoald Hot leave them t
the top of the stairs," is an ax
iom that George Keyes wants ev
ery housedog to observe. Here's
I "Skeeslx." Keys' fox terrier
house . dog. has a very peculiar
yen for ehawlng Jead pencil. But
the other day. Instead of chewing
Ms pencil into nice soft sawdust.
California Guest is Honored
By Affair at R. R. Camp
bed Home
HOPEWELL. Jnlv 55 a nl.
ale dinner was held Sunday at tho
nome of Mr. and Mrs. R. R.
Campbell, en the lawn. Present
were: Mrs. Glen Perry of Los
Anfeles, Cal., Mr. and Mrs. o.
Nash and family. Mrs. Fannie
Campbell, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph
Campbell, of Salem, Mr. and Mrs.
Lynsey Campbell of Portland. Mr
and Mrs. Frank Cam d bell and
family. Miss Dorothy Durham of
weiale roast was hejd at the
pond on the Howard Stephens
plaee Saturday evening.
Henry Klminiki who has hn
in the hospital at Portland is
home again.
Gas Setilla who nnr hi w
some time ago still has to have It
treated every other day.
Mrs. E. Lynch attended a fam
ily reunion held at. Triangle lake
Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Merchant of
Carlton and Mr. and Mrs. Virgil
Hieder and family spent Sunday
at the Lily Pond.
Mr. and Mrs. Virril niH
were dinner guests at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. Merret Danatta
of McMinnville, Thursday even
ing. Rev. S. E. Long of Salem, pas
tor of the U. B. church is taking
a trip east Church services will
be discontinued until the first
of October.
Mr. and Mrs. John Mills of
California are visiting at the
home Of Mr. and Mra rhartov
Mr. and Mrs. S. Mm tnH How
ard Branson. Mm. Ada motr.
and children of Klamath Fail.
were dinner guests at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Steph
ens, Sunday.
JEFFERSON. Jnlv 22 n!-
gates to the camp meeting and
conventions of the Evangelical
church were appointed' Sunday.
The convention onena Jni
closing August 3. Bishop and
Mrs. L. H. Searer of I Mam.
Iowa, are guest speakers.
Those attendine from Jefferson
are Rev. and Mrs. A. W. Oliver
and little son. Mrs. NetH nie.
and Laura Kins. The ladies go
ing as delegates from the Chris
tian Endeavor. Women's Mission
ary society and Sunday school re-
SILVERTON. Julv 22 Mr.
and Mrs. Carny Landiss of New
York Citv were recent visitor a
th home of Mrs. Landiss' sister.
Mrs. Alf O. Nelson.
The Landisses has been tonrlnr
the entire country during the
summer months. They came from
the, south to Oregon and found
the northwest pretty attractive
after the dryness of "southern
deserts. From here they win go
on through Washington and mo
tor into Canada before returning
to .New York City where they are
both teaching in college.
SCOTTS MftLS. July 22Mr.
and Mrs. Bert Scott moved to
Portland Thursday where they
have purchased property.
Mr. and Mrs. N. Sehmilii mrA
daughter Lucy, visited Mr. and
Mrs. Reuben do jar din Sunday.
Miss Clara Mickens of Mt. An
sel la TisitJnr her sister Mra.
Louie Schaeehar this week. .
Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Beers
ud dtortttr nf RilvrtnB vlalt.
ed her sister. Mrs. GUI Giger and
iamiiy sunaay. - -
Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Mulvlhill
and daughter. Rnbv Harrfrt nf
Portland visited Mrs. MulTtMll's
parents. Mr.and Mrs. : A. L.
Brougner and other relatives' sev
er l days Ust week.
. Mr. and Mrs. George Krauae
and danrhter Jean. Af Vartlan
Tlafted Mrs. Krause'a parents, Mr.
and Mrs. J.-N.-Amundson - and
family Sunday. - .t
Miss LUa Brourher Tialted htT
sister. Mrs. Leslie - Ramaer.- near
Molalla last week.. -
scons MILLS
A' Urge crowd attended the
Old Neglected Pencil
'8keezlx" left It onlv nartlv
chewed, lviar at th. hmA at tfc
salrs. . .--
The next moratnr th nutr
oi vai nouse stenoed on the nen-
cil as he was coins downstairs.
" ho wa. gob downstaJra.
ult Mr. Keyea finds himself
Result Mr. Km find hlmulf
Ijlns; at the bottom of the stairs
Wltn Dart or tnn ralllnr vranneil
artlaticallv abon bis J.v
Mr. Keres will live hot -sv:lthe Jlrca club orchestra, wtm-
alx's" life Is not so certain.
ter's new barn Saturday evening.
George Bennett of Mill City
Tialted Mr. and Mra, C. a Hart-
man -over the week-end. Mr.
nett formerly lived hero about 25
years ago. .
Mr. and Jrs. Ben Gooch of
Dunsmuir, California, la visiting
hU daughter. Mrs. L. Woodford
ana family.'
Frank Lamb went to Iris home
stead SundtT. wium'h i. M.i-
lns; chittum bark. Mr. Lamb baa
oeen going back and forth the
past few weeks.
Members of the Wleannr fimlll
la this community drove to Shade-E-Acres
near Rarlow RiTnda and
enjoyed a' bountiful picnic dinner
wun an the other relatives from
Salem, Woodburn and Portland.
New officers elected were W.
H. Broyles of Woodburn, presi
dent; e. c. Wlesner, North How-
eii. vice president; and Julia
Johnson of Salem as secretary-
Present were Mr. anA Mra. re
W. Baughman and Louise Baugh-
man, Mrs. Kathie Cawood, Mr.
and Mrs. Roland Cawood and
children all of Portland.
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Broyles
and Mrs. Nettle Pennybaker. of
Woodburn ;
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Johnson.
Miss Julia Johnson, and Mr. and
Mrs. George Riches of Salem:
Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Wlesner,
Mr. and Mrs. Archie Wlesner,
Bertha, Alan, Wayne, Darrel and
Mary Lou Wlesner, all of North
JEFFERSON, Jury 22 Clar
ence Thurston returned from
Portland Friday. He is feeling
mucn better since having under
went an operation there. He ac
companied his sister and hus
band. Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Rhodes
io Toledo Sunday where he will
spena several days.
for Tlay
for Relaxation
Your vacation need not be
limited to hot one olace. En.
joy the fall wcep of Califor
nia's channiag playgrounds
on s Southern Pacific vacation.
-nV .,7 .
Here, sandy beaches, lofty
moontatm, f aaaed tesora an
all doaely linked by Southern
Your vacation start wbea
von hoard thm tnia. In mrmt
ful comfort you speed over
the spectacular Skats Routt
mUe after mile of scenic
splendor. Refreshed, yoo are
ready for play at your destia-
LOS ANGELES ..... 52.00
SAN DIEGO ....... 09.00
YOSEMlTK ........ 4oV2S
LAKE TAHOE , . . . . S4MW
1 Om uj tbromfb tbt Redwood
Empire by tea md motor
cocb, $10.40 sJAticmJ.
A ddcet sn aw mt rJ
rttHiaiiMMii includes stop-
- overs ami pernus side trips
; to the aaaay places you'll
l - City Ticket Of flew
1S4 N. liberty- Tel. SO
lith aikd Oak. TeL 41
The 03EG0N STATCSHAN. Saten; Oregau
Meeting Will Be Held at Maritm
I Pfaf fingers Grove
Woodburn Scene
Merry Party
. . 7 The
I JIS el" of Woodburn enjoyed a
TerT nlco picnic at Pfaf finger's
I Ktovo. near woodbnrn.- SnnrtaT
alDanclnr. with music fnnlahf hv
I ni"C. horseshoes and base-
nan helped nasa the time awav all
ioo quicuy. a delicious potluck
Hutchinson and famllV. Mr. m-nA
Mrs. W. Miller, Mr. and Mrs. W.
Hardy, ur. and Mrs. A. Presthus
and sons, Mr. and Mrs. K. L. Free
burr and family. Mr. and Mrs l.
Otjen, Mr. and Mrs. H. Boaney and
aaugnter, Mr. and Mrs. P. Wright
and daughter. Mr. and Mr. A
Harper. Mr. and Mra. Paul Sim
mons,' Mr. and Mrs. Roy Faulconer
and daughter. Mr. and Mrs. S.
Bannbn and sons. Mr. u Ur w
W. Pfaftlnxer and family. Mr. and
.., j;. . ; - ' . . .
YOU are buying proved performance when you buy a Ford. You
know it has been built for many thousands of miles of satisfactory,
economical service.
Letters from users in every part of the world show the value of its
feonnd design, good materials .and accuracy in manufacturing. You
feense a feeling of sincere pride in the oft-repeated phrase "Let me
tell you what my new Ford did.
Further tribute to the sturdiness, reliability and general all-round
performance of the new Ford is shown in the repeated and growing
purchases by government bureaus, by police departments, and by large
industrial companies which keep careful day-by-day cost records. In
znost cases, the new Ford has been chosen only after exhaustive tests
covering speed and power, safety, comfort, ease of control, oil and
gas consumption, low yearly depredation, and low cost of up-keepV
They have, found, as you will find; that the Ford embodies every
feature you want or need in ja motor car at an nnnsually low price.
. - : ' - -. - - . - ..... - , - ' - .
Mra, J. W. Richmond and family,
Mr. and Mrs. R. Tyson and chil
dren, Mr. and Mrs. H. S. LeFebvre
and children. Mr. F. W. Kraus,
Mrs. w. Burnett and Mr. B. Pre
deek, all of Woodburn. '
Those who attended from other
towns were Mr. and Mrs. Cooper
and son, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wil
son and son, of Salem; Mr. and
Mrs. Oscar Polster of Nowhere;
Mr. and Mrs. Ballwebber and tarn
Inly. Mrs. Bertha Ballwebber. Mr.
and Mrs. L. Lowry of Monitor, and
Mr. and Mrs; FredlSyper and fam
ily of Genrala. , ' ,
Rickreall Grange
Adjourns During
Summer Months
RICKREALL, July 21-Carmon
Crippen is working lor two -weeks
for. her uncle. Alfred Jones, at his
stare at McMinnville.
Luielle Crippen is rlsiting her
aunt and uncle at Harrisburg.
The ran re meetinz dnrtnv fha
summer months will be dosed un
til the fourth Friday of September.
It la usually a custom of the
grange to close during the busy
Donald Pence of Salem is now
working for his brother. Robert
rence. on nia rarm east of Rick-
I - ' i miv a ura niinuv- I ; - - , . i
reall. . : Mnr- nf nimn TaiM ma.u.-. I u-
H? 6 n d
Last of Chautauqua Days at
Champoeg Park Fea
tured by Event
dosing program of the historical
chantauona. at rkimiiMr
al park was given by Albany col
leW Sunday with a nrorram nn-
der the direction of Wallace Howe
lo or tne couege.
The mornlnr nrorram oimumuI
with two violin solos by Glenn
Taylor, followed hv a vocal aoiA
by L. Halvorson. A male quartet
sane orccedlna th ebrn num
ber which concluded the morning
ehurch services. The sermon was
given by Wallace How Leo.
Following the basket dinner at
noon the nrorram onenwi hv a
flue solo by Victor Bryant. L. Hal
vorson -contributed another vocal
solo and the chorus sanr. A mixed
quartet sang a group of old hymns
followed by another number by
the malo Quartet. A trio consist
ing - of Glenn Taylor, vocalist;
Mot o n C omp anh
Victor Bryant, Cue, and D. Glann,
piano and concluded with a violin
solo by Glenn Taylor.
The chorus of 30 voices under
the direction of V. V. Gould of
Newberg. representing the Meth
odist church. -
When Man Falls
JEFFERSON. July 22 Marion
Looney bad the misfortune to
break the bone Just above his lit
tle finger recently. -
Looney was leading a ball and
In. some way tripped and .tell
striking his hand on the ground
In such a way that the bone was
broken in three places.
Moving Storing Crating
Larmer Transfer &
Phone 3131
We alto handle Fuel OH and Goal
Roadster . $435
Phaeton ....... 440
Tudor Sedan . ... . . 495'
Coupe ... a 495 -
Sport Coupe . . . . . 525
De Luxe Coupe 545
ITiree-window Fordor Sedan . 600
Convertible Cabriolet . . 625
De Luxe Phaeton . . . 625
De Luxe Sedan 640
Town Sedan ...... 660
(M price .o.b.Dotrmtl, pU$ fniglit mni itlUerj,
I spare tirm mxtrm.
Not very far fossa wWrevcr yo axe is -a F4
asaler wko wQ lo glad to gh yea a dentonsu
UostrUointko swwTord. Yow wQ W neelally;
leased wilk tko safety of ite
LYONS. July 12. Mr. and
Mrs. 8. D." Brown entertained
house party Saturday evenln in
honor of their son. Stanley
Brown and wife of Oakland, CaLv
The evening was anent Aanrtnv
and closed with refreshments.
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Brown and
small son. Jr.. have spent the past "
week here with relatives and;
friends and left Sunday on their
trip home.
mt torn to,)
faDr eislosed U