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    Champions Land
PllimgS 11 ueen fleien f ourth lime Champ Jfgfe
gsilmBw! Ends' Tom
; us vgneov 4-, Mot
wuiciity ; MIC HES
Same Fate is Foreseen
for Tom Mooney as
Court Rules
Fight Not Over Yet,
Says Life Termer ;
As Word Comes -
Independence day brought an
other defeat to Warren K. Bill
ings and Thomas . J. Mooney . In
their long tight for freedom from
life sentences Imposed' for the
191C San Francisco preparedness
day bombing which killed ten
persons and Injured 40. ;.
The state supreme court, In a
report made public today, voted
six to one against recommending
to Governor C. - C. Toung , that
Billings be pardoned. The gover
nor repeatedly has said his action
on Mooney's pardon . plea would
be guided by the recommendation
In Billings' ease. , .
V Governor Young Is expected to
make bis decision on both the
Billings and .Mooney pleas next
The adverse report brought s,
smile from-Mooney at San Quen
tin pdsop, ..
Thefigbt Is not yet over." the
former labor leader commented.
"It has been a long battle and I
am never going to give up the at
tempt to prove my innocence.'
Billings, at FoUom prison, had
nothing to say. but Warden Court
Smith remarked, "naturally he
was very disappointed."
Mooney and Billings long have
contended they were convicted on
"perjured testimony' but the su
preme court said there was no ev
idence supporting these charges.
The majority believed Billings
had received a "fair and impar
tial trial."
Claim Men Knew
Of Plot at Least...
BUllngs' past and present affil
iations make it "fairly inferable"
the court said, that he was famil
iar with plots and plans of the
"Thla beine aa ft ta an almost
irresistible conclusion that if Bil
lings did not . prepare and plant
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Man Dies After
Gun Play, Woman
Near Death Too
i REDDING, Cal., July 4 (AP)
John Campbell, 35, shot last
flight In a Redding residence with
Mrs. Dda Jennings, 22, died to
night. The woman was near
Meanwhile, Oliver UndelL 41
year old mine owner, was in the
county jail facing murder char
ges. He surrendered to District
Attorney A. F. Ross after the
hooting. V--
Ross said Llndell admitted
hooting the pair after an argu
'ment over money he alleged he
: advanced the woman to purchase
a roadhouse. The district attor
ney said murder charges would
be filed against Llndell.
PORTLAND Ore., July 4.
(AP) Dale Westran. 7, won't
be able to sit down comfortably
for sevefal weeks. , j
The boy was carrying a pack
age of firecrackers tn his pock
et. In some manner they became
Ignited and burned him severely.
He is In n hospital but his burns
are not considered serious.
The boy's parents, Mr. and Mrs.
C. A. Westran. are In Seattle and
Dale was celebrating the Fourth
wlth friends.
(AP) Western Padfie railroad
officials announced today actual
construction of the. connecting
link between ' Klamath Falls,
Ore., and Keddie, Cat, to. con
nect the Western Pacific . and
Great Northern lines, would start
September 1. -'
Right-of-way experts' and engi
neers" of the Western Pacific will
be hurried Into . the field next
: week. ' .i-. 'J-
' " . :-: . !": . - - "-.v
PORTLAND, Ore July 4
Captain Richard Lajsner, SO,
of the - Portland, 'fire depart-
naenV died - raddenly today .
i wbJlo vrfth hU cfnpany at
' nalnor fire Death was attrib-r
nted to heart faflore.'- iU '?
, - ASTORIA,' Ore.. July 4 (AP
; Emma Marie Olsen,'- S, daugh
- ter of Mr. and Mrs. Hans Olsen,
, of Jewell, wai, Instantly killed to
day when the Olsen car, skidded
oa Joose gravel on . lth highway
aear Jewell and overturned.
The child was pinned beneath
v the ear. Mr, and Mrs,, Olsen were
r TVmwII rT 111, . mm mnA a
- eaped with minor Injuries. .
1 1 irni a i iin ii i m ' : 1 ' i - J I
Anil I HI III I il III ill I - I - I 1
nlllLIIIUjUCU 111 11LL ;
Mrs. Moody Brings Singles
Title Home for Fourth
Successive Time
WIMBLEDON, Eng., July 4
(AP) Helen Wills Moody won
her fourth successive Wimbledon
tennis championship today by
beating Elisabeth Ryan f-2, t-2,
in the womens singles final.
However, this was only an in
cident In the Fourth of July play
which brought about four all
American title matches at Wim
bledon an unprecedented out
come of England's classic tennis
meeting'.' " '
So many Americans are elbow
ing each other out of the path to
titles that the tournament must
stretch Into a third week -to give
them all an equal chance.' :
Winner Allison, the slim Tex
an, plays big Bill Tilden for the
men s singles crown tomorrow.
With Johnny Tan Ryn today Al
lison won from the Britons, J.
Colin Gregory and Ian O. Col
lins. 4-4, 7-5. 4-3, -3, and will
therefore play in the men's dou
bles final against George Lott
and John Doeg, who whipped the
last of the French, the great dou
bles team of Henri Cochet and
li-ura 10 page , c?i.i-ejf --fVf
SPOKANE, July 4 (AP)
Tilings onrht to move now," so
liloquized Ralph Mather, as he
drove the last tack Into a gaudy
"fireworks for sale" sign atop his
filling station on the Trent high
way today. ,
As a business prophet Mr.
Mather proved perfect. Things
began moving before he had de
scended from the roof. His stock
of skyrockets moved first, fastest
and farthest, mostly across the
heatfly traveled highway. Pin
wheels and Roman candles moved
into their pyrotechnics, and the
pop of exploding firecrackers add
ed to the contusion.
A small boy had made Mather a
nrophet. After touching; a match
to some loose powder In the fire
works stock, the maker of proph
ets darted away to watch the fun
from a safe distance.
There were no casualties, and
I the boy Is at large.
His Hip Pocket Exploded
Rail Work Starts Sept. L.
Fire Captain Drops Dead
Fourth Fatalities Many
PORTLAND. Ore July i 4-
(AP) The body of an unidenti
fied man, about SO. the hands
and feet tied, was taken from the
Willamette river here -today. .
Police and the coroner express
ed the opinion the man was a sa
Iclde. NO marks of violence were
found on the body.
GOLD HULL, Ore.. July 4-
(AP) William " H. " Wing. 40,
was killed Instantly and several
others were Injured in an auto
mobile accident here today. .
The ear tn which they were
rid in r left the road; crashed Into
a pole and overturned In a ditch.
John Chflsholm was cut severely.
The others received. - minor ln-
Juires. . '
- Wing was master mechanic at
the Gold HM cement plant
" PORTLAND, Ore., July 4-
(AP) Hugo W. Carlesoa, SO, ot
warren, Otsu died tonight from
injuries believed to have been re
ceived when he fall or was thrown
from- a speeding automobile ear
ly Ah is morning. - Police imme
diately began A geareh for three
men believed resjponslblo for hi
CRASH FATAIi - --'-' "
, PORTLAND, Ore., July 4
(AP) Kenneth DeU, 18, died fa
a Portland hospital today from
injuries received in a motorcycle
accident aear Oswego "Thursday.
TWO "are drowned
- HOOD RIVER. Ore.. July 4-
(AP) Robert J. Cox and his 11
year old son, both of Oregon, City
were drowned , while -.. fishing la
the -; Columbia" river yesterday.
The bodies were recovered.
. -r
Helem Wills 'Moody, who celebrated Independence day by win'
for the United State her foarth women's singJea championship
at Winmbledon, defeatlag ElixaheUt
Senate Must Stay
For Treaty Parley
Homeward-Bound Solons Halted in Mid-Stride
by President's Ptoclamation; Message
to Be Delivered Monday:
WASHINGTON. July 4 (AP) A presidential proclam
ation halted senators in mid-step today and turned them back
for a special session to consider the London naval treaty be
fore t-y could depart for their homes.
ew brief hours after
of the legislative snarls that ,
debate for almost -a year, Presl-v-
dent Hoover Issued . his proelama-
Shorn of technical language. It
said -the nubile interest required
that the senate convene at noon
next Monday to receive a mes
sage from the president' and con
sider whether It should ratify the
London naval treaty.
After Issuing the call, the pres
ident left for his lodge on the
Rapldan for the holiday and week
end. While . there he planned to
prepare his message to congress.
In the capital,- the hush that
followed his proclamation was un
broken by statements. There were
Quiet preparations, however, by
those who will lead the opposing
forces on capitol hilL i.
f The debate will find an admin
istration republican, a democrat
and a republican Independent
leading tho demand for ratifica
tion ot tho treaty. Senators Reed
of Pennsylvania, a repnbUcan,
and Robinson - of - Arkansas, the
democratic leader, "who aided m
drafting the document," will be
allied with Borah of Idaho, a lead
er ot the republican lndependent
democratic tariff coalition, -In be
half ot the; treaty. . . :j
On the opposite side of the
fence," Senators Johnson ot Calif
ornia, and lleKellar of Tennessee,
a republican and a democrat, will
lead the opposition. They, along
with Chairman Hale of the naval
committee, base their oppostion oa
tho contention that the treaty does
not give the United States parity
win Great Britain la naval arm
ament. "'!
- The treaty Itself was favorably
reported .from the foreign -relations
committee a week or so ago
and Chairman Borah has prom
ised to hold It before, the senate
until action has been had.-'-,
BANES, Tex, July 4 (AP)
Erwin Green, It. died today of la
Juries received this morning when
the plane he was piloting crash
ed here. Joe hSankle and Sherman-
Mathews of Janger , were
slightly Injured.. .-r'
' " i
Ryan 0-2, 0-2.
they had worked out the last
had held them in; uniterrupted
fice is mm
RAPID CITY. N. D., July 4.
(AP) Gutioa Borglum's gigan
tic face ot Gevrge - Washington,
carved on Mount Rushmore's
granite cliff, today was revealed
as a .reminder through centuries
of the historical foundation of the
United States.
In simple impressive Independ
ence Day ceremonies In the heart
Of South Dakota's Black mils, an
audience of 1,500 witnessed the
unveiling ot the 40-foot head of
the first president, the first unit
of Mount Rushmore national me
On the nation's birthday
patriotic note was Sounded by the
speakers in the mountain setting
near the center of the north
American continent.
"America's shrine for political
democracr." tha monument was
rail Ad hr Josenh S. CuUinan. of
Houston. Texas, chairman of. the
federal commission la. charge of
Borzlam'i massive project.
Borrlum. la his presentation
soeech. said It was a monument
to the aspirations of a great peor
pie, nut to inaiTiuiuu aucai
Of 'Fourth' Too
castlepord. Earl. July 1
f AP A - violent explosion of
chemicals today instantly killed
11 persons and wrecked the tae
torr of the Hickson Parson's
chemical works, i
Police and workmen' searching
the rains recovered-11. bodies up
to this evening; : and continued to
hunt, tor more. More than zo
badly Injured persons were taken
to the hospital. - ,
' - " i
m in,Mi,,.,....r.,l 8
Back at Starting Point of
Original Hop Across ;
Pacific Ocean
Southern Cross to Be Given
to Allen Hancock Who
Backed First Trip
Win g Commander Charles Klngs-ford-Smlth,
with no more world's
to conquer, landed his globe gird
line trl - motored monoplane.
Southern Cross, at Oakland air-J
port at 1:36 p.m. today.
He was the only member of me
original crew that left here a lit
tle more than two years ago for
tour around the world In the
Southern Cross, inaugurated by a
non-stop flight across the Padfie
to Honolulu.
Thousands cheered as the great
plane dropped to the field, bear
ing the flight commander, jonn
Stannage, radio operator; J. Pat
rick Saul, navigator, and Evert
Van Dyke, co-pilot. The party
had crossed the north Atlantic
from Ireland to Newfoundland,
where they were forced down for
lack of fuel. They refueled and
made a triumphal entry into New
York, June 24 and set about pre
parations for the final stage of
their flight which ended here to
day. The Southern Cross, escorted
from Mt. Diablo, 25 miles east ot
Oakland, by a squadron of pur
suit .planes, dived Into a roar of
sound and made a perfect land
ing. The big plane1 taxied before
the grandstand and the filers
Oakland Officials
Ta Welcoming Party
They were welcomed by Mayor
John L. Davie and officials who
escorted them in a parade to Oak
land where a reception was held.
Kingsford-Smlth today set at
rest speculation concerning dispo
sition of the famed Southern
Cross, Fokker plane which has
been his flying partner more than
three years.
He said he would take the ship
to Santa Maria next week and
present it to Captain Allen Han
cock, backer of the first flight
from Oakland to Australia.
MI am In very much of a hurry
to get back to Australia where I
have a wedding engagement in
late September,' the flier said.
When we dispose of the plane I
expect to fly back to New York,
take a ship to England and go
direct to Australia."
He did not say whether he In
tended to make the trip from
England by plane.
IMdnt Plan World
Flight Originally
The ship la in marvelous con
dition." he added. "It w&a over
hauled In Holland before we made
the hop to America. It never kas
been In better shape."
Although the Southern Cross
and Commander Kingsford-Smlth
today completed an aerial circum
navigation of the globe, the com
mander said tonight he never i:
tended such a project when he
and his crew left Oakland and
started across the Pacific May SI.
With the commander on . this
trip were James Warner and Har
ry Lyon, Americans and his co
pilot, Charles P. T. Ulm.
In April, 1929, Kings'ord-Smlth
with another crew started for
London and after being forced
down in the Australian brash and
feared dead two weeks, continued
the trip In a number of Jumps.
The flight from London to New
Tork and back to Oakland com
pleted the tour.
Rev. c. B. Harrison, formerly
pastor of the Sellwoed Methodist
church at Portland, has been as
signed by Bishop Titus Lowe as
supply pastor ot the First church
here tor tho months of July and
August, according to word receiv
ed by members ot the pulpit sup
ply committee. r
. . Rev. Harrison Will conduct both
services Sundays until September
1, when the newly elected pastor.
Rev.' B. Earle Parker, of Toledo,
Ohio, will arrive to take over his
charge, t f-'
MADISONlnd.; July 4 fAP)
-Johit Maypole's "full quart." f
River Forest, HL, raced to a new
world' j speed nark :"atr 41.S7
miles per hour In the class C out'
board event in ,: the Mississippi
valley boat races here today.-The
previous mark was '4 Lit, set at
Seattle, Wash' last - month by
Roy Craig. -., -
Circunmavigates - Globe
-.v. -a .-.:-...-:::.-., w
- ' 'S. ' ' '
. lr -
v. ;
Wing Commander Charles Kfagsford-Smith and his three com
rades. Captain M. E. fan Dyk, Captain Saul and J. W. Stannage,
standing in front of famed Southern. Cross, first to be flown across
"both the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans. They are now back at Oak
land, Calif., KlngBiord-Smith's starting point for the original flight
across the Pacific.
Big Crowd Enjoys
Celebration Here
Motorcycle and Horse Races Provide Thrills at
Fairgrounds; Band Concert and Display
of Fireworks Add to Enjoyment
ROARING motors of airplanes overhead, machine-gun put
put of motorcycle motors on the jrround made the state
fair grounds sound like a sector of the front line trenches yes
terday afternoon. Thousands of people celebrated the Fourth
at the fair grounds and enjoyed the program which was pro
vided for the day. It was a good program, too, which moved
off with considerable snap to it. The motorcycle races : at
tracted a lot of interest and the five mile race had some
thrills in it. The prettiest race was the 2:15 pace and some
fair time was made In the threeO
The crowd which attended the
events at the lair grounds attested
the fact that there are thousands
of home people who like to cele
brate at home. While the grand
stand was not entirely filled It was
a bigger crowd than was expected
at the performance. Last night
the evening program consisted of
a band concert by the Salem mu
nicipal band directed by Oscar
Steelhammer, and a fireworks
display with rockets; aerial bomb
shells, whirlwinds and many other
brilliant sets, with- a comfortable
place to' sit In the grand stand,
the crowd got a lot ot enjoyment
out ot the evening.
Program Today
Even Better, Promised .
Today another program will be
rendered at the fair grounds. The
gates open at 't a. m.t and. the
racing1 program starts at 1:30.
Harry Scott, clerk ot the course
on tha motorcycle events, says
the racing today win be. better
than yesterday. Another compe
titor will enter and give Evans,
who was victor yesterday, some
hot competition. A big fireworks
program will be shown In the eve
ning. Reduced admission prices
will prevail after I p Jn.
Results of yesterday's races
were as follows:
2: 1& pace: Zolock Hal, Harry
Davis, driver, first; Lydla McK,
Chas. Wilbourn, driver, second;
Madam Queen, Buck Hutchinson,
driver, third; Llnnle Olive D.,
Speed Hewett. fourth. The time
for the heats was 2:27.2; 2:22.2;
Motorcycle trials event was won
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Aa airplane piloted by John Har
ris. Salem, dived into a crowd' of
picnickers today as it attempted
to land and overturned without
injuring the pilot, two passengers
or picnic participants.
- Ralph. Workman and Walter
Hatfield, both of ilcMinnrlUe, to
gether -with Harris dlmbed from
the eockbit Unharmed, although
the plane was damaged consider
The nlane ; veered! suddenly aa
it touched the . ground struck
some small " trees and . ploughed
Into the picnic grounds. More
than 25 picnickers scattered, b
i -s -iv-
t .1 v V -
v Jf.
If j.
.--.v. .1 , v.
Celebrations Draw Crowds,
Streets Deserted;
Few Accidents
A real Fourth of July.
Good and hot, the weather was.
Fine for watermelon, ice cream
and lemonade. Everybody with his
family was ont, some taking in
the local celebration, others beat
ing it for mountains, seashore.
lakes, some going to Oregon City
or Molalla for the rodeo perform
ances. A very few Just -staying
quietly at home, or aa quietly as
the constant staccato of exploding
firecrackers would permit. -
Downtown was deserted save
for a steady stream of motor
ears moving through the streets.
Service stations enjoyed a heavy
Salem's celebration proved sane
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h -i
m ma
Rivers-Harbors Measure
Is Siffried by President
President Hoover signed a riv
ers and harbors bill today which,
In bis. own words authorizes a
larger project than "the Panama
Canal. - ' "
In a statement Issued after he
had attached his signature ; the
chief executive enumerated three
prospective benefits whieh may
come from tho measure. .
. "It will : provide employment
for thousands of men. It should
be fruitful of decreased trans
portation charges on bulk goods,
should bring great benefits to our
farms and to oar . industries It
Should result la a better, distribu
tion of population away from the
congested centers. . - r
' The measure more than dou
bled tho amount of authorisation
given in the last rivers and har
bor bill' signed on January z i.
l2Yly Pwaldent Coolldge. That
one authorised in.ooe.ewo r oi
work; some of which is still go
ing : forward.' P-J"
- SinceMts Inception In the 70th
congress it has grown from Its In
553 HOUaSTD.
Clogging of OiT Screen is
Cause of Landing After
23 Days off Earth; "
John and Kenneth Hunttf
Beat Former Record
by 133 Hours
cago, July 4 (AP) Tweitfv
three days from the June arte
noon when they roared ont of the
dust at Sky Harbor just a em
pie more would-be endurance Hi
ers, unnoticed by anyone but a tew
mechanics two Sparta, 111., farm
boys, skimmed down Into that .
same dtftt tonight to hear these '
ands hail them champions.
Jphn and Kenneth Hunter aa4
been in the air for 553 hours a4
41 minutes and even then they
were willing to go on, but a clee
ged screen filter prevented their -getting
oil and they had to maVe
a hurried landing, touching earth
at 6:21:30 (C. S. Tl) more than
123 hours longer than the "St.
Lpuls Robin's" previous recoraV
Their- second-hand monoplas
still was serving them well at the
end, and the motor was droning v
out the monotone it had kept ns
throughout the long days ad
nights of flying in darkness ted
light, in fair weather, wind and
rain, but the frequent pouring ef
oil into the engine had clogged
the screen and when the last con
tact was made five minutes before
landing, no oil would enter.
There was no choice but to come
down and they pulled away from
the faithful Mg Ben," the refuel
ing ship piloted by brothers Al
bert and Walter, and swung down.
to the field.
Crowd Rushes Plane
As Champions Land
The holiday thousands who
packed the grounds back of the
ropes became excited as the sturdy
"City of Chicago" whirred toward
the hangar. . Ropes fell before
their onrush and police were help
less before them. So dense was
the rush that John at the con
trols had to reverse direction to
avoid hitting them. He taxied off
again toward the hangar with the
milling thousands In pursuit. All
around the ship they , crushed,
while observers for the National
Aero-nautical association batter
ed their way through to get tho
; A radio 'man managed to shei
through the pack and hand a mi
crophone into the plane where the
erstwhile coal miners called their
"Hello, world sorry we coulda'i
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Some of the -remarks broadcast;
by John and Kenneth Hunter. v
record-breaking endurance fliers "
in their final hour of weary cir
cling over Chicago Friday were
heard by Salem people who pre
f erred to spend the Fourth he
quiet manner at home and let the
offerings of radio, substitute for
more lively celebration, -
. They heard the roar , of the
plane "City ot Chicago," and ttt . .
boys' sudden demand for mere
on as the last supply they poured r
tailed tx penetrate the , screen;
they heard the word that the beys
had landed, and then the brief re
marks ot the fliers after landtag;
Just before the crowd broke the
radio connections fn the ruth te
congratulate ' the champions
fant proportions of $55.IOO,e
to the towering stature of f 145.-' .
600.000, ( one hundred seventy
projects : are given ' government
approval under it. The work is to
be done over a period of . frees .
one, to 15 years.
Among its major projects tho j
act provides for, the government
to take over "the Erie and Oswego
canals and the Illitfols waterway,
and for a nine-foot channel" In tj
upper ; Mississippi between . t
mouth of the Illinois and St. Panl
and Minneapolis,' a six foot chan
nel In the upper Missouri frees '
Kansas City to Sioux City, a aria
foot channel oa the . Tennewee
from its mouth to KnoxrWe. .,r
Others IndudedfL '-V-
- Oregon-Coos Bay t $125.00:
S h 1 p a n o n channel v f IIS,? -TJmpqua.
river and entrance.
$500,000 CoquiUe river, bar asd.
entrance $109,009 Willamette
river between Oregon City and
Portland 140,000. '
.Oregon and; Washington Oe
lumbla and lower Willamette rrf
era below Portland 11,3 CO CO.