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Church News
appenings of 'the W
BED 11.
Portland Soloists Will Ap
pear in Concert Sunday
Night at Leslie
o o
A group of Portland soloist
will be presented In sacred con
cert Sunday night, June 8, at the
Leslie Memorial church,, with J.
William Belcher of Portland in
charge.. Mr. Belcher, who is a
well known voice instructor and
director of music, is director of
the Leslie choir.
Richard Ganong, who was re
cently honored by Josef Hoffman
with a scholarship to the Curtis
Institute of Music, will be the ac
companist.. The following program is to be
Anthem, "Sanetua" Gounnnd, Solist
Chart? Bti.
Duet. "How Long Wilt Thou Forget
We" PfWger, .M,. Minion, Mr. Bl
cher.. Quartet, ''Loypb Old Sweet Song"
MoHojr, Mesirs I!tU, Pritehard., John
son and Cox.
Anthem, "My Fai:h Look Cp to
Thee" Schnccker, o!oi.ts, Mrs. Rouse,
Mr. Moulton arwt lr. JoIibsod.
Trio, "Tho Lord Will Toinfort Zion"
Brown, Mrs. (ianong. Mr. Bel'-hf-r, and
Mr. Moulton.
Solo "Ninety and .Nine" Campion,
Vn. Meirj.
Anthem, "My God Is Any Hour So
Sweet" Brirfs. Solist Sherman C or.
luet, "Just For Today" Protheror.
Mr. Newbaner and Mr. Stroad.
Trio "Hark, Hark My 8onl" Shelly,
VTomen'l Voire.
Duet, "Hold Thou My Hand" Britrfi,
Mi. Wilrox and Hiss Wolff.
Qaartett. "Come Unto Me" Xerin,
Jin. Pritehard. Mn. Moulton. Mr. Eel
cher and. Mr. Cox.
Anthem "Inflamatus Rossini,, Solist
Jfra. Pritehard..
Those who are to take part in
the program are: Sopranos: Mrs.
Willard P. Rouse, Mrs. B. Gan
one, Mrs. Maude Belcher-Pritch
ard. Mrs. A. Holmes Johnson,
Mr?. Edward Neubauer, Miss
Grace Wilcox.
Contraltos: Mrs. A. I. Moulton,
Mrs. Emma Heirs, Mrs. V. L.
Ketchnm, Miss Jessie Hastings,
Miss Juanita Wolff
Tenors: Charles Betz, F. G
Pritehard, Ed. Neubauer, Mr
Roscne Stroud.
Baritones: Sherman Cox, A. I
Moulton, William Sansom, Dr. A.
Holmes Johnson.
J. WlHUm Belcher of Portland.
director of the Leslie Memorial
church' choir. A wicret concert,
with soloists from Portland fea
tured will be held Sunday night
at the church with Mr. Belcher
in charge.
cm id ni's our
The Jesus Way of Living
( Pator First Congregational Churchy
If any of you have not the spirit of Christ you are none? of
His." Romans 8:9.
To become a Christian is to begin a certain wonderful way
of llTing that you will be glad to continue into eternity. First -of
all it is to live with a goal before us: to lift life upward and carry
"It forward. Much of the discontent of people Is due to a lack of a
noble and challenging goal in fife. Multitudes of people could not
honestly say they are living for a vital and worthy object!
Through the ages God has been lifting men up from jungle
Ideal to the ethics of Jesus. One day our Lord said: "My Father
worketh even until now and I work." Jesus called this great 'en
terprise the Kingdom of God. To its building in the hearts of men
Jesus bent his energy and for it he gave his life. When one be
comes a Christian he enlists with Jesus as a Kingdom builder. As
Paul said "For ye are fellow workers with Christ."
And second it is a Joyful way of living. Jesus said to the
Disciples: "My joy I give unto you." But not all of his disciples
seem to have accepted the gift! It is the joy of usefulness that he
has bequeathed to us. It is also the joy of friendship. He who
lacks the friendly heart has not yet found the Jesus way of living.
Former Member Christ Lutheran
Church, on Furlough From India
Mission Field, To Speak Sunday
4 a i 1111111 in., JjSwaTEr
- V- r-
" ;
Pentecostal Anniversary to
Be Observed at First
M. E. Church
Members of the Francis Asbury
League, of Leslie Memorial church
had an enjoyable picnic Wednes
day evening at the Rosedale home
ef Mr. and Mrs. T. D. Trick. Fol
lowing a paper chase, the young
people gathered about the log fire
for their supper.
Later In the evening the elec
tion of officers was held. Those
who were chosen to serve for the
coming year are: Clyde French,
was reelected as president; Ches
ter Lank tree, first vice-president;
Jay Bertelson, second rice-president;
Dorothy Tucker, third vice
president; Marvin Ritchie, fourth
ice-president; Daisy Varley, sec
retary and Eddie Hulbert, treas
urer. The installation of officers is
to take place Sunday evening,
June IS when Miss Marie Corner,
a returned missionary from India,
will be the speaker.
Calvary Baptist Vacation
Bible School Open Monday
With Every Child Invited
The Calvary Baptist church will
open Its vacation bible school
Monday morning at 9 o'clock,
when all boys and girls who are
Interested In taking this work are
expected to make their appear
ance at the church. All children,
whether attending the church or
The trustees of the church will
meet Monday night at 7:45 o'clock
at the church, and the same eve
ning the W. W. G. girls will meet
at the home of Jean Mcllhinny,
290 West Superior.
Dorcas Society to Meet
At Church Next Wednesday
The Dorcas society of Christ
Lutheran church, 18th and State
streets, Rev. Amos E. Minneman,
pastor, will meet in the church
parlors Wednesday afternoon at 2
o'clock with the Mrs. Christian
Frahm, Mrs. Albert Fleming and
Mrs. L. C. Hockett as hostesses
and the Mrs. L. E. Barrick and
Mrs. H. D. Watson as the program
9:00 KTAB, Oakland, Dr.
Corley; Bible class.
10:45 KYA, F i Francis
co, Old St. Mary's church
11:00 K1IQ, Spokane, Cen
tral Methodist church; KXX,
Log Angeles, First Presby
terian church ; KTAB, Oak
land, Tenth avenue Baptist
church; KHJ, Los Angeles,
First M. E. church; KFOX,
Long Beach, St. Luke's Epis
copal. 11:15 KOMO, Seattle, Ply.
mouth Congregational
12:0O KGW, Portland,
ad other NBC stations. Na
tional Sunday forum. Dr.
Ralph W. Stockman, New
1:00 KSL, Salt Lake City,
L. D. S. service from Taber
nacle. 2:80 KGW, and other NBC
stations, Catholic hour; KJR
Seattle, Emmanuel Taber
nacle. 8:00 KHQ, Spokane, New
Episcopal cathedral.
The church school of the First
Methodist church with Ben E,
Rickli as superintendent will pre
sent a Children's Day program at
the school hour on Sunday morn
ing. The departments will as
semble at 9:45 a. m. in their
classes for the marking of the
records and at 10 o'clock a gen
eral assembly will be held in the
church auditorium for the pro
The Junior department with
Miss Jessie Martin as superinten
dent will present the service of
devotions consisting of bible vers
es and praise. The special Chil
dren'a Day exercises called "The
Golden Gate of Service" will be
given by the elementary depart
ments with Mrs. Macklin, Mrs.
Barton and Mrs. Miller as super
intendents. The annual offering
for the Student Loan fund will be
presented by the school. A class
in church membership will be re
ceived into membership by the
pastor. Rev. Fred C. Taylor in the
regular church worship at 11
A special order of worship for
Pentecost Sunday will also be
used in the church that morning,
in which the pastor and the con
gregation will engage in respon
sive reading and prayer in ob
servance of Whitsunday and the
1900th anniversary of Pentecost.
The sacrament of baptism will be
offered to all who come for the
same and a reception of new
members will be a feature of the
Rev. Fred C. Taylor will speak
on the gnbject of "The Spectrum
of the Spirit" and the choir will
sing the anthems, "Savior, Thy
Dying Love" by Berwald and
"Open Our Eyes" by MaeFarlane.
The evening church worship
will be in charge of the Christian
association of Willamette univer
sity with Hayes Beall presiding
and Rev. J. E. Milligan, the pas
tor of the. First Methodist church
in Corvallis, delivering the address.
Missionary Schaefer, on fur
lough from Indian for almost a
year, will occupy the pulpit in the
Christ Lutheran church Sunday
both at the Herman norvWa or
9:45 a. m., and the English serv
ices at 11 a. m.
The members will bring their
lunch with them and eat in the
church parlors, where an oppor
tunity will be given them to be
come better acquainted with the
missionary and his wife. At 1:00
o'clock Mrs. Schaefer will speak
to the congregation.
Rev. and Mrs. Schaefer have
spent the greater part of their
furlough in giving addresses on
their work in India throughout
the United States and Canada and
Christ Lutheran church considers
itself fortunate in having secured
these interesting speakers. They
intend to return to their field of
labor in the fall.
The union of the Iowa Synod,
the Buffalo Synod : ad the Ohio
Rev. E. W. Blew is New
Minister for Woodburn
Presbyterian Church
WOODBURN. June . . The
Rev. E. W. Blew, for the past six
years in business and now situat
ed in Portland, is the new Pres
byterian pastor here, replacing
the Rev. Henry G. Hanson who
left here last April to accept a
pastorate at Independence.
The Rev. Mr. Blew gave the
sermon here Sunday, and later in
the week It was announced that
he would become pastor perma
nently. He will move here with
his family some time within the
next month.
Oregon Pioneer
Annual Reunion
Set For June 19
The fifty-eighth annual reun-
Inn nf iha Oregon Pioneer asso
ciation will ho held In Portland.
Oregon, Thursday, June 19. The
headquarters will be room c or
tVm niiHli anditnrhim. rnrner of
Third and Market street. All
those people coming to Oregon, or
born in the original territory of
Oregon up to 1853 are eligible to
The pioneers will assemble in
the auditorium at 2 o'clock and be
read for the nrorram which will
begin at 2:30 o'clock. The his
toric 'Kloshe Muck-a-Muck" will
be celebrated beginning at 4:30
o'clock.. The day will close with
the business and "camp fire" at
:15 o'clock in the auditorium.
Arm, t w rt'Arw wfll n reside
daring the evening meeting. The
children of pioneers and general
public are invited to this meeting.
Synod with congregations not on
ly in the United States and Can
ada but all over the world, into
the American Lutheran church at
the joint meeting of the bodies to
be held in Toledo, Ohio, in Aug
ust will unite two large fields In
India and a field in New Guinea
that were turned over to Luther
an societies in America during the
war because the German societies
might no longer keep them. Thin
union will give great impetus to
all Lutheran activities, including
foreign mission work.
What will add to the interest
of the occasion is the fact that
Mrs. Schaefer is a former member
of Christ church in Salem. Besides
Mrs. Schaefer, Christ Lutheran has
In church work at large Rev. Sam
uel Lentz, Medical Lake, Wash.,
Rev. Fred Theuer now on his way
to Germany with his parents in
order that he may continue his
studies at Erlangen, Germany, and
Rev. Walter Batterman, home mis
sionary at Ratison, Canada.
Hmnbap Cijurri, ikrtrices;
Conducted by Robert I. Payne. Bible
school 0:45, with classes for all afei,
studying the bible only. The lesson for
next Sunday is- the second chapter of the
Gospel ef John. Morning preaching ser
Tice at Hollywood theatre. Sermon
topic: "Standing Fast in the Faith."
Younr people's meeting Fraternal Tem
ple, Center street between, High and Li
berty street. Evening preaching ferric
lame place. Sermon topic. Man s uta-
er Chance." Special mnsie at both services.
rrasT pbesbttelaj
Corner of Whiter and ChemekeU
streets. Sabbath school at :80 a.m.
Thin Sandfly the departmeats above th
intermediates will have their regular wor
ship service and class period : the oth
thera will meet In the auditorium to
prepare for the Children's Day program.
The wonting worship hear, 11 o'eloek,
will be gica over Children' say
program by the various department of
the Sabbath school. Christian Endeavor
societies meet at 0:90 p.m. Evening wor
ship 7:30 o'clock. Rev. W. C. Kaataar
will preach, using as his subject. "Ships
That Past in the Night." The mnsie in
cludes duet "prayer" (Mendelssohn)
by Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Seott. and tho
organ nnmbers: "At Evening;" (Kht
r). "By the Waters ef MinnetonkV
(Lienrance) and "Temple March" (Vin
cent). Mid week service at 7:30 o'clock
oa Thnreday.
Oenter and Liberty streets. A. V. Lay-
ton, pastor. Bible school at 0:45. L. L.
Thornton, Sopt. With special mnsie by
the orchestra. Morning worship at 11
o'clock. Subject. "When Pentieost Had
Fu11t Come. Evenlnr worship at 8
o'clock.. Subject: "God'e Guarantee for
Tomorrow." Christian Endeavor at 7
o'clock. On Wednesday at B p .m. the
choir win give an hoar of favorite
hymns and special music. Prayer meet
ing en Thursday evening at 8 o eloea".
8. Commercial at Washington. San-
day services : 1 0 a.m. Sunday school- Na
than Cook. Supt. 11:00 morning wor
ship.. Sermon : Pentecost. Special mn
sie by the Choir. 7 p.m. C. E. meeting.
Tonie: Praver in the life ef leader. 8
o'clock evening worship. Her. E. R.
Martin, ef the American tsnnaav scneoi
Union, will preach. Charles C. Haworth,
pastor, 1855 S. Liberty street.
tost tjnttaeian
North Cottare and Chemeketa. Rev.
Fred Alhan Well, minister. Residence
B57 Chemeketa. Telephone B67-W.
Church school 10 a.m. Sunday morning
service 11 a.m. Subject: "The Uni
tarian Poller.' ' Solo by Mrs. Trans
Huston. Organist, Mrs. Walter A. Den
ton.. Welcome.
Thirteenth and Center streets. P. 3.
Sehnert, pastor, 774 North Winter street.
Phone 8600-M. Bible school meets at
10:00 a.m. H. H. Gralapp, 8upt. Pen
tecostal sermon at 11 a.m. by the pas
tor. At 8 p.m. The woman's society of
the church will hold their annual Thank
offering Service. Several special num
bers of readings and mnsie will he giv
en. Cottage Prayer meeting Wednesday
evening it 8 p..m. at the home of Mrs.
Rosa WaldeipeL, 107S North 12th street.
William H. Robins, Th. D., acting pas
tor. There will be the regular services
t the church both morning and evening.
Bible school at 0:45 In the morning un
der the Supt, Mr. Fred Broer. Classes
for all ages nnder competent teacher.
Bring your children here with you. The
three young people's aoeietle will meet
at 7 p..m. In their respective rooms.
Morning worship at 11:00. Subject:
"Hew Ten May Understand Tour Bi
ble." Evening evangeliatle service at
8:00 preceded by a roosing song aerviee.
The subject U: "God's Terrible Si
lence." This it a message of vast Im
portance to all God's children, well
to others. Orchestra selection. Tues
day evening Teacher Prayer and Bible
tody service. All are welcome to all our
The missionary group of the
Knight Memorial church will
meet at the church parlors Wed
nesday noon for a luncheon ses
sion and regular business meeting.
The hour has been set at 12:30
Have The Statesman follow you
on your vacation. Two weeks by
mail to any address 25 ceats.
ffv Ct- . (Inn,,, nnrtr Vand f
leetlng each Friday morning at 8 o'clock
at the Chonch of the Nasarene, on 18th
street, one block tooth of Center street.
rs. Clara tooley, president, in cnarge.
Taylor, pastor. 3 State. Phone 974.
hin 11 o'rlock Sermon:
Pentecost Sunday "The Spectrum of the
Spirit. special mnsie: Raviour. nj
lying Love" Berwald. Incidental aolo.
John Crnknvieh "Open Our Eyes" Mae
farlane.. F.veniag worship: 8 p.m. Wil
lamette Tnivei-tity Christian Associations'
Anniversary. Sermon, Rev. Jame E.
Milligan, of Corvallie. Special mnsie:
Anthem "Into the Wood My Master
Went" Kevin. The Lord Is My Shep
herd" Gaines. Incidental solo Mis Hel
en Cochran. Church school 8:45 a.m.
Children's day aerviees in mala auditor
ium. JBen C. KicKit, ssupi. ipwonn
League services at 7 p.m.
christian and missionary
alliance tabernacle
At C .feaai TjMi.aa P!1VV11
rjJ r ra J B 1 1 T-vt a-VMnra r
tor. Phone 7S3-J. 8. 8. at 8:45. Mrs.
Myra White, Supt. Morning sermo at
11 o'clock. The miied quartet will
sing. T. P. S. t 6:45 In eharge of the
nreaident. Mis Elren Oraw. Evening
evangelistic service a i m, h
i 1 a V TJ V U-.J- A -.
blned orchestra will assist in the ong
...I VUi Rnthvn Thorns will
play a violin tolo. The young ledie'.
gospel qnartei win sing, unesasy even
ing prayer and fellowship- meeting will b
led by Jo Wilson. T. P. 8. CotUge
meeting en Thursday nlrht at tho home
ef the pastor at 1301 N. 5th street.
jamer z. r. s. nararaay as cwu
led by Richard Oraw.
North Cottage and D street. O. W.
Rnteem minister. Sunday school 9:45
a.m. Sam Schirman, Supt. Morning
service at 11 a.m. Sermon topic "Th
FuDness ef the Holy Spirit." Choir An
them. Women's Missionary society
meets si me nome ot nev. ana jars, w,
8caunk. 1345 N. Com'L at 1:30-p.jn
The -annual children' day program will
o given at s p.m. -
Corner Capitol and Marion streets. W.
O. Llenkaemper, pastor. Sunday school
10 a.m. P. K. Kruse. Supt. German aer
viees 10 e'eleek.. Subject: "After Ess
tei" Pentecost." English cervices. 11
e'elock. Subject: "Tilled With the Spir
it." Special music: Anthem. "In God
I My Salvation." by Iva B. Wilson. The
Sacrament of the Lord's Supper will bo
administered at both service. Evening
serviee at 8 n clock. Subject: The Bis
Against the Holy Ghost."
253 Court street.. C. 8. Johnson, pas
tor. Serviee at 8 p.m. Evening ser
vice 8 o'clock; children' day exercise.
Meeting Tuesday, Thursday and Satur
day evening..
Dr. A. 17. Michelaxm, converted
Jew from Germany, who has ap
peared in a number of local
churches the past two months.
He will make his final address
here Sunday and Monday nights
at the American Lutheran
ten at morning terviee. Mnsie program
and discussion ot Literary Digest Poll in
evening. Sunday school 9:45 a.m. Wes
ley Warren. Supt. Toung People's meet
ings: 7 p.m. Intermediate and Senior
league. InMallation of officers of E. h.
at candle light service 8 p.m. Special
music inelndes piano solo by Miss Helen
Gosser, vocal solo by Miss Alice Creasy,
violin sole by Mist Charlotte La Due. Vo
cal Duet by Misses Martha and Ruth
Maerx, vocal solo by Mrs. Erinkley.
Week-day aerviees: Bible study 8 p.m.
Wednesday. Boy Scouts 7 p.m. Tue&day.
West Salem Community Vacation Bible
school each school day from 9 to 11:30
a.m. Classes offered for age 8 through
the 0th grade.
North 18th and A streets, block north
of Old People' 'home. H. W. Gross,,
pastor, finnday school 8 a.m. English
service Sr45. German" serviee 11. La
die aid meet Thursday, June 12th at
the parsonare.
Corner Hasel. avenue and Academy
street. Preaching 11 a.m. and 7:45 p.m.
Come and hear the simple Gospel story
of Jesus and his love. S. S. 10 a.m.
Prayer meeting Thursday evening 7:45.
Center and Liberty streets. 9:45
Sunday school, F. E. Neer, Supt. 11,
morning worship, "A Saviour God."
Anthem by the quartet: "Come Unto
Me" (Dicks). Solo: "Fear Not Te, O
Israel" (Dudley Buck) Mrs. Harm.
Charles E. Ward, minister.
Church and Chemeketa streets. Rev.
Geo. H. 8wift, Rector. WhitSunday ser
vice. Special music. 7:30 a.m. Holy
Communion. 9:45 a.m. Church school.
11 a.m. Holy Communion and sermon.
Pentecostal, Full Gospel church, 13th
and Ferry streets. C. G-. Weston, psstor.
Services: Sunday school 1:45 p.m.
Church service 3 p.m. Subject, "True
Pentecost." Evening service 7:45T Sub
ject, "I Pentecost Essential 1" Spe
cial music conducted by D. H. Wilson.
Tuesday evening 7:45 Bible study. Sub
ject, "The Kingdom of God." Wednes
day evening 7:30, Voung People'
Prayer meeting and Persons! Work
class. Thursday evening 7:45 Church
Prayer meeting. Saturday evening 7:15
Worker class; 8 p.m. Toung People's
Services Sunday in the Fraternal
Temple, 447 Center street from 8 till 4.
A school of spiritual Instruction will be
held, and from 5:30 till 7:30 s mes
sage aerviee, and at 7:45 0. E. Seott will
deliver the address ef th evening.
Will celebrate the 1900th anniversary
ef Pentecost Sunday morning, closing the
service with the observance of the Lord
Supper. Baptism. Th B. T. P. U't will
meet at 7 o'clock; evening service will
begin at 8 o'clock. The subject for
the sermon will bo "The Devil's
Curves." Wednesday evening at 8
o'clock will occur our hour of prayer
and fellowship. Thursday evening at
7:43 o'clock will he our choir rehearsal.
a.m. Bible school. Orville Hull,
Sopt. Children' Day Will be observed
June 15. 11 :00 a.m. worship. Observing
Pentecost Sunday with all the Christian
ehnrehe throughout the world. Every
member Is urged to ho present for the
communion service. Sermon by the pas
tor, "Th Blrthdsy th d"00-" An
them. "Goln Home",(Lergo from New
World Svmphonv). Dvorak. Solo: "If
With All Voor Hearts" (from Elijah)
Mendelssohn, Mr. Wendell Roblnnon. 7:00
p.m., Toung People' hour. 8 :00 p.m.
Evsngelistic service. Sermon, "Perpetu
ating Pentecost." Mid-week ervice
Wednesday 7:30 p.m. Choir rehearsal
Thursday 7:30 p.m.
One block south of Center en 19th
stTeet. L. D. Smith, pastor. Phone 2940.
Sunday school 9:45 a.m. Frank Litwiller,
Sunt. Rnecisl music. Morning worship
at 11:00. This is Pentecost Sunday.
Sermon subject, "The Day of Pentecost
Act 2:4.. The male quartet will sing.
Toung people's meeting in the evening
at 7; Mis The Sampson, president.
Mr. Pan! Hardy, leader. The Junior
will meet with Mrs. .Smith at the same
hour. . Evening serviee at 8; happy song
service and special singing hy F. M. Lit
willer. A special evangelist service.
Prsyer meeting st the ehureh Wednes
day evening at 8:00.. Toung people'
prsyer meeting Friday evening at 8:00.
The president will have charge..
Fifteenth and Mill streets. Leslie P.
Bailey, pastor. - Morning worship ll:0O.
Sermon subject: Pentecostal Powers,
by the pastor.. Evening worship 8:00,
Sermon subject: "Our Church at Work."
bv the paKtor. Church school 9:45 a.m.
Miss Esther Zriekson. Supt. Epworth
League 7 p.m.. Mid-week meeting Wed
nesday o p.m.
(Methodist Episcopal)
At South Commercial and Myers
streets. 8. Darlow Johnson, pastor. B48
E. Myer street. Phone 2764. There
will he baptism and reception of mem
ber at the 11 o'clock aerviee. The
choir will sing, "Chrlxtian the- Morn
Break Sweetly," by Shelley. At the
evening aerviee st 8 o'clock, there will
be a caered concert hy Portland singers,
under th direction of J. William Bel
cher. Sunday school at 9:45; E. D.
Roseman. Snpt. Epworth Leagues meet
at 7 o clock. Mid-week service Thurs
dayat 7:30 o'clock.
Orchard Height Road. Meredith A.
Groves, pastor. 873 Edffewater atreet.
Phono 1566-M. Serviee at 9:43 a.m.
Sermon topic: "The Meaning ef Pente
cost." Sunday school 9:45 a.m. Larkia
Grice, Supt.
Court and 17th street, B. F. Shoe ma
ker, residence, 145 8. Whiter street.
Phon 358V-J. Services u son. ana s
p.m. Sermon topics: .m. "Pentecost,
Tho Birthday of the Church," p.m. "Con
tinuing the Spirit ef Pentecost." Every
nember is expected te Va present for th
MmsBtnJoa terric either morming or ev
ening. Sunday school t:4S a.m. Mrs.
Frank Marshal, Supt, Christian Endeav
or sad Junior endeavor meeting 7 p.m.
Week-day service: Aid society aTI day
Wednesday. Mid-week meeting Wednes
day 7:45 If Dewed hy ehoir rohearsaL
Gertb. Avenu and Third street. Mere
dith A. Groves, paseor. 975 Edge water
street. Phone 1566-M. Services 11 a.m.
and S p.m. Sermon topics: "The Mean
ing of Pentecott." a.m. "Touth and Pen
tecost," p.m. Vocal duet by Rees sii-
Fairgrounds Road. North Winter at
Jefferson, Harry E. Gardner, pastor.
1900th anniversary of the birthday of
church will be observed throughout all
services Sunday. Church school at 9:45
meeting by departments'. Anniversary
serviee at 11 a.m. Special music, hymns,
lessons and theme appropriate to the
day. At three the Tonng People will
lead In a special service st the Old
People'e home. At 6 the World serviee
Commission meets with the pastor. At
7 p.m. the three leagues and the church
Forum will be In ression and at 8 p.m.
the evening prslse service. Thnrsday ev
ening at 7:30 Mid-week devotions. Bible
study and ehoir praetive.
Corner North 17th and Chemeketa
atreet. C. Lewi Rounds, pastor. Resi
dence 1765 H Stato street. Phone 903 M.
Service Sunday at 11 a.m. and at S p.m..
Hawaiian Guitar music and song' each
service by Brother and Sister Rowell, to
and Inrlnding June 8th. This a rare
treat. Toung People's meeting Satur
day evening at 8 p.m. Week-day services
Tuesday and Thursday at 8 p.m.
Market and .North Winter atreet. W.
N. Coffee, pastor. Residence 1230 N.
Winter street. Phone 2296-W.. Services
11 a.m. and 8 p.m. Special music bv the
quartet. Sunday school 9:45 a.m. Her
bert Hanson. Snpt. Toung People's meet
inn 7 p.m. with Emory Goode as leader.
Week-day services Thursday evening 8
o'clock prayer meeting.
19th and Ferry.. H. C. Stover, min
ister. Morning service at 11: "Building
With God," theme. Special music pro
gram. Sunday school at 10 a.m.. C. C.
Mam, Supt. Christian Endeavor at
7:15 p.m.
Keith 17th and Nebraska. L. W. Bid
die, pastor. Residence 1743 Nebraska
ttreet. Phon S623-J. Services 11 .m.
and p.m.. Sermon topic: "Chris
tian Perfection." a.m. and "Holy Spirit
Witnessing." p.m. Sunday school 10. W.
a. inBigas. on pi. loung People's meet
ing: 7 P m. Toole "Making the Snir.
itual rellowtfcfp Mr Own." Other
event, aaeeusga ana remark: June
Dr. A. U. Michelson to Ad
dress Worship Service at
7:30 Sunday
Special services will be ob
served in the American Lutheran
church Sunday morning and eve
ning on the occasion of Pentecost.
In the evening worship, begin
ning at 7:30 o'clock. Dr. A. U.
Michelson, converted Jew, will de
liver an address on "The Jews in
History and Prophecy."
The program for both services
Morning, at 10:30 o'clock
Pipe Organ Prelude: Abide With Me,
Call to Worship, Choir.
Song: Come Holy Ghost, Our Souls In
spire, Audience,
Short Order of Service.
Scripture, Act 2. "When Pentecost
Was Kally Come."
Anthem, Choir.
Examining of Class to be confirmed.
Song: Faith of Our Father. Audience.
Offertory: Londenerry Air, Tillatson.
Sermon: Spirit-Filled and Spirit Led.
8ong: Come Holy Ghost, With Light
Divine, Audience.
Song. Male Quartet.
Reception of New Members..
Song: My Church, My Church, My
Dear Old Church.
Silent Prayer..
Postlnde: Victory March, Mallard.
Evening service
Prelude: Summer Idyl, Rothleder.
Song Service, led by Wm. McGilchrist.
Anthem, Church Chorus.
Scripture and Prayer.
Anthem. Church Chorua..
Offertory, Nocturn in A, Peery.
Solo, Mrs.. Ella England.
Address, Dr. A. U. Michelson..
Sileat Prayer..
Postlnde: Largo, Handel.
Dr. Michelson will also speak
Monday night at 8 o'clock, when
his topic will be "How I Became
a Christian." This will be his
last appearance in Salem on this
Kimball School
Reception to Be
Event of Monday
The annual reception to
aluniui, ' students, trustees,
faculty and friends of the
Kimball School of Theology
will be held Monday evening
at 8 o'clock in Kimball halL
President and Mrs. John
M. Canse of the school have
extended a general Invita
tion to the many friends of
the institution to attend.
Special interest attaches to
this occasion because of the
size of the class being gradu
ated and the uncertainty of
the theological school work
to be sponsored by the semi
nary in the future.
This reception has come to
be an attractive feature of
the commencement festivities.
Miss Margaret K. Sutherland
who has been the director of re
ligious education in the First
Methodist church, this week re
signed her position' to accept the
position of membership promo
tion secretary and director of re
ligious work in the Mission church
of the Goodwill industries in Seat
tle, Wash., the same to take ef
fect June SO.
The Goodwill industries con
ducts a social service center in
connection with its church pro
gram and provides employment
for the needy, aged and poor. The
Seattle branch of this missionary
work is engaged in a financial
campaign raising $100,000 for a
new building.
Miss Sutherland has served the
local Methodist church in an ef
ficient manner for four years and
was tendered a rising vote of
thanks for her services and grant
ed two weeks vacation before her
year expires. Her successor here
has not yet been selected but It Is
planned by the church board to
continue this department of
church work and the position will
be filled before the year's pro
gram opens in September.
CLEAR LAKE, June 6. The
Clear Lake Christian Endeavor
society is having a "Rail Road
Meeting" Sunday evening with
Keith Jones as leader. The fol
lowing interesting schedule is
7:15 Piano Prelude, 7:15 Iv.
praise station, 7:30 bible view;
7:25 power house, 7:30 refresh
ment mountain, 7:40 observation
point, 7:45 travelers tavern, 8:00
inspiration point. S:05 lookout
mountain and 8:10 parting signal.
Special program solo, Evelyn
Cain; reading. Hazel Clement;
solo, Neva Smith; reading, Nellie
Clement; solo, Loretta Smith, and
instrumental solo, Marie Harold.
Jason Lee church will hold Its
third annual tfally vacation church
school beginning Monday at 9 a.
m. This is to be open to children
from 4 to 12 years of age. It will
be held each day from Monday
to Friday and running for three
Mrs. Marie Putnam has been
employed as the director and sev
eral good workers have been ar
ranged. It will be open to the chil
dren of the community whether or
not they are members of the
church school.
There will be no charge to the
pupils but there will be an expense
of about $80.00 and all parents
desiring to help in this expense
may do so and their help greatly
Hand work, games, Bible study,
drills, story hour, learning ot
hymns and other activities will
be a part of the courses offered
for the children.
Woman's Foreign Mission
Society to Meet June 11
The Woman's Foreign Mission
ary society will meet Wednesday
afternoon at 2:30 o'clock In the
church parlors. The annual mite
box opening will" be directed by
Mrs. Thomas Holman, mite-box
secretary. Mrs. Elizabeth Gallaher
will conduct the devotions. Spe
cial music will be furnished by
Mrs. T. D. Yarnes. Miss Marie
Corner, who has just returned
from missionary service in India,
will talk of her church work
Turner Christian Church
To Observe Pentecost
TURNER, June 6. The 1900th
birthday ot the church, Pentecost,
June 8. will be celebrated by 100
per cent attendance if possible,
of the Christian church members
at communion service. Also it is
expected many friends will join
in worship that day. Rev. E. J. Gil
strap will give the message for
the day. Special music has been
prepared for the services.
meeting of the woman' Missionary so
ciety at the church on Tuesday at 7 :30
p.m. Mrs. J. C. Hill, president.
Eighteenth and State street. Rev..
Amos E. Minneman, pastor. Phone 3726.
German aerviee 9:43 a.m. English ser
mon 11 a,m. At both of these services.
Missionary W. Schaefer, here on a fur
lough, will speak on the India Mission
work ef the Joint Synod ef Ohio. Mem
bers will bring their lunch and cat in
the ehureh parlor. At 3 pjn. then Mrs.
Schaefer will address the congregation.
Sunday school 9:40 a.m. Martha Batter
man, Supt. German Pentecost services
Monday evening 8 p.m. Subject ef ser
mon, "The Spirit of God Came Upon
Come mud Hear
WILLIAM H. ROBINS, Th. D, Acting Pastor
Salem, Ore.
June th, 11:00 A. M.
8:00 P. M.
Bible school at 9:43. Three young peoples Societies at 7:00.
Settlor, Intermediate and Junior
Lutheran Ladies' Guild
Will Hold Regular Meet
Wednesday at 2 o'clock
The Ladies' Guild of the Amer
ican Lutheran church will hold
its regular meeting on Wednesday
afternoon at 2:00 o'clock in the
church parlors. Mrs. A. F. Homyer,
Mrs. Carl Bahlburg and Mrs. R.
C. Arpke will be hostesses and
Mrs. P. W. Eriksen will have
charge of the program.
Reunion and retention for the
confirmation classes of 1928, 1929,
ana i3U win be held Wednesday
night at :30 o'clock, with the
senior Luther league to have
charge of the dinner.
Women's Groups of Castle
United Brethren to Meet
The June meeting of the Wom
en's missionary society of the Cas
tle United Brethren church will be
held Tuesday evening at 7:30
o'clock at the church parlors. Mrs.
J. C. Hill is president of the group.
The Woman's Aid of this church
will meet Wednesday.
The Business Girls' Bible Class
of First Methodist church will
meet on Tuesday evening at 6:30
o'clock for a dinner and social eve
ning at the home of the Misses
Mabel and Nancy Savage on Gar
den Road.
Rev. F. C. Taylor Invited to;
Remain Another Year
At Quarterly Meet
The annunl membership uu-ie
ing of the Firv Methodist clu"
was held'on Wednesday e sr
in connection with the quar y
conference ia rhsge f ii . t
Superln tended TJrwnias H. T.
R. C. Clover, chairman ,
pulpit committee read resol d :. H
of appreciation of Dr. T.
work as pastor and in his i t
work and motion he -v.
vited to comiuue In this ch:i; r
another year. Dr. Taylor i- .
in his sixth year here and is . -ive
in city prcr.s. 1 i -
member of th chamber of -merce,
and Rotary club at-,- .t
trustee of Wiuanio:?." univew .,
Reports from vario-.s -
conizations shewed 'he 'hv.r- .
be in a pro porous condition ,
active in its a?eresive proL .
Rev. Fred C. Taylor read 1,
port of the year's work w i
showed that the church wr.s '
organized for aces anl cro
The membership of the clmri :
mains about t'u- same. 5 4 ;
added to the roll this ycr. . !
32 given letters of nie:nbe:sh i
other churche. and IT haviuc t
during the year.
Ben E. Rickli reported tl .
church school had increased v.. !
during the year, having now m '
enrolled members with an ?. -age
attendance of 413 each s
day. W. T. Riaby, the chairn.. i . t
of the finance committee pre-, , -ed
the final budcn next r
amounting t, Sll.lf2, which '-.-
adopted. Mrs. Mary Boeseher, ' !
financial secretary presented :. r
report of the collections and L. S.
Covert the' treasurer gave the -port
of the disbursements for
Some chants n-ere made ir
boards and committees for the -suing
year. Mi-s Alma Pohle ; !
G. A. G. Moors -were placut .1
the board of stewards. Lloyi:
Lee was elected recording '
R. K. Online took R. C. C,n.
place on the finance coiinir :
and E. P. Fortaer was placed t
the pulpit -iitnmi''.e. Hoy
enour and Karl '.'a: kin were . '.i 1
to the hoys' ni k conunitu e. V -.
Helen South w;k and Mrs. K. -Farmer
ver ma le com in .:.'
A youth p-eas contest will
held at the Kn1;ht Memo r;l
church Sunday nteht at 8 o'clo- h ,
a medal to be presented to the -ator
whom thd judges decide t e
best. The following number
scheduled for th contest:
"My Country," Lorraine FVi
zar. I
"The People's ThanksgiTir g' -
Lyman Simon.
"What Is Right For Tot;
Right For Me" John Rltchif.
"The Children Are Brother'
Francis Lott.
"The House That Love Buii:'
Earl Warren.
"The Invincible Leader" J. e
"Unknown" June Johreor.
"The Tale of Three Klnc.i. i s
That Were" Laura Hedir.e.
Special music has been-trigged
for the evening.
That the Final Account of J. -Cooke
as Administrator of ' e
Estate of Anne Cooke, Dec?."!,
has been filed in the County ("o t
of Marion County, State of -gon,
and that the 30th c? 8
June, 1930, at the hour of u
o'clock A. M., of said day .
been duly appointed by such L z
for the hearing of objections o
such Final Account and the fet- '
ment thereof, at which time tny
person interested in such e";.e
may appear and file objection
thereto in wrlrins and conies, "re
Dated thU 51?'. day of M. y(
Administrator of the E-'. 4
of Anne Cook, Derea.j
Attorney for Estate.
Salem, Oregon.
Date of First Publication : f,
Date of Last Pub'.icati. n Jur.e 1
1930. M;:l. J-T. 14, 21. -X
Church St. Bt. Chemeketa & Center. A Downtown Church
10:30 A. M. Spirit-Filled, and Confirmation Strvice
Anthem: Glory, Praise and Honor, Ashford
Solo: Hold Thou My Hand, Miss Arbutus Ruffle
Song: Male Quartet (
7:30 P. M. The Jews in History and Prophesy
Dr. A. U. Michelson
Song Service, Led by Wm. McGilchrist, director Mnic
Solo: Mrs. Ella England
REV. P. W. ERIKSEN, Pastor
t j
Cor. High and Ferry Sts. Rodgers B!)f
Children's Day Program :0 . m.
Preaching services 10:80 a. m. and 8 r "
Three B. Y. P. fj.'a 7 p. m, WELCOME
A. M. 19 Hundredth Anniversary f
Anthem: "Etch Me" by Warren. BAFTi- :
P. M. The Devil's Curves''
Anthem: "Guide Me O Father" by n r
Male Quartette WELCOM
Vacation Bible School begins Monday, Ju' '
W. Earl Cochran, pastor