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    The OREGON STATESMAN, Salem, Oregon, Wednesday Morning. Jane 4, 1930
Trinity Church at Silverton
Has Impressive Program
On Sunday
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. y. ii i f h
SILVERTON, June 3 Chil
dren's day was fittingly observed
with special services at Trinity
church Sunday morning. Special
musical numbers were given by
the junior choir and the primary
department. The baby daughter
of the ReT. and Mrs. L. H. Foss
was also christened at this time.
The baby was named Patricia
Ellse and the sponsors were Rev.
Mr. Foss'g two sisters. Miss Ag
ness and Miss Magda Foss of Se
attle. Mrs. Foss entertained informally
at dinner for her visitors Satur
day night.
K 0 Rue Home in Waldo
Hills Scene of Annual
Reunion Sunday
When ws were In Minnesota"
was heard many time Sunday at
the annual reunion of the people
who formerly lived at Hills. Min
nesota. The picnic was held on
the spacious lawn of the K. O.
Rue farm home. Dinner was
served at noon. to 60. Games and
stunts and visiting made the af
ternoon pass quickly.
A business meeting, was held
and officers elected as follows:
K. O. Rue, president; Arthur
Dahl, vice president; Mrs. Arthur
Dahl, secretary. Next year's pic
nic will be at the Stanley Ray
home near Marquam.
Mrs. Maude Haberly and
daughter, Mildred returned to
their home Thursday from The
Dalles. Miss Mildred taught
Home Economics in the high
school at that place and Mrs. Ha
berly has spent the school year
with her.
Roger Comstock accompanied
Mr. and Mrs. Rex Russell, Eu
genia and Rex, Jr. to their cottage
at Waldport; - They left early Fri
day morning returning Sunday
It la gratifying to the many
friends of A. A. Geer to know he
Is improving so rapidly in health.
He la busy at bis Job as assessor.
RICKEY, June 3 The high
school children of Rickey and vi
cinity who are transported on
bus No. 11 and E. C. Kruger, the
driver motored to Hagers Grove
Wednesday after school and spent
the evening picnicking. Games
were enjoyed and later sandwich
es, ice cream and cake were
served. An especial treat was a
cake baked by Mrs. Kruger.
Present besides Mr. Kruger, the
bus drive were Olivia De Vries,
Dorothy Bowen. Leora Gerig. Nel
lie Kleen. Mary Sheridan, Susan
na Hawkins, Hilda. Balhson, Ida
Balhson, Francis Brown, Freda
Meyer, Vellma Armstrong, Alice
Auftehide, Mary Feskins. Kath
leen Llndbeck, Ethel Johnson,
Ruth Baumgartner, Margaret
Baumgartner, Luella Shaw, Na
dine Cam son, Margaret Magee,
Kenneth Morgan, Paul Silke, Ray
mond Wallace, David Elfstrom,
Fred Fogg, Ralph Coulson, Selves
ter Honkola, James McKlnney,
CUbert Anderson, Walter John
4on, Jim Johnson, Gilbert Faxon,
Lawrence Baumgartner, George
Beattlng, Simpson. Ham rick, Paul
V '
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Old Timers Gather for
Annual Picnic on
June 7
Liberty Eolk Visit and
Entertain Over Weekend
J. A. Ferscbwriler, chairman,
Gervais school board,
G. J. Moisan, active member of
school board at Gervais.
James D. Brehaut, who has
finished his third term as princi
pal of CSefvais school.
gervais men is
One of the biggest events ot the
year at Brush College is- sched
uled for Saturday, June 7 when
old timers from far and near will
gather at the annual community
picnic grove for a splendid pro
gram, plenty of refreshments fol
lowed by sports of all kinds in
charge of Dr. C. L. Blodgett.
Other committees are: pro
gram, A. R. Ewing and Mrs. A. E.
Utley; reception, Mrs. U. J. Leh
man, Mrs. J. D. Waiyng and Mrs.
Harriett; stands, chairman Fred
Ewing to choose own committee;
parking, Burrell Oliver and Fred
Olsen, refreshments. Brush Col
lege Helpers; head of publicity.
'Mrs. John Schlndler.
Principal and Members of
Board Credited With
School Progress,
Mr. and Mrs. Frank 'Cook and
daughter Leone and Clifford
Evans went to LaComb, Sunday,
to visit their son, Marion Cook
and family.
The LaComb district Is in the
midst of strawberry picking.
Mr. and Mrs. M. D. Shanks and
daughter Claire and Liza West
fall from Lebanon, vjsited Sun
day, at the home ot Mr. and Mrs.
Carl E. Cook.
ZENAJune 3 Mrs. W. Frank
Crawford and daughter Hilda and
Wayne D. Henry all of Zena mo
tored to Corvallis Monday to at
tend graduation exercises at Ore
gon State college. Mifca Dorothy
Crawford, daughter of Mrs. Lottie
Crawford was among those who
GERVAIS June 3 Com
mencement exercises for the Ger
vais Union ; High school will be
held at the city hall Thursday ev
ening, May fifth. There are ten
In the class this year, five girls
and, five boys. While all eyes are
on the graduates at this time of
the year would it not be well to
think of some of those who have
made education possible and 'who
have given liberally of their time
and effort that the pupils might
have this opportunity.
James D. Brehaut. principal of
the' Gervais school, has held that
position for three years and has
been elected for two more years
at an increase in salary. During
his three years Professor Brehaut
has established five well-defined
courses; has built up the enroll
ment from 60 to 95; and last year
was the leading spirit in establish
ing a bus route.' Twenty-two pu
pils, come in on the bus and hav
ing the free transportation is re
sponsible in a large way for Ger
vais high school . having this in
creased attendance.
Professor Brehaut has had IB
years teaching experience. He
taught in Canada; three years in
Southern Oregon; three years as
principal of the St. Helens high
school; three years at Sandy Un
ion High school; and has been at
Gervais three years.
J. A. Ferschweiler, chairman of
the; Gervais high school board, has
been on the school board since the
organization of the high school In
1922. He has been a tireless wor
ker for the; school and has always
done all in his power to make it
one of the best in the county.
Mr. Ferschweiler has lived on
his farm two miles east of Ger
vais, practically all his life. He
has been a successful berry grow
er and is now growing a large or
chard of filberts and walnut. Mr.
and Mrs. Ferschweiler have seven
SILVERTON, June 3 A pack
ed house greeted the senior class
Monday night tor- its class night
program. Every available seat la
the house was taken and many
were forced to stand. The pro
gram given consisted of the fol
lowing numbers: Sarutatorian
speech, Franklyn Evenson; class
prophecy, Doryce Miller; violin
solo, Beryl Ottaway; class will,
Roger Comstock; piano solo, Vio
let Herlgstad: valedictorian
speech. Alma Anderson.
As a closing number the seniors
sang their class song and "Hail
to Old S. H. S." The singing was
led by Frances Nelson. Kenneth
Williams acted as chairman of the
LIBERTY, June S. Mr. and
Mrs. Frank Ingham and family
spent the weekend at Waldport.
Mr. and Mrs. Willis Mclntyre
spent Friday with Mr. and Mrs.
A. B. Browning.
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Rose and
children went to Albany Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. De Marce, parents
of Mrs. Leek, have bought the
Johnson place.
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Cleveland
and family motored to Shasta
City, California, over the week
end to visit Mrs. Cleveland's
School closes June 12. A com
munity picnic will be enjoyed by
all. A basket dinner, races and
ball games will be the features
of the day. Everyone is invited to
come with a well filled basket
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ingham
will leave immediately for Washington-
when school closes.
Mrs. Rains and Mrs. Van San
ten will attend the Oregon Nor
mal school at Monmouth. They
will drive from Salem daily.
A pleasant time was enjoyed
Thursday afternoon by all who
took part In winning' the silver
cup In the community talent con-
test. Ice cream and wafers and
peanuts delighted the kiddies
Eighth grade examinations and
seventh grade geography examin
ations will be given Thursday and
Dixie Rose had the misfortune
to run a nail In her foot,
Mr. and Mrs. Merle Baltimore
and daughter, Phyllis, spent Sun
day with Mr. and Mrs. Walter
Martena Jones is out of school
with the mumps.
guests of her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. C. C. Behnke of Florence.
Mr. and Mrs. Behnke are leaving
the last of the week on a three
months trip to their old home in
Ontario, Canada.
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Dencer at
tended the graduating exercises at
Chemawa Sunday afternoon and
again Monday evening.
Dr. and Mrs. W. H. . Walker,
Mrs. Van Klmmell and Mrs. Van
Kimmell's mother, Mrs. Black,
motored to Monmouth one day
last week.
Mrs. Frank Hrubets and Mrs
Anna Robbins accompanied Frank
Hrubetz to Corvallis Monday,
where Frank received his diplo
ma from the Oregon State college.
Mrs. A. B. Todd and Mrs. Allen
Luster . of Forest Grove, Oregon,
are guests of Mrs. Todd's sister,
Mrs. Anna Robbins. Mrs. Todd is
the Washington county Juvenile
Mrs. William H. Becker, of Fres
no, California, is spending some
time with Mrs. Anna V. Robbins.
Mrs. Becker has been several
weeka vial tine different narts of
Ore eon I
. Mr. and Mrs. D. J. Richards
spent Thursday in Portland.
Jack Brant spent the weekend
in Portland.
Mr. and Mrs. William Du Fresne
and sons Bobby and Billy of
Portland were dinner guests Sun
day at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
D. J. Richards.
Mr.- and Mrs. Percy Judd and
Harlan Judd motored to Corvallis
Sunday where they spent the day
with their son, Leslie Judd and"
Subina Schmidt, a student of
home ot her mother, Mrs. K.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Scott had as
their guest Sunday Mr. Scott's
nephew and his wife. Mr. and Mrs.
Ernest Scott of Medford.
Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Holder
and three children spent Memo
rial day and the wee' end at Nes
kowln. Mr. and Mrs. Clarenre Holder,
Mrs. Kate Holder and Miss May
Shaver, of Salem, visited relatives
at Lyons Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Coffey and
Lloyd spent the weekend in- Port
land. Bruce Cunningham and children
went to Shaw Sunday.
Two Bets of twins were born
within a year to Mr. and Mrs.
William Reihl of Oriskany Falls,
N. T.
171 S
Mrs. W. R. Dallas spent Sun- the Oregon Normal school at Mon
day and Monday in Eugene, the mouth spent the weekend at the
We wish to announce the
opening of our, store at
our new location
ouih Commercial
We appreciate your pa
tronage in the past and
hope we may continue to
serve you in our new lo
Branches at Port fans' Seattle Taenia Aberdeen .
children, four of whom have grad
uated from the Gervais high
school. One daughter Is mar
ried; two daughters are in train
ing for nursesjjLnd-Hhe son is as
sisting his -father on th farm.
G. J. Moisan is always for any
thing that means advancement
for the schools or the community,
and gives liberally of his time. He
was bom at Brooks in 1876 and
lived at home until be was 22
years of age. He has lived at
Gervais since 1902 except about
a year when he was in Portland.
He came back to Gervais in 1905.
He was assistant postmaster for
five years under Wm. J. Clark and
at the end of that period was
made postmaster and served in
this capacity uirtil 1916 when
there was a change in adminis
tration. Mr. Moisan has been a
member of the city council since
1905 and has been mayor most of
that time. He has' been a member
of the grade school board for
nine years and on the high school
board for six years. He has been
in the commission business here
since 1916, Mr. and Mrs. Moisan
have one son, who is a graduate
of Gervais Union High school.
are made to smoke
SILVERTON, June 3 Rev.
H. L. Foss was the speaker at the
Sunday meeting of Trinity Young
People's society held at Trinity
social rooms Sunday afternoon.
Rev. Mr. Foss had for his 'sub
ject, "What Shall I Do With My
. Other numbers on the after
noon program Included a reading
by Mabel Strand; piano solo, Nor
man .Jensen; selections by male
chorus composed of Rev. Mr.
Foss, Alfred Jensen, Hans Jen
Sen, Victor Madsen, Norman Jen
ten and Palmer Trovend; piano
duet, Viola Larson and Charlotte
Goplemd; horn solo. Rev. Mr.
Toss. , -
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