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Ckmdy today; - uaettJed
Frtdayi moderate ,temjtem
tnrca, : Max. , trnpenUve
seals r,orry .SB. g
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Wedaeoday 8Tl mla. 43? I
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. .. - . i - ,j
Saka, Oicsob, Thursday llcralnr, llxrch f, 1939
'Action Approved by.Official
Vote of Congregation
- At Prayer Meet
long Controversy in Baptist
Church Now Apparently
Brought to End
. . f . .
'A, surprise, and apparently the
Ittt-'one la the bc. tu sprung
upon the congregation of the
First Baptist church at the regu
lar business meeting held last
aiffct, when Rer. Robert L. Payne
ubmltted his resignation. The
resignation wafe accepted by a
cte of. 71 for and 2 against.
Klnteen blank ballots were cast.
Payne, who has been the center
f long and heated eontrorersy
at the church, offered his resig
nation early la the meeting, ask
tog that acceptance of it be made
as nearly unanimous as possible,
and that his friends in the audi
ence east blank rotes.
The resignation is effectlre the
Ust day in March. In submitting
It, Payae said he was taking the
best step for harmony ia t the
church and requested Thir It be
accepted In order ibat the church
membership might once more pull
Payne Declares Step
Will Prore For Best
The pastor stated to a reporter
after the meeting that he earnest
ly desired that the church group
remain together, and that he had
takea the step to sate the congre
gation from splitting again, for
with him, Payne, still In the pul
pit, such a course was imminent.
8. A. Hughes stated In the
meeting, and his assertion was re
iterated by H. F. Durham, that
the -group Interested In getting
Payne out of the pulpit here had
effered him $700, a sum which
they figured would be due at the
end of the month. It was made
clear at the session that Payne
Jiad made no insistence on a mon
cy consideration. Details of the fl
sal financial settlement were not
arranged at the meeting.
After the rote, Payne requested
church letters for himself - and
members of his family;-stating
Xhat he asked these at that time
that neither he nor his family
might hare anything to say in
matters of the church for the new
year or In selection of his sue-
essor. '
Final Plea Made
To Congregation
At the prayer meeting follow
ing the business session, Payne
made the following plea to the
congregation: r
"I want to say this word, that
regardless of everything that has
happened In the past, may we this
month try to do what we can. If
yon will hold me, I will try to do
the very best preaching, by the
kelp of - God. It Is possible for
me to do.
"You will soon be planning
your next year's work of the
church. I am going to try the
kest I can to bring messages from
the gospel. I trust that neither
friend or foe will bo guilty of
.further agitation. Let It be
closed book.
"May we spend this time that
la left: la our Sunday school.
nrayer meeting and ln.eujureach-
lng service. In helping Ur get the
.work as near as we can for my
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Board Products
Firm Raising
Capital, Report
Encouraging progress toward
completing the financing et the
Western Board Product company
being made, according to local
men -who haTe interested them
elves la the Teatare. A recent
: development has been the discov
ery that an even more favorable
-market tor the company' prod
' acts Is available; than was at first
fe.Aiti :tv - s. P&ttaexi. who
rlginaMy proposed establishment
mt tfie piant aere. .
i ti nlan In. to make oaner
board of flax by products, which
! are bow pracucauy sow i
i . Tcrh tha financial la
i completed, a plant which Mr. Put-
taert formerry r operated at oaa
. Francisco Win DO movea nere.
Negro Or a tor Impresses
Audience With Talk Here
' 1 An audience which packed the
audltortum of the First Methodist
church here Wednesday thrilled
to the message of Dr. Lorunao H.
King, noted negro' orator, as fee
brought an lmpassloaed message
f the work of the Methodist
ehureh ia assisting the aegroes
of America in. their spiritual re-
eneratlon. - For mora ,thaa ai
our. Dr. Xing,, who is editor of
the Southwestern Christian Advo
cate at New Orleans, held his au
dience witlt 4 message whleh com
bined incisive ;a n a lysis a is d
thought with, a fervent and'deep:
eated emotional plea tor the re
demption f the aegro. . ;
Hla addresa brought to a close
a men's council for Methodist men
from an parts of the valley which
was held here throughout the dcp.
"The aegro has beea drawn, to
tha -Methodist church.", said the
peakrn-rbeeauM. John Wesley
fmphaaixed la kfs doctrine - the
Battle Won by
Tardieu Cabinet
.: :.-:--TM ::.f-'.r--v-:...: .
.'::;v:::?-i:-:'.:'.:r:- 1
f ' , ,- " 'v ' it
1 's " x , V , W
' r ' C I
Andre Tardieu, French premier.
whose recently formed caotaet
successfully foaght Its first
battle la the chamber of depu
ties yesterday.
High School Students to Be
Requested to State Ex
act Situation
An apparent about face in Prin
cipal Fred Wolf's assertion thst
secret societies are not running
the election to fill the unexpired
term of yell leader at the high
school. Is seen in his own admis
sion that he Is considering asking
every candidate to make a state
ment, prior to the election Friday,
that he does not belong to a se
cret order.
Although Wolf volunteered to
the paper no more Information
than that he was considering
making every candidate, at every
election, make the declaration
that he or she does not belong to
a secret society, suggestion was
made to him that he call the pres
ident candidates to his office this
morning and request them .to
make such a statement in their
campaign speeches to be given at
the assembly today. Wolf's few
words On the matter are taken to
mean the suggestion was favor
ably received.
As a matter of fact, one of the
candidates Is known to have been
presented with the idea yesterday,
and to have virtually admitted he
is a frsternity member by retort
ing to the proposal that he could
hardly be expected to tell his fel
low students a lie.
Wolf, when told by a States
man reporter that high school stu
dents were admitting freely that
the secret orders were out to con
trol the Friday election, merely
laughed the matter off, saying he
knew-the secret societies were not
mixing In at all.
A further development In the
minor election was seen yesterday,
with circulation of a petition to
place the name of Bruce Cooley,
present senior class yell leader, on
the ballot. Cooley Is an avowed
"barbarian," and has taken a
consistent stand against secret so
cieties while in school. This move
Is generally construed to mean
that the non-secret society stu
dents are out to have a say in
who shall be yell leader.
Zonta Club
Be Host When
Encinitis Meets
The Zonta club will entertain
members of the Encinitis elub,
young business girls' group, at a
dinner meeting at the Marlon ho
tel this evening, beginning at
15 o'clock.
, A special program has been ar
ranged for' the event, and will in
clude solos by Lena Belle Tartar
and Miss Nellie 'Schwab; a line
dance by pupils of the Barbara
Barnes school of the dance; a one
act play, "Suppressed Desires" by
members of the Encinitis elub;
and the address by Judge O. P.
Fatherhood of God aad the Broth
erhood of Man. This doctrine ap
pealed to the lowly aegro, always
a member of aa oppressed race
aad poor.
"This race was also attracted
to . the teaching that God is per
sonal, supernatural, a God ot
mystery. God to our race," de
clared Dr. Kiag. "is mora than
man yet knows Him to be. He Is
mora than a mechanical explana
tion of an integral and unifying
process behiad life." r 5
Criticism was made of the sec
ular preaa which : was attacking
the Hth amendment. X believe
the day will come when soma as
tute, analytical attorney win lead
the way to indict papers in tha
United States which are dally dis
torting the truth about an amend
ment to our constitution" he de
clared. " " '"''.""'.'--
; . At tie game time. Kin praised
I (Tarn U paf & col. 41
police ay
Communist Disturbances
Anticipated in Numerous
Parts of Globe
Moscow Headquarters Said
To Have Ordered Huge
By The Associated Press
Police of eities throughout the
world today were prepared to
quell any disturbance which com
munist adherents might plan la
response to a call for "demonstra
tions" Issued by, the trade union
International at Moscow.
New York and Philadelphia
will allow meetings. If orderly.
Chicago has ordered "no par
ades." This Is because the nolle
commissioner had been told "the
paraders have-been asked to arm
themselves with knives and black
jacks to attack, the police." :-
Berlin. Paris, Riga and Prague
have forbidden communistic dem
Communist Papers
Ordered Suppressed
Ia Csecho Slovakia two com
munist newspapers were suppress
ed and no' meetings will bo per
mitted. Police of Prussia and Es
tonia are on the alert for disturb
Athens reported that commun
ist proclamations request work
men to create disturbances and
demand a labor form of govern
ment. Stockholm police have forbid
den street demonstrations but
have Issued permits for three
open air meetings.
St. Louis was warned that "a
demonstration St. Louis weuld re
member" would eventuate. Police
expected no .trouble but were on
the watch.
Western states mining districts
planned no special precautions.
Representative Hamilton Fish
of New York yesterday Introduced
a bill In congress calling for an
investigation by the house, of
communist party activities In the
United States.
Champion Debate
Team Chosen at
Contest Tonight
Championship debate to deter
mine the winner of the middle
Willamette district of the state
debating league will be held to
night between Corvalls and Salem
high schools, each having won the
title in their respective sections of
the district. The. local affirmative,
Fred Blachford and Eleanore Hen
derson, will vie with the Corvallls
negative at the high school audi
torium here at S o'clock tonight,
and the local negative, Gertrude
and Norman Winslow, will engage
the Corvallls negative there.
Vera D. Bain, superintendent
of Woodburn schools, will be the
chairman of the debate here.
Bain is district debate manager.
Judges will be from Willamette
university, and at Corvallls the
Judges will be from tfie public
speaking department at O. 8. C.
The district champion will eater
tne state euminationseries.
Business Group
To Stage Meet
Here Tonight
A young men's business and
professional organization which
was recently organised in Salem
has announced a meeting for this
evening at : 30 at the Gray Belle
according to an announcement
made by their president, Walt
This organisation, sometimes
known as "Arphan Annls." was
organized recently with the pur
pose of fellowship among a
group ot young business and pro
fessional men of the city. They or
iginally planned to associate with
the national organization known
as "Actives" but this plan has act
neea accepted and It is a o w
thought that they will act locally
without national connection.'
Hoop Tourney
Advertised by
Chamber Group
A special committee to give
publicity throughout the state to
the fact that Willamette univer
sity Is host to the annual basket
ball . tournament the middle at
March, was named Wednesday by
J. N. Chambers, president of the
chamber of commerce.
On the committee are W. L.
Phillips, M. C, Findley and James
H. Nicholson. - t , -
On Mareh 17 at the regular
ehamber dinner, the members of
the Salem high school basketball
team aad Hellls Huntington, their
eoaeh- will -be , ruesta. - "Spec"
Keene, coaeh. at Willamette wal-
fcrsity, will also be' a guest. -:
- - " frrrusox aidk decs
r- LONDON, Mareh C (AP)
f TnursaayjMrs. : reari , uemart
t atenonanher to - Secretary O
State Stlmson, died in St. Georges
hABTiital mmrhr tala 'morula from
injuries suffered in a fall front a
sixth floor window ot the Uayfitr
icse cH Opposts
Self for Job ca
. Gone Comsdtaca
Edward Flascckl ef West
, Salem, wbe recently reeeiv
& the tadorsement far a
member of the state game
commleakm from both the
PoDc and Martom cowaty
portamen'a orpunHafioa,
Wednesday faformed Gover
nor Norblad that he did awt
think ft would be fair to ap
poiat a fommisskmer from
either of these counties.
PUsecki pointed owt that
one member of the commis
sion now Urea ia Portland,
while another resides at Mc
Minaville. For geographical
reasons, PUsecki said, the
third members of the com
mission should be a resident
ef son there Oregon.
The" new member of the
commission, to be appointed
by Governor Norblad, will
succeed Ben Dorru of Eu
gene, who resigned recently
to act as field representatire
for Charles Ball, candidate
for governor.
PUsecki has been active
in sportsmen's circles for a
long time and served for two
years as president of the
game protective association.
He previously lived at Dal
las but recently moved to
West Salem. Plasecki la an
Former Ouster Rescinded by
School Authorities After
Conferences Held
Rvrnn Mills, veil klnc at the
hlsh schoor. has been granted
permission by Principal Fred
Wolf to return to scnooi again.
T.M11. wa ordered out of classes
more than a week ago by Wolf
when the principal caugni mm
eutting his gym class. This of
fense was the fourth for the same
thing, and Wolf declared on the
fourth time Lillie was done wun
Salem hieh. Tha nrincioal trans
ferred his credits to La Grande
high and advised him to get into
school there.
LUlle's return to school comes
after several conferences which
his mother, who 1b now living in
eastern Oregon, held with both
Wolf and the city superintendent
Reaamisston, aitnougn won naa
atstsd thst h made no formal
suspension in the case, was grant
ed with the understanding that
the student make no more mis
steps in the matter of school dis
cipline. LUlle's student body
membership and his position" as
student body yell leader were
T.UU la th SAtAnd conaecutivs
yell leader who has been repri
manded for transgressing school
discipline, Gerald Simpson, last
Wear's eheer leader, havinc lost
his Job and student body privi
leges lor a scnooi onense.
Advertising Is
Discussed Here
To Rotarians
"Reputation and repetition"
are the secrets ot business success
through advertising, J. F. Brum
baugh, vocational training pro
fessor at O. 8. C, told, the mem
hers ot the Rotary club at Wed
aesdays luncheon.
The principle ot advertising is
display and demonstration, the
speaker said, and he declared un
truthful advertising to be worse
than useless. Giving the public an
opportunity to inspect one's mer
chandise Is a valuable point in
selling, based on a- psychological
principle that "people love to fool
With other people's property;" he
Advertising must be contlnu
ous to be effective. Prof. Bram-
baugh declared.
O'Hara Is First
With Completed
Petition on File
David O'Hara, present alder
man from the fifth ward, has tne
distinction ot being the first can
didate tor any office in the city
to file a completed petition to
have his name placed on the bal
lot Jn the May election. He la
running' for reelection.
His petition la also unique in
that it bears it names, a record
number for any candidate for the
council in the memory, ef . Mark
Poulsen, city recorder. Tha pe
tition was filed Wednesday.
George W. Averett Wednesday
tiled original declaration of can
didacy for the. two year term on
tha council for tha fourth ward,
to succeed B. B. Herriek wto van
elected by the council. Mr. Aver
ett lives at ..Iff Richmond ave
nue. , . . ,
Hug h Appointed
By Health Group
Further reeognitloa ot the work
I whleh George W. Hug, city school
m m a . m a
supenntenuenK, is soma; in - ui
field of health edueatloa was re
ceived by Hug yesterday in the
fornv of notification that he bad
been elected to' active member
ship la, tha American " Public
Health association: The' society is
organized (or the protection, aad
perpetuation ef public - health and
has headquarters in New Tori
cyt r - - -
Formal Announcement Made
By Marshfield Man of
Entry in Race
Governor's Job Sought Upon
Basis of Past Record
n This State
Charles Hall of Marshfield
state senator from Coos and Cur
ry counties, formally announced
his candidacy throughout Oregon
today for the republican nomina
tion for governor at the primaries.
May II. Mr. Hall said he would
file with Secretary of State Hoss
within the next few dsys.
At the same time Mr. Hall an
nounced that he would support
very definite statewide politics,
including highway program com
pletion, reorganisation of sUte
government, economy In state
government and a readjustment of
tax assessments. The senator
pledged himself to support conser
vation of fish and game resources.
He said that if elected he would
favor state-wide enforcement of
the prohibition laws, which he
characterised as "an executive
problem requiring enternal vigil
Oregon's Development Stressed
Mr. Hall's platform calls tor a
nniting of all forces In the state
looking toward Oregon's detelop-
"If elected I should feel the
chief executive has a specific man
date from Oregon citizens to urge
increased energy, greater vision
and enhanced courage on the part
ot all citizens looking toward Ore
gon's progress. I ask Oat Oregon
discard Us "Inferiority complex"
and tell the entire world the truth
about the state. In such a program
tne governor can take an effect
ive part with entire propriety."
Friends of Mr. Hall in urging
that he make the race have point
ed to his business and political f
recora as one wmcn wen quali
fies him for the office of gover
Starting without resources at
21, when be came here from west
ern Pennsylvania. Mr. Hall in 28
years has successfully engaged, in
the drug, orchard, telephone and
banking businesses. In the latter
fields he has- operated large en
terprises from which he only re
cently sold his control.
For three terms he has been
state senator. In community and
statewide chamber of commerce
work he has been very active. As
chairman of the roads and high
ways committee in the senate
when major construction was be-
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Salem Elks to
Pick Oiiicers
Tonight, Word
Officers are to be chosen to
night to lead the Salem Elks club
for the coming year, according to
William Paulus, exalted ruler,
who at the next session yields the
gavel to his successor,
Howard Hulsey and Charles
Knowland are the candidates for
the position of exalted ruler.
Other candidates are: esteemed
leading knight, Harold Eakln;
esteemed loyal knight, Leroy
Gard, esteemed lecturing knight,
Frank Cain, A. Warren Jones,
Armin Berger; secretary: H. J.
Wledmer; treasurer; Carl Arm
strong; tiler: Otto Ammann;
trustee: H. H. dinger ; represen
tative to grand lodge: W. H. Pau
lus; alternate representative:
Charles R. Archerd.
Miss Waltorfs
Successor to
Be Named Soon
Appointment of a successor to
Mlsa Beatrice Walton, who will
retire as private secretary to
Governor Korblad on March IB,
probably will not be announced
until Saturday ot this week. This
was indicated by attaches ef the
executive department Wednes
day. Friends of Governor Norblad
expressed the opinion that the
appointee would be a Portland
man. who has bad considerable
political experience aad is well
known throughout the state. -
Miss Walton announced yester
day' that she'would enjoy a much
needed rest, aad bad ao Idea of
going to Europe as reported in
press dispatches from Astoria.
Tom Kay Neutral
In Governor Race
No support for aa especial can
didate for the .republican nomina
tion for gorenor is to be given by
Tom. Kay. the state treasurer re
emphasised -Wednesday in- aa in
formal interview. -
"No matter who ia elected, it
will bo my duty to serve for sev
eral -yearn aa a member, ef the
board ot control and it would be
ambarassing for jne to stand, for
any one of the candidates," Kay
saldL. . . 1- '- -;.-
WASHINGTON if at r e h ' S-
(AP) The senate .tonight reject
ed -without a' record vote a pro
posal to increase the duty an
Candidates Ask
Governor's Job
rt ? - - : . j '
- - -VM
l . i .v;.
1 tlOj, - ..
... X ' "J
V S'
, ) v,
.-i .:.4''-as.
17. L. Corbett (above) and
diaries Hall, former colleagues
in the Oregon state senate, now
opponents In the race for re
publican nomination for gover
Excavation to Begin Today
Is Announcement by 0-W
Company Chiefs
Excavation for the Oregon-
Washington Water Service com
pany's filtration plant will be
started today by crews employed
by C. W. Devil bias, it was an
nounced Wednesday. The power
shovel which will be used was
being fitted up that day.
The difficulty over the city
council's failure to pass the ordin
ance vacating the unused alley
through the water company's
property was Ironed out Wednes
day when ten members of the
council agreed to pass the ordin
ance at the next meeting, follow
ing an investigation ot the cir
cumstances. One of the points on which the
aldermen were not clear when the
ordinance came up for final con
sideration Monday night had to
do with an old brick sewer which
extended down this alley to the
mill stream. It was stated at the
time that it was still In use to
some extent, but the aldermen
who Investigated Wednesday were
told by Paul Wallace, former head
of the Salem Water company,
which owned the same property,
that the sewer had not been used
for 20 years.
Mr. Devilblss Wednesday con
ferred with local representatives
ot organised labor and arranged
to emptor such workers as will
be needed in the constuctlon of
the filter plant, directly through
the eentral labor council, thus gir
lng assurance that all men em
ployed aside from the ; superin
tendent and two or three "key
men." will be residents of Sa
He also save assurance that in
sofar as possible, materials will
be purchased from local firms.
It developed wedn-saay mat
there was considerable sentiment
la labor circles against the city
council's delay in granting the va
cation of the alley In question, as
tending to prevent the possibility
of employing a considerable force
of workers on the filter plant pro
Willamette Wins
Another Debate
Willamette won Its fourth vic
tory over Whitman college Wed
nesday night when the women's
debate team was given a two to
one Judges decision over Whit
man's women. Katnenne iteming
aad Catherine Ogdea. Marjorle
Nelson and Lillian Beecher-spoke
on .tha affirmative aide ot tha
question, 'Resolved, that the mod
ern diversion of women from the
home' to business and industrial
occupations In detrimental to so
ciety." "
: The Judges were Martin Ferrey.
Norborae Berkeley .. aad Miss
Grace Smith.- ' i
(AP) President Hoover today
asked congress to grant f 150.009
for expenses et the American del
egation at the London Naval con
ference tn addition to tha 1100
die aHoved originally.
Organization to Be Formed
In Salem to Back Port
land Candidate
Quiet Campaign Being Con
ducted; Stand on Office
Building Related
Paying his first visit to Salem
as a csndldate for governor H. L.
Corbett of Portland spent yester
day calling on friends In this city.
Lsst evening, his campaign man
ager, Floyd Cook, arrived and will
spend the day lining np an organ
isation in support ot the Corbett
candidacy. Mr. Corbett had to re
turn to Portland for an engage
ment in the peninsula district.
The former senator is making
an extensive personal canvass
contacting as many voters and
party leaders as possible. His
campaign has had little bally-hoo
as yet. Now he is perfecting an
organisation to make a real drive
ror votes In the little over 10
days remaining before the pri
maries. He has been active ever
since his announcement a month
and a half ago. and will continue
active in furthering bis candida
cy in the remaining time.
BIgh Hat Harry"
Designation Belled
Genial and affable In his man
ner, and entirely comfortable in
both dress and deportment, Cor
bet quite belles the "high hat"
deslgnstlon which one editor at
tempted to apply to him. He has a
frank approach which Is engaging
and a readiness to make his posi
tion clear that is convincing In its
manner. His campaign Is laid out
on the plan of building up steadi
ly rather than "flashing in the
Senator Corbett's life-long resi
dence in the state and his service
in the legislature have given him
many contacts with Salem folk
and he spent most ot the after
noon calling on old friends and
getting a line on the local politi
cal situation. Realising that Sa
lem Is the second eity in sise in
the state, and that the governor
through his residence here and
through the support of many of
fice-holders has enjoyed a pre
liminary advantage, Mr. Corbett
plans to organise a real campaign
committee here which will tunc
tion actively In his behalf.
Salem Residence
Planned If Elected
When questioned about some of
the reports which had been cur
rent In Salem to the effect that
if elected he wduld continue to re
side nesr Portland, Mr. Corbett
scoffed at the idea. "A man could
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Gram Files For a
Reelection On
Basis of Record
C. H. Gram, state labor com
missioner. Wednesday filed witn
the secretary of state here his
candidacy for reelection. "My
record of 12 years as commission
er Is your guarantee of efficien
cy," is the slogan adopted by
Gram. He promises the voters
an Impartial and economical ad
admlnistratlon. Gram, is a re
C. H. McColloch has filed for
the democratic nomination for
circuit Judge ot the eighth Judi
cial district, comprising Baker
county. He has served as Judge
there tor six years.
"I will perform the duties of
the office in the future as in the
past," reads McColloch's slogan.
OH Arretted cn Chcrze cf Kid
Tr e naptng t other; rem
JDlieiSee . W ins Wr exiling Ucteh
ASTORIA, Ore., March I
(AP) Richard Ray King, mem
ber of the Portland volunteer po
nce, and his wife, Ella, were ar
rested hero, today as they drove
their automobile onto a ferry to
the Washington shore of the Co
lumbia river. Telegraphic war
rants were ' received hero from
Portland charging Mr. and Mrs.
King with three counts ot kid
naping Kahum A. King, 7S, Rien
ard King's father .
PORTLAND, Ore., Mareh. I
(AP) Bob Erase, Portland
heavyweight grappler, : pinned
Charles S track, -8U11 water, Okla-.
noma, two out of three falls here
tonight to win the main event of
the wrestling card. Kruse weigh
ed in at 10S, Strack 114. ;7- a
- Kruse won the first fall, in It
minutes St seconds witn a wrist
lock, - S track evealag it up In fire
minutes whan he put Kruse down
with a back trip and body press, t
f The final fall went to Kruse in
It -minutes, an r, airplane , spin
dropping Strack, -: i
6. n. o. 'wins' debate 'jA
EUGENE,- Ore-H March
f API Upholding the " negative
sid of , tha question: "Resolved,
that world peace demands demo
blMsattoa. of all armed forces ex
cept those needed for police pro
tection " the debate team et tha
Oregon - EUte Agricultural col
lege defeated the .University, of
Oregon here tonight by a a to a
decision of the Judges.;-. i-
is ImM
Leaders Rally to De
fend Eighteenth
Facts Are Distorted
by Wets, Declare
Associated Press Staff Writer
(AP) Advocates of prohibition
today vigorously s nailed the ar-
gumenta of antl-prohibltleaists
tor repeal of the 18th amendment
before the hous Judiciary com
mittee. In the first day of their allot- .
ed seven days, the dxys presented ,
four witnesses who attributed to ,
prohibition general prosperity.
improved conditions among work
ing classes and a better environ
ment for the growing generation.
They insisted thst evils attri
buted to prohibition by Its oppon
ents had been exaggerated and
that Isolated Instances had ' been
taken as indications ot general
Ford and Edison
Send in Telegrams
Two of the outstanding Ameri
can drys the prohibitionists hoped
to present nenry rora sua
Thomas A. Edison expressed to
the committee lu the form ot tel
egrams to Samuel Crowtber, ef -
Bayside, Long Island, the first
witness, their unalterable opposi
tion to repeal of the dry laws.
Ford expressed a conviction
that the "sane people of the na
tion" would never see the 18th
amendment repealed, while Edi
son said he felt that "prohibition
Is the greatest experiment yet
made to benefit man," and that it "
was strange to him that some '
men ot great ability and stand-,
lng "do not help to remove the '
curse of alcohol."
Although the drys, headed by
Mrs. Lenna Lowe Yost, lfgisla- "
tlve director of the Women's .
Christian Temperance " Union, '
planned to present six witnesses,
today, the cross-examination of
the four was continued at such .
length that the testimony of the
others was put off until tomor
row. ,
Prominent Authorities
Present Testimony
After Crowther, who is sa au
thor on economic subjects, tbe '. -committee
heard Edward Keat- .
ing, editor of "Labor" and a for
mer representative from Colo
rado; Dr. Danie 1 A. Poling of
New York, general director of the
J. C. Penney foundation and pres
ldent of the World's Christian ,
Endeavor Union; and Henry M.
Johnson, lawyer and business
man ot Louisville, Cy.
Crowther explained be had
made a survey of Industrial con
ditions under prohibition for ted
Ladles' Home Journal and said
he had found the laboring classes
had increased their bank ac
counts, improved their home con
ditions and purchased automo
biles, radios and other luxuries
of life out of money which for
merly they spent for alcoholic
beverages in the corner saloon.
Industrialists Quoted
As Prohl Advocates
He presented statements from
Industrialists to show they felt
conditions had improved greatly,
but. under cross-examination bo
conceded some unemployment
and uncertainty as to whether
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PnrtltmA Frretnai enA Wile
naping Father; . PorucnaeT
CORVALLIS, Ore., March
(AP) Gordon Winks aad Cullen
Wrist, varsity debaters et Oregon
State college, won the unanimous
decision of three Judges over Ar-.
thur Potwin and Eugene Laird et
the University of Oregon here to-.
night. . ,
PORTLAND, Ore.. March 8.
(AP) rive students were in
jured, none seriously, today when.
a temporary- bleachers on which
they were assembled : to hate
class picture - taken, collapsed.
The tire, - all ' students of the .
Northwestern .School ot Com .
merce, were treated at various
hospitals for bruises and sprains. ,
PORTLAND, Ore, March S. .
(AP) Too many free ticketa for -
te Paelfle coast amateur bewias
championship tournament at the
auditorium here February IS and 1
March 1 put the Multnomah elan,
sponsor of the event, in .debt,
James 1. . Richardson, manager,
told -the city council today in re
questing relief from $S8I rent do- - -manded
by the, city for the eadi
torlum. r- --j
EUGENE, Ore., March S.
(AP)- That "charges against the
State Game commission regard- . .
inr its lack of. enforcement et .
state game laws were absolutely
without foundatlon.was tne stare
meat made" here today; by Ben
Dorris, recently resigned membe-A
of the commission, -