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Tkz 03EG0N STATESMAN, Sakra Oregon, Satnrday Morning, February 8, 1933
Brilliant At t air
To Honor Army
; Official
The ball and reception planned
for February 22 at the armory
complimenting MaJ. Gen and Mrs.
George A. White will be one of
the events of the social year. The
affair Is being given by the offi
cers of the Salem national guard
honoring the recent promotion of
their superior from the rank of
brigadier general o that of ma-
- jor general.
- National guard officers from
all oyer the state will be, present
as well as army officers from
VancouTer barracks, state offi
cials and prominent folk from
both in and out of Salem.
- The affair is very formal and
. will be marked by the stirring
symbols of the army in dress un
iform. The armory will be beau
tifully and formally, decked in
Hags and flowers. , J
-The receiving line will behead
ed by MaJ. Gen. and Mrs. George
A. White, and Chief Justice O. P.
Coshow, State Treasurer T. B.
Kay and Mrs. Kay; secretary of
' state Hal Hoss and Mrs. Moss, and
Captain and Mrs. H. G. Maison.
Meeting Celebrates
Oregon Pioneers
Hubbard. Oregon pioneers
"were honored at the "Pioneer
Bay" meeting of Hubbard Wom
an's club Wednesday afternoon
at the home of Mrs. L. M. Scholl.
Relics of pioneer days belong
ing to- Mrs. Scholl were on dis
play. There were the spinning
wheel, the candle molds, the
bread basket in which bread was
molded and let rise before being
- placed in the Dutch ovens to bake
. and two beautiful colonial quika.
Dr. J. B. Horner's radio talk on
V "Sacajawea" was listened to and
Alghly appreciated.
Mrs. Ida Garland read Dr.
Horner's poem, "Oregon Woods,
which appeared in print recently.
' Mrs. Lorena Duncan read a pa
per on "Pioneer Men," telling
' many Interesting experiences of
McLaughlin. Marcus Whitman
and Jason Lee.
- Mrs. Neva McKenzie read a pa
per on "Pioneer Women."
Mrs. Lois Miller paid tribute
to the pioneers of Oregon by a
song of her own composition, ac
companied by Mrs. Kathleen
Eeckmdn at the piano.
. Miss Mary Goudy, a pioneer
and a Hubbard resident for the
past 75 years, told of her neigh
bors of that three quarters of a
century ago. .
; George Wolfer and his sister.
jvirs. unristlna Stauffer, members
of the old Aurora colony but for
many years Hubbard residents,
were guests at the meeting. Mr.
.Wolfer told incidents of his trip
by covered wagons drawn by oxen
and mules from Bethel, Mo., to
the Aurora colony In the year
Mis Dorothy Scholl assisted
the hostesses,. Mrs. Scholl and
Mrs. Kathryn Will, at the refresh
ment hour.
Dr. Ethel Riley and Miss Mary
Goudy are hostesses for the next
r meeting,- "Champoeg Day," which
will be held at the Hubbard Min
eral Springs. . Wednesday after
noon, February-19.
Dinner Guests
LBn,8a College. Mr. and Mrs.
- SV McCall entertained with a de
lightful 7 o'clock cafeteria dinner
. at their home in Brush college
vYednesda yevening. Dainty pot
ted ferns were used about the
rooms. Bridge was the diversion
. f the evening.
",;T,5e nest ,i8r included Mrs. M.
Kuslck of Salem, Mr. and Mrs.
f'f!1 Crawford and daughter,
a Hilda, and son Frank, Jr., - of
Zena. -Mr. and Mrs. Wayne D.
T "cn of Zena, Mr. and Mrs. S.
? P. Kimball of Salem, Mr. and
IMrs. Charles McCarter of Brush
College, and the hosts, Mr. and
Sits. McCall.
' '
Gervals School friends of
. Ross Moore, who finished his
senior year - at Gervals high
-school at the close of the sem
ester and Is leaving Sunday ev-
enln for California, was the ln
apiratlon for f a delightful sur
r; Party at bis home Thurs
7T Te,l,BtJ. His schoolmates and
teachers were the, guests. The
evening -WM speBt Ia jing
Smes and-jL- general good time
-rand closed with the serving of re
freshments by Mrs. Moore assist
a by . Misses Maxine Phillips,
.Rose Butler and Kdythe Moore.
Those present were Rose AU
':, bright, Tbelma Foster, Donald
- tnd Fred Dickson; Donald Me-
' o Hrte Oddie, Joe and Tony
- w?iht"v Pr, Walter
Wd,worta' Knaeth Manning.
. Ortllle Schwab, Lloyd Seely, Ruth
Palmer. Tvonne Bernlng. Sylvea-
' J v d Melv,n Fprcler. Rose But-
l?,r 'Eleor Segutn, 'Dorothy and
Florence ,DuRette. George and
J PrantL .Glean Seely, Lee
Ryder. lister.- Rtni ...i r
: J,WdIn' Len Max
lae Phillips and Edythe Moore;
""-E? i0r of th the
- Misses Margaret Hermann, Thel-
ns Vernon. Ethel Martin: and
Prof. Carl Stewart.
r. Monmouth The February
meeting of the Monmoeth Parent-
Teacher .association tWa? held, on
Tuesday evening, commencing at
i : with av covered: jdlsh dinner.
;A? rB ro'j present with
; many attending from .the Elklas
and fcewlsville sections. . ' v
r Interesting1 talks were'nade by
? 'President J. S. Landers, of the
- Normal; Delmer R. Dewey; dtree
tor of training schools: Mrs. F.
" E. Murdock. aecretary of the asso
ciation: Mayor H. W. Morlan; and
F. E. Chambers. Musical program
numbers featured a Toeal solo by
- Miss Eulaine Cox,--. Normal . sto
ent;.and a" piano duet-by Robert
r Price and John Unrdoct: 'Mrs.
JRuth E. Morlan; president of the
asttiatWir? presfded:
News and Club
Olive M. Doak.
The French have a knack of
selecting pretty names for cos
metics. A white powder Is called
neige, which Is the French word
for snow. Rosee powder is the
shade of a capilaceous glow on a
healthy ivory skin. Rose Ibis Is a
deep pink, thepecullar color of
that strange Egyptian bird that
eats snakse for breakfast. Coo de
Roche is the deep coral tint of
the rooster's comb. Our popular
sun-tan color la called maures
que in the city of enchantment
on the Seine.
Nobody can make Mrs. Chln
Chln . believe that beauty trou
bles are all in your" eye. - Her
problem is how to roll a double
chin lato single blessedness. It
can be done. Let her anoint with
a heavy tissue builder, pick up
the flesh between' thumb and
first finger and roll firmly. In
due course of time the fat cells
will be. crushed. During treat
ment there should be two facial
ironings with ice each day. That
helps the blood streams to car
ry away the wreckage of devas
tated tissue structure.
The average well-dressed wo
Epiphany Dinner
Is Being Planned
One of the events of the years
for the Episcopal church even
away back into 'the dark years of
history has been the epiphany
service. Many customs have orig
inated around this day and have
been handed down to the church
es of today.
Among these customs' is that of
the "epiphany dinner" which St.
Paul's Episcopal church of Sa
lem celebrates each year and
which many other churches of the
country celebrate.
This year the Episcopal folk
will celebrate epiphany Wednes
day, February 12 at 6:30 o'clock
in the parrish hall. Mrs. Hal Pat
ton Is chairman and among those
who are working with her are
Mrs. Russell Catlin and Miss
Irene de Lisle.
One of the features of the din
ner is the epiphany cake which
contains rings, thimbles, and
such like things. The pastor of
the church cuts the cake and the
one to whom the piece goes which
contains the ring is chairman of
the epiphany dinner committee
for the next year. Those who wn j
help the chairman are the ones
getting other articles hidden in
the cake.
At this meeting also all the
church reports for the year are
read following the dinner hours,
and much church business Is tran
sacted at this time.
Eleanor Norblad
To Be Complimented
Miss Esther Gibbard will enter
tain with a bridge tea In compli
ment to Miss Eleanor Norblad this
afternoon at her home. The rooms
will be artistically arranged with
Valentine tokens and at the tea
hour the menu will carry out the
idea of St. Valentine.
Miss Jean Patton and Miss Mar
garet Bell will serve tea at 4:00
o'clock. .
The guest list includes Miss
Eleanor Norblad. Miss Marie Pat
ton. Miss Josephine Cornoyer, Miss
Josephine McGllchrlst, Miss Dor
othy Alexander, Miss Jeryme Up
ston, Miss Beryl Newton. Miss
Betty Mae Hartung, Miss Doris
McCallister, Miss Margaret Sav
age, and Miss Elizabeth Bonnell.
-The stringed orchestra of the
Business and Professional Wom
en's club directed by Miss Ida
Mathews will make its first ap
pearance at the state dinner given
by the B. P. W. club tonight at
the Marion . hotel. Miss Josephine
Shade -is president of the organi
zation. .
Gervais Mr;. and Mrs. A N.
Banta will give a dinner at tbeir
home la Salem next" Sunday in
honor of tbeir grandson, Ross
Moore, who Is leaving that ev
ening for .California. Relative
and friends of Ross will be-the
j Mr. and Mrs. S, D. Manning ac
eempanled their son Donald, to
Portland, Tuesday when he re
turned to his studies at Oregon
Technical school. The Manning's
daughter, Mrs. L..L. Jepson, who
Is employed at the- Meier, t
Prank store sustained a severe
fall last week and is going on
crutches. It is bought she will
not be able to return to ber
work for some time. T
; Gervals , Harmony Rebekah
lodge ef Gervaa . Is .making exten
sive preparations to entertain the
president of the Rebekah Assem
bly of Oregon. Mrs.: Hallle Ingle,
when she makes an official vis
it to the lodge, on Saturday ev
ening, February 8-. The degree
staff has been practicing ' the
the floor" work' under direc
tion of Mrs. Minnie Moore; and
the birthday committee consisting
of. Mra - Mary Sawyer. Mrs. Bu
chanan, and Mrs. AJtee Massey.
with Mrs." Moore ' awisttng will
serve. A: large aUeadane r Is
expected.- '
i-f, ,s-y v've; . ..efcs5 Kiv.
Olrs. Otto ScheQberc entezjtaln
ed members of the C. C. K. C. CI
elab- at ber hone- with social
afternoon Thursday. At a late' hour
Mrs. .ScheHbert; was -assisted hi
serving by Mrs. J F. Takenberg.
Those presenf wero - Mrs. - Alma
Thompson, z Mrs. -x EL - J. Donnell, 1
Mrs: r; c: Kreiee,, Mrs. Fred
Barker., Mrs. Bert -Waller. Mrs.
CaarleafGtvea.v Ms.t NellfatKilex.d
Mrgo Raw - Clark -and young: tori,i
upward" rsr ear Nugent and
-daughter,-Norma -Jean. - ; ,
Society Editor
man spends a small fortune each
year for hosiery. Tou'd be sur
prised! To preserve the life of , a
pair of stockings they should be
worn but once and then launder
ecu when washing them turn
them inside out and don't rub the
bar of soap directly- on them:
make a strong suds and aqueese
the hosiery gently. Wring them
offt In a towel. Do not dry Jn the
sun; ft changes the color.
.To the woman ef advancing
age the, severe chapeau -is a
beauty handicap. The hat should
beof soft fabric and of some
flattering,, mental 1 coloring. ' Few
elderly women, should wear
black, - and brown is usually de
pressing. Navy blue is good, also
beige, some of the richer plum
tones and light grey. A bit of
rose or old blue on the bodice
win giomy silver tresses.
The sweat glands of the body
act as a cooling system. They de
posit salty substances on the
skin surface. Unless these depos
its are removed by bathing, they
set up a cutaneous irritation and
interfere with elimination.
Salem Woman', club-
house; 2 o'clock board meet-
. ing; business meeting and
program 2:30 o'clock. Speak-
er, Miss Louise Cottrell.
D. A. R. to Dallas for
scholarship loan bridge tea.
Woodburn Woman's
Club Entertained
Woodburn. Mrs. A. H. Dean,
Mrs. W. D. Simmons, Mrs. M. L.
Hendricks, Mrs. Carrie Toung and
Mrs. W. H. Baillie were hostesses
to the Woodburn Woman's club
in the library basement Wednes
day afternoon.
At the business meeting, pre
sided over by the president, Mrs."
C. C. Geer, plans were discussed
for the Martha Washington tea
which will be held February 14.
Mrs. W. J. Wilson was appointed
general chairman of the tea. the
refreshment committee consts of
Mrs. S. W. Maupin. Mrs. Eugene
Courtney, Mrs. Arista Nindel and
Mrs. A. H. Dean. Mrs. V. D. Bain
and Mrs. I. C. Beers are on the
program committee and Mrs..Mln-
nie Moore, Miss Car. Ie Water-
bury and Miss Mary Scollard con
sist the table committee. Mrs. H.
Overton, Mrs. E. N. Hall and Mrs.
Henry Layman are on the com
mittee in charge of the candy and
the reception committee will be
the eleven past president who, are
now on the club roll.
Mrs. Arista - Nendel was In
charge of the interesting and In
structive program which opened
with a group of Jigs played on the
piano by Mrs. C. C. Geer and the
speaker of the afternoon was
Mrs. Edythe Tozier Wethered,
who spoke on the "Colonization of
the Oregon Country."
Her informal talk was In keep
ing with Oregon's birthday which
will be celebrated February 14. '
The program closed with two
readings. "Dawn on the Willa
mette," and "Grande Ronde Val
ley," by Miss' Jessie Sims and as
a final number. Miss Sims and
Miss Ruth Geer sang "The Em
pire Builders" as a Toeal duet
Many of the members brought old
relics which were historically, con
nected with the Oregon country
and which were shown to the
group. - ..'
After -the program dainty re
freshments were served in keep
ing with St. Valentine's day.
Miss Margaret Savage
Is Bridge Hostess
A group -of the younger crowd
enjoyed a happy evening of bridge
at the home of Mrs. Robert Craig
when Miss Edna Savage enter
tained for them. Valentine decor
ations made the rooms gay' and
lovely and formed, the keynote
for the luncheon mens which was
served following the evening of
cards. Mrs. M. R. Savage, Mrs.
J. T,- Whittigr and LTss Marga
ret Savage Assisted Miss Edna in
receiving 'and 'serving.'5- ? t
The guest list included Martha
Sprague, Dorothy Corey, Joseph
ine McGllchrlst, Jeryme' TJpsten,
Helen- Worth,- Katherifte Ellis,
Marie Statesman, Jean Patton,
Margaret Bell. Virginia Cross,
Gninevore' Wood. ' Betty Bonnell,
Peggy Wag-staff, Helm Engel,
Claudlne Gneffroy, Ruth Johnson,
and Margaret Savage. ; '
" Monmouth The Tuesday after
noon bridge " club met this -week
at the home of Mrs. Fred JHfll,
who 'was assisted In entertaining
by a sister from- Peedfee, Mm.
Betty Tan den Dojcb. Three tables
of cards were In play with honors
going to Mrs. Jamea. Gentle, and
Mrs. A. IS. Tetherow. V
Members - and guests present
were: Mrs. John J. Fuller, Mrs.
Velma Smith, Mrs. MIna Corneli
us; Mrs. D. R. Riddell, Mrs; B.
F. Butler. Mrs.- A. F.' Court er,
Mrs. Homer Doods. Mrs. Lawrence
Wolfe, Mrs. E. G. Cole, Mrs. Teth
erow, Mrs. Gentle, Mrs. Hill and
Mrs.- Van. den, Deeeh.vt--i?-.4f.-- Z"
y A.. late afternoon luneheea wa
served at the close of playing . j.
i-. ;e:t; -.Oi.e sr,,. '
Gervals The St. Rita'. Al
tar society gave a : benefit Set
Party la- the newly purchased
Parrish house Wednesday even
ing, which was well attended, and
a very enjoyable affair. Prises, for
high scores went to r Mrs. : Otto
Schwab and Jos. Nathman Sri.
nnaifor'lQwVseoreevto Miss Moni
ca . Schwab Ttid "tnilUm Br aiscl.
The ladles served lunch after the
gmes. 6uf tlfty were presentrtTpitirdrti"st
Golden Wedding Is
Memorable Event
The golden wedding of Mr. and
Mrs. A. R. Ferguson was happily
remembered by the many friends
of the bride and groom of BO
years. A luncheon was given In
compliment to them at one
o'clock In the Fraternal temple
by the P. L. E. and F. club Wed
nesday. Here they were remem
be red in toasts and gifts in token
of the esteem of the club mem
. Wednesday night members of
the Leslie Memorial church and
friends gathered in the church
social rooms for a reception in
honor to Mr: and Mrs. Ferguson.
Here the vows of 80 years ago
were again exchanged. Mrs. S.
Darlow Johnson played the wed
ding march from Mendelssohn as
the bride and groom entered the
room. Before an altar banked
with flowers Rev. S. Darlow
Johnson read again the service
that had united Mr. and Mrs.
Following this there was a de
lightful program., of music and
reading given by Claude Wills.
Mrs. Laws. Mrs. Johnson. Mrs. W.
J. Ldnfoot, Ormal Trick. Mrs. W
R. Bush; Mrs. Wayne Greenwood.
Mrs. wneaidon and Mrs. T. H.
Temple. .
At the close of the urogram Mr.
and Mrs. Furgeson and Mrs. Car
rie Knight of Eusrene stood In
line and received the conrratula-
uon oi tne many friends.
Mrs. J. S. Murtar and her com.
mltte of Mrs. B. E. Otjen, Mrs.
Claude Moores. Mrs. Jay B. Hew
itt, Mrs. Wayne Greenwood, and
Mrs. E. A. Rboten were rtwin-
Officers Elected
Missionary Society
Zena The .Spring Vallev Mis
sionary society met at the home
of Mrs. Frank Crawford Wednes-
aay. Mrs. Alvin Madsen and Mrs,
A. L. Kinton were assistant host
esses. Mrs. J. W. Harbison of Sa
lem led devotionals. Mrs. L. V
Matthews, president, resided at
tne business meeting at which
time sewing to be done and sent
to India was discussed.
At the Wednesday meetinz of
ficers were elected br acclama
tion, the former method of an-
poiaiing a nominating committee
being dispensed with. Officers
elected were Mrs. Charles McCar
ter, president: Mrs. W. Frank
Crawford, vice-president; Mrs. D.
N. Hendricks, secretary: Mrs. V.
L. Gibson, treasurer; the latter
succeeding herself.
Mrs. Charles Purvine had
charge of the Bible study. Mrs.
R. H. Scott sang two negro folk
songs and Mrs. Wayne D. Henry
gave two readings. Mrs. W. N.
Crawford and her jrroun in the at
tendance contest was declared win
ners. Mrs. W. N. Crawford assist
ed at the lunch hour.
Special guests were Mrs. J. W.
Harbison, Mrs. L. M. Purvine.
Mrs. L. L. Laws, all of Salem, and
Mrs. G. A. Taylor, Zena.
Members present were: Mrs. V.
L. Gibson, Mrs. W. W. Henry.
Mrs, Charles McCarter, Mrs. R. H.
Scott, Mrs. Jesse Walling. Mrs.
Walter B. Hunt. Mrs. Jesse Worth-
ington. Mrs. Wayne D. Henry,
Mrs. W .N: Crawford, Mrs. D. N.
Hendricks. Mrs. Mary Scott, Mrs.
Charles Purvine, Mrs. L. F. Mat
thews, Mrs. S. D. Crawford, Mrs.
Mary Jennings. Mrs. Seymour
Wilson and daughter. Dorothy.
Hilda Crawford and the hostesses
Mrs. Crawford, Mrs. Madsen and
Mrs. Kinton.
Mrs. W.M Smith
A pleasant afternoon was that
spent by members of Chapter G
of the P. E. O. sisterhood as the
guests .of Mr. W. M. Smith for
their regular meeting Thursday
afternoon. The program, the
feature of which was a paper on
John Drew's life on the stage
read by Mrs. G; W. Laflar. was
followed by a social afternoon.
At the tea hour Mrs. Smith
was assisted by Mrs; R. W. Lange
and Mrs. A. T. Woolpert. Daffo
dils and spring flowers were ef
fectively used on the tea table
and about the guest rooms.
Mrs. Mary: Ranch and. Miss May
Ranch were special guests for the
Monmouth Mrs. R. E. Derby
and Mrs. E. C. Cole entertained
the Social Hour club Wednesday
afternoon at the letter's home
present. The program feature was
with about 30 members and guest
an interesting' talk on Mexico and
ita cities," by MTss" Katherfne -Ar-T
buthnet of the department of geo
graphy ot the Normal school, who
spent her ' vacation in Mexico last
Refreshments, served by Birdie
Derby and Mildred Cole, daugh
ters of the hostesses, concluded
the afternoon's plaasnre.
D youhave to get up nights
lor bladder relief do yon 'suffer
backaches, headaches, and lose of
weight are . you all tired out
even In the morning are yon
constipated -do j you have : rheu
matie pains or neuritis jabav oft
en due, to-fnaijy- kJdneyer ' lntea-tinaInnIfiatlonBr-j
vf f
to f proVo flrt great ; merit ) of
Maiamel X. for -this purpose, the
druggist mentioned below win ac
cept this ad at 25e value on pur
chase of regular $1.58 slie, 5
VTest 'Matamel. thoroughly : ia
your own case. if :t doe not do
ypu'.xnore goodthan any . medicine
oa ever pwdiour oneylirlir be
W-aidei XbSd-1 offefelroodJ at
Mrs.Charles Adams"
Is Club Hostess
Mrs. Charles Adams entertain
ed the Book and Thimble club at
Its regular semi-monthly meeting
Thursday, February 6. Roll call
was responded to with a "house
hold help" from each member.
The dub has recently taken up
the study of Oregon history. In
line with this subject, Mrs.
Charles Schwarts read an inter
esting original paper descriptive
of a trip to Belknap springs and
Mrs. Charles Adams read an ar
ticle on the scenic beauty of the
Columbia "river highway. A part
of the afternoon was spent In
sewing for the quilt the society
is making.
Refreshments and decorations
were suggestive of the Valentine
season. Mrs. Robert Clark and
Miss Florence St. Pierre assisted
the hostess in serving;
Members present- were Mrs,
Hettie Simpklns, Mrs. Ray Lacey,
Mrs. Ross Damrell, Mrs. Mary
Beaver. Mrs. Minnie Schwarts,
Mrs. Ray Ferguson, and Mrs.
Charles Adams. Guests for the
afternoon were Mrs. A. A. Wil
liams and Mrs; A. L. Applewhite.
The next meeting will be held
at the home of Mrs. Charles
Schwartz. February 20.
. .
Luncheon" Party
For Raphaterians
Members of the Rahpaterlan
club enjoyed a delightful "no
host" luncheon at the home of
Mrs. Charles Bates Thursday af
ternoon at one o'clock. The de
corative note for the luncheon ta
ble and guest rooms was that of
Valentine. Red geraniums and
red tapers in crystal holders cen
tered the luncheon table - and
comic Valentine favors added
much' to the galty of the after
noon. Mrs. Elliott Coloney assisted
tbe hostess with receiving and
serving. Covers were placed for
Mrs. Wilson Darby as a special
guest and Mrs. James Heltzel,
Mrs. Carle Abrams, Mrs. Morton
E. Peck, Mrs. Ray L. Smith, Mrs.
Guy O. Smith. Mrs. Albert A. Sie
wert, Mrs. Otto J. Wilson, Mrs.
Lee Unruh, Mrs. Ronald Glover,
Mrs. Phil Newmeyer, Mrs. Charles
Sherman. Mrs. E. A. Colony, Mrs.
A. A. Schramm, and Mrs. Bates.
Following the luncheon hour
the afternoon was spent socially.
Delta Phi Mothers
Club Plans 4At Home
The Delta Phi Mothers club
will hold its monthly meeting
Monday, February 10" at 2:30
o'clock at the Chapter House,
1610 Court street.
At 4:00 o'clock the club will
be "at home" to all Delta Phi
members, alumnae, and patron
esses. Officers of the club are:
president, Mrs. M. C. Findiey,
vice president, Mrs. Rose Bab-'
cock; secretary-treasurer, Mrs.
O. W. Emmons.
Dinner Club Has
oily Meeting
Mrs. W. H. Hogan and Mrs. Ed.
Johnson were joint hostesses to
members of the new Thursday
Covered Dish dinner club, form
erly the Kill Kare club, at the
home of Mrs. Hogan Thursday.
The members of the club met
for the afternoon of cards and a
social good time with tea at a
late hour. Honors in cards for
Originators of Low Prices
When ; Buying Meats
Quality should b: your first thought. At this market
you are assured of good quality at the lowest prices
good meat can be sold for.
Foe Ootupdoy Vo CSci?
Younr Pig
Pork Roasts
E6e Bib.
BEST OLEOMARG ARINE........2 lbs, 25c
2 lb. limit with purchase
Beef Roasts
There are He. misleading
Sirloin Steak
"Nut Sweet" Sliced Bacon ::....:...;.30c lb.
No better bacon at any price
AH Pork
Useless to pay morerisky to pay Jew
Milk Fed Veal Steak-...j...5c. lb.
Home Rendered Pure lardi12t4c lb.
Oat of eensidration i w,eFea; we:eloi Sxler-
the afternoon went to Mrs. Ho
gan and Mrs. Ed Johnson.
In the evening the husbands
came at S: 30 o'clock and a cov
ered dish dinner was served and
this was followed with- "500".
Honors In cards for the evening
went to Mrs. W. H. Hogan, Mr.
and Mrs. Ed Johnson, and, Mrs.
Verne Com p ton.
Those present for this event
were Mr. and Mrs. William Bech
tel as special guests, and Mr. and
Mrs. L. Hixson, Mr. and Mrs. Ed
Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Charles
KInser, Mrs. Verne Compton, Mrs.
David Furlough, Mrs. Margaret
Innocent! and Mr. and Mrs. W. H.
La Mere Club Guest
Of Mrs. CarlHuber
Mrs. Carl Huber assisted by
Mrs. Ed. Bingenhiemer entertain
ed with a one o'clock luncheon
and a social afternoon Tuesday in
compliment to members of the
La Mere club.
Mrs. Merwln Irish, Mrs. Paul
Blatchley, and Mrs. Loretta Hu
ber were special guests. Club
members present were Mrs. Ed
ward Schunke. Mrs. Charles Da
vis, Mrs. Frank Struble. Mrs.
Floyd White, Mrs. Walter Nel
son, Mrs. Earl Greg, Mrs. K. H.
Pickens, Mrs. D. R. Vtterson. .
Mrs. Edward Schunke will be
hostess to members of the club
for the next meeting.
. .
Social Club to Give
Bridge Benefit
The social club of the Order of
the Eastern Star will sponsor a
bridge benefit in the social rooms
of the Masonic temple Tuesday af
ternoon beginning at 2 o'clock.
Mrs. Flo Purvine is chairman
of the committee on arrange
ments and assisting her is Mrs.
Stella Henry, Mrs. Clarabelle
Hauser, Mrs. I. M. Doughton,
Mrs. Mary Curtis, Mrs. Mary
Crawford, Mrs. EHa Vlck, Mrs.
Jennie Emmons, and Miss Emma
Those wishing to make reserva
tions may do so by calling Mrs.
Purvine at 23 11 J.
Gervais The P. N. G. club
met Saturday evening at the
home of Mrs. Ida Schwab with all
members present except three.
Mrs. P. Collard was taken in as
a new member. After the busi
ness session the ladles worked
on a quilt which was almost half
finished at this meeting. Re
freshments were served by Mrs.
Gladys Fitts and Mrs. Minnie
Moore, assisted by Mrs. Schwab.
The next meeting will be held at
the home of. Mrs. Cllve Shields in
Salem on the evening of February
14 th.
See "Disraeli" most extraordin
ary talking picture at Bligh's
capitol theatre. Sunday. Monday.
Tuesday, and Wednesday. Spon
sored by the Salem Branch.
American Association of Univer
sity Women. Admission only 50
cents. Buy tickets at Patton's
Book Store, Marion Hotel, Sen
ator Hotel, Commercial Book
Store, The Spa, Atlas Book Store,
Blue Bird, Market Coffee Shop,
the Luncheonette, The Palm Con
fectionery. The University wom
en receive liberal commission on
all tickets sold by them, and ben
efits apply to the Fellowship
351 State St.
Dainty Lean
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statements in-this ad.
... Fancy
T-Bom Steels
25 Db.
2C 61lD; ;
Kensington Club
Entertains Husbands
Members of the Kensington
club entertained their husbands
at the home of Prof, and Mrs. T.
S. Roberts Thursday eyenine; with
a delightful social evening. Those
present were Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Hudkins, Mr. and Mrs,
Herbert Hauser, Mr. and Mrs.
Harrj Moore, Mr. and Mrs. Fred
Anunsen. Mr. and Mrs. George
King, Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Pratt, Mr. and Mrs. N. C. Ka
foury, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Mor
ris, Mr. and Mrs. I. M. Doughton.
Mrs. Ruby Griffith, and Prof, and
Mrs. T. S- Roberts.
At a late
were seryed.
hour refreshments
Mrs. M. L. Straw Is
Installed As Head
Mrs. Mary L. Straw was install
ed as president of the U. S. Grant
circle of the Grand Army of the
Republic Thursday in the ar
mory. With her was instaued
Mrs. Louise O'Neil, junior vice
president; Mary J. Smith, chap
Iain; Sarah E. Oliver, patriotic
instructor; Mrs. Mabel L. Tragllo,
treasurer; - Mrs. Ardel Lawrence,
secretary; Mra Mary A. Gosser,
conductor; Mary Sanders, g-aurd.
Mrs.. Sarah Oliver, past depart
ment president was installing of
Woodburn Mrs. Belle White,
Mrs. Mae Rlgdon and Mrs. H. C.
Todd were hostesses to the Re
bekah lodge Tuesday night.
The birthdays of all the mem
bers In December and January
were celebrated. Oscar Nendel.
Buy Engle, Mr. Dodge and Mrs.
Hen mm Amis
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AUsup of Gervals. The business
session was presided over by the
noble grand, Mrs. Lon Carro there.
A program was arranged by Ray
Shaner and Mrs. Mable Wright
and consisted of a piano solo,
"Melody of Love" by Miss Caro
lyne EUIs and the remainder 0f
the time was spent in playing
games and other music There
were over thirty present and Mr.
and Mrs. Allsup of Gervals and
Mrs. Roy Shaner were additional
guests. -
The marriage of Helen Hankel,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. Han
kel of West Stayton and Howard
unoert, son el Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Gilbert of Shaw was sol
emnized at Saint Marys Church
Monday morning at 8tl5. Hatel
Ruth Ford actedas brides-maid
and Charles Gilbert, brother of
the groom was best man. Mr. and
Mrs. Howard Gilbert will make
their home at West Stayton
where the groom has a farm.
A no host dinner was enjoyed
by members of the Salem Dakota
club at t he regular club meeting
Wednesday eveaiog.ln the Amer
ican Lutheran drtrreh parlors.' a
short program added much to the
pleasure of the guests. Mrs. Ble
vins will be beetes? to the after
noon Dakota clnb at her home
February 18.
The Bona Tempo club met at
the home of Mrs. Chester Moffitt
for an Informal Afternnnn nt
bridge. Mrs. Bert Victor and Mrs.
wuiiam Rush were special
Mrs. P. D. Ouisenhori-T An tor.
tained members of her club at her
home Friday with luncheon and
an afternoon of bridge.
is acclaimed the great
est individual hit the
"talkies lsyeuiicov
eretL , Andnow as a
comic 8trip,;he scores
a blue-ribbon daily
laugh "scoop" for this
newspaper 1 You'll
; laugh; as yoii'w never
laughed ,hefor&when
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