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    TEe OREGON ST ATESLAJi. Salenu Oregon, Saturday Morning, Febnrkry 8, 1930
jtocal NewBriefe
sTi Wliini Worker Coming
Burner, religious worker
the national Y. W. C. A. ot
tfcee, will be in Salem Wednes
&ssy Thursday and Friday of pext
and, wil lead a discussion
Xfxmp of volunteer workers each
Booming at the Y. W. These
wwatlnrn will be open to anyone
iftftecested. Miss Burner will
apeak before the high school Girl
TEiii trT'i Wednesday afternoon,
ma before the student Y. W. C.
A, 1 Willamette Thursday after
noon and before the Eneinitis
iabv Thursday night.
Found guilty J. Lincoln El
ite of 487 Center S t. has been
tried; and found guilty of celling
Ota.?, high quality "made-to-nteaauro"
clothing at about half
nil t others charge, because he
etl the "Scotch-Woolen Mills"
Une- so well known here.. Your
ojtoite of 209 fabrics for suit or
ton, oat, $23. SO. He has about
WM. late, snappy samples of this
and other "all wool" lines. Style,
ft. workmanship, fatly guaran
teed See them at 487 Center St.
Dance Mellow Moon Sat. nite.
TfHferer Caaght Caught in
the; act' of rifling lockers In the
men's dressing room at the Y. M.
Q: A Thursday night, a youth
wJinse name was not divulged by
staff officers of the Y. was taken
to the police station where after
questioning he was allowed to go
way without any charge be
ing; placed against him. upon his
promise to reform. He bad a
small amount . ot money taken
Irom one of thee lockers in his
" possession when apprehended.
Free instruction in the art of
mating placques, lamp shades,
fire screens, painting and home
decorating, such as hangings, re
decorating bit3 of furniture, etc.,
will begin with the classes open
ing, tomorrow at Miller's. You are
invited to join now or at any time
to. suit your conveniene. Instruc
tion., entirely free when materials
for the work are purchased at
Millers. (See Mrs. Houston, 2nd
flow. Gift Shop.)
Three Teachers Out Three
higbi: school teachers were absent
from classes Friday: Miss June
Philpott, Miss Ethelwynne Mur
to4 and Miss Marjorle Christen
eon Tho two latter are expected
to. return Monday, but Miss Phil
pott niay not" be able to return
for- several days. AH are suffer
ing; from colds.
Sat. special on quality electric
percolators. Regular S4.S5 value
special $2.79. Eoff Electric
Real Estate Opening Up The
patt 10 days has seen a tremen
dous change for the better in real
estate prospects, says- H. E. Bar
ren, salesman in the Orr offices.
Not only are there more Inquiries
fxr farm land, and houses, but
bpsiaess is picking up surprising
lyswell, he find3.
Old-fashioned salt-rising bread,
sfcecHil today. Benson Bakery,
2J4Jf. ConVL
I VA rcy Heads Group Judge
Ppter H. D'Arcy Is the new pre
sident of the past exalted rulers
of. ; the Salem Elks lodge, elected
a a banquet Thursday night
which was attended by 22 men
. wh had formerly occupied the
esecative chair in the local lodge.
Dance Mellow Moon Sat. nite,
. Big carnival dance Sat. Hazel
Greeak The Harmony Knights, of
Mr. Elliott Hurt Struck by
a-, automobile driven by Eugene
I3y. Salem route 8. Mrs. L. H. El
ltaU 240 West Le telle street, suffered-
painful cat. and- bruises
Thursday night. The accident oc
curred on Commercial street
seas State.
Ltla Wheeler, beauty specialist
U Jiew located at Lila's Beaute
Shan. 385 N. High St. Phone
Captain Crane Sines Captain
Crane of the Portland police de-
nasHnent sang a solo at the Lions
4-lnb luncheon Friday. A nam
ber hf the law enforcement off!
rra attending the police school
here, and members of the faculty
were guests of the Lions.
For guaranteed repair work,
Fitzgerald Sherwin Motor Co. ;
John Doe Arrested Too nois
ily Intoxicated to tell his name, a
men was arrested by local police
Friday afternoon and booked at
1 be-all under the name ot John
Doe- His shouted profanity was
heard la far corners of the city
hUi -
Deilar dinner every night 5:45
to at the Marlon hotel.
. RJleys Visit Here Dr. and
Mn P. O. Riley of Hubbard were
Intern Friday. Dr. Riley Is
publisher of the Habbard Enter
priser president of the county fed
eration of community crabs and a
candidate for state senator.
128 Chevrolet Coupe. Finish
Ilka' new, J425.00. Fitzgerald
Sherwin Motor Co.
Manometer Stolen Edward
Zshara reported to the police Fri
day that a motometer had been
stolen from his automobile Thurs
day night while it was parked on
State street near the Elks temple.
Want used furniture. Tel. 511.
Faink to Falls City Eldoa
Frtnk. real estate salesman, was
absiness visitor in .Falls City
yesterday. ,
Old-fashioned salt-rising breads
IMoial today. Benson Bakers
2W.N. CoX . .
rryer.ln ltsrtlaad arl Mey
er was a Friday business visitor
taFartland. s
jsmB ejMcafttoa
Students Good Cooks Mrs.
Mary L. Fnlkergon, county school
superintendent, is most proud ot
the work of some of the girls of
the Crawford school, near Turn
er, are doing in a cooking club
they have formed. One day this
week when she called at the school
an. enticing aroma of cooked
meats greeted her before she en
tered the building, and upon go
ing in she found two of the girls
demonstrating proper cookinj of
bam. And of course there were
ham sandwiches for all. This club
makes it a point to, demonstrate
before the whole membership the
lessons- it learns in the cooking
Grand piano bargain: $100. fac
tory discount on any new Kimball
Grand piano and a $220. eight
tube electric radio thrown in.
Terms to suit. Now is your chance
to get the piano for the children
and the radio for the old folks.
Kimball Piano House. 2020 N.
Capitol St., Salem, Ore.
. TUwalle CInb Meets The Tta
walle club, composed of members
of the Artisan drill team, met this
week at the home of Mrs. Fenni
more Baggett. 280 North 15th
street for a social time and busi-
ess session. The club is planning
to hold a Valentine dance at the
Fraternal temple, February 13.
Members present at the meeting
were: Rosalie Nusbaum. Dora
Medler. Dorothy Harland, Helen
Newberry, Edla Medler, Delma
Ponlln, Doris Qnamme. Maxine
Ferguson, Mrs. Ivan G. Martin and
the hostess, Mrs. Baggett.
Card of Thanks I wish to
thank my many friends and rela
tives, also the Elks lodge, for
their kindness and sympathy in
my recent bereavement. Mrs.
Rose Gwinn.
Upper Classes Entertain The
three upper classes of Willamette
university entertained the fresh
men by singing their freshman
glee songs of irevious years. The
novel feature of the program was
the singing of the former mem
bers of last years graduating
class, which incluled Paul Geddes,
Bill Mumford, Charles Kaufman
and Wendell Keck in an extremely
numerous male quartet. Thep pre
sented the three songs which they
had sung before they had become
identified with the class of 1930.
Sat. Special Flash light, $1.-
25 value 79c complete with bat
teries. Eoff Electric Inc.
To Entertain Zontas Members
of the Salem Zonta club will be
entertained tonieht at a waffle
supper by Miss Hazel Cook, chief
operator of the local telephone
company and a member of the
local telephone company and a
member of the woman s service
club at her apartment at the Haz-
eldorf. The club has a member
ship of nearly 20. This is the first
social event that has be?n ar
ranged for the club group in sev
eral months.
Dance Mellow Moon Sat. nite.
Visits More Schools Superin
tendent Mary L. Fulkerson visited
the rural schools at Bethel and
Auburn Friday and the previous
day made visitations to the sehools
at Parrish Gap, Marlon and Jer
ferson. She is giving the sixth
grade arithmetic tests sponsored
by the county principals associa
tion in each school she visits and
reports that this work is just
about completed.
dance Sat.
Barretts Plan Trip Mr. and
Mrs. Frank Barrett. 1120 Center
street, will leave Sunday for San
Diego, where they plan to spend
two or three months on a pleasure
Mia. Rieth III Miss Mary J.
Rieth, penmanship instructor at
the Leslie Junior high school was
unable to conduct her classes yes
terday due td a- severe cold.
Going to Chicago C. M. Mi
all, president and manager of the
Northwest Fruit Products com
pany, lefjt Friday evening for Chi
cago on a business trip.
Shed dry wood-coal. Prompt de
livery. Tel. 13. Salem Fuel Co.
.California Man Here R. de
Kormandie of Santa Monica is In
Salem looking over the country
with a view to locating- in this
Orr in Vancoaver John Orr,
local real estate man, spent
Thursday la Vancouver, Wash.,
on a business trip.
Old time dance at Castillian
hall every Saturday night, good
music, good floor, popular prices;
25c and 50e 8:30.
Mrs. Gaabert in City Mrs.
Gertrude Gaubert of Portland was
a business visitor in this city yes
16 or.
Chocolate Coated
Two Lbs. for 70c
Deliciously; Crisp
Oaly at
Th Original Yellow Front and
Candy Special Store of Salem.
1 N. Commercial.
Fboae lt7
Peaslar Agency
County Organization Forms
At Session at Chamber
Of Commerce Here
The Marlon county Jersey cat
tle club met in the Salem cham
ber of commerce rooms Friday
and adopted by-laws for the or
ganization but failed to elect new
The by-laws as adopted pro
vided that new officers be elected
at the annual meeting In January
and thus forced the present offi
cers to hold over until January
Ivan Loughary, field represen
tative of the American Jersey Cat
tle club was present at the meet
ing and urged attendance at the
meeting of the Oregon Jersey
Breeders association which is to
be held in Salem on March 1.
The Marion county group voted
to hold the next business meeting
on Saturday, March 8 and to hold
an all day meeting on Tuesday.
April 8. At Ore March meeting
certificates -of merit granted by
the Oregon Dairy Herd Improve
ment association will be p r e
sented. Of greatest interest to members
of the association was the dis
cussion as to whether or not the
Oregon state fair stock show
should be made an abortion free
show. The state fair board is con
sidering the problem and has
asked Jhat dairymen's associa
tions express an opinion in the
matter. The Marlon county group
delayed definite action until the
March 8 meeting.
E. A. Rhoten, president, pre
sided at the meeting and Mrs.
Frank Kuinsting was secretary.
An unusually large number of
jersey breeders were present.
Mrs. Lillie Belle Irwin died Feb.
7 at the Waverly sanatorium in
Portland. Widow of the late J. W.
Irwin. Funeral services at the Rig-
don chaped Monday at 11 o clock.
Dr. W. C. Kantner officiating. In
terment Mt. Crest Ahbey mauso
Mrs. Elizabeth Westergard died
in this citv February 7. Survived
bv widower. Martin Westergard
and one son. Donald. Funeral
services Monday at 2:30 o clock
at the Clough-Taylor chapel. Res
ident of Portland.
Died at the family residence,
725 Court street, February 5,
Mrs. Kate Reynolds Goltra: wife
of John Owen Goltra: mother of
Mrs. Malcolm Gilbert, of Port
land; Mrs. Frank H. Bagley of
Twenty-nine Palms, Cal.; sister ot
frv E. Reynolds, formerly ot
Siltm now of Beverly. Ohio:
Lloyd T. Reynolds of Salem, and
John W. Reynolds of Portland.
Funeral services Saturday at
o'clock from the Rigdon mortu
ary. Rev. Fred C. Taylor offic.
Joseph Albert Montgomery
age 73. died February 5 at the
residence. 234 Ellsworth, at Al
bany. Survived by widow, Mrs
Lulu G. Montgomery and three
daughters: Mrs. Dora Roberts of
Albany, Mrs. Lillie Stewart ot
Amity, and Mrs. Emma Becker of
Albany: and toe grandson, Jo
seph Stewart. Funeral services
Monday afternoon at 1:30 o'clock
at the Rigdon chapel. Rev. Esson
of Albany officiating. Interment
City View cemetery.
Mrs. Sarah Matilda Watts, age
0. died Thursday at the resi
dence five miles south of town.
Survived by the following chil
dren: Mrs. W. E. McClew of Eu
gene; Mrs. A. F. Marcus of Salem,
Mrs. J. D. Barnville of El Paso,
Texas: Thomas B. Watts of Til
lamook, and Ernest P. Watts of
Portland: also several grandchil
dren. Sister of Thomas Smart
and Mrs. Harriett Smart of Cali
fornia; Mrs. Lois Watt of Corval
lis; Mrs. Henry A. Smart of Sa
lem; Mrs. Isaac H. Moore of Til
lamook; William A. Smart of Re
glna, Canada: and John E. Smart
of Arizona. Funeral services Sun
day at 2 o'clock at the Clough
Taylor chapel. Interment I. O.
O. F. cemetery.
City View Cemetery
Established IMS TeL 12M
Conveniently Accessible
Perpetual care provided for
Prices Reasonable
Btltvt&r ille'morial
A Park Cemetery
with perpetual care
Just ten ententes from the
heart of tows
Circuit Court
Ruby U Libby vs. Leslie E.
Libby Complaint toA divorce.
Couple were married April 14.
1929, at Stayton.
Aumsvllle State Bank vs. Lat
een The demurrer to the third
amended answer has been sustain
ed by the court.
State vs. Dallas Smith An or
der requiring the county treasurer
to pay $35 to Adeline Schulta was
entered Thursday. The money had
been deposited with the treasurer
by Dallas Smith who was recently
convicted of larceny and paroled
upon the condition that he make
restitution to the woman.
DeHavea and Sons Hardware
Co., vs. Carl Meyers and May Mey
ers Defendant's answer to the
complaint has been tiled with the
county clerk.
Mergenthaler Linotype Co. vs.
Charles Clark, publisher ot the
Aumsvllle Star Sheriff Bower re
ports be has replevined a linotype
machine which was asked in an
action Tecently brought before the
court here. Further action is
awaited by the sheriff.
Wallace A- Jenkins vs. h. ta.
Jenkins A decree of divorce nas
been entered upon the allegation
of cruelty."
First of a series of three local
4-H club leaders' conferences for
the year planned for Marlon
county will be held today, begin
ning at 10 o clock at the enam
ber of commerce. Conferences
have been arranged by William
W. Fox, Marion county club, lead
er, with the cooperation of the
state club department of O. S. C.
H. C. Seymour, state club lead
er, will be here from Corvallis
and will not only conduct a round
table at both morning and after
noon sessions but will give the
main morning address, speaking
at 10:15 o'clock on "The Duties
and Responsibilities of a 4-H
club leader."
Henry Crawford, a member of
the Marion county state fair
board, will give an address at 1:
30 o'clock this afternoon, talking
on"Tha State Fair and the 4-H
Club Boys and Girls."
A large number of the leaders
of the nearly 100 clubs In the
county are expected to attend
this conference.
School Routine
Gets Under Way
At Salem High
With the first week of the sec
ond semester of school closed, re
adjustment of over-large classes
at the high school has been prac
tically completed, and by next
Tuesday all students should be
adjusted to school routine again.
After school yesterday one biol
ogy class and one physics class
and four English classes were
still carrying too large an enroll
ment, hut this will be adjusted by
the principal this week end. One
of the largest classes, that of
Miss Helen Richards, commercial
arithmetic with 42 pupils, will be
cut into two parts an a shift
made in her class schedule to
remedy that situation. Foreign
language classes and commercial
classes have all been pretty well
evened up.
Eyeglass Insurance and thor
ough examination included.
. 110 N. Commercial 8C
. We Rent
Used Furniture
7.11 218, CMd F.r.U.i
1S1 N. High
Fresh Shipments
Arriving Daily
Just Call
Irmdr Transfer Co.
Practices will begin next week
for the production Channing Pol
lock's "The Enemy" which will
be presented by the Theta Alpha
Phi, national dramatic fraternity
at Willamette university. The
play will be under the direction
of Prof. Herbert E. Rahe of the
university public speaking de
partment and will be presented
about March 8.
The play is Channing Pollock's
great argument against war and
has. had great success on the leg
itimate stage in other parts of
the United States. The setting is
in Austria and the characters are
principally Austrians and the
iewpoint of the German people
nd their struggle during the
war is dramatically portrayed.
The play cast includes Camilla
Gates who received considerable
recognition in her part in last
year's junior play but the balance
of the actors are new to Salem
Paul Ackerman who Is known
chiefly for his prowess on the
gridiron is taking one of the
-prominent parts and Helen Pem-
bertoh. Helen Cochrane, Warren
Roberts, ' James . Allison, Ralph
MeCollough and Walter Warren
complete the cast.
West Salem
Tuesday night the Boy Scouts
will hold their regular meeting,
At this meeting examinations and
reviews will be given to various
boys who plan to complete their
tenderfoot work.
Under the leadership of the
new scoutmaster, Ray Ferguson,
they are making some marked
They presented a playlet called
"Tenderfoot Tricks", at the father
and son anquet last Tuesday
evening. This playlet was writ
ten by Mrs. Ray Ferguson. The
playlet showed some very excel
lent work.
Mrs. L. E. Davis ot Ruge
street, was a Sunday visitor at
455 - 456
Priced consistently low every day of the week. These prices are not specials. You
will always find price right at Busick's any time you choose to buy.
These prices will not change until our next ad unless the market declines.
Fisher's Blend
49 lb.
Vermont Pare Cane
and Maple
Vfc Gallon AO
Cans e7eJi.
Bottle -
Monarch Whole Kernels
Libby's Whole Kernel
Iowa Sweet
Columbia Standard
Iibby'sjancy Lemoa
Large Od
Cans aWC
the home of her stater, Mrs. I.
W. Thomas of Edgewater street.
Some" Important announcements
in regard to the church andSrom
munity for the near future are
the following: the choir is mak-
ng plans to give a program Sun
day evening. February 1C, choir
practice will be held Wednesday
at 8:15 o'clock, and prayer meet
ing will i be Wednesday, 7:15
o'clock, at the home of A. R.
Bouluare, 520 Kingwood avenue.
The Ladies' Aid met in regular
monthly business session at the
home of Mrs. J. K. Bedford Wed
nesday afternoon. Routine busi
ness was transacted and plans
were laid for a Red Bird silver
tea to be held at the home of
Mrs. J. A. Gosser Wednesday,
February 19.
I. W. Thomas ot the West Side
fur house, made a business trip
to Albany Wednesday and also to
other nearby places.
The West Salem school cooking
club met Tuesday evening for its
regular meeting at the home of
Mrs. W. R. Peterson. Miss Lillie
Shipler and Miss Ruth Thomas
made the demonstration ot mak
ing cocoa. At the next meeting
the demonstrations will be made
by Miss Mona Vosberg, Jewel
Richardson, Chester Fredrlckson
and Hollis Peterson.
Street Preacher
Fined 5 Dollars
In Police Court
Owen Leonard, arrested Wed
nesday on a charge of preaching
on the streets in the downtown
zone where this is forbidden by
city ordinance, was released with
a $5 fine, suspended during his
subsequent observance of the or
dinance, hanging over his head.
Mr. Leonard explained to Judge
Mark Poulsen of the municipal
court that his repitltion ot the of
fense after one warning, came
Oregon Electric Ry.db
Willamette Valley Line
Swift & Co. will have a representative
here Saturday serving delicious Premium
ham sandwiches.
Mellow Blend Coffee
Frehly Roasted. Per pound ...25c
Golden West Coffee 43c
Only the finest materials are used.
Baked in our own modern electric ov
ens by master bakers. Large loaves,
either white, whole wheat or graham
2 2i? S!
3 Small Loaves ....(.
Sugar Cookies, 2 dozen....
Livingston Golden
Lily br Valley Fancy
Golden Bantam
about because he had under
stood the ordinance applied only
to State street. He was careful,
he said, to avoid that street and
preach on Court, where he was
Bids for the construction of
four bridges and dismantling of
another structure, will be con
sidered by the state highway com
mission at a meeting to be held in
Portland February 27. projects
for which bids will be opened at
the meeting follow:
Clatsop county Bridge over
the Necanicum river on the Roose
velt coast highway, about three
miles south ot Seaside. Concrete
construction. Bridge over Wah-
anna creek on the Roosevelt coast
highway at the north city limits
of Seaside. Metal reinforcement
and concrete handrail.
Klamath county Bridge over
Klamath river on the Green
Springs highway at Keno. Con
crete construction.
Lane cottnty Dismantle old
For Expert
Truck and Tractor
Motor Reconditioning
G. A. Raymond Machine
425 Chem. St. Phone 8
Willamette Valley Transfer Co.
Salem Division Office Front and Trade TeL 1400
Portland Office Terminal Bldg.
Two Trips Daily from Portland to Salem
All southern Way Points connection to Ashland
Daily Service Express service at Freight rates -Also
Local Hauling
1 0 11'
25 c
Sugar Cared
'Per pound
Lest you , forget:
You will find the
finest meat "in the
land at our meat
counters. .
steel bridge ever the Willamette
river at Springfield and recony
struct same over the Coast ftrif.'
ef the Willamette river on a eounr
ty road one mile east of Cresweil1.
This is a county project advertised!
by. the state in behalf of the coun
ty court. Payments will be made
directly by the county.
Union county Bridge over the -Grande
Ronde river on the Old' '
Oregon Trail about 7 miles west
of La Grande. Concrete and metal
reinforcement, with concrete hand-
J. W. Chenoweth. who was"
killed recently in California, i
not a relative of J. B. ChenowettiV
609 North 16th street in this city
the latter has stated in response
to numerous inquiries.
Make Someone Happy
Valentine Day With
Snow Drift
Always fresh and sweet
6-pound d 07
Cans ePlsOl
15c lb.
3 lbs. .
2J2 lb
Del Monte
1 lb.
2 pound
Small Whits
,. 25c
Sperrr's Pancake '
Porter's iPore Semokna
Products: Noodles, Sea
shells, Handy Cut - Mac
aroni, Spaghetti.
2 1b. ?Cr
Packages "'V
sss Ortgoa il4V ..