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JERVAIS. Jan. 10. Funeral
rices for Adam Pleuent. -who
d at the home of big daugh
ter, Mrs. Ackerman In Portland
Monday afternoon -were held At
Sacred Heart church Wednesday
Afternoon, rather H. A. Orth of
ficiating and burial was In the
Catholic cemetery east of town.
Mr. Pleuent had been a resident
of this community for more than
40 years.
Every pupil enrolled in the
Cervais high school was in his
place when school opened Monday
morning: after a two weeks vaca
tion and two new ones were en
rolled, making 92 now In attend
ance at the high school.
Mrs. Robert Schmidt of Eu
gene, Mrs. Margaret Coolidge and
Mrs. Joe Nibler and son. Glen,
have returned from Spokane
where they were at the bedside
of their Bister, Mrs. JrE. Stroble
who was taken to the hospital on
?ew Tear's day. They report her
to be improving at this time.
Mrs. E. Malo and son' William
of Portland, former.' real JejUs of
(Jervais and mother and brother
of Mrs. Elestiue Cutsfbffh and
Mrs. Nutting of Salem, have gone
to California for an extended v;3
It with relatives, at 1.03 Angeles
Santa Monica, San Francisco and
The annual meeting of the
stockholders of the Star Publish
ing company was held January 6
at the office of secretary-treas
urer, G. J. Moisan. All officers
will serve in their same capacity
during the current year
WACONDA, Jan. 11. Mr. and
Mrs. R. W. Kusotn of Forest
Grove were visitors at Waconda
and in Salem Tuesday
Fred Lemery, who accompan
ied his brother. Dr. Wilson Lem
ery, to New Orleans returned
home quite unexpectedly in th
night recently. He sutprlaed his family went to Aurora th Satur
folks by appearing for .breakfast day after Christmas for a visit
next morning.
Newa has been received that i
Mr. and Mrs. V. B. Walker, Port-
land, are the proud parents of
twin boys. Mr. and Mrs Walker
are former residents of t h 1 8
Much sickness is reported In
this community. Mrs. F. R. Nn-
som is recovering from flu. and
Citarles Patterson, small son of
Mr. and Mrs. Perle Patterson has
l;en under the doctor's care.
Charles Hannegan is also under
tl;e doctor's care. Mrs. J. C. Sav
age is better. There is very little
hope held for Mrs. F. J. Ingram,
who has had a heart attack.
O : O
Waldo Hills
WALDO HILLS, Jan. 11 The
body of Jerry Price, who passed
away bo suddenly Wednesday ev-
Mung ai ma norne near me coun-
try club was sent to Portland Frt-
mi. niLB uau uern in ap-
parentiy gopa neaith np to the
cay or nis passing, tie leaves a Frank Walt, who has been visit
rvether and 3 sisters and a host jng here for gome time nd the
of friends who will miss his relatives mentioned took her
rnery smile when they board the
The Infant son of Mr. and Mrs. I
Geo. Kuenzi passed away Monday
lew hours alter us mrtn.
rne mrant son or air. ana airs.
George Kuenzi passed away Mon-
aay a iew nours-aner us oirtn.
-vi r. ana Mrs. Aioert Maaer
wprc Monday guests at the P. W.
Xeuswanger home.
Mrs. E. A. Fin ley Is coins to
Salem to take treatments tar 1
uus trouble.
Rev. William Kaufman is again
coanned to nw Home suirering m. a. Schneller stated Thurs
f rom stomach trouble. day for Oakland. Calif. While
Mr. Aurea twuenzi wno tu
heen.Tery Ul is somewhat better
t this 'writing
Mrs. A. A. ueer. whe has been I
m Miverton wnee ueteoer. car-
ng lor Miss Mary Woirard re- land. MUs SehneUer will be re
turned to her home here Sunday, membered here as a visitor at her
v eaneoaay. mr. ana rs. .reer
ana jtra. aawa cemsrjcg were
Farmers welcomed the snow
that came with- the cold weather.
mcy u aown gram wm ae
are irom freesta
We, of the Waldo Hills are
cry iiivuu vx jbui uui ataasen
newspaper- correspondent and
magazine writer, who dwells am
ong us.' Her-article on "Holly"
which appeared la the December
"Better Homes and Gardens" is
creating much favorable com
ment. It was reviewed last week
at a meeting of the Salem Wo
man's club.
Mr. and Mrs.- Ralph Lauten
,schlager and small son. moved to
. a ranch near Silver Creak. Falls
The. LautrtschJagei-s
-have been livlag on ajam near
-the Scriber place, having moved
here from North Dakota twe
years ago.- .
John Small is oa jury duty at
.Sales this month.
Max Scriber and . Miss Zelma
King were Installed as officers at
the Joint installation held Thurs
day evening by the Odd Fellows'
and Rebekahs .
Ardla Egan was host to a group
. of younc folk from , Silvertos
Thursday eveaiag. They enjoy-
ed coasting oa the Haberly hill
and no the road.
Monmouth J
MONMOUTH, Jaa. 11 A. C.
r Powers who has served a agent
for the Southern Pacific company
t t Monmouth for the past eight
. years, secured a transfer t West
Flr, on the Eagene-Klansath line,
l last fall. He now is-returning to
J Monmouth, where he will be per-
- manently located. Oscar Freder-
icksoa of Jadependeoce. has been
.employed la the Monmouth office
.during Mr.; Powers' absence
-Margaret Gentle, S. the daugh
-tier of Mr. and Mrs. James Gentle
A convalescing from a
r tnniniAnl which ha
" . - - - - .. . ..
weeks. Margaret la la the third
at rbfw!.
m. , n T ..J
in- vim , . RlMetl , . retnrned
ar. BO KJ t. Ml. muHvii mma 1
r tnvastir&t an aeresuto of
logged over land as possibility
flor niiiWiiion as iii.
With a festive air prerading
furiously to deck Rome in gala array for the wedding of
Princess Marie Jose and Crown Prince Humbert, Flags and
bunting were hung everywhere. Qarlands of flowers were
Orchard Heights I
Ti o
Terril Cardwell Is very 111 with
pneumonia at the home of rela
tives In Aurora. The Cardwell
and Mr. Cardwell was taken sud-
denly ill the followins day. and
has been under the care of a
nnrse since that time. He Is now
slightly improved. Mrs. Cardwell
is with him. hut the children came
home in order to not misa school.
Cornelia Is at the home of Fred
Wilson and the boys are with the
A. A. Withers family.
Frank Wilson and son, Wilfred
motored to Washington recently
where they visited relatives In
Port Orchard and Seattle.
Irene and Lyle, young daugh
ter and son of Mr. and Mrs. Wil
liam Knower, are ill with whoop
ing cough.
Mrs. Is Burroughs, who spent
the holidays with her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. C. S. Matthews, has re
turned tn Cnrhmtt urV.ra ch
teaches fn0ol.
Mr and Mrs r.nn Snnth-
wick acconmanied bv Miaa Marv
Wait. George Walt- of Rickreal
and MrS FrM. Walt, motored
Saturday to- KlrkJand. Washing
ton. Kirkland Is the home of Mrs
home, returning Monday.
Littie Annie Bietz. who has
been suffering from thmaf nd
fear tronble. is so far recovered to
be !n school again
t.. Grice. with his cousin. Crede
Owens of Heppner. who has been
risttln relatives here, drove Sat
nrday to Biking where they were
over-night gueats of Mr. Grlce's
; daughter and son-in-law. Mr. and
Mrs. L. L. Cannol. They returned
to Salem Sunday where Mr.
Owens hoarded the train for Heyp-
there hp will nmUrr UH
tion for appendJeitls, after which
he wfll b trader the care of hla
daughter. Mla Elisabeth Schnell-
w, wlw la a trained aurse In Oak
lather's home lat summer.
Charles Simmons, "who came
here at the time of the recent
death and funeral of his mether.
Mrs. Eva Simmons, and who ha
since been visiting his slater and
niece. Mrs. Grace Bliss and Miss
Helen Bliss, and hla brother. J.
W. Simmons and family, has re
turned to his home at Fairfield,
West Stayton
Mrs. J. B. Bowne of Salem 1
viaitiag at the home of her son.
Bruce Bowne and family.
Mrs. Grice of Bueaa Vista was
C".,B, ,onTa? .Bowea Sunday,
Calvin Dively is visftlnr at
west Stayton. He formerly lived
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Condit of
Vancouver was visiting at the
Condit-Dehem home last week
Henry Craia was a business vis-
,Lt Stayton Saturday,
Two new houses are being
built oa the place- known as the
Lathnpe place. Watch' West
Stayton grow.
Iris Miller is building a gar
age at his home. He expects to
do repair work of ail kinds.
Some one has been poisoning
the dogs In this community. A-
eout 2a In ail have died and some
were quite valuable. There la no
due as to who Is guilty.
North Santiam I
o o
Mrs. C. F. Scefield who has been
niilte ill. Is reported very much
Mrs. Mildred Lyons of Kalem is
visiting her parent, Mr. and Mrs.
AI. Tucker.
Ruth and Harold Jaaet spent
the week end with their gramd-
mother, Mr. L. M. James.- They
I r lTlng with their parents this
t week for Log Angeles, iai.
I ,m. .. -.1 Adln -ml:
stockholders- of the North Saatl-
am Telephoae eompaay was aeta
I mt tk wkaal Wl TmliT SVt-
I Bine Geo. B. Hwward waa-OMcted
i soerotarr treasurer
a. r.
IKelthley. director.
Leland Kelthley was taken ta
thecity, its residents worked t
Prosperity of Salem Is Assured by
Diversity of Its Crops and Industry
R. J. Hendricks, Ex-Editor and Publisher of The Statesman, Predicts Good Year for
"Potentially Richest Section of United States"
R. J. Hendricks, editor and
publisher of the Oregon States-!
man for 44 years, was aaked this
week to recite his riews on the
outlook of the city and the com
munity for 1930. Hla statement
"Asked to give my ideas of the
outlook for Salem and the Salem
district for 1930, I would say it
is good. This is the central part
of the potentially richest section
of the United States. This is the
land of diversity, and that makes
it the country of opportunity, for
only the outer fringes of the com
pleted garment of jrerness have
been touched.
"Our possibilities of steady
growth lie in the fact that the raw
materials may be produced here
that will support manufacturing,
merchandising and forwarding on
scales scarcely dreamed of up to
the present time.
"We now have a dozen canning
and processing plants of major
proportions. There will one day be
hundreds. Many of them will run
the whole year through. They will
draw their raw materials from
the products of the soil, in hush
and tree fruits and nuts and truck
gardens, and field crop. Irriga
tion, which will be general, will
vastly increase the per acre ton
Itiver May Be Improved
"We have now one paper mill
and one paper converting plant.
The forest reserves with a down
hill hanl, together with the re
forestation plans that will he
worked out. will give Salem many
such plants especially with the
the hospital at Mill City this
week to receive' treatment for
Injuries he received in a saw mill
several months ago.
Lowden Tyler In attempting to
crank: his car. fractured both
bones in his right forearm.
SUNNTSIDE, Jan. 11. Mr.
and Mrs. Heekart returned yes
terday from Walla Walla. Wash
ington, where they had been call
ed by the death of Mr. Heckart s
mother. Sunnyside folks will re
member the little mother of
George Hack art, who spent many
summers at his home. The fun
eral service was held Tuesday
and was conducted by Reverend
Runly, who la an old friend of
the family, and of several of the
Sunnyside people.
Miss Nan Gallaeher of Newport
visited with Isabel Taylor. Wed
nesday. Miss Gallacber is with
the Telephone eompaay in New
port and represented that city at
a meeting ia Salem.
SHAW. Jan. 11 Mrr. Joe
Sherman was the guest of Mrs.
E. To well Tuesday.
There was a Thrift Program at
the Hall at Show ion Tuesday .ev
ening. The Thrift Co. at Port
land gave five dollars la cash
prizes to the- three Mpjla of tha
Shaw public school who a4 writ
ten the best essay on Tnrut. Cleo
Barry received the first prize of
f 2.59. Ernest Brooch: received
second prise which was LS0.
Kenneth Barry received ll.oo.
After -the essays were read the
audience was given some good en
Mn. Burhart who underwent
aa operation la the Salem hospi
tal. Is Improving nicely.
O- O
RICKREAL, : Jaau 11. Tha
Ladies Aid aset at, th heate of
Mrs. O. Price last Wednesday
Hostesses vara Mrs.' Price aad
Mrs. Oran Kellogc Refreshment
ware served at" ftvo o'clock.
Friday sight, Jasvaary It, the
grange initiated Mr. Mattie J.
Cart aad Mine McClaro. They are
the ;two - eritio teachers of tha
grade school.
Tha Riekreell girls basketball
team will go to Grand Ronde aext
I Tuesday night. . '
much in evidence. Colored
across many street, where dancing in picturesque costumes,
military processions and religious ceremonies were torbe
held during the six-day jamboree following the wedding.
maintenance of a barging stage in
the Wilamette river the year
through, which is coming, and
which will in effect make every
foot of both banks of the river
a possible deep sea wharf site,
connecting by water borne trans
portation with every market of
the world, with only a cheap
transfer to ocean going vessels in
the port of Portland.
''When we get irrigation, with
all the crops this will mean, this
valley will be the best dairying
country In the world; and, by the
same token, swine breeding and
poultry raising will assume such
proportions as will pale into in
significance what is being done in
these lines here now; and we are
doing fairly well, for a start. We
have low overheads and will al
ways have, and quality produc
tion is assured. We will out-Peta-luma
Petaluma in poultry, and
make Kansas City envious in
packing. f rTI
"We wil hare the only all year
paved highway over the Cascades,
with the very forest trees up the
mountain slopes yielding both ed
ible nuts and the raw materials
for furniture factories. Our es
sential oils will make many mil
lionaires, with a long list, from
peppermnt oil to attar of roses.
We will get 1200,0000.000 a year
from our flax and linen and hemp
products, supporting two millions
of people, directly and indirectly.
"Salem will then be a city of
halt a million people, like Bel
fast, and only just started In her
real growth.
"With all these possibilities,
why does not Salem grow faster?
MACLEAT. Jan. 11 The Four
M. club of Macleay met at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Harry E.
Martia with Mrs. M. A. Wells as
assistent hostess for an all day
meeting. A report of the work
done in the past year was given
also a financial report which
showed the club In good financial
condition. A short program was
given by members and the day
was spent very pleasantly.
Mrs. Herman Kartells; Mrs.
John Amort, also Mr. Dsn Wil
son are on the sick list with bad
Maxlne Dalrymple- spent Tues
day evening with Anne Eag
hrecht. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Engbrecht
ef Portland visited with their
parents and other relatives Sun
Many of the Macleay people at
tended the program given at the
Rickey school house Friday.
Mrs. Robert Clark, who Is a
trained anrse has a case ia Sa
lem. Mr. and Mrs. Lowell M. Lam
bert and sob. Lawrence, also La-
road V. Hackett. left for Bend on
some business, they will also vis
it relatives and friends.
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Engbrecht
and Mr, and Mrs. J. Goihmiller
attended a party at Sublimity
Mr. WaUing, while working la
the woods near his home hart his
eye. He was taken to a doctor
immediately. He Is now lm prov
ing nicely.
Mr. and Mrs. Bahsea and
daughter Hilda were the guests
of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Boliag.
A dinner waa given at thorhome
of Mrs. F. McGee. Thoeo pres
ent were: Mr. and Mrs. - Peter
Engbrecht and family; Mr. and
Mrs. Jack Engbrecht Mr. and
Mrs. Wodzewode, Sr. and family;
Mr. and Mrs. J. Wodzewode. Jr.:
Mr. and Mrs. Tbeker and family
and Mr. and Mrs. Gathmiller.
Mrs. M. A. Want aad a bni-
trip to Salens oa day this
The low price of xallk and
cream la very discouraging to the
many dairy men In the Waldo
hills aa- the price et feed seems
to ho .unchanged.
: Woodburn
o ' o
WOODBURN, Jaa. 11 Naomi
Van Cleave, Grace Shrock, Jack
-o io
electric bulbs were strung
She will grow faster; in geometri
cal ratio; like a snow ball gath
ering accelerated size with its in
crease. "Where Is there such another
country, needing only the use of
the divine benediction of a com
bination of sunshine and soil
and showers to make it blossom
as the rose yes, tens of billions
of roses?
"What our people need is vision
and will to work and determina
tion to go over the Jordan and
take possession of their promised
land flowing with vastly more
good things tha nmere milk and
Give me men to match my
Men with empires In their vi
, sions.
Men with eons In their brains."
"Perhaps that Is not quoted
correctly. But it is the idea. We
need' to rid ourselves of the in
feriority complex. We need to
know what God has given us
Plant it in tha minds or our
youth; those Edlsons and Henry
Forda growing up. Let us hitch
our wagons to a star and put be
hind us the day of little things.
"Why, we have in our very his
tory a mine of wealth beyond es
timating, that will never pinch
ont but will rather grow in
abundance with the years. We
have never touched it. See what
others have done, with only scant
materials to begin with, com
pared to what we possess; be
queathed to us as a tree and gra
cioua gift by our pioneer fathers
and mothers.
Quits and Kenneth Gillattde!. ac
companied by Mrs. Maude Moehel
comprised the delegation from
Woodburn who hoarded the spe
cial car which carried them to the
University of Oregon campus
where they attended the tenth
annnal hleh school conference
Friday and Saturday.
Wllburn Wurster, a popular
student at Woodburn high has
been seriously 111 at his home In
Aurora due to an infection la his
ear which has resulted la a seri
ous abscess. The students of
Woodburn high sincerely hope
that he will Tecover and Join theat
in their classes and activities.
Word has been received here
that shortly after Lee Coe. form
er Woodburn resident known as
"Argyle" Coe, has reached Palo
Alto, California to enter Stan
ford university, he was operated
oa for acute appendicitis. His
mether, Mrs. M. A. Coe hastened
to his bedside.
Miss Cornelia Balbraith return
ed to her home in Reno, Nevada
after spending several weeks with
her sister, Mrs. Gertrude Shorey.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Robb, Mr.
aad Mrs. E. Robb and Miss Mil
dred Smith ot Portland were New
Year's dinner guests of Dr. and
Mrs. T. K. Sanderson.
Mrs. Roy Scollard will visit
with her sister, Mrs. Martin
BTensa. In' Lea Angeles tha re
in alador of the wlater.
W. N. Reynolds 1s in Klamath
Falls oa business aad may decide
to remain there. If he does, his
family will remain here until he
is established. In the event of
thta family leaving Woodburn
will lose a staunch community
Masdames A. E. Austin aad F.
W. Settlemier were at the D. A.
R. meeting ia Salem Satnrday
and were elected to attend the
the Mazda lamb display contest.
Trod Evendea. local druggist
has Just received word that bo
wan a Westminster chimo docs
as tha first rise la the district In
state conference -In Portland la
March. Mr. Evanden la now eligi
ble to enter pictures of his display
ia the national show and compete
for the grand prize.
While playiag golf-recently. Lo
iter Maasow had the misfortune ot
beinx struck y the club or aaetn
er nlayer and having his chin and
face cut so badly that it necessi
tated the . taking: of , stitches by
Dr. Gerald Smith.
Jan. 11. Lee Bar
ber has sold his grocery store to
C. A. Tatnm of Tacoma. '
Mr. Barber and family will live
in the home connected with the
store until school closes. Mr. Tat
um Is moving into the Peck prop
Mrs. Clerora Parks was absent
from school Friday on account of
sickness. Mrs. S. A. Riches was
the substitute teacher.
The W. C. T. U. met Wednes
day afternoon at the home of Mrs.
W. T. Riches. The program was
based on "Ten "Years of Prohibi
tion." Different phases of the
subject were presented by those
giving the program.
Mrs. E. J. Harrison has been
on the sick list during the week.
Mrs. L. J. Rowley and son Paul
attended the joint installation of
the Degree of Pocahontas and the
Improved Order of Red Men at
Salem Tuesday evening.
A representative of the Port
land Electric Power company has
been in Turner looking over the
company's property, seeing that it
Is in shape for good service.
Mrs. I. E. Putman has again
been on the sick list.
Mrs. Emma Moore formerly a
resident of Turner, is making her
home with her daughter, Irene
Wolzy, at Toledo.
Orrin Key till recently third
trick operator at Turner, is work
in? as relief operator in the
Sonthern Pacific depot at Salem.
Elmore J. Gilstop, pastor of the
Christian church, was a guest at
the Salem Rotary club luncheon.
Miss May Calavan and Leonard
Ruckle of Salem were married
December 24. Mrs. Ruckle teach
es the Crawford school this year
four and a half miles southeast
of Turner, on the Marlon road.
Turner school feels very proud
of their fine new flag which the
school board ordered to replace
the old one.
Miss Mabel Tucker Is employed
at the E. J. Harrison general
store in place of Miss Lois Robert
son who vacated the position.
Mr. and Mrs. R. Lee Thelssen
and two small sons drove to Tilla
mook Saturday for a few days.
The family made their home at
Tillamook for several years. Mr.
Theissen being in the feed store
business before locating at Turner
two years ago.
DALLAS, Jan. 11. Mrs. Em
ma Coad left the first of this
week for Fresno. Cal.. where she
will visit for several months with
her daughter, Mrs. Julius Herzog.
Oscar Hayter, local attorney,
has been in McMinnville several
days this past week attending to
legal business.
Dr. James Hughes who was re
cently "married to Mrs. Minnie
Morris, has been taken to Port
land for medical treatment, fol
lowing a severe heart attack Just
after Christmas .
Mrs. Hattie Rhoades of Seattle,
and Ralph Williams, of Portland,
were in Dallas Wednesday to vis
It with their brothers, Walter and
Otho Williams and the latter's
wife, who has been seriously ill at
her home for several months.
Lynn Black represented R. R.
Turner at the annual Jackson club
banquet In Portland Wednesday,
and also attended several demo
cratic committee meetings.
E. J. Klemme of Seattle who
was a speaker at the teachers In
stitute In November, has been se
cured to give two tslks In Dallas,
January 17. In the afternoon at
the high school auditorium he
will speak to mothers and daugh
ters on "The Girl in Her Teens"
and in the evening his talk will
be for fathers and eons on "The
Horrid Boy." Mr. Klemme Is be
ing brought here by the combined
efforts of the Evangelical. Chris-
Tfcsy let
They wait
J' rs mx
they reryoateeGnf better at thai
, uwaf rrwnr,
tlan, Presbyterian and Methodist
churches and the high school.
The Dallas members of the
Salem chapter of the D. A. R. will
entertain with a benefit bridge
party and tea in the Library hall
nett Wednesday afternoon, Jan.
A great deal of illness hare
been prevalent in and near Dallas
during the past few weeks, among
those who have been confined to
their homes are: Mr. and Mrs.
H. L. Fenton, the latter still very
ill; Mrs. V. C. Staats, E. J. Page,
Mrs. F. A. Koser. Mrs. Ed Foster,
Carl Gerlinger, Fred Holman. D.
J. Riley and Mrs. L. A. Bollman.
J."R. Allgood accompanied Ar
thur Kahn of Salem oa a business
trip to Xwberg Tuesday after
noon. Mrs, Iird V. Woods accompan
ied by Mrs. John Voth were In
Salem Thursday afternoon.
J. R. Beck, county agent, spent
part of the week in Corvallis at- '
tending the annual conference of
county agents.
The Polk county Farmers'
Union will hold an all day meet
ing Wednesday, January 15, at the
Woodman Hall. I. C. Grimes, who
is doing survey work for the na
tional organization, will be one of
the speakers during the day. Scott
Campbell, president, will preside
at the sessions.
At the last council meeting the
suggestion was made that a num
ber of the vacant lots that have
ben taken over by the city for de
linquent assessments, be turned
over to the park board and be
converted into play grounds. This
would relieve the city of paying
taxes and would provide recrea
tional places for the children. The
matter is being Investigated.
ROSEDALE. Jan. 11 The cold
king has us In his grip and peo
ple are not feeling like -stirring
very far from a warm fire this
week. However, members of the
Red Hills Birthday club met at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Willard
Campbell on Wednesday evening
for their January get-together. A
pleasant evening was enjoved by
Albert Cammeck visited his
friend Everett Allen at Scotts
Mills last Sunday. He also attend
ed the special Sunday evening
services being held there by W. E.
Cox, evangelist.
Mrs. Haldv had the misfortune
to fall and sprain her ankle a few
days ago.
Paul Cammack. Kenneth Can
noy and Elvin Trick attended the
benefit ball game in Salem Tues
day evening.
Valeda Trick visited with her
friend Margaret Campbell Wed
nesday night.
JEFFERSON", Jan. 11. James
Blackweli returned Wednesday
from, a visit with his sister. Mrs.
Harry Thompson and family at
Oakland. Mrs. Frank Reevee, al
so a sister of Mrs. Thompson, ac
companied her brother to Cali
fornia. W. R. Ballard and George Vail
motored to Portland Monday on
Cora Mae Rockbill. youngest
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. H.
Rockbill, wandered away from
home Tuesday, causing great
deal of anxiety to the family. As
soon as the alarm was given
neighbors aad friends started to
search for the child, who was soon
located near the Guy Aupperle
Mrs. Kate Spragg was on the
sick list the first of the week.
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and Wafers
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RICKEY, Jan. 11. The school
opened early In the fall and has.
started on the second half of the 1
r. -:
school year. Those who have r
been neither absent nor tardy dur- '
Ing the first half, are Gladys
Crabb. Earl Crabb, Walter Crahb,-'
Frances Flood. Hazel Mage?,
Eloise Raymond, Loyal Sheridan
Francis Wasser, Margaret Spllde.
Kathleen Fitrpatrick, a senior, ,
has been chosen to appear in t
Salem high school Techne cju1 ;
play "Pomander Walk." ' .''
Margaret Magee is among tha
sophomores who scored 50 poinf
in physical education. Those
scoring- 50 points will receive
point numerals. Marjorie .prof-;
baugh of Salem, a niece of Jlts.;
Orvin Fryslie of this place also ;.
scored '50 points. V ,
Mrs. W. D. Horner made '
business trip to Salera Thursday.
S. Botts has had some grubbing,
done recently, which greatly, im
proves the looks of his farm.
Hazel Sheridan was out of
school Thursday on account ot
illness. "
Mrs. A. B. Richardson of Sa-
lem, spent Monday afternoon at
her farm.
W of All
Knowledge Gained
Through the Eye's"
Necessarily we must
rely on the accuracy of
our vision for success
in life. We all realize
that impaired vision
that isn't recognized by
properly fitting t he
eyes with lenses re
tards our progress.
In tne interest or tne
conservation of vision
it is well to remember
a few preventative
measures. They eyes
open and close 30,000
times a day. Rest them
Never read more
than two hours steadi
ly. Place the light so
that it falls over the left
shoulder. A book
should be held from 1 4
to 16 inches from the
face. Holding a book
too close does not usu
ally indicate near
sightedness but it does
mean that the eyes are
seriously defective.
The book, work or or
ject is held close in a$
effort to get a largejr
view and this meag
added eye strain.
When you are aware
of the fact that yoyf
eyes need attention 5jr
they bother you in anjjrv
-no matter how
slightly you shoujl
go at once to a compe
tent Optometrist and
have" them examined.
You need his profess
sional advice; you mav
require tne special
services which he, as;
a n wptometnst, i
qualified to give ygu..
His examination yr
be careful, thorough
and scientific. Itisiyrj
be that you do not ritfcd '
glasses and i yqujj;
you are assureacf
procuring exactly' t
right lens and frame
suit your individual rer
quirement. " - -
(Rights Reserved)
Cat Oat--&ign-MIl Today
Earfose otaaaped and adiioaagjt
Xooeleae '
., ".. v
The. Eye Sight Service . Bo
ream) of Sale as. ears of Ta
Con Statesman, Sales, Oregon.
Please send sae, wkfceot coat
or -Mlgattoa oa say part, t?
of the sew Booklet oVacrfhls
Sight CkMiservatleo : :t
Jj1 M"m , ' . , " t r " - - ' ''xVir ? l-'---". -y" ' V 5 '.