The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, December 20, 1929, Page 16, Image 16

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The OREGON STATESMAN, Sakmr Oregon, Friday Morning, December 20, 1929
Burnett Broa., Jeweler. -Pay U Am Yon Are Paid."
Fifteen Stores on the Pacific Coast Not only largest
Burnett firm Jeweler "Pay 47a A Yon Arm' PaUr
bat (we hope) the best!
a Week
Jm : 77
Dresser Sets
Three Pieces, $7.95
The three pieces suggested In
tbe sketch are In lovely shades
of Paralold Sea Green, Am
ber, Old Rose and Sky Bine.
Not only very beautiful but
wlthall a practical gift for a
Brush a Comb and a Mirror
never comes amiss ro any
fair maid. While tbey last
we shall sell the three In a
presentation box for- Seven
Ninety Five the set.
Take them for half a dollar
Pay after Xmas a dollar a
Salts and Peppers
These tall
graceful a f
fairs are
frankly copied
from the Ster
ling Salts and
Peppers which
cost as much
as a new tire
for a Ford!
Half a dozen
styles to
choose among
while they
last take
them for $1.D5
a pair. But
please please
don't take
more than
three pairs!
Practical Gifts
Smart Gifts of
BHI Folds
Traveling Cnses
Fitted Overnight Bags
Art Glassware
Silver Tableware
You may take any gift you
fancy and pay next year.
Pen and
Pencil Sets
We have them all from the
simplest pencil to the most ela
borate desk set for a millionaire
or a banker .same thing!,
Parker Da fold which the radio
tells us is so ia.
Schaeffers Wahls and att thm
. rest arm represented
Some of the desk seta are Terr
-elaborate and have bases of
Marble or polished Onyx and
are fine enough for the most
"particular" man In town. All
ax told at the manufacturer's
fixed prices ($20 to 125) and
yon may take any aet for a dol
lar and pay the balance after
'A dollar a week
tSSJ . -w
Seth Thomas
Westminster Chime
Clocks, $39.50
The lowest price in history for these famous timekeepers.
Solid mahogany cases eij&t-day movements, equipt with
a set of silvery-toned gongs which reproduce with musical
fidelity the famous Chimes of Westminster Abbey.
The identical clocks that sold for !
Fifty dollars are now available at
Thirty-Nine Fifty, and on the Bur
nett Budget Plan. Take one for a
dollar bili, pay after Christmas a
dollar a week will do! 1
The demand for these Clocks is
usually so great that we are sold
out long before Christmas, and
tee suggest that you reserve one
Established over thirty years ago
Down j
a Week
Electric Percolator Sets
Complete for $12.45
The artist's sketch will give you a pretty good idea of the
style of this "ensemble" the most impressive affair we
have ever seen for so small a sum.
The Silver-plated Urn is full ixe, make
eight cup of coffee at one time, the Tray
and the Sugar Bowl and Cream Pitcher .
a m me -
TrKucn tne urn.
There is choice of Nickel or Silver finish
(both, of course, are guaranteed ) and
they are offered tomorrow for the first
time at this extraordinary price Com
plete, as pictured, for Twelve Forty
Five. Fay otter Christmas SOe m week
Take thorn all for half a dollar
Gloriously Beautiful
.Miss Liberty
By Bulova.
Not only at the lowest cash price-but so that everybody
u tti vue ttw iiaic uwue me iMwyenni Ejasier ul&Q
Tha Bulova is thm bett galling strap watch in thm world j
and it won that position by deserving it ham e fiftsen. " ;
Jeweled movement Whito Cold.
fillod emmm end flexible Metal Writ
band f match Nationally adver
tid at Twontyfomr Seventy-five.
Harm at thm math prico not a farth
ing added and yarn man take one far
half e dollar Pay Am balance after
ChrUtma, Fifty cents m week will do
Established over tfWyyvars ago
n ,TW U If,
lj u 1 1 1 r ii n , n n v
r At the
Cash Price
But on Easy Terms!
1 "Miss Liberty"
m mammmmmr
X I f 5fl 'A II
W Ml
m ' M mm
"Miss Liberty" la the aristo
cratic Watch shown In the
sketch by far the most beau
tiful and In eTery way. the best
Watch ralue In these De-lighted
States today.
The White Cold filled case la bean-
Ufouy engrared the Metal Bracelet la
aet with semi precious stones The more
ment la byJEtuloTa and la unconditionally
In short this Watch will solre many a man's
Gift problem and delight and serre thoosanda
of women all over the land Thlrty-Seren Fifty
Take one for half a dollar Pay the balance
after Christmas a dollar a week win dot
Seventeen Jeweled
In a Great Sale!
As advertised two $ys agoWaltham Watches are beinz
sold at a price that makeT them" one o? the outs'tandinl
White. CpU-mied ca, Fomrteen-karat
fUe4. Sjni?Jijl movement;
mdfmeted to throe positions.
Our watchmakers tell us that
these are the eaual of any of the
fifty dollar watches on the market
and we have learned that the
watchmakers know their watches!
This special selling brings these
fine timekeepers 90Gf
to you for jj)
005 00 CO
Established o
m3w m
Tahjone fojr a doHar--Poy
a dollar a week!
All the Best Lighters
Ronaon'a De-light" leads a procession
of dependable lighters In a hundred dif
ferent and smart styles. Silver-plated
Sterling Silver Enamelled In colora
and elaborately engraved. You can get
a sure-fire lighter for a dollar and go
aa high aa you please for "sets" which
include Cigarette Cases to match. Take
any one for a dollar Pay afUr Christ,
maa a dollar a week.
P. & The Lighter aketched with a re
liable timepiece In the case, can be had
for Fifteen Dollars Pay a dollar down
and a dollar a week after- Christmas.
iGstoKIstiad or thtrty yeam ago
Enduring Gifts
For Milady
Costume Rings differing
from the commonplace, these
have real value. The atonea
are In the "semi-precious'
class and Include
Amethytte, Sapphirmm,
Zircont, Jadm Aqmamm
rinet. Culture Pmdrlm-
betid et all the accepted
A man la fairly safe to select
from this collection for the
reason that a womail nowa
days wears a ring to match
tha costume and wears
them all the time.
Prices Range from
$10 to $100
depending, of course, on the
intrinsle value of the stone
All the mountings are SOLID
GOLD and the prices are
fair to you and to us. Pay a
doUar down and a dollar a
week there are no extras.
j Costume j
Imported from Paris-the fin.
est array we have aver had.
There are Necklaces Ear
rings Bracelets Chokers
long strands of Crystals
Chokers of Crystal and of
Pearl in a bewildering vari
ety of beautiful form and
color. , Prices begin at Two
Fifty and rise to Twenty-Five
Dollars for complete "en
sembles." AU are sold on the
Budget Plan at the cash
prices Pay a dollar down
and a dollar a week.
Rings for
Solid Gold Rings aet with
hla "Blthstone,, with Inl
tlala with a monogram and
with semi-precious atonea . . .
there's an endless parade to
choose among. Priced from
115 to $75. Take anr nn far
a dollar bill and nav the ht-
ance-a dollar a week after
Practical Gift!
Aristocrats Silk-covered la
lovely colors .with smart
handles In the styles iur
greeted In the sketch A rift
for the quality and style are
eloquent and seen at a
dance Best values f the
year at $4.15. 17.75 and $9.95.
Tmkm mmm far m dottar bill
- . f7 efter Christmas ?
A dollar a week wiU do
All marked aa cloce to cost aa
good store-keeping allow.
Burnett Bros.
T' f A 7 I - MAxtmMMxr awtartns
! The Token o Love
'X"r- .
This la' one of the famous "Rings of Romance" which have taken the
fashionable world by storm. Advertised In the Saturday Evening
Post theV. fitra Ttrrvin. "a'wnlra tn rinA fhsmnln. to mm at T11m
la of paramount imMrtaqw. h!owever. la the fact that this ring at
a Hundred and Teh Dollariis regarded by eapert diamond
annM faAM ai
aft Msci m
The ttswdarel of Take in the United States
There are seven dmpnds-sjx of which are used to pave the
um saava w wi vaa
The Burnett, Store offer thm "Token
Lmvm" at thm nationally advertised mash price.
Therm is no Interest to pay and no extra
mf any sort. Thm readers of this newspaper
may takm onm for a dollar bill and arrangm
to pay thm balance after Christmas
Two dollars a meek will be ample
Established over thirty years ago
lr mm
'A Gift that Endures
A Gift that En-dears.
a Year
to Pay
For "That Man," $7450
!?T" A ft.that never grow old never go out of
style, and a rmg at is always worth money. Here1 a
jag SntyFour Fifty-Each one set thaon
crJ0- Take one for a doflar-pay after
Christmas One-Fifty m week mitt do
Established over thirty years ago
it e
user Sets
uen iftthatlBBuretowina
mmu approval and maybe
morel Dresser sets In lovely pyr
Ha and ' pearlold an thm
artlatlo ahadei Orchid Emerald
uoia and Rose and inlaid with
twenty-two karat'coldl
Brush. Comb aut AV
.awa ivr
payment-Pay tha b&lanca v&kJri MX at tor a amall