The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, November 22, 1929, Page 7, Image 7

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    The OREGON STATESMAN, Satem; Ore Friday Morning; NovembCT 22, 1929
Middle Western Municipal
ities Get Funds at Low
- er Interests
Eugene, Not. 21. (Special)
Oregon cities, exclusive of Port
land, pay one half of one per
cent more for their borrowed
funds than do cities of the mid
dle west, and one per cent more
than cities in the east, it 13 re
realed in a survey on municipal
borrowing rate-? In -.Orer-on. re
cently completed by Earl L. Mos
er, associate professor of business
administration at the University
of Oregon. The survey, in bulletin
form, has been published under
the direction of the bureau of bus
iness research of the university,
and will be mailed upon applica
tion. It is expected to be of spe
cial interest to Salem bankers, city
officials and others interested in
finance In the state.
Portland fare3 slightly better
than cities of the smaller class,
the report shows. The average in
terest for Portland is 4.269. while
that of Illinois is 4.003 and Iowa
Portland has an advantage in
Interest rates over cities over
30,000 population in both Califor
nia and Washington, the survey
shows, while in cities under this
the advantage is the other way. In
cities over 30,000 the differential
In favor of Oregon is .411 per cent
over Washington and .054 over
California. In cities under 30,000.
California has an advantage of
.654 per cent where population is
under 5.000, and .671 per cent
from 5,000 to 30,000. In the un
der 5,000 class Washington has
.157 per cent advantage and in
5,000 to 30,000, an advantage of
Salem Reader Have Own
of Celebrating Book
Week, Librarian. Stated
Salem seems to have Its own
particular style of celebrating
"good book" week according to
indications picked up at the city
library. It is not so much the
"week" that is taken into con
sideration by Salem but the mo
tive of the week and It would
seem . that tbe motive-is spread
over several weeks and at a dif
ferent date than that eel by who
ever sets the time from "good
book" week some whisper it Is
the book concerns that took this
original little way to Increase
their trade.
Regardless of who started it it
is a good thing, according to Miss
Maud Covington, city librarian for
"it encourages the buying of
books for the home, and good
books in the homers one of tbe
things that is needed most there
right now when the home as an In-
"Undoubtedly an outstanding
difference between Oregon rates
and those in the east is the fact
that Oregon is a long distance
from the center of money, namely,
in the east. Investors in the east
hesitate to put their money in pro
jects that are far away and with
which they are unfamiliar. An ad
ditional factor which may be in
strumental in causing the present
situation is the comparative youth
of Oregon as an Industrial state,'"
says Mr. Moser.
"If borrowing rates are higher
in the west because capital is
afraid of the distance and unfam
iliar with the municipalities, 1t
behooves the Investor to Investi
gate the actual risks of western
eity bonds. He may find an Oregon
city bond with a 5 per cent yield
fully as safe as an eastern bond
yielding but 4 per cent says
Mr. Moser.
ttltutfon seems to be faltering In
Its proper functioning. . ,,, ?
' "Time was when at" least tfie
standard poets were to be found
In nearly every home and a copy
of Shakespeare gtood side hy aide
with the family bible, but that
time has passed apparently, and
bow when children need to read
one of the standard authors they
come to the library to get it Ev
idently even this small library has
ceased to be in the modern home,'
said Miss Covington.
The library is glad to give this
service and wants to Increase its
scope as is attested by the fact
that Miss Covington was greatly
pleased with the results of an' ex
periment, tried by the teachers of
English In Leslie and Parrish Jun
ior high tcifioja under the direc
tion of Miss May Ranch.
Each child was confronted with
the slogan "every pupil of the
Junior high schools a patron of
the public library." In addition
to this each child was requested
to take out a public library card.
Now many of these children
seemed to have only one idea and
that was to take ont the card
reading & book to which the card
entitled him was nob considered
but the whole result was to teach
the child that It cost nothing to
get a library card and that this
card opens the whole field of
readinr that the library has to of
fer. This it is hoped will lead to
reading these books.
In addition to this scheme the
library sent out to the Junior high
schools sets of books with unus
ually fine illustrations and attrac-
M bttdlngi ind content matter.
Here these exhibits were on dis
play and the children had a
chance to examine (hem, and read
them at school If they liked.
Books, according to Miss Cov
ington, are here recently being
bought in greater numbers than
in the years Just passed and this
may be due to advertising done
on the part of book concerns, but
even so, it Is creating more in-
Winter Coat Sale
Values to $49
Values to $29
Downstairs Thrift Store
Til 8:45
255 N. Liberty
'Til 8:45
OT : I
DENVER! Ill ii
"'if! :
f on
Via Portland by Union Pacific
is your fast, most convenient
mode of traTe! cast to Den
ver, Kansas Gty, St. Louis
as well as to Chicago.
Daily from Portland 6:10 p. m.
7teter Hoaegcxsg
Farm and on -third for round trip Co
Council Bluffs Minneapolis
Chicago Milwaukee
Des Moines' . Omaha
Duluth St. ImIi v
Kansas City St. Pari
Sious City
Departure Dates
Nov. 23, 30. Dee. 7, 14, 19, 20, 21"
Final return limit February 21, Iff Jf.
Stopover going and returning.
General Passenger Dept.,
637 Fittork Block, Portland, Ore. i
that has to be watched with this
growing Interest in books is that
people buy "good books.' They
must be taught to spend monsy
for that which is really good rath
er than that 'which Is showy or
expensive. Some of the best books
come in very inexpensive editions.
"Now there are the encyclope
dias; said Miss Covington, "they
are very expensive and the ave
rage home cannot afford to have
a set regardless of how much ev
ery home needs some sach refer
ence Moot Then are, however,
many condensed books ef stand
ard make and name which will
offer a very fine reference library
at far less than the average en
cyclopedia. People need to be ed
ucated to these things. ;
"But we do not do that in one
week in Salem. Salem seems to
like to emphasize "good books'
during the. December days pre
ceding Christmas. Then lists of
terest in owning books. The thing (the best books are made out for
clubs which request them, talks
are made, exhibits are made so
far as possible and every effort
is bent to make Christmas book
giving a sane and intelligent af
fair. Thus "good book week" Is
stretched over a longer period of
time and at a time when it seems
that it will have more direct value
and appeal."
And Miss Covington concluded
with a wistfully enthusiastic "I
just wish people would buy more
'good books.'
SAN ANGELO, Texas., Nov. 21.
(AP) World trend of wool
prices has been upward and Amer
ica wiH experience an increase in
the near future. A. W. Z.elomek
of New Tork, textile statistician
and economist, told the National
Wool Growers' convention here.
Interest in steps through which
the wool producers may create a
greater demand fbr their products
supplanted that dealing strictly
with marketing problems at tbe
second day's session. -Zelmek ex
pressed the opinion that the wool
industry, including producers and
manufacturers, would be forced
to match- tbe advertising cam-
rayon ". industries and ft similar
rimnilm hfiinr organised by the
Japanese silk industry, If It Is to
hold its place among the major
A report published Thursday in
which Secretary of Agriculture
Hyde was Quoted as having said
increased production of wool was
responsible for the decline of wool
prices was described by Zelomek
as misleading. He said wool pro
duction has not Increased in pro
portion to population, and further
asserted that other textiles have
entered the field once occupied
exclusively by wool.
"The outlook for consumption
of fine wools in their country,'
Zelomek added, "however, has
arely been brighter."
' r -
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