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The OREGON STATESMAN, Salem; Oregon, Friday Morning, November 22, 1923
Substantial Progress Made
By Most of Quotations
On Wall Streef .
NEW YORK, Not. 21. (AP)
Tie stock market firmly resist
cd selling . pressure . today and
made further substantial progress
nder the impetus of continued
latprorement in credit and con
tractive news from Washington.
Profit taking on the advance of
the-past two days, -inspired con
siderable short selling during the
early hours of the session and
r leading shares sagged moderately
, until close to midday, when they
Attracted sufficient buying to
snase .on tneir siuggunness. and
aborts quickly covered, closing
prices generally 1 to 17 points
Strength was concentrated In
the utilities, rails and chemicals
trading continued orderly and
comparatively quiet, but showed
moderate expansion of vrlume,
,130,980 shares changing hands.
compared to 2,829,040 yesterday.
-Henry Fords announcement of
. n Immediate wage Increase for
Bis employes was a surprise In
lew of the recent overproduc
tion problems in the motor indu-
stryi Otis Steel and liidiand Steel
Products, which serve the automo
bile Industry primarily, posted
aotiees denying Tumors that any
wage cut was planned.
Not least among the day's sur
prises was the federal reserve
weekly brokers' loan compilation,
disclosed late in the afternoon. A
further reduction of $585,000,000
In loans, carrying the total to $3,--4f7,(J00,000,
tilowe3t since Dec
$eiblerf 1927; in pipe more than
"half the record total of S6.804,
000,000 of Cfct'jber 2, last, sur
passed all estimates.
Credit was so plentiful during
. the day that bankers said they
could see nothing to delay build
ing and public works projects
which have been held up during
the recent high rates. Call money
Bgain renewed at 5 per cent, and
was reduced to 4H at the loan
post. But funds stiil went beg
ging, and were offered as low as
1 per cent outside. Money brokers
said that between 160,000,000
and $80,000,000 seeking employ
ment could not be placed.
J West Salem
o o
Mra. Wilbur McCune and
daughter, Elcena of Salem, were
Tuesday afternoon guests at the
home of Mrs. Wilbur's aunt, Mrs.
Guy Newgent of Kingwood ave
Bue. Mr. McCune came Tuesday
evening and joined them in a
dinner party.
Daring the second week in Jan
uary a big men's meetine will be
field by the church in West Salem.
Jt will bring about 200 men to
the church and city.
Mrs. I. W. Thomas was a visitor
Wednesday afternoon at the home
f Mrs. L. E. Davis.
Mr. and Mrs. C. . Greene and
children of Plaza street, visited in
Lyons Sunday at the home of Carl
Jordan. They also made a short
visit in Sclo during that evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Rohfling,
f Portland were recent dinner
. guesti with their old friends, Mr.
and Mrs. Frank Wilson of Skin
ner street.
Mrs. Anna Derbyshire has left
for Davenport, Washington, where
he will Tisit her son-in-law and
daughter, Mr. , and Mrs. Alvin
Rookstool. Mrs. Derbyshire is the
daughter of Mrs. Sutton, whose
home la Ion Skinner street.
Mr. and Mrs. L. T. Wallace had
as their dinner guest recently,
Mrs. Williams of South Salem. She
later accompanied them to Brooks
to visit Mrs. Wallace's invalid
mother, Mrs. E, Rhodes.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Phillips of
Maclear were recent visitor with
Mrs. Phillips' parents, Mr. and
Airs. A. swlgart of Skinner
Mrs. H. H. Harris of South Sa
lem was a visitor at the home of
Mrs. Ralph Sebern of Franklin
street. e early part of the week.
Mr. Harris was also a visitor there
daring the week.
Miss Marlon Burns spent a day
recently with her grandnarent.
- Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hunt of Ze-
aa, Marlon Is the small daughter
- Mr. and Mrs. Ted Burns of
Third street.
Mrs. Charles Creasy, of Port-
ana, was a riday overnight visit
er at the 8. H. Creasy home In
West Salem. She left for her home
1b,. Camas Saturday after she had
spent some time in Portland, visit
ing ner mother, who has been ill
lor some time.
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd DeLapp of
West Salem had as their recent
visitors, Mr. and Mrs. Lester De-
J-aPD and ion. of Salem.
JEuell Needham and Arthur
Sprout were week-end. visitors
with the Needhams and Sprouts
( West Salem. . Needham and
Sprout are both patients la the
Fellow Ambassadors to Europe? r
I - in umgm Iff v , v-s 1
F4 ?.c X
i Jt
Scientific, tKoro examina
tion by an' experienced op
tometrist . assures .- correct
glasses if ' needed. j VL: " "';
you value yhur eyet give
them thelare they require.
Let us examine your eyes
J today.-"
I 1 " 1..
1 r v -.-.-V. .
; v5
A ,'l
-y - jr -c I i7 h:zA
f ....,-. J I f
General Charles G. Dawes, American Ambassador to the Court ot
St. James (right) and Senator Walter Edge, of New Jersey, who is
expected to be America's new ambassador to France, succeeding the late
Hon. Myron G. Herrkk.
Iatcrnatioul Ntwireal
United States Veterans' hospital
of Portland.
Mr. and Mrs. P. Follke and son.
Robert, were dinner guests the
fore part of the week with Mr.
and Mrs. S. H. Creasy of Third
There will be three board meet
ings Monday night in the Epworth
league room. Sunday school board
7 p. m.; official board 7:45 and
board of stewards at 8:30. All
members of each of these boards
are requested to be present.
The Boy Scouts meet Tupsdav
evening at 7:30 o'clock. Prayer
meeting Wednesday at 7:15 p. m.
choir practice Wednesday 7:15.
The young oeoole ot the church
and community enjoyed a swim
ming party at the Y. M. C. A.
Friday evening.
The Fruit Growers had a meet
ing Wednesday afternoon at the
West Salem church. County Agent
Beck had charge of the meeting.
Mr. and Mrs. George Lathrop
and sons, Kenneth and Wayne,
and Mr. and Mrs. Floyd DeLapp
and son, Lawrence, were birthday
dinner guests at the DeLapp home
in Salem.
Mrs. Mary Davis of Skinner,
street has as her guest, her daugh
ter, Mrs. May Tillson, who lives
on a ranch near the coast.
Miss Joy Cochran spent all
night Thursday with her chum In
Early In December the Epworth
league will present a play, "The
Path Across the Hill." This Is a
thrilling, gripping comedy-drama
in three acts. Proceeds will go to
ward eliminating their debt.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Looney of
McNary avenue received word ot
the birth of Evelyn Patricia on
November 13 to Mr. and Mrs.
Ernest Muenster of Portland. Mr.
Winter Coat Sale
Values to $29
Values to $49
Downstairs Thrift Store
Saturdays 255 N. Liberty
Til 8:45
l . ,
Modern as Air
Transport. New
in principle. Up
to the minute in
style. Foot Savers
Bring discerning
men the perfect foot
cchifort that doctors
say is so necessary.
Get into a pair. See
what a.diiTerence they
make. .New ic, new
Jtpri wll come back to
your lecL ; And new pride
m pedtrmce - for FOOT'
SAVERS are wonder folly!
emsrt looking. Ilay diowi
you? " f -' -. ;
J WEST SALEM. November 21
The Ladles Aid of West Salem
held a- silver tea Wednesday after
noon at the home of Mrs. Fred
Gibson. of Kingwood avenue.
Mrs- J. I. Miller, Miss Lottie
MeAdams and. Mrs. Jock Goaser
consisted of the refreshment com
mittee. Mrs. J. T. Ifuat and Mrs. M.. E.
Groves made up the program
committee. The program consisted
of music and reading, which In
cluded a number of vocal solos.
A game was also enjoyed dur
ing the afternoon.
The next tea will be held at
the home of Mrs. George Chap
man sometime during December.
Those present were the Mes
dames Y. M. Moore, M. E. Groves,
Jack Gosaer, J. R. Bedford, George
8teward,-J. I. MUler, Ralph 8e-
Looney Is the grandfather ot Mrs.
MuensteT. This birth makes Mr.
Looney treat grandfather for the
first time. ' Mrs. Mabel Gilbert,
daughter of Mr. Looney, is the
new arrival's grandmother.
hern, Guy Newgent, Ed Brock,
Emmet Dixon Elmer Rlersoa,
Jennie Phillips, L. Wallace, Mary
Kennedy. 8. H. Creasy, Frank
Wells; Floyd Delapp, Avery Ap
plewhite; Mrs. Halt. David Wll
llama, T. BJelland; George Chap
man .Mrs. Beckman, Mrs. Arm
strong, Fred LaDaue, Darrell
Bradford. B. K. Englehorn. Fred
Gibson, P. Foelke, Waldo Baker,
Wayne Baker. Mrs. Robinson. Jack
Summers and Miss Lottie MeAd
ams. Several small children were
also present.
Lincoln Club to
Meet on Friday.
; LINCOLN. November' 21. The
Lincoln community club will hold
its second meeting Friday, night,
November 22.
: A rood Drosram is beine nlan-
ned by the entertainment com
mittee. Miss Mabel Thomas. Mrs.
Joe Hackett and - Mrs. George
Boyd. The refreshment committee
is also planning a big lunch.
TUNIA - ( AP) Sidi Ahmed.
Bey of Tunis,-has had his first
airplane ride la his 71st year. He
viewed his capital from, the ; a
and also the ruins, of Carthage,
rival of ancient Rome for world
supremacy. . - t .
Rushed by Plane lor Aid
f -S- St-
General Hondo .Vasques is being
rushed from Santa Domingo to the
United States by airplane following
the discovery that his life depended
on ah immediate surgical operation.
He is President of the Island Re
MEET Sfflllf
ROBERTS, Nov. 21 A good
program is being assembled for
the community club Saturday
night. The program committee
for this month is Maxlne Petty
iohn, Dorothy Rice, June Edwards
and "Janice Higgins. New plans
for . future programs are to be
made at the meeting when the
members will be put into sections
and be able to announce programs
several weeks in advance. Re
freshments will be served at the
close. Each family is asked to
bring sandwiches, also cups for
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Leeper of
Salem moved out Friday to their
farm here which they recently
purchased from Leonard Zielke.
Mr. Leeper has built a new wood
shed and also intends to make
many Improvements on his farm,
in the near future.
A. Smith and family will live
in the ranch house belonging to
Mrs. C. D. Query and work for her
this winter in the timber.
Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Carpenter
went to ' Portland Monday and
heard the address glvn by John
R. Mott at the White Temple.
- Robert H. Risteen has "sought
two ten acre lota at Halls Ferry
from the 7udd Brothers.
Walter Dennis who attended
school here several years ago, and
who graduated this spring from
Albany college was married at
Triangle Lake recently. He has
entered 'the Presbyterian minis
try and will preach at Malin this
Silverton Mill
Waits for Logs
SILVERTON. Nov. 21. T!
Silver Falls Timber company mill
closed Tuesday afternoon to he
hdown until logs are again brought
Logging in Silver Falls camps
has not been carried on since ear
ly In August when forest fires
stopped the work in the campsi
Considerable track and a number
of bridges were burned out at this
time making a great deal of con
struction work necessary. Con
struction crews hare been working:
in the camps ever since fire con
ditions -permitted and mill offi
cials stated Tuesday that It th
present weather continues con
struction would be sufficiently
completed to begin logging by
December 2.
jfffij?l7 Free! 1500 TOYS! Free! W
SSvm (VwS ll& til 10 the,firs 500 B08 and Girls PL
tQj) yt iti visiting Toyland Tomorrow iM
J xf a11 direct from old Santa's work-
KjC!cC5fr Siwrfr fojtfn shops to be given with Ward's compli-
TVj 11 latw ments to the first 1500 boys and girls
"Z ' I TrJ i Wh ylei Ward' Toyland tomorrow.
jCm 4 k&j me Early in the Day O
Entrancing Teys a gsc
for Every Boy and Girl r frWitt w.
A Jointed Wooden Clown Doll 25c
B Trapeze Set, well constructed. .. .8c V 1 s"--rl I Is t
0 Character Dolls unbreakable. . .91.00 MuV vr x (ePt n Q
T Four-Key Cornet, clear tbnes....85 Oil V lN Xs -jJ
E Cuddlesome Stuffed Dogs 63c 11 x. KT! , F
P Electric Stoves with cord $19 R n rJ fx I J O
G Heavy Steel Airplanes f 1.33 1 1 Vy f I (TJ
H Colorful Building Blocks 2o A Xi 0A er yVV 0
1 Velocipede rubber-tired 911.08 n- SY WnllJlll
J Decorative China Tea Set 91.08 "V ll
lT o J $10.75
Ai l 7 j. 1 a . ,
I 1 "mm
Come BOYS and GIRLS and watch the new ELECTRIC
TRAINS speed 'round the curves ... the new AIRPLANES
gracefully wing away . . . the 1930 Automobiles, all ready to
speed along at the sound of a shrieking horn! And the
pretty, furniture to make them comfy ... electric stoves to
cook their meals . . . and new clothes to make them smart
and gay.
You're specially invited. . . you may bring your parents, too!
Joy for Young Mothers
This "EFFanBEE"
Can Stand Alone
Easy to Sew For
18 H Inches tall
They call her "Patsy"
because her slippers
are so sturdy she can
stand alone In almost
any pose. "Pat
sy"' has a radi
ant sun-burned
coloring, and.
wears a smart
print p a n 1 1 e
frock and a scar
let satin hair
ribbon around
her head.
Small Mothers
liove to Play
With "PBtsj"
A Small Deposit Holds Toys
Until Called For
Choose your toys norr while the selec
tion Is perfect! By paying a deposit you
can hare toys held until wanted. We want
to help yon make Christmas a happy day!
L Sewing Machine good, lever. .$5.79
M Electric Freight Train. ...... .f 9.45
N A Jumping Bunny, la cloth. . . . . .85c
O Snappy Speed Boats .fl.4S
pi Mechanical Tractor, spring motor 1J50
O Hunting Horn, clear tone 27c
Snappy Jordan
The Growing Boy's Fine Car
Smart lines and eolors sad! the same nameplate
as the famous Jordan playboy. - It assures your
boy ot a world of healthful fun and the pride
of owning the finest car In his crowd. Sheet
steel body, balloon tires, cushion springs, head
lights, horn. wonderful rains at this special
rice. - . - -
A Stylish Carriage
for the Doll Parade
Round Fiber Reed
"For Dolls
Up to 20 Indies
How proud little mothers will be when Jhey
wheel this carriage along 1 Sturdy and strong,
too. Rigid construction . . . transparent window
la hood... foot brake ... reclining back.
IVV - , LtM. UV1 "" UJ VsV f
m v vm l w m, u a l
275 N. Liberty
Telephone 1435
Salem, Oregon
- - -' , , , I