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' - "'i ", ir
Tkt CnTSCri !lTATZCMAlTt Cala. Ore-na, Friiay lIcraLr. November 22,
A -i
: A -connoisseur in champagnes
ould bave been made profoundly
onhkppy at the manner in lrhlch
'U the first of that which Monty bad
-5 brought - -was carried - la and
T broaebed-and served with cracked
- ice in It because the time was lack
; ing to chill it according to ritual,
-i There were two score of cases
I en hit-truck, and as a couple of
Etefano's serrants carried the first
. one ' in, . Monty halted them and
" - commanded them to produce' a
punch bowl and a bloek of ice. He
" sent a third man for a hatchet and
chisel, and when. these had been
' supplied forced the lid off the ease
where it lay on the floor, and with
the edge of the hatchet ktfOcked
the bead off the first bottle be
jdrew out after tossing its straw
jacket toward .the ceiling. ,
: . - He. .was standing pouring.
bottle in either hand, as Nathalie
appeared "coining down the -main
staircase in shimmering green: He
- set-one bottle down; filled 'a high
V goblet from the other and-, added?
some ice, and stood holding it' be
fore her as she reached the bottom
step of the staircase. . , '
.... She lifted the goblet to her lips
' and drained it before' she brought
It down. His seasoned drinker's
ear 'was quick to' catch the rattle
of its rim, against her teeth and
bls'eye, profoundly practiced In
all that pertained to "alcohol and
r its devotees, noted the agitation of
, her hand as she jelute&ed the gob
let's stem.
"Needed that one, didn't you Se-
nora? As you are, while I run 'n
pour you 'notber one."
8he had "needed it" as Monty
hid said in the coisecrated ex
pression of drinkers,' but not be
cause, as he imagined and was
convinced, fhe had looked into
the depths of too many crimson
cups the night before
m had" been welcome and she
. had drunk it eagerly, because as
j she reached the bottom step of
the stairs she had been faint with
' fright at a happening which had
occurred juel as she was leaving
her suite of rooms to come down,
and the commotion of which had
been lost to hearing below in the
-. noise of motor horns raised when
the drivers coming in behind
Monty's loaded truck discovered
the nature of the cargo it con
tained. She had been standing before
her mirror and facing her dressing
table, dressed to go downstairs,
but with her mask off and looking
at her image In the glass while she
added the last of the dead white
powder she always wore, and was
about to color her lips with her
heavy rouge.
The window at back of her was
'pen and the heavy screen of fir
- branches which grew close up to it
stirring pleasantly inr the night
wind. Then suddenly she noticed
the. reflection of them in her oval
;. of mirror, and went cold and hor
rified as a hand reached forth
from among them and touched
the sill of the window, but did not
quite grasp it,
Nathalie was the child of a
sportsman, and had valor. She
- did not cry out nor move. But
lowering her hands' slowly to the
shallow upper drawer of her dress
ing stand, kept her eyes toward
her mirror while she opened the
V drawer and felt for. the revolver
which Stefano had given, her. She
always kept it there. When her
cntr iners and Your Health
. . United States Senator from Mew York. -
4 ; ; Tvrmte Cessmtortener ef geoltk, 2ic yerh Cilp.
fjw HIS article was written en a railroad train between Detroit and
. I Washington. In the dining ear I looked over the menu to find
. bow many of the dishes served came in can
K I rurprising how many do come in that
.-' x - -form. Let me enumerate: Orange inarmalade,
''" strained honey, pineapple, figs, preserved straw
W - berries, clam bouillon, Boston" brown bread.
' eooUea, grape Juice, saaerkrant Joke, idmato
itonzhauttj maple syrnp
t buuwu uaia ajiu jeaax cues. - -.
t , IPraetieally everything served is received on
1 the car in the original , wrappings. .. Even the
i v. . ': c bread comes this way, I assume; .The fish, eggs,
meat and potatoes are almost the only articles
? " purchased in bulk.'- -
,' - The other day I was thinking about Conv
. mander Byrd and bis gallant boys at the South
C Pole. They coolant be there at nil without proc
essed and packaged foods, could they? h
t 3. - napwieon saia, tab army travels
. ncn." as explorer does, too. No exploration vwxuwu
y.Ct.oold succeed without some sure and safe manner ef carrying its food
supply. . The commercial canners and food merchants snake possible
. snca tnns. far from sources of dailv snnnlv. .
- - It U not alone the traveler to
whe. depends ea eemmeeelalhT . nre-e
spared foods. Mr. Average Man to
. .ay wouid be greatly inconvenienced
V without them-- .4 ,
- - It Is not fair t say xiUt the avee
: ase famUy would die, except for the
- v Z eaA eiener. - It haa not gene- that
f-: 5T far by any saeana. , But much ef the
-1 -f Thor ef food preparation baa. been
-v..; taken '.from the home, and Tas giad
Heusehel werkt.-ia hard
esough without eemaadlng of the
. swasewifo that she spend needless
aonrs the net sUtehen. Her Bf e
by this seeders adV
p ICany ;of ear soeda, perhaps saeat
"rr, "wy preparea jbjbk ex
cur av-weii. ana in
- netlerj - by eaaatltv
wm mi, ttiiwukt arm
where they are grewn. . They, need
I" - -- Iens diatanees for heme preparation.
. ar the. field and erchard they are
r ,;-saBi reaoy ror enr nee. .--.-
.- There .can be no oueetJon ef the
r wnotesotneneae- an .OigesUsinty ,ct
anen reeds. Tne best of chemi
v and bacterlelesists are ha the employ
- " ua owiwrrait conccnia. ifcvery
f -o- - " ' aheeh and meAta fa-Maea
aake are employed.- The Mlaioaabjpi
s ine given- mee to health at
r. sver looked.
j?Anwer tgllenJth Qacrtes j
IX If Q-What ens I a for Ever
ST--'" -.-f ? .--.rv-i -s'- - "Tfc ...
'iV- "-""l, "
: -cJLiAMlthikt -eenditlon Is due-, to
-.more er less poor intestinal, ebmimv
t non; the first thing to do. therefore;
S to correct eenatipaUon. . Ker fuD
aaattoujar; sendi seif-adiU eased.
e e e
right b.and found it and gripped It
she wheeled where she was- like a
flash, and shot toward the window
point blank.
She knew that she had not hit
whoever had been trying to enter
the room when there was neither
cry from the tree nor the crash of
a body falling. Bat she knew too
tbatjtboever was in the tree was
descending from it as she beard
him scramble downward hastily
from branch to branch, Her ear
caught the thud of his. feet. on
the ground as he jumped to it
from half way down the tree. She
heard .him "run a few steps and
then slow to a walk, A moment
afterward she heard the slam of a
car door, and then the car go out
of the grounds,
-'As Monty brought her a second
deep draught of champagne and
she drank a little of it -off and
then slowly sipped the rest, she
grew steadier and calmer and de
cided that she would not alarm
the house,' but that after, the day
light breakfast which always con
cluded each night's merrymaking,
she. would tell Stefan. what had
happened and' arrange with him
some plan by" which it. would be
poMi'ble for her to sleep else
where and be in the bpuse only
when he was-and It was crowded
with guests.
She sent for her maid and go
ing back upstairs with her had the
girl draw the shutters and lock
all the windows of her suite of
rooms Shutting and locking the
steel door which guarded them af
ter her, she came down to the
main floor again and was at once
sefied by one of a group of eeveral
dancing? men at the base 'of : the
As he whirled her in and
around the dancing floor ih
could see that Monty ' Delaine's
plenteous bestowal of ehamDaraa
would lift the spirits of the gath
ering to a disry peak In fast order
and that before the morning was
very old would almost certainly
effect its Inevitable casualty list.
It was not nearly one o'clock yet
but laughter was high everywhere
and rising higher. A girl danced
by with Stefano and Nathalie rec
ognised her as Sylvia Swayne.
She had not known her the
night before in her Morroccan
dress but now as she saw her in
an ordinary dancing frock it was
an exquisite one she was rejoiced
that she was iu the house for they
were affectionate friends, if
Wsetter plan came to her mind as
10 wnere she would stay by day
time so as not to have to sleep in
me nouse She would confide in
Sylvia, she determined, Just be-
iore oyiTia left lor home.
It gave her a sense of safe? tn
have her cousin so close at hand
and she watched the girl laughing
up at Stefano for she
plenty of gossip, since she came to
The Firs, about her aunt's inten
tion 10 manage a marriage bet
tween her daughter and the hand
some South American.
Then jealousy touched her as
they came into her vision
and there flashed back to her
ner mma had been full of it all
day but the fright of the man in
the fir tree had. obscured it for a
space that by morning Stefano
was to come to her and put in
words his wordless avowal of love
When he folded, her in his arms
two nights before. She looked at
him and Sylvia again wondering
cans, battles, er ether
coffee, cocoa,..
on its siom- . , -
the pom, or the traveler en trains
. -
ble with my throat tor long time
Can yen sngseat a remedyr :
jL-Cnmamtl 'p threat speetanat fee
& bllew Bsach should
glrf welch who hr thirteen; flve'Je
ithrM aad ene-balf tnehee-taBt vji
t wm she grow aacb tnOerf
weaajw. ahewt
ponsjdn. .-' . - - . :.
IlTebsoc-- J "t
J'iOS. MeO. Qj- What eaa I dew
rid ar HUIs aid af atiea -rw a
eighteen snenths-eM and has a great
maay.ytSed with bleed and to hardh
ever one before another appears. ;
' A--The digestlosi aftea '.'haa
great bearing on disturbances of the
nature, ror further particulars eer
a, aetf-addressed. stamped evokw
and reseat yow eneetiea. . . . ;
.A, . Z. Would the teeth b
affected to any wu bv hnndllna- mi-
tomMt X week, to a ceoalold plant !
a am. a nan- er twenty ene aaer glvt
my teeth careful attenttosw
- a-tb should not aoect you ;
teetBVS--;'':- - ,
4A-ej-o. e
f tt H. CJ. Would sSBSsle amok -
tn affect the coarplexhw andcaee
a ' heavy cough on- arising to ' tb
morning t i 4- :. . t
Av Bxceaafve an-afrecU the,
irvene. eystensXand UlS'.ta tun
wouU natray have sV bsartng en'
the h3i ta general, - - "
ii -
if there had been, or still Might
be, any. foundation to the : talk
about them or. It their evident
pleasure in being tad daieiag to
getber was no more than kindly
friendliness. x
: " Then she heard Sylvia, who had
danced out of her vista t view
and had then tome etoae behind
her, say to Stefan while Stefano
laughed: - . .. .
"And to, Stef. new that you're
never going to marry me because
Monty it-
A girl screamed at Sylvia from
bait across tke room.
"Sylvla-kt mo into the secret.
Wberv& on earth did Monty get
hold of all the money to buy all
this champagne?" .
"Yes, where? cried the" youth
who was her partner. "He sold me
the last pony he had a week ago.
Had to have the money that day.
And now he's the boy millionaire.
"Don't ask ' me aak Monty,
Sylvia laughed back. "Here comes
the cheerful lunatic now.". '
Monty came ambling across the
Door, a champagne cooler in one
hand, and a bubbling bottle in the
other: . . J' ' V,'
"Ob, you Stefano". he called
out when he spotted his host.
"Drop my girl an' come outside 'tk
e. Got t'talk t'jou about impor
tant matter business. Head clear
bell sow but wont bo very
long. Arms 'f Morpheus twined
around my neck right now."
"I'm behind you Stef," he mum
bled a Stefano preceded him to
the fluiet of a porch.
(To be continued tomorrow.)
OSTEND, Belgium AP The
nse of airplanes In conveying ca
bles to distressed vessels has prov
ed so successful that the authori
ties have decided to adopt this
method in preference to sendlnr
out salvage boats.
n Til tre Z
I ' CansmaT I - 1 MET 1" gl- f-1. TTJI Bk .dsssV I . T-T V I .1 rV- raf dSWh I a sm a. . . .a. a. I lv w 0 eaaw m w g ' W
ui iui AriiriRUUliI Tbe Bloodhound Smells Memt" --
f lir'nU'T-Tmn"! Ililil -iniinn Timn -- , - ... . . . i anTgiJ I I'll! . ' tt' i..m
TJW I . li.:lUU! I IP 1 1 III B II I II llll lllll I .11 . .. i . rill I . . I f-TiX . : . . - - I 3
- - v. J . - . m lw - - ..a"- w wwrwa- -m ar : ijk va as m st t BFa m a -r , jsam. - , - mm a a
CLEAR LAKE. November 11.
Mr. and Mrs. Cart O'NeU and
children of Marsa field spent the
week-end .at the borne of Mr.
tVXell'a parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Jav O'NeU. , - 4-
JUrt, frtd Mortlif t Stiver
ton wm victor at the Theodore)
stole: home Friday.
Mrs, W. It. CMrry baa gone, to
ftMent to vlftit her mw, it.
Carry. The Crry are f aimer
Cl,f Lake midMts.
Mr. and Me, Alei Itaoid bad
as dinner gtti Buaday the Iter.
It. R. thertta, Blrsejr, Opal
and Mitten 8beermaB, Alice
MkMy, Robert Maasey, Andrew
OloN. Ntaa Latourette, Mr. and
Mrs. Ralph Harold bud son Verel.
Mist rraaees O'NeU visited ber
stater, Mrs. Stanley Starr, at Hor
toa. Ore.. Monday.
Mr .and MrtrAlez Harold bad
Tuesday, November 12, were con
gratulated on their 39th - wed
ding anniversary by a dinner, at
the home of their sen and daughter-in-law,
Mr. ' and Mrs. Ralph
A. Harold.
' ' The Improvement club held the
first-meeting of 'the season at the
church Wednesday - afternoon.
The work to be taken Hp by the
clnb was discussed and the fol
lowing off icerr elected: Mrs. Roy
smitn, .. president, . Mrs. Robena
Ector, vice-president;. Mrs. Ar
thHor Baker; secretary; Mrs. Cecil
Boyd, treasurer. Others present
were Mrs, Alex Dntolt. Mrs. Jas.
O'NeU, Mrs.' Theo. Stoik. - Mrs.
Foreir, Mrs. Alex Harold, Miss
Pearl Baker, and Miss Franeea
J. C. McFarlane:who lately re
turned from a vacation at the
coast, is on the sick list this week.
Mr. H. A. Penney made- bus
iness trip to Oregon City Wed
William Pox. dub sunervisor of
Marion "county, visited the Clpar
Lake and Buena Crest schools
Cbemawa M. W. of A. are giv
ing a tree supper tothe baseball
team, their friends and families
on November 26. Mr. Ball of In
dependence; president of the M.
W. A. baseball league, will make
the ' formal presentation of the
oood, Mac
-c. L.CX)K I M
loving cut tor Chemawa team as
winners Of tke leagne pennant at
the banquet. A program aid en
tertainment wlU follow ; ' -
; O. G. Bockner spent the fore
part of the week at the eoast, re
turning Tuesday afternoon.
Henry Stolk renlaced Calvin
Mason in tke Clear Lake Christ
ian Endeavor society play cast,
Mr. Maion ta unable to take part
due to ether activities. Ralph
Harold has also been added to the
cast. The play is well under way
now. ; -; ''
: Mlsa Elaine Chapln ' who is
teachtsg school at Tart, spent the
Week-end at home. On Saturday
morning her mother, Mrs. Luther
Cbapln, was taken suddenly UL
A doctor was called front Salem
to attend ber.
- '
MACLEAT, November 21. M.
A. Wells has a hew poultry house
just about completed.
Mr. and Mrs. M. F. Kephart had
as their dinner guests Mr. and
Mrs. Queenie Rand last Sunday.
Macleay friends of Mrs. W. Hor
ner are sympathising with her in
the lossrbf her mother, Mrs. Bak
er. .
Mr. and Mrs. John Guthmiller
were the guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Pete Bngbretch one day last week.
LoweH M, Lambert, has been
plowing in the Pratum district.
Mrs. Tekenberg.who had her
shoulder out of place is recover
ing nicely.
Mrs. George Berg is reported
much better at this time. She is
now In the state T. B. hospital.
Henry Bens who is an electri
cian by trade has been wiring
houses for the Portland Electric
Power Co.
The long period of nice weather
has been a great boon to many
of the farmers of the, Waldo Hills,
making it possible to get most of
their farming done. ' ',
Mr. and Mrs. Lowell M. Lam
bert and son Lawrence were the
dinner guests of Mr, and Mrs. Al-
vin Herr Sunday.
Marie Breckhlmer. who lives in
Salem Is visiting Mr. and Mrs.
Larond V. Hackett.
"Pride Means .An
A Tamily'
you, Hes
i- 1 -r-i vj 11 i .awram x i.i i j UM' r tvair in i imhi iiicc m lai w
r KIXGTVOOD, November 11.
A group Of friends of Mr. and
Mrs. O. B. Blttuer were: their
guests one day recently. The vis
itors were. Mr. and Mrs. Dan Glg-
Jer and eon Percy and Mr. and
Mrs. Fred Stout; nil of Portland,
Mr. and Mrs. Gibson Osburs of
Hopmere. andTMr. and Mrs. Carl
Beaty of West Salem.
Harold Phillippo of Salem and
Miss - Luxie - walker, . of Spokane,
Wash were recent guests of Mr.
and Mrs. . Robert Hall.
The house . owned by William
Gilson of Salem which the Gerber
family recently vacated, is again
occupied. The new tenants aro
Mr. and Mrs. - Olen Cannoy who
came here from the Elkins neigh
borhood near Monmouth.
Mr. and Mrs. E. P. White, ef
Longview, Wash., spent the week
end with Mrs. White's parents.
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Cannoy. Mr.
White is an employee of the Wey
echauser Timber Co.," who hare
larger timber holdings than any
other company in the world. They
will bare forty acres under cover
when a mill now under construc
tion is completed. The Weyer
hauaer Timber company furnishes
logs, for -the .operations of the
Long-Bell Lumber company.
Mr. and Mrs. Burton Crarv with
Mrs. Crary'St sister and brother-
tn-law, Mr. and Mrs. George John
son of Boston, Mass., were guests
of Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Blevins Sun
day '
Dr. and Mrs. W. J. Patterson
and Mr. and Mrs. Oren Stratten,
all of Salem, were dinner guests'
of Mr. and Mrs. L. F. Brown Sun
day. Saturday night visitors at the
Robert Hail home were Mr. and
Mrs. James Murphy and daugh
ter Myrtle of Monmouth.
C. H. Eighmy proprietor of the
auto repair shop at the west end
of the inter-county, bridge, has,
sedd bis homejson Wallace Road
and he and his wife are now resi
dents of Front street, Salem.
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Garner have
disposed of their property on
Kingwood Heights and have left
for Sacramento, Cel., where they
expect to locate permanently.
Empty Bread Basket' "
THIS IS A ,SOtiti(2lEf4(JMyJ
. I rife urt IVEr i T
i i tr 7cjii - - i
v MRS. iflAMRV.
"EVER BuRiea
ptACK shbd Lire to
WfLI rerevars.4aii3k v.-. '
tytHOsei grbSeataZis. Cm an,!. XT?
Returned Goods
HB Xeung Hnaband looked
his new suit mefaOy. He bad
a tt twice and now he flt
that Her criticism was Just. It
the wrong color for htm. Too bad
but he'd choose a better shade next
time. '
She. however, wasn't disposed to
regard this aa a complete tail are.
Take tt back." she suggested.
They'O be only too glad to exchange
tt tor something- you tike."
He looked at ner In amazement.
-Why. t couldn't, do
that It's not their
don't like the color. I chose it
the first place."
" men wuoa very amy xo tier,
Ehe exchanged things constantly.
You looked at -something in the shop,
liked It enormously then, but by
the time it came home you bad
changed your mind and didn't care
for it a bit. Back to the shop it
went. ' And storekeeper- were aw
fuUy nice. They were always pleased
to take things back and exchange
tnem or even give you a refund.
No reason why He shouldn't take
back a suit he didnt tike. The
stupid tnlna- was to keen if-
. It became a hotly contested point.
and for several weeks all kind
iriends were invited to Join the dis
cussion. In the- main the opinions
were ratner definitely established m
each sex. Women maintained that
one bought everything with the priv-
uese ox returning iu juen seemed to
regard it as a rare and unfortunate
circumstance if a purchase had to
be. returned. And tt was Justifiable
only if there had been a mistake -or
a misrepresentation op the part of
the store. To return something to
s mercnant merely because yon bad
changed your mind, or even anade
an error ef your own well, that
was putting rather a heavy burden
en him. Except of course, for one
consideration that th customer
paid for the service. It stands to'
SHAW, November 21. Ben
Hortsch who Is employed At Long-
view, Wash., was visiting bis par
ents over the week-end.
. Mabel Sherman was a gtest of
Josephine Nanneman over Armis
tice. Tom Schwiegert was visiting
friends in Shaw Sunday morning.
A. shooting match was held at
Shaw Sunday. -
TMrsr :
i-VfLrlr A
and Uigh Priced.
tn ndBf prices far
rnnxm law mercaent wno oners the
exchange or refund prtvllese witk
the purchase most add aomethlna
for the possible risk thus involved.
Merely calling for an article costs
a store on an average of fifty cents
for delivery, labor, bookkeeping
and so on. Then If the article 5
anepworn by reason ef Its aandHna
it can no longer be sold at the fuU
At a recent convention ef atore
a thins like! keepers it was said that ever a MI
fault that l Uoa and a half dollars worth of
in merchandise is returned annually to
lour retail stores. Almost bait a
oiuran Ol uat Is merchandise r.
turned to department stores.
.,CYr roodly percentage Is
Justifiable. Wrong sizes are Mnt
so are wrong articles, delivery may
be delayed so that the customer ban
to make a quick purchase elsewhere
in the meantime, or an article la de
livered In imperfect condition.
But a goodly proportion of the re
turns are made for capricious rea
sons. In most cases the storekeepers
do give credit, bo matter what the
circumstances, and sometime) even
when the article shows signs of
wear. Which may seem Hk ami
courteous service, . but somewhere
has to be paid for. And if it ta t
that men are mors scrupulous about
this matter. It may account for the
fact that prices for men's clothes)
are so much less than aa equal
enallty of women's apparel.
une or the Incidents related by
fine department store la that a
good "eoetumer purchased a very
expensive dinner set used it, then
decided she didn't like It and sent
It back. During the next three
months she ordered and- returned
three different seta of dinner dishes?
and each time , the store accosnmo
dated. But who said the nrles at
this servicer
A card party was given at Shaw
hall Sunday evening. .Present were
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hortsch, Mr. and!
Mrs. Fred Schaeffer, Mr. and Mrs,
Launinger, Mr. and Mrs. Rein,
Mrs. Ed Amort, Staffie Masser,
Fred' Lorenti, Chas. Nannemana,
A. Pieber, Henry Hanson, W Pet
er, Archie-GarmondY Andrew Stag
man, Frank Masser, Josephine
Nannemann, Julia Hienert, Nich
olas Klien, John Masser, Chrest
lna Rels, Ralph Reis, Mabel Sher
POC wws
f;(A TZLiXTZX- O-I Ut tad trt
emeu w is.
'"iM,EM"---i nils ifiT