The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, November 22, 1929, Page 11, Image 11

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Measles Patients Should
.. Be Allowed Reasonable
Amount of Light Ren
i -t
Contestants ' Active in Miss
Majestic Race, Report
. Not content -with merely taking
those votes which may come to
them, many of the young women
entered in the "Miss Majestic'
contest are waging vigorous cam-
patens for votes seeared from toe
coupons printed daily in The Ore
gon Statesman, wnicn enuue
them to 69 votes, and throngs
turning In tkrospective radio buy
ers, each sale netting the contes
tant from 20.900 to 40,000 votes.
The stories told by the person
nel of the Imperial Farnitnre
company and Vibbert Todd, Sa
lem agents for the Majestic Ra
dio who are sponsoring the con
test, are interesting indeed: -one
young lady has Interviewed 1(0
friends and bis them dipping cou
pons and watching for prospective
radio buyers: another has gone
out to sell the radio herself. Bha
lias interrlewed a number of
prominent bnsiness men in Salem
who are now Majestic owners and
U using their statements as a
background for constructive sales
talks. She says she found it easy
to obtain ' these little testimon
ials in favor of the radio she is
The interest shown in this con
test may be surmised from the
number of youns women who are
working earnestly to earn the first
prize- which is a trip to Hollywood
or one of the numerous smaller
Contest standings to date are as
Arleta Gell , 154,850
Evelyn Kertson 137,550
Roberta Everson : 110,550
C!ara King
Gladys Schaeffer
Rose Krauger
Mrrtle Lane ;
Hazel Daue
Francis Walker
Betty Ross
Ruth White
ftlildred Sexauer
Marcla Fuestman
Ernestine Porter
National headquarters of the
Veterans Of Foreign Wars has
rent to Marion Post No. 661 of
Salem a reminder that expiration
cf time for filing World war ad
justed compensation applications,
available to all World war veter
an. has been set for January 1,
1 MO.
; With the possibility that con
gress will, refuse further extension
v' time after this date, every V.
F. W. post throughout the conn
trv has been asked to canvas its
membership and World war vet
erans in general In this regard,
advising them of benefits that
wait application.
More than 1,000,000 World war
r?terans hare failed to apply tor
their adjusted compensation cer
tificates, according to government
records as of June 30, 1929. Ap
plications totalling more than .3,
S 00,0 00 have been received and
approved by the government.
The expiration date for filing
applications has been extended
twice in the past as a result of
efforts of the national legislative
committee of the Veterans of For
eign Wars of the U. 8. and other
service organizations, bnt another
extension beyond January 1,
1979, may prove unavailable.
The value of the average cer
tificate outstanding is estimted at
81,000.00 and provides the vet
eran with a twenty year paid up
endowment insurance policy. At
the end of twenty years the vet
eran collects the face sum of his
certificate, or in event of his
death the full amount of the pol
licy goes to his beneficiaries.
Like ordinary insurance poli
cies, these government certifi
cate have an increasing loan
value as the date of maturity
draws closer. ' v "
Veterans who ha vtf delayed thus
far are being urged to act quickly
or run the risk of being deprived
of this government benefit after
January 1st.
Marion Post No. 661 of Salem
and vicinity is making as effort
ta locate any veteran who has not
yet applied for his certificate In
quiries addressed to J. 8. McKJn
ney. Adjutant, Turner, Oregon,
will meet with immediate attention.
One of the smwI cesipljcated performances ever achieved by saan. flyinr an airplane nnder all coadrttons e)
weather and darkness, has bees accomplished by the se of this Sperry gyroscopic robot, at the extreme left
T"VhJw!r b T aehievessent made in conquering the air. At the vpper right b shewn the
"Umbrella Plane," which it was assumed would be nsef nl in case of forced landings. In a test at Royal Oak.
Michigan, it performed a new innovation in aeronautics. Instead of tying it danced arennd the fteM. The
perfection of airplanes has brought forth many instances; of heroism. In the lower right is shown Thomas
CarroD, who has tested all makes of freak planes for more than twelve yean, with Doaglas Davis, winner of the
Cleveland Air Derby, who broke the record far flying, between New York and Atlanta.
tatamaUoaal Maaarwl
(AP) The shooting and fatal
wounding of Mrs. Gertrude Haw
dins Larine in an apartment here
last night continued to provide a
mystery which police were at
tempting to penetrate before ac
cepting the theory of suicide as
One of the disclosures casting
some doubt upon the suicide the
ory was the absence of powder
burns around the ballet wound in
the temple that caused the death
of the 23 year old divorcee and
secretary of an automobile dealer
here. If she had shot-herself, said
City Autopsy Surgeon Adolphus
A. Berger, there would probably
have been powder burns.
The apartment where she was
found dying was occupied by Lau
rence P. Tulloch, employe of a
local broadcasting studio, and
Tulloch's friend, William Whittle,
Santa Cms broker. Both these
men were being questioned in the
city Jail. Allea Hamilton; son of
Black Birds Are
i Brown Birix on
Farm at Zena
ZEXA, November 21.
Host of ns have heard the
sons; My Blackbirds Are
Blue Birds Now, but how
many of ns have ever seen
a black bird that was a
brown, bird. That is what a
fanner at Zena reported he
saw recently. A lively flock
of birds had been following
after him as he plowed, pich
ing up insect and worms. In
the flock was one that
seemed to be just like the
others only fa color, betas;
brown like an English spar
row Instead of coal black.
Another in the flock was
a copper color with black
wings flecked with white
feathers. The flock, number
ing all the way from SO to
10 birds seemed to be very
tame, following the plow
quite closely.
Collector of Customs W. B. Ham
ilton, was being sought for questioning.
roll s w on
DALLAS. November 21, R, R.
Turner, superintendent of schools
of Dallas has announced the hon
or roll of Dallas high school for
the first quarter as follows:
Seniors: Barbara Elliott, Betty
Lou Finn, Louise Fletcher, Annie
Cayman. Edna Janzen, Margaret
Ellen Kelly. Muriel Kelly, David
Peters, Lorraine Roberts, Kather-
lne Smith, Marjorle WestiaU and
Alice Wlens.
Juniors: Mona Brooks, Laura
Doell. Edith Dunn, Betty Hawk
ins, and Philip Hayter.
Sophomores: Norma Eecleston,
Dorothy Elliott, Ralph Finseth,
Otto Fisher,-Irene Guy, Catherine
Hawkins. " Mary Hlmes, Lydla
Ifehl, Anna Neufeldt, Elvln Quir
ing, Irene Soehren, Rachel Dg
Iow, Helen Viers.
""Freshmen: Orva Aebl, Lois
Clanfield, Porter Friztell. Pauline
Hughes, Edward Jansen. Harriett
Locklfng, Lydla Neufeldt, Maria
Neufeldt, Lillian Plett, Hazel
Contrary to notions which have
been caret nily guarded for years,
patients who have measles should
not be closeted la a dark room,
but rather, should be permitted a
comforahle and adequate exposure
to light, gays the bulletin of the
state ooara or health this week
which deals with care of measles.
The bulletin follower
One of the earliest signs of an
oncoming attack of measles- Is the
reddened condition of the eyes.
Tears may be noticed as excessive
Plnmmer, Eugene Stoller and Ma
beLWarrell.' The reaulrement for honor roll
are nd ease of tardiness or unexe
cuted absence for the quarter, two
"EX" grades, and no grade below
GD. - .
Albany Man Is
Visitor ih This
City Thursday
Edward E. Bryan of Albany was
a Salem visitor Thursday, calling
on the Salem Hardware company.
Mr. Bryan is advertising manager
tor the hardware group affiliated
for buying with the Northern
Hardware company. Over 200
stores pre in the group, including
stores In Albany, Sllverton, Cor
valis and Salem.
The affiliation is tor buying,
the stores continuing to be Inde
pendently owned and managed.
Mr. Bryan wiU handle the adver
tising for the stores in this area.
Ifeadthe Classified Ads.
The annual Father and Son ban
- qnet of the First M. E. church will
- be held in the church parlors on
Friday of this week at 6:20 p. m.
The dinner will be served by
- mothers of the boys, and the ban
quet Is sponsored by the Men's
Council of the church, all boys
without fathers being the special
- guests-of the council. Therefor
' ir is urged that all boys of the
- chorea school be present.
An enjoyable program of songs,
games, short and snappy toasts is
being prepared by the committee
. in charge, and a special feature ot
j the evening will b,e comedy mov
4 les. J. O. Russell will preside as
master of ceremonies while the
group singing will be under the
direction ot E. E. Bergman, with
Prof.' Gaw at the ' piano. Games
will be led by Mr. B. H. Mosher. '
- This banquet has come to be
V looked forward to as an annual
event in the lives ot the boysand
- last year was perhaps the best
that has ever been held . in the
church, and It is the desire ot
the committee to mak the one
this year surpass last year's ef
fort. . .
- ' rail " W v
Now is the brighten your rooms vnth new,, color
ful dra$erie8. Dreary winter days are drawing near. The'
cheer, of new.ciraperies will help to offset tKe'-gloom of
winter. Our drapery- department is' forging' ahead of
former years hecause of the excellent service we are giv
ing at smaU cost . Informal treatments of great charm
are easily possible with a few yards of cretonne, chintz, or
damas;-;:'-f-:- .. i.-S5SV ;. Cy-:
Ring up 29 and have Mr. Gregory measure your win
dows and submit estimates. No obligation on your part.
'V -
V: i ii TB , 'IS.
340 Coat St.
and almost ready to overflow the
lashes "darter thm star of mmu
tng and coughing that precedes
tne sxin erupuon. These early in
flammatory warnings in' the eyes
nsnallv rflmnilnlf K - an ma
reiulre ho treatment. They are
rear of light has prompted the vi
cious care that is responsible not
only' for loss of eresicht but also
for th loss of life of many children.
' Probably more harm has been
done bv th nld-faalitonAii ftntlon
that the child with measles mutt
be kept in a dark-room than by
any other nursing fault. - The fact
that tb tears. ra flAwlnr .n4
the eyes are a little congested" la
not sufncient reason for putting
the child in a dark room. In no
other diaeasa of rhildtwwut tr
fresh air and good light so Im
perative in treatment. Fresh air
is necessary to avert and counter
act lung infection, the thing that
kills these babies and children la
ter from pneumonia and other
germs often responsible for the Se
rious eye conditions developing in
later complications In measles.
Avoid eve comnllAsHana la
measles by banishing the tear ot
light. Keen tha nalient comforw
table by adequate light and an
anunaance ot fresh air. Extreme
cleanliness is a necessity. Noth
thing stronger than boric acid so
lution should aver b used la the
eyes. Assure comfort by having
tne patient's back to the light.
Too early use ot the eyes at
close ranra and tnr tnn ltr
period after any illness when the
eye muscles are relatively weak
and flabby, has been responsible
for muscla fantea. Thl fat ha-
comes noticeable during conva
Winter Coat Sale
Values to $49
Values to $29
Downstairs Thrift Store
XU 8:45
255 N. Libertj
Til 8:43
Some young lady better known as MISS
MAJESTIC will soon be packing her
trunk for that trip to Hollywood,
Calif. You can help your favorite
Contestant win by
YJk for
Miss Majestic
Just a few days left
amnciraai a
4S7 Court SU
Vibbert & Todd
143 N. High St. .
Sbjatie Radio SImw Foyer Fox Kblnore
if St "
New Browns...
to complete the new autumn en
semlbes with true Parisian chic J
New Styles...
that give outward expression to
the youthful exuberance created
by the exclusive Arch Preserver
in-built construction for root youtlj
and happiness. ,
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