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    The OREGON STATESMAN, S&lenu Oregon, Thnrsday Morning, November 21, 192
Two of the grooms at the dob,
heated on lite- edge of tha low
board fence which surrounds the
tolo field at Meadowbrook. were
(watching the van dribbling the
ball down the field while his pony
tore beside it at a gallop.
"And on a green pony, too
tried one ol the grooms, jumping
to his feet in excitement. "It ain't
human. Arry. You've got tovdoff
four 'at to Stefano. Ef the
greatest player in the world." The
other groom demurred.
" 'Appy Jack could 'old him If
be were 'ere 'ad Just a paper thia
edge en 'lm. Net that the Span
iard aln t top 'oie. cut two poio
players like Jaek Van Slalck can't
be born..
Tome out on the field to do some
npMn tntrifate and imoortant
thinking. And that beeanae the J
thinking was as Important as bo
deemed it to be he was doing it Is '
Stefano always thought most tc
eurately and successfully on horse
back and with a polo mallet in his
band. And as his changes of pon
ies galloped and turned sharply
Sunder him he was thinking abut
Nathalie whether he ought to
follow his heart and gather her to
It: or his head and "go wide" till
be learned more accurately her
worldly situation and the extent
of 'the money which she was to
receive in some mysterious way
efter Ferris had caught up with
He was fairly certain, from gos
sip among polo and hunting men
end in society generally, that ber
free spending father had been
pretty close to the end of his
money tether when he died,, and
could not have left Nathalie a
very substantial inheritance. Had
she any other expectations? He
knew nothing in that direction,
but was resolred to learn if he
could at Mrs. Pembcrton Swayne's
.where he was to dine that night
before motoring over to The Firs.
Mrs. Swayne, having reinstated
him In her plans for Sylvia's fu
ture" comfort and security, had
pressed him to come Just before
she left The Firs that morning at
the finish of the masked party.
And at the peak of his problem
as the difficulty that the two
days, at the end of which Nathalie
had indicated that she would be
ready to listen to him as a lover
and remove her mask, would be up
that night when he Joined her at
The Firs. What if The Firs, shab
by and down at heel add in legal
difficulties, was all she had? He
thought of the tryst they had
with a little shiver.
"Wouldn't be fair to her. what?
he said aloud, and In English, so
as to cheat his conscience a shade
the better. "If It should come out
that we were both paupers, then
.what? Deuced awkward for both
aides. Better go wide f fancy for
another day till I learn what's
T-hat." Between 8 and" 9 o'clock
lie drove to Fllntstone and the din
ner party that was expecting him
"And yet," he thought again, as
he entered the gates, "from what
that bounder Ferris intimates, she
must have money due from some
Quarter. But I shan't be precipitate
till, I'm looked harder into it.
.Wonder how I'll set about that
part?" j
Sylvia got him to herself within
a few minutes after he had en
tered the house.
"Stef, you're a frightfully good
egg." she confided, as she' leaned
back beside him on a sofa, "get
ting me out to the car and out of
the grounds when. you found I was
3 tight as & brick. Did' I spill
"Dear no
"Did dumb old Monty?
"Not a thing."
another vehicle was at the-, door i
before him. It was a motor truck
well loaded and covered with tar
paulin. A young mam In evening
clothes Jumped down from beside
the driver. It was "Monty Delaine.
Be was In that state which
made him take off hie bat and
toss It Into a tree. "Bring forth
your myrmidons minion s. Etef,
and have 'em unload what's on my
wagon. Champagne old ber.
Oceans of it. I put through the
fdeal of a lifetime today and to
night rom don't pull cork."
(To be continued tomorrow)
Stefan, Holding HU Pony Right on the Ball, CaUopod Along
It, Across it and Over if.
"Dear old fltef how you love
to lie. I can tell from your eyes
he did and you're being sporting.
Bat you'll protect me, won't you?
I'd be destroyed if it got out. And
you should bo happy, too. about
it, for now you won't have to do
it. We never wanted to, you and
X did we?"
"Assuredly not, but I say look
here how're you to manage you
two? Nice old Monty .without a
8ylvia laughed delightedly.
"He has something Just as good.
He has a headpiece. Monty's not
dumb a bit. He has hold of some
thing very good. But that's a se
cret and I'm not to breathe it"
Mrs. Swayne came over full of
"Of course I shouldn't interrupt
your confidences" here Sylvia
pinched Stefano "but you hav
en't forgotten the particular re
quest I left with you last night.
Iiave you Captain Stefano, about
poor, dear Nathalie. I have been
thinking about her incessantly
since we spoke ot her last night,
and It has occurred to me as al
most certain that she will visit
"The Firs" some night; probably
when you give another masked
Sylvia pinched Stefano again
and he had to struggle to keep his
mirtn down. In light of the fact
that to all intents and purposes
not he but Mrs. Swayne had given
the masked party.
"She is so devoted to dancing,"
went on Mrs. Swayne. "and it
would be so like her for she Is just
a little bizarre. And there is the
other reason that The Firs belongs
to her and her cariosity will be
aroused about it now that you
have made it the most popular
rendezvous in society. So be sure
to watch for her for I want to see
her very much."
-After she had gone away Sylvia
too begged him to discover Na
thalie's hiding place It he could.
"I'm horribly worried about
her," she said, "she resented some
thing mother did and she was
absolutely right about it at
Southampton and went away over
night. If you see her tell me for
I want to help her. It's frightfully
important Stef that some one
should find her for I'm convinced
.she is absolutely without money
and I can't Imagine how 6he's liv
"I heard something recently,'
replied Stefano, "about money
due her from source. Know any-
Good Circulation Is the
Secret of Perfect Health
i United States Senator from Naw York.
Fsrmer CowimUHoner Health, Veto Torfc City.
OT long ago I told yen about the arrangement of the air cells.
They are made to thin that Che oxyren of the lungs passes
right through this into the blood.
This oxygen, without which we could-sot live, would do little for
as if there was no. way ef carrying it to every
part of the body. Perhaps Nature might have
planned the human system, so that the tiny divi
sion ef tics bronchial tubes might have permeated
each of its parts. But a better plan was formulated.
The food we take at each meal would do as
thing about It?"
Sylvia shook her head; "I'd
love to believe It is true but it
can't be possible. I'm certain it
can't for I asked mother specially.
and she said that Nathalie had
nothing but The Firs and that it
isn't worth saving from some law
suit that has been brought agains
it. No, I m sure poor Nathalie had
absolutely nothing. Mother would
Stefano left for The First Just
before 12. Reaching there on the
stroke of the hour he found that
FAIRVIEW. November 20.
Sir. and lira. Cannoy and Mrs.
Lueiaa have returned from Tart
where they have bees fishing.
while at Taft they occupied the
McFarland cottage.
Ada Jory and Laura Baldwin
were recent callers, at the John
Jory home.
O. D. Needham has improved
jus home by a new coat of pant.
Mrs. Budionx and daughter of
Salem spent Thursday at the home
ox Mrs. Hazei Huege.
Mrs. H. R. Jones visited school
Thursday afternoon.'
Mr. Hartley of .'Anmsville Is
guest for a te wdaya at the home
of his daughter, Mrs. George Pal
Dr. Brank, assisted by Margar
et McAlplne, conducted a dental
clinic at the school house Friday
Mr. CamheQ and Mr. Day were
busy Thursday repairing the tele
phone line which has been but of
Ralph Dent, who tried am exper
iment in. raising carrot tot com.
mercial purposes is harOstlng his
crop. He is well pleased with the
yield. .
A number of farmers are dress
ing turkeys tor the Thanksgiving
market. -
Dillon Jones pent Wednesday
evening at the homo of Wilbur
Earl Hyatt of Minnesota is vis
iting at the F. L. Morse home.
Frank Turner returned Wed
nesday from a visit to Yamhill.
Margaret Turner spent Thurs
day night in Salem, the guest of
Elva Sehon.
WOODBURN.. November tO.
Miss 'Opal Hodge was -the house
guest of Miss Genevieve Emmons
of Salem over the week end and
armistice day. . , .
John Nelson and Pauline Lire-
say, students at Willamette uni
versity, took advantage of the
long vacation preceding Armistice
day and visited home and friends
in Woodburn.
Miss" Ruth Shrock visited many
of her old 'friends at Woodburn
high school Tuesday. .
Among the crowd of spectators
sizing up the ability of the Silver-
ton football team at the game
between Silverton high school and
St, Mary's eleven from Beaverton
were Mr. and Mrs. Ray O. Wolf,
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hande, Gilbert
Oddie, Miss Ruth Geer, Harold
Qustafson. Gorda Klamp and Lyle
Miss Dorothy Covey was home
over the week, end from Mon
mouth normal school.
Word has been received here
of the death of Arthur Olson, IS,
nephew of Mrs. Bart Alpin. in
Portland November IS. The child
died of infantile paralysis.
Among the crowd witnessing
the smashing defeat Woodburn
gave Newberg were several recent
graduates of Woodburn high. El
don Cone, '27, Walter Bomhoff,
'21; Arthur Brachmann, '21. Itha
Hunt, Ethel Tresidder and Ralph
H albert, 2I. Many of the stu
dents brought guests to school tor
the game.
The Woodburn chamber of
commerce will meet at 4:30 In
the Ray-Brown cannery for a tur
key dinner November 20. The
year's work will be summarized
and the officers for next year will
be elected. Rev. Chas. Tator of
Portland will be the principal
Twenty-one tables of 500 were
played at the card party and dance
at St. Luke's community hall
Thursday night. Mrs. E. F. Wohl
heter won the first prize for the
ladies and Al Henkes gentlemen's
first prize, and both received tur
keys. Miss Verna Oct and Nick
Hanauska won the ducks given as
second prizes.
Mrs. W. M. Gray and grandson.
Robert , Gray Foulkes, of , Lake
grove, visited Mrs, H. L. Qill Wed
nesday, c ...
C. H. Anderson and Jesse Most
of Atwood, ' Kansas, who have
been visiting John Fikan and fam
ily, left last week for California
euroute to Kansas.
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Settlemierl
entertained at a dinner in honor
of the 70th birthday of Mrs. Set-
tlemier s mother, Mrs. C. L. Webb.
Guests were Mrs. M. R. Settle
in ier of Portland, Mr. and Mrs. P.
D. Settlemier and daughter of
Corbett, Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Whit
tlesey and children and Mrs. R.
P. Finnegan of Portland and the
host and hostess and honored
guest and daughter. Miss Delia
Misses Marie Sowa and Frances
Hertl left Tuesday to visit Miss
Hertl's parents In Devil's Lake.
North Dakota. From there they
will go to Chicago, South Bend
and Notre Dime where they will
visit Frank Sowa who Is a soph
omore, in chemical engineering.
Rer. R. W. Achor and family
have moved from Roseburg to
Oregon City where Rev. Achor will
have charge of the pulpit in the
First Presbyterian church. Rev.
Achor was formerly of Woodburn.
George R. Lindahl of Los An
geles jislted his parents over Sat
urday and Sunday.
O. L. Withers, accompanied by
his brother, J. A. Withers, left
Sunday for a business trip to Tul
sa, Oklahoma.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Nendel motor
ed to Tacoma Sunday and visited
Mrs. Nendel's cousin and brother-
in-law, Mr., and Mrs, Cameron Pen
Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Allen left
Friday for Eugene where they will
attend the campus movie at the
McDonald theatre Friday evening
and the home-coming game of Sat
urday. Their daughter Helen has
a prominent part in the campus
Irvln Christenson and Norman
Roiling, who are attending the Ad-
cox aviation school in Portland,
were home over the week end.
Ralph David, W. H. S. graduate
now at the University of Oregon,
Is receiving high honors in his
field. In addition to earning his
own way through school he is
Home-Making Helps
Use Care In Selecting Draperies
f BVIIK great temptation m rsfur-
I aishtng these days Is to ge to
extremes. Modernistic devotees
there are who are ah for the plain
solid effects. Something like the gay
nineties, only more so. Plain woods
of stiff lines, solid colors for dra
peries eh as solemn as the Victorian
living-rooms, though possibly less
Bat if your among thoso who
want to. escape the one-color ore-
eadea and porapoua . solid velours.
there are fascinating brilliant pat
terns to choose 'rom. And also a
hazard of running to extremes. One
charm Ins woman who gloated over
the illirr 1 of ber dignified old living-room
as Chough It were some op
pressive Inhibition, amazed all be
holders by the lengths to which she
want in redecorating. Having set
her mind firmly gainst aU olid
color fabrics, she found it impossible
to resist each lovely new pattern
that came beforeer eyes. The re
sult 4s a houseful of patterns that
positively make ens - dtxzy. Each
piece ts beautiful in Itself. No doubt
about that. But the grand total of
Hewers and strips and cublstlo lines
and angles Is rather appalling.
The sew patterns are beautiful.
The chlntaea and cretonnes are jolly
and colorful, and some of them are
fla and ezpensrvs enough for a
most elegant living-room. Others
are appropriate for period rooms and
there are charming hand-blocked
linens and e.uaint calicoes that are
attractive enough to begin with
and bufld a room around the dra
peries. Nevertheless, if more than one
kind ef drapery is to be chosen
either for curtains, covers or cush
ion, it's essential to have some def
inite color scheme in mind. It may
be anite
to ha.v two kinds
of patterns la the same room, eitaei
for chair upholstery, or slip covers,
or for curtains, and yet have the9
harmonise. What one has te watch
out for ta choosing is color to avoid
clashes. If exact tints are repeated
In the several pieces then the differ
ence la pattera ana caatrasaag eoter
harmonies may be very
rather than confusing.
Man. Demons have a color
which naturally guides them to the
right choice. Otherwise the safe
thing la to go shopping armed with ,
one of the color charts that are ens
plied by. so many ef the saaaufao
tnrers and shops.. Also, patterns
must be purchased simultaneously
if they are different. Ton nave to
see the two pieces aide by aide te
know conclusively whether they wtn
blend well In the earns room It's
one of the things that cannot be
trusted to memory or imagination.
Some ef the new fabrics have at
tractive but positive patterns that-'
need careful barmonhung: Lea ping
fawns, dashing heuada, bright, plaaa
a red birds make beautiful many oC
the sUkv and cotton fabrics. Bat the
Ither patterns is a room bung with
seen acuvo aemgns wouw cccs
sarQy have ta be subdued. 'The com
petition for attention weald other
wise be most fatiguing te the eye.
it it were a room la-whlch one stayed
far more than a few minutes at a
Patterns that are bright and,
cheerful may also be exbaustlnev
And some- persons have a positive
reaction te certain kinds of patterns.
Checks and stripes, which so eftem
look alluring, must be used with,
caution. A lot of, them in one room,,
or hang where ens must see thentl
constantly, may trrRate the eyee..
Conventionalized designs of Sewers I
cr fruit ef aosltlve pattern are very'
pteastng te some outers ana
ttresomn er' anlcklv.
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night editor-in-chief of the Oregon
Daily Emerald and has recently
pledged membership in Sigma
Delta Chi. a national honorary
Journalism fraernlty.
Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Allen enter
tained Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Dean
at a dinner Monday in honor of
the 33rd wedding anniversary of
the Deans. Those present in ad
dition to the honor guests and the
host and hostess were Mr. and
Mrs. J. J. Hall, Mr. and Mrs. S.
W. Maupin and Mr. and Mrs. H.
F. Butterfield.
Mr. and Mrs. Lyman H. Shorey
entertained at a dinner party Sun
day in honor of the birthdays of
their daughter Gertrude and Mrs.
Shorey's sister, Irene RlecheU
Those who were guests were Mr,
and Mrs. August Reichel, Mrs. J.
C. Beaumont, of England. Miss
LouiSe Shorey of Portland, ' Mr.
and Mrs. Robert Parkhill of Val
setz and Irene Riechel of
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'Orders Are Orders"
fay M4GA7.IME IS
1 1 rvrv'-'t- uwu-'.
B0UT vtfM eon
wif MAS. SO I
" l (jtft . . . '
Then Her Time Will Be Her Own"
HAS Ay "YOST TOO 30 BAO rgl 751 , T1LLIE lM'T W f A Ml MOTET
I! J j A iBritil. (
rrpi-L. be eLAOtti?i
71 mm oue. oww BuSiursa
.little good II there was no way to get it from
. Hhe digestrse organs to ererr nortioii A thm twufr
this case, too. Nature might hare planned a
digestive iTsteni that would extend to our very
luigCTi utt moi o nere. coo. nature formu
lated m .better plan.
What is this "better plan" of which I hare
spolen twice? How does the oxygen get to Tery
part cf the body? Bow art the food inateriab
carried there? ,
t uc yiHa ivr uie circutAUOn OX tne Mnad - snv
aolved both these Problems. The blood, eurSni 151 CCTLAND
through the ressela, reaches every last ceD and fibre of the body By
.means of this circulating fluid, food and nourishment as wcU as the
Wy nAleein,S V'1: f" everrwhere.
The heart is in reality a forceful pump. It sends the blood in a
eleansins. purifying.- nourlshlns.t"
' aeallnc stream te the most ontfrtnrl CTUv ox me oiooo. It U in rrery
, and autant parts.
; The tooa Is broken up into tiny
.particle, dissolved by ana la the
fluid, chaagea by the addition of
aigastlve secretion, and made ready
tor - absorption by . the blood. Car
eeletlng ' throogh the wmUe ef tk
- .tfisestlvs organs, this fluid picks u
, us prepares loos aaa carrKe tt
By constant dreulattoa. the blood
: reaches the air cells ef the iucra.
, Bore parr ot the poison that have
fceea thrown out of the stream are
v filtered out ef the fluid..
The blood courses through Brer
ana kidneys- in these organs other
poisons are extended. - The skin
' given its work to do. 8o row e
; the blood by Its etrcnlsUoa ukes
away the waste and poisonous sub
' stances.
; At the same time the valuable food
. elements are carried ererywhere to
he Picked np and consumed by the
. cells et the boor.. 8a the system Is
nourished and cleansed by the eh
sense Ihe "ltte Duld.-
1 Answers to'Uealth Qoerit
AXJCX. aWhat can be. done
tor nasal eatarrhX '
1 WhU wia benefit high' blood
pressuret ,
Aw Special treatment U advisable.
A aose and throat spray used tiaht
and morning win help the condition
" Xv- Proper dlet and general care.
or etner lazormauott send a een
addressed stamped enrelope and re
peat your Question.
A.'M.'-C" Q. I am a boy of lltt
yearn of age. t feet 4 inches tJL Dt
yea think I wOl crow any taller? Is
there any way to accomplish results
along taia uaer -
A Tea. you win continue to grow
and " develop - generally antfl - you
reach the asre ef XI. Whv not lol
a gymnasium class for eerne epeeJal
exercises with this end hi view.
CtemskV UW, mvnm VMS-n esnks, sH
"The Half-Pint -Sherlock"
fiZxr jS-s Try N f WHO fcAAJG Ttt4rr M VslMlshiD A- - 1-1 TUdX OlAS SBAST VJUIOTWEJ? ,1
' 1 J
"The Mysterious Stranger"
I haws thet if ' bicrr "uSX iW :!-eu.w?rBii
CASWa?y :?Hr A" ) F?Sfe MONEY, -rtxrve wkUtdouV tlmt il
I yv , M sr-r4sss&tlr fIfiLiro Tryfrnf fT s
1 VmT wa.1 A
Xmtther TEP WITH
tJiprrf Looks 4jt,
THE. E opus; WHO
151CK'301T,fHEIMOUS Tkl'f EC'JlVB.
lot re weistxrcd Gerald BPWJiajii'rod
MasrriivKsR. clamby axis ottc ant tiro.
sa3ce man-, 'Thought thb petbctive'
FOR. "TrjU.MP.
- x