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    j jLbcal News Briers
preach Clab Meet Reports by
Tnilett EarU and , Harriett Parse
land. Vthort program featured the
4rieettag during tbe home room
Mrtod Wednesday of the high
frechool French elub, of which fa
; VllEa Phelps !s president. A group
oe 'liftll period students sang' a
dirgaad a quartet composed -of
' -Jo n Bpeer and France Raid eane
.Tellarselllalire. Plans were start
ed, 'for the first club party to be
veld rate la December. Committee
' ppo1ntmeals were announced as
" toiloVs: V program Allen, Earle,
fchafrmaa, Frank Rupert, liary
jane Lau. Ruth Gillette, Hanaa
Kymhii and Margaret Wilson; so
'dkl Verle Smith, chairman,
Jtarph Filsinger, Helen Larson,
Rattle Ramp, pills Donane and
Vaei Rogers, finance Dorothy
taTt, chairman, Milton James,
Kathleen Phelps. Seiko WaUnabe
and Harriett Payne. .
"To every purchaser, of a day en -port,
the Imperial Furniture Co., Is
a bridge or floor lamp from
their regular stock.
Air Test Slated Tbe plane
t&tt program scheduled for Sat.
'nrday by the American Air Ca
. dets will be held at 9 a.m. in the
horse show stadium at the state
fairgrounds, it was announced
Wednesday by Harry W. Scott,
bead of the adTisory committee.
'All members of American Air Ca
det units are eligible to enter
.their model planes, and prizes
-will be awarded for those which
"perform best. In addition, the pi
lot and ace ranks frill be confer
red upon those meeting the re
quirements. Several of the boys
hire already earned the "grease
monkey" rank. Judges will be
.Lee Eyerly, Charles Hudkin3 and
Iran White.
.We hare just 11 new Pontiacs
ttt to be sold at a big redaction in
price. Vick Brothers.
May Cull Another Vote Ac
fording to word reaching Salem,
districts composing the Genrais
union high school are starting a
movement to call a vote, thet hird
or fourth since the union was
eStablifhed. to abolish the district.
Much bitter feeling had been
worked up in the various districts
over the union high school prob
lem, it is said, both through the
elections on dissolution and
election held some
rr-Tsing to vote $35,
; lt construction of a
Thaaks-ivlsg Turkey Free with
each cash Permanent Wave! Appointments-
must be made before
Nov. 27. Model Beauty Parlor,
can 958.
Richards Services Today Dou
' Me funeral services will be held
aft t o'clock this afternoon at the
Cloirgh-Taylor chapel for Fern
and Evelyn Richards, daughters
Of Mr. and Mrs. William Richards.
Through an error, the services
were announced In another paper
for Wednesday afternoon. Inter
ment will be in the Belcrest Mem
orial park. Besides the parents,
brothers and sister survive as fol
ros: Allen. George and Elsie.
Fern died Saturday and Evelyn
, i - - '
bridge or fKxr lamp to harm-
with your davenport free to
a when you buy that davenport
of the Imperial Furniture Co.
Cwmmings 111 George L.
Commlngs is critically ill at his
home, 1396 North Fourth street.
He suffered an attack of heart
trounla while working at the
3k aiding sash and door factory
Tuesday. Mr. cummtngs has a
nu'fcrber s of .relarfrw. raring In and
J new Pontiacs
tiL i. at a. ImC reduction in
,.VIdr Brothers.
. Boy Born Here Mr. and Mrs.
Gilbert Keenen. Salem route
three, are rejoicing over arrival at
a baby boy, the third soa, born
Wednesday night at the Bungalow
maternity home. The young man
hair been named David Lee. He
weighed seven and a half pounds
- a
Select your Christmas cards at
The Statesman, we print or en
grave them to order. '
Fine Fire Reported Early
Wednesday morning, the down
town fire department was called
to 588 Knapp street to protect
the building from sparks from
chimney fire. No damage was re
Free bridge lamp or floor lamp
with every davenport sold at the
Imperial Furniture Co., store.
Club Now Organized Organ
ization of the high school science
club, started for the first time
last' year, was made at a meeting
held yesterday during the home
room period. Mrs. Mary Mishler is
faculty advisor.
They're good, they're beautiful,
acd they're free! Those bridge
and floor lamps that the Imperial
Furniture Co., is giving with each
davenport sold.
Cia Trip North Mrs. Avis J.
Martin left Wednesday morning
lor"1. Woodland, Wash., where she
win spend the remainder of the
. week visiting her daughter, Mrs.
IV T, Stewart
:-C!eari up on bulbs. Special price
Thursday. Salem's Petland. Phone
Noonan in Citjr Denny Noonan,
representative of a book concern
- with headquarters in Seattle, was
y in" the city Wednesday to "confer
wtth the city superintendent; '
- Want used frnitnre.LTei.. Sli
' . Here FWmiXoeswy- Bntfe
. Marguerite Looney, clerk i the
lJooney Butte school district was
li1 Salem Wednesday to - confer
with the county, school superia-
' ,Gets Divorce Decree Lela A;
' Riley wan awarded a decree of di
. Si'c! from, her husband. Crlsa B.
; Itiley in an order ; fronC.eIreuit
West Attends Seminar O. P.
West, .scout executive for Marion
and Polk counties, was in Eugene
Monday and Tuesday to attend
the bi-monthly seminar held at
the University of Oregon for
scout executives of Klamath Falls,
Med ford, Roseburg, Eugene, Cor
vallis,' Salem, Portland. The
Dalles, La Grande and Vancouver,
Wash. A similar discussion group
is held each year, last year's being
on the Reed college campus. The
seminar is planned to broaden
knowledge ef the scout executive
and to keep him abreast with
events, in the fields of sociology,
astronomy, geology, economics
and other sciences. West says at
the last semioar Prof. Harold 8.
Tuttie gave tvro particularly In
teresting addresses on "Creative
Personality" -and "Habits and At
titudes." Three degrees conferred
on scont masters are also earned
through the seminar studies.
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Christmas cards now. Make your
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Canadian Farmer Visits
Charles Sutton, wheat rancher
from Champion, Alberta, Canada,
was a visitor with friends and
relatives in "Salem Heights Wed
nesday. Mr. Sutton is the owner
of more than 3,000 acres of farm
land in Canada and each year
spends the winter at Long Beach,
California. Crop conditions were
fairly good in Alberta this year,
reported Mr. Sutton, but weath
er indications point to a big year
for the wheat grower in 1930, he
New all electric radios. See and
hear them at F. N. Woodry's Auc
tion Market, 1610 N. Summer st.
Home Economics Club sleets
The Home Economics club of the
senior high school held a regular
business session at the home room
period yesterday noon. Reports on
constitution revisions and the ba
zaar which the club will sponsor
at Christmas time, answering of
queries placed in the club question
box, and songs oc Ved the atten
tion of the group. Claudine Gilles
pie is president, Ruth Reynold,
secretary and Mrs. Eula S. Creech,
faculty advisor.
We have Just 11 new Pontiacs
left to be sold at a big reduction in
price. Vick Brothers.
Disease Report Given Marion
county's communicable diseases
reported for the week ending
November 16 numbered 16 cases,
including six cases of tuberculosis
at the state hospital. Other dis
eases were: Six eases chickenpox,
one mumps, one tuberculosis and
two pneumonia. Chickenpox led
diseases in the state with 4 cases.
Puppy Sale Thursday at Sa-
em'i Petland. 273 State St.
New Group Is Plan The Sa
lem Arts League will have a new
division, the Oregon history sec
tion, after tonight, when a group
will meet at the home of Dr. Mary
Rowland for that purpose. Twenty
ocal folk are expected to be char
ter members.- Mrs. Branche M.
Jones, temporary chairman, will
preside over tonight's meetings.
Furnish your home for less at
F. N. Woodry's, Summer St.
From Heppner James M.
Burgess of Heppner was intro
duced at the Rotary club luncheon
Wednesday by Charles A. Howard,
state superintendent of public in
struction, who stated that Mr.
Burgess would be connected with
his office after the first of the
year as supervisor of secondary
Trade in your old piano, radio
or furniture on a new ail-electric
radio. See and hear them at F.
N. Woodry's, Summer St.
Charged With Possession
Conrad Hagenauer pleaded not
guilty at his arraignment In jus
tice court Wednesday on a charge
of unlawful possession of intoxi
cating liquor. Bail was aet at
6600 and the man was committed
to the county jail when he was
unable to raise the bond.
Christmas Cards with our. with
out engraving or printing at Tbe
Statesman Publishing Co.
library Hac New Lights Sa
lem public library I to be all
dressed up with an entry light at
the side entrance, something
which H has not had before, new
lights in the auditorium and foot
llghta for the stage. Installation
of the lights 'began Wednesday.
Valley Day Special: Jlia.25
Fisk Balloon 610.76. Walt's Tire
shop, 198 So. om1. Phone 736
Wants Divorce Alleging cru
etty and personal Indignities Buf
fered during the past 10 years of
her married life, Ada Emmett fil
ed divorce proceedings in circuit
court Wednesday against Arthur
B. Emmett. The1 couple hare two
children, a daughter who is now
of age and a son, age 17.
Dr. Dolph L. Craig, dentist, has
moved to Suite 31S. First Nation
al Bank Bid g. Phone 2327. Eve
nings by appointment.
Receives Edison Papers Mrs.
Nella Schnellar of Detroit, Mich.
has sent to her father, W. B. Gil
son of Salem, a series of newspa
pers from Detroit, telling in de
tail of the recent Edison celebra
tion observing the Invention tit
the electric light bulb.
Valley Day Special: 31x5.25
Fisk Balloon $10.76. Wall's Tire
shop, 198 So. Com'l. "Phone 7S6.
Flag at Half Mast Funeral
services. ia Washington, D. C. on
Wednesday afternoon for James
Good, secretary of war, who pass
ed a way thla week, irpre respons
ible for the flag on the postoffice
building here being at halt asast
yesterday. ,
Tally Speaks, ugcne Dr. asd
Mrs. Norman Tally returned from
Eugene .Wednesday afternoon,
where Dr. Tully spake at the Con
tral Presbyterian church Tues
day night before the father and
soi banquet.' .
Taica Post Bono! Louta Tatet
was released from the county Jail
yesterday when a bond of 6766
was posted by L. and ; Richard
Tates, assuring the court that the
man would make regular pay
ments to Rosemary Drysdala for
the care of an illegitimate child
of which Yates was declared to be
the father. Tates was -brought to
Salem Tuesday from Portland
where he was arrested for failure
to make tbe payments specified
by the court at the time he was
found guilty in the action brought
against him by Miss Drysdale.
The womin has sine been mar
ried. Ladles' Aid Baxaar at the Ger
man Baptist Church. N. Cottage
and D Sts. 8 p.m. Thursday.
Students Get Chairs The third
grade room at the Washington
school presented a much different
appearanee Wednesday, with
chairs and tables substituted for
the old desks. Chairs and tables
for study purposes in the school
room are the latest recommenda
tion of educational authorities.
The change has met with the third
grade pupils' immediate pleasure.
They are painted green and the
children hare been orange oil
cloth mats for the tables and also
colored book racks. ' Mrs, Rose
Gibson is the teacher.
Valley Day Special: 81x5.15
Fisk Balloon 610.76. Wolf's Tire
shop, 19 8 So. Com'l. Phone 786.
Teachers Form Club Teachers
engaged In the schools in and ad
jacent to the Liberty district or
ganized a teachers' club Tuesday
night, naming Mrs. Clara H. Rees
of Liberty president, Mrs. Ethel
L. McCoy of Salem Heights, vice
president, and Miss Cecilia Schot
thoefer of Prospect, secretary-
treasurer. Mrs. Mary L. Fulker
son, county school superintendent,
met with the group and assisted
them in the first meeting.
Cider Apples wanted. Giedon
Stois Co.
Flyers to Solo F. R. "Buck"
Miller and P. W. Church, young
Salem' aviation students, will
make their first solo flights at the
Eyerly school of aviation this
week. The flights will be made
in the monoplane which was con
structed by the two young men
under the direction of Lee Eyerly,
designer of the ship.
Valley Day Special! 31x5.25
Fisk Balloon $10.76. Wolf's Tire
shop, 198 So. Com'l. Phone 786.
Holds Statesman Policy John
Marr, 1132 Hines street, who was
injured in an automobile collision
Sunday, reported the accident to
the Statesman as he holds one of
the North American Insurance
policies that ate issued to the
Stateman subscribers. Mr. Marr
will be paid for the time he is un
able to work.
Dollar dinner every night 5:30
to 8 at the Marlon hotel.
Teachers Pleased Appreciation
of tha entertainment accorded
them at the reception given by
the Rotary dab last week, was
expressed in letters from officers
of the Salem Teachers' association
read at the Rotary luncheon Wed
nesday. Licenses Issued Joseph Kle-
syoski, 26, Gervals, and Christina
Goldale. 20, West Woodburn;
Peter Krumpicka, 23, Aurora, and
Martha Pokhorny, 17, Woodburn,
were listed among those applying
for marriage licenses at the coun
ty-clerk's office Wednesday.
Valley Day Special: 31x5.25
Fisk Balloon 610.76. Wolf's Tire
shop, 198 So. Com'l. Phone 786.
Visit ml Independence Mrs.
Mary L. Fulkerson, county school
superintendent, visited rural
Bchools at independence and Ti-
cmity Wednesday. The previous
day ana was at the Detroit school.
making her second trip there of
the- year.
HOteoa In City W. H. Hoesen.
veteran clerk ef the Stayton
school district, was In the etty
Wednesday while on his way to
Portland. He called at tha office
t the county school superinen
dent while in town.
Pianos for Rent, H.
Furniture Ce.
L. stiff
Fined 910 Another motorist
driving his automobile with Im
proper lights paid Judge Brazier
Small a fine ef 616 in justice
court yesterday. This time it was
R. Dimbat who parted with tha
ten sppt.
We have just 11 new Pontiacs
left to be sold at a big reduction la
price. Vick Brothers.
Bepresestative Named C. F.
Breitbaupt was appointed as the
Rotary club's representative on
the Associated Charities board, at
the Wednesday Rotary luncheon
by President W. I. Staley.
Get Wedding License Fletcher
M. McGee, of West Salem. .Wed
nesday obtained a marriage li
cense to wed VInnie Moyer of
Wiien Its
Think of
jS!!1'''"" '
JUNK. : .
We buy rags, sacks, paper.
Iron, brass, copper, hides.
etc, ,
Capital Junk Co.
IU Steinbeck. Prop.
S08 By the Bridge
STATESIAW. Salccu Orrron. Thnrsday Morning,
N Interrnptfcm in Servi
Eric Butler; manager of the Jocal
Westers J7nioa office, reported
last night, following information
from the head office, that no de
lay will be occasioned in the ca
ble service for the company pa
trons on account of the cable
break Monday. The Company has
other cables and simply routes
messages over them while the
break Is being repaired. An
earthquake 250 miles south of
Newfoundland caused tha cable
Free Turkeys at Schindler'a An
nual Turkey Dance, Sat.
Kerne to Speak "Spec" Keene,
athletic director at Willamette
university,- will be the speaker at
tbe Lions' club luncheon Friday
noon, it has been announced.
Benefit. Old Time Dance, St.
Vincent's Hall, Thursday night.
Another New Babe Mr. and
Mrs. L. L. Jensen are the parents
of a baby girl bom Wednesday
mornin. Mr. Jensen is a Salem
Old Time dance at Armory Fri
day night. Susbauer's orchestra.
Speeder Nabbed Al Argetslng
er. route two, was arrested by
traffic officers tor speeding Wed
Rummage Sale , 420 Court
street, Friday and Saturday. Nov.
22 and 23, sponsored by Carna
tion Club.
Camp Fire Girls to Meet The
Nowetonpatominn Camp Fire
girls of the high school will meet
Thursday afternoon.
Hubbard Woman v
Dies at Home
There Tuesday
Mrs. Agatha Engel, a resident
of Hubbard for the last 26 years,
died at her home there Tuesday.
She was 75 years old. Her hus
band, Raphael Engel, died 1 n
1905. The remains were brought
to the Rigdon mortuary here,
from which funeral announce
ments will be made later.
Four daughter survive: Mrs.
Marie Doran of Salem, Mrs. Rosa
Voget of Hubbard, Mrs. Lenak
Resnizcek of Howell Prairie and
Mrs. Theresa Munger of Malta,
Mont. Twenty-seven grandchildren
and seven great grandchildren
also survive.
Double funeral services for
Fern. Richards, 11, and Evelyn
Richards, 16, sisters who died Sat
urday and Sunday respectively,
will be held this afteenoon at 2:00
o'clock at the Clough-Taylor mort
uary, Rev. F. C. Taylor officiat
ing. Interments in Belcrest Mem
orial park.
Agatha Engel, age 75, died at
the residence in Hubbard Tues
day. Survived by the following
children: Mrs. Lenah Beanizcek of
Howell Prairie, Mrs. Marie Doran
of Salem, Mrs. Rosa Voget of
Hubbard and Mrs. Theresa Mun
ger of Malta, Mont. Also 27
grandchildren and seven great
grandchildren. Funeral services
Thursday at 2:45 o'clock from the
Rigdon chapel. Rev. C. S. Johnson
officiating. Interment Belcresfc
Memorial park.
Sarah N. Wade, age 78, died
Wednesday morning at the home
at 785 North High street. Survived
by two daughters, Mrs. Inis Ml
ehael and Mrs. E. Pence, both of
Salem," and one son. Watten of
Venita, . Okla. Funeral announce
ments later from Clough-Taylor
Charles faarl died In this city
November If. Remains will he
shipped today, to Astoria for serv
ices and Interment. Arrangements
in charge ef Clough-Taylor eom
Mrs. Cordelia B. Hager, age 6f,
died Tuesday in the St. Vincent
hospital in Portland. Survived by
one son, Harold of Clatskanie, and
the following brothers and slaters
Dr. R. D. Byrd, L, A. Byrd and
Mrs. Bertha B. McMahan of Sa
lem. E. F. Byrd and Dr. J. C.
Byrd ef Spokane and Virginia
Byrd ef Portland. Funeral services
will be Thursday at 1:30 o'clock
from the Rigdon mortuary. Rev.
N. K. Tully officiating. Interment
in the City View eemetery.
City View Cemetery
Established 1883 Tel. 1266
' Conveniently Accessible
Perpetual care provided tor
Prices Reasonable
Pettrest iHemorta!
820S (ilU Priced
A Park Cemetery
with perpetual care
Just tea minutes from the
heart of town
Possibility of Great Finan
cial Saving Cited by
Arthur Brock
A saving of mere than 8100.000
a year could be made by parents
of Oregon school children If the
texts used in the grade schools'
were printed by the -state. In the
opinion of Arthur Brock, foreman
of the. state printing department,
who has just returned from Cal
ifornia where he has' been inves
tigating the problem of state
printed textbooks for the interim
committee appointed by the last
legislature to make a report on
this matter.
Parents of Oregon school chil
dren attending grade schools
spend approximately 8300,600 a
year for school bOoks which cqiild
be reproduced In a state owned
and operated plant at less than
8200,000, Brock declares.
The project would necessitate
the purchase of new equipment
for the state printing plant cost
ing approximately 8100,000. This
would include new presses and
bindery equipment, Brock explains
which would serve the state for
many years.
State printed textbooks are
proving highly satisfactory n Cal-
uornia, crock round. The southern
state prints only the books used
in the grade schools but a move
Is now on foot to extend this pro
ject to include books used in
high schools as well. Brock ex
plains that with the exception of
three or four large book concerns,
all of the private book firms are
willing to lease their textbook
plates for use in a state owned
plant so that the standard of a
state printed book would be Just
as high as books now in use in
the schools.
In addition to the saving In the
cost of the books to the parents
of school children buying them.
Brock points out that by printing
tne book in the state plant money
now sent east to pay printers and
bindery employees would be kept
m Oregon.
Brock explains that the present
Investigation has to do with state
printed textbooks as distinguished
from "free textbooks." Should the
state, decide to adopt a free text
book law he is convinced that an
additional saving could be made
in tbe total cost of supplying
books used in the schools.
Three representatives of the
state' of Washington accompanied
Brock on his trip to California to
make a study of the problem of
state production of school books
for that state which now has a
free textbook law but buy the
books from private book concerns.
3 Sheep Firms
Here Tuesday
tb Cunningham Sheep com
pany, with 650,000 capitalisation;
Dixie Sheep company. 810.000.
and Imnaha Sheep company, 5d,-
ooo, all located in Umatilla coun
ty, have been incorporated by
Fred W. Falconer, Mac Hoke and
Donald Cameron. Headquarters
for the three companies will be
in Pendleton. Articles were filed
In the state corporation depart
ment Tuesday.
The National Dollar Stores.
L'td., with capital stock of 63,-
uuo.eoo has filed notice of Its In
tention to operata In Oregon. It
is a California corporation. J, V,
Beach ef Portland is attorney-in-fact,
O o
I West Salem
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Newcent and
two children of Ktngwood avenue
war week-end -visitors in Port
land with Mr. Newgent's parents.
George Steward of Edcewater
street sold one ef the new houses
Phone na for the
Highest Cash Price
We buy and sell everything
Salem Junk Co.
320 N. Commercial
Saffron Kline
Sat., Nov. 23
I will sell to the highest bidder without reserve the En
tire Furnishings of the FALLS HOTEL on Mill Street
in North Side Addition
I will give m listing of only m few of the many
articles to be sold -
. FURNITURE of 40 ROOMS. All Cleaned Fnssignted
If yen are la need of bedding, dishes, farnltnre,
v - don't mlf thia tale
IS Mattresses, S8 Bedsteads, S8 Dresners, Tables, Chairs, Heat
era, 1 Show Case, 1 .Let f Window Drapes, Comfortrrv, Pll-
Bows, iHsnes, looains; i tenuis, and Other Articles Too Xn-
10 Mention. .
, I Bny, Sell and Exchange.
9. T. McFEELtV Clerk. ;
iter 21, 1923
Seven Boys are
Merit Badges at Court of
Honor Staged This Week
Merit bdges were awarded to
seven beys, one five year veteran
badge was presented, two star
scout ranks were bestowed, one
second class and two first class
awards made at the November
court of honor for boy scouts of
Cascade Council area held Tues
day night at the Fraternal temple
and presided oyer by Judge Harry
H. Belt. Court commissioners
were J. M. Campbell of Dallas.
Don Dourls and Sam Laughlin of
Salem and Roy E. Brady of c'il-
verton. Judge Belt gave an ad
dress, telling the boys of the pos
sibilities of building, for the fu
ture, for manhood, through par
ticipation in the cout work. He
commended the boys up for pro
motions Tuesday night for the
able manner in which they re
sponded to the various tests upon
which raise In rank was contin
gent;' -
Recommendation for an honor
medal for : Raymond Kosef, 16-year-old
Dallas boy .who rescued
Carl Varitx, 13, from drowning
last August 14, was approved by
the court of honor, and local ap
proval and papers will be sent to
the New York headquarters for
final approval. The medal, will
arrive in about a month and pres
entation will be made an event at
a court of honor to be held in
Dallas next month.
O. P. West, scout executive,
learned of Koser's act about a
month ago and immediately
looked up witnesses, the boy res
cued nd young Koser and soon
found that Koser had actually
risked his life in saving the life
of the younger boy. Koser was
the only one of a group of onlook
ers who made any effort to rescue
Varitz, who had gone down for
the third time and was at the bot
tom of the river when Koser
reached him, according to the tes
timony presented to the court of
which he just built. It is the new
house on 1233 Skinner street. He
sold it to Mr. and Mrs. Carl Simp
son, who now reside at 1591
Franklin street, but they will va
cate very soon.
The Ladies' Aid of the West
Salem church is making plans for
a bazaar and rummage sale to be
held at the church, the 6th and
7th of December. It is hoped every
one will attend and make this a
big success.
Fred Churchill of Albany, broth
er of Mrs. G. M. Douglas of Edge
water street came to the Douglas
home Monday on a visit for an
indefinite time.
James Summers accompanied by
his father, Jack Summers, and
grandfather, W. G. Duffy, motored
to Harrisburg Tuesday evening,
where he showed pictures in the
picture show which he is sow run
ning there. He also is running
picture shows in several other
towns close by.
Bud Caully and son, Brucef
Tillamook, were Monday visitors
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jack
Summers, of King wood avenue.
Mias Carol Van Buren, of North
Salem was an all night guest with
Miss Clara Summers of West Sa
lem Monday night. ''
Eyeglass Insurance and thor
ough examination included.
110 N. Commercial St.
Hair Tonic
A new scientific preparation
tor removing dandruff. Im
parting vitality to the hair tc
promoting Its growth. Abso
lutely guaranteed or money
Price 50c & $1.00
Prepared by
Emil A. Schaefer
Mfg. Chemist
185 N. Cosa! ST., Salem, Ore.
Casr Paid for Used Fnrnitnre. -
- A, 1L PURVIS, Aetler.
honor. Koser Is a boy scout, be
longing to troop 17 at Dallas and
bad earned his life saving badge
prior to the rescue. He said
training of scout work was re
sponsible for his act.
Awards made at the court went
to: Norman Dennlson. troop 26 of
Silverton, second class; Layton
Daschieldt, troop 27 of Dallas,
and Rogers Kellogg of troop two,
Salem, first class scouts; Charles
S. Campbell of Dallas, five-year
veteran badge; Ralph Langly and
Phillip Hlmmel. troop It of Dal
las, star scout badge awarded for
rank of first class for six months
and earning of five merit bdges.
Merit badges were awarded three
members of troop 20 of Silver
ton; Wesley Williams tor public
health and first aid, Frank Petty
john for first aid and Ralph Lang
ly tor first aid; to three members
of troop two, Salem: Stanley
King for pathfinding, Maynard
McKinley for cooking, and Irvin
Ulver for camping, pathfinding
nd wood carving: and to one
member of troop 26 of Dallas;
Howard McFetridge for life
Membership in the Junior cham
ber of commerce at the high school
was materially swelled Tuesday,
when 43 commercial students were
put through the initiation cere
monies. The neophytes were dress
ed as small children and kiddles'
games were played at the social
hour which followed the ceremony,
held after school. Meda Harden
is president of the chamber, and
Miss-Muriel Wilson is faculty ad
visor. The new members include: Lor
raine Haag, Enola Johnson. Nina
White,' Hazel McElroy, Jimmie
Emmett, Ruth Carlson, Edgar
King, Jack Hepner, Nathan Stein
bock, Vivian Grant, Sylvia Meatte,
Fern Shelton, Faye Driscoll, Mau
rine Carmical, Helen Pierce, Mild
red Darr, Zelpha Thie, Billy St.
Clair, Marvin Ritchie, Evelyn Co
burn, Dorothy Browning, Wilson
Edwards, Margart Freibert. Char-
Oregon Electric Railway
to points to
Oregon, Washington, Idaho
and Montana
Tickets on sale Nov. 26, 17,
28; return limit Dec. 2
Albany $ 1.00
Astoria 6.55
Bend 14.00
Corvallis 1.50
Eugene 3.10
Gear hart 7.30
Goldendale 8.15
PrineriHe 14.65
Redmond 130
Walla Walla 13.65
Seaside 7.40
Spokane 20.00
White Salmon.... 5.65
Yakima- 16.60
Tickets, reservations, etc., ef
J. W. RITCHIE, Ticket Agent
Phone 72?
L. T. Knowlton, General Agent
e prescription
ade a
7 ii
CELDOlf. has any tingle act
been of greater benefit to
mankind than the one which Dr.
Caldwell performed back in 1885
when he wrote the prescription
which haa carried big fame to
the four corners cf the earth, :
Over and over. Dr. Caldwell
wrote this prescription v ag . be
found men. women, and auldrea
suffering- from " those) common
symptoms of coastjpation, iueh
as coated tone, bad treath,
headaches, sv.Mnacsv':-ffioa-'
ness, poor appetite, or lack f
energy. tc And It inTariablF
raicveo. uMsa symptoms
moch. more pleasantly, so much
quicker than either thinga, that
bii patients simply bad ta tdl
other people about it j
The demand for this prescrip-
lotto XaDue, Edna - RIf fey,? Leja!
Ford, Lawrence i Rich, " LoreU
Kahler, Wanda Rose, Leatha Mad
ison. Agnes Miller, Delpha Sav
age, Ida McNeill, Edla Medler,
Earle Relnwald, Delraa Peters.
Lillian Peters, Ruth Winkeman,
Edward Weber, Hasel Koenicke,
Madelyn McKilloj), Delphine Sav
age and Gladys Lacneie.
Gypsy Rover'
Will Be Given
By Elks Group
The east of 45 people for the
Elks Christmas charity entertain
ment has been chosen and Is now
at work preparing for the event.
The show is "The Gypsy Rover"
a musical comedy, and will be
given December 10 and 11 at the
Grand. The directors are from out
of town, but the cast is composed
of local people, members of tbe
lodge and others. The Barbara
Barnes school of the dance will
'assist in the production.
Now Open Until
. Midnight
Dally Except Sunday
Complete Service
for your Model A
and Model T
Cars and Trucks
Washing - Lubricating
Lubricating Oil
Battery Serrke
Light Adjusting
Saks FORD Service
tion grew so I att that br 1888
Dr. Caldwell wasorced to have
it put up ready for use and sup
ply drug: stores with it. Today
you can cet the generous bottles
f Dr. Caldwell's Syrnp Pepsin,
as it Is called, at aU drug stores.
"When you or your children suf
fer front any of the symptoms of
constipation, it will pay you to
tasting, effectiT laxative; made
only from herbs and other pure
ingredients; a Teal corrective for
sonaapauon. a. doctors 47-year
experience behind this formula!
A DoctorYFatnilr Laxative I
ttiilv doctor