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    The STATCSIIAI felcst, Oregtaw Salcrgay Karaln, SeptmSer 14, 1920
P till
d Today
Lo&sit Ifo
By cuims
. It's a safe bet that Doe Willing
Vrould b willing to hire someone
t reasonable salary to make
his speeches for him. , Still, ho
might ho a fair Ulker rt he didnt
have to follow ap all the flatter
lag things that were said about
him at the luncheon here. Under
those circumstances, there Just
isn't anything a man eaa s$y about
uuneell and remain unassuming.
W W W W W UT W w 3C W W 3. 3 3T W W W. . X if
f?ogs mfe Finals After Terrific Uphill Fight
Human nature la queer. At
that luncheon for Doe Willing,
the table conversation waa.
About business, the weather,
cenio highways, food, anything
but golf.. At any other hauctteoa
(olt la likely to be the priacW
pal topic. Bat then, the speed
' were all about golf, to the
-1 and file ef diners exercts
xl a, fine sense of tne fitness
of things.
Southern California Stands
Out as Most Likely
Team Now
Funny thing happened at the
night's card, A little fellow named Jderwaraloag the Pacific coast
Associated Press Sports Writer .
(AP) An old time favorite in
the theatre of sports will tread the
beards agaia tomorrow wnen xooi
ball. In its practice form, gets ua-
Martin, from Independence, who
didn't seem to hare any business
on the card at all, climbed into
the ring, all occoutered for battle,
opposite Russ Greene. Then he
got out again and Danny Moore
appeared. We're waiting for some
body to explain it.
.. Lloyd Ambrose was listed to
Tight Jackie Watteaberger and
had hi.i hands all taped wp.
Then Floyd went In and did ther
fighting. If It was deep strategy
it certainly worked. Bat IJoyd
said it was because he loaned
his fighting togs to Ted Fes.
Willie Gordon was there, his
head all bandaged up like a Turk.
Betcha he dida't look any too en
couraging to Art Akers.
Art and Teddy certainly put
on a bird of a flawing act. Fan
chon and Marco could hare
concoted a great "Idea" If they
had been there to watch It.
Baker and Rogoway. on the
other hand, could hare given them
an "idea" based on the buldog
ging of a steer, with Rogoway do
ing the steer role.
From the expression on Bak
er's face, one would Judge he
was saying to the referee
"Teacher, don,'t let him do
that." Baker must hare had a
bet np that be would stay six
Bob Hagan, who knows more
about wrestling that boxing, for
got himself once and got a head-'
lock on Wetzel. But the big Jef
ferson blacksmith' found out that
he doesn't pack the only wallop
in the county. .
That little trick of Boas
Greene's, of doubling up like aa
ostrich, certainly makes a hit.
Our guessing average is now
.345; six right and fire wrong.
We're highly encouraged at the
football outlook at Willamette,
ren though Spec Keene is steep- j offence
ed in gloom. The freshman crop!
of co-eds is strictly up tne past
standards of pulchritude, or may-
Ktt a. little abore average. And
that's the important factor.
Opening of the 191 training
season for the ten coast conier
eace members and the strong free
agent teams. St. Mary's and Santa
Clara, win bring ont more than a
thousand candidates whose col
lective effort is expected to gen
erate the oower tor one of tne
greatest series of gridiron tussles
in years.
In the powerful coast confer
ence tne experts, generally, point
to Southern California as me
team to beat bat at the same time
make reservations in the case of
Stanford. California, Oregon and
Stellar Array Shown
Bv TroJan Mentor
There is hardly any guesswork
regarding the squad of Southern
California Trojans Coach Howard
Jones will work on in the next
two weeks of practice. SeveYal
lettermen are gone but In plug-
einr the holes it seems to be a
case of "no sooner said than
dene." Make a note of a few
names Jones expects will grace
tiie headlines during the forth
coming skirmishes: Moses, Saun
ders. Edelson, Pickert and Mu-
Kick, all backfield boys and the
first three, veterans, in the line.
Cantain Nate Barrager. center for
the last two years, likely will be
shifted to ranniag guard to make
room for George Dye, an Alabama
lad who scales a mere 245 pounds.
Offense, of course, will be the
keynote of the Trojan gridiron
Pop Warner Has Plenty
Of Gridiron Material
Glenn Scobey "Pop" Warner
has never-failed to come p with
a real team at Stanford so the tans
who follow the fortunes of the big
red squad are letting the other
fellows do the worrying. Around
the giant Herb Fleishhacker ana
Chnck Smelling, man-slxed Quar
terbacks, and Fentrup and Simp
kins, halfbacks, will be built the
famed take reverses and forma
tion B system.
California, tied but net defeat
ed la conference play last year. Is
going into the campaign with a
heavier team and the indication
that the time honored defense
play will be helped out with an
of more variea propor-
- - wp"-j?n"'' . --sisjsnaL''S -
vSn BUP" s
di jvf a. r.- - iiuci v
Mission Red$Trim Holly
wood Stars; Tribe is
Defeated .
OAKLAND. Cat. Sept. It
CAP) The Portland Pucks nosed
ont Oakland's Oaks 4-1 today, a
three run rally In the fourth in.
niag giving the visitors a lead
that waa not overcome.- The
Ducks put over a lone tally In the
seventh to stay ahead. Fulierton
held the Oaks to nine hits, well
Portland 4 11 2
Oakland 3 t 2
Fullerton and Woodall: Ed
wards and Lombard!.
f xsgraft'igwc-M.-wruw mm- -
OBNSBT has been reeog-Iustrated by the yam about a hat-players and his smfle seems to
The freshman grldders went
Into a slump Thursday after,
wrestling with the qualifying
F.nglish exam. But never mind,
boys, you'll all meet together In
"KngUatt IT" "" standing for
tions. Coach C. M. "Nibs" Price Is
neither alarmed nor orer-enthus-lasUc
but his supporters look for
a bear year.
Webf oots aad Huskies
lom as Strongest
In the northern sector, Oregon
and Washington appear to be
"the goods." Coach John Me
Ewan of Oregon Is prepared to
trump his rival's output with a
team of veterans led by such stars
as KitzmiUer, halfback, and Stad
elman, center.
A quick survey of the Washing
ton outlook would indicate the
Huskies are apt to bo in bad
shape because of the loss of Chuck
Carroll, one of the greatest back-
field men in years. But from all
reports, Coach Enoch Bagshaw
has decided to exchange "beer'
for speed, with open play and for
ward passes replacing the old
deadnaught style of game. Names
most heard are those of Huffard
and Marsh, fast halfbacks, and
Paul Jessup, captain elect. O.
Jessup, a good tackle last season,
may bend his six foot seven inCTX
fnma ATr th hll u center this
PORTLAND. Ore.. Sept. IS. nMr.
YAP) Seattle Captured the Sec-1 itMuiaU. RnhAnla Hat
ond leg of the Mrs. Pat Allen tjHia Very Good Shape
terclty team match gelt trophy 1 The remaining conference mem-
Iipt-a tixiar when IS women gou-tlMra. nrenn Stale. Washington
ers from the Puget Sound dtyde-J gute waho, Montana and Unt
reated a like number Of local UftmrftY of CsHfoniia at Los An-
women divot diggers in the second jei-s aU were hard hit by grad-
halt of the match, 20 polaU to uUdi ana their status as con-
19. The Seattle golfers started teBoerg Wt necessarA Indefinite,
today's match with a 13 point lead concensus is, however, that
gained when tne ursi na ot w they will not figure strongly ex-
match was played t Jcept for a possible flourUh on the
earlier tnis season. I part ef Oregon State.
Portland won tne iirst teg oil small ia membership but Le
the trophy, ..jviathans on the gridiron, either
Mrs. Pat Allen, president of the .r.. c.f ri.M nn.
Oregon Women;. Golf fc"u?; wt a couple of applecart, without
nngBcu v-J " lu-Mdna mnch nrnriM.
noed zor several years
'one of the greatest baseball
players ef all time. Yet ugly sad
essentially fake rumor has spread
the impression that the great "Ra
jah is a trouble-maker,.!, e hi
manners and bearing tend to breed
discord between himself and fel
low players. Undoubtedly the
gambling element has dene ranch
to circulate such stories followisg
a big lawsuit some years ago an
which HKaah" was involved with
some bookies.
Then. too. Hornsbv has the
pride of genius which Ivivifly fl-
ting practice where the catcher
was asking each batter what his
weakness was so he eeuM signal
the pitcher accordingly. The . Ra-H Hornsby seems to be the happiest
jaaaa vwavw w w fasasB wtmmm as
catcher rattled off the usual ques
tion -.wears your tough oner
once, twiee, three times. As'
tne story goes, jsorasoy finally
cave the catcher a look ef calm
1 scorn while answering:
1 aa Rogers Hornsby!
Despite aQ discord gossip, etc,
Manager McCarthy of the Cubs
acquired Hornsby and he's been an
ace of .aces from the start. He
clicks perfectly with the ether
typify the team spirit of the 1929
Cobs. Net a single temperamental
flaw has been noted thus tar and
ef the Cubs, not even excluding
Manager McCarthy. The latter
must smile every time he thinks
of that uornsby acqxumuon, some
thfna John MeGraw can hardly do
when he recalls the "Rajah's" ex
perience with the wants and the
trouble it has been to find some
one to fill Hornsby's shoes.
With "Rajah" at second, the
1929 Giants would be well, that
may account, somewhat for Horas
hy's smiles this aeasonl
Couple of the boys looking over
the schedule of subjects asked
what "solfeggio" meant. We told
em to look It up la the diction
ary, that's the only wsy to get
things and remember them.
fought Battling Ortega and a lot
of others with national reputa
tions, and held his own with them
although he didn't quite penetrate
to world championship honors. He
fought under the name of Bob St.
More recently. Brown has been
fight promoter at Olympia and
boxing Instructor at St. Martin's
college. He has also been instruc
tor at several athletic clubs. In
cluding the one at Medford.
wiii be started tomorrow at the
Portland coif club.
Mrs. Martin Hunter, Portland,
and Mrs. Fred Jackson, Seattle,
both turned in cards of SO for the
best scores today. Mrs. B. E.
Eva. Oregon State champion, de
feated Miss Hilda MeAuslan,
Washington titleholder.
scqttmTp is
OYSTER BAT, N. Y.. Sept. 13.
(AP) W. Frank Robertson's
eight meter sloop, Caryl, repre-
Bob Hagan
Held Good
Bob Hagan, local light heavy
weight fighter, who made his bow
to the fans at the armor by
knocking out Jack Wettel of Jef
ferson Thursday night. Is likely to
develop Into a real scrapper, ac
cording to Mel Brown, who has
pbeon directing the youngsters
work- so tar.
Hagan didn't exhibit any alarm
seating the Royal Northern Yacht lag amount of ring knowledge In
club of Scotland, won the Seawan- Ms first appearance dida't use
International challenge 1 ail ne reauy anew, sccmoub; w
Brown. But he proved that he had,
speed, gameaess, punch and gen
eral aotUode tor the game,
- Brown, ought to know, for this
former light heavyweight scrapper
trophy today, deefatlng the Amer
ican defender, Gypsy, la the fifth
and deciding race of the series.
The -victory, third in succession
a PAhrtn-n after the flTMT had
1ia rimt two racea. waa rain- 1 and later fight promoter, hat been
ed by a margin of only six seconds, j following the game for long
Actually the margin at the finish! time. Six years ago he was Jack
Anir aif a boat's lenrth. a I DemsseVs sparring partner In his
momentary lull la the breeze mak-i exhibitions over the Faniages,
.tnr no the time difference. 4 theatrical circuit. la nia prime, ne
W. L. Pet! W. L. Pet.
Holly. 48 81 .&08jPrtl,4 44 t4 .584
HiariMI 47 St .eOSKtaklana 17 43 .408
Los A. 48 82 ftOlSM't t7 51 .848
Sam 9. 45 4 .580
EUGENE, Ore., Sept, 13. (AP)
-Bob Judd, fighting Portland
heavyweight, outslugged Willard
Norton of Eugene to win the de
cision in the tea round main event
of the season's opening fight card
here tonight.
In the six round seml-windup
Tony O'Dell of Leaburg won from
Richard van Sehelac. Vancouver
barracks, via the technical knock
out route.- The bell saved Van
Scbolae after his second time on
the canvas tn the first round but
he was unable to respond to the
bell In the second round.
Battling Judd of Roseburg won
on a ieul from Al Straub of Port
land In the tour round special.
Judd had the worst of It until
Straub waa ruled oat.
St u
K. T.
St Jj.
Squad 'Numbers
29 Candidates
Willamette university football
squad numbered 29 candidates at
the close of Friday's practice,
However, a considerable number
of these aspirants are freshmen
who have had no previous experi
ence, and the number available tor
early Intercollegiate games Is still
greatly limited.' v
New candidates who turned out
for the first time Fridsy included
Robert Aufderheide of Stayton,
Jack Grant of Falls City. Ronald
Hewitt, of Salem, aad John Raas.
Silverton Will
Get Rifle Club
i SIL-ETON, Bept, 13 -r(Spe-dal)
Plans tor the organisation
of a rifle elub at Silverton are
under way. A 'meeting for the
purpose of discussing such an or
ganization will he held at the SU.
vertoa armory next Wednesday
ISasttls 2 69 .353
IV. U Pet.l W. I pi.
Si 45 .649 Brooklyn 63 74 .480
78 5 .869 PUls. 63 74 .456
73 61 .545(Cineia. 57 78 .423
7 67 00 Bottoa SI S4 .178
W. U Pet. I W. Pet
5 43 .SeStDettvit 64 73 .471
76 57 .578IWMB. 63 TS .453
ti as .ssolcticire st si .sb
TO 65 .SUtBMtoa 43 89 .351
fl&a Ynmeise 18: Item ImlM a
CiMta 4; HoIItwm 3.
ortUni 4; OaMasd S.
aserasMBle 2; BMtue 1,
PaiMelpkis Tt Chios r S.
Brooklyn 4; Clneiaaati t.
8t Lonis 8-5; otoa S-S.
Xs stasr ssom pIstsS.
Reds Trim Sheiks
CAP) Dutch Ruether. veteran
Mission southpaw celebrated his
36th birthday, which happened to
tall today on Friday the thir
teenth, by holding the league
leading Hollywood club to four
bits and turning tn. a four to two
victory for the second place Reds.
Tn addition to pitching a bril
liant game, Ruether poled In a
pair of runs.
Frank Shellenback, on the
mound for Hollywood, gave Rue
ther stiff competition throughout,
but he was handicapped by rug
ged support which allowed the
Reds to bring in their winning
runs in the eighth and ninth.
Sherlock, Mission first sacker.
poled a homer in the seventh
which wiped out the last of a two
run lead established by the Stars
in the second inning.
Missions 4
Hollywood 2
Ruether and Brenzel;
back and Serereid.
t 0
Sacs Shade Indians
(AP) Sacramento and Seattle
put on another pitching battle
here today, won by the Senators
2 to 1. The mound duellers to
day were Laurl Vinci and Al
Fisch, a pair of southpaws who
held the opposition to six and
eight hits respectively. Mailer's
home run to start the game was
the only tribe tally.
Seattle 1 0
Sacramento 2 f 1
Fisch and Steinecke; Ylncl and
Johnny Doeg, California
Star, Leads Most of Way
But is Finally Defeated
Associated Press Sports Writer
13. (AP) A series of wonder
ful, heart-breaking drives plucked
out at the past when his racquet
shots were heard around the ten
uis world carried Big Bill Tilden
Into the final round of the na
tional singles championship tour
nament today after the hardest
battle any young American has
ever forced him to wage on the
west side stadium turf.
Johnny Doeg, a great Califor
nia tennis star, well worthy of the
traditions of Nttle Bill Johnston
and "Red" McLoughlin forced Big
Bill Into the shade of defeat when
he took a lead of two sets to one,
but lost out in an epochal five
set battle decided by scores of 4-
s, C-2. S-f ; 8-4, c-s.
Francis 9. Hunter
Also-Cornea Through
The old guard triumphaat on
every hand. Francis T. Hunter of
New RocheUe. N. T., the 46-year-
otd newspaper publisher, came
through in the. other semi-final.
battering Young Frits, Mercur of
Bethlehem, Pa., into submission
with his famous forehand drive by
scores of 6-4, C-S, 6-4, 6-S.
'Thus some of the fire works
twinkled out of the final set for
tomorrow afternoon at 3 p. nu,
Tilden always has been able to
beat his old friend and will be
heavily favored to win the na
tional crown for the seventh time.
It will be the tenth time in 12
years, that Big Bill has been a fi
nalist for the biggest individual
tennis honor the United States
has to offer.
Doeg Pushes Tilden
Hardest of All -
Frank Shields, a lanky 19-year-old,
gave .Tilden a memorable
four-set battle in the third round
of play on Tuesday. Johnny Van
Ryn, 23, of Davis cup doubles
fame, gave him stroke for stroke
through four more thrilling sets
in the quarterfinals yesterday,
bat ft remained tor the If 6-pouiL
6-foot, one-inch Doeg to extend
Bin Bill la a five set match that
held a gallery of T.000 enthralled
through two and ont half tours.
of brilliant tennis. .
The strapping California youth.
20 years old and a sophomore at .
Stanford university, showed that
he may yet inscribe his name on
the roll of national champions.
He brought Into aetioa perhaps
the most withering service and
some of the strongest volleying
that Tilden has ever had to face.
Tet Tilden. his back to the wall.
came through in the pinch with a
succession of blistering drives that
whizzed past Johnny's outstretch
ed racquet and clipped the side
lines with marvelous precision.
Big Bill Breaks Through.
Service of Opponent
It was thus that Big BUl erou
through Doeg's service la what
proved to be the next ts the last
game of the match after having; ;
taken the lead at four games to
three with a burst of four succes
sive service aces tor a love game a .
moment before.
Doeg never eeased to .fight..
With Tilden serving In the final
game he twlee warded oft defeat
when the eld master stood at
match point Once TUdea chopped.
one of Doeg's well-placed volleys
outside of the court when keeping
It In would have meant the
match. Again he netted the all-,
important point, But victory fin
ally came his way when an -overhead
smash from Doeg's racquet
fell an inch outside the lines.
ment atthe Salem Golf club will
be under way today and Sunday,
with all matches scheduled to be
completed Sunday night. The pair
ings are as follows:
Championship flight Rex San
ford rs. Fred Ritner, Glen Lang-
ren vs. Earl Newton, Ted Cham
bers vs. Don Young, Dare Eyre
vs. Fred Annunsen.
First Flight Bill Burghardt vs.
Dr. H. K. Stockwell, Bert Hill vs.
Carl Pope, Tom Wood vs. Linn
Smith, Del Farmer rs. Bob Bild
eree, Harry Willett vs. Harry
Hutcheon, Gus Hixsoa vs. Carl Ga
brlelson, Russ Bonesteele vs. W.
A. Johnson, Ralph Kletzlng vs.
Fred Mangus.
AP) San Francisco's Seals un
Umbered a batting cannonade to
day that buried the Los Angeles
Angels under an 18-6 score. The
Seals found three Angel hurlers
for IT hits while Jack Knight
passed out an even dozen blngles
to the visitors but was steady in
the pinches. Suhr. Jolley and
Jahn of the Seals each hit homers.
Los Angeles 6 12 1
San Francisco 18 17 2
Walsh. Childs, Holling and
Sandberg. Warren: Knight and
EUGENE. Ore.. Sept 13.
(AP) About 60 University ef
Oregon football candidates, eager
for the opening of the 1929 sea
son, will start practice on Hay
ward field tomorrow morning at
10 o'clock. Equipment has been
issued to players returning to Eu
gene early and the first rush of
expected large turnout will be
avoided in supply rooms.
Hayward field has been condi
tioned. It has been rolled, scraped
aad a new coating of sawdust
Captain John J. McEwan and
his new coaching staff. Billy
Reinhart, backfield, and Gene
Shields, line, have been in Eugene
since the first of September mak
ing preparations for the long sea
son. Coach Prince Callison was
to have his freshman squad out
Gubs Lose
As Pirates
Rained Out
CHICAGO. Sept 13. (AP)
The Phillies delayed the pennant
march of the Cubs today by nos
ing out the leaders, 7 to 6, la the
final game of the series. Claude
Willoughby was called on to save
the game after Rogers Hornsby
had touched Collins for his 36 th
home run In the ninth.
r n h
Philadelphia 7 11 2
Chicago I II 1
Elliott, Collins, Willoughby and
Davis; Blake, Carlson and Taylor.
Golf Tournament
Held This Month
ntlaetl 5; Cfcfcags s.
JWssaisrtM 4; Clsvslsad S.
X sthar gsnes pkrea.
evening. Both men and women
are lavited to lota the proposed
club. If enough Interest Is shown
to organize aCh a club the Indoor
rifle range at the armory will be
usee. Roy Davenport ana o. vv.
Olsea of Company L national
guard, are sponsoring the organi
Beat White
Sox 5 to 2
(AP) Al Simmons hit his SOth
home run of the season today to
give the Athletics a S to t victory
over the White Sox. The, homer
came In the eighth Inning with
two en base, breaking a tie score.
Chicago 7 1
Philadelphia f 6 I
Walsh and Berg; Ehmke, Grove
aad Cochrane.
Found to Have
Infected Hand
John Drager, Salem boy who
was expected to be a valuable
member ef the Oregon State Col
lege football team this season.
may be suable to play. It wai
learned while hewas la town Fri
day. Hennas been working in the
hay fields aad has a badly, infect
ed hand as the result of 'an in-
Jury; He will report for the op
ening practice at Corvallla today,
but tt la doubtful whether he will
be able to play.
Presidents Cup
Tourney Slated
Starting Today
Play la the first round of medal
play la the president's cup tourna-
NEW YORK. Sept. 13. (AP)
A world recvrd went tumbling
and a six-year-old track mark fell
at Belmont Park today as an ordi
nary card of racing was turned
into a day of sensational perform
The world record of 1:48 2-5
for the mfle and a furlong tell be
fore the speeding four-year-old
Hot Toddy, from Mrs. K. E. Hitfa
stable, while Gilford A. Cochran's
Nusakan created a new track rec
ord of 1:16 for the six-furlong
sprint Both new marks were
established tn the. feature events,
Hot Toddy's coming in the Lexing
ton handicap and Nusakan's in the
Bern Brush handicap, which topped
tne card.
Solons Nose Ont Win
(AP) Washington scored three
runs in the eighth Inning ot to
day's game to nose outlCleveland,
4 to 8. '
Cleveland 3 12
Washington 4 7
Shot fner. Mil Jus and L. Seweu:
Jones, Burke and RueL
This tennis team of thealem
Tennis elub wlH meet a.teaa from
Bead la a series of matches on
Sunday, September 32. Plans call
for five men's? singles matches.
four of women's singles, two ef
men's doubles, one. ot - women's
doubles and one C mixed doubles.
No. 1 man oa the visiting team
will be Keaneth Ballaatyne, who
has-hell the eentral Oregon sing
les championship for five, succes
sive years.
SILVERTON. Sept. 13 (Spe
cial) Silverton golfers are pre
paring tor the Cascade golf tour
nament to be held here en Sep.
tember 28 and 29. Six teams, in
cluding the Silverton team, will
compete for the prise. The other
five cities that have signed up are
Woodburn. Forest Hills, McMlnn
vllle, Albany and Tillamook.
A qualifying round ef 18 holes
will be held next Sunday at the lo
cal country club course for the
Silverton players. At this the
tournament contestants will be
chosen from the best men.
Robins Beat Reds
CINCINNATI. Sept 13. (AP) ,
Although the Reds outhit the
Robins 8 to 7 today, Ray Moss
kept the Cincinnati drives scat
tered safely enough, and Brooklyn,
won 4 to 2. Cincinnati took two
of the three games.
K 11 B
Brooklyn 4 7' 0
Cincinnati S t
Moss and DeBerry; Kolp, Ash
and Sukef orth.
Card Win Twice
ST. LOUIS, Sept IS. (AP)
The Cardinals won both games of
a doubleheader with the Braves
here today, taking the second S t
to 3. Hallahan pitched for the '
Red Birds. The score for-the
first game was 2 to 2.
Boston ..3 9 0
St Loul S 9 1
Brandt and Leggett; Frank-'
house and Wilson.
Boston I 8 1
St. Louis 6 12 1
Jones and -Cronin; Hallahan
and Wilson.
Pirates Don't Play
The final game ot the season,
between the Pirates and the GLr
ants was wiped out by raia today.
The game will not be played as
the teams are not scheduled to
meet again this year.
Ixlxe Lytic Hotel
Watt, Mgr.
Twlxt Lake and Ocean '
The largest aad most modern
hotel oa TUlaxaook Beaches
furf aad take hathing, boatlag,
tea and lake Biking, clam dig
ging, hiking aad hunting
. TooH Like It Here '
..: F03T"OF1TSC3
a Crccn
cause you more or less
worry, trouble, and oc-
casionally some loss. By a
Living Trust they, may
placed in our care thus shift
ing to our shoulders, the bur
den of keeping your surplus
profitably employed.
We have the experience, en
abling us to handle iyour
investments to your advan-
tage You will enjoy the
freedom from care and wor
ry. The fee is very small. -
t "V-
Ladd &"Bush Trust
; j