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The OKEGON STATESMAN, Salem, Oregon, Friday fllonung, September 13, 1929
v Soma of the boys and girls la
the office said oar alleged wise
crack about Doe .willing was the
worst they: aid ever! read. We
didn't think It was so hot oar-
Bat eve tho might? slip mp
occasionally. We read In the
C. J. that the principle' woald
be' Introduced from the ring,
steaming perhaps the Ideals or
the manly art wonld be ex
pound edi
And the Oregon Journal had
tiro nearly identical stories about
a reception for the Gyro Cards on
the sport page. One of them said
Dill Barbarlno, couch, was circa a
wrist watch. Bill probably appre
ciated that.
Also, we take exception to In
timations made in the C. J. that
the boys on Warm Springs In
dian reset-ration take no baths.
Why, the young bucks ap there
rut holes in the. See in winter
time to go swimming, la
Dovkhobor. We're seen 'em.
s Remember a few weeks, ago we
began to get worried about Ikey
White's junior tennis players beat
ing as some day? Well, we bad an
awful scare Thursday. We went
outl and - played doubles with a
'youthful-partner, against two of
- these kids. About the time' we
were behind -1, we began in
Quiring who our opponents- were.
"Why, that's Beall and Gies,
city doubles champions," we
wero told. They didn't quite -beat'ae
after all, bat it wan
rlose enough o we don't feel
equal to giving jthese juniors
much advice. Excepting this
nearly , all of these kid arc
wasting too much effort trying
to master trick strokes which
aren't any good after they are
learned. Pace is the only thing
that gets anywhere in tennis.
For the last four seasons, any
way, Salem has had no independ
ent football team; so far as we
know, there never has been such
a team here. Wonder why? The
Portland league would like to take
in a Salem team this year. There
are plenty of ex-college and high
school players to make up a good
squad. It would take a little fi
nancing. Maybe somebody will
tart something.
Xotice where Clarence Mnr
pfay, who pitched for the Bend
Kagles last yettr part of the
t into and stopped the Senators
in the final championship game,
gets a chance with Sacramento
next week. He pitched for the
Bead Elks this year and lost
only two oat of 10 games.. We
aw him pitch m dowbleheader
couple of weeks ago, and he
Is good.
Three Eye league season is over
and we expect to hear that John
ny Beck Is back with the. Ducks
pretty soon. He has been going
good back la the corn belt.
9 Wins; So
Do Yankee
NEW YORK, Sept. if. (AP)
The Yankees pounded Sammy I
ui; BivBuiij uu fcsiucu v .vw i
Tktory OTer the Browns. Gray
-yielded 11 hits, one of them a
' borne run by Lazzeri.
6t. Louis : 2
I 1
New York S 11 1
Gray and Man ton; Sherld and
Athletics Nose Out Win
CAP) The Athletics shaded the
White JBox" by 4 to S hero t(
annroachlag to within three vlc-
torles af the pennant. Walberg
and Rommel pitched against
R H. E
Chicago ...S11 4
Chicago' .......... .J ir 4
.Thomas and Autrey, Crouse;
Morris, Rommel and Heving.
" Boston Loses 2-1
BOSTON. Sept. 12. (APJ
Detroit defeated the Red Sox" 2
to 1 here today behind Ibe sterling
pitching of Arthur Herring,' -
year old recruit.
Detroit . .1 t S
Boston rrr......l i t
Herring and Hay worth; Morris
and Heving. .
-v - Cleveland Trims Solons
CAP) Cleveland took the second
game of the series front Washing
ton today,' I to 1.
v-v- - "' ? - R. H E
Cleveland .... .... 5 12 1
Washington ; 1 T 1
' Miller aad L. Seweli; Thomas,
Hadley, Burke and Spencer, RueL
Beall and Gies
Doubles Champs
' Harold. Beall and Parker Gies
are the boy's doubles tennis cham
pions of Salem, having defeated
Louis Bean and Bob BrowneU In
the finals of the tournament start-!
ed Tuesday,' by scores of 8-s. a-4.
As the scores indicate, the match
was hard fouht and brought out !
some of the best tennis played
among the Juniors here this year.
A trophy up will be presented to
the winners The tournament was
sponsored by the boys department
t the Y. M. C. A.
Claims toUling f 1215.70 have
been paid to Statesman readers by
the North American Accident In
surance Co., in . the past year,
TEese tlalme "Wereald on the
$1.0 a policy Issued to Statesman
aubscr v 16 - - f-
rt Akers Wins Front Fax on
Fast Bout Put on Until Sud
den Ending in Middle
Of Third Round
Nobody knows much more abbot
the relative fistic prowess of Ted
Fox and Art Akers this morning
than they did a week ago, thoagh
many fans bare new Ideas on the
subject, aad those are widely ra
ried. Akers won Thursday night's
fight on a foul In the third round,
after some seven minutes of fast
The unfortunate ending came
just after Akers had penned Fox
agalaH the ropes and landed two
bard blows, but It was plain to all
who saw the foal blow that It waa
unintentional. ; r f-
Fox had his usual advantage la
reach.- bat to offset this, he
seemed totally unprepared for
Akers' swings from the port side
when the local boy.'got la close
enough to land them. For may
also be a trifle faster, particular
ly in footwork bnt not much
Rematch Sore to Be
Demanded by Fane
Taking It altogether, this fight
promised, as far as 1t went,' to be
the snappiest encounter Fox has
-engaged in since becoming the
local champion, and the fans are
sure to clamor for a rematch.
' The semi final bout between
Ted Hegoway and Soldier Baker
was putrid. For the first two
rounds Rogoway wouldn't fight,
and from then on Baker wouldn't
let him. Referee Lou tit t called It
a draw,- which was all anybody
could do. The fifth round was
the worst of all. Baker tying Rog
oway up for two clinches, each of
which lasted about ninety sec
onds. Ambrose Whips Jackie
Wattenberger at Last
And at- last an Ambrose licked
Jackie Wattenberger! Lloyd was
supposed to fight Jackie, but
some mixup occurred and Floyd
went In instead. Floyd must have
sworn off eating pie, for this time
he kept up his fast pace every
minute of the foar rounds, and
had the clever boy from Indepen
dence constantly off balance.
The Bob' Ha gen-Jack Wetzel
I heavyweight bout stole the show,
i Wetzel, who has ruined a couple
of promising big boys here in past
bouts, knocked Hagan down in
the first round with a hard right
to the body, Hagan coming right
up for more. Hagan also got a
bad cut over his left eye in this
round. -t
Hagan Get Going :
la Heoond Round
But in the second Hagan
swarmed into the dangerous Jef
ferson lad and floored him three
times by rushing and punching as
he came in close. 7 The second
time Wetzel went down he was
hart badly, and stayed on the
canvas for nine counts.
Between ' rounds Wetzel re
gained strength apparently and
started after -Hagan, but the lat
ter quickly saw an opening and
crashed a right to the jaw that
put Wetsel down for good. He
was crawling toward the ropes
when Loutitt counted him out.
Russell Greene and Danny
Moore fought a fairly speedy draw
wllfofi waa narftrthftlfte nn.sfti.
factory because both mused nn
chances for a victory. Moore
iwiku vu wipo ap ioe canvas
with Greene as the fourth round
started, and was succeeding but
didn't have the stamina to keep
It ap; from then on Moore was
hanging onto Greene and to the
ropes, scarcely able to stand, but
Greene couldn t shore him over.
Some of the gloom which has
encompassed the football-situation
at Willamette university for
the pasjt few days may be due
merely to the fact that football
weather hasn't blown around yet
Just when Coach Spec Keene was
getting resigned to the prospect
of having only six lettermea out
this year, who should put In an
appearance on the campus but
Ray Haldeane, who played end
two years ago. About the same
time, word was received from
Charles DePoe, quarterback the
last two seasons, that he aras try
lag to- arrangsTthings so he- could
come back. That Is problematical,
sou ths "prospect now is that the
number of lettermen will remain
at seven, .j. . -.
Wilbur Engebreueav rangy
halfback who made a promising
showing last year ; especially In
the Whitman game, arrived on the
scene Thursday, leaving only Gar
nie Cranor and Percy Carpenter
and possibly DePoe yet to report.
New candidates arriving Includ
ed Fred Paul. and Miles Knapp
from McMlnnville, Peter Gretsch
from Ridgefield, Wash., and Yin
cent Barrett.
Corvallis. Sept. 12 - Everythlfig
Is in readiness for the opening of
football . practice bar Saturday
morning. Coach Paul' J; Schissler
and. bis asslstsnts Jim Dixon, Roy
Lamb, Dick Newman and Lonnle
Stiner are all back on the job aad
the athletes hare already started
to arrlra on the casspus.
Oregon State WU1 miss- Ue ser-
J rices of Fred ficieU and Russell
J Strlff thb - aeasoa. . Bot these
Sport Kings Trump Queens
'aMsasnav' "
' k Sienna Collett
T JS always interesting to com-
pare the relative ability of
first flight women and men
players in sports particularly in
those two great games golf and
In golf women face the handicap
of strength when pitted against
men players of equal ranking. It
takes power to send the little white
pellet to or beyond the 250-yard
marker, despite the cry of the ex
perts that only timing and tech
nique are needed. And it is this
lack of distance on the long shots
that marks the difference in top
ranking women and men golfers.
A few years ago uienna cauett
America's golf queen, played an
Trojans Have
Outlook This
Associated Press Sports Writer
LOS ANGELES,- Sept. 12
(AP) Preliminary football-pros
pects at the University of South,
era California would Indicate that
its gridiron' fates for 1229 again
are resting la a "horn of plenty."
The season 4s being heralded as
probably -no less brilliant than
the record of last year. In that
battle the Trojans tied with Cali
fornia for the Pacific coast confer
ence championship, scored a ric-
tory over Notre Dame by a two
tOuchdown margin and turned in
an undefeated record to gain rec
ognition as one of the country's
leading football machines.
Coach -Howard Jones - has an
abundance of good material to
equalize the loss of fire of last
year's veterans. Prom the sopho
more crop of 1928 he expects to
develop his backfleld prospects.
He has two big holes to fill with
the loss of Don Williams, sensa
tional quarterback, and Lloyd
Thomas, halfback.
Graduation also shook the en
tire left side of the line. Jones
has indicated he will rebuild it bj
shifting Frances Tappaan. star
right end for two seasons, to left
veteran players hare been under
the weather all summer and are
not In condition to play football
this season. In addition to these
casualties Oregon State' lost ser en
other lettermen from last year by
the graduation route, i .
These art Mel WhlUock, end;
Roscoe Luce, tackle; -13111 Kirk,
center; Jule Carlson, and Vera
Ellers, guards; Ralph Twitcneu,
half, and Howard Maple, quarter.
With the loss of these nine let
termen -Coach Schissler has a
tough assignment ahead of him to
rebuild the Orange team. The
coach remarked today that he
would have to do a great deal of
shifting of players in order to
make ap for the. losses. One of
the important changes will be the
moring of Cart Metten from quar
terback ta end to till la the plaee
mads recant by the failure of
Strlff to return to school.
. Starting Saturday morning the
Orangemen will hare two work
outs a day until the opening of
school September . 30. Practice
will then be confined to two
bouts day. ? Coach Schissler to
expecting more than 90 men In
uniform on the opening day. -
The first game on the Orange
schedule is with Willamette uni
versity at Corvallis, September 21.
fird the Classified Ads-',
Interesting match against CyriU
Tolley, British amateur star, in
which"" the latter allowed her a
stroke an the even holes. It was
too macb of a handicap for Tolley
to overcome. Miss Collett winning
at the home hole. As a matter of
fact Miss Collett could have won'
that match with only six strokes
handicap for on three of the handi
cap holes she did not need the al
lowance. It to estimated that a
handicap of six bisques strokes
privileged to be taken wherever
the beneficiaries elect -constitute
the difference in first flight women
and men golfers.
The disparity between men aad
women Is even greater on the ten
nis court. This has been shewn
time aad time aarain br the ease
Year When'
Season Starts
end: Captain Nate Barrarer is
slated to be changed over to left
guard from center; George Dye,
224 pound Alabama linesman.
may take Barrager's post The
left tackle position seems to bo
a toss-up between Cecil Hoff, un
derstudy of Jess Hibbs, ali-Amerl-can,
and Bob Hall, a 219 pouader
from Dallas, Tex.
On the right side, Jesse Shaw
and Bob Gowder, varsity subs of
1928, loom strongest for right
guard. Frank 'Anthony, may put
his 200 pounds at right tackle and
Tony Steponovich seems the best
bet for right end.
The backfleld seems not a hard
problem for Jones to solve. He has
Ruse Saunders, versatile plunger
and regarded as highly as Wil
liams as quarterback, .with Mar
shall Duf field, 18 year old veter
an, a capable understudy.
Harry Edelson and Merger As
pit appear about equal at Inside
halfback, while the outside post
seems destined for Ernie Ptckert,
San Bernardino big-gun of last
year's freshman squad. Another
product of the pea green ranks.
Jim Mustek, 200 pounder, looms
as the outstanding- choice for
Cubs Lose
But Reduce
Their Goal
CHICAGO, Sept. 12. (AP)
The Phillies defeated the Cubs
7 to 1 today but the Bruins nev
ertheless reduced from four to
three the victories they need to
clinch the pennant as the Giants
again defeated the Pirates. Chuck
Klein and Haek Wilson hit home
runs, remaining tied for the lea
gue lead now with 29 homers.
Philadelphia:... 7 11
Chicago .......... T 1
Willoughby aad Davis; Bush,
Srengros, Caxloson and Tarlor.
Robins Lose Another ' -
' CINCINNATI, Sept. 12. f API
--Cincinnati shaded Brooklyn by
5 to 2 here today, making it two
straight la the series. Eppa Rlxey
pitched against Daisy Vance, giv
ing the Robins but fire hits.
w. at; . R H E
Brooklyn .. ......... ..2 I
Cincinnati .' ; . V .2 ' 12
. -Vance and Dq Berry; Hixey and
with "which ranking men players
hart defeated women stars. Some
Tears ago, when Mile, Lesgien was
at the crest of her wizardry, she
played an unofficial match with
Big SHI Tilden. Bill toyed, with
Suzanne, purposely letting her win
the first two points of each game,
and then putting on the pressure
tc win in straight sets, 6 0, 6 0.
Our own Helen Wills, marvelous
player that aha is, wouldn't hare
the ghost of a chance 'p11" any
one of the male players ranked in
the first twenty. Her win, some
time ago, over Frits If erenr, can
be recorded as a gallant gesture.
The age of chivalry is not yet
Truly our Sport Kings trump
the Queens!
Or. Ludwig Haymann Kay-
oed in Fourth Round of
10 Round Fracas
NEW YORK, Sept. 12. (AP)
Tutfy Griffith, two fisted slug
ger from Sieux City, Iowa, did his
bit toward checklag the current
foreign menace in American hea
vyweight circles tonight by stop
ping Dr. Ludwig Haymann, of
Germany, in the fourth round of
their ten round bout at Madison
Square Garden. The end came
after 2 minutes and 25 seconds of
fighting In the fourth round.
Haymann, who holds the heavy
weight title of Germany, neaer
had a chance with the hard hit
ting Griffith. Tutfy floored his
maa for a nine count In the first
minute of the fourth round. Hay
mann got up and went right back
down.",. Up he came again to take
another crushing right flush on
the chin and the referee called a
Griffith gave away 15 pouiras to
his foreign opponent He weighed
184 to Haymann s 199.
NEW YORK. Sept. 12. (AP)
Harold Mays, Bayonne, N. J., I
heavyweight, outpointed Ted Sand-
wina, Sioux City, In the ten-round
semi-final at the opening fall card
at Madison Square Garden tonight
Sandwina, whet, came here with
three straight knockouts to his
credit, failed to take a round.
Gianta Win
PITTSBURGH. Sept. 12, (AP)
The Gianta won the third
straight game from the Pirates
here today by 8 to 5, reducing
Pittsburgh's second place margin
to three and one half games. Fred
Fitzsimmons scattered 12 Pirate
New York .8 11 0
Pittsburgh 512 2
Fitzsimmons and Hogan; Kra
mer, French and Hemsley.
Milwaukee Man
Trims Pertollel
NAVIN FIELD, Detroit. Sept. 12
(Ap) Klnr Tut of Milwaukee,
one of the" challengers tor the
world lightweights 'Championship
won the referee's decision, over
Billy Petrolle, T largo. N. D.
after 10 braising rounds fought ln
a sprinkling of rain - la the De
troit American League baseball ,
I 1
Unintentional Foul
Yountf flew Jersey Net Star
Gives Veteran Severe
Scare in Match
Associated Press Sports Writer
FOREST HILLS, N. Y.. gept.
12 (AP) For a few tease mo
ments this afternoon .big Bill Til
den, gray of face, dripping with
perspiration and obviously worri
ed, stood face to lace with defeat
in the quarter-final round of the
national singles '. championship
tournament, on the winning which
he has set. his heart. .
Worn from chasing the well-
placed shots of : young Johnny
Vaa Ryn of Kast Orange; N.'J
Tdden found himself trailing at
twp game to fire in the third
set after having won the first set
at T-8 and lost the second at 2-
as the former Princeton tennis
captain drove home his earnest
Terrific Rally Is
Staged by Veteran
Then, with the fighting neart
of the great, champion he always
has been, big Bill rose to the
occasion, brought his wavering
arm under rigid control, took the
set at 2-7 then went on to out.
jlay and finally master his
youthful adversary by scores of
7-5. 2-6, 2-7. 6-2.
Another formidable young Am
erican challenger must be met and
beaten tomorrow it Tilden Is to
enter the final round of play for
the title. Johnny Doeg. young gi
ant from Stanford university,
crushed Henry Wilfred "Bunny"
Austin of England by 2-4, 8-4,
6-2 in another of the quarter-finals.
In the lower half Fritz Mer
cur, the polished tennis product
of Lehigh university came
through at 8-2, 10-8. 6.4 against
Wllmer Allison, the hard fighting
Texan. Tilden's friend. Francis
T. Hunter, of New Rochelle, N. Y.,
downed Richard N. Williams 2nd
of Philadelphia the old ex-champion,
in a third Etraight set en
gagement. 6-0, 6-3, 6-4.
Old and Young to
Clash in SemlFinals
Thus both of the semi-finals
will find the old guard shooting it
out with young America.
A gallery of 7,000 watched ev
ery more in th eepie .battle be
tween Tilden and Van Ryn. They
saw big Bill start Impressively,
not even deigning to remove his
sweater, and roll up a lead of 5-1
in games before Van Ryn over
came his nervousness and made It
five-all with a string of four im
pressive games. ;
From there until the intermis
sion that followed the thin! set
the pace was hot and the match
In doubt. Tilden, who is never so
danger as when pressed, pulled
out the set but the effort told and
Van Ryn, out-steadying big Bill
in many of the long deep court
interchanges, or finishing off the
rallies with a sharp volley or a
crisp sideline drive, went to 4-1
and 2-2 in the second set, then
captured it at 6-2 with a break
through Tilden's cannonball de
livery at love.
Tilden Makes Strong
Comeback in Third
The climax of the match came
beat mm
Qttost cfiyln
e j -jar - i
W. U Pct.1 W. L. Pet
4S SO .S15!PrU4 4S S4 .SM
49 11 .597;0kUo4 S7 41 .474
48 SI .597 Sae'te SS SI .38S
44 S4 54 Sttttls SO SS .Si
Ln A.
fla r.
W. U ret.! W. U Pet.
Chleaff St 44 .S74!Braklya S3 74 .45
PitW. TS St .54! Phils. SI T4 .452
N. Y. TS SI .545iCineia. 67 77 .428
St. Lb ST ST saiBMtoa St SS .883
amzuoaw yjuotra
W U Prt.1 , W. V. Pet.
94 43 .Sl!IHtU 64 72 .471
TS ST .57SWtsk. CI 73 .455
Tl S3 .534'CkiflaO SS SO .398
TO 65 .519iEsta 49 89 .S55
li. T.
St. U
Sstt! t; Ssersatste 0.
HsPywasa 111 Mistisa 4.
hot Angla ll FrsaelMO 8.
OskUnd 9; Partlssd 8.
PfcHftdelBhis 7j Chiearo 1.
' Ctaeiaastt St Braoklya S.
Ksv York $ ; PitUbargh 5.
ietoa st Bt. Loul postponed; rsis.
Ktr York S; 8t. Levis 3.
PklllStlphls 4; CktesgS I.
Detroit 3; Boatoa 1.
CUvstsad 5; WsUiinctos 1.
in the third set when . Tilden,
trailing at 2-5, regained his con
trol, took three games in' a row
and finally nosed out Van Ryn for
a two-one lead in sets at the in
termission. Swagger and nonchalance, per
haps feigned, helped Tilden carry
the deciding set. He came out
smoking a cigarette and kept his
sweater on for the first two
games. Van Ryn, a game fight
er, evening matters in the fifth
er, evened matters and ln the
fifth game Tilden received a
"break" in the shape of a high
drive which the lineman started
to call out but decided was good.
It made the game for Tilden and
a break through Van Ryn's ser
vice. The ball looked out to
many who saw it. From that stage
on. Van Ryn was able to take only
six more points. f
In the veterans singles, H. Bass
ford, defending champion, reached
the semi-finals defeating Irving
Wright, 6-4, 6-3.
C. M. Charest. Washington, de
feated S. J. Adams, Jr., Port
Washington, N. Y., 6-2, 6-1, ln
the quarter-final round,- snd J. B.
Adou, Jr., Dallas. Texas, defeated
P. Martin, Scarsdale, 11-9, 4.-6,
(AP) The opening day of north
west conference schools football
turnouts was heralded at Pacific
university with but a meager
turnout of new men and few let
termen. The squad Is expected to
swell each day this week, although
the majority of lettermen will not
be o nhaad till the first part of
next week, when Leo Frank will
start his strenuous work In prep
aration for the flrsF game with
the University of Oregon at Eu
gene, September. 28.
Coach Frank Is putting
JLODAY, as altoetys, yon. can
depend on Tubl&WZm SHOES
for more days wear per dollar
for real comfort tend fine ijrfe
for all that you expect and more.
'The RolW
i Oakland Club Noses out 9-8
Tilt Over Ducks; Se
attle Wins
OAKLAND. Sept. 12. (AP)
Staring off a last minute rally that
was close bnt not quite enough,
Oakland's Oaks defeated the Port
land Ducks 9-8 today. The Oak?
took an early lead with foar runs
ia the fourth. The Ducks crept up
with four in the seventh and put
over two more ln the niath. Walt
ers, the handyman of the visiting
squad, worked out in the outfield
and the pitcher's box and picked
up a mere four hits ln five times
at bat. The Oaks clouted oat all
but one of their runs during the
six frames Cascarella pitched.
R. H. E.
Portland 8 16
Oakland - 9 IS
Cascarella and Wood all;
Evoy and Lombard I.
AngeU Whip Seals
An eight run rally In the third In
ning today put the Los Angeles
on ''easy street" and they came
through for an 11-8 win oven tbe
San Francisco Seals. The Angels
pounded three local twiriers for
16 hits. They scored their last
three runs in the eighth after the
Seals had crept up to tie the count
in the seventh.
xi. H. i:.
Los Angeles 11 If 3
San Francisco S 14 3
Plitt, Home and Sandberg. Han
nah; Gomel, Couch and Haworth,
Stars Win Again
LOS ANGELES. Sept. 12.
(AP) Hollywood stretched its
lead over the second plaee Mis
sions to one and a half games bv
trouncing the Reds again today li
to 4, behind the effective south
paw hurling of Augie Johns. Al
though touched for 11 hits the
Hollywood portsider was stingy in
the pinches and held the heavy
hitting Reds to 'one ru until the
final frame:
Home runs by Hufft and Horr
man accounted for all the Mis
sions' tallies.
R. H. E.
Missions 4 11 0
Hollywood 11 11 0
Caster. McQuaid and Hoffman;
Johns and Severeid, Sypber.
Tribe Blanks Solons
Seattle went into the front of
the present' series by winning
from Sacramento today in a game
played at Stockton 2 to 0.
R. H. E.
Seattle 2 t 0
Sacramento 0 2 1
Smith and-Cox; Ferrill and
squad through light workouts,
consisting mainly of fundamental
drill, especially for the benefit of
his new men. With a wealth of
promising freshmen coming in
and with 11 lettermen returning
Coach Fraak la Quite optimistic
about haring a team of champion-
ship caliber.