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8anay Koraiaf, Aeyat It, 1929
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America's Highest Ranking
Player Eliminates His
Old Time Friend
. RTE. N. Ag. 17. (AP)
Saving bis but tennis of tbe week
for the finals. Big Bin Tildsa of
Philadelphia, ovsrwhslmed Fraa-
- eis Banter of Now Rochelle. la
straight sots to win too men's
; single's title at the eastern grass
eonrts championships today, 4-2,
-2. 10-S.
In the only other titular .bat
tle of tbe day, tbe women's dou-
. bles championship went to tbe San
Francisco team of Mrs. A. Harper
and Edith Cross. The far west-
- erners eonqnered Virginia Rice of
Boston and Clara ZInke of Cin
cinnati, 6-2.,l-l..ll-. i
All the drama of tbe Hnnter-
Tllden match was contained In
the third set. In the first two sets,
Tilden took advantage of tbe fact
-that Hunter's bard driving game
. was strangely iBefectire, to win
s both sets with tbe fees of only
four games.
In the third set, however, Hun
ter regained control of bis fore
hand on which his whole same is
based and gave Tilden a terriffie
battle of it.
Before their singles battle Til
den and Hunter bad paired in the
. doubles to defeat Fits, Mertur of
iRarrisburK,' Pa.i-and J. Gilbert
Hall, of Orange. N. J., In the semi
final round of the men's doubles.
4-, -2, -7, 6-8, -2. The first
three sets of this battle had been
played yesterday when darkness
ended the struggle before it could
be completed.
This Tlctory sent the country's
-first and second ranking players
Into the doubles final tomorrow
against Berkeley Bell of Dallas,
Texas, and Gregory Mangin, of
Newark, N. J., who beat them in
the final of the Southampton in
Titatlon tournament last week.
The final of the women's slcg-
' le3, between Sarah Palfrey of
Boston and Mary Greet of Kansas
City, also will be staged tomor
Lose and
Yanks Win
A ninth inning rally for two
runs enabled the Indiana to nose
out the Athletics-here today 2 to
1. George Walbert teld the borne
. team to four hits nntil the ninth
when he was reached for a double,
a single and tw opasses with none
out. Hodapp's sacrifice fly otf
Quinn broke up the game. Wes
jFerrell held the leaders to four
Philadelphia 1 4 0
Cleveland 2 6 1
Walbera;, Quinn and Cochrane;
Ferrell and L. Sewell.
Tanks Whip Detroit
DETROIT. Aug. 17 (AP)
The Yankees pounded Detroit pit
chers for seventeen hits here to
day to win by a score of 7 to 2.
Waite Hoyt pitched his first full
game since his illness and won
- his first victory in almost two
months. Babe Ruth's 33rd home
run sent him into a tie with
. Chuck Klein of the Phillies for
the Major League lead.
New York 7 17 2
Detroit 2 10 0
Hoyt end Dickey, Bngough;
Sorreil, Yde and Hargrave, Shea.
Solons Beat White Sox
CHICAGO, Aug. 16 (AP)
Washington made it three out of
four by defeating the White Sox
5 to 2, today. The Senators scor
ed all their runs In the 7th in
ning. Washington 5 9 4
Chicago 2 8
Brown and Tate; Wetland, Mc
Kain and Berg.
Red Sox Blank Brown 1
ST. LOUIS, Aug. 17 (AP) A
home run by Reeves, the first man
up In the first Inning, gave the
Boston Red Sox a one to 0 victory
over the St. Louis Browns 'today;
Boston 1 t 1
St. Louis 0 t 2
' - MacFayden and A, Gaston;
Stewart, Ogden, and Ferrell.
W. 1 Pel.
SO IS .S3S ?ortla4
39 IS .SOI OikUa
SS 19 .SSS Sae't
it 20 .SS3 8mU1
W. L.
35 33
33 3S
IS 37
ps r.
lx a.
: i
katiowax. - zxaerrB
V?. u pet
W. L.
T5 85 ,B3
Brortlra 49 63
"Ineia. 4 64
t-Mton 45 rr
?bila. 44 88
Bt. U
6 .43
AS 51
S 55
W. U. Pei.J
W. U Pet
83 S3 .7101 Detroit
6T 43 .6691 Wanb.
59 53 .52?rhi;a
8 58 .50B"!o!(ii
54 69 .478
48 63 .436
44 70 .886
87 73 .336
t K. .
Par;lard.6; BmttU 1. .
8eramenta S; OtklanA 3.
Sa Iriheifr 5; HoUrwM 1.
I6 affete T; MUilom 4.
Knr Twfc 9-8; St. LNti 6-11.
Pittsbvgk Batoa -Chirmr
10; Brklr 4.
rkildJpui, 8 ?; CineiaH 3 8.
AXEaxoAK xzAcroa
Clavfland 8: PhiladrlphU 1.
Vtw York T: Detroit t.
WsslilBgloa S; Cbieac t.
Boston 1; Bt. Louis 0.
Helen Wills and Pardner ?
Go Separate Ways as '29
Net Tourney Approaches
NEW YORK, Aug-. 17. (AP) The break up of the 1928
national championship women's doubles combination of
Helen Willa and Mrs. H&tel Hotchkisa Wisrntman of Brook
line, Mass., was revealed today -with announcement that Mar
jorie Morrill, Dedhaxn Mass., will be Mrs. Wightman's part
ner in the title tournament at Forest Hills next week.
Miss Wills has not jet
Willie Gordon and Ted Fox to
Perform at Local Ar
mory This Week
Fight fans of Salem will hare
sereral opportunities this week to
Judge for themselres the relatlre
speed and hitting power of Ted
Fox and Willie Gordon, who are
matched In the ten round main
erent at the .armory. Thursday
HMv'm ill
l Gordon Is ' working'' oat In In
armory gymnasium erery after
noon at 1:30 and Fox takes his
turn at the big punching bag at
3: JO. Both are also working out
with sparring partners.
The ex-sailor, Gordon, who has
decided to make Salem his home.
Is also, finding time to study fly
ing at the Eyerly school.
Tickets went on sale Saturday
and according to Matchmaker
Harry Plant, they are in great de
mand. Only one additional bout has
yet been announced, the six round
semi-final between Art Akers of
Salem and Charles O'Leary of
Portland. They will weigh in at
135 pounds.
M6 HHS 10
Firing fearlessly through the
air, performing Eeemingly lmpo3
sible acts high above the heads of
the thrilled crowds, the Flying
Condonas, greatest of all present
day aerialists, have won for them
selves a place high in the annals
i of circus stardom,
j The graceful handsome Alfredo
; Codona performs what no other
; aerialist even attempts, a triple
; somersault from one side of the
rings to the other, flying through
the air to be caught in the waiting
arms of his brother, Lalo Codona.
- The Codonas disregard thoughts
of safety to life and limb in their
fearless act and each performance
of the Ringling Bro3. and Barnum
& Bailey Circus finds these intre
pid performers winning rounds of
deafening applause from the
thousands who each day visit the
white tops.
No other aerial act has aver
i been Btaged fo well, none other
i has had written i3 so many thrills
j and delights. Critics and circus
enthusiasts in this and many other
; lands hare given to the Codonas
j the highest laurels possible as per
i formers.
I When show comes here Thurs
day. August 29, the Codonas, as
well as many other startling and
thrilling acts will be seen at each
Two boys named Sid Terris are
boxing around New York. One is
Sid Terris, the east side light
weight, and the other is Sid Ter-
la, heavyweight from the hills of
North Carolina.
The Oppen Hog Fuel Burner will
Gut Cost of Drying Prunes
or Hops
from 30 to 70 with steadier heat than wood. For
information call 372 or 2086 J.
Manufactured at 695 Mill SL, Salem, Ore.
Enjoy These Bright
Early Mornings
at the
Salem Golf
You'll Feel Better All Day.
Green Fees No More Here
A Course Full of Thrills
A Game More Fascinating Than
Any Other
a Allies Soatb oa Riverside Drive
m ' m 99 99 99 . 99 IV V W W W 99 99 W
National Doubles Champs Will Leave
entered the doubles event al
though she is expected to do
so before the draw is made on
Throughout this season, both
la Europe and in the Wlxhtmaa
eup matchei here, if in Wills hai
paired vita Mis Edith Croat of
Sea Francisco, third la the na
tional etsclos ranklasv but la the
international aerlee with the Eng
lish combination was beaten de
cialrely in tralcht aeta. Mitt
Cross, who shared rnnner-np hon
ors last year whea teamed with
Mrs. L. A. Harper, also of Saa
Franciico. has tent in her entry
for next week's play la doehles as
weU as singles but without desig
nating a partner.
With Miss Wills a&dHrs.
Wlghtmaa not defending their
X9 2 UUI, in It
19 2 S title, the threat of e British
es ; honors fa
ir wka ftonnid-
tronWst that
could be pnt together In this
The English will rely upon two
formidable teams Mrs. Phoebe
Watson and Mrs. Peggy Saunders
Mitchell. Wimbledon champions;
and Mrs. B. C. Corell and Mrs.
Dorothy Shepherd-Barron. run-ners-up,
both of which teams won
their matches in the Wightman
cup series. Helen Jacobs nerer
has paired with her fellow-Call-fornian
and riral. Miss Wills, and
would not be arailable as she has
entered the doubles with Miss
Betty Nuthall, young English star,
as her partner.
Giants and
Cards Split
Two Games
NEW YORK, Aug. 17. (AP)
The Cardinals earned an even
break In a doubleheader with the
Giants here today by taking the
second game 11 to 3 after the
home team had won the opener by,
9 to 5.
R. II. E.
St. LouU 5 11 1
New Yorlc 9 10 1
Alexander, Genewich and Wil
son; Hubbell, Goldsmith, Frank
house and O'Farrell, Smith.
R. H. E.
St. Louis 12 18 0
New York 3 10 1
Mitchell and Wilson; Henry,
Mays and Hogan.
Pirates Win Another
BOSTON, Aug. 17. (AP)
Pittsburgh made it three out of
four by taking today's game from
the Braves 3 to 2.
R. H. E.
Pittsburgh 3 6 0
Boston 2 9 1
French, Swetonic and Har
graves, Linton; R. Smith, Jones
and Spohrer.
Cuba Trom Brooklyn
BROOKLYN, Aug. 17. (AP)
The Cubs hit hard today to win
tho final game of the series from
the Robins 10 to 4. Rogers Horns
by hit his 27th home, run and
Hack Wilson his 31st. McMillan
also hit for the circuit.
R. H. E.
Chicago ...10 11 2
Brooklyn 4 8 1
Neht and Taylor; Dudley, Mor
rison, A. Moore, Ballou and De
berry, Goncale3.
V U l A 1
Gob... Scrapper . . .Flyer!
I i It V "
liTft' 'i'.A.i j' "ittM"'
"Willie Ctordoa, who is trimlj hard for his scrap witla Ted Fox at
the armory Tharsday might, bat se also finding time to take flying
lessons at tbe airport. He used to be a sailor la Uncle Sam's Navy,
and le new lightweight champUm of the Philippines.
Santa1 Barbara5 Youngster
Defeats Pasadena Lad in
Finals of Junior Singles
CULVER, Ind., Aug. 17. (AP)
Keith Gledhlll, the angular
chopping artist from Santa Bar
bara, Cel., today defeated another
Californian, Ellsworth Vines of
Pasadena, in straight sets, 6-4,
(-1, fi-4, to win the national Jun
ior tennis singles championship.
Previous to Gledhill's victory,
Jay Cohn of Santa Monica gave
California a sweep in the week's
national tournament by defeating
Bernard Friedman of Philadel
phia 6-2, 6-0, for the national
boys' crOwn. The other champion
ships went to California when
Gledhlll and Vines won the junior
doubles and Cohn and C. R. Hunt
of San Francisco, copped the na
tional boys' doubles champion
ship. Gledhlll excelled his rival in ev
ery department of play except In
making placements. He flipped
returns with such speed and such
Cincinnati Split Pair
(AP) Allen's home run with a
man on base gave Cincinnati a 3
to 2 victory over the Philadelphia
Nationals in the second game of
today's doubleheader. The Phillies
took the first game 8 to 2.
R. H. E.
Cincinnati 2 13 0
Philadelphia 8 15 0
Donohue, Luque and Suke'orth;
Willoughby and Davis.
R. H. E.
Cincinnati 3 6 2
Philadelphia 2 12 1
Rixey and Dixon; Elliott and
Lincoln Defeats
Yew Park Ball 9
Plenty of hits and a lot of base
running featured the Indoor ball
game in which Lincoln play
ground beat Yew Park 32 to 30
on the Lincoln diamond Saturday
afternoon. Lincoln led all the
way. Yew Park scoring heavily in
the last inning off a relief pitcher.
Read the Classified Ads.
JJ Beautiful Tribute
rialwnof the kind of
service Wa
j? IWmeoummnaCocx!S r-
accuracy' that Vines was forced to
commit most of his 96 errors.
Gledhlll had but SO errors. Sens
ing his only hope was in taking
chances. Vines tried continually
for placements and although he
scored 42 to Gledhill's 24, he don.
bled faulted often.
Only in the third set was Gled
hlll in trouble. In that set. Vines
had a lead of 3-1 and then 4-3,
but Gledhill pulled up even and
then won by his steady hammer
ing to Vines' back hand.
Cohn never was in trouble in
his match with Friedman, who
eliminated the defending cham
pion, Richard Hebard of White
Plains. N. Y., yesterday. He kept
the ball in play with steady accur
ate shots to the base line and to
the comers nntil Friedman erred.
Cohn still has another year or
competition In the boys' class and
appears as one of the best finds
in tennis.
Teams are practically elected
after three days of practice for
the lnterplayground track meet
to be on Olinger field Tuesday af
ternoon. The small boys, 12
years old and under, of Four
teenth street will have a meet
Monday afternoon.
Times shown in the practice
races have been fast and indicate
keen competition. The jumps
have been over good distances
but the weights are giving the
boys trouble. Lack of training is
showing up most in the pole vault
but some of the fellows are get
ting up pretty well.
The relay team for Fourteenth
street will be John Kelly, Kenneth
Clark, Kelly Wickiier, and Wes
Jarvis. Captains for the smaller
boys meet will be Frank Albright
and Julian McCarthy.
For sale signs, for rent signs,
legal blanks, etc., for sale at The
TILT, 6-1
Seattle Again Defeated as
Kaltio's Arm Weak
ens in Sixth
SEATTLE, Aug. 17. (A P)
Kalllo's arm weakened after he
had held' Portland to (It score-leas-
Innings in a baseball game
here today and the visitors count
ed six In the final four tries to
beat the Seattle Indians to 1.
Portland garnered fire alts In the
final Inning to count three times.
Portland : 14 1
Seattle 1 S
Mahaffey and Wood all; Kalllo
and Borreanl.
Joaes "Wins For Sacs
8ACRAMENTO. Aug. 17.
(AP) Deacon Jones, acquired
this week by the Senators, hurled
his first game for Sacramento to
day and won it. Jones bested
Howard Craghead in a 3 to 2 bat
tle that sewed np the series for
the Solons. Three runs in the first
inning was all the Sacs could do
with Craghead, but they- were en
ough. A misjudged line drive by
Governor accounted for the three
It H E
Oakland 2 8 0
Sacramento 2 7 1
Craghead and Lombard!; Jones
and Koehler.
Seal Win Again
(AP) The league leading Seals
strengthened their hold on first
place and took tbe edge in the
present series by defeating Hol
lywood, 5-1, today, Vernon "Lef
ty" Gomez, young Seal left hand
er, was on the mound and cele
brated his sale to the New York
Yankees with a fine pitching dis
play. He held the Stars to six hits
and blanke dthe visitors for six
Hollywood 1 6 0
San Francisco 5 10
Hollison and Severid; Gotz and
Mission Reds Beaten
Missions 4 11 1
Los Angeles 7 8 2
Cole, Hubbell and Baldwin;
Barfoot, Plitt and Sandberg.
Athletics Get
Ready to Play
World's Series
While the management of the
Philadelphia Athletics is shooing
away all applications for world's
series tickets on the gruond that
the team has not yet won the Am
erican league pennant, prepara
tions for the October classic are
in evidence. Photographers'
stands are being built on the right
and left field sides of the grand
stand an dthe work is being pushed.
Too will want news of jour convention mailed home.
The Oregon Statesman will publish foil report of each
We will mail the Statesman of Sunday, Tuesday and
any address for 15 cents. -
-32! .
List the names and addresses below, .bring or mail to the
Commercial, we do the mailing.
BUIy-.SalliTan is scheduled to
play ball with the Eugene team
against CoqnUle today at Eugene.
Bet he'll be more popular when
he comes to bat today, than he
was la the same park when be put
a certain game on Ice down there
a year ago, by slamming out a
two bagger.
Back 1b Champaign, 11L. Mrs.
H. B. Schmidt Is a big hero.
She won the chair rocking en
dnranee contest with a record
of something over 800 hours of
conUaaovs rockfa&
Can't you Imagine the wild
cheering from the "bleachers when
her last rival, a man.' fell asleep
after, keeping his rockers In mo
tion 280 hours?
It Jast shows bow tho wo
men are invading all depart
meats of sport aad taking the
laarels away from the mea.
If the merchants on South Com
mercial street will Just put np one
more marquee, we won't have to
buy a new overcoat this fail.
This Is the season whea high
school graduates who Have sot
ten their names in the papers
as football players, high Jump
ers or Justin sharks, are being
besieged by Innumerable college
scoots, singing the praises of
good old Siwash college and Po
dang university. Sure! They're
after the Latin sharks too
those who got their names in
the papers.
Willie Gordon is learning to fly
out at the airport, but we'll bet he
doesn't get confused and do a
nose dive into the ring at the ar
mory Thursday night.
What in the world are a lot
of Salem folk going to do today,
with no ball game to watch?
But it wouldn't have been any
better if the league hadn't
broken up, because the Sena
tors were scheduled to play at
Iiongview today.
Coo.uille and Eugene both ex
pect to win today, so Coquille
challenges the Senators to a game
next Sunday, and Eugene wants
to play the Senators the Sunday
following, after it takes the d
cidtng game from Coquille.
Sneaking of baiting orders
and leadoff men, the Senators
have had three leadoff men this
year. In home games, Goleman
was first man at bat twice and
didn't get on base either time;
Lamb got on base twice nd
scored one run out of four
chances; Quinn got on base
three times and scored two runs
out of eight times that he start
ed the Solon's first Inning.
But then Goleman, in his sec
ond game, started two more in
nings and got on base both times,
scoring one run as a result. Lamb
did about the same. Quinn scor
ed runs in every game he played
on the home lot, excepting the
one with Kelso.
Cloningcr was another boy
who had a habit of gettng all
the way around the diamond,
even though his batting average
Bay-Valley League Cham
pionship at Issue in Titt
There Today
EUGENE. Aug.. 17. (Special)
Nearly SO fans from Coqnllle
have signed to come, here Sun
day when the Cq utile and Eugene
baseball teams win do battle at
the fairgrounds, starting at 2:30
o'clock, for the championship of
the Bay-Valley league. With an
advantage of one game last Sun
day's In, the bucket; Coquille is
confident it will .again Sunday
and become champion, with ths
third and deciding game unnec
essary. For. that reason a large
delegation of Coos Bay fans are
coming here.
But Billy Reinhart. manager of
the lugene team, isn't certain at
all that Coqnllle will win. In fact,
Reinhart is almost sure that it
wont. Eugene lost the first game
he said, by the small score of 2
to O. An infield hit, which rolled
out into the outfield for a home
run, gave Coquille one of Its
markers. The second came when a
sure double play went astray and
all runners were safe, latef the
man from third scoring on a 'sac
rifice fly.
Eugene will hare a stronger
llneupu Sunday than it did last
week. The acquisition of Billy Sul
livan from Salem to play first
base, will give it both batting and
fielding strength. Sullivan, why
was loaned to Eugene by the Sa
lem Senators, led the Oregon
Washington league in hittinp.
Cotter Gould and Franny An
drews also strengthen the
batting department of Eugene.
Whichever team wins ihe Bay
Valley league championship. Eu
gene or Coquille, will probably
play the Salem Senators the Sun
day after this series is ended.
Both have vrritten to Manager
"Frisco" Edwards ot the local
team, asking for a game.
Two runs in the last half of the
seventh inning of a seven inninjr
ball game ave Yew Park a 9 to
8 win over Btourteenth street on
the latter's field Saturday. Bol!i
games of a double header were
taken from Lincoln Friday by the
Yew Parkers, 7 to 6 and i to 2.
Fourteenth street led up to the
last minute rally, having managed
to keep at least one run lead from
the first. Yew Park lost consis
tently to botjh Fourteenth and
Lincoln until after the pickers re
turned from the berry patches,
but has won all of the recent
games played.
was pretty skinny most of the
Billy Sullivan has a way of get.
ting a lot more hits than runs.
day's sessions. 1 '
. - . -
Wednesday of this week to
Oregon Statesman, 215 S.