The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, June 27, 1929, Page 8, Image 8

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    The OREGON STATESMAN, Salem, Oregon, Thursday Morning, Jane 27, 1929
Cleaning House Policy Is
Advocated; Repression
Grows in State
Aviator, 21, Is Burned to
Death as Plane Catches on
t Fire; Is Held in by Belt
RICHMOND. Va., June 26.
(AP) Excoriating tbe democrat
ic party for what be termed flag
rant abusea of political power.and
Infringement npon the rights and
liberties of the people. Henry W.
Anderson, of Richmond, in his
keynote address to the Virginia
republican contention tonight
called for the removal from pow
er ot those guilty of its abuses
. as the only teznedy.
"Tb remedy fur this situation
Ues, not through changes in the
structure of government, but in
the spirit,' Mr. Anderson said.
- "This can only be effected by the
complete remoral from power of
those guilty 'of its abuses, by the
restoration of popular government
in spirit and in fact. We must not
only smash the machine, we must
also smash the spirit which makes
the machine possible in Virginia."
Repression Spirit Grows
Mr. Anderson said a spirit of
political repression had grown up
in Virginia, its present phase be
ginning "with the proclamation
of the constitution of 1902 by the
mandate of 47 men." He asserted
that the state had been ruled for
many years by a small group of
men who perpetuated their con
trol through use of electors mach
inery and by support ofjthe . ffice
holding organization. "
The speaker denounced the dem
ocratic party for alleged waste
and inefficiency in state and coun
ty government and for failure to
carry out campaign promises.
I ST 1
i a
MEDFORD. Ore.. June 26.
AP) Investigation by the sher
iff's office here Into the mysteri
ous stabbing of Clay Biles, 35,
Foots creek miner. Monday night,
brought tbe opinion today from
the sheriff that the stabbing was
"a family affair with an element
of self-defense."
Biles was stabbad once In the
neck, twice in the chert and a
gash in his throat missed the jug
ulaf vein b ya narrow margin.
The Injured mountaineer and hl3
two brothers, who brought him to
Gold Hill for medical attention,
refused to give any details of the
Biles' corilltion was reported
satisfactory today with danger
from Infection the only fear.
A deputy sheriff visited th,e
wounded man yesterday, Biles'
brothers maintained their silence
with the proviso that "they not
want to talk unle! someh'n
serious happens." They said Biles
was subject to vloleut firt3 ci
June 26. (AP) Held to a blaz
ing plane by a safety belt, Fran
cis Phillips, 21 year old son of
tbe late John M. Phillips, so-called
"Queens sewer pipe king,"
burned to death under the- eyes
of 200 persons today as his plane
overturned la landing and caught
Conscious for several moments
as the flames roared around him,
Phillips, a cripple i3aued Instruc
tions and then entreaties to the
mechanics and fliers who were
making rain efforts to Quench the
fire and reach him.
Phillips' passenger on the
death ride, Henry R. Goldsmith,
was critically injured and burned.
Tbe plane, a little two seater,
had Just taken off the field and
was about 15' feet in the air when
its motor failed. Phillips apparent
ly attempted to turn it to make a
landing on a smooth stretch but
then nosed to the ground and
burst into 'flames.
Goldsmith was thrown several
feet clear but burning oil ignited
his clothes. The safety belt held
Phillips helpless.
Phillips had been a non-com
merclal flier for several months.
He gained considerable publicity
last winter when he attempted to
reach safe deposit boxes in Mon
treal banks to remove securities
and papers of his late father be
fore state officials who had in
vestigated the Queen' sewer scan
dals could have them Impounded.
Although he flew fb Montreal as
he thought secretly the investigat
ors learned of his movement and
had .the boxes sealed.
The son inherited one third of
hi father's estate, reputed to be
several million dollars. Toung
Phillips was married secretly last
June to Helen Carroll Baines, who
was described at the time as a
New York and Philadelphia so
ciety girl. An Infant daughter and
his mother also survive him.
LONDON, June 27. (AP)
The British admiralty tonight said
that it had sent to Premier Primo
de Rivera no communication to
the efefct that a British seaplane
searching for Major Ramon Fran
co had sighted wreckage. It said
that the report of the sighting
was Incorrect.
Dedication of the building at
the T- W. C. A. camp near lle
hama. is scheduled for Sunday,
July 7, at which time the Salem
Lions, who erected the building,
will hold a picnic at the camp.
Affair Preliminary to An
nual Camp to be Held
July 23-Aug. 5
Boys who are going to the Y.
M. C. A. Summer camp at Elk
lake July 22 to August 5, and
those who have attended previous
camps; will participate In an over
nighfhike Friday and Saturday of
this week. They will leave the Y.
at 4 p. m., Friday, returning be
fore noon Saturday after spend
ing the night in the open. Base
ball and swimming will be diver
sions in addition to the ca'mpfire
rally and a camp breakfast
About 25 boys are expected to
The boys' camp this year, the
ninth annual camp, promtsas to be
one of the most successful of the
series. Tho site chosen at Elk
lake is especially well adapted to
the purpose, and the interest be
in? shown indicates that the limit
enrollment of 60 boys wjll be
reached several days before camp
Instructors Named
The camp this year will be in
charge of Ivan White, boys' work
secretary, and "Bob" oBardman,
physical director at the Salem Y-.
Chief George Bent, ex-Carlisle
football star, will be on hand
again to have charge of nature
study, Indian craft and the camp
fire. Burton, former boys' work
director and one of the best camp
cooks in the northwest, will be in
charge of the commissary and
culinary department. Leo Simons,
Portland Mazama, will direct na-
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present the cheques at any Hotel or Bank and
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ture study, botany and photo-
Registrations are now being re
ceived by the boys' work secre
tary at the Y.
Portland Man is
Held for Assault
PORTLAND. Ore., June 2ft
(AP) George O. Brown, 37, was
neia in jau tonignt on a charge of
assault -with a dangerous weapon
following the shootinr of Wake.
field Eubanks, 39, early today in
wnat pouce said was a "beer gar
Eubanks was shot twice during
an argument. He was improving In
a nospiiai tonight.
In appreciation of the long ser
vice of J. K. Weatherforrt nf at
bany as a regent of Oregon State
college, the Pendleton Commer
cial association has presented him
""i a jfenaieton Indian robe.
dy Captain, 24, Klamath reserva
tion Indian, after a Jury found
him guilty today of voluntary
Cantata was convicted for slay
ing Morris Lotches, fellow Klam
ath reservation Indian, in the
Captain home at Modoc Point,
April 5.
Dr. Douglas Says New Or
dinance But Another
Step in Program
The new food establishment
ordinance drawn up by the county
health officer. Alderman Purvine
and City Attorney Williams and
to be submitted to the city coun
ell shortly, is but another step in
protection to the people of Salem,
Dr. Vernon A. Douglas, county
health officer, said Wednesday
afternoon In a statement to the
Statesman. It is not, .he said, de
signed to raise funds for the city,
the ordinance Itself providing
fees shall be used only In enforc
ing the law. The health office is
not interested la tbe fee angle.
he asserted.
Reaposibilitjr Varied
At the present In
speetion may be earried out only
through state laws' and the old
general ordinance. The old ordin
ance fails to specify the duties of
the Inspector and places no res
ponsibility. The proposed ordin
ance. In addition to placing re
sponsibility, provides for examln
ation of food handlers, and par
ticularly those who travel from
restaurant to restaurant or town
to town.
It does not call for additional
inspectors; rather does it in
crease the burden of present in
spectors, it is pointed out. Fees
Accruing will go into a fund to
pay part of inspectors' salaries
not to be Increased because of
the ordinance thus relieving the
general fund from which salaries
are now taken that much.
Klamath Indian
Gets 8 Years at
McNeil Island
PORTLAND, Ore., June 25
(AP) A sentence of eight years
at McNeil island was meted Ed
Kn memos local merchants and
store employes were in attend
ance at the opening sessions of the
business institute held at tne sa
lm chamber of commerce rooms
Wednesday under the auspices of
the Oregon State college exten
sion service.
The institute will continue this
forenoon and afternoon but the
meeting scheduled for tonight has
been cancelled. At 10 o'clock this
forenoon. Prof. E. E. Bosworth
will discuss "Budgeting of Busi
ness." and at the 2 p. m. session.
Prof. H. T. Vance will discuss
"Store Lighting."
Redmond is going to have an
other stage line to Portland. It
will be conducted over tho Wa
pinitia cut-off, making the trip
from Redmond to Portland In .5 -hours.
Vacation time is here. Be sure
you have The Oregon Statesman
Travel Accident Insurance policy
before yon go.
Doctor Found What is Best
for Thin, Constipated People
As a famUy doctor at Monticello.
Illinois, the whole human body,
not any small part of it, was Dr.
Caldwell's practice. More than
halt his "calls" were on women,
children and babies. They aro the
ones most often sick. But. their
illnesses were usually of. a minor
nature colds, fevers, headaches,
biliousness and all of them re
quired first a thorough evacua
tion. They were constipated.
In the course of his 47 years
practice (he was graduated from
Rush Medical College back in
1S75), he found a good deal of
success in such cases with a pre
scription of his own containing' a
simple laxative herbs with pepsin.
In 1892 he decided to use this
formula in the manufacture of a
medicine to be known as Dr. Cald
well's Syrup Pepsin, and in that
year his prescription was first
placed on the market.
The preparation immediately
had as great a success in the drug
stores as it previously had in his
private practice. Now, the third
generation is using it. Mothers
are giving it to their children who
were given it by their mothers.
Every second of the working day
someone somewhere is going into
a drug store to buy It. Millions of
bottles of rr. Caldwell's Syrup
Pepsin are being used a year.
l K J I:
at Aoa as
Its great success is trased on
merit, on repeated buying, on one
satisfied user telling another.
There are thousands of homes in
this country that are never with
out a bottle of Dr. Caldwell's
Syrup Pepsin, and we have gotten
many hundreds of letters from
grateful people telling us that it
helped them when everything else
failed. Every drug store sells Dr.
Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin.
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