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    The OREGON STATESMAN. Salem, Oregon, Tuesday Morning, Jang 25,1929
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Parties, Visitors and Acci
dents Keep Lumbering
Community Busy
Rickey Woman Finds Work Pleasant
TALSETZ, June 24 The in
terior of the Valsetx postoffice ha3
been redecorated recently.
While at work-in the woods as
a chaser. Rex OBrien met with a
very - painful accident when he
was caught between a couple of
logs. His right knee is quite badly
injured, also his left ankle. He was
removed to a Portland hospital.
Mrs: Anna Heydon spent sev
eral days in Portland on business.
While helping get some l6s out
of the cedar pocket, for the mill,
Friday, Walt Raymond' fell over
board and had to go home lor dry
A bridge party was given by
Mrs. Art Ross at her home on
Thursday afternoon. Two tables
Were in play. Mrs. Stoltenberg won
first honors and Mrs. Levi Green
small prize.
Mrs. F. A. Well of Louver,
Colo., la risking her don, Harold
and Cleo Wells, also her daugh
ter, Mrs. Johnny Myeiv.
Birthday l'aity Knjoyed
'A very lively birthday party was
given Mrs. Sadie .Vjrria at her
Ijome Thursday afternoon. The
guests were Mebdames Massie,
Ye.dd, Emmett, Emintrson, Mur
phy, Marquis, Lewis R'oye Morris,
Ferguson, Tokstad, John March,
La Fevre and several children.
The time was enjoyed by playing
various games. Prizes were given
for high Scores with Mrs.
Ferguson receiving first and Mrs.
LaFevre second. A dainty lunch
eon was served after which the
hostess was presented with a love
ly gift.
Miss Gladys Harris of San Diega,
v-mi., is visiung ner lamer here,
Dr. Harris.
A bridge party was given by Mr.
. and Mrs. Walt Raymond at their
home Thursday evening in honor
of Mrs. Soderstrom. Four tables
were in play. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd
Bayley, Mr. and Mrs. Grout, Mr.
and Mrs. Thomas, Mr. and Mrs.
Babb. Mrs. Hobson, Mrs. Shields,
MIbs Soderstiom, Guy Bagley,
Harry Soderstrom and M. E. Ray
mond were the guests. First prizes
were won by Airs. Babb and Mr.
Grout. Mrs. llubaon and Guy Bay
ley, the couFolatlon prizes. A de
licious luncheon was served by
the hostess and Mrs. M. E. Ray
mond. .
Guest From Vancouver
How a sick woman, searching
for the health to be found in
sunshine and fresh air, developed
a good paying business, is the
story revealed at the home of
Mrs. M. M. Magee at Rickey.
A few years ago Mrs. Mageo
was a semi-invalid. Realising that
Lout-of-dopr life would help her.
she started to work among her
flowers. She planted only -one
dozen bulbs and so limited was
her strength, that she but dug
arcund them with a small fork in
her attempt at cultivation.
In a short time her health be
gan to improve for the sunshine
and fresh air were doing the
work. The flower beds grew in
size and beauty and before long
were attracting the attention of
passers-by who stopped and ask
ed if the Jovely flowers were for
Uusfne Grows Fawt
The idea of a' paying business
was born. Mrs. Mage resolved to
go into the work on a larger
scale and from the proceeds add
to that fund for educating the
two daughters, for which Mr. and
Mrs. Magee were so earnestly
working and planning. The flow
er fund was diverted into the
"Education Kund," and every
year the business has Increased
with gratifying; rapidity.
Mrs. Mace specializes in Iris,
but she grows dahlias, gladiolus,
and chrysanthemums as well.
That is she grows these for com
mercial purposes, but to me it
seemed that there is an endless
variety of flowers which she
grows "Just for the fan of it."
Moat of the many kinds with
which I am familiar, and many
of which I never have heard be
fore, I saw in the Magee garden.
Gardens Show Thought
Mrs. Magee has 76 varieties of
iris, an equal number of dahlias,
100 varieties of gladiolus and 50
different kinds of ' chrysanthe
mums. All these, with the many
different kinds of other flowers,
are to be found on less than an
acre of ground. The garden are
a marvel of careful planning and
thoughtful use of the resources
at hand.
Many interesting experiments
in flower culture and propagation
are being carried on here. Mr.
Magee is particularly successful
at hand pollenizing and although
t hi? work has not been done ex
tensively the results so far have
been very interesting.
Few people would have the pa
tience to develop iris from the
reeds, particularly when o n e
learns that it takes three years
from the time the seeds are plant
ed for the flowers to bloom. Mrs.
Msgee has planted seeds secured
from Rome and many other
places where I did not even know
that Iris grew.
Secret of Growing Given
I asked Mrs. Magee Just what
she considered the secret of suc
cess with flowers. She replied:
"Just two things, lots of water
and lots of cultivation." If re
sults may be taken as proof she
surely has found the secret and
now she has more orders for
flowers and bulbs than she can
Little Gale Smith, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Iran J. Smith, en
tertained some of her little friends
Saturday afternoon, the occasion
being her sixth birthday annivers
ary. The .afternoon was spent in
playing games after which ice
cream and cake were served. Those
present were Jean and Walton
Dixon, Maxine Woodford, Bobbie
Schmalts, Jean- Krazier, Bobbie
Vacations to be Used for
Further Study by
MILL CITY, June 24. Mr. and
Mrs. Otto Geereten accompanied
by.Gua Yonberg left early Satur
day morning for a three weeks
vacation touring through southern
Oregon and California. Mrs. Geer-
stoa la fourth grade teacher, hav
ing been teaching here for the
past eight years.
Miss Alma Sarpola and Miss
Basye Hoey, both former teach
ers here but who are now teach
ing in Halco and Salem respective
ly, left Sunday for Eugene where
they will attend summer session
of the college.
Mr. T. J. Means, principal of
the grade school left Sunday lor
Eugene where he .will attend the
summer session or the U. of O.
The Kandy . Kitchen eonfection
e ry owned- by Mr. F. W. . Fleet
wood has recently been repainted
and remodeled.. Mr. Fleetwood has
gained widespread recognition
through the delicious home-made
candy that he makes and sells.
Mr. Harry Lyons, former em
ploye of the Hammond Lumber
company but now employed at To
ledo spent Saturday and Sunday
visiting old friends.
AU of Mill City, especially the
young folks are eagerly waiting
for July 1 to come when the free
swimming lessons given by Red
Cross will begin. Heretofore no
improvements have been made on
th "ole swimming hole" but this
year the Woman's club has donat
ed money enough to build dress
ing rooms and tables so that a reg
ular picnic ground can be en
joyed by residents of Mill City
and vicinity.
KelliaY Dorothy Littlepage, Doris
Visiting at the home of Mr. and I Loughery and Gale Smith.
Mrs.- Gatea are her brother and
family, Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Lee of
Vancouver, Wash. Ivan Thune of
Portland is visiting with Bradley
Gates. Mr. Lee took the boys and
hiked; down the Siletz to Gravel
Creek, cabin where they are to
camp-and fish for several days.
The little girls sewing club -met
with Doris Massie Friday.evening.
They are doing lovely work for
such small children.
Mrs. Soderstrom, daughter Em
ma, and son Harry, of San Fran
cisco, Calif., are visiting at the
home of her daughter, Mrs. Wal
ter Raymond. .
Practice Tcarhers Arrive
Another group of practice teach
ers arrived Wednesday evening.
Miss Ruther, Miss Hazlett and
iss Prudham are in the first and
second grade rooms. Miss Goar
and Miss Daily in the third and
fourth. Miss Green, fifth and sixth
grade "and Mis Pepper seventh
and eighth, making U practice
teachers including the first group.
Several more pupils have entered
summer school.
The annual reunion of the
Geer family was held Sunday it
the A. A. Geer farm home.
-It is very fitting to have the
family gather here as it is the
ancestral home. It was decided to
hold the reunion at this farm as
long as "Uncle Cal" Geer is liv
ing. While his home is in Yuma,
Arizona, he. comes to Oregon
every summer to be present at the
family meeting. Although he will
celebrate his 92nd birthday the
next October 30. his mind is clear
and he enjoys life to the fullest.
Miss Ruth Geer gave a talk,
telling of the prominent place the
Geers have always taken In war.
She traced their war records in
the Revolution; the war of 1812,
the Mexican war, the Indian wars
and the World War.
. R. C. Geer, grandfather of A.
A. GeeT and Frank and Harry
Bowers of this community was a
captain In the. war with the Abi
qua Indians.
At the election of officers, every
officer was re-elected. Mrs. Isabel
Geer, widow of the late Gov. T.
T. Oeer is the permanent honor
ary president. A. A. Geer is act
ing president; Mrs. Frank Settle-
. meer, rice-president; Mrs. C. C,
Geer, secretary and historian.
A wonderful dinner was served
on the lawn at noon. Those from
farther away were the Haley
family of Pendleton, Mrs. L. B
Geer-Goodnough, Hils, Wash., and
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Johnson, of
Eugene. Others were present from
Silverton, Portland and Wood
burn, about 75 in all.
Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Johnson
bave moved their confectionery
and barber shop in the Reed prop
erty, wbkrh they recently bought
and remodeled and are getting
nicely settled.
A quiet- wedding was solemn
ized at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Jesse Catttaon -Wednesday morn
ing when their niece, Evangetine
Clutis was married to H. A. .Cook.
Rev. Allan of the Friends church
Several from here attended
the I. O. O. F. picnic held In the
Silverton park Sunday. After the
picnic dinner a good program was
given and games were played,
which were enjoyed by all.
The local M. W. A. ball team
played Woodburn M. W. A. Sun
day afternoon, winning by a score
of 5 to 3. This is the last game
of the first half of the series
Scotts Mills winning every game
tiut one, which puts them in the
lead. The players are John Mc
Killop, pitcher; Rex Ross, catch
er; Marvin Dast, Alfred and Rus
seil Moberg, Marion Groshong, B.
Weaver, Joe Rivpntss, Dennie
Woodford, Bird Ferguson, Pete
Oleson and George Albright.
Mr. and Mrs. S. D. Adkins and
daughter, Mrs. Lloyd Thomas, of
SaUni, visited another daughter,
Mrs. Bert Scott here Saturday.
Mrs. Scott has been quite sick, but
is much improved.
Mrs. C. J. Thomas and son Mat
rion and Mrs. J. E. Saueressig and
daughter, Cleo, were shopping in
Saitm Saturday afternoon.
H. S. Dixdn visited his parents
at Battle Ground, Wash., over the
Mr. and Mrs. Perry Moser, of
the Abiqua, visited their daugh
ter. Mrs. Herman. Landwlng and
family Saturday.
JEFFERSON, June 24 Mr.
and Mrs. 'Paul McKee and daugh
ter, Jean, Mr and Mrs. Earl
Lynes and T. A. McKee returned
Friday evening from their fishing
They went to East Lake and
found the weather unfavorable
for fishing, so camped there Mon
day night, going on to Diamond
Lake the next morning. They re
ported the roads to be in good
condition and fishing excellent.
Mr. and Mrs. J. R. McKee, Mr.
and Mrs. Harry McKee and Mr.
and Mrs. Harold Knight and son.
Billie left Monday morning for
Diamond lake where they will
spend a few days fishing.
Cecil DeLasaux of Los Angeles
was visiting his father. H. A. De
LtBsaux, recently, cecn holds a
government position now, that of
inspector of airplanes.
Jefferson is making some need
ed improvements. Lee Wells has
finished grading Third street from
Church street to the Marion road.
New side walks have been built
along the Donohue and Nye resi
dences and also by the Evangelical
Dick Hitt of HermistOE, who is
making his home with his uncle
and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Lynes
during the summer, suffered an
attack of appendicitis and was
taken to the hospital Saturday,
wnere ne underwent an operation.
wis latner, Henry Hitt. arrived
Sunday morning from Hermlston,
and went vn to Albany to see his
son at the hospital.
iuuuey anu axon nave com
pleted their work at Corvallis, and
tneir plant wil be moved to the
job at Independence, set tine un on
the Marion county side of the river
near the ferry.
Fire Destroys
Heights Home
A disastrous fire occurred here on
Sunday evening when the home
of Joseph Kashberg was complete
ly destroyed.
The fire was discovered at 8:30
and when the fire engine arrived
at 9:00 the road was almost
blocked by cars of spectators, who
attracted by the blaze, had driven
from Salem and Dallas.
Mr. Kashberg was at home and
asleep when the fire was discov
ered, and although' the origin
v I am
holding at the city barn.
Salem, Oregon, a small black
Shetland pony, mare, with a small
white spot on head. Found at
large on the streets within the
-city limits on June 20, 1929. If
not called for, will be disposed of
as provided for by law.
-Dated June 24, 1929.
W. S. LOW, Street Commissioner.
J25, 2(. 27, 23, 29
Vacation time la here. Be sure
tou have The Oregon Statesman
Travel Accident Insurance policy
before yon go.
PRATUM, June 24 The annual
Sunday school picnic and July 4th
celebration will be held at the pic
nic grounds as usual only that it
will be bigger and better. The
West Salem Sunday school has re
ceived a special Invitation. Rev,
M. A. Groves of West Salem was
pastor here several years ago, but
every other Sunday schuol and
those that belong to no Sunday
school are all most cordially in
vlted. For the information of
those who have never been here
before are the following direc
tlons: Drive east from Salem on
Market street, follow the Garden
road to Mennonite church, turn
south one-half mile to Methodist
church, turn west one-half mile
to picnic grounds. Three efficient
committtes have been appointed to
take care of the pasgram, the
sports and the refreshments. The
committees have not reported at
this time just twhat will all come
to pass. , but there will be ball
games, races, horse shoe pitching
and other attractions and pro
gram, and all will brine so many
rood things to eat that a very en
joyable time Is assured.
This ought to appeal especially
to city people to get away from
the city streets and tall buildings
and lire for a day among beautiful
fir and oak trees in the cool of the
forest. , .
r :
All Statesman carrier pay tor
all the papers delivered by them.
If yon are tearing or changing ad
dress be sure to notify the office.
Sealed proposals will be re
l 3 . .
ceivea ny me City Recorder nf
baiem, Oregon, until 7:30 o'clock
p. m., July 1, 1929. for furnish
ing material, or constructing, or
both, about sixteen thousand feet
or tile drains for the Salem Mu
njcipal Airport. Drains will range
from six to ten inches tile diam
eter, and be placed from three to
nve feet deep in gravely ground
au proposals must be made on
forms furnished by the City, and
mas must he accompanied bv
certified check, draft or bond for
two per cent of the bid. Each
Didder must satisfy the Airport
Committee that he understands
the work proposed and state what
general method he will use in per-
xorming me work.
runs, specifications, form of
proposal and other information
may be obtained npon application
to it. i. cooper, Engineer, Mason
ic Building, Salem, Oregon.
The Council reserves the right
to accept any or to reject all bids
Temporary Acting Recorder.
J 22 to 27 incl
The Cherry Fir la now
tag mp and yon ahewld spray
as once. We have an the in
gredients and tell yea hew is
Apples and Pears
sprayee! agahs for the Coa
dttnr Moth,
Rose Sprays
We have
'sprays far
Hewers, ess.
E5. A. WMfo
Jd Odoo:
! Sal gtai St
Wat to go to City?
Just Hop in Plane
Take 25 Mintdes
When Karl Race, who Is
S4 yean yowpg, wants to do
business, he wants to do it
la harry. , t
Consequently whem he de
cided Batnrday to nteet
person in Portland for
bwstneM reason. he kmr
that the alrplaae was the
satisfactory means of travel.
. .So be 'phoned his friend,
told him to be at the Swam
Island airport within 25
mtnntes and said he weald
be there. Race engaged Lee
Kyeriy who took hint to
Portland In his Salem-made
monoeoape la Just 25 min
utes. Business transacted,
the two men -hopped off for
Salem and were bark, basi
ness done and trip finished,
for both ways. In one bonr
and 15 minUtr.
Race, i an enthusiast for
air traTeL Incidentally, he
In 84 yenn old and a veter
an of the civil war. For
years he: was city recorder
of Salem. '
uncertain, it is thought that the
fire was caused in some way from
the kitchen stove.
Persistent fighting on the part
of the firemen saved nearby build
ings. The house was built in 1913
and was valued at S4.000, al
though, according to Mr. Kash
berg, it can not be replaced for
that amount. It had just been
completely re-furnished with new
furniture, but practically nothing
was saved. The loss was only
partially covered by insurance.
Gervais Women Out to Study
Book on "Jeusalem;,'
Program Given
PRATUM, June 24 The by
for the new school has been let
to a Silverton firm. They will
begin this week excavating for
the basement.
The ball game Tuesday evening
played by the Pratum team and
the-Pratum Methodist Sunday
school team was enjoyed by a
large group of spectators at the
13th inning. The game was 12
to 15 in favor of the Sunday
school. Another game will be
played Tuesday evening when 250
people are expected to witness
the game, both sides are quite
sure of the victory, therefore a
very close game is anticipated.
Read the Classified Ads.
The meeting was held in the
Pleasant Grove church, the oldest
Presbyterian church In Oregon.
This church was organised in
It 51 and many stories of histori
cal Interest center about it A
number of early pioneers attend,
ed the meeting. -
GERVAIS, June 24 The La
dies' Missionary society of the
Presbyterian church held an all
day meeting at the church Wed
nesday with a large crowd In at
tendence. The society is study
ing the book "From Jerusalem."
during the forenoon. Chapters
were discussed by Mr. A. R. Seig
mund. Mrs. R. L. Palmerton and
Mrs. B. O. Brown. A pot luck din.
ner was served at noon.
The devotional and business
meeting was held in the after
noon both of which were led by
the president, Mrs. Scott Jones.
Mrs. Dale Cutsforth gave a vo
cal solo. Mrs. C. R. Moore, Mrs.
H. Ik Graffious and Mrs. Scoot
Jones discussed chapters of the
nook during the afrnoon ses
sion. In the group were; Mrs. R. S.
Marshall, Mrs. George Wynn, Mrs.
C. Vogt, Mrs. William Alsup.
Mrs." A. B. Minaker. Mrs. B. O.
Brown, Mrs. John Harper, Mrs.
Ida Schwab. Mrs. Vera Jones.
Mrs. G. J. Moisan, Mrs. Scott
Jones, Mrs. Bremerton. Mrs. HJ
L.. Grarrlous, Mrs.- Turner, Mrs,
Sumner Stevens, Mrs. Sylvester j
Manning, Mrs. Charles Moore, :
Mrs. Ralph Harper, Mrs. A. R. j
Seigmund, Mrs. John Cutsforth, i
Mrs. Dale Cutsforth. Mrs. Jennie
Booster, Mrs. J. E. Cutsforth.
Mrs. Jennie Booster, Mrs. J. E.
Mrs. Scott Jones will entertain
the society at their next meeting
which will be July 17, with Mrs.
George Wynn as assisting hostess,
the annual school meeting was
held for district No. 76 Monday
evening at the school house, with
a rery small attendance. The an
nual report of the year by the
clerk was accepted. The term of
G. J. Moisan as director having
expired he was placed in nomina
tion and re-elected clerk, and F.
A. Mangold was re-elected clerk,
a position he has held for nearly
40 years.
7 T
S. S. Convention
Is Interesting
AUBURN, June 24 Mr. and
Mrs. Charles W. Cady, who at
tended the Santiam District Sun
day School Convention on Sunday
report that there was a large at
tendance to enjoy the Interesting
ROCKFORD, 111., June 24.
(AP) Urging Instructors in high
er educational Institutions "to
teach faithfully to the young peo
ple of our country the evils of in
dulging in Intoxicating liquors,"
delegates to the annual conven
tion of the Swedish Evangelical
Free church of America, today
adopted a resolution declaring
that "complete prohibition of bev
erage liquor is the only solution
of the liquor evil."
Because "prohibition's position
has been assailed in the legisla
ture and practically in the col
umns of leading newspapers in re
cent months." the delegates call
upon "out good citizens to give
the government and its officials
their hearty and sympathetic sup
port In their proper effort to en
force the law."
Denver, Colo., was selected for
the scene of the 1930 convention
at the close of today's session,
which marked the conclusion of
the forty-fif tjx annual meeting.
Many Attend the
Pioneer Picnic
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Porter were
calling on friends here Sunday.
PThey drove up from their home in
Corvallis to attend the Pioneer
picnic at the Fairgrounds in Sa
lem. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Riches
attended the Pioneer picnic Sun
day. Mrs. William Krem and Max
Scriber sang vocal numbers at the
Odd Fellows picnic in the Silver
ton park. Mrs. Edson Comstock,
accompanied them at the piano.
Mrs. L. B. Haberly who has
been quite ill with septic sore
throat is getting better.
Mr. and Mrs. Jake Kaufman
and children arrived Thursday
from Illinois, where they have
made their home for about six
years. Mr. Kaufman is the son of
Rev. and Mrs. William Kaufman.
They made the trip in thir car.
05. una GOILflD
Will be given to the person submitting an original one
word name thft we may adopt will express the quality
and quantity of our "SUPER" "RICH"
All suggestions must be submitted in writing be
fore midnight Sunday June 30, 1929.
The attached coupon will entitle bearer to a FREE
MALTED MILK if presented at our fountain before
midnight Friday, June 29, 1929, and will not be hon
ored after that time. s
440 State St., Salem, Ore.
The Gray Belle now under management of
440 State St., Salem, Ore.
This Coupon will entitle bearer to one of our "Super"
"Rich" "Creamy" "Jumbo" Double" Malted Milks
if presented at our Fountain before midnight Friday, June
28th, 1929, except during the hours 12:00 noon to 2 P. M.
GRAY BELLE. 4 40 State St. Salem, Oregon
to all who buy Frigidaire before
10 p. m., July 3rd.
We want you to have your Frigidaire
during the summer. It le to our mutual
advantage to have you place your order
now. And so wo have arranged to make
special offer to all who buy Frigidaire
before 10 p.m. Wednesday, July Srd. Let
us tell you about this offer. Ask about It
during our special demonstration.
With more than a
D Ml (Ww Dm "CmU CtmtnT
ttUk FrigUmire'i wMnwik Mmpara-
lUr. IM mipirinirtnf
CantrmT (mUnjm tm emttrot tkm
fmjmmtwrmin thafrmmlng
fmt mmd tmi tkmfrmtmins
m toe mk mmd imtmmu.
in use
We announce a second
Cold CfOntroF U
The "Million ModeP
Von hra onto to look at this new model
to see that here is value. Inside and out
the 44 Million Model Is finished In gleam
ing porcelain enamel. It Is equipped with
the famous "Cold Control' It has
aquaro feet of shelf epaee. It is inered
ihly quiet. It can be pUced anywhere.
It pings into any convenient aleetrie oat
let. And it is priced at only installed
and working ia you- niichenl
Starting Tuesday for 8 days only
PEOPLE ererywliera are talking
about the sensational Frigidaire
"Cold Control." People everywhere
want to see it. They want to know
more, about it. They want to find
out what it does. Nerer in the his
tory of electric refrigeration has any
tingle improvement created such
widespread interest. ..such enthusi
asm. It has helped make possible the sale
of the millionth Frigidaire.
So again we are giving a special 8-day
demonstration. We are showing how the
Gold Control gives faster freezing of ice
Sec the "Cold Control" in actual operation. See
how delicious frozen desserts are made. Taste
them. Get tlie free souvenir book containing
recipes. See the "Million Model" Frigidaire
which will be on display for the first time in
this city. Will yon be. our guest?
cubes, salads and desserts. We are showing
how it gives you Frigidaire-frosen delicacies
that could nerer be made before. We are
showing how it adds to the pleasure -and
convenience of automatic, refrigeration.
Don't fail to be present during
this special demonstration. See how
Frigidaire-frozen dainties are made.
Taste them. Get the souvenir book
being given away. And above all, see
for yottrself the latest development
of Frigidaire and General Motors
engineers . . the "Million Model'
(AP-4) Frigidaire . a model made
possible by the production and sale of
more than a million Frigidaires.
Spend at least a few minutes in our dis
play room sometime this week. We will
be open evenings until 10 o'clock.
153 S. High St
Salem, Oregon
In both the household and commercial field Frigidaire lead in sale to euMtomerS