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The OREGON STATESMAN, Salem. Oregoa. Sunday Morning. Jane 2, 1929
Acta Rallies, in face of
Disappointment in Play
Now at Bsinore
Tha height of something or oth
er occurred at the Pat he lot oa the
afteraoos of the Array and Staa-
ford, football game daring the
filming of scenes for "Square
Shoulders." a Pathe picture at
traction featuring Junior Coghlaa
and Loola Wolhelm. nor playing
at the Elsinore theatre.
Junior and Wolheim were re
hearsing a scene of a military
school sequence which e sited for
Wolheim to portray considerable
After rehearsing 'Wolheim in
his part several times. Director E.
Mason Hopper decided that Louis
had reached the desired pinnacle
of Joy. The cameras were ready,
the lights were I'flashed" and jusl
as the director prepared to call
"camera," and unknown voice
loudly informed the set in gen
eral that the army had Ju3t lost
Wolhelm's expression of cheer
suddenly underwent a change tc
the other extreme.. The director,
.however, failed, to notice this
transformation, or he 'might have
called for another rehearsal. As it
was, the cameras started grinding, j
and Wolheim, the real actor again.)
portrayed Joy to the nth degree.
Fanchon & Marco varieties,
a clever snappy stage show con
cludes the program.
1 Capitol Feature on Sunday 1
I r- """ "" tl
I 111 III!
II . 5v?iru i'r'? HI
till ? i Illl
I 111 : III t
I 111 . : . Illl
till S "' " Illl
r III r v-ir' r vs.-J ... v. Ill I
I HI ry; - ill
1 III .;.'"' " " III 1
I HI TJ t:
II r-xy, - r-i.v, , II
ill - r v . ,W. ' - ; ' 1 11 1
I II I "A ,J ?," f I II I
111 :'z&f;z''j--c v- J 11
111, O.V -r ' - -v tfi I
' "" '" ;'. i, 5
I v ' f ,. . w V :'.:::S
in i- ' hi
ill - illl I
i a a v.-.-. a-.'. 'v .? am i
in i iii i
Former; Independence Pastor
r Taking Work at School
in Chicago
'Taxi 13" Soon at Elsinore
event iriBei
HUBBARD, Ore June 1;
(Special)" Memorial Day was fit
tingly observed at Hubbard by a
parade arnj special program which
was under the auspices of General
Rusk No. 39 Women's Relief
At sunrise the new flags were
placed oa the business streets by
Mrs. C. H. Mack. Mrs. Juliu3
Stauffer and Mrs. L. M. Scholl.
At 1:30 o'clock p. m.,r a line of
m!irh vb fnrmrrl at tha CiAA PV1-
ioxs hall from where the band,
Relief COTps members. Camp Fire
Girls, fifth and sixth grade pupils
of the Hubbard schools with their
teacher, Mrs. Lottie Fry and many
citizens led by the color bearers,
Clark Will and Clyde Ainsworth,
World War veterans, marched to
the city hall where appropriate ex
ercises in charge of D. C. Mc
Arthur, Spanish War veteran,
were held. Judge Gordon E. Hayes
was the speaker of the day. pay
ing tul tribute to the memory ot
the dead, soldiers and urging a
higher standard of citiieaihfp (or
A The band opened the program
mHjt S'JUawic," after which the
avocation was given by Rev. J.
W. Branstetter, of Hubbard. A pa
triotic drill by the fifth and sixth
grade pupils, under the direction
of their teacher, MrsjLottie Fry,
was well received. Wllma Dick
gave her oration, "Citizenship",
With which she 'won second place
t the last oratorical contest held
at Sllverton. Miss Dick won the
admiration of the large audience
fcy her splendid production. Mari
an McKenzie sang "Sweet and
Low," Mrs. Ivan Stewart sang,
"God Sharl Wipe Away All Tears,"
and Mrs. Ella 8tauffer and Mrs.
Sadie Scholl favored with a vocal
duet. A selection by the band
tfhlMaut Aiasa nwiBT1 in mt f Ii a 1 1
The line of march was again
formed and 'the main streets of
the city were paraded. At the cem
etery impressive cermonieg were
. held by the Woman's Relief corps,
the Camp Fire Girls sang "Tent
lag Tonight." Gungadene Bidgood
gave Lincoln's "Gettysbnrng ad
dress. The Camp Fire Girls; chil
dren in the drill, and Relief
corps members placed flowers on
the monument erected by the
eorps In memory of the old sol
diers. Benediction was pronounced
y Rev. W. A. Brlggs. pastor of
the Methodist church of Hubbard.
. N:i ;ic W wi.i "Xuc Giud Bag Doll," starring Dolores Costello. The
production is by Warner Bros.
The pupils of Mr. and Mrs.
Thomas gave violin and piano
remittal at'ttar .Mennotrtfe hurch
Wldnesdav evening.
Mrs. Harold de VrieS fs visit
ing with her friend Irene Qnimby
at Halsey, Friday and Saturday.
Everett Branch, Paul Silke and
Fred de Vries attended the men's
council meeting at Corvallis Wed
nesday evening.
Miss Amanda Mitzner is spend
ing the week end at the home of
her parents near Halsey.
ill pan pupils
PRATUM. Jnne 1 Tuesday
Miriam do Tries and Flora Hed
ricks completed a very successful
term as teachers of the public
school here. Not. one ot the chil
dren failed in to examinations.
The occasion was celebrated at
the picnic grounds' with a boun
tiful picnic dinner. The merry
go round was a source of much
enjoyment. Probably the most
thrilling excitement were the
races by the women and children,
while .the tmea pitched horse
Tl.eeday evening a real - sur
prise party was staged at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Thompson
la honor of Mr. ajuTMrs. Chester
Wilkes and their S children who
are moving from this community
to Donald where Mr. Wilkes has
rented farm. It was one of the
largest gatherings that baa taken
flaea her for tome Urn. rloa
games were -played on the spa.
clous lawn and also In the house.
A very pleasant evening was on.
Joyed by all.
Sam J. Tates painted his house
and. store building.
One filling station bat gone out
ot business. This leave only two
for this town, but oa account of
farmers buying gasoline by the
barrel, two stations seem to be
able to supply the demand quite
satisfactorily without causing
muck iaeonvenienee to the public
: lira. 8. J. Tate left for Van
eouver. Wash., Tuesday afteraooa
to attend the funeral fo ber alece
tfct. - - r- r, - '"'
" Harris Thompson aad William
da- Vries attended a bnslness
meeting fa Salant Tuesday area
The Housewives Council of
Portland has sent a petition to the
public service commission urging
lower telephone rates in Portland.
The petition was prepared by W.
E. Richardson, attorney, and was
signed by Mary A. Dean, Mrs. Kate
Bonham and Laura Lees, members
of the council.
The petition sets out that the
existing rates are excessive, and
that a reduction is necessary for
the best interests of the city and
its citizens.
commission UA 4t.Jthey wo"11 the ahow
coasiuer iae petition wiinin me
next few days, when tome action
will be taken. Because of the targe
amount of research work neces
sary in a rate case, it is not likely
that the hearing will be held tor
several csonths. ho mention is
made in the petition of the tele
phone rates outside of Portland.
Owing to the failure of the Cooa
grange and the Marshfield cham
ber vr commerce to agree as to
which body should handle the de
tails of housing delegates, the Ore
gon state grange session will be
held at 'Myrtle Point Instead ot
Marshfield, June 11.
Read Dr. Copeland health arti
cles in the Statesman every day.
Starts Tuesday
1 ihC&m
In her first comedy role on the
screen, Dolores Costello, Warner
Bros, beautiful star, is reported fo
have one of her biggest successes.
The picture. "The Glad Rag Doll"
which opens at Bligh's Capitol
theatre this Sunday for a run of
four days.
In this unusual production Miss
Costello portrays a musical com
edy actress who falls in love with
the scion of a distinguished and
somewhat snobbish family. He in
turn loves her. But love some
times grows cold, or better said, it
is a woman's prerogative to change
her mind.
The beautiful Dolores falls in
love with another member of the
family who previously snubbed
her. As one can readily see, the
heart affairs in this ease becomes
quite complicated.
To clarify the situation. It
might be well to visit Bligh's Cap-
uot wnen tne, picture opena and
See and Hear the rest.-
Four very wonderful Yltaphonw
aetftmiA the Fox Movietone news
: rwrmrPiEOTJENCE- Jnne J.
Howard. Mort, former paster
the Methodist church in tout city.
nseAMSanled bv. his Wife and a
friand. Miss Ethel Grant, reached
Independence Wednesday evening
wttero the Morts expect to visit tor
ahont tares weeks, jar. Mon nas
beaa attendinr the Chicago nnl-J
verslty for nearly two years ana u
expecting to return In July to
complete his course. They drove
from Chicago In an Oldsmobtle.
Tha Methodist Ladles' Aid and
friends of Mrs. Annate Beal had a
surprise party for her in the par-,
lars of the Methodist church Fri
day afternoon. Mrs. Beal is plan
ning to start next week for a trip
to Pensacola, Florida, where her
son, R. R. Beal, Uvea. She is 83
years old. She has resided with Dr.
and Mrs. H. W. Beal for three
years and has been a regular at
tendant at the services ot the
Methodist church during that
Those who helped in making the
afternoon pleasant were: Mrs
Mary Smiley, Mrs. Bertha Fergu
son, Mrs. Virginia Heath, Mrs. Lee
L. Herschberger, Mrs.1 Ed Kelley,
Mrs. E. G. Ranton, Mrs. M. Inger-
mansen, Mrs. T. R. Heffley, Mrs.
W. H. Craven, Mrs. Peter Kurre,
Mrs. Alice Skinner, Mrs. Jennie
Slighter, Mrs. Ella Vrol. Mrs. Ella
Smith, Mrs. Sarah Irvine, Mrs.
Beal and Faith Herschberger.
R. M. Butler from Wheeler,
Ore. .is visiting his grand-daugh
ter, Mrs. Grant Byers.
- Mrs. Carrlof Smiley baa been 111
with neuritis for a few days.
Mrs. E. Pearl Robinson from
Tilamook has been spending the
week with her mother, Mrs. Ella
Smith on Monmouth street. She
wil return home Saturday,
To Attend "Meet
Rer. W. Earl Cochran, pastor
of the "Calvary- Baptist church
will attend the Northern Baptist
convention at Denver. CoL. from
June 14 to 19. Two other dele
gates from the Calvary church
are planning to attend the convention.
"The Desert Song," with Its tale
of love and banditry In north Af
fica; its Riffs and Arabs and for
eign legionnaires, will be unfold
ed on the stage ot the Elsinore
Thursday, June 20.
It is a gay fantastical story, peo
pled with a little French girl, the
governor's ward,' who bullies the
soldiers, teases her fiance and
longs for adventure and thrills
with the gallant ruffian, the ".Red
Shadow," leader of. the Riff rid
ers; with French: colonists pas
sionate houria ot the. narem and
doiena t"ttberrb4 iaight bare
stepped rrou tna parei ot a rer
cival Christopher Wren novel.
The hero ot the operetta Is a
sort of dual personality; while
among the French ha poses as a
lakadaisical half-wit. Among the
Rifts he is the "Red Shadow." in
trepid soldier, avenger of the des
ert people'i wrongs against the
French. It la ba who attempts to
rouse Margot's love by kidnaping
5, i '
' 4 , . v '
f'S-v k ii iijii m iiiiim..iiu iMWWXuu.--'.WJUit
nils, LOTS OF
T)e.i in PICTURE
' t -
Real Brcath-Taking Element
in ow Which Soon is
1o be on Boards
t jicstcr Conklin, Star of Comedians, takes the part of Angus
Mactavish, a brow-beaten taxi-driver whose desire for a new cab
takes him. down into the underworld and through a round of thrills
to set anyone's hair on edge.
Thrill the- real, breath-talc
ing sort that keep you oa the edge:
of your theatre seat interspersed
with hilarious comedy that makes
you sink back against the cushion
while you wipe tears oi laugnter
from your eyes suspense that
holds the interest taut and indu
ces you to really care what is go
ing to happen next to the charac
ters in the photoplay.
These are the elements, it is
universally admitted, that make
for success in a screen presenta
tion and it is these that have been
ivriv woven together by the
maaterlr direction ot Marsnau
Neil an into the FBO comedy dra
ma, "Taxi 13," attraction coming
to the Elsinore theatre for three
days, beginning next Tuesday.
cial) The R. N. A. and M. W. A.
held a Joint meeting Wednesday
evening, about 85 being present.
The following program was given:
Piano solo, Corrine Moberg; read
ing, Dora Geren; reading, Helen
Lawrence; solo, Johnnie Robin
son; reading, Marie Duaagan; pi
ano tool, Raymond Kellls; play,
John Smith Solves the Problem.
After the program games were
played after which lunch was
served to those present.
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Saueressig
were Portland visitors Wednesday
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Philips and
family of Hubbard and Clarence
Philips ot Salem visited Mr. and
Mrs. George Myers, Thursday.
The ball game played here
Thursday between Chemawa M.
W. A. and Scotts Mills M. W. A
the local team, which puts Scotts
Mills in the lead, having won
every game so tar this season.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Speaker
and daughter of Salem visited
relatives here Decoration day.
Mr.' and Mrs. Thad Dwyer left
for their home in Portland, , Fri
day after visiting Mrs. Dwyer's
brother and sister-in-law, Mr. and
Mrs. George Haynes several days.
J. J. Doty of Hubbard visited
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Kinser the first
part of the week.
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Talbot and
family of Alberta, Canada, visited
Mr. Talbot's sister. and brother-in-law,
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Sauer.
essig the first of the week.
Mrs. J. H. Kinser and daughter,
Nellie, were in Salem Friday on
vmk rtt rVtaklln. laadinir
, H ' '
film comedian of-tha day. la the
featured role ox Angus ciYisn,
a brow-beaten taxi drirer with 11
children and a yearning for a new
taxicab that leads him into under
world paths s of danger, tha high
lights ot th -comedy situations are
U capable hands.
Sent Tp Eighth
Grade Students
Eighth grade, diplomas to the
number of 55T haTO-already been
prepared at tha county superin
tendent's office, Mrs. Mary L.
Fulkerson, superintendent, re
ported Saturday following the
first check on the number of stu
dents who successfully passed the
May state examinations. This
number wilt bo raised some when
a few additional reports are se
cured. A large percentage of the
county graduates are expectea to
attend the annual county eighth
grade graduation exercises to bo
held at the high school auditorium
here next Saturday.
Slr.rl? Todav 4 Bi? Days
mHRC?o& presents
West Premier
l n I
jb . a si 'lass si i
"X rk ii i i ii ii i
r i r a
was won by a score of to I byPolice.
A society woman and a house
hold maid fought with butcher
knives today and the society wom
an, Mrs. Alonzo M. Snyder, wife
ot a prominent Cleveland attor
ney, was slain. The maid, Anna
Szenan, confessed the killing to
Calvary Baptist Church
Grand Theatre Cor. Court A High S
S. S. 9:45 a. in. Preaching: 10:50 a. m., 8 p. m.
Chorus Choir Special Music
farnifciuiinif Bwaa i
atetStr thaw Ms gtedeat PrlaW
r 'mioMom Time"
Hear the songs which
have encircled
the clobe
Love Song
The Sabre
Oae Flower In
Yew Garden,1
and a dozen ethers.
Rousing; male chorus, best outside grand opera.
Beautions.hooris who can sin; as weQ as d&nee
Cecil Stewart's Famooa Symphony Orchestra.
Prices Lower Floor and Mezzanine $3.00
Bal T1XK - $2.00 - $20
Seats on Sale June 22. No Mall Orders Now!
4 Daysw fJlQ A fairly leaps
Starts XriAwllFZr4' I Ireaataaaawaa
j Allr4l Attractions
Cochran I
Introduetory Radio Offer
. Announcement
u v' fy H MARCO
I -si.
ll SbiST Vf. L. CAItL03 f a"--
Wo have just secured an outlet for all used Radios
and Phonographs. This enables us to offer you a
Greater Trade-in than ever before. Bring; in what
you have. We are allowing: up to $80.00 to intro
duce this wonder screen grid Radio.
New Features
Type 345 Power Tubes
Push Pull Amplifier
Console Cabinet by; "Adler
up to C3 Trade-in allowance. Installations
by factory trained expert. Reasonable terms if
'desired. Standard guarantee, satisfaction assured.
wvn i
II "Illl
foot) if ii nij (t mtg fM i
'' '" t l I j . . . ,-i-rrr TTt' iT-l ii 7
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337 Court St
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