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    Tfes CSEGON STATESMAN. Saka. Oregon, Sunday llarnlng. Jane 2, 132S
Become m a Great' Mining
Gold Output of Oregon v .
Likely to Double jin Very
Near Future, Says CoUfege
This Much Will. Come From Operation of
Single Mine, and That Not Primarily ;X
Gold Mine; General Survey Needed
The following if famished for
this annual mining Slogan number
of The Statesman by John C. Ban
ner of the department of indus
trial Journalism of the Oregon
State Agricultural college:
The glamor that surrounds gold
mining in the popular fancy shows
no orosoect of diminishing even
In this highly deTeloped and rela
tively nroaoerous age. Oregon nas
seen her share of the stampedes
resulting from real or bogus
"strces, from ths "early yean of
the first "dlgglnga" In this sUte
to the nresent.
Like the Industry In every state.
mining here has had Its share of
attention form the eroka ana
near crooks. bwt these ve mere
than balanced by tho substantial
and honest developments.
Though Oregonr because of eth
er abundant, and. diverse resourc
es, has never been known prima r-'
ily as a mining state, mineral pro
duction. especially of the metallic
minerals, has tor half a century
been a major industry, and right
now la thought by many to be on
the verge of a ..real revival that
may push It to the forefront.
Gold Out-rat to Double
Gold production alone, in thlj
state, 0ay- within the very near
future be .doubled in volume oyer
the present anftfial output through
the operation ofe, single mine
and not a gold mine at that. In the
exclusive sense of the word.
To understand how that is pos
sible, let it be said first that the
annual output of metalic mineral
in this state for 1127, the last
year for which complete figures
are available, was $393,(57 in val
ue of -which S303.383 was repre
sented by the gold output. In oth
er word, s though much has been
heard of copper and lead develop
ments, and less of silver, approxl
mately 80 per cent in value of the
metal mined in this state is gold
Baker county right now is in the
midst of a mining revival that is
not of the boom variety but rather
the culmination, of extensive and
even very expensive preliminary
work conducted over a number of
years in preparation for large com
mercial operations. Copper ia the
Drimary metal concerned In these
operations,' but ar is so frequently
the case, according to mining men
the determining factor in making
some copper mines profitable
the presence of gold in greater or
less quantities in the ore, which is
recovered as a by-product in
smelting operations.
One Mine to Do It
Such, according to disinterested
reports, appears to be the case at
Baker, where large scale opera
tions are about to begin on a huge
deposit of ore which carries, in
addition to the copper, a probable
average of at least S3 a ton in
gold. Thus if developments re
sult in an output of but BOO tons
a day, the amount of gold recov
ered in a year will exceed the total
1927 output for this state.
Gold production at present is
far below that of past years, as
shown by a glance at comparative
figures for the last 10 years. The
United States bureau of mines re
port for If 2 shows that in 1917
the total metal production ot the
etate amounted in value to fz,-
270,874. No Industry was struck
harder by the after-war depression
than that of mining, and the total
figures tor this state diminished
until a low point of S334.740 was
reached in 19 2 C As noted be
fore, the tide turned slightly in
1927 and a further rise, is general'
ly expected. Whether gold will
remain as the dominant metal in
future remains to be seen, several
factors entering into the question.
including the prospective copper
When Alining Began
Gold mining first began in this
state some 15 years after the tren
ded days of Ml in California,
Many of those who left Oregon for
the promise of sudden riches In
the south, passed directly through
regions which later were the scenes
ot rich strikes, notably in south
western Oregon.
At first placer mines constitut
ed the major type of operations,
and many of this kind are still
producing today, in fact, the fed
eral bureau listed ISO placer oper
ations in 1927. Nevertheless, the
lode mines have 'increased as the
richer placer workings have been
exhausted. These lode mines have
In some cases met, with difflcul
ties common to a changing indus
try, but Indications for sound de
velopment on a strict business ba
sis were never better than now.
During past rears, sporadic at
tempts have been made at mining
in nearly every section of the
state, but the two regions that
have always led in mineral pro
duction are the southwestern and
northeastern sections of the state
Today the counties that figure in
gold production are Josephine,
- Jacason, - Douglas and Curry
in the south, and ' Baker, ' Un
ion, Wallowa, Grant and Malheur
in the north. Geologists believe
however, that these two widely
separated regions are closely re
lated through the counties of Des
chutes and Crook with contiguous
territory. After the mineralization
ot this area perhaps the Cascade
range arose, separating the two
regions. The entire mid-section
was then covered with lava, bury
ing the older metal-bearing strata
in some cases thousands of feet
below the surface. Where streams
have cut deep canyons, outers u-
plngs of these older format! ana
may be found.
No Adequate Surrey
Just what are the potential min
eral resources of the state, in gen
eral and the gold resources In par
ticular, no one now is able to aay.
as an adequate survey of 'these
resources has never been made,
The Oregon Mining Survey baa
been created by the legislature
and Is located at the school of
imines ot Oregon State college, hut
no appropriation has ever been
made for its operation, hence it
exists largelx in name only and
has hot been able to serve the in
dustry as effectively as planned:
Present cooperation is limited to
office studies and reports on spec
imens submitted for examination.
As for prospecting, in the gen
erally 'accepted sense of the term,
the state has been fairly well cov
ered. Yet some sections of west
ern Oregon,' in the known mineral
bearing regions, are so densely
mantled with vegetation and soil,
that' rock outcropping are hard
to find. What lies beneath re
mains for the future to reveal,
possibly by the aid of geophysical
prospecting, and now Is merely a
matter of conjecture. '
' On the other hand, certain Hm
ited sections jA eastern Oregon,
notably in the Cornucopia district
north of Baker, offer possibilities
for farther prospecting, accord
ing to geologists. Some renewed
activity has been shown in 4 this
district recently, -as ia also the
case west ot Baker at the old Pal
sley-Elkhorn mine.
Some renewed interest has also
been .shown recently in the re
gion' of Bourne in Baker county,
where in 1904 the series of mines
known as the North Pole, E & E,
Golconda, Columbia and Taber
Fraction were at the .zenith of
their gold production. These
znlnes closed down when the rich
est ores were exhausted. Recently
a movement has been undertaken
to consolidate these holdings with
the idea of , working the lower
grade ores by new methods.
Another part ot the Blue Moun
tain mining section undergoing
renewed development is the Mor
mon Basin district near the Idaho
line and close to the boundary of
Malheur and Baker counties.
Three properties have been con
solidated there and are now un
dergoing unified development, and
this may result in greatly increas
ed gold output.
Larger scale production 1 n
southern Oregon, where some of
tthe richest lodes in the country
have been found, is also predict
ed by mining interests of that re
gion. Many of these rich strikes
have -proved of limited extent in
the past, but others opened up
through sluicing and . dredging
have been continued on a fairly
large scale. The largest present
development reported is that of
the Llano de Oro placer mine op
erated by George Ksterly, though
a few lode mines are increasing
The Esterly mine has been op
erated for the past 60 years and is
Just now undergoing expansion so
that the average daily output will
be increased in volume 16 or 15
times, according to reports. Mod
ern equipment is being used in
this operation, power being chief
ly electric.
Another project, probably pat
terned after similar operations in
the Sacramento valley, is a huge
dredging "ship" which is design
ed to dig itself through the valley
of Foots creek, where gold Is re
ported In paying quantities it
such an efficient means of recov
ery is used. It is said that 101
years may oe required ror the
Voyage" through the valley.
Thua the modern forty-niners
are still at work throughout the
state. No longer are the pick and
pan so much in evidence, however.
as are the transit and other tools
of the trained mining - engineer.
With the passing of the boom
camps .and ghost towns, emblem
atic of the vicissitudes ot that
era, is growing the more highly
organized and specialized mining
Industry scientifically operated
and carefully administered.
The glamour of gold remains,
but its recovery by the prospector
and his pan is much more diffi
cult, while no opportunity at all
is onered. it indeed there ever
was, for those frenzied folk whose
chief equipment is a craving tor
sudden riches which they hope to
fulfill by a week-end treasure
hunt. .
IALEM win some day be a mining center. When? When
) the undeveloped mines of the Santiam region are de
veloped. There is no longer any guess work about the wealth
that lies in the mountains there, near the summit of the cas
cades. In the case of the Northwest Copper company's prop
erty. William J. Elmendorf. one of the greatest mining engi
neers of the country, has satisfied himself. The ore is there,
and in quantities to pay the costs of working, with large
profits. And the extent, from every indication, is all but ex-
haustless, in the common acceptance of that term.
If the Santiam mining district were near Salt Lake or
Spokane or Denver, or any other place where the people are
mining minded, it would not remain undeveloped for a day;
rather not a day would pass without the teginning of majoripuc ot Oregon, there is no. ques-
development undertakings.
One of the greatest sources of wealth for Salem is so
far untouched in a way to bring its golden stream into use.
Salem has a great mining district almost at her front
. A good system of crop rotation
will usually do more to increase
soil fertility and insure a good
stand of clover in Oregon than
anything else, says the experiment
station. Although most commer
clal fertilizers are of little value
to this crop, clover which has
good stand but which makes on
ly slow, small growth, will prac
Ucally always respond to the use
ot land plaster.
To prevent over-crowding of
chicks and consequent stunted
growth, young chicks should be
roosting at six weeks of age.
mm i
There Is Wealth Sufficient to
Make This a Fact, in
Santiam District
That the Salem district, mean
Ing the trade territory of this city,
will eventually add materially to
the arte of the great mineral out-
i lira BED
Students Discarding Old
Type of Auto for More
Modern Styles
The sloganized, ram shackle,
collegiate automobile with Its gro
tesque mottoes and exhibitions of
art on every avauable inch of
space from radiator to gas tank is
fast dlsappering, ecording to re
ports from university cmpuses and
automobile companies the country
over. Instead, the spirit 'of youth
in motor car demand is turning to
cars embodying characteristics ot
youthful beauty and performance
It is true, students from this
vicinity have shewn a decided
change in attitude toward the au
tomobile they want to drive now
compared with a rear ago or
more." declared W. L. Anderson
of the De Soto agency here.
"Rumor says the same fair co
eds who refused to accompany hat-
less student sthrongh the streets
ot college towns also issued an ul
timatum against the freak auto
mobile mode of personal transpor
tatlon which swept the campuses.
"The open type of automobile
is in high standing now, according
to a national survey made not
long ago by a well-known colleg
iate magazine. Modern youth de
mands the freedom the speed
the dash ot the open car."
Watering pans for young stock
may be set on top of wire cov
ered frames to prevent the cicks
from picking the moist ground.
The whole upper Santiam dis
trict, np near the summit of the
Cascades, is mineralized. There
are many paying mines in the
making in that region ; no doubt
running through the . Cascade
range. Ever since the pioneer
days, whoa the Little North Fork
ot the Santiam river, clear down
to Manama, ws worked by placer
miners, there has been prospect'
ing; in that territory and a lot of
copper, lead and sine prospects
are marked out all of them car
rying from a trace to a consider
able showing per ton of ore of
Northwest Copper Company
A large number ot Salem peo
! pie have long been Interested in
the property that is now known
as that ot.the Northwest Copper
company, formerly the Lotz-Lar-sen
claims, and still further back
the developments of a number of
other pioneers of that future great
William J. Elmendorf of Seat
tle, one of the ablest mining en
gineers of the conn try, has been
the consulting engineer of the
Northwest Copper company, and
he has had prospecting done on
a thorough scale. This has gone
far enough to show him that there
is the making of a great mining
of a great mining camp up there.
The claims of the company that
have been thus thoroughly pro
spected are near the confluence of
Gold creek with the. Little North
Fork et the Santiam river, about
50 mflee from Salem.
A Good oRad
Long years ago, the Black
Eagle Mining company, with
claims Just below the Northwest
Copper company properties, spent
about $75,000 in building a road
along the north bank of the Lit
tle North Fork literally blasting
it out of the solid rock for seven
or eight miles.
There is now a very fair auto
mobile road all the way to the
property from Salem. It is paved
over half the way, that is, to Me-hama.
Men who are good judges have
predicted that in the course- of
time the- Santiajn region win pour
weaiu into tne top oi saiem in
sufficient magnitude to make this
city known everywhere as a min
Ing center.
With the newly awakenina In
terest in mining in this state, the
time when there will be major de
velopment in the Santiam section
cannot be far away. The North
west Copper company property
witl be known as a Conner mine.
though It will yield also lead. zinc.
silver and gold. The ore la especi
ally desirable for smelting. .
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