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Talk of the Road and
News of the Day for Mo
torists and Outdoors folk
Section 2
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Automotive Information
The OREGON STATESMAN, Salem, Oregon, Saturday Morning, May 18, 1929
Figures- Compiled to Prove
Depreciation Much
More on Bumps
The motorist .who drives a
light six over firBt class pave
ments rather than over low type
roads does so at a saving of 2.37
cents a mile. Travel over Inter
mediate road types costs approxi
mately 1.13 cents more a mile
than over good pavement.
These are conclusions of Pro
fessor T. R. Agg and other re
search workers at Iowa State col
lege, just made puduc. aii uem
of expenre were considered and
properly balanced with the final
figures based on year 'round tra
vel. Car Operators Report
Reports from comemrclal car
operators all over the United
States were compiled in making
these studies. It is believed that
the results of the observations in
dicate quite accurately the great
er cost of low type roads, for the
reports cover cars operated under
all sorts of conditions, through
urban and rural traffic, under di
verse climatic conditions and by
drivers of varying degrees of
skill and efficiency.
Considering all items of car
operation expense, such as gas
oline, oil. depreciation and so on,
fmpeT mile cost of a light slx
cylindered car is 8.62 cents the
per mile cost of a light six-cylin-dered
car Is 8.62 cents over low
type roads, 7.38 cents over inter
mediate types, and 6.25 cents
over first class pavement.
Size of Car Makes Test
Car operation costs, of course,
vary with the siie of the car. For
example, the cost of operating a
medium four on low type roads
ia 7.5 cents a mile; on interme
diate types, 6.42 cents a mile;
and on hieh type pavement, 8.-
4 1 cents.
From the collected data, it was
determined that it the composite
"average" automobile were to be
operated entirely over pavement!
rather than over low type roads,
the saving per mile would be 2.
06 cents. Intermediate types
when changed to high type high
ways would save the average driv
er approximately one cent a mile.
Many Poor Roads Left
The motorist himself may then
calculate Just how much it costs
him to drive over roads not of
first quality. With but some 80,
000 miles of high type rural high
ways, most motoring is still over
inferior highways.
Woman Who Stayed
22 Hours First to
Thus Recognized
Mrs. Louise Thaden has added
another victory to !ier impressive
strinr of records. Last month
she obtained her transport license
the first woman flier on the Pa
cific coast to be honored by such
a degree. Her examination was
taken at the Oakland airport and
waa nassed with an excellent
It will be remembered that on
December 7, IS 28, Mrs. Thoden
attained a world's record altitude
of 20,270 feet for women fliers
and on March 16 and 17 of this
year established a new world's
record for women fliers, staying
in the air for 22 hours, 3 minutes
and 12 seconds.
Mrs. Thaden is at the present
time tuning her. plane for an at
tempt o esablish a speed record
for women which will be recog-
As in her previous flights, the fa
moua aviatrix will use Associated
Aviation gasoline and Cycol Aero
il in her three place open pocket
cockpit Ttravelaire bi-plane pow
ered with a 180 horse power Hlfl-
pano-Sulzo motor.
Possibility of squeaks and faul
ty operation of "-the- four-wheel
brakes are entirely enclosed. Self-
energizing and of the Intern al-ex-
pandin type, the new brakes are
protected at all. times.
Smart side cowl ventilators op-
eratedihy foot control on the new
Oakland Ail-American six. In ad
dition to heightening the beauty
of the unusual body lines, offer
utility in that the send a refresh
' Ing sweep of air across the foot
boards in warm weather driving,
Oakland was the first car
adopt 'fuel pump, now used by SO
mm honor
i ' l " - Y X ' ' V',. ' i 'v 7 - '-c- " ' V"
PI ',J..HW..'. , WW," ,'!!!! -i) HWMIILi.-L-L MWM
In the classy little car at the left. new Dodge for sale by the Bone.oplane which la a home.proact, bnUt here and being flown at the
steelo Motor Car Co., Is Rnssell Boneeteele at the wheel and K. X.$alem airfield. This la the fourth Dodge purchased by Evert v.
Eyerly with him. Lee Eyerly is seea at the helm of the Eycrly mon-
Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Stewart Making
Trip Throughout the United States;
Nash Special Six Sedan Proves Value
Local People Start on Swing-Around-Circle
By Going to California; Los Angeles
And Its Sights are Viewed
Realization, a cherished hope of Mr. and Mrs. Alvin B.
Stewart to "See America First" began on the morning of
Apfil 12 when they left Salem with a new Nash "400" Spe
cial Six Sedan on a liesurely journey to points of interest in
the United States and the first details of the trip are pub
lished through the courtesy of the F. W. Pettyjohn Co., Nash
distributors in Salem.
Country "Well Dressed"
"FFrom Eugene southward,
through Roseburg, Grants Pass
and Medford, the whole country
side seemed dressed in its finest
raiment to gree and please all of
us who passed that way on Ore
gon's splendid highways. Shades
of evening found us nearlng the
charming city of Ashland where
we were to spend the first night
from home. The first dayoltravel
was delightful in the manifold
comfors of our Nash "400" spe
cial six sedan which is truly a
marvel of riding pleasure and
amazing in its superb qualities of
steerins. There is almost no ef
fort required in steering the car
and after the day was over, we
were conscious of a feeling of rest
fullness that we had never known
before in driving any car. The
wonderfully powered Nash "400"
motor enabled us to negotiate the
mountain roads between Roseburg
and Grants Pass so easily that we
scarcely knew we, were climbing
at any time.
"Anticipating a second day in
Oregon's natural beauty, we made
our start from Ashland into the
majesty of the Siskious moun-
alns. Our Nash "400" was per
forming with the same precision
of yesterday comfortable, quiet,
and steering so easily that we
reached the summit before we
could realize that we were at the
highest elevation. The day was
tied the beauties and the handi
work of nature was fascinating in
perfec, too, the sunlight magni
its grandeur. One here can only
wish that everyone in the world
could really see and know about
the wonders of thi3 Oregon coun
try. At the Oregon-California
line, we stopped and looked about
in the little city of Hilt which Is
a lumbering village in the valley,
and then continued on in wonder
ful sunshine until we reached Mt,
Shasta. Soon after, it began a
fine mist which developed into a
hard downpour of rain at Red
ding, California. Here we replen
ished the fuel supply In the ear
and waited for the rain storm to
pass. Carefully checking our
fuel consumption, we found that
the Nash "400" had averaged bet
Fords to be Used in U-Drive Service
J JUV.-.-
The Salem Taxi Service baa added two Model A Fords to its fleet of atoa to be sed for Drive Your
self service. Troy D. Wood and It A. dark are the proprietors of the -company which make its
headquarters at the Bligh hoteL Photograph shows the two ears to be osed la the service. "The snap
piest jobs ever used by as. commented tho proprietors when the ew car were delivered te them. .
Your Choice! They are Both Modern!
ter than eighteen miles per gallon
of gasoline, and hink this is re
markable mileage for a new car
driven at moderate speed all tbe !
Camp Wonderful
"Our second night was spent at
Red Bluff where there is the fin
est auto camp we have ever seen.
It is conducted by the city of Red
Bluff, equipped with cabins all
modern, well-built, neat, clean,
and most convenient with running
water as pure and lino as could be
found anywhere In the world.
Leaving here in the early morn
ing of Sunday, we drove to Chieo
for breakfast and enjoyed learn
ing about the great harvest of ol
ives which Is an Interesting indus
try indeed. We were directed to
proceed via the city of Vina across
the country to view the walnut
groves an dthe fruit farms along
the Sacrameno river, and then on
to Chlco spending considerable
time there in the beautiful Bid well
Natural park famous for its oak
trees which are said to be the
largest in the world. This park is
viewed from delightful drives run
ning through the park which is di
vided by a lovely stream of clear
running water.
Well Received at Chico
"We were received at Chlco by
the executives of the Bldwell Nash
company, distributors of Nash au
tomobiies, who gave us a very
courteous reception. They were
much Interested In our plans, took
our Nash- "400" into their sales
room and examined it thoroughly
from bumper to bumper but found
It In fine condition In every re
spect The Bidwell Nash company
informed us that the new "400"
Nash had been exceptionally well
received by the motoring public in
their territory and that Nash sales
percentages run about 30 per cent
Nash advanced six, 30 per cent
special six and 40 per cent stand
ard six models.
Sacramento Interest
"Sacramento, the capital city ef
California, provided much attrac
tion. The state government build
ings and the views of the city oc
cupied our time during Sunday af-
ernoon and were made especially
Ml m m ii y ii II 'I'll m t 1"jivn n 11 1 I rpnn ir 11 ni.Uji P , 1
A --ml ,1 .
'Z-.- ' " i'ZZmmr inn untT i 4
pleasant by friends who shared
our drive and pointed to objects
of particular interest Monday
morning saw as on the way again,
this time through Stockton via the
Borden highway around San Fran
cisco bay to Martinez and Rich
mond to look over the oil industry
and manufacturing districts allow
ing arriva at Oakland Monday in
the afternoon. Here, we tarried
for several days making short
trips in every direction and at
tending to business matters in the
ciy of San Francisco. The drives
overlooking be ocean were excep
tionally attractive and we would
have liked to spend more time
near the Golden Gate.
See Mack Sennett Studio
'Journeying southward brought
us to Los Angeles Friday evening
and the next morning we were up
early driving about the city, visit
ing the Mack. Sennett studios in
Hollywood, to Pasadena, Long
Beach and many small places
along the coast. It is all very
wonderful but we are still in ove
with Oregon, and wil soon be on
the way to a partion of the coun-
ry greatly different in character
from hat seen along the coast of
Oregon, Washington and Califor
nia. Deah Valley, of which so
much is told and written, and al
ways a place of mystery to us, was
one special objective or. our ltin-
ery. Having relatives living at th
entrance of the valley we decided
to visit their home at the city of
Daggett, California, from whence
we would make such excursions
into the valley as are practicable
by motor car.
Surrey Daggett Valley
"Arriving at Daggett Sunday
evening preparations were Imrae
dfaely completed for a survey of
the valley and surroundings in the
Nash "440." Our start was made
Monday morning and in a short
time were in the midst of a region
known as the "Fossil Beds" which
ell about fifteen miles from the
valley. It is here that bones are
said to be found which indicae
prehistoric animal life. Repre
sentatives of the Smithsonian In
stitne are making extensive ' re
searches concerning these animals
which are said to have reached
enormous size and to have been
varied in structure resembling gi
ant horses, elephants and other
forms. It Is believed, that such
life was existant two millions of
years in the past
"Near here are also found the
vast borax mines which were giv
en much prominence by the "20
mule team transportation meth
od" of carrying he borax io mar
ket places and points for ship
ment. Here, too. Is the famous
: v -. w a. v & x s
city of Calico, a silver mining
own of the past which obtained its
name from the vari-colored rock
formations in the surrounding
hills. Calico is Just now taking
a new lease on life by reason of
recent finds of more high grade
ore which bid fair to bring the
city back to a thriving and pros
perous community.
Death VVaHey Viewed
"Now It is Tuesday, J-at a lit
tle past mid-afernoon when we
are away again for Deah Valley
proper and all its mysterious des
oatlon. We leave the highway
turning north a little way east of
the city of Daggett. The road now
is just two wagon tracks and we
soon pass through a lake long
since become dry and now another
and still a third dry lake where
we are favored by sky picture of
the most beautiful mirage phe
nomena. It is beyond description
we seem to see a laTge body of
water dotted with ships of various
sizes, beautiful clouds and a coast
line fringed with trees and marve
lous fields of growing foliage."
(To Be Continued)
Heard Along
Auto Row
PARTS and service meet
Fortland branch of Chevro
let Motors MDnday evening
at the Douglas McKay Chevrolet
company was attended by 30 inde
pendent garages and Chevrolet
dealers in this vicinity.
Charles Nestor, sals3 promotion
manager; W. J. Ricnmond, sales
manager in charge of this zone;
and Ross Knudson, paTts and ser
vice manager this zone were the
speakers of the evening.
Moving pictures were shown of
the proving grounds, construction,
parts, and service equipment of
the new Cherrolet.
R. C. Groshong, service man
ager of the Goeti Motor com
pany of Corvallis, wag in Sa
lem Tuesday. He spent most
of the day at the Valley Motor
L. H. Cottew and Walter Green,
mechanics at Vlck Brothers, ac
companied by their families went
to the coast for clams Sunday.
The low tide encouraged a large
number of clammers both at Ne
tarts and Bay. Ocean theyreport
Since there is no limit on dams
boh families came back well sup
plied. W. H. Gillespie, formerly
with the Hndson-Essex dealers
ia The Dalles, has accepted a
position as salesman with Lo
der Brothers. Mr. Gillespie ar
rived In Salem last week. He
has been in the automobile
business for three years.
Fishermen from the Valley Mo
tor company had good luck Sun
day. Lawrence Imlah got a big
catch on the Siuslaw. Morris Race
and Kay Smith brought home the
limit from Elk river, while Seth
Dodge got nothing but a good sup
per at Valsets.
Mr. and Mrs. Van Dnyne
drove to tho Tygh valley Satar
day afternoon and returned
Sunday. Van Dnyn, who Is em
ployed ha the office of the State
Motors, reports fine roads and
many tourists.
National Tour Being Made
by Representatives of
Foreign Ministry
The American gasoline tax,
other tax levies a feet in g motor
transportation, methods of high
way financing, and the relation of
rail and motor transportation are
being carefully studied by repre
sentatives of the German govern
ment, the German automobile In
dustry, and by other German al
lied interests, who tg now on a
tour of the United States.
The American Autamobile asso
ciation, which has placed the facil
ities of A. A. A. motor clubs in all
parts of the country at the dispos
al of the German delegation.
points out that the experiences of
Triplex shatter-proof glass
Four Houdaille hydraulic shock absorber
Typical Ford reliability and economy
ALL of thes features combine with smart, low body lines and a
choice of beautiful colors to make the new Ford an unusual value at
low price. Call or telephone for a demonstration.
Note these low prices
Roadster, - Phaeton Business Coupe Tudor Seden Coupe
$450 $460 $525 $525 $550
Sport Coupe I or dor Seden -
: $550 $625
(AU prices . o. b. Detroit, plus charge for freight and deUrery. Bumpers and
spare the extra.)
Chemeketa and Liberty Streets.
this country In the taxation field
will in all probabiity lead to a new
tax structure affecting the auto
mobile and highways In Germany.
Gas Tax Intends
"Primarily Interssted In the
gasoline taxation as a means of
highway financing says the na
tional motoring body; "the mem
bers of the delegation have been
greatly surprised at the almost
universal endency to periodically
Increase this tax. In view of the
steady rise in this form of taxa
tion, "some members have been
keenly interested in where will it
end. When Will legislators see
that the limit has almost been
reahced? This s the queston ask
ed by many.
"At the same tme, notng the
tremendous quantity of gasoline
sold without the payment of tax,
supposedly for other use than for
the auomobile, members of the
German party are interesting
themselves in the question of
whether payment of the gas tax Is
being evaded and whether or not
the increases will tend to make
for more and more evasion by
users in the latter category."
The A. A. A. says another prob
lem being carefully studied is the
tendency in this country to devote
portio: s of the gasoline tax to
schools and oher governmental ac
new Ford
Silent, fully enclosed six-brake system
to 65 miles an hour
Vibration-absorbing engine support
tivities, instead of using he entire
fund for road building, for which
the tax was primarily intended.
The American Automobile as
sociation is cooperating with the
national automobile chamber of
commerce, state and local highway
oficials and other units, In order
that the visitors my study every
phase of the problem in which
they ar, interested.
TOKYO (AP) Feng Hung
Kuo. eldest son of General Feng
Yu-Hsiang, is one of the 101
young Chinese who qualified for
admission to the Imperial Army
Academy here. The young man's
father recently pleaded at Nan
king for military preparedness,
pointing to Japan as the ultima
enemy of China.
More than eight million rain
bow trout eggs have been taken
from the Crane Prairie station by
the hatchery department of the
state game commission this
spring. This number far exceed
the expectations of the commis
sion. The eggs are being taken to
the Fall River hatchery where
they will be eyed and later distrib
uted to the various hatcbeiies of
the state.