The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, May 19, 1929, Page 16, Image 16

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The OREGON. STATESMAN, Salem, Orejron. Sunday Morning, May 19, 1929
Total Amounts to Nearly 2
Million Dollars for
Year 1928
Merely two billion dollars, II.'
t03.483.82S to be exact, in fire
and life Insurance of U classes.
except health and accident and
miscellaneous, was carried by in
surance companies operating in
Oregon at the close of the year
1928. which was an increase of
$235,787,207 or 14 percent over
the amount of like insurance in
force in this state on December
81, 1927, as shown by the annual
report of Insurance Commissioner
Clare A. Lee to Governor Patter
ton, made public Saturday. These
classes embrace fire, stock, mu
tnal and automobile and life, or
flinary group, industrial, assess
ment and fraternal.
These same companies collected
an aggregate of $30,288,151 in
net premiums in 1928 as compar
ed to $28,151,756 in 1927, an in
crease of $657,769 or 2.3 percent,
and paid losses amounting to $12,
723,754 in 1928 which was an in
crease of $1,000,205 over the 1927
losses, or 9 per cent. The heavy
aggregate loss ratio, revealed by
these figures, is due to the extra
ordinary losses suffered by fire
companies in Oregon in 1928,
which were $561,970 or 25 per
cent greater than those of the pre
vious year.
All other classes of business,
health and accident and miscel
laneous, which do not report the !
total amount of insurance in
force, collected an aggregate of
$7,472,101 in net premium in
1928, a decrease of $921,970 or
11 percent as compared to 1927,
and paid $5,638,595 in net losses
last year, which was $860,457 or
IS per cent loess than those of the
previous year.
The 72 reporting life compan
ies operating to Oregon show
$605,214,497 in insurance in force
at the close of 1928 with a receip.t
In net premiums of $19,644,946.
"This," says Commissioner Lee,
Is Indicative of a healthy and
commendable growth in this
branch of the insurance business,
the increase In 1928 over any pre
vious year being in excess of $47,
700,000 in insurance in force, with
as increase of $1,596,496 in pre
miums received from agents over
1927 and a corresponding growth
In revenue for the state f $21,
400, an increase of approximately
percent over 192". Since 1924
life Insurance in force has increas
ed $196,700,000 or 48 percent net
premium receipts $6,800,000 and
elalfs paid $2,300,000."
Mining Employes
Go Out On Strike
For Regular Pay
DAWSON, Y. T., May 18.
XAV) A general walkout of em
ployes of Burrall and Baird, Ltd.,
and associated companies, operat
ing what is claimed to be the larg
est placer gold mining leases in
the world, occurred here today.
The men protested against ir
regular pay days and demanded
that" regular pay days be estab
lished. Company officials expect
the board of directors to settle
the difficulties without delay.
The companies involved control
hundreds of miles of the best
placer creeks and hill ground in
the Klondike. They operate
dredges and hydraulics.
To Speak Before
Graduation Class
Charles A. Howard, state super
intendent of public instruction,
will give an address before the
graduation class of the Birken-
teld high school in Columbia coun
ty next Wednesday night. He will
address the graduation class of
the Clatskanle high school on the
Blight of May 23, Rainier gradua
tion class May 24, The Dalles
graduation class May 29 and the
Pendleton graduation class June
T. Other graduation addresses will
be given by Mr. Howard before
the schools are closed.
For any kind of Job Printing
call 500.
Dr. Caldwell's
Dr. Caldwell watched the re
sults of constipation for 47 years,
and believed that no matter how
careful people are of their hearth,
Siet and exercise, constipation will
occur from time to time regardless
of how much one tries to avoid it.
Of next Importance, then, is how
to treat It when it comes. Dr.
Caldwell always was in favor of
getting as close to nature as pos
sible, hence his remedy tor consti
pation, known aa Dr. Caldwell's
Syrup 'Pepsin, is a mild vegetable
compound. It can not harm the
most delicate system and it not
a habit firming preparation. Syr
up Pepsin Is pleasant-tasting, and
youngsters love it. It does not
gripe. Thousands of mothers
have written us to that effect.
Dr. Caldwell did not approve of
drastic physics and 'purges. He
lid not believe they were good for
human beings to put into their
systems. In a practice of 4? years
he never saw any reason tor their
use when medicine like Syrup
Pepsin will empty the bowels Just
as promptly, more cleanly and
gently, without griping and harm
to the system.
Keep free from constipation! t
robs your strength, hardens your
aIier nd brlns on premature
id age. Do not let a day go by
Parrish Student Produces Genuine Gem
When Miss Gladys Humphrey,
English teacher at Parrish Junior
high school, asked her eighth A
class to write poems on school
spirit as a piece of class work, per
haps she didnt expect her act of
making the assignment to be
turned back in rhyme. Bat this
is what Elizabeth Nelson did. In
"Writing a Poem":
The teacher said: "You write a
Of things about our school.
Pencil sharpeners or baseball
Or about the traffic rules."
"But teahcer," I said, with a look
of despair,
"I was not born a poet."
She gave me a very decided lcok
And said. "Don't you think I
know it?"
"You don't have to be a poet," she
Klamath Falls, Ashland and
Other Southern Oregon
Towns on Itinerary
Salem Cherrians are making
plans for a visit through Southern
Oregon June 18 to 20, King Bing
Giese having sent out Inquiries to
the Cherrians to ascertain how
many will make the trip.
The plan calls for a trip south
by the "Cascade" to Klamath
Falls and a return up the Pacific
highway by 'motor bus. The fare
for the round trip has been set at
Local organizations will receive
the visitors and treat them to ban
quets and other entertainment,
says Gjese, who is active in pro
moting the excursion. In an in
quiry sent out Saturday Giese asks
that at least 25 Cherrians sign up
for the trip.
Local citizens not members of
the Cherrians are also Invited to
make the pilgrimage but it is re.
quested that reservations be made
in sufficient time to permit the
Cherrians to make needed reser
vations. The tentative schedule for the
Cher'rian trip is:
Tuesday, Jane 18, 1029
10.25 a.m. Leave Salem S. P.
train "The Klamath." Through
Cascade mountains by daylight.
Diner on train eat anytime.
7.25 p.m. Arrive Klamath
Falls. Dinner (or supper) with
The Pelicans. Night at Klamath
Wednesday, June 10, 1029
Breakfast and lunch at Klam
ath Falls. Sight seeing trips dur
ing tbe morning. 1 o'clock p.m.
Leave Klamath Falls, by S. P.
Bus Route via Green Mountain
3:30 p.m. Arrive Ashland.
Drink Lithia Water (free).
5.30 p.m. Leave Ashland. S. P.
Bus. 6 p.m. Arrive Medford. Din
ner (or supper) with The Craters.
Night at Medford.
Thursday, June 20, 1929
Breakfast in Medford. 10 a.m.
Leave Medford, Southern Paci
fic Bus. 11 a.m. Arrive Grants
Pass. Luncheon with The Cave
2 p.m. Leave Grants Pass, S.
P. Bus. . 4:30 Arrive Roseburg.
Dinner (or supper) with the Ump
qua Chiefs. Leave for Salem fol
lowing dinner, traveling by S. P.
Bus. Railway and bus fare, re
turn trip, $17.35. You spend
Tuesday night at Klamath Falls.
Wednesday night at Medford. "
Dr. J. F. Seibert
To Talk Here
Dr. John F. Seibert of Chicago
will give a public lecture at the
American Lutheran church, on
Church street between Chemeketa
and Center. Wednesday evening.
May 22, beginning at 8 o'clock.
Dr. Seibert will speak on "Putting
Lutheranism over," of "TJie Lar
gest and Strongest Protestant
Church in the World."
LA GRANDE, Ore.. May 18.
(AP) A defense of modern
schools and modern youth was
made here today by Dr. William
J. Mayo of Rochester, Minn.
3 Rules
You Healthy
without a bowel movement. Do
not sit and hope, but go to a drug
gist and get one of the generous
bottles of Dr. Caldwell's Bjruo
Pepsin; Take the .proper dose
that night and by morning you
will feel like a different person.
Get a bottle today, at any drug
store and observe these three
rules of health: Keep the head
cool, the feet warm, tha bowels
open. v ,
Jt" - -
"To write some little jingle.
Or even some nice long verses
That would make your blood
Just tingle.
"One of the many ways to show-
The spirit of tbe Parrish high
Is to write a poem for the Perl
scope; ;
You cando It if you try."
So I sat down and thought and
Not liking the role of a poet.
And thought how true the words
had been
When the teacher had said,
"Don't I know it."
' f '
When your
Children Cry
for It
Here's relief and comfort for
crying, fretful, feverish babies or
children that you don't need to
urge or command them to take.
They love the delicious taste of
Fletcher's Castoria. Your doctor
will tell you it's absolutely safe, so
you can give it as freely and as
often as needed to keep your chil
dren happy and well. A few drops
is all it takes to quiet fretful, fev
erish, colicky babies; relieve their
biliousness, gas on stomach, con
stipation, etc.; soothe them to
sleep in a Jiffy. For like disor
ders in older children, you simply
use a little larger dose of the same
reliable Fletcher's Castoria. Don't
use grown-folks' medicine; with
babies or children, specialists say.
Ninety per cent of them recom
mend Fletcher's Castoria; and
thirty years of steadily increasing
popularity proves they're right.
To protect you from Imitations,
the Fletcher signature Is on every
bottle of genuine Fletcher's Cas
toria. On The Corner
State and Liberty
1 L1L EM
Three hundred boys and girls of
the Salem schools are expected to
take part la the "Lean to 8wrm"
campaign to be staged by the t.
M. C. A. this week. The campaign
i spare of National Swimming
Why are there so many
EeHfly ITiiires HJseiro
that it takes a tire of merit to withstand
Because the automobile bwner knows
commercial deliveries and salesmen's
Kelley's Best
29x4.40 $ 8.20
30x4.50 9.15
31x5.25 13.60
33x6.00 16.45
J30x3Y2 $6.70
Invite Us To Your
THE graduate will appreciate a
jewelry gift that offers a life
time of service and pleasure. A va
riety of items and prices to suit.
We Suggest!
Fountain pen or pencil set. In black
or the new smart colors. In handsome
$1.50 , $10.00
Accurate time-keepers. Pocket
wrist style. 7 to 17 jewel movements.
$12.50 $15.00 $25.00
$35.00 and up
Smartly fashioned bracelets
necklaces. As low as
$1.50 t. $10.00
week, May 20 to 24.
Instructors will be Mrs. Elisa
beth Rowley, T. W. instructor, for
the flrla and Coach Louis Ander
son of the high school for the
boy. Chaperons for the girls
classes will be furnished by tbe T.
. Classes for buys will meet on
Monday and Thursday and the
girls on Tuesday, and Friday. The
first class is at t o'clock and they
run to o'clock. A halt hour will
be devoted to each group.
The national campaign is a
" ?5vl
4 EfflG irnELE SALE ) ? 1
32x4 $12.80
Next Blowout
Jewelers and
Agents forHhe Famous Gruen Watches.
fight against the death toll of
more than 8,t0t annually. Since
the swimming campaign was in.
augurated In Salem, practically no
drownings have occurred to swim
mers, before there were as many
as It a year.
The acceptance by Dwight F.
Davis of the post of governor
general of the Philippine Islands
was announced today by Secretary
Other sizes priced in Proportion
w a
For The
GRADUATION ... a mile
stone in the young career.
Mark it well with a gift
of Jewelry whose durable pre
ciousness will always recall the
occasion and the donor
Bin Folds and Belts
$2.50 to$10.00 .P
A finely executed necklace for
Miss Graduate. From
$5.00 . $25.00
He's sure to like one of our
fiae pocket or strap watehee f
$10.00 , $50X0
"A ring of beauty is a joy for
ever". . Styles for all. Priced
upwards from ,
$5.00 . $50.00
Silversmiths '
We Specialize in Gifts'for the
Excavation For
Office Building
Begins Saturday
The work of excavating for the
new state office building to be
erected here this year, started
Saturday. The excavation opera
tions probably will require six
are made of nothing but A-l 24 pound
tensile strength cord and first grade flex
ible rubber.
A First Grade Guaranteed Tire
29x440 . $ 6.60
30x4.50 :Hs7.35
31x5.25 11.20
33x6.00 13.55
30x32 CI. .. $5.40
8,760 Hours Each Year
That means we never close
it is n i?j
One that
will be
Cherrished and
Remembered all
through life
Hundreds of
articles to choose
from. Let us help
you today.
In the meantime the state
board of control will advertise for
bids and award the contract for
tht general construction. The
building will be four stories high
and wll cost approximately $500,
000. Money necessary for the
erection of the building will be
borrowed from the state industrial
accident commission under a law
enacted' at the 1927 legislative
Read the Classified Ads.
30x312 S. S. $7.90