The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, April 28, 1929, Page 17, Image 17

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    The New OHEGON STATESMAN, Salta. Oregon, Scaday Kerning. April 23, 1923
Newa of Tito
Week la
Local Bulldlns
Week For You
to Inspect
Building Permits Exceed
March Figurby,Jxwge Amount
Last Week Especially Busy ;
With Standard Oil Service
Station on New Projecte
With three days yet to go, the April building permit
figure Friday night was more than $11,000 above the March
total, tl3 record for the month so far being 45 permits f or
buildings and alterations estimated to cost $125,276.
Even that figure didn't represent all of the new activity
which the month should be entitled to claim, as one addition
al project of considerable magnitude was started just beyond
the city limits, the addition to the Mount Crest Abbey mauso
leum, which will cost $65,000.
Tfce put week km been espec
ially aetlre. permits Issued la
that time representing; practical
half of the month's rallies. These
included the. Standard Oil . com
pany lerrice station at the eorner
of Chemeketa and High streets, to
cost Ill.OtT, and the alterations
on the Oreron building. S2.000.
The largest project started this
month inside the city limits is the
Jarman residence, estimated to
cost $30,000 for general construc
tion alone.
The number of permits Issued
is erldence that the month's high
total Is not based entirely on a
tew large Items, but is Indicative
of real quickening of building ac-
tlritr here.
Lots Homes
Business Properties
Anyone with $200.00 or up
can share In
Salem's Future growth
Some Decided Bargains
in Lots
Becke & Hendricks
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Know Your PAINT
MONARCH 100 Pure
i Cannot Be Made Better
' Here is the formula
Lead, Zinc, Turpentine and Drier Guaranteed to con
tain No Sand No Whiting nor any of the other adult
erants quite generally and generously used in the man
ufacture of a Trig majority of other Brands of Paint.
And enjoy the satisfaction of KNOWING there is
nothing better in outside house Paint.
Martin's 100 PURE Varnish
The Finest Varnish made Bar None. It also is 100
Pure and contains No Rosins No Benzine No Gaso
lineNo Kerosene Nor any of the other adulterants
quite Generally and Generously used in the manufac
ture of other brands of Varnish.
Bring us your Paint problems
Paints and Hardware
-A 1 1 .
286 N. CW1. St.
Phone 639
You'U Find It Easy
To Pay This Loan
On our 142 monthly payment pUn, payments on a
11000 loan start with $12.00 per month including
interest. Payments eachmonth decrease until both
principal and intejsst-ftrepaid off.
ixx 11 luid 11 177. convenient and practical to
borrow from us on the above basis. '
Hawkins & Roberts have made it possibte f or many
Salem people to own their homes without being
financially burdened. Perhaps we can also make
1 home ownership more convenient for you, too.
Why not discuss it with us?
Hawkins & Roberts Inc.
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$30,000,000 More Protec
tion for $50,000 Less
Premiums Granted
Darius the calendar year 1I3S
tie Sit stock fir insurance com
panies operating- in Oregon vrote
orer IS9.t00.00O or four par cent
mora tire Insurance tea a was in
force on December II, 11 ST. and
receired SSSCOOO or eight per
cent leas la premiums from agents.
according to the forthcoming an
nual report of Ininranee Commis
sioner. Lee. In ether words Ore
gon poller holders secured ISO,
000,000 more In fire protection
ralno in 1028 than In 1127 at a
sarins of orer $500,009 In pre
mium coat. These same compan
ies paid net losses, less relnsnr
ance, of $(82,000 In 1028 In ex
cess of lt27, or an Increase of 25
per cent.
While this record does not ap
pear so f&Torable to the insurance
companies In the biennial com
parison, an analysis of the depart
ment ,records- covering (the five
year period, 1924-1028, prepared
by Mr. Xee,' reveals a more equa
ble condition of the Insurance
business in this state. The total
coverage for 1928 was seren per
cent abore the normal of the five-
year period while the reduction In
premium receipts, due to a reduc
tion In rates, additional credits
and broader rules of underwriting
promulgated by the Oregon Insur
ance Bating bureau and the oper
ating companies, was seren per
cent below the fire year arerage.
Net losses paid In 192 S were
5 per cent less than the average
for the fire-year period and the
loss ratio for 1928 showed an in
crease of but one per cent over
the average year. The increased
losses for 1928 was due to a ser
ies of conflagrations, principally
in wood-working plants, which
wrought property damage of orer
$1,000,000 in excess of the 1927
losses the lowest in the history
of the department.
The total amount of tire insur-
ia force in Oregon on De
cember 81. 1928, exclusive of re
ciprocals, automobile and marine
companies, was $1,108,882,027.
Of this amount $741,318,547 was
carried by stock companies and
$288788,080 by the mutual com
panies. Of the total-amount car
ried by the matuals $185,389,780
was written by the six Oregon
companies. ,
Stock companies carried $784.
799.808 fire insurance at the
close of 1927 as against 8784.-
898.547 in 1928 and the total pre
mium collected from agents in
1928 was $8,159,974 as compared
to $8,788,172 In 1927. Net pre
miums from all sources for 1928
were $8,848,282 and for 192T they
were $9,501,022. Net losses paid
by stock companies la 1928, less
reinsurance. were . $2,848,382
while those for 1927 were $2,284.-
412 and taxes due the state on net
premiums for 1928 from stock
companies were $174,991 as com
pared to $186,175 for 1927. a de
crease of six per cent.
Net risks In force on December
31, 1928, was an Increase of $49,
375,918 over that for the average
year of the five-year period and
the net premiums received, less
reinsurance, was $5,508,217 in
1928 which was $369,457 less
than for the average of the five
year period, an increase and de
crease of seven per cent, respec
A gala of $82,808,223 Is shown
in the- 'amount of jinsurance in
force at toe close otl92S as com
pared to December 31, 1924: net
premiums received show a reduc
tlon of $5(1,373 or 10 per cent;
losses paid, less reinsurance, a de
crease of $825,363 or 29 per cent
and state taxes on net premiums
a decreae of $22,750 or 13 per
cent. The greatest amount of
losses paid by stock companies
during the five-year period was
$3,871,745 in 1924 and the least
wa 12,284.412 la 1927.
A safety razor blade Is very use
ful in cutting flowers. Keep it on
a window ledge and It will save
running into the house for your
scissors every time you want to
cut a boquet of flowers.
To make your roses take on
bright healthy color, and to pro
duce better blooms, dig into the
soil around the roots, two table
spoons of bonemeal.
)mt fail to secure
w ymv copy r
est ;a an a i
Norman -Dutch-
Colonial - tna
other types of
lioesss of various
TUDG1CSNT and Foresight are neceesary la
' J business and are Just as necessary when bnil
ing or remodeling. .
Therefore consult us in regard to your plans and
materials ... it will pay you !
AO Types of Building Material
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Felt Shingles
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House like Merrie England
Along: the highroads of Kaglaad are hows aoi amllke the oae pic
tured abore. The bay windows wlut their latticed paaea aad attractive
trim are delightful feature. Farther iafonnailo abomt the plaa may
be bad from The Statesman or the Haouttoa Swrnltmre Cow, which has
available books of plana illustrating tale hoaee aad otbera, equally as
i y tj II
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SEATTLE. Wash. Current
lumber orders exceeded the week's
production by 1S.0T per cent and
shipments were 1.89 per cent over
catting, reports to the West Coast
Lumbermen s association xorthe
week ending April 28 show. Prices
coatlnne firm la practically all
market, with increased orders
noted la the rail and domestic
cargo trades. The west coast
lumber industry continues to be
la a strong position with average
orders, for the 18 weeks of this
year. 9.44 per cent above average
production and inventories show,
! Production, orders and ship
ments at 207 mills la the Douglas
Or regtoa were reported, for the
week ending April 20 to the asso
ciation as follows: Mills 207;
production. 194,947,248; orders,
220.489,792; shipments, 197,
Orders were 12.07 per cent over
production and shipments 1.29
A good method for killing the
common lawn weeds such as plan
tain, dandelion, and others, is to
pat a few drops of kerosene or
gasoline vpon the top of each
plant. When applied on a warm,
sunny day. the weed will turn
black In a short time. Great
care must be used, however, not
to arppany of. the chemical upon
the griai as this kills grass as
well as weeds.
Modern Homes Are More
Beautiful When Papered
fife ,
have a large assortment of
new artUUc ' wall decorations.
You w'lln Joy seeing them.
Real Estate Loans
6 6Y2, 7 Money and plenty of it
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Salem, Ore.
I' I I I I U
1 'Jifl I
Be Prepared for the First
Warm Weather
Banigaratloa et some kiaa Is almost a necessity la the mod
era home. For the sake of health and ecoaemy.yoa cannot
afford to be without it.
We have a large stock of high grade lee boxes aad refrigera
tors that we are . offering at extremely low prices. Come la
Prices range from . . . $14.00 9
We also have a number of used refrigerators that we hare
takea la oa Electro-Kolds, many as good as new.
ftpadty used-refrigerators .............
Large size used boxes $9.09 Bp
5 Acre English Walnut
Tracts for $1625 each!
At the age of 6 years. Only $300 down
and $200 annually with 6 interest.
This is the best investment ever offered. An acre
walnut orchard will bear from 1000 to 3000 lbs. a
year; price 25c to 30c a lb. English walnut trees live
to over 100- years, bearing nuts.
No Danger of Overproduction
In 1926 the United States imported 48,000,000 lbs. of
shelled and unshelled walnuts, valued at $9,000,000.
80 acres of the Twin-Maple fruit and poultry farm, 8
mils east of Salem is divided into 5 acre tracts and the
entire tract is now planted to English (Franquette)
For SIX YEARS the planting will be cared for and a
cover crop put in annually.
At the end of six years, the purchaser takes entire
possession of the tract and receives the bearing orchard.
O. S. C authorities find good soil on the tract, assuring
favorable conditions for an orchard. Trees planted were
grown by McClure, who has the best English walnut,
Franquette variety nursery stock in the valley,
219 North High Street Telephone 865
There?s NoTime
r Like the Present i
While the curtains are clean and fresh
and the accumulated dust and soot ,
of a winter's furnace tending have -
been "housedeaned" is the time to
Order your Williams Oil-O-Matic.
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soiled so quickly or so badly agam. .
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