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The New OREGON STATESMAN, Salem, Oregon, Saturday Moraine April 27, 1929
f sins FAST
Downs Backs E. F. Slade for
Job on School Board;
Petitions .Out
More school politics are evident
already this year than was show
ed (or the whole election last year,
with announcement last week
- that Dr. C. A. Downs would not
seek to hold his office as director
which, expires this year and Downs
himself leading a group of peti
tlon-circulators who are seeking
to place E. F. Slade on the school
ticket: School elections fall Mon
day. June 16.
Members of the school board as
wel las other citizens have en
couraged Mr. Slade to allow him
self to be a candidate for the di
rectorship, as it ts felt his finan
cial experience and ability will
Drove of genuine value to the
school district. He is vice-presi
dent of the First National bank
and a former examiner rn the fed
eral reserve bank. He has lived
here since 1910, was In the army
during the war, and has two chil
dren in the local schools. He has
been active In civic undertakings
is a Kiwanian, Elk, and Legion
Two other names have been
mentioned for the school posts
those being Dr.. F. L. Utter and
Bert T. Ford.
Mark McAllister's term will al
so expire in June. He has not
yet decided whether he will make
a bid for another term.
Drawings made for the trial ju
ry for the May term of circuit
court were announced Friday by
County Clerk Bpyer ' who with
Sheriff O. D. Bower drew 31
names from the sheriff's wheel.
Under the requirements of the
law the drawing must be made at
least 20 days before court con
venes and not less than 10 days
before the session opens.
The jurymen drawn, their ad
dresses and-occupations are:
Roy J. Hampton, East Hubbard,
farmer; Albert J. Evans, Chema
wa, fruitman; Irene Cutsforth,
West Gervais, housewife; Anna M.
Vick, Englewood, housewife; Nel
lie M. Gerig, Macleay, housewife;
William Xendel, East Woodburn,
loans & real estate; Thomas Con
nor, St. Paul, farmer; Fred J.
Browning, Liberty, farmer; Aug
ust Nibler, West Gervais, mer
chant; W. W. Wright, Riverview,
farmer; T. D. Trick, Rosedale,
farmer; Frank B. Hoefer, East
Woodburn, mechanic; Maria Put
nam, Salem No. 7. housekeeper;
Adelbert C. Barber, East Silver
ton, mechanic; Clifford E. Hald,
Fairgrounds, barber; Charles R.
Shaner, West Mt. Angel, fanner;
Edwin Furrer, Pringle, gardner;
Charles Becke, Aurora, retired;
Albert Frank, East Stayton, re
tired; P. L. Frazier, Salem No. 9,
contractor; Myrtle Stewart, West
Silverton, housewife; Marie Bac
ker, Salem No. 18, housekeeper;
Hazel B. Gillette, Salem Heights,
housewife; Henry Kk-sch, West
Mt. Angel, farmer; Mildred Lee,
Salem No. 9, housewife; Earl
Bear, Turner, farmer; Andrew J.
Moffit. Salem No. 14, machinist;
C N. Armstrong, Salem 7, guard; J
Carrie B. Ross, Salem No. 14,
housewife; Nora B. Leslie, Stay
ton, housekeeper; Nellie E. Gun
nell, Rosedale, houseekeper.
Salem high school typists will
leave this morning for Corvallis
to meet other teams of the state
in the annual typing contest held
en the O. S. C. campus. Lougine
Brietxke and Dorothy McCracken
will write in the amateur class
and Dorothy Kloepping and Ed
na Faxon will work for novice
honors. Four alternates will al
o make the trip: Willette Taylor,
Lela Fox, Jean Peterson and Mel
va DeBord. Faculty members who
will accompany the students in
tlude: Merritt Davis, head of the
commercial department. Miss Mu
riel Wilson, Miss Elizabeth Hogg
and Miss Margaret Burroughs.
Last year Salem high school
took second place in the state con-
' test, losing to Eugene by a small
margin. In competition between
the two schools this year Salem
high won all honors, but that Is
little indication as to the ontcome
ef the state event, as Salem beat
Eugene in preliminary practice
vents last year also.
Spouse Very
Cruel to Her,
Wife Claims
A drab story of years of mar
ried unhappiness with a husband
who is alleged to have cruelly mis
treated her. is unfolded by Marie
K. Wilmarth in a complaint ask
ing divorce filed Friday In cir
cult court.
"He was abusive mean
fault-finding suspicious he
cursed her frightened and terri
tied at her approach, life became
almost unbearable the plaintiff
She contracted tuberculosis but
that fact did not prevent, her
from receiving the continued
abuse of her husband, Mrs. Wil
marth affirms. His failure to pro
vide made her seek to help her
self by constant work and this
brought on the disease attack.
Help in suport of four minor
children is asked of the defendant
by the wife.
Four wheel trucks, operating
under the so-called truck act of
the 1929 legislative session, may
be operated with a combined
weight of 22,000 pounds, but not
more, than 16,000 pounds shall
rest upon the wheels of one axle.
according to a legal opinion pre
pared here Friday by Willis
Moore, assistant attorney gen
He also held that a four wheel
truck may be used in conjunction
with trailers and semi-trailers.
but the combined weight shall not
exceed 34,400 pounds.
Six wheel trucks having two
axles spaced less than eight feet
apart may have a combined weight
not exceeding 27,000 pounds, but
cannot be used in conjunction
with any other vehicle.
Another type of six wheel truck
where the axles are not spaced
less than eight feet apart, may
have a weight of 34,000 pounds.
This six wheel truck can be used
combination with trailers and
semi-trailers, but the combined
load shall not exceed 34,000
pounds. The opinion was request
ed by Hal Hoss, secretary of
state, and was said to be of much
interest to truck operators.
The Southern Pacific Motor
Transport Co. and E. S. Coates
were made joint defendants In a
suit filed in 'circuit court Friday
asking S 2,5 00 damages for Injur
ies said to have been received by
Cameron C. Butte, 8, on January
17 when he was .struck by a
car driven by Coates.
C. W. Butte, the lad's father
who acts as his agent in the ac
tion, alleges that the Southern Pa
cific bus stopped outside the safe
ty rone provided for by the city
and that Coates drove to the right
of the bus, hit car hitting young
Butte as he alighted.
Edna Sneed Now
Seeking Divorce
From Her Hubby
Life for Edna Sneed has been
almost unbearable in recent
months and in fact, for several
years her husband has made her
the object of his bad temper, of
ten calling her vile names and on
some occasions striking her with
his fists. This is the complaint of
Mrs. Sneed filed Friday in cir
cuit court where she seeks a di
Portland Men Ask Route Into
Eastern End of Marion
County be Opened
Theodore Hansen of Portland
and son, Theodore Jr., were in the
city Friday morning to ask the
county court s approval for work
which they propose on the Scotts
Mills-Bucket county road that
they may open np their 30 million
feet of green timber In the Crook
ed Finger country in easternmost
Marion county. In addition to
work on the county road, they
seek permission to build a road
into the territory from Bucket
camp, a distance of several miles
The court Is holding decision
until interpretation of the last leg
islature's bill establishing load
limits on state and county high
The Hansen trucking ompany
seeks a promise that they may
carry up to 3,000 feet load within
the 22,000 pound regulation, as
serting that they cannot operate
trucks with lesser loads. They
plan to use 10 or 12 trucks and to
maintain the county road. Mt.
Angel is the nearest railroad.
distance of
timber belt.
18 miles from the
1 W
Whether legislators may legal
ly help themselves to $5 a day
expense moneys will be argued
May 8 before Judge L. H. McMa
han in the Marion county circuit
court, Custer Ross, attorney for
W. A. Jones, master of Pomona
grange of Marion county, an
nounced riday. The case concerns
an injunction granted by the court
restraining the secretary of state
and the Btate treasurer from in-
suing warrants to the legislators
The argument May 8 will con'
cern a demurrer which was en
tered against the injunction by a
group of attorneys representing
the state officials.
Jones maintains that the $120
limit created by the constitution
al allowance of $3 daily expense
money for a 40 day session. Is
clear and cannot be violated.
Young Man Not
So Fanciful In
' Spring, Report
Despite the approach of spring's
finest season, there has been
nary a license issued for the past
two days at the offices of the
county clerk and a (ear is aboard
there that the modern youth has
forgotten that in the springtime a
young man's fancy Is supposed to
turn to love. Divorces, meanwhile,
hare kept coming' In in an almost
daily succession. With June still
more than 30 days away, however.
County Clerk Boyer has not lost
hope and expressed the opinion
Friday that more licenses would
speedily be the order of the day.
Plant Now or Loose
A Year!
'Next week will end the shrub
planting season. We still have
a large selection of evergreen
shrubs. . . Firethorne, azalea,
daphne, laurels, ' cotoneasters,
etc. Shade Trees greatly re
duced in price.
Flowering shrubs 40c
Walnnt trees grafted 25c np
Open Sat. Evening
Pearcy Bros. Nursery
240 N. Liberty
Bet. Court and Chem. Sts. -
A democratic club was held up
la New York the other day and
11500 taken from the card play
rs. This will prove interesting in
formation to the national commit
tee. Klamath News.
n yJ
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