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    The New OREGON STATESMAN. Salens. Oregon Thursday Morning, April 25, 1929
1 Local News Briefs
Mason C. of C. Speaker B. E.
SkMon, manager of Miller' store,
will address tbe high school com
mercial student at an assembly
during tbe activity period this
morning. His subject is particu
larly pertinent at this time ot the
year for those who will graduate
an is: "How Not to Write a Let
ter of Application and Salesman
ship." Mr. Sisson'a appearance
has been arranged by the Junior
chamber of commerce, as tbe
April event in Us program of
bringing some business man before
the students once a month. John
Boat rack, is .president and Miss
Muriel Wilson secretary f the
See Many Die "Yes, sir, I have
seen many executions." remarked
" Daddy Lamb, guard at the state
penitentiary while down town
Wednesday on a business trip. "I
sot my largest experience when
(.served 14 year in a constabul
ary in the Philippines. During my
life time I have witnessed 837
men hung and lour women." Lamb
is la charge of the hospital ward
at" the state penitentiary. Prison
ers have been unusually well this
year, he reports, only eight men
being sick with inflnensa at any
on time. There are five men in
tb hospital now.
Brnnner Still Held James
Branner, charged with assault
with a dangerous weapon, drunk
enness and liquor possession, was
sttli in the city Jail Wednesday
ntxht, baring failed to furnish the
Sift bail set by Recorder Mark
Ponlsen. Brnnner has engaged Burrls as his attorney and is
evidently preparing to tight la
cane. He was arrested after he had
pointed an unloaded .45 automatic
at Mrs. Marie E. Anderson in the
Quick Lunch on Liberty street, ac
cording to the police.
Hear Miss Webster The senior
high school Home Economics club
listened to a sure-enough style
talk all it own Wednesday morn
ing when Miss Amena Elliott Web
ster, fashion expert from Marshall
Field company. Chicago, ad
dressed the girls on Tarious
phases of dress and dressing. Miss
Webster is spending a few days at
Miller' store.
Loses Students The graduat
ing class of the senior high school
has dropped back to a potential
Z?7. Fnncipal J. C. Nelson report
ed Wednesday afternoon Gwinn
Bar ham, a senior In the college
preparatory course, withdrew
from school the previous day to
enter Washington high school in
Portland. The figure is still one
ahead of the record class of 132C,
weu 2Ti received diplomas.
Tag Sale Slow Sale of tags for
the block "S" to be constructed
by the Salem high school student
body at Olinger field did not
reach the quota set in the drive,
Victor Wolfe, committee chairman,
reported Wednesday afternoon,
and the sale may be continued
over today in hopes of reaching
the $70 limit. About $55 was rea
lised in the first two days. Con
struction of the "S" will cost $67.
To Rbekah Convention Miss
Ethel Fletcher, and Mrs. Clara
Shields will motor to Canby today
to attend the afternoon, and eve
ning sessions of the convention of
district number four of the Re
hetah lodge there. Other Salem
delegates will also attend and the
Salem degree staff will put on
work at the evening session.
Return Front Sonth Mr. and
Mra. James Smith returned Tues
day afternoon from a three weeks'
motor trip into California and as
far south as Tia Juana. where
the spent most of their time. Mr.
Smith Is associated with "Bill"
Watkint in the Smith and cat
kins serv'cre station.
Judgment Granted A judg
ment of $56.25 for costs In the
case of Ronald E. Jones vs. J. M.
Bales was issued In circuit court
Wednesday, the court overruling
the motion of the defendant ask
ing that costs be not allowed.
Suit Settled Suit of Lulu E.
Boring vs. Gus V. Boring, was filed
in circuit court before the April
t-rm. was settled out ot court by
a stipulation agreeable to both
Non-Suit Agreed On A volun
tary non-t-uit was agreed upon by
the parties in the case of R. D.
Gray vs. A. E. Bradley which was
1 1) have leen tried in the April
term of court.
Hearing Today Hearing of the
ca of Lang and Co. vs. Mclntyre
wfll be on today in circuit court.
Judge Percy R. Kelly presiding.
The action is brought for the col
1h tion of funds alleged to be due
the plaintiff.
Fined for Bad DrivinRGuy W.
Phillips of Portland was fined $15
bv Justice Braxier Small Wednes
day when he plead guilty to the
charge of reckless driving.
Murker Arrested Georgs Ruck
ec. 128S State street, was arrested
Wednesday on a charge of driving
through a funeral procession.
Find It Here
r'nrnltar Cpholac
Ana repairing
Farniture Cn.
Gleaa. Powers
Every night f:t, to I at im
Jargon not?.
OWt Time Dance, Crystal Gardens.
Every Wed., Sat. night.
TKemas Bros. Band, Mellow Moon
Every Wed. and Sat. nights.
Vrk Brothers
Have a special fine showing of
good used cars at very attractive
priees. ,
lUsmmage Sale 138 S. High St..
Friday and Saturday, April 26
and 27. Daughters of Veterans.
lr. Lloyd Hockett
Ultra-Violet ray therapy, 545
N 5th St., 1859-W.
Fwstoria Glassware
Is always acceptable. Large se
lection In our gfitry. Pomer y &
Conference Delegate J! P. Ul
rica, local realtor will leave next
Wednesday in company with Mrs.
Ulrich, Miss -Agnes Brown of Sa
lem and Miss Alice Hayden of O.
S. C. for Seattle where he will at
tend the northwest annual confer
ence of Evangelical churches as a
lay representative of the First
Evangelical church. The confer
ence will be held from May 2 to
5, inclusive. The Ulrich party will
be joined In Portland by Mlss Es
ther Anderson, the gronp planning
to return here Sunday, May 5. Dr.
C. C. Poling, district elder, and
Rev. A. P. Layton of the First
church will also be in attendance
at the conference.
Cbemekevans Meet - Between 6P
and 75 persons were present at
the social meeting of the Chemek
etan outdoor society held Tuesday
evening at the T. M. C. A. John
Scott, president of the Mazama so
ciety of Portland, gave an enthus
iastic talk on the Maiama trip to
Jefferson park four years ago, his
talk doing much to work up in
terest In the trip which Chemek
etans and their friends will take
to Jefferson park in July. Dr. D.
B. Hill showed two reels of recent
outdoor pictures which he had tak
en. Light refreshments were also
Portland Tenor Hero John
Thomas, one of the best known
tenor singers in Portland, sang
several numbers at the Salem Ro
tary clnb luncheon Wednesday as
a sample of what local music lov
ers may hear at the Portland Ap-
polo club concert at the Elslnore
theatre next Monday night. His
accompaniments were played by
Miss Marie Hursey. Thomas was
introduced by Warren A. Erwin.
Portland Rotarlan. who described
the program which the Appolo
club will give.
Realtors Meet Today Earl C.
Bushnell, recently appointed build
ing inspector for the city of Sa
lem, will be the principal speaker
f-t the regular Thursday noon ses
sion of the Salem Realty board.
Mr. Bushnell will speak on phases
of the new building code which
are of interest to realtors. The
board meets at the Marlon. J. F.
Ulrich is president.
Diseases Few Marion county
communicable diseases for the
week ending April 20 numbered
just IS cases, according to the bul
letin of the state department of
health just issued. Measles are by
far In tie ascendancy over the
state, with 215 cases. Sixty-four
cases of influenza were reported
from the state at large.
Officers Elected W. I. Staley
was elected president of the Sa
lem Rotary club for the year be
ginning July 1. at Wednesday's
luncheon. The entire ticket as
proposed by the nominating com
mittee was elected, the other of
ficers being W. H. Dancy, vice
president; W. S. Walton, treas
urer: Eric Butler, secretary; W.
L. Phillips and E. L. Wieder, di
rectors. To Give Annual Stunt Mem
bers of the staff of the Clarion,
Salem high school yearbook, are
practicing for the stunt which they
will give before the student body
Monday morning. The advertis
ing skit will disclose the art motif
being used as well as introduce
the staff gtoup. Edith May Jenks
is editor and Gordon Bennett
manager. '
New Store Open The Neuman
Bros., paint and wallpaper sell
ers and painting contractors In
McMinnville and Corvallis. are to
open a store in Salem early next
month on Court street in the Bllgh
building, now owned by C. P.
Charged With Non-Snpport
Raymond Saunders was charged
with non-support of his wife in a
case filed Wednesday in justice
court. Hearing of the charges has
been set for Thursday mornjng at
10 o'clock.
Rotary Guest Many Guests at
the Salem Rotary club luncheon
Wednesday included Jack Sim
mons of Seattle. Warren Erwin
and Walter Gray ot Portland. Roy
Goetz and H. B. Nolan of Corval
lis. License Suspended Jerry Cal
aba, Salem, route 3. was arrested
Wednesday by a local traffic of
ficer on a charge of speeding. Fol
lowing his plea of guilty in mu
nicipal court, his driver's license
was suspended for 30 days.
Parks Recuperating Ben
Parks, of the Man's Shop, is ex
pected to return to the store
Thursday morning, following an
absence while he recuperated from
a sinus operation which he under,
went recently at a local hospital.
Closes Estate Petition for the
final hearing in the estate of G.
M. Staples, deceased, was filed
Wednesday in probate court by
Mary M. Staples, administratrix of
the estate.
Discharged m Guardian Har
old E. Mehl and Chester O. Mehl,
having attained their majority,
Gottfred Mehl. their brother, has
been discharged by County Judge
Slegmund as guardian of the lads.
To Have Hearing Today Nap
Rocque will have a hearing la jus
tice court this afternoon on the
charge of selling Intoxicating li
quors. He was 'arraigned Wednes
day and asked for a hearing today
Oregon Leader Here Burt
Brown Baker, yice-president of the
University of Oregon, was here on
business Wednesday, visiting num
erous frlenda while in the city. .
Clinic At Gervais Dr. Edward
T oa Rnftivil will eondnct a clinic
at the Gervals health center Thurs
day, as a part of the regular coun
ty health program of the ehild
health demonstration!
Speeding Charged K. E. Hin
ges, 455 North Summer street,
was arrested Tuesday night by
city traffic officers on "a, charge
of speeding. .
To Wed License to wed was
granted Wednesday by County
Clerk Boyer to Chester Sundborg.
21 of Salem, and Mary Selack, 22
of Gervals
Alphabet Completed Listing
Old Members of Post;
New Names Next
Today's Installment of the hon
or roll of Capital Post No. .
American Legion, completes the
alphabetical list prepared prior to
tbe recent intensive campaign
which resulted In putting the post
"over the top" with respect to last
year's record. Further install
ments will Include the names of
members received since that time.
R. H. Wacken, L. M. Wacken
heimer. Ralph V. Wagner, H. 3.
Walker. L. D. Walker, Paal B.
Wallace. Louis Wampler, Frank
N. Waters. T. C. Waters, W. P.
Watkins, Herman Watson, Ouy N.
Wearer, Harry A. Wechter. .
Ben F. Wedel, H. D. Weese,
Sam Weese, O. P. Wenger, W. W.
Deinert. S. B. Welch. Carl L. Well
man, A. J. Wenger, K. E. Wen
ger, Leonard Wenger, Royal A.
Wenlg. A. R. Wetjen, Eugene M.
Wheeler, George A. White.
George D. White, H. R. White,
I. H. White. Leslie H. White,
Clyde Whittman, Frank Whltte-
more, J. W. Wlckert. David Van
Sellar Wieder, W. D. Wiggins,
John F. Wikoff, Verne E. Wlkoff.
Frank Wilhelm.
George Wlikening, K. E. Wil
kinson, Clark M. Will. B. B. Wil
liams, Earl M. Williams. F. Alfred
Williams. Newell Williams. Thom
as L. Williams, W. W. Williams,
Irving Williamson, A. H. Wilson.
Arthur P. Wilson, Mrs. B. M. Wil
son, Glen Wilson, E. J. Wlnken-
werder, L. Winkenwerder, A. A.
Frank R. Woelke, Ursule Q.
Wolfer, Tom Wolgamott, Ward
Wolfe. G. G. Wood, G. Fred
Wood Dr. R. L. Wood, T. C. Wood,
Troy D. Wood, W. A. Wood. R.
D. Woodrowm, Henry L. Wood
ward, J. L. Woodworth, Elmer V.
Wooton, Ralph Worden, Byron C.
Wright, Albert G. Wulfmeyer,
Charles A. Wurm.
R. W. Wyatt. A. N. Wysong. J.
C. Yantis. Wilbur Yarnell. Rich
ard J. Yates, J. M. York, Donald
A. Young, Francis Young, J. B.
Young. Frank L. Zink, Frank N
Zlnn. F. H. Zlnzer, Walter H.
Need of Making Pledges Into
Cash Faced To Meet
Rockefeller Terms
Endowment pledges secured in
the recent campaign as well as
well as those rewritten from the
campaign of former years, total
$225,000 including some estate
pledges recently received accord
ing to announcement Wednesday
by Vice President Oliver. The uni
versity is seeking to secure
pledges of $300,000 by October 1,
1929, to be used in obtaining
$140,000 in cash from the Rocke
feller foundation.
Oliver said Wednesday that ev
ery dollar In cash available would
be met by 54c tn cash from the
Rockefeller board although it is
possible that the time limit al
lowed by the foundation may be
Problem Faced
To obtain the Rockefeller
moneys the university faces he
problem of ronvestlng its pledges
into cash. One method suggested
has been tba securing of a- loan
backed by the pledges as collat
eral. The bequest of $100,000 recent
ly made by Eric V. Houser in hit
will, will not be counted in the
moneys raised by the school inas
much as the Rockefeller Interests
bar gifts made in wills from the
funds which they agree to match.
Return to Toledo Mr. and Mr 3".
James Tur nidge have returned to
their home in Toledo after visit
ing with her sister. Mrs. C. H.
Cannon, 1515 South Commercial
Son to Hilfikers Mr. and Mrs.
Bernard A. Hilfiker, Salem route
four, box 21 A, are parents of a
baby boy, born April 19. The lad
has been named Hollis Everett.
Clnb Leader Here L. J. Allen,
state boys' and girls' club leader,
was a visitor in the city Wednes
day. Kugrls in Portland Mr. and
Mrs. K. B. Kugel were Tuesday
visitors in Portland.
Can you afford to be without
The Travel Accident Insurance
Policy issued to Statesman read
ers when it costs only $1 per
To Complete our Files
Copies of The Oregon Statesman of
Sunday, Sept. 2, 1928
as Pen Coipst
for the first five copies. Brin; to the
Statesman office.
Marion Lake Retention is
Advocated by Albany Men;
Private Interests Opposed
Retention of the Marion
refuge and its eventual power development by municipal
rather than privately owned -interests is advocated by the
Santiam Fish and Gamer commission in an extensive state-
mentlssued by A. G. Prill, its president, following a meeting
held with J. G. Kelly of Portland, who represents the North
west Power Co. in an application made to devekm certain
power righfc. in the Marion
The statement, in part,
In reply to the speech' of J. G.
Kelly of Portland and representa
tive of the Northwest Power com
pany, before the Albany Chamber
of Commerce last week, wherein
it was charged that 'tbe officers
and members of the Santiam Fish
and Game association and the city
council of Albany, were hasty and
not fully advised as to the facts,
the Santiam Fish and Game asso
ciation through its officers most
emphatically deny the allegation.
L. G. Kelly admitted in his talk
before a combined meeting of the
chamber of- commerce, the city
council, members of the county
court and representative of the
Santiam Fish and Game associa
tion held in the committee room
ot the St. Francis hotel that his
first filing was made on or about
the year 190$. The original fil
ing was never completed and al
lowed to lapse. On December 8,
1928, J. G. Kelly, R. O. Young and
J. H. Walker revived the project
by filing with the Corporation
commissioner papers creating a
new corporation. The capital
stock was given as 800 shares of
no par ralue.
Would Destroy Wilderness
Surrounding the lake and
streams named including White
water creek, and situated within
the Santiam National forest, la to
be found a natural wilderness
area abounding in game and fish.
Here lies one of the few remain
ing wilderness areas to be found
in the state of Oregon. The de
velopment of hydro-electric power
win forever destroy this wilder
ness area.
The development as outlined
will result in the absolute destruc
tion of Marion and Linn Falls,
Gooch Falls, Canyon Creek falls
and four miles of Marion river.
It Is the contention of the ob
jectors that the area to be de
spoiled if this application is grant
ed, that for recreational purposes,
both for the residents of the state
James Franklin Savage, Marion
county pioneer, died Tuesday af
ternoon at the home of his daugh
ter, Mrs. B. F. Pound. He Is sur
vived by six children, Mrs. Alva
M. Martin, Salem; John I. Savage
and Mrs. Lucille Smith, Portland;
Mrs. Ruth Pound, Salem; Ernest
Savage, Keizer, and Miss Grace
Savage. Clatskanle; also two bro
thers. Dr. Benjamin Savage, Kan
sas City, Kansas; and Albert D.
Savage, Waldo Hills, and a sister
Mrs. Mary Beebe, of Woodland,
Calif. Funeral services Thursday
afternoon at 1:30 o'clock at Rlg
don's mortuary. Interment City
view cemetery.
Swart a
Robert Swartz. eight year old
son of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Swarts
of rural Salem, died late Wednes
day night at a local hospital. Fun
eral announcements later from
Rigdon and Son.
?3tlere$t iHemoriai
"VS ..T. Modarataly
8205 $texu
A. Park Cemetery
with perpetual care
Just ten minutes from the
heart of town
' Indoor Buial
City View Cemetery
Established 1893 Tel. 12o4
Conveniently Accessible
Perpetual care provided for
Prices Reasonable
lake area for a fish and jrame
lake and North Santiam river
of Oregon and tourists, hunters
and anglers coming to this state,
the said area, and the said lakes
and streams are of greater value
and importance to the people of
the state of Oregon than for com
merclal purposes.
As far as It can be reasonably
determined there is no need for
the development of hydro-electric
energy in said lake and streams,
nor does it seem that such de
velopment will be needed in the
near future.
There is question and doubt
as to tbe financial ability of the
applicant to carry successfully to
completion the proposed hydro
electric development.
Power Valne Questioned
The value of this development
to Albany and the Willamette val
ley is questioned. The public
service commission regulates the
rates of all utilities. Without rate
reduction there is no need of the
proposea development. At a re
cent hearing the representative of
the Mountain States Power com
pany assured those present that
thex, were in a position to take
care of any and all demands for
power, no matter how large.
Industry is not flocking to
Portland and they have the de
velopment on the Clackamas:
Medford situated in the heart of
the most highly energized district
in Oregon is not growing by leaps
and bounds.
Eugene is constructing a mu
nicipal and public owned plant on
the McKenzie. The mighty de
velopment electrically of Califor
nia that Mr. Kelly mentioned is
largely public and municipally
owned. Los Angeles and San
Francisco are the proud possessors
of plants publically and not pri
vately owned.
Portland right now is concerned
over the fact of industry leaving
that city and locating in the state
of Washington, which possesses
power as low as one-half of one
per cent per kllowat hour. All'
made possible through public
owned utilities. Not lone since a
five million dollar paper industry
after making a surrey of Portland
finally located In Tacoma. Indus
try after industry has done like
wise. Ashland as a small city
with many attractions is the. proud
possessor of a public owned plant
and enjoys rates far below that
of cities supplied with current and
Etta Burns
at Millers
For the bast Tori reading lenses
ExamiaaMaa Tnm Wo lasara your
gUtsas agsiait breakage
110 N. Commercial St.
ii 1JTTJ
Wouldn't You Like a
Soil-proof Floor ?
Of course you would! And that is exactly
what you will get if you will let us cover your
floors with one or another of the charming in
laid patterns we are showing in
BLAB07TC Linoleum
They are made by an entirely new Blabon
method lacquer-processed that closes the
thousands of little dirt-absorbing pores and
produces a soil-proof, wear-resisting Inlaid
Linoleum that is without a superior.
They then receive a heavy surface coat of wax
which not only improves their looks but practically
prevents surface scratches. All Blabon Inlaids are
made this way and are
Ready to Install as a Finished Floor
Come in and see this
us quote you prices.
TPnWTffiTiTtimTRB (Qnfc
It 'III! II HU1L" 1111 ii-vts 4kMWfntJEa
467 Court
power from privately ewned
And finally, the growth of in
dustry in the valley may be pro
moted by cheaper power than can
be obtained elsewhere. Show to
industry that cheaper power is
available in the cities of the valley
and industry will come. Industry
seeking locations in Oregon have
located in Tacoma and the areas
that are served by the municipal
ly owned plants ot Seattle and
Why Barter Away Power T
Public owned and municipally
owned utilities may be needed in
Oregon and if so why dissipate
and barter away the wonderful
cesource on the North Fork of the
To make the statement that J.
G. Kelly and associates are finan
cially able to finance the project
is not sufficient; to make the fur
ther statement that the proposed
development has the backing of
some ot the mightiest men in the
electric world is also open to ques
tion unless it can be followed and
backed by a statement of fact and
detail sufficiently strong to be ac
cepted as final.
This we do know powerful fi
nancial interests invest money only
when a satisfactory return can be
The wildest flight ot the imag
ination cannot see anything any
where that will bring a return that
will Justify the expenditure of
from four to sixteen millions- of
dollars. According to press re
ports and quoting Mr. Kelly, in
Albany it was said the develop
ment would require an expendi
ture of four millions, in Salem
the sum has been boosted to six
teen. Nothing to Lost
As a section of Oregon we lose
nothing If the application is de
nied. Show to capital that indus
try Is awaiting a development of
the character proposed and that
the demand Is sufficient to justify
the expenditure ot the money in
volved it can very easily be put
under way.
The big idea is that if time per
mitted the entire public, with pos
sibly a small exception, could be
educated to the thought that the
development when made shall be
public owned and never permitted
to become the owner in fee simple,
in perpetuity forever of any pri
vate individual, concern or corpo
ration. May we not guard it as a jewel
Without operation or loss of time.
329 Orezon Bldg.
In Light and Dark
This lot includes Chews and
Nougouts. Also soft centers
Week End only
36c a lb., 2 lbs. 70c
Only at
Drng Store
155 N. Com'l. St. Phone 107
Tbe Original Candy Special
Store of Salem.
Penslar Agency
kind of linoleum and let
Telephone 1142
of great value and preserve and
protect it with all the power with
in our means fighting to pre
serve it to posterity and never al
low the hand of privately owned
capital to despoil It and rob us.
our children and our children's
children of their rightful heritage.
Lena Belle Tartar, head of the
department ot music at the Salem
high school, and 43 ot her pupils
will leave late this Thursday aft
ernoon for Forest Grove where
Salem high will compete with
Portland schools for class A hon
ors In the sixth annual state high
school music tournament. En
semble numbers, in which the lo
cal students will compete in five
events, will be held Friday, and
solo contests will occur Saturday.
The girls' quartet is composed
of Marjorie O'Dell. Joan Evans,
Doris Gardiner and Lois Wilkes;
and the boys' quartet Includes
Homer Smith. Victor Wolfe. Ken.
neth Abbot and WlHard Moses.
Soloists from the local school will
be: girls' high. Marjorie O'Dell
and Claudia Buntin; medium,
Elizabeth Clement and Hope Ray
mond; girls' low. Kathleen Phelps
and Mildred Gardiner; boys' high,
Willard Moses and William Mosh
er; boys' medium. Cleo Seely and
Homer Smith; low. Victor Wolfe
and Kenneth Abbott; violin en
High Grade
Friday, 1S7S Madison
t BOu. N. and 5 Blk& East of
F. N. Woodry's Auction
Plane, phonograph, range, S
pleee overstaffed davenport
suite, window curtains and
drapes. Wilton Velvet rugs, 2
walnut bed room suites, din
ing and living room and all
furniture, tools, etc.
Neva Pierce, Owner
F. N. Woodry
Salem's Old Reliable
Auctioneer in Charge
Cash paid for used farniture
Phone 511
WHY worry trying to keep your
money safely invested, when
for a small fee, you may shift the
burden to our shoulders!
We will attend to all the details of
keeping it safely and profitably in
rested, and collect and remit the
income to you at regular intervals.
Our judgment and erperience it
at your command.
See our Trust Officer.
Ladd & Bush Trust Co.
A. N. Bush, president
Wm, S. Walton, vice president
L. P. Aldrlch, secretary
Jos. II. Albert, trust officer
Cakes served at
given in honor of queens,
presidents and world-no-tables;
that capture first
prises at county and state
fairs are leavened with
Calumet. You can make
and serve the same kind of
cakes right in your own
home by using the same
superior leavener.
r rv -
trants, Cleo Seely, Nathan Stein-
bock. Dalbert Jepsen and Jeanette
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ened chasai. Over-drive trans
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rak and stake body in fine con
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Flat Wall
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a II