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The Sew OREGON STATESMAN. Salem, Oregon, Sunday Morn in sr. April 7. 1929
Insurgents Attack Naco and
are Pushed Back After
Some Casualties
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:" airy trooper, shot in the chert: a
clrllian slightly Injured by a
bdml dropped by a rebel plane;
- and a Mexican woman and child
hit', by spent ballets.
,'iThe war department ordered 18
airplanes to Naeo to prevent far
tber bombings. The state depart
ment asked that the rebel com
mander be sharply rebuked. The
nary set a destroyer from San Di
ego to protect Americans in Sin
alo. f
' Tor three hoars. Arizonan Naco
heard the whine of :lfies and ma
chine gun bullets. Citizens had
' been aroused before daybreak by
an .explosion which prefaced the
Rebels Shoot From
Ambufch At Yanks
,:The American cavalryman was
shot in the chest when his patrol,
after uncovering a cache of gren
ade near the border, was fired
upon by Mexicans believed to be
.The federal garrison at Naco
beat back a mass attack- of rebel
tanks. Infantry and cavalry. Rebel
casualties were greater than those
of, the federals, though no defln
'Tte eheck was available.
i reinforcement of 290 federal
arrived at Naco, Ariz., by train
from El Paso, and Joined their
comrades in the trenches during
the hottest part of the fighting.
They were permitted to come by
train from El Paso and to cross
the border apparently under or
ders' from Washington. It was
thought that the rebels with
wheyfl , American troopers liad
tttcjstr brush had received news of
tlie federal troop train and weYtf
waiting to bomb It.
12 Yank Planes
Am Tor ("Ytmhat
Twelve American attack planes
and' six observation planes were
ordered to Naco, Ariz.
The federal army on the west
coast occupied sCul!acan, capital
of the, state of Sinaloa. without
resistance. General Cardenas re
ported to Mexico City that the
rebels were retreating to San
Bias, near the Sinaloa-Sonora
la the main northern campaign.
General Almazan's advance guard
ocrapied Santa Rosalia, about 90
mites, south of Chihuahua City,
wMre the rebel forces have been
reformed. They also took Paral,
a 'strategic mountain point. Gen
eral Calleg informed the govern
meilt. There was no fighting in
eicu&r. place.
Xfeneral Escobar placed rebel
dead In the fighting around Jim
enex at not more than 200. The
federal estimate was 1000.
;A strong federal punitive ex
pedition was on its way to combat
Guerrilla bands of so-called
"Crfsteros" whose activities have
become a serious menace to Jails
coand Guana Juato.
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aforesaid vets had been planning
to! do it but had procrastinated.
"The coupons which have ap
peared for several days In The
Statesman have also brought
gratifying response, a number be
ing received by the adjutant,
filled out; and In nearly every
rase- the veteran named was one
bf,whom the post had no previous
Continuation Of
Honor Roll' Listed
-Following is a coutinuation of
the" posts "honor role," being a
list of the members who have paid
dues for 1929:
R. H. Brown. T. A. Brown.
Earl (?. Brownlee. Bert Brdyles,
Cludie A. Bruder, C. M. Bryant,
Robert F. Budrow, W. J. Back
nell. Otto C. Butfe. lu M. Bunting;
E.E. Burch, Joe Burch. H. R.
Burgess. Earl Burns. Paul Jfcur
rl,' Fred F. Burya. Ernest Busch,
- V;: C. Busey, Donlvan K. -Butler.
Christopher' Batte, William' J.
Batte,vH. F. Batterfield, CM.
Byjd, .Dr. P. W. Byrd, R. D. Byrd.
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"The league of "nations, the
.world court, the maintaining of a
big navy, the conducting of a war
fa Nicaragua, are all Important
and may affect the peace of the
civilized world, but they sink Into
insignificance and fade Into obliv
ion when compared with the great
question that Is now agitating the
whole world as to where the rice
president's sister shall sit at the
dinner table.
"I have no personal Interest In
the. decision,, I am only interest-
. ed and I amVcty ng as one ot the
common, ordinary citizens, who,
la, a very small way, contributes
In the shape of taies towards the
, payment' and the upkeep of this
great mysterious social sham,
which towers In Importance over
questions of national and Inter
national1 import.
Writer. Fears People
May Discover Sham
-If you delay this decision too
" long the common people ofAmer
lca may hare 'their eyes opened
and may discover that Issues v In
campaigns... usually fought bat
' alpeg national and International
lines, are second In importance to
the social 'functions ot our cap
ital city. " r
,,rWe have Just emergel from a
campaign where we talked about
the tariff; wo argued about farm
relief: we secretly and covertly
talked about the pope-; we were
agitated somewhat about world
peace questions, the league of na
tions and the world court, bat the
common people did not teem to
realize that these were -ell bluffs
that they were only" deceptive
surface indications of a disagree
raenL about political matters and
domestic matters, when as a mat
ter of fact the real contest, as is
now shown by the agitation going
on-- in the civilised world, was
whether. If we elected a vice pres
ident who was a widower and
whose hostess was to be his mar
ried sister, the entire superstruc
ture ana unuerpmning oi civiiizea
government was going to be shak
en to the very foundation with
dangers of controversies, even
leading to war, until it could be
orrtciaiiy determined by you
where the vice president a sister
should sit at the table or, indeed,
whether she should have any din
Hubby Also Comes
In For Comment
"While yon are deciding this
question, you might Just as well
also decide what is going to hap
pen to the vice president's sister's
husband. Just as soon as you
have determined where his sister
shall sit, you will be confronted
at once with the problem of find
ing a place at the table for her
husband. Either decide it with
out delay or officially report
disagreement on your part to the
president or the United States and
ask him to submit It to the world
"Hoping that, without farther
delay, you may-relieve official so
ciety of the terrible suspense In
which it now finds itself, I am
very truly yours. G. W. Norris."
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log; 9:55. conferences: 10:40,
singing. Prof. Claude Neelv: 10:-
l. C. E. literature. Paul Brown;
li row, announcements, Ross Gut
ley; 11:10. song service; 11:15,
world Peace, the Crusader's
Task." the Rev. Stein; 11:43. Cm
sader s covenant hour, Paul
Brown; 12:10, pastor's luncheon.
Friday afternoon. 1:45, pre
prayer service. Mrs. Ross Guiley
in cnarge; 2:00, song service: 2
20, prayer, Marlon Carelson; 2:30
crusader's armor and conferring
or degrees, Walter Myers; 2:60,
announcements, Ross Guiley; 3:00
conferences: 3:45. parade; sight
seeing; 8:15, Jnnior workers' din
Friday nfght. 7:15, pre-prayer
service, Mrs. Ross Guiley In
cnarge; 7:30. song service. Prof.
Claude Neeley; 8:00, prayer, the
Rev. C. C. Ha worth; 8:10, Intro
duction of state officers and Salem
convention committee: 8:30, ad
dress "Evangelism, the Crushd
ers' Responsibility." the Rev.
Stein; 9:00. crusaders' covenant
hour. Paul C. Brown.
Saturday morning. 7:50, life
work recruit, breakfast, Mrs. Ross
TJulley in charge; 9:00 bible stu
dies: 9:40. assembly and singing.
Prof. Neely; 9:55. conferences;
10:45. assembly nad singing; 10:
50. announcements. Ross Guiley;
10:55. address. "World Peace, the
Crusader's Task." Rev. Stlin; 11:
30, crusaders' covenant hour. Paul
Brown: 11:45. convention pic
ture; 12:00, denominational lun
cheons. Saturday afternoon. 2:00 pre
prayer service, Mrs. Ross Guiley
In charge: 2:15. song service; 2:
30. prayer, Mrs. Evelyn McClus-
ky; 2:40. graded Endeavor clinic.
Drs. Stein, Brown and tJiuley; 3:
00. C. E. world tournament: 3:16
address. "Citizenship, the Crusad.
er's-Duty." Dr. Stein; 3:45. an.
nounceraents, Ross Guiley.
Saturday night. 5:30. ban
quets; 7:00, pre-prayer; 7:30,
song service; 7:45, election of of
ficers; 7:55. budget raising; 8:40
intermediate oratorical contest;
9:20, Invitations received for next
state convention; 9:30, report of
judges of oratorical contest; 9:35
crusaders' covenant hour.
Sunday morning. 8:30, morn
ing watch for young women, Faye
Steinmets; 8:30. morning watch
for young men. Paul Brown; meet
ing state executive committee:
Sunday school of choice; church
service of choice: 12:30, state ex
ecutive committee luncheon.
Sunday afternoon. 2, pre-prayer
service; 2:10. Song service; 2:
30. prayer, the Rev. W. Earl Coch
ran; announcements, registration
report ; report of future work com
mittee: offering: special music;
3. address, "Victory" Through
Christ's Enabling Power," Dr.
Stein : crusaders' covenant hour.
Sunday night. 5:45. pre-prayer
service: 6:00. graded Christian
Endeavor meetings: topic, "How
Can I Crusade with Christ": 7:00
song servcie; 7:15, prayer. Dr. F.
C. Taylor: 7:25, awards; 7:45,
Installation of officers 7:55. re
port of resolution committee: 8:00
announeaments: 8:30. address,
"Carry on to Victory." the Kir.
Gates; 9:00. crusaders covenant
hour and closing of convention,
Paul C. Brown.
America's 'most famous night
club hostesa.Texas Guinau is to
open with her first Vltaphone All
Talking singing super-epeclal at
Bligh's Capltol theatre today, and
will run until Thursday. ..
In "The Queen of the Night
Clubs" Miss Guinan Is in an en
vironmenthat fits her -like the
proverbial glove. She Is shown
in her own fashionable clnb and
the story woven Into ' and around
it takes on a tragic turn when a
pistol shot proclaims a murder
within Its brilliantly Aued con
fines. The story has its: heart
twists and teems with ever in
creasing .action. ..... .
As the picture is constructed H
is full of , drama, comedy music
ot the jazzy kind, and the lite of
the big city in which its scenes
are laid. Vltaphone vaudeville
acts, and the Fox Movietone News
will complete the program.
Wisconsin Hardest Hit With
U Killed; List of Dead
Mounting Steadily
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accounted for. Of the five dead re
ported in Minnesota- four were
fanners whose homes were demol
lshed by the wind and the fifth
was that of a motorist whose car
was wrecked on a highway by
timbers blown onto the road by
the storm.
lO Year Old Lad
Dies off Injuries
A ten year old son of Mrs. Ida
Moyer, died In Barron, Wis., hos
pital, from Injuries suffered when
the home of I. Voll, near Barron,
Reports trickled in slowly from
the stormswept sections, adding to
the death list hourly as new fatal
ities were made known. It was
feared that when wire communica
tions are fully reestablished the
toll may be further increased.
' Airplane photographs of some
sections of the stricken areas.
made 12 hours after the storm
struck, revealed many scenes of
havoc. In some cases only a few
boards marked the spot where
farm homes had stood only yes
terday. Even most of. the debris
had been carried away by the
Red Cross Workers
Start on Surrey
Hardly had the flying timbers
settled to earth when representa
tives of the Red- Cross started a
suurey in the Minnesota storm
area to determine whether any
relief measures would be required
and to. definitely fix the extent of
the damage.
Although the storm was describ
ed in some reports as a tornado,
(he federal weather bureau said
it was "a low pressure area" with
St. Paul almost in they center. The
wind there reached 'a maximum
velocity of only 38 miles an hour
but was estimated at almost dou
bled at some other points. The
weather bureau said the low pres
sure area had moved out over
Lake Superior today.
While accurate figures as to
the monetary loss must necessarily
await a closer survey, preliminary
estimates exceed the million dol
lar mark.
Destruction Covers
MM Rnnaiw MUm
The bulk of the damage is be
lieved to hare been in Wisconsin
as the wind beat down or blew
apart farm homes and buildings
in an area roughly 100 miles
sanare in the northwestern sec
tion. Barron, Rush and Sawyers
counties were hardest hit and
parts of five other counties in that
district fett the wrath of the wind.
One estimate from Barron plac
es the damage in that vicinity at
$750,000, but It was Impossible
to check the accuracy of the re.
port. From Glenwood City came
an estimate that damage in that
district would reach 8100,000 and
might exceed that figure.
In Minnesota destruction caused
in a ten mile stretch through Chi
cago county, particularly near
LIndstrom, was placed at 8500.
00. While in north Minneapolis,
the loss was placed at 8100,000.
Indications tonight were that
two or more storms Joined forces
in Minnesota before launching an
attack Wisconsin. Apparently
one storm, coming from directly
west of Minneapolis, Joined anoth
er which swept into the state from
the southwest but neither caused
much damage until they combined
near Lake Mlnnetonka and then
fell on north Minneapolis.
"Sonny Boy" Is
New Role Which
Davey Lee Plays
Manager Archie Holt of Bligh's
Capitol theatre announces that
April 21 will be the opening date
for "Sonny Boy", Warner Bros,
latest Vltaphone talking picture.
and the first starring vehicle for
four-year-old Davey Lee. who won
this early honor through his mar
Velous performance in support of
Al Jolson In ."The .Singing Fool."
Davey's part in 'Sonny BoPy"
has nothing ot the tragic charac
ter ot the role he had In the Jol
son play. He is shown asJ.the
child of temporarily battling par
ents, and to keep the child's fath
er from taking Sonny ' Boy with
him. his mother plans with her
sister to kidnap him. It la by his
winsome and. Ingenious doings that
things are finally straightened
The New EAR GEM Now Ready
; Worn in the Outer Ear
First Showing In Our City '
Look at it and you SEE the simplest and smallest device
in 4he world: use It and you FEEL that you have the
. most wonderful piece of mechanism yet devised for suf
' ' ferine; mankind. Successfully used under all conditions
In the church, theatre, over radio, telephone, and gen--eral
conversation. Let us prove we have conquered
your affliction.
The-AUTO EAR MASSAGE Is psed to stop head noises
and Improve the hearing. - .
AT OUB STORE from '9 a. m. to 6 p. n.
Monday TsWbty - April 9-9
'-' An . expert from New York. City will be with us on the
' - .above days. We most earnestly request you to call,
. - make a, test privately and receive expert advice, without
: t charge. Every Instrument guaranteed. Ask or write
for booklet. j Tell your deaf friends. . ;
' 115 S. Commercial St.
House of Representatives
Votes to Impeach Louisi
ana Governor
(Continued from Page 1.)
and turned on Representative
Woods, of New Orleans. Members
rushed between them.'
Solon's Speach Is
Charged With Passlom
A few moments before the rote
was ordered. Representative De
Lesdernler of Plaquemines, ran to
the loud speaker microphone in
front of the chamber, and in a
voice trembling -with passion be
gan an address in which he sought
Ho compare the drive against Gov
ernor Long with that ot the cru
cifixion upon the cross.
A member sought to stop him
on the point of sacrilegious utter,
ances and during the excitement,
the Plaquemines representative ex
"Take my life but spare by
He collapsed in a heap at the
foot of the microphone, and mem
bers rushed to his aid. throwing a
glass of water in his face and lift
ing him to a chair, -where he was
Physician Asserts
Poise Is Normal
A member physician examined
him and announced his pulse was
normal. "He quickly revived and
recorded his rote.
At the afternoon session neither
the senate nor the bouse jaade
much headway as recess followed
recess. They did succeed in appro
priating $100,000 to defray the
cost of Impeachment trial.
This morning the Long support
ers came forward with a compro
mise proposition to provide for a
public rebuke of the governor be
cause of the Manship incident and
an apology from the executive to
the publisher, but the attempt to
offer such a resolution was howled
down and a rule Invoked that
threw it out.
From early morning the entire
capltol was keyed to a high pitch
and crowds in which were a large
number of women swarmed about
the streets and capital. -
The action today climaxed a
week of Investigation into the gov
ernor's official acts In which heat
ed accusations were flung from
camp to camp. The governor's op
ponents openly expressed the
belief that many of the 1$ other
counts, running from abusive lan
guage to a plot to commit murder,
would be added to the impeach,
ment before the house closes
down, while a spokesman for the
governor announced we nave
Just begun to fight. They cannot
Tk ttir' rreatest slay
brought to the screen by the mov-
m,. la William Haines new
starrinr picture. "Alias Jimmy
Valentine, the attraction a "
Elsinore theatre, with talking se
TI.U.i Tklava another O fthS gor-
geously human roles which won
him such great popularity in "Ex
r. ..- " The wise-cracking
comedian has added a dose of hu-
....a iml nathm to his CharaC-
uiiuioo. r
terlzatlon wnicn uits mm
forefront -Of screen acting.
it.. f a the nld familiar
, BfcV.J - -
on that has brought tears anu
i...,diir tn anAfenees in neariv ev
ery theatre in America tor a gen-
New Adeline Machine
Fit Vest Pocket
Does Work of $300 Machine
Costs Only $2.95:
kAAtnm Innr inInmM of figures
nn innr warrr storekeepers
and business men. For a highly
practical adding machine, weign-
lnr only 4 ot.. wnicn his om tsh
Waa hAPn invented by C. M.
Cleary. Safte 1475,. 78 W. Madi
son St.. Chicago, 11U This amas-
flnr machine sells f OT-
$2.85, yet does the work of a ISOfl
machine. It is simple to operate,
n tint a ta a billion, clears instant
ly, and is absolutely accurate. The
inventor wants It introoucea
T.rrwhor and la makina a spe
cial Free Offer to agents. Write
him today It you want to make big
money. adv.
for the
eration. Haines Js the wise crook
who upseta the police departments
ot halt s dozen cities and virtually
defies afreet. '
He is aided in his nefarious as
saults on society by two of the
funniest-crooks the screen has
ever seen, Karl Dane and Tully
Marshall. Opposing them Is the de
tective played by Lionel Barry
more, a grim and seemingly heart
less personality that yet is as nat
ural and human ai any role the
great actor has as yet' enacted.
To "hide out" after a bank rob
bery the three crooks come to the
small town where Haines finds
love and sweetness. He resolves to
go straight and Indeed becomes a
highly- respected citizen before
Barrymore tracks him down. Then
indeed he proves an alibi that he
is someone else than Jimmy Val
entine and it is only when the sis
ter of the girl he lores becomes
locked in the new vault, that he
shows his marvelous ability and
opens the safe to release her.
(Continued from Paae 1.)
at 11 a. m., when the rebel forces
fell reluctantly back -after their
second charge had melted under
vicious machine gun and rifle lire
from the Naco breastworks but
there has been scarcely a minute
ot the day that bullets have not
snapped and crackled through this
battered adobe town.
. Federal troops tonight were on
the alert for another attack in
force by Topete's combined troops.
An attack in the dark might put
another aspect on the battle. This
morning ' Topete did not get his
first charge under way until the
sun. was high In the sky and the
federal riflemen ' and machine
gunners favored by perfect vis
ibility on the rocky terrain in
front of them, picked oft the ad
vance guard of the attacking
troops with ease.
The rebels laid themselves open
to deadly fire from the trenches
on all fronts. Several tluis rtbf
tanks approached the federal wire
and appeared ready to: nose
through, with machine gun bul
lets playing on their armoured
sides like trip hammers on a wash
boiler, when they were forced to
fall back for lack of foot troops to
follow them in.
Friday. April 11
II W4W1'..U1W H Ik ft I MSI II nil
mm wi jci
5 flf.f ill I .
''eSWxl J l " MUMJ M. III
rt"7. v".s TODAY !
1 3 "'X Prices I H
ft STA 2-xr-rmr 1
II t -Hill U '"111)"" H I SH WA . llll
U nr. -
R - A. ,.mml 9
l Of the Oregon Theatre v ) I
k Dilly Uaoli' o )J
Musical J l
; Comedy ywjff Jm ' j
I rrJz ON THE 1
f Oottm 1 ' Milton
; ' URLS!! Lm "THE,
i Aw, - fe -CRASH".;,
'The Broadway Melody"
Coming to Elsinore, First
of New Productions
"The Broadway Melody." Met-ro-Goldwyn-Mayer's
first all-talking,
all-singing, all-dancing film,
a unique combination of musical
comedy and dramatic technique
which will open at the Elsinore
theater. Friday. April 12. was this
company's first production to tax
to the full the various resources of
the big sound stages, recently
perfected at the studio, which
heretofore had been used only for
short subjects and experimental
Not a talking picture scene of
any kind, however, was "shot" at
the M-G-M studios ntil months
of nainstaking reparation under
expert supervision, made It ap
parent that everything was in
readiness to produce dialogue
films technically and artistically
as good as the best silent dram-'
as. The futility of a "haste makes
wastte" policy was recognized at
the start, and the groundwork
was laid with the utmost care and
attention to -detail.
The two great sound-proof
stages at Culrer City are the
largest to be found at any studio
and are completely outfitted for
th production of . any kind of
sound film, from a one-reel mono
logue to a musical comedy de
manding spectacular effects.
Stages Sound Proof
Each stage is 100 by 125 feet,
surrounded by eight-Inch concrete
walls. When the two-ton doors of
the stages are closed by machin
ery, the interiors are JTermetlcally
sealed, ventilation being supplied
through sound-filters. These"
stages were designed by Professor
Verne O. Knudson of the Unhrer-
sit? of California, and each con
tains ' six- sound-proof camera
booths, housing. In addition -to
the camera equipment, motors
synchronized with th recording in
struments In the two-story build
ing abutting on the tall window
less stages.
Representing, as they do, an in
vestment of millions of dollars
and presaging a new and unlim
ited field of development for the
motion picture, these talking film
facilities are under the manage
ment ot the best electrical engin
eers men who, for the most
part, hare followed through the
attempts to develop a practical
talking picture from the time of
the earliest "flickers."
Others In Production
Other all-talking films which
have recently been completed on
these stages include. "The Trail ot
Mary Dugan" with NormaxShearer
and "Hunted", an original screen
play of prison escape written and
directed by Willard Mack. Among
the other all-dialogue films pro
jected for the near future are
S350 Cable Piano, $323
This 1 one of the finest umrie.
910 monthly'.
CflEO. G WILL, 432 State. St.
HE Jew . B3F : -Ite
Oueen oft he mant Guru
if2r.V t If. . . A The Bic Whoonee Girl and Whoopee Show.
JM4hiiy You'll all giTe
JfS hOKSU 1 Drincesa of GOOD CHEER-rWitty, spanc-
'Z'- ling. ,
fiaii B-
V"- ri I
MuntmxtAis, .
Charter Oak
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w . t -
Many people have taken advantage of our special dem
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The Last of Mrs. Cheney" and
vAv Free Soul." adaptions of two
popular Broadway plays; "Rosa-lie"',-4b"!usical
comedy success;
"Dynamite." a Cecil B. Je Mllle
production: "College Daye", a
new sort of campus story to be di
rected br Sam Wood; and "White
Collars"; ; which William C. pe
Mills win make. ',
,t net DiAiocuit
She stole from the man she
loved she risked her happi
ness to save the honor of her
family name. Don't miss this
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AD eofxmtteasoadsdt door
aaadlM an amikledt lags
Solid; shaker Is waist kick.
prian uy attached; aah
s 0sa la fans she a ejufck,
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Ore Heat Coatrol kaepa
kftawf erWIaatma. Besun
i maaissp iiMWiitasMsMU4AlMss
B-Tr-VlSksF m