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The New OREGON STATES5IAN, Salem. Oregon. Sunday Morning, April 7, 1929.
Mrs. E. C. Cross
. Entertains
MRS. E. C. CROSS was host
ess to the members of the
O. T. club and a few ac
tional gnests at an attractive" T
o'clock luncheon - in .her home
Fridayafternoon. Spring flowers
were used effectively In decorat
ing the rooms. '
The guest group included the
additional gnests. Mrs. -Reuben
Boise, Mrs. Louis Bean, Mrs.
George Pearce, and Mrs. Frank
Spears, and the club members.
The membership includes Mrs- U.
G. Shipley. Mrs. Russell Catlin.
Mrs. Frank Spencer. Mrs. John
Albert, Mrs. T. T. Geer. Mrs. T.
B. Kay, Mrs. Charles Robertson,
Mrs. John L. Rand, Mrs. Seymour
Jones, Mrs. F. D. Thielsen, and
the hostess, Mrs. Cross.
Bridge Teas Are
. - - Sanford entertained at two
attractive bridge affairs Friday
and' Saturday afternoons In the
Humphrey home on Fairmount
Bill. , '
Flowers in the vivid shades of
spring were arranged-artistically
about the rooms. The dining ta
ble was centered with a large
brass kettle holding long-stemmed
red tulips and wild currant com
bined with sprays of English bar
berry. In the drawing room were
brass bowls of daffodils and spirea.
Individual silver bud vases filled
with orchid sweet peas and coral
spirea centered the small tables
during the tea hour.
The high score honors of Friday
afternoon were awarded to Mrs.
W. L. Phillips and Mrs. Ralph
Hamilton. The guest prize was
awarded to Miss Hester Hollings
head of Boise, Idaho. Out of
town guests were Mrs. W. F. Gas
kins, Mrs. Paul Schissler, Mrs. Jo
seph Smith and Mrs. McDevltt, all
of Corvallls.
The high score awards for Sat
nrdair afternoon were won by Mrs.
Nell Thielsen and Mrs. H. K.J
Stockwell. Out oi. town gumn
for the afternoon were Mrs.
George Starr, Humphrey and Mrs.
Helen LaMond of Portland and
Ruth Jones of New York City.
Mrs. Waters Pupils
Presented in Recital
J Mrs. Lena Waters presented her
piano pupils in recital recently.
She was assisiea dj
Trindle, violinist; and Miss Lita
Waters, accompanist.
The followingprogram was pre
sented: . .
"Ring Easter Bells". Johnson
"Stnuet." from Sonatina op. 49.
1 Beethoven. Roy Ostrin.
"Goldie's Waltz," Wilson; "Long
5 "Long Ago." Wilson. Marjorie
I .'Waters.
Duet: "Little Indian Chief." L.'
Strickland. Joseph Trindle
irnd William Laughlin.
-Robin Redbreast." Kettener;
-Little Hands," Kettener. Marg
aret Clare.
"The Pony." "Lightly Row.
Leland Berry.
Theme from Six Variations. Bee
thoven. William Laughlin.
"Sing. Robin. Sing." "The Sand
man," Helen Ostrin.
Violin solo: "Coin Home." Dvorak-
"Berceuse" from "Joce
lyn." Goddard Mary Trindle.
"Ecossalses." Beethoven: "Music
of the Waves," Belbo. Mr
ginla Coales.
"Skipplty Skip." Joseph Trindle.
"The Spring Song," Mendelssohn:
"II Trovatore." Verdf. Ruth
..Cr"f"- .- -n mf'-raonln:
"Springtime," AT L. Morris,
Mildred Harden.
Duet: "Minuet" from "Military
Symphony." nayan.
and Mary Trindle.
Mrs. Fisher Hostess
Honoring Mrs. Otis
Mrs. Asa Fisher will entertain
.tiAwiiAAll Till M ITS.
at tea "
Glenn Otis of Tacoma. Mrs. Otis
formerly uvea in
t Dainty spring flowers will be
. jMinr room.
arrangea aowui - - - -
fisting Mrs. Fisher at the
tea hour will be wargrcv
ana jane nowuwu. ,
Among those who have been
bidden to tne aiiair -Bnrgess,
Mrs. Otto Wilson. Mrs.
Geoff e Lewis. Mrs. Mkry Bosehen,
Mrs. Mabel Farmer. Miss Leila
Rigdon, and miss riBit
. .
Woman's Club
Jo Elect Officers
The next meeting of the Salem
"Woman's club la to be an unusual
ly imnortantone. There will be
sT nomination of officers, and
... . . in ka Aitw! tn -attend
. : n.i. faAavtinn of
clubs to be held at SilTertorf
April 25. . .
: The program will be nnder the
. .... it J Jma(1ah
direction or tne appueu euu
department of which Mrs. J. M.
Deters is general chairman.
t MIss Reta Bailey was hostess
X rnnr Ti mAkinr club at her
home Friday evening. Special
ncta for the evening Included
Eula Bailey, Joseph Bailey. Ger
ald Reed, Bobbie KatxeDurg, era
no , Bodinghlemer and Mr. and
Mrs. W. E. Bailey. The club mem.
- bers precen were Oris Mason,
. Margare Sammons, Verne Raxe
targ. Carl Griffin. Frank Fnkuda,
La Roy Freed. Ellis Mason, Elmo
FYye, Alvin Frye, George Grif fen,
the club leader, , Mrs. . Marshall,
and the hostess. Miss Bailey.'
in the Social World and
'y -
M, v V.f - . - "
' - "'4? S:M
v -1 ?4
Miss Edith Schryvcr, who came west
with Miss Lord and who has taken
up her residence in Salem at the Lord
home. Miss Schryver has been spend
ing several weeks in Seattle, and will
again return there this week to spend
several weeks more.
Auxiliary to Hospital
Meet Enthusiastic
Cooperation "
THE Salem General Hospital auxiliary is now.well on the
way toward a season of accomplishment. As has for
merly been announced through the president, Mrs. W. H.
Dancy, over $100 was given over to the hospital after the
business meeting Tuesday at the chamber of commerce"
rooms. This is only a start toward tne iurnisnmg oi live
rooms and two three-bed wards. 1 The rooms will cost about
$375 each to .furnish, and the wards will cost about $600
each. This means work and many, members are needed to
aid in accomplishing this plan
For this reason and also m
order to secure interest to
place other plans in motion
the present membership of
over 100 is working for more
members at a price of $1.00
per year, or 1 5 for a sustaining
The auxiliary has already co
operated with other local organ
izations toward the practical aid
of the hospital and even In the
short time it has been organized
(not quite three- months) con
structive work is well under way.
The board members are Mrs.
W. H. Dancy, president, Mrs.
Russell Catlin, vice president, Mrs.
Walter Spaulding. secretary, and
Mrs. E. CV Cross, treasurer.
The new directors were appoint
ed at the last meeting. Mrs. W. E.
Anderson, and Mrs. A. A. Mickel,
which with Mrs. W. Connell Dyer,
Mrs. D..J. Fry. Jr.. .Mrs. H. M.
HawfciAa.'Mrs. JCtnnfth Power.
Mrs.'Ct . Robertson,? Mrs. C. K.
Spaulding, and Mrs. Homer Smith,
make nine directors to serve for
varying lengths of time.
The membership to date Is as
Mrs. William Everett Anderson,
Mrs. John Albert, Mrs. George H.
Alden, Mrs. C. W. Buckner. Mm.
Robers Brady, Mrs. R. P. Boise,
Mrs. Prince Byrd, Mrs. E. T.
Barnes. Mrs. F. O. Bowersox. Mrs.
Ross Bldwell. Mrs. C. P. Bishop,
Mrs. Russell Catlin, Mrs. Chester
M. Cox. Mrs. E. C. Cross. Mrs. M
C. Caahatt. Mrs. W. D. Clarke, Mrs.
B. E. Carrier, Mrs. W. H. Dancy,
Mrs. W. Connell Dyer. Mrs. J, M.
Devers. Mrs. Walter Denton, Mrs.
F. A. Elliott, Mrs. S. M. Endlcott,
Mrs. M. C. Fiadley. Mrs. Dan J.
Fry, Jr., Mrs. W. F. Fargo, Mrs,
William Gahlsdorf, Mrs. Harry M.
Hawkins. Mrs. C. 8. Hamilton,
Mrs. D. A. Hodge, Mrs. W. B.
Johnston. Mrs. W. Al Jones, Mrs.
Seymour Jones, Mrs. T. B. Kay,
Mrs. Ercel Kay, Mrs. L. F. Le
Garie. Mrs. Paul Hendricks, Mrs.
William Hamilton.
Mrs. Frederick S. Lamport, Mrs,
Ed Law. Mrs. J. R. Linn, Mrs.
Martha Lock hart. Mrs. T. A. Me
Bride, Mrs. Milton L. Meyers, Mrs.
R. H. Mills. Mrs. H. W. Meyers.
Mrs. A. A. Mickel. Mrs. John H,
McNary, Mrs. Ida Nilea, Mrs. H. H.
Olinger, Mrs. Kenneth Power,
Mrs. Frank Power. Mrs. -George
Pearce. Mrs. M. M. Putnam, Mrs.
L. M. Purvine, Mrs. C. A. Park,
Mrs. Earl Race, Mrs. Charles H.
Robertson. Mrs. Merle Rosecrans,
Mrs. Frank Spears, Mrs. Homer H.
Smith, Mrs. Charles K. Spaulding,
Mrs. B. O. Schucklng, Mrs. U. G.
Shipley, Mrs. Frits Slade, Mrs. W.
I. Staley, Mrs. Edwin elevens,
Mrs. Frederick H. Thompson, Mrs.
F. B. Tibbitts. Mrs. Henry , B.
Thielsen, Mrs. F. P. Talkington. y
- Mrs. Charles . Weller, Mrs.
George Waters, Mrs.'Paul B. Wal
lace, Mrs. H. R. Worth Mrs. LiT-
lian Wynn, Mrs. 11. J. weiamer,
Mlas Anna Boehringer, Miss Nell
Coppock, Mrs. Lizzie Smith, Miss
Miaa Gile, Miss Lizzie Haines,
Miss M. J. Minthorne, Miss Eliza
beth Putnam. Miss Grace ..Taylor,
Miss Dorothy Whipp, Miss Signe
Wahlstrom, Mr. E. T. Barnes, Mr.
W H. Dancy, Mrs. C. C. Clark,
Mrs. W. L. Spaulding, Mrs. Lizzie
W. Smith, Mrs. Don H. Upjohn.
Mr. S. B. Elliott, Mr. Frederick
S. Lamport, Judge T. A. McBride,
and Lloyd' Rlgdon. The last four
on the list are sustaining mem
bers of the auxiliary.
Benefit Association
District Rally Monday
Salem Review No. 5, ot the
Woman's Benefit association will
be hostess to a district rally to be
held on Monday, April 8, at the
Fraternal Temple. The afternoon
session is at 2 o'clock. The ban
quet will be served at 6:30 o'clock
is the banquet hall ot Fraternal
Temple. . The evening session be
gins at 8 o'clock.
' One,: guests of noner for this
rally will be Dr. Annie E. Rey
nolds, assistant supreme medical
examiner of Port Huron, Michi
gan; Mrs. Julia V. Ward, state
field director of the state of Ore
gon; Mrs. Gladys Chance, presi
dent of Mill City, Review No. 29;
Mrs. Alice Cone, president of
Donald Review No. 13; Mrs. Mary
G laze r, president of McClay, Re
view No. 33; Mrs. Xella J. Ball
man, president of Dallas Review
No. 28.
Dr. Reynolds wUl be at the
Senator hotel Monday and Tues
day and wilt give a free medical
examination to any member of the
order between the hourse of 11
and -12 o'clock Monday; Tuesday
from 9 to 12 and 1 to 4 o'clock.
' The committee chairmen for
the rally are as follows: Mrs.
Jennie Miller, general chairman;
reception, Mrs. Bertha Smart;
courtesy, Mrs. May Hampshire;
refreshment, Mrs. Rosella Cros-
son; decorations, Mrs. Katharine
BernardI; song, Mrs. Rachel Ep-
pers; musician, Mrs. Elizabeth
Waters; and rally- press corres
pondent. Miss Alice Mee.
The decoration committee has
planned to decorate the hall by
using the colors of the order with
flowering potted plants. -
Any member belonging to the
Woman's Benefit association is
cordially invited to attend the
rally, and also to receive a free
medical examination from Dr.
Golden Hour Members
Entertain Husbands
.The members of the Go!den
Hour club entertained' at a din
ner party for their husbands at
the home of Mrs. Walter Penning
ton Saturday evening. ., -
. The club membership includes
Mrs. Carle Abrams, Mrs. J. - R
Pemberton,". Mrs. A. A.: Siewert,
Mrs. L.. R. Springer, Mrs. W. II.
Bretz, Mrs. Claude ; Van. : Slyke,
Mrs. Erie Butler,' Mrs." E. B. Mil
lard, Mrs.; Roy Hewitt and the hos
tess, Mrs. Femberton.,
Pkcnt 500
The Days of the Week
Benefits have again taken the field of social
attention for this first week after lent. Two of the
largest ones this season were held Monday and Wed
nesday, when t heSt. Vincent de Paul women had
their bridge tea at the Fraternal temple and the
auxiliary to the American Legion entertained at the
Elk's club. Both were real successes. Three other
events, one the luncheon for which Mrs. F. C. Cone
was hostess, the Friday and Saturday parties of
Mrs. James Richards Humphries and Mrs. Rex San
ford, and the bridge luncheon given by. Mrs. Harry
Hawkins and Mrs. Keith Powell at the Marion hotel.
The coming week has centered the social attention
on the bridge .benefit which the American homes de
partment of the Woman's club is sponsoring Mon
day at the club house.
i. -w
Miss Virginia Milton, director and pro
fessor of piano and theory at Willam
ette university, who will have charge
of the MacDowell program to be given
in Waller hall, May 6, -as an opening
program for 'good music week.'
Mrs. Paulus Names
The Piper
"Tlie Piper" spring dramatic
production of the Salem Drama
League which will be presented
early in May, is arousing consid
erable Interest among drama en
thusiasts of Salem. The quaint
old German settings and folk cos
tumes, without the dramatic worth
of the play, would make It charm
ing for its picturesque element
Un ntfn IT. Paulas, director of
the play, announces the following
cast: The Piper, Harold Mero;
Michael, the sword eater, Jack
Snonr: Cheat-the-DevIl. Clyde
Warden; Kurt, the Syndic, R. A.
McCnlly; Peter, the cobbler, Nor
manr Purbrick; Hans, the butcher,
Robert Kiemeyer; Marun, me
watch, Harold Rhoten; Peter the
Sacristan, Dr. Gerald Prescott;
Ansel m, a young priest, Eric An
rfAraan tnwn erier. Clair Cornell:
Old Clans, a miser, Norborne Ber
keley. Jr.: an acolyte. Mrs. Rutn
Jones Smith; Teronlka, Margaret
Burroughs; Barbara, Mrs. Echo
DeSart Turner; wife of Hans, Mrs.
Byron Herrick; wife of Azel, Mrs.
George King: wife of Martin, Mrs.
C. A. Downs; Old Ursula, Way
man Norris; strolling players,
Mrs. Burton Myers, Mrs. Sheldon
Saekett,- Mrs. Gerald Prescott,
Miss Beatrice Olin, Miss Katherlne
Earl, Mrs. Frank Durbln, Jr.
Cross Country Ride
For Hunt Club'
Two riding classes for women
are being formed in the Salem
Hunt club. One is to be a univer
sity women's class and the other a
town women's class. This morn
ing the first cross country ride
will take place. It will be a mixed
group for this first ride.
Among those riding this mora
ine are Mrs. R. BL Kennedy, Miss
Eugenia Zleber, Miss Charlotte
Zleber, Mrs. James Preble, Miss
McLaughlin, Miss Pearson. Miss
DIckerson. Miss Prisellla Baum-
gartner, Arthur Kelley, James
Preble, R. E. Klttrldge, and Doug
las McKay. '
Members of the Prlngle-Pleas-
ant Point Social club were enter,
tained at luncheon Thursday at
the home of Mrs. Rue Draeger,
998 N. Capitol street. Covers were
placed for the four special guests,
Mrs. Luther Stout, Mr. and Mrs.
Ernest Harnlsch and Mr. Rue
Draeger, and the club members,
Mrs. Clifford Jones. Mrs. , John
Yates. Mrs. OUie Shaefer, Mrs.
Frank Clarke. Mrs. E. 8. Coates,
Mrs, W. M. Coburn, Mrs. I W.
Potter, Mrs. E. G. Clarke, Mrs.
O. T. Staley, Mrs. Homer Harrison,
Mrs. V." E. Meeks, Mrs. J. M. Co-
burn, Mrs. Solon Shlnkle, Mrs
Harry Wechter and the hostess1.
Mrs. Rue Draeger.' - . -
The club" will be entertained In
a fortnight at the home of Mrs.
Homer - Harrison, 2(0 Center
street Each club member is re-
qaested to dress-to represent the
title of a book. : r't--fy'-
News of
Society Editor
: ft A
' -
' -
Salem Boys Chorus
Will Present
One of the outstanding organ
izations of civic music is the Sa
lem boys' chorus under the di
rection of Dr. C. A. Epley who for
seven years has directed the
chorus which has now grown to
an enrollment of 13 from six
years old on up to older men who
take the heavier work in the
chorus. During the course of its
career the chorus has placed sev
eral hundred dollars at the dis
posal of worthy causes over the
civic, always a civic cause.
Tuesday and Thursday of this
week they will give two programs
in connection with the Salem boys'
band under the direction ot Prof.
O. P. Thayer. The proceeds from
these concerts will go mostly to
ward purchasing instruments tor
the band.
The chorus has been working
on the programs to be presented
these two nights for one hour a
week since the late part ot Octo
ber. They have some very inter
esting material to offer, including
costume numbers, solo numbers
by Victor Wolf, duets, and a spe
cial request number "O Restless
Sea", with the lead sung by Reno
Booth, In full Indian costume. Mr.
Booth is now singing over K aft
and is comlnr to Salem for .
number especially. .
Thfi program-is as follows: -Out"
Salutation, Salem bo.f
Chorus The, Bugle Horn,
White. Four buglers from Salem
high school band.
Reading "So Was I," Kenneth
( Thursday ) Solo Selected
Adelbert Henderson.
Chorus A. Old Farmer John.
B. Constantinople McWaine
Brothers and Chorus. O. J. Hull,
(Accordion Solo Robert
Brown) Thursday.
Kiddle Special Birtchet Broth
ers, Ardath Lee, .three years,
Charles Adair, aix years.
Solo Volclx (Instrumental)
John Makrezs. Paul Silkl.
(Thursday) Duet Selected
Harold Stout and Andy Mallet.
Solo Oh Restless Sea (Re
quest Number) Reno Booth (In
dian) and Chorus.
Solo-vocal Selected Wayne
Chorus A. Over the Hills at
Break of Day. B. Ice Cream
Wm. McGilchrest, Sr., director.
Solo and Chorus The Garden
of Tomorrow Irvln Potter and
Chorus. " ' ,
Specialty Woodry Bros, and
Frank Willard.
Chorus Rock Candy Mountain
Wilfred Hagadorn and Chorus.
Mr. O. J. Hull, director.
Chorus Our Farewell.
Salem Hi eh School Band
March, Rifle Rangers King
Overture, Prince of India. . .King
Novelty Number.
American Pitrol . ...Meachem
Selection. .
Southern Melodies . . i ,'.Hayes
Intermezzi. - - "
In a Persian Market .Ketelbey
.:'vi . .xtv.w if mum
Miss Elizabeth Lord, who has returned
to Salem to make her home after sev
eral years residence in the east and
Bridge Benefit Affair
Attractive Monday
THE bridge tea benefit which the American Home depart
ment of the Salem Woman's club will sponsor in the
Woman's clubhouse "on North Capitol Monday afternoon
promises to be one of the charming events of the season.
About forty tables have been reserved for the affair.
Mrs. Harry Hawkins, who is chairman of the department
is in charge of the arrangements; She will be assisted in
receiving the guests informally by the department members.
Mrs. Theo Barr, Mrs. W. W.. Baum, Mrs. John Brophy, Mrs.
A. L. Brown, Mrs. I. W. Daughton, Mrs. Harry Hawkins,
Mrs. oy !i. wins,- Airs, jonn urr.
Mrs. A. M. Reeves, Mrs. Guy O.
Smith, Mrs. George R. Vehrs,
Mrs. Harley O. i White, and Mrs.
H. R. Worth.
Large baskets ot spring flowers
will be arranged about the rooms.
The playing will commence at
2 o'clock. Those who do not wish
to play bridge are Invited to at
tend the tea hour and the skit
from "Seventeen" which precedes
It. Miss Agnes Brautl is directing
the skit. The cast, which includes
Lois Wilkes. Lucille Downing, and
Elizabeth Waters, are all mem
bers; of the Techne club of the Sa
le mhlgh school.
The latest reservations lor
tables have been made by Mrs.
W. I. Needham, Mrs. A. A. Sie
wert, Miss Zoe Stockton, Mrs. W. I.
Staley, Mrs. C. K. Spaulding, Mrs.
R. A. Furrow, Mrs. A. C. F. Perry,
Mrs. Mary Starr, and Mrs. Eugene
Priscilla Club Guest .
Of Mrs. Steusloff
Mrs. Fred Steusloff was hostess
to the members of the Priscilla
club at her home on North Com
mercial street Thursday afternoon.
During the afternoon the guests
were entertained with the account
of her trip through southern Cali
fornia and Arizona as related by
Mrs. Dan Fry, Sr.
Mrs. Raymond Walsh of Eugene
was a special guest for the after
noon. Among the club members
who were present were Mrs. Dan
J. Fry, Sr.,' Mrs. Ida Babcock, Mrs.
W. S. Mott. Mrs. A; T. Wain. Mrs.
J. B. Craig, Mrs. 8. S. East, Mrs.
C. M. Eppley, Mrs. A- L. Brown,
Mrs. George Dunsford, Mrs. Wal
ter Buchner and the hostess, Mrs.
Steusloff."- - ' .
Mrs. J. B. Craig will entertain
the club in three weeks.
The WTF. M.-j&Tof the First
Methodist church will meet Wed
nesday afternoon In the church
parlors. Mrs. F. G. Taylor will
have charge ot the devotional
hour. Miss Edna Holder, assisted
by eight women will give a dem
onstration of a missionary dispen
sary. There will also be special
music by Miss Lillian Scott who
will sing a group of solos. Follow
ing the program there win be a
tea hour for which Mrs. H. H.
KleopplnsTls committee chairman.
Dr. J. M. Canse of the Kimball
School ot Theology spoke at the
meeting of the Salem -W. C. T. U.
Tuesday afternoon on the subject,
"The Close Relationship between
Temperance and Missions." Mrs.
Mary Charlton also spoke. Mrs.
Erlckson spoke of the needs and
the worthiness ot the Japanese in
the Lake Labish settlement.
The Union plans to give a
cooked food sale June 1.
Mrs. F. A. Elliott, Mrs. A. N.
Moores and Mrs. Richard Cart-
wrignt win entertain tne mem
bers of the Thursday club at the
Elliott home on Marion street
Thursday afternoon.
Overture, Orpheus ....Offenbach
(State Contest Number)
Closing March,
s. The Avenger. ........... King
Club Activities
First Presbyterian choir
wil repeat Easter concert,
7:30 o'clock.
Daughters of Union Veter
ans meet at 2:30 o'clock.
Comrade Halley funeral at
To Mar Co clnb potluck
dinner, 6:30 o'clock, Y. M.
C. A.
Music Teachers' asociation
at 8 o'clock with Mrs. Waters
1658, Court street.
- Tuesday bridge club with
Mrs. Dan Fry, Jr.
Junior Guild with Miss
Sarah Lansing at 2:30
Regular meeting ot Sons
of Veterans at 7:30 o'clock
In Women's clubhouse.
Women's Bible class First
M.E. church , meet with Mrs.
W. C. Young, 860 Chemek-
Chadwick chapter card
party at Masonic Temple.
Ladies Aid of Mill street
M. B. churclr, ' with Mrs.
Christian Floer, 2567 Oak.
Salem Arts League at city
Sweet Briar club with Mrs.
Ray Binegar at 2 o'clock.
W. H. M. S. of Jason Lee-
at 2:30 o'clock with Mrs. p.
L. Fraz!er,785 North Cap-
itol. , ,
Salem Daughters of the
Nile all-day meeting begins
at 10:30 o'clock in Masonic
W. F. M, S. First M. E.
church at 2:30 o'clock 4n
church parlors.
Veterans of Foreign Wars
Auxiliary meet at 2:30
.'clock with Mrs. George
Lewis, 1180 North Winter.
Thursday club meets with
Mrs. F. A. Elliott.
Kensington club at 2:30
with Mrs. Charles Pratt.
Royal Neighbors of Amcr-
ica will meet at the Frater-
nal Temple.
Daguhters of Veterans
meet at S o'clock In the Wo-
- man's clubhouse.
Woman's club board,
meeting at 2 o'clock, busi-"
nees at 2:30, and program at
3 o'clock.
The Yomarco Bible class of the
First Methodist church will meet
on Tuesday evening at 6:30
o'clock for a potluck supper in
the VYv M, C A.-4 The committee
on arrangements includes Mrs. W.
R. i Xbeshire, Mr. Erie Butler
Mrs. c. M. Keeref, Mrs. L. C. Co
vert and "Mrs. W. B. Mlnler. .
. . -.
The Royal Neighbors of Amer
ica will exchange halls with the
Women's Benefit association, It
has been announced The Royal
Neighbors will meet Thursday at
the .f raternal temple.. -. .
Glee Club's Home
Concert To Be
THE Women's Glee club nf
Willamette University will
give the annual home con
cert in the Waller hall chapel at
8 o'clock Thursday evening, April
11. This .s the first time the club
has appeared in evening concert
in the chapel for many years. It
has just returned from a success
ful tour in Washington where the
members were unusually well re
ceived. Numerous letters express
ing appreciation of their concerts
have been received since the
group's return to the campus. Pro
fessor E. W. Hobson is the direc
tor of the club and Miss Marjorie
Miller is the assistant director.
Soloists .with the club are Kath
erlne Everett, Josephine Albert
and Lillian Scott. Helen Pember
ton is the reader and Grace Hen
derson the accompanist.
The officers are Frances Mc
Gilvra, president: Katherlne Ever
ett, manager; Lillian Scott, vice
president; Mary Allen, secretary,
and Josephine Olsen, assistant di
Among the varied forms of en
tertainment provided them dur
ing their tour was a trip throufh
the navy yards at Bremerton and
aboard the battleship Mississippi.
At Port Orchard they were given
a motor boat ride on the Sound
and at Tacoma the Brown and
Haley Candy company gave theni
a generous treat.
Tickets for the home concert
may be purchased from any mem
ber of the Glee jclnb,
' ' '
Attractive Affair
Is Gilbert Studio
ONE of the most distinctive
receptions of the season was
that given in honor of Miss
Elizabeth Lord and Miss Edith
Schryver for which Mr. and Mrs.
Monroe- Gilbert were hosts in
their uausual studio Friday eve
ning between the hours of 7:30
and 10. Soft Iiehts. innumerahla-
attractive pictures, art work, and
great dowis or spring flowers
placed here and there trans
formed the studio into delithtfnl
receiving rooms. "
The serving table tucked away
into a nook, of pictures and soft
lights was most attractive traced
as it was with a tall arrangement
of pink and white snap dragons.
Assisting about the studio were
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis B. Cross, Mr.
and Mrs. Frederick Thielsen, Mrs.
Clifford Brown, Mr. and Mrs.
Homer H. Smith. Mr. and Mm
T. A. Livesley, Mr. and Mrs. Wil
liam McGIlchrist, Jr., Mr. and
Mrs. William Burehardt. M r anil
Mrs. Chester M. Cox, Judge and
jursi ii. AicAianan, Miss Mabel
Robertson, Miss Eugenie Zleber,
Miss Charlotte B. O. Schucklg,
Miss Sarah Lansing, Miss Eugenia
Zeiber, Miss Charlotte Zleber,
Miss Jean Shipp, Miss Betty Taft.
Earl Shafer. Leo Snitzhart. Mn.
Alice H. Dodd and Miss Zelle Ru
Oregon Composer's
Works Will Be Heard
Four comnositinn r cr Ger
trude" Estella Morlev. Kilverf nn
composer, will be laHnrieri tn
radio program arranged by Daisy
neaince sevan for the Society of
Oregon composers. The program
will be given nrr stattnn vvr.'
and the Portland Telegram from
until s o clock Wednesday eve
ning, April 10.
Mrs. Morlev's romiwutitinn. win
be of especial Interest since she
wrote tbe lyrics as well as the
music. The Drorrim Inriuric.
Sing. Bluebird Slur."
solo, will be sung by Merwin
Dant; and "Girl of My Dreams'
and "Dreaming in the Twilight"
win oe sung oy Charles Muston.
Mrs. Clyde Collins will be the
accompanist for the 'program.
Mrs. Morley is well known in
Silverton music circles and has re
ceived some assistance in her
work with Mrs. Gertrude Cam
eron, a Silverton music teacher.
Daughters of the Nile
Sew for Hospital
The Salem Daughters of th nil
dub will meet at 10:30 o'clock
Wednesday, morning for an all
day meeting at the Masonic tem-
pie. me cay will be epent with
sewing for the. Soriue hospital in
Portlands f Members are asked to
tring sandwiches for the luncheon
1 he hostess committee tor the
day includes Mrs.. Gladys Mescb,
Mrs. Atoy'iHalilr. Mrs. Maude WI1
liamiJanJd;Mrs..Luru Nissen.
Special guests at the meeting
will be Mrs. Inls Cable, queen of
Nydia temple, Portland, and Mrs.
Emma Yoakum, in charge of tbe
philanthropic work of Nydia temple.-
Melbdette Program at
Y. M. C. A. Friday.
The; regular Friday night pro
gram at the Y. M. C. A. will be
a costume musical this week. It
will be presented by the Melo
dettes In the lobby of the Y. M.
C. A. at 8 o'clock.
The-program will include or
chestra numbers, violin solos and
duets. - An instrumental trio of
violin, 'cello and piano will assist
on the program. -
The Women's Bible class of the
First Methodist church , will hold
its regular meeting on Tuesday af
ternoon' at the home ot Mrs. W.
C. Young. 860 Chemeketa. Mrs. P.
F. stolzheise will lead the devo
tional service. :; '..The' hostess com
mittee Is composed of Mrs. I.
Clutter, Mrs; C, W. Emmons, Mrs.
W...R.;.,Gould, Mrs- .A. B.. Hals,
and Mrs. L- D. Waterman.