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    '. Plana Each I
Week For You
to Aspect
News of This
Week U
Local Building
1 ' X."
Desert Colony in Arizona
Handicapped by Inade
quate Water
SALOME,, Arte., ApTil 7 Out
on the Harqua Hala desert, tar
from the conveniences of a mod
ern elty. nearly four score dis
abled veterans of the World war
are making a valiant fight to re
gain the health lost in their
country's service. These men
hare practically cut themselves
off from civilization, calmly ae-
. ceptlng the rigors of the desert
in the hope that they will eventu
ally win their way to health- The
settlement which they hare
formed on the desert coyer a
wide range some of the families
living as far as 75 miles apart
Road Facilities Poor
Travelling facilities are far
from good. Considerable work has
been done by the men In road
improvement but it is of little aid
as the highways are continually
subject to being washed away. In
many Instances the roads have
been entirely disregarded and
travel has followed a general di
rection through the desert, hun
dreds of pathways weaving
through the cactus between the
settlement and Hassayampa.
-There is little opportunity to de
velop property because of the
shortage of water. Some garden
ing is done for home use but for
the most part the men ar.e content
Just to rest there,; taking; life easy
and seeking to regain' their health.'
Government compensations af
ford them a meager living.
The community life took on a
new note recently with the organ
ization of a post of the American
Legion. The names of 16 veterans
appear on the charter granted by
the state department of the post,
and all but four are rated as
permanently disabled veterans.
The organization of the Legion
post was made possible through
the construction of a community
hall. The veterans have
opportunity to hold any general
gatherings save those with the sky
as a roof. None of the shacks or
houses were large enough to ac
commodate more than a half-dozen
at a time. The Legion post
- and the community hall Is expect
ed to do much to aid in the social
welfare of the settlement.
KO. io
Synapsis f Annua Statement- ef Tha
TravsUr Fir Insurance Company f
Hartford, ia fha Stat of Connecticut, on
ts thirty-first day of December. 128,
made to th Insurance Commissioner of
the Stat of Oregon, nurraant to law:
Amount of capital stock paid mp,
f 2,000.000.00.
Net premium reeeired darinf the year,
Interest, dividends and rents received
Sonar the year, $546,501.18.
Income from other sources received
doriar'th year, $18,777.03.
Tout income. $8,941,127.52.
Xet losses paid darinf the year Inclad
ias adjustment expenses, $3,527,684.72.
Dividends paid oa capital stock darinf
-,'. the year. None. -
afossissions and salaries paid during
the year, $3,554,156.49.
Taxes, licenses and fee paid durinf
the year, $253,517.21.
Amount of all other expenditures, $1,
120,613.90. Total expenditures. $8,455,972.32.
Tain of real estate owned (market
value). None.
Value of stocks snd bonds owned (mar
ket vahio). $11,870,160.00.
Loan on mortgagea and collateral,
tc. $383,750.00.
Cash ia banks and on hand, $1,193,
320.93. - Premiums in course ef collection writ
ton since Sept. 30. 1928, $1,013,078.59.
Interest and rent due and accrued,
Other assets, $2,814.82.
Total admitted assets. $14,598,363.51.
Gross claims for losses unpaid, $1,
043,026.00. Amount of unearned premiums on all
v.. -outstanding risks, $8)46,172.62.
Duo for commission and brokerage,
Salaries, rents, etc., $85,937.62.
AH ether liabilities, special reserve,
f635.SSl.61. i , M It
AU other (inchidisii lor
V Uses). $296,585.99.111 TIT
. Total liabilities, eielaive of capital
-:. stock of $2,000.000.00 $10,102,048.84.
Net premiums received during the year,
- ' : -Losses paid daring the year, $18,586.29
Losses incurred during the year, $12,
$59.85. : . - Nam of company The Traveler Fire
Insurance Company.
Nam of president I. T. Butler.
' Nam ef secretary R. H. Williams.
,' Statutory resident attarnel for service
Phil Orosamayer, Portlaad, Oregon,
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rwim kt. W P1imaV.t - 0S-Tj ttlAA taw ...
1 Charming Design Interior arid Exterior
iV.v t. , dv-iMX St S,
i ill is a rii -Ho w-
noci. . pim .
Met -sm. -rr .
piab. sei
Sears, Tucker In
New Office Here
James D. Sears and Earl Tuck
er have recently formed a busi
ness partnership and have opened
offices In room 184, South Com
mercial street. The two men will
conduct a general real estate busi
ness and in addition will write
fire Insurance and handle loans.
Mr. Sears has formerly been asso
ciated with Louis Bechtel in the
real estate business here, while
Mr. Tucker wag a salesman for
the firm.
NO. 10
Synopsis of Annual Statement f The
Travelers Indemnity Company of Hart
ford, in tha StaU of Connecticut. a the
thirty-first day of December, 1928, mad
to the Insurance Commissioner of the
Stat ef Oregon, pursuant to law:
Amount of capital stock said up.
Nat nremiuma received durinr the year.
Interest, dividend and tents received
durinr tha veer. S57S.148.08..
Income from other source received
during the year, $39,724.58.
Total income, i9.T3,49.zs.
Net losses paid durinr the year includ
ing adjustment expenses. $6,161,405.45.
Dividends paid oa capital stock during
the year, $360,000.00.
Commission and salaries paid during
the year, $5,091,761.11.
Taxes, licenses .and fee paid daring
the year. $840,883.69.
Amount of all other expenditures,
Total expenditure. flz,57B,ZW.SZ.
Value of real estaU owned (market
value). None.
Value of storks and bond owned (mar
ket value). $17,174,308.00.
Loans on mortgage and collateral, etc,
Can la bank ana oa nana, $1,180,
Premiums in course of collection writ
ten -sine September 80. 1926. $1,816.
Interest and recta du and secrsed,
Iowa licenses; $56.00.
Total admitted assets. $20,601,806.99.
Gross claims for losses unpaid, fx,'
859.753.84. -. 7
, Amount of unearned nremiama aa all
outstanding risk, $7,546,726.20.
iae - -amiasioa. ana ftrotersg,
f380.619.ot! .1
All othervlisbiGtles. 82.425.372.59.
Total liabilities, exclusive of capital
Stock Ot g3.OO0.O00 $12,311,472.46.
Net Premiums received dnrins tha vear.
Loaae mid durinr the Tear. S44.001.02
Losses iacurred daring the year, 10,-
Nam f company Tha Tra veers Isr
demaity Coaspaay.
Nans f president L. F. Butler.
Nam -of aecretarv- J. H. Cbbarn.
Statutory resident attorney for service
rnu uresamayar, Portland, Oregon.
B-pisiea-t' I nJ . ;' I "IT
fuitil I
120 N. Commercial St
Za thla design the plan maker has shown as an exterior of much
mertt and has pictured It ia charming fashion. The walls are of
brick la various soft, mellow, red tones, laid in white mortar. The
roof is of brown shingles, staggered. The interior is convenient yet
attractive in design. Further information abont this plan may be
had from the R. S. Hamilton Furniture Store which distributes a
aeries of plans or from the Oregon Statesman, which likewise has a
book of complete sketches as published by the 'Cleveland Publications.
NO. 10T
Synopsis F -the Annual Statement of the
Caida .slBtnal Life Insurance Company
of Portlaad. ia the Stat of Maine, oa
the thirty-first day of December, 1028
mad to the Insnrance Commissioner ef
tao State of Oregon, pnrsnant to law:
- Amount ot caiptal ' stock paid mp,
. Total premium income for the year,
Interest, dividends snd rents received
daring th year, $1,009,752.38.
Income from other sources received
daring th year, $117,057.48.
Total income $3,733,866.44.
Paid for losses, endowments, annui
ties and satrsnder values, $1,520,781.15.
Dividends paid to policyholders during
the year, $539,516.85.
Dividends paid on capital stock dur
ing th year. None.
Commission and salaries laid during
th year, $$545,637.54.
Taxes, licenses and fee paid during
th year $45,103.57.
Amount of all other expenditures,
Total expenditures. $3,033,747.34.
Tain of real estate owned (market
value). $487,250.76.
Value of stock snd bonds owned
(market or amortised value), $15,670,
606.16. Loans oa mortgage and collateral, ate.
Preminm notes and policy loans, $,
Til.804.02. Cask ia lank snd oa kand, $248.
616.26. Nat uncollected Sad deferred prem
ium. $266,246.11.
Interest and rents du sad seerued,
Total admitted assets $21,64$,lll.$7.
Net reserves, $19.80.678.00.
Gross claim for sotsea unpaid, 1186.
942.29. ,
All other liabilities, $894,059.81.
Total liabilities, exelusivo of capital
stock of 0 $20,861,675.10.
Gross premiums received durinf Ik
yar. $39,867.69.
Premium and dividends returned car
ls th year. $9,862.75.
Losses paid daring th year, $9,842.96.
Nam of company TJnioa Mutual Life
Insurance Company. ,
Nam of president Arthur L. Bstes.
Nam of secretary Harold D. Lane.
Statutory retident attorney tor service
'. U. JfeAllif.
NO. 105
Synopsis of th Annual Statement of Th
Travelers Insnrance Company of Hart
ford, in th 8tate of Connecticut, on th
thirty-first day of December, 1928, mad
to the Insurance Commission of th Stat
ot Oregon, pursuant to law:
Amount of capital stock paid up,
Total premium in com, for th year,
Interest, dividends and rent received
during th year, $28,804,6273.
Income from other sources received
during th year, $5,653,185.69.
Total Income. $187,685,768.13.
Paid for losses, endowments, annui
ties and surrender values, $77,936,217.85.
th year, $30,884.01.
Dividends paid to policyholder daring
Dividend paid oa capital stock during
th year, $8,00t000.00.
Commission sad salaries paid during
If your plans include raising a mort
r gage loan on real estate or for building
; you will saVe time, and annoyance.
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Hawldiis & Roberts Inc.
th vear. $85,965,961.55. ,
Tax, line and fee pali during
w yesr, fj.v j,b
Amount of all other expenditures,
Total expenditures', $137,840,964.64.
Valss of real estat wnd (market
vaiue;. ia,wa,eT.7 ,
Market value of stocks and amortied
boada owned, $810, 83,626.00.
Loan on mortgages aad collateral, etc.,
Policy , loans. $56,201,861.69.
Cash is banks sad oa hand, $16,513,
102.23. Net uncollected snd deferred prem-
1 n niMi mnm mA
iiuna. .o,uo,J30.oo.
Interest and rents da snd accrued,
Other asset (net). $705,828.05.
Total admitted assets, $558,857,160.18
Net reserves, $458,390,849.08.
Gross claim for loss unpaid, $10,
214,104.23. .-..
All other liavilitiec, $43,199,282.97.
Totsl liabilities, exclusive of capital
stock of $17,500,000.00 $510,803,786.28
Gros premium received during th
year, $678,374.24.
Premiums snd dividend returned dur
ing; the year. $11,979.28.
Losses paid during, th Tear, $294,
035.66. Nam f company Th Trsveer In
surance company.
Nam of president Louis F. Butler.
Nam of secretary Beaedictt D, Plyas
Statutory resident attorney for service
SPhil Gromayr, Portlaad, Oregon.
Spring pruning of tha hardy
roses should be dona before the
growth starts. Catting back the
late blooming hyaranrea panlcu
lata will encourage new, Tlgor
our growth and larger flowers.
The Rosa ot Sharon, butterfly
bush and snowberry also may be
cut back In spring. While the
leaves are still off the shrubs old
wood ean be readily seen and re
moved and the plants thinned
where desirable. A general cut
ting back of the spring-blooming
shrubs, such as splrea. is not rec
ommended. Ton will lose the
blossoms of you do. Better wait
until after the blossoms are gone
and then prune,
The walls or barriers Separat
ing the garden from the rest of
the grounds may aften be Of plant
materials. Plants used In- this
manner ean be very effective in
serving as a screen and providing
a truly beautiful element in the
general landscape scheme. The
barrier may itself become a pic
ture. Where strict formality Is de
sired.; It ean also be obtained in
plant materials, if the varieties
which can be clipped are used.
Total Sum of $20,855 Is
Granted; Hunt Bros.
. to Add Office
The week just ended was not
outstanding in building activity,
no construction ot great import
ance being started, yet the Issu
ance of 12 permits built up a total
of $20,855 for the first week of
the month. .
The. larger Items were the of
fice building at the Hunt Bros,
cannery, $6000, and the addition
to Sam Ado!phS building on Com
mercial street, estimated to cost
The week's total was below the
March average, hut April is cer
tain to surpass .March, for the
reason that at least two permits
will be issued In the coming week
for costly buildings, and others
are due to come In before the
month ends. The permits ex
pected to he Issued this week are
for .the Pi E. P. company build
ing and the D. B. Jarman resi
dence, plans for both of which
had been announced previously.
Residence construction Is also
picking up, and permits for new
homes will add to the large totals
which the major projects will
A man's house is his castle, hut
his front yard, in a sense, belongs
to the public. At least, In most
American homes,' the front lawns
are open to the view of the pas
serby. This manner "of sharing one's
grounds with the public has be
come so common ana universal
it can be considered typically
An ax or a hatchet Is not a
pruning tool.
Let us spray"; grow fruit, not
t us son
8- 1
ants yrhatevef
Is made of lead, line, linseed oil, turentlne and j4fyer,
fHt to cherrucal analysis and Gtimjd 1
contain nowatSr. no hmTmftT xHi?cTttttfZ& R
Paint Monarch becans If Jtin n6i qxmi9 I
ieei per gauoa "s
Spety. Monarch' 100 Pure Paint and MaxtV. 100
Pure VarnisK and know you" nave th?t5t.
Paints and Hardware
286 N. Com'l. St. SilgK Phone 639
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."While the curtains are clean and fresh
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Special Prices for April
2 New Houses in I
Kingwood Begun;
Third to Start
Two new houses, among the
first to be built in the Kingwood
Heights district, are well under
way according to Kliagensmlth
and Bond, builders, while Initial
work will be begun this week on
the third property according to
the two men.
Kingwood Heights In West Sa
lem will be officially opened Tues
day according to John Werner,
developer, who will hare charge
of the sale, of land In the new
Bond Well Along
With House For
Ben Lomond Park
Completion of a sew home In
Ben LSmond park abbot May 30
is expected by Delajar Bond,
builder, who has charge of the
new home which Is of the true
English type, erected to fit as well
Speaking of Lots Before
yon LEAP, see improved lota
south in Salem with paving,
sewers, sidewalks, water, lights,
fire and police protection, low
fire insurance, etc. $225 on up.
Also North $275 on up. Five
districts to choose from.
189 N. High Street
and no. iubstiSitei;
as possible tha rolling nature of
the lot on which It la being
When completed, the house wUl
be thrown open by Bond for the
general viewing of tho public.
When you see "B ft B" In a
nurseryman's list. It means that
the every green are taken up with
A complete Home and
Office Lighting Service
At your disposal
A complete line of Shades,
Parchment, Paper and Glass.
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ing materials and interior millwork.
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. It is the Uttle conveniences in a house
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. us make your home cpiivenient
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. smngles
a bal of earth on the roots and
wrapped in burlap. They grow,
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Beantifnl When Papered
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new artistic wall decorations.
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' a
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ta operate Just piss
Into roar light socket.
iinn; 11 lllrssllllillliiii
1 1 n - ' 1
It! "T. ' ... . , , H 1 1 ' h . . j
' " - " ,
164 a (mmercial Telephone 192
Phone 2254iR i rmmm,1190 N. Capitol
582 Mill
Phone 344