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    ThaNew C3EC0N STATESHATT. Galea. OreroavSunday UaniSa. April T. 1S23L
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Forma! Garden Impossible
Without One; Little
Care Needed '
Too often the hedge Is thought
of only as a barrier a tiring
substitute for a fence. Bat while
a hedge serves for tills purpose
so admirably, its usefulness as an
element In design and an orna
mental addition In the' planting
scheme- is not fully appreciated.
Most every home grounds present
opportunity for the use of hedge
planting which will increase- the
beauty and effectiveness of the
planting scheme.
Ordinarily we think and speak
of a hedge as being a row of
plants closely together to effect a
solid mass of foliage. In the form
al hedge, the plants are trained In
geometric outline by periodic
trimming. The informal bed go Is
trimmed to gain compactness, bat
the plant is allowed to develop
more or less naturally.
Formal Hedge Xeeded
In landscape design, the formal
h?dge Is almost indispensible.
Its uses are legion. That Is why
moat every home grounds can use
hedge treatments to advantage.
Tha formal hedge can be used to
bound and screen the architect
ural garden. It can be developed
higher than one's head or, by us
ing certain plants. It can be kept
less than a foot high. Within the
formal garden one often finds
these low hedpes bounding the
flower beds and garden paths. In
the most simple garden, hedges'
may be used p e?tablrsji the ljnes
and pattern 6Mhe design.
Where there is a formal ter
race adjacent to the house, a
hedae planted along the edge of
thU terrace will greatly enhance
the appearance of this terrace.
.Qt$a in the case of small houses,
a terrace with hedge planting is
all that is needed to tie the house
to the grounds.
Regardless of how the hedge
U used it can fulfill, its mission
to the utmost only when it is
properly maintained. The beauty
It presents is directly proportion
al to the care given it. The hedge
does not require great work to be
grown properly, but rather a lit
tle attention at the proper time.
Variations Many
The hedge which serves In place
of a wall may be trained to a line
similar to a wall. It may have
buttresses, may vary in thickness
and height, and take on all sorts
of Interesting forms If propWf
trained. All that is necessary to
accomplish this Is systematic
pruning of the hedge during the
growing season. The results are
well worth the effort.
There are many plants avail
able for hedge purposes, both de
ciduous and evergreen. The plants
should be chosen according to the
type of hedge to be developed, its
o and location. Let us help you
with your hedge problems..
Don Old Togs
and Get Busy
Owners Told
Bring forth the tools and sound
the call for sturdy gardeners one
and all to stretch their limbs and
tak the air, for there is soil to
Of course, from history we
know that now and then there
comes a snow as late as April, but
who cares? Fortune smiles on
him who dares. So cock a know
fag weather eye. and when you
se a sunny sky and feel a soft
itM in the air. with mellow soil
everywhere, then take your spade
and plant some rows of ' every
early thing that grows.
This month is not a bit too
soon to plant some things and
spray and prnne, and if you've .not
yr planning- done my good
Bess! yon had better run and get
the Job done right away before
you've lost another day. There's
no denying that you ought to
hare yonr garden seeds all bought
and orders in for shrubs and trees,
to do the season'awork with ease.
This spring song is one of our
own and not the work of Mendels
sohn, but we just hope that it will
do the main thing that we want
II to that is to give a warning
clear that the too brief spring
season's pear, and you had better
start to move if you have home
grounds to Improre. .
your copy y
How to Make Lawn Perfect
. Told in Succinct Article;
War on Weeds is Outlined
Take Out Weeds With Long-Bladed Knife and
Fill Hole in Lawn With Soft Dirt,
Then Plant New Grass Seed -
Editor's KaU: Yrrd Blake wit aVritea tti nJ several other article on today's
garden paf. is a Salem young man who is known throughout the city as an aipert
landscape artist. His advice on lawn improvement is timely and authentic.
There'are several requirements necessary for producing
a perfect lawn. How to keep it thrifty and free from weeds
is the desire of all home lovers. Even the amateur is now
able to have a weedless lawn simply by following a few rules
and by using a little elbow grease.
Some lawns have large patches of weeds, while others
have only a scattering weed here and there. In the latter
condition, the method used is the more simple. There are two
ways in which a gardener may remove the weeds. He may
dig them out with a long-bladed knife, taking great care to
remove the whole of the root. If a portion of the root is left,
some weeds will send up new heads in greater numbers than
the original. The small hole left in the lawn as a result of
removing the weed will soon fill with soil from either rain or
irrigating water. The gardener may use-a standard weed
puller to advantage where the weed is large and deep roofed.
The soil must be soft if one expects to pull out the whole root.
The weed puller will leave a small hole which should be filled
with rich soil and a few seeds of grass sown at a favorable
in case the lawn has large
patches of weeds, they may be re
moved in large clumps with a
long bladed knife or hoe. care be
ing used in digging the whole root
out. New rich soil is then placel
in the holes and smoothed down.
A good variety of grass seed
should be sown evenly when warm
weather comes, and in a few
months the lawn will be smooth
and weedless.
New weeds that sprout must be
continually ?.nd promptly cut out
with a small knife and the lawn
must be fed regularly, with a good
fertilizer. if , . T
Fci titLeers Vary
JThe kind of fertilizers vary with
the type of grass seed. And the
amount to use and the methods
of applying vary with the kind of
Some grasses thrive in an acid
soil and therefore must have an
acid-reacting fertilizer. In this
class are the Bents and Fescues.
Most popular is the Creeping Bent
which eventually produces a heavy
thick carpet and is the easiest to
keep weedless because of its na
ture. Bent grasses thrive best
in an acid soil while weeds become
weakened. If a bent grass is fer
tilized with, an acid-reacting fer
tilizer, the weeds will be crowded
out by a thick, healthy, thriving
mat of grass. There are a number
of concerns who manufacture this
type of fertilizer, the same rules
for using applying to all makes.
The feretilizer should be sown
very evenly and thinly over the
entire area to be fertilized and
then soaked in thoroughly. And
don't forgeUthe soaking, as your
lawn will be burned up unless a
large amount of water is used.
Other grasses thrive best In a
sweet soil. Blue grass and white
clover are the most popular -grasses
that thrive in a sweet, or alka
line soil. Where soils are natur
ally acid or where a weak stand
of these grasses occur, an applica
tion of garden lime should be
sprinkled evenly over the lawn.
It is a little more difficult to have
a weedless lawn with these seeds
but by persistently building up
the lawn, weeds will be gradually
crowded out. -
lime Removal Schemed
la trying to rid a lawn of
win In trying to rid a lawn of
moss, many people use methods
that actually encourage its exist-l
ence. A few years ago it was a
common occurrence even for ex
perienced gardeners to apply lime
upon the moss to kill it. But to
day it has been proven by maay
agricultural experiment atations
that lime does not rid the lawn of
moss. In fact, it la said that in
th8 lime-stone, quarries of the
South, moss thrives. This alone
indiaates that moss thrives upon
lime instead of being destroyed by
its application.
The first step In ridding the
lawn of moss is to rake it out
thoroughly with- an Iron rake and
haul it off. Then a good fertilizer,
What to use instead of lime has
been considered and many fer
tilizers tried to great satisfaction.
Because moss thrives in a sweet
soil, it is necessary to produce aa
acid condition of the soil. And
so an acid-reacting fertiliser
should be evenly applied after the
moss is raked out. Such a fer
tilizer will kill moss when applied
dry before raking, but more satis
factory results are obtained by
first raking out, then applying tha
fertilizer and soaking it in. Ia
real damp lawns, moss sometimes
forms each winter. Continued
building up of a lawn by the use of
fertilizers will ia time eradicate
the moss.
Graceful Walks Problem
fa secure
Spanish -English
Norman 'Dutch
Colonial and
other types: of .
homes of various
How to have graceful walks In
the lawn without destroying its
beauty is the concern of many a
home lover. Whether the walk Is
for the front lawn or for the rear
garden, whether it is for service or
beauty, a great deal of planning
must be given to obtain the perfect
The ordinary small front home
with the usual cement walk will
not be discussed here. That is
all very simple. But consideration
must be given to the home set
back a considerable distance from
the street. Unless the home and
thfe gardening effect . be strictly
foj-mal, a cjoxyed walk should be
used. Aud every curve must have
a reason for existing. From the
street, only a small portion of the
walk should be seen at any point.
Such a variety of ornamental tree
and shrubbery planting should be
made to cause this effect. A walk
of this kind is strongly preferred
at one side, thereby keeping away
from a cut-up effect of the lawn. I
lawn .
Walks in the rear of the home
are sometimes merely ornamental
and should be considered some-'
what as the above described front
walk, care being used to harmon
ize with the various back garden
plantings. Various types of flag
stone walks or stepping stones
may be substituted for concrete or
For the combined ornamental
and service walk, a straight path
paved with ordinary brick, with or
without mortar, bordered with
blooming annuals and perennials,
is very satisfactory.
Plan Early, Advice
It is well to plan ahead for tha
new lawn as the best is none too
good. Everyone wants to point
with pride at a perfect weedless
lawn and be able to say it is his.
Preparing -the soil should begin
If the lawn is to be plowed be
fore seeding fresh manure should
be turned under and left to rot
for a while before final working.
When the lawn is already graded
and only a disking or light spad
ing Is to be employed, a thick
sowing of commercial fertilizer
should be used at the rate of one
hundred pounds to the ordinary
city lot.
Fertilizer put on early gets the
benefit of the early spring rains
and greatly enriches the soil.
Grass seed will sprout much moro
Juickly on soil that has been heav
y fertilized before seeding. An
other necessary precaution is the
draining of the land. Damp, sog
gy soils should be tiled to drain
the surplus water away as such
soils produce a weak stand of
grass. If possible, enough good
soil to sufficiently raise the lawn
to natural drainage, should be
hauled in.
Just think what fun the bellig
erent nations will have In the
next war la interfering with the
radio programs of the enemy.
JBaadea Western World.
Make Your Garden Pay
PLANT dependable seeds. In the loot: run the seed
you put in is the least expensive part of jour garden.
Poor seed that fails to germinate or gfre the best results is
dear at any price.
We call your attention to our new stocks of the, well
known Lilly's Tested Seeds.
'Ira Seeds
have got a good same by growing good crops here for 20 years
and more. These seeds are nnted to condition in this vicinity and
are, in every retpect, the best obtainable.
Let us supply your seeds and other garden requirements. We
guarantee you good service and good vafues.
Wt carry tcryuaax la ptriea seeds.
Telephone 173
Spray of Nicotine and Use
of Sulphur Will Keep
Pests Away
If you are a garden enthusiast,
you will this month
Attend to all belated pruning.
All shrubs and fruit trees should
be pruned right now before the
sap starts flowing heavily. In
pruning, always remember to thin
out all unnecessary branches so
that the tree will have sufficient
Attend to your lawn and see
that it has all the necessary care,
early. If there Is moss in the
lawn, now is the time to raka H
out and apply the fertilizer. Also
weed the lawn while It Is still soft
and moist. If the lawn is rough,
roll it with a heavy lawn roller,
and If there are bare spots, cover
with rich soil and scatter a few
seeds of a good variety of grass.
For details concerning the care of
your lawn, refer to the following
article on. "The Makings of a
Perfect Lawn."
Start Vegetable Garden
Start your own vegetable gar
den. A little planning now will
be compensated later 3y fresh
vegetables from your own back
Watch your roses. Very few
people realize that an ounce of
prevention is worth more than a
pomd of cure, as applied to the
prevention of aphis, mildew, and
other pests. A good spray of nico
tine (Black Leaf 40) sprayed on
your roses at regular Intervals of
two weeks will keep those unsight
ly and otherwise disagreeable
pests away. To prevent mildew,
dust your roses regularly with sul
phur. Spraying and dusting
should never take place on a
windy day, as 'this condition pre
vents an even covering of the ma
terials. "I Want To
3r ffr 4
This is a feature which The
Statesman introduces into
its garden page this week.
A question box will be main
tained by this department. All
questions pertaining to gardening
will be answered in this column
each week, when mailed to the
Q. I havt a fine larg potted
fern that i$ turning brown and ap
pear to 04 dyvng. How can I save
xtlMrt. U. O.
Probably it has had too much
heat. Ferns like a damp, cool
temperature. Cut off all stalks
that show an unhealthy appear
ance, then place the plant out of
doors where it will get the bene
fit of rains or irrigation.
Q. Ik there anything that will
kill the common wild morning
glory f t . H.
There is a weed killer named
K. G. M. which kills morning glo
ry, and also thistles, dandelions
and other weeds. This is a spray
that ia applied directly to the
weed. This morning glory vine
must not be chopped up as the
spray penetrates through the top
foliage. Keep the spray away
from plants and shrubs that are in
the beds. This spray material may
be obtained at the seed stores.
Q. My climbing roeet mildewed
badly last summer. Is there any
thing I can do early to prevent it
wis yean Mrs. tr. a.
Prevention is the only thing In
this case. A good sulphur dust
is the best known remedy. A
small hand duster may be pur
chased for a small sum of money
from any seed dealer. Beginning
early in the spring, dust all roses
subject to mildew with sulphur
about every two weeks. If they
are real bad, dust every week for
a month or two. Prevention of
aphis and worms should begin at
this same time of the year. Use
Black leaf 40 for aphis and arsen
ate of lead for worms.
210 State
buses on
Garden tools fertilizers.
Clean up your garden tools.
nothing takes the joy out of gar
dening more quickly than dirty or
rusty tools. Rust should be re
moved by a thorough scouring and
they will remain clean and shiny
if a few drops of oil is smeared
over the surface every time they
are put away. Never wash tools
unless you wipe them dry each
Every amateur gardener should
be equipped, with a few standard
tools. A small-sized round shovel
is the most serviceable for the all-
around home. A stralght-edger to
keep the flower beds neat and
trim, a strong garden rake, a hoe.
a trowel, all are as necessary to
the garden as tha cooking pans
are to the kitchen. And. don t for
When a street has been cut
through, there sometimes results
a deep undesirable bank which
mars the beauty of the home.
Where a very deep cut is made in
the lawn, concrete or stone should
be used as a retaining wall. This
is sometimes unsightly in itself,
bleak and barren, but may be rem
edied by planting vines that will
droop over the wall. NWhenever
the bank can be rounded off and
a lawn sown, much of the unsight
ly can 'be done away with. The
best vines for covering such a wall
are either English or Boston Ivy.
Where a steep hillside is retained
in preference to the wall or lawn.
a very attractive covering may be
obtained by planting large areas
to annual seeds. This will produce
a brilliant ' mass effect of spring
and summer color. Or If a com
plete greenery is desired for the
hillside, one might plant a cover
ing of Hall's honeysuckle, mat
rimony vine, trailing and rambler
roses. In heavily shaded slopes
which are hard to cover, the old r
fashioned myrtle will prove sat
Space Required for Complete
Fruit Garden
The extent of ground required
will be about ten or twelve square
rods for the different summer
fruits, and an acre and a half or
two acres for all the others ex
cept the winter apples. The early
or summer apples might be placed
in between the winter apples as
fillers, as these are less perman
ent trees.
Landscape Your Homo On
Oar MoatMy Pay tncntPlan
Special Golden-bells, spirea (4 kinds), honeysuckle,
deutzia, white hydrangea and other Afip
flowering shrubs at, each- tUC
Camelias azaleas (4 kinds), daphnes..... $1.25 to $3.00
Closing out the following shade trees at 75c
Mt. Ash Locust Sycamore
Kirn Golden-Chain Purple Ijeaf Pkun
Maple Weeping WUlow Flowering Crab
ALL ROSES 35c and 50c
The most complete line of shrubbery in Salem
Visit our centrally located salesyard
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lawns and
Success for all with Vigoro!
Users find that this ideal
plantfbod gives a quick vig
orous start---rnore velvety
green grass, better flowers
crisp succulent vegetables.
Vigoro is odorless! So
dean you sow by hand like
grass seed! Plants get a bal
anced ration throughout the
Enough concentrated
Endorsed by
Slogan' for
get the bamboo rake for the lawn.
This little rake picks up the small
est leaf and keeps the lawn tidy
in every way.
Stable manure is the best fertil
izer for vegetable gardens when
more manure is needed. How
ever this may ' be supplemented
with commercial fertilizers. Never
attempt to place a commercial fer
tilizer on your garden without the
advice of someone who knows,
as there Is now a different fertil
izer for every requirement. Every
different fertilizer is a different
remedy, and the wrong application
might prove harmful.
Right now is the time to fertil
ise your lawn, your flower beds,
and your kitchen garden.
The first of a series of displays
of Oregon-grown and manufactur
ed articles left the state last week
for St. Paul, Minnesota, which
will be placed in the Northern
Pacific railway building where
thousands of people will Inspect
them. This first display was sent
by the North Pacific Nut Growers
cooperative under the direction of
W. H. Bentley, manager. It con
sisted of samples of the Oregon
grade mammoth size Franquette
and soft shell walnuts. Four boxes
of Oregon Sweetarts, a candied
fruit product which has been made
during the past four years at
Dundee, were also sent. Later on
sample boxea of fancy packs of
prunes will be forwarded '
Salem will soon send a compre
hensive display of flax and pro
ducts made in Oregon from flax,
according to C. E. Wilson, secre
tary of the chamber of commerce,
who has the exhibit almost ready
for shipment. Many people in the
east are unaware of the fact that
Oregon produces flax which com
pares favorably with any grown
in the world.
A very fine wool display has
been collected by Dan C. Freeman,
manager of the Oregon Manufac
turers association, which will tell
the story of this Oregon Industry
from the raw wool to Its manu
facture into a number of products
which local manufacturing con
cerns have supplied.
Plant crooked and many
branched trees in your children's
$550 Lad wig Piano, f ITS
Fine tone. Walnut case
. ST monthly
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nourishment in a 100 lb.
sack for lawn of garden 50 z
50 to 50 s 100 feet. Only 2 to
4 lbs. per 100 square feet,
and not at all costly!
Full directions for apply
ing Vigoro in every bag. In
paper-lined bags of 100, 50,
25 lbs., and 5 lb. packages.
Order Vigof o today lor all
- the things you grow.
A Swift & Company Product
laUItes better Immmu
gardens, jlowers, srecs
in wm
Most Exquisite Hues-Known
Seen in Profusion in
Spring Harmony
Terhaps it'a because spring Is
the Resurrection of plant life, and
wo are eager to enjoy and admire
flowers bnt anyway, the spring
flowers always seem most beauti
ful. One feels that the spring
flowers have the most delicate
hues, the most exquisite fashion
ing. Pale pinks, blues and lav.
enders, with a great array of
chaste white flowers, are the col
ors of spring. Here and there a
clear yellow note to emphasize the
brightening of the sun; and a
piquant flicker of red just now
and then.
Carpets of wild flowers In
woodlands. Beds and borders of
tulips, crocus, narcissi and hya
cinths. Golden bell, Japanese
quince, duettias and white gar
landed spiraeas with honey
suckles, lilacs and weigelas close
behind. Various spring phlox,
columbines, and the fairy-wrought
iris. The lily of Easter, soon
followed by Its peers, the chaste
Madonna lily and the majestic re
gal lily of ever-increasing vogue.
We could wish that a generous
number of the spring flowers
might bo saved for other seasons
when flowers are not known In
such abundance. But then spring
would be different. Spring is a
time when Dame Nature exercises
her feminine prerogative of pro
digality in clothes, and dons a
complete new outfit for Easter.
How to Preserve
Rose Petals Is
Told Housewiie
The sweet scent of the rose
can be kept throughout the year
after the flowers have bloomed In
the spring by preserving the pet
als in a rose jar. An article in the
Brighten up your yard
with Flowers
Inspect our large Selection of
Bedding Plants and Porch Box Flowers
Best Quality Plants at Bargain Prices
"Something New Every Day"
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5 Acre English Walnut
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walnut orchard' will bear from 1000 to 3000 lbs. a
year ; price 25c to 30c a lb. English walnut trees live
to-over 100 years, bearing; nuts.
No D angel of Over prod uction
In 1926 the United States imported 48,000,000 lbs.
of shelled and unshelled "walnuts, valued at $9,
000,000. California raised 97 of all walnuts grown in the
U. S. Oregon will raise a better walnut than Cali
fornia.. 80 acres of the Twin-Maple fruit and poultry farm,
8 miles east of Salem is divided into 5 acre tracts
and the entire tract is now planted to English (Fran
quette) walnuts.
For SIX YEAES the planting .will be cared for and
. a cover crop put in annually.
At the end of six years, the purchaser takes entire
possession of the tract and receives the bearing or
chard. O. S. C. authorities find good soil on the
tract, assuring favorable conditions for an orchard.
Trees planted were grown by McClure, who has the
best English walnut, Franquette variety, nursery
stock in the valley, ' , ;";
Will go out Sunday at 1 P. M. and show the prop
erty if an appointment is made. ' - , -,
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April isno of "'Successful Farm-
lng" explains the method to fol- -j
low in preparing a rose bowl.
"Gather the rose petals early la
ths morning. Pluck them light
ly apart and let them Ho oa a
table until the dew hat dried
from them. Then place them In
a jar. sprinkling a thin layer of
salt over each half inch layer of
petals. Add new petals each day.
in this manner, until the jar la
almost filled. Mix together an
ounce each of cinnamon, nutmeg,
and cloves, and a handful of dried
lavender flowers. Fill the rose
jar with alternate. layers of the
rose petals and mixed spices. Add
a tew drops of geranium oil and
of almond oil as the layers are
arranged. Open the Jar for a
little while each day to perfume
the rooms, keeping It carefully
I covered other times.
A good wash to keep rabbits
from gnawing fruit trees is a mix
ture of lime, carbolic acid and
copperas. To one gallon of water
use one-quarter pound of copepr
as. 10 per cent by volume of car
bolic acid, and enough Urns 'to
give the mixture a consistency
like patnt. .
Mazzard cherries, seedlings
5c and Up each
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?r ,1
t t
rf 'i
m sr.
I? J;
b ?T
,i-V ""V"
- . - Vki2 ri.V,' .
' . . ' ' ' ' ;f ' , "
251 State St.
Phone 160
- PI J-Jt