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    The New OREGON STATESMAN Salem, Oregon, Saturday Morning, March 33, 1929
lx)cal News Briefs
. Ifeachens to Meet Th April
meeting of the Salem Teachers'
council will be held next Tuesday.
Atoll 2. in room SI of the Parrlsb
jiitflsr : high school, according to
tbr Teachers Bulletin issued Fii
dvi The latest bulletin la the sec
ond edited by the senior high Eng-
lttt students of Miss Grace Hock-
ett and contains 11 pases, with
illustrations appropriate t o the
Batter season.' Mixneographlrfg
war done by the commercial stu
dents. This? meeting will be the
last- regular meeting, under the
present council, or which K. w.
Tavenner. assistant hlgbr school
principal. Is president.
Semites for Tonight Carl
Wackerbarth of Portland, where
be is attending the North Pacific
Evangelistic Institute, will preach
tonight at: the Tre-Easter revival
series' at the First Evangelical
ehareh, corner Liberty and. Center
streets, announces , the pastor,
Revi A L. Layton. Roecoe Plow-
mafit also ot the Institute, Will
have charge of the Saturday night
meeting. The revivals will con
tinue another week and the insti
tute's gospel team will assist next
Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
Three Couples WedMarriage
licenses have been Issued by the
Marlon county clerk to the fol
lowing couples: Jones Ford Kel
ler and Esther Browning, both of
Salem; R. C. Storey. 23, and Ruth
Mj B&bcock, 24. both of Portland;
sad no Dewek Place. 20, and Es
therWilsey, 17, both ot Tangent.
Gbrilen Clnb Meets The Salem
Garden club will bold a meeting
in Ule Salem chamber of com
merce rooms Monday at 8 p. m.,
according to announcement made
Friday night. Luther Chapin and
MvsV Walter Purvine. both of Sa
lem, will discuss flowering bulbs.
Xo School Hero Monday- When
Satem school children tucked their
books away Friday afternoon they
g hi good-bye to school attend
ance until next Tuesday morning.
In" keeping with the usual practice-
here, students and teachers
have . been giren Monday a an
Easter holiday. This applies for
all- public schools. "
Postpones Ret am In a wire
retired Friday at the health cen
ter, Dr. Estella Ferd Warner ad-vlses-
that .she will not return
frtnrf -her'trip to New York City
until- the middle of April. Dr.
Warner, who Is director of the
county health demonstration, had
planned to return next weekend.
Mother Dies Miss Grace Gil
liam; teller In the state treasurer's
office, was summoned thome- Fri
day ;hy the death of her mother,
Mrs.?N. J. Gilliam, at the family
heme near Pilot Rock, Oregon
Mrs. Gilliam was 1 years eld and
ttt mother of two sons and six
daughters. She died Friday: moru
la.' -,;:.-';-:;.-,.:.
Make Trip to Pedee C. ;W,
Lee, manager of the Purity Stores
aad D. L. Shrodo went to Pedee
Friday night to attnd a comntan-
ity meeting.! Mr. Lee leares this
morning on a business trip- to Coos
Mrs. Mills Better Condition et
Mrs. J. S. Mnis, 1231 Center street
who has been ill for the past six
months, is showlnc slight ' im
provement. She Is not able to be
Bp as yet. - - ? '. '.
Gees To Home Miss Vernelta
Herron. teacher in the home eco
nomics department at the Parriah
juuier high school,, has goat to
her 'home in Monroe ta,xemsni
until after tha Easter vacation. "
Mrk Denton BetteswMra. W.
A. Denton, local ausl-MCractor.
1 Improving in. health following; a
suite serious illness,- Mrs.? Demon
is at the heme ot her sister, firs.
M?Uyer. at Itlt Court street.
Pfdtoin Man Visits Fred de
Vrieeof Pratum, where ' he-. Is
chairman of the school board, was
a business visitor la the city FH
say, While here he called at the
orflee of the county superintend
ent ; " . -" ;
- SHesf Cfcab Heod--Vr-rest
-Holladay receired the-majority
Tote in the election held at the
hieh school Friday to determine
a tie Tote for the presidency of the
. seien-e club.-
Mexico Folk Visit Mr. and
Mrs. Wallace French of Mexico
City are stopping In Salem for a
few c They are registered at
the Argo hotel. . ,
Sublimity Man Here W. L.
Graham, well-known farmer of
the Sublimity neighborhood was
a business visitor In Salem y ester
Downs n South Dr. C. A.
Downs has gone to southern CaL
Ifernia. from where he is expected
to retnra the middle of next week.
W. '-'hbs. Los Aagele trdist.
vas la Salem Friday. .
j Isq4 Daily Kxeapt Wosiay j
1 : tTtjt
sratef m't n XlvWdstn
215 8. CMBMwrelal 8.
1 Tas AMoeiatcS -Press is aslaa'vety
atfflc4 f tb vm fsr sabUcsti (
U t AifpaUkM ersiitsd U ltr
skf tkerwiM ttitC is this papsr
iMjsIm ts tha total aavs Rs0as
. xuasrEaa ornczs
iri. wv 6tm - awitr
ite-PortBHis : gttiiM BMi, -Sas
w Aef.w , T1
r J tt. ttosortmats ". ' r C
affT as tk paat Offiaa. to. Balaaa-
( "oa. mnl Uas aaattor.
2 . atasnxfttoK aUXVa.
osrtUsd natSB. as Advsasa
aVfe fee. tUfci fuZ
Zzt'l If ' fctobse. SO
2 sr 0AAS- taw 1 nu ta
It m. m.
I e ems aaaata;
Cook's Pay Taken Writ of at
tachment against , the" salary of
Harold Cook, with a return by the
state treasurer and another by the
secretary or state, was filed with
the Marion county clerk here Fri
day in the suit for I49.C3 brought
against Cook by Carl and Bowen-
sox. The returns show that Cook
made an assignment of 3175, his
January salary,, to- T. B. Kay,
state treasurer, and $131.25 that
was due him of his February sal
ary, to his wtf e, Cookwho is now
in jau at jjauas awaiting action
of the grand Jury on a statutory
charge, filed a voluntary petition
In bankruptcy in federal court at
Portland a few-weeks agoi
Hayes tille Has Program Wil
liam W. Fox, rural school super
visor, was in Hayesville last night
to assist with an entertainment
sponsored by the school district
there and to which some ten sur-
rounding districts were Invited.'
Seven rolls of 4-H dab firms, de
pleting .different phases ot the
work ' as "carried on the ' Oregon-
school children, Trrrre shown as the
principal feature of the evening's
One- Industrial DeathThere
was ' one fatality due to an in
dustrial accident In Oregon dur
ing the week ending March 28, ac
cording to a report prepare by
the state industrial accident e
mission. The victim was Fred
Young, Roseburg, truck driver,
There were - 766 accidents re
ported 'to the .commission during
the week, - ,
.Mrs. Fsdkersosi Imorovlna;
Condition of Mrs. Mary L. Fuiker
son, county school superintendent
who has been confined to- her
home most of the week on -ccoant
of the influenza, is considerably
better. It wUI be the first of the
week before she is able to return
to her office. ;
. Girl ubhmky Folk Mr. and
Mrs. R EL Sagnotts of Sublimity
are . the- parents of a baby girl,
Irma Irene, born 'Starch 20 at a
local hospital, eeccording to certif
icate filed Friday with the county
health officer.
Returns to- Heene-Mrs. Harry
V. Doxsee, who has been visiting
in Salem, at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Henry J. MiHie, 475 North
Capitol . street, for ihe past . week,
returned Friday to her home- In
Brownsville. While here Mrs; Dox
aee underwent treatment tor rheu
mat!jm. .
VL.s .rasa CrvsJHs Ira. O
P. West, wife of the new scout
executive, arrived In town Fri
day from Corvallis. Mr. West has
been In Salem for two weeks and
as- soon as a suitable location is
secured they will take up their
residance here. '
Ijaytoae 'to Pallas -Rev.", and
Mrs. A. L. Layton were in Dallas
Thursday afternoon to visit their
old friend, the Rev. M. J. Ballyn
tine, a retired minister who is ser
iously- 11L Rev. Layton is pastor
of the 'First Evangelical church
here. -
' Easl m a Mast AeeeptaPoamon
C. H. cooler of New Tbrk has ar
rived at Salem from Tampa. Florida,-with
Mrs. Cooler. Mr. Cool ey
is employed as draperies man by
the C. S. Hamilton Furniture Co,
Melsdytw Reaurmo Floyd Mc
Intyre has returned after spend
ing the) winter In Florida. He
was in Washington, D. C. at the
time ef President Hoover's inau
guration. l - ,
Rev. Coc&raa Slags The Rev.
W." Earl Cochran e the Calvary
Baptist ehurck was the soloist at
the Lions club luacheea Friday,
with.- Miss i RutS i Bedford .as ae
coaspanlst' - ..
ComW to Salem Mrs. H. A-
Holt arrived, in Salens Friday to
be with her , husbaad in-their
new home at 875 N. Liberty
street. Mr. Holt is with the Bus
ter Brown shoe store, .r . w
' - - . - , ' . .
Possess km Charged Roger Fel
ger was- arrested Thursday night
by local police on - a - charge of
liquor possession. A pint flask
half full of alleged liquor was
Aecepts- Leeal, Position. L. V.
Van Slsyk ot Portland has accept
ed a position as furnishings man
and window decorator for Direc
tor's lepartment store. X 1
' ' KO. "
Sraasti AaaaX StataaMat sf 'tiia
Ktv Tarft .Iseaamtf Caaaa y mt X
Tai Cr. to tk Stat f Kav Trit.
a tk tUrty-tixst iy f Deabr, 1M.
auSa t tk luiruct Ca iirinaar t
Ak Stat. T OTcaa.nmaat t tow.
- caritAi. . i ,
" 'toHii aC cayital stock ! ap, t,- . . . .
Kt praatfcaw rive Cartas tka yaar,
9T.S3l.74S.15. ' ;
Iatoraat. aivi4a4 aai aaatc reeaivad
aauriao tk ymr, S30.U4J.
- Tai rraai atlma aovreaa leeiva
iariaa- Itolaw, S3T.e.S.
Total teeaw. SS.2S3.ossS.
"Vat totaea saUk arw tk yaar Inrlaa
Ur ajataMt espaasea. 4,8,T6S.SI.
Oividaads paid a capital atoek dariag
lk yaar. aa. . - -
Oaanantoas aaa aalarias pali Sanaf
th pT. . .
-. Tasaa. Yirmmm aa ta pais Ssriag ta
yaar. S1SS.0SS21.
, Aataamt f all tkr azpaaeKarea, 1,-
tss.ooea " . .
Total spmiitar. ST,1I,0T.U r
. - . ASSETS
Talaa f aaJ atat va (aurkat
vala, S38.0OO.00. - .
' Vala mt atacka a4 baaia ai (up
kat vataa). 4,61.808.00. .
Loaaa as atartf agaa aad eoUataral, ate,
87UO.OOO.OO. s
Cuk ia kaaka aad : a ' feaai. SS.
S4S.S5. - - -r. - '.
Pnatiaaw la eavraa f cnaetla wilt
toa UM Sept. M, ina, S1.M5.1A5.1S.
Iatorant aad raata 4a aa4 aecracd,
Otaar aastte. 3S7.SI.1.
Total saaiUtea aaaati. M.57,S5.SS.
- Oroia alal I tr - toaaaa aapai. S3,
ttt.SM.IS. r - -
taint f ai-av praaMaaia s - aB
ra.04.S-S0g.2a. .
Dw r caaimliiiaa aa Woraga,
Ysos.Asa.7sv- ..- - r , - v
-aa tap KaVKttoa. iSS,741.04T
Total ltoWHtta, oaelaai r ,pHal
toak- af aa aarplaa. S47.
SSSJ7 .t.Se9. - ' ' i
V .- : - .- roa TBS TSAR -r--"-.
Wat pi taaaj t ari4 Aariag. tk. yaar,
assjaXei. - ...
. pats Sanaa ta - roar. sze,.
t-"''- i.. ---.
iaarr4 iariaa tk yaar.' Si7.-
. Hi
r K7 Ttok. SaaWi
gaato mi aaaailaat Saaaeat Walt.
" ki iato W naratoas ii afkait . UvmUL
Btatataar aia sttaaaai tv ai"laa
lawrrcs riaaaiilissif. talssh On,
Spesd Easter fa Portland Mr.
and - Mrs. " Simon - Director will
spend Easter at Portland visiting
at the home of friends and rela
tives. ' Bend Man Visits Carl A. John
son, Associated oil products deal
er at Bend, was in Salem Friday
conferring with local representa
tives of the same company.'
' BaOds : New Home "Bin
Church, well-known Salem' busi
ness man. Is building a new house
in Salem Heights. The property
win do ready for occupancy soon.
Spend , Easter Here Mr. and
Mrs. Hardesty are spending East
er at the home of Mrs. Hardesty's
motner, Mrs.. Florence Brown.
Speeding Charged Robert N.
HoUaday was . arrested ; Friday
kaiternoon by; a local traffic of-
ncer on a charge ot speeding.
- Goes to Corvallis Frank Dob
little was a business visitor in
Corvallis yesterday. , i
. Albany Man Here E. R. Cum-
mlngs of Albany was a Salem vis
itor yesterday afternoon.
. Portland r Man Tislts Frank
poolitUe of Portland will be- here
Easter visiting - Irene - DeLisle.
Find It Here
Your Motor Cotnpletelr "
Overhauled, 2-3 regular orices
FlUgerald Sherwin Motor Co. No.
La oert y at Chemeketa.
Beaotif ul Easter Lilies
Arriving at The Flake Petland.
Br. Jacksoa -
407 Court. Phone 2243.
Every night
Marlon hotet.
i :lt to t at t
Fnrntniw Cpholsxersf
And repairing Glese-Powera
Furniture Co,
FIFTY "Used Piano Bargains'
stirr Furniture Co.
Get Tow Easier LaUes Now
At The Flake Petland, 35 cents
per bud or blossom.
For Sale or Trade '
The Black Cat restaurant See
Roth Grocery Co.
Easter Lilies i Special
The. Flake Petland, S5 cents.
bud or blossom.
Old Time
Crystal Garden every Wed. and
sat. night.
FIFTY "Used Piano Bargains
Stiff Furniture. Co.
Special Easter Hostess Cakes
Something new at your grocery.
FIFTY "Used Piano Bargains"
Stiff Furniture Co.
Easter Spot Basfce
At Hasel Green Saturday.
Eat Your Easter Dinner
at the Homo Restaurant. 50e.
Fried Spring Chicken Dinner '
Sunday. 11.00. Black Bird Inn
Noon to S p.m. We cater to din
ners and rartles an Vme during
the week. Phone 16. Black Bird
Inn Rickreall, Oregon.
NorJee : "rufer's Pereomial
Gardens" has taken over Bate-
hams Floral Gardeas on Wallace
Koaa ana win conunae at reauced
prices. ...
Fostoria Glassw
Is always acceptable: Large se
lection In ear gtftry. Pomeroy A
Keene. - 4 .
Piantiag Time Is Here
We have GUI Bros, best seeds.
Morerop fertiliser, prennr 1 plant
panslea, gladloH. Salem Seed-6 Or
chard- Supply Co. 17t- S. -ComT.
St.; .formerly Pearcy .Bros. 'steTeU
i . '- Cam .Thaaka.-.T-'-
We wish to thank our friends
ran- thair- sympathy during moth
er s . illness - and, death. L. Enners
and tamtlyv .
Teachers Will !
Name Officers
"The Salem Teachers'' association
will hbld annual election of offi
cers at the sea lor high school au
ditorium Tuesday., April 16, pres
ident R. W. Taveaner announced
Friday. Final committee : reports
win aiso do neara at mat tune.
Miss Dorothy Taylor, principal of
McKInley aad Lincoln schools, and
Mrs. Sylvia Krapa of Parrlah have
been nominated for. the presidency.
: - jtv.-ee ..
Svaopais of Aaaaal gtataat f .tka
AJbaay Unnm Coajpaay f Alkaar ia
th Stata ac Maw. Trk, a tk tkirty,
firat Say at Paaaaiaar. IMS, aaaS t
tk- laaaraaea -Caunisaiar t tka Stata
t Orga, punut to tow;-
Aamrat at capital stack pa! ap, ft90,
,ft sraaiiaaia aaciTa Sariag tfct
yaar IT), 75.0ST.S. . - "v . '
latataat, Aiviaanae aad ranta raratTad)
twunx tka 7ar 17). SSISOS. - ' -.
laeaaio ttma ttktr - iini raealTa:
Tartar tk rarst,
Total, iaoaia. I7. AS10.TS1.59.
Y Kat toaaaa paid dariar tk pear taelad-
-ias ajatoMt epena ssz,-
fiividaad paid aa capUal stack dstiaf
tk yea (tt) aA7.aO0.0. - . -
CaaiaMiiinar aad aalartoa paid dartag
tk pear lS-i7-4Sa-l.
Tuh. Uaes aad t -paid dariag
tk ar (J4-JS),- Sas.7SS.St . -
Aatoaat f U ethar aspeatoraa 1SV
a-SO-S t-2a SJ-S8U-2S - SS . SS - , f7
299.54. . v - ..
r Ttl apaaditsra. 9717JOOS.SS. .
, - - ,;r- ASSETS ' - .
v Xaiataraaea daa - aa Paid I.aaaas salt
Depeait PkUada'pkia Uadanrritars An-
ciatisa, 11.7S.8T. - - -
Valaa at atocka aad aa avaad siae '
kat aata, (S-Ssv, SI.7SS.St4.S0,
' Iaaa oa motti aad eeUatoraTt ate. " ..."
tt-8 2M75jG0.- - -..w "-'t-'
-. Caak la aad aa, kaad. (S-7), .
' rrai:a la eaara f aol'eetiaa a-rit-taa
slaa 8it. . 1921 (8) 9K9.H1.19.
latateaa- and teats da sad aferaed ,
(14, fll.1 At 43. - - - . ... -v-f
. Ttat atm anatt. az.isga,
- LIABU.ITIXS . - - i-- , 4
. Ora elataa fr laaaaa aapatd (14),
SS-4.s5a.S8. - , -I
aajeaat" af aaaarnad anejtoais -a -J2
laatauaAtof aiakC (1). 9Z74.aAS.rS.
- Da) far iiaaiaiM aad fcrakaaats (87) ' . ,
" A atW HaTaiUtoS (1I U U) Att
MUt.-. - ; "-'. - J
- - Total lUkiUtlaa, aaalasrea f tn!l5
:ek wt 5.n-ee (t set.A4
i.---: i.-aoaUaijesa-nr oaceoif . - .
- Vol praaiiaaia recairad dartog tk fmtl
. Lmmb paid iaVtat Poor 945.81 1
lacarraa - saras; - ia-- roarx
: aaaapaa-f AJaaay Taaat a am
Statatarp - raaidaat ' attaeaap far rr
VMS ajintllfl CoaTaBJSaapasff, llllSf Qfc
Hanging Sentence phanged
; on Retrial Jor Use of
V Unfair Tactics J
.. Robert Grebn began a new sea
fence la the . state penitentiary
Friday when he started a Ufa in
torment for the murder ot Caleb
Green. Coos county, in November
1027. Green was first tried early
In 1 0 2 8 and sentenced to ' hang.
April 14, 1023, ten days before
he was to die. the msremi court
ordered a new trial when evidence
was introduced that a detective
posing as a prisoner, had extract
ed a confession from Green. On
second trial he was found -guilty
and: given life Imprisonment. -
It was a happier prisoner who
returned to the penitentiary Fri
day, authorities said, Green con
versed with friends made -during
his first, imprisonment without
the restraint of. the" first days -in
prison when a death watch had
been established and .the noose
was imminent.
Bud McGowan ot Coos county
was also, committed to the state
prison Friday on a 10 years sen
tence for assault with intent to
kilL - ..-,7
The present population ot the
prison is 720, a decline of 11 from
the high mark ot 740 reached
fortnight., ago.
Umatilla county is figuring :oh
a new jalL and the county court
members will go to Colfax, Wash.,
and Lewlston, Idaho, to - Inspect
the new Jails that have been erect
ed In those eitles.
- Fieener
Vivian Maxine - Fieener , died
Wednesday evening at the family
residence, 71 0 North 15th street,
at the -age of 17 years. - Besides
her parents. Mr. and Mr. Damon
Fieener, . she is - survived by one
sister, . WUda Fieener. Vivian
Fieener was- a member ot the
First Presbyterian church' aad a
senior, at Salem high school. Fu
neral services Saturday at 1:15
p. m. at the Rlgdon Mortuary,
Rev. N. K. Tally officiating. In
terment to Cltyview cemetery.
where the Rainbow Girls wilLhold
graveside services.
; Sanger '
Funeral services for Mrs. Ther
esa Sanger, who died at the home
at 1850 Fir street March 24, will
bo held Saturday at 3 p. m. at .tMs
Clough-Huston parlors, the - Rev,
K. L. Payne and G. Scbunke offi
ciating. Interment will be made
at a later date at Memphis, Tenn.
She is survived by her husband,
Robert Sanger, also a daughter,
Mrs. Margaret Pennington of
Memphis, Tenn.
Noren ,r' .
Mrs. Ella Noren died early Fri
day night at the home at 1160
North 18th street at the age ot
4 years. . Survived Jiy her hus
band, J obn of Salem ; two broth
ers, Marcus M. Long; and Stroud
Long, and two nephews and one
niece, all of Portland. Arrange
ments in care of the Clough-Huston
funeral directors.
' Sdunld
At the home ot Mat. Schmld:
one mile N. of Sublimity, on March
Z9, Mrs. WaUie Schmld at the age
of 06 years. Survived by three sons
Matthew Schmld. of Sublimity.
Joseph Schmld had Ignats Steln-
er, of Salem.. The remains are in
care of the Salem Mortuary.' Fun
eral services today, March 30.; 3
p m. at HuDumity. rather scher-
bring officiating. Burial In the
Catholic cemetery. Vs - -,. , f- v
At the home ot Theodora Heu-
berger ia AumsvUle on March 28,
cusaoem ueuoerger at the age of
89 years. Survived by one daurh-
t e r,- Mrs. - Mary - Heuberger - of
AumsvUle and one son Nicholas'
Ritsinger of Ashland, Oregon. The
remains are In care ot the Salem
Mortuary. Funeral services will
be held today, at 3' p. m. at Sub
limity. Father Scherbrlng offici
ating. Burial will be In tbe Cath
olic cemetery. .. .
Jjtlvcttit iHemoriai
A Park Cemetery
perpetual care
ra ... - ; . -
JV tpw jl.
"'-"aai' faS Slav T J O-;-?- lBaai40w
s? . - , . Becoming Effective March XVllxf v r
'v-Mtvissat AXtssf, CorraEis,,Eciene
r : AIm cosctlaaed service to all points sowth of galeaf;
Ashland! and
Dally Servico to
Cell KC3Fcr
Equalization is
- Senator Claims
', Laws providing for better equal
isation of assessments, were the
most Important pieces of legisla
tion with respect to taxation pass
ed at the recent session. Senator
Lloyd Reynolds of Marlon county
said In an address at the Lions
dab luncheon Friday.
These Included the establish
ment of a paid tax commission,
and also changes In the machinery
of equalization within - the coun
ties. .. -
Senator Reynolds outlined the
provisions ot the excise, intangi
bles and income tax laws, and also
tlje changes In motor vehicle li
cense laws.
The second grade pppils of the
Richmond school entertained their
schoolmates and' mothers at an in
teresting Easter - program Friday
afternoon. Miss Mary Lee Scott
is the teacher. , The young pupils
prepared much of the program In
a project study on the rabbit. The
toy orchestra selections were a
particular feature of the program,
which follows:
March, MIn Lilae Time,' toy
orchestra' under direction Nola
Lee: The Bunny Story, written by
class, by Melvtn Hart; -Flippity-
Flop" and "Timid Bunny." songs,
by Herman Friesen. Glen Brooks,
Lee Nleswander, Leland Berry,
Marybelle Tantis, Blossom Beat
wright, Andrew Zeigler. Ray
Breedlove, Nola Lee, Irene Wolff,
Barbara Gesner, and Walter
"Adventures of Peter Rabbit,
an original play, with John Erik-
son as Reddy Fox; Glen Brooks as
Peter Rabbit: Nola Lee aa Sha
dow, the Weasel: and Edwin
Keyes as Water;, "Two Rabbits'
and "Funny Little Bunny,! songs
by Delbert Pitney. Leon Long.
Dale Newman. Billy Evans.-Bffly
Lockard. Ruth Disbrow, Aaron
Dumbeck. Violet Weftmafiv Jean
Read, Leon, Spalding. Nola Lee
and Gwindoiyn west; Mr. nanny,
Constance Wedell; "Amoryllia"
by toy orchestra.
Records to be
-, Complete Soon
The desk .clerks employed la
the senate and house during the
recent legislative session, will
complete tad work of checking the
bills, resolutions, memorials and
Compilation of the legislative
journals will then get under way.
A. W. Norblad. president ot the
senate, and Ralph -Hamilton,
speaker of the house, probably
will arrive in Salem Tuesday to
affix their signatures to the final
Easter Bonnets
Bit Disturbed by
Signs of Snow
Easter bonnets are nestling
snugly in their boxes awaiting the
arrival of the holiday with not a
little anxiety In view Of the lr-
regular" spring weather which
has greeted Salem folk
Royce Allen, , who , stopped, at
Salem on his way north yester
day afternoon,1 said that he had
driven through a driving snow
storm' at- CaayonviUe. while en
People in town from Dallas re
port snowfall there.'
Drccn Dcctris Ity.N
WfiaaMtta Tartar Lta u
LArjre Penny Egjrs, also
Small Bird Eggs .
Special for Friday and
Saturday v s . ..
Fresh Blade in Seattle
25c a lb. or ,
Two lbs, for 45c
- . - . '
7- Only at ...
Drug Store
1SS IT. ComT. St.
Pbene 19?
The Original Caady Special ' -Store
of Salens,
' Penslar Ageacy
IWIm run ; -r-
way polats
Above T
PeterS Adveniures
- "WelL yoa have had a day of
it!" Peter looked sympathetically
at Duck, who gave a , deep sigh
and nodded his head. ; ' '
'Til say so. declared he. The
boy stared at the bird in surprise.
"Where did you pick up that
expression f asked be. "I de
clare one never knows what to
next expect from yoa birds! Now,
woh would ever guess that the
feathered folk used slang! I
thought only we Two-Legs did
thaf. " .' .
. "Pooh! cried Duck and puffed
out his chest. "I tfelieve my peo
ple can do just as many things as
can yours more If yoa ask me
and as I told you once . before,
hoy. you think too much! What
good does It do to think, any
how? Only makes your head ache
as far as I can see. I said what
I thought. I always do. What
fault have you to find with that?"
"None at .aU." replied the boy.
hastily, thinking for - the hun
dredth time that these birds were
always getting their toes stepped
upon. "What are you going to
do now?" j
"Oh, nothing much just try to
keep; warm while I hang around
here waiting for those friends of
mine to come from the North.
"Why- you have missed them,
old fellow! Those friends f yours
The emestloa "Who's to be
queen ef tha May?" Is one of all-
absorbing interest on the Willam
ette university campas for tha
next week.. If any eligible candi
dates were eliminated in a nomin
ation ballot cast Friday at a spe
cial meeting of the student body.
Of all girls fn the senior class,
the Misses Georgia Fairbanks.
Jean White, and Beatrice Lock-
hart received enough votes to
make them candidates for the
election for queen to be held next
It is expected that the out
come In 'the election for queea
will be 'close, for all thre candi
dates have been prominent in
campus affairs during their four
years here. , Miss Fairbanks has
been prominent in class activities
and - la dramatic work. Miss
White is vice president and -Miss
Lockhart secretary of the univer
sity student body.
The May day program will be
held on May 4. Few plans have
been, definitely formulated, aside
from choice ef the play to be pre
sented by the junior class.
The .General Contract company,
with capital stock of $5000 and
headquarters In Portland, has
been incorporated by A. Bleid, H.
Wacaster aad J. Sands.
Other articles filed in the state
corporation -department Friday
follow: -
. - -jaitras . r r
ii - u -v i i v xr pv .. o-t. a -a-
- V
came and went ' long -before
heard yoa crying for help from
Mr. xuskrat's doorway.
At the boy's words Duck gave a
startled quack.
'Tender roots and snail skins!
screeched he. ; "Why didn't you
tell me so before? Do yon' sup
pose I would have spent all these
precious moments talking to you
if I had known that? Not but
what I appreciate aU yoa have
done for me, of course." Duck ad
ded hastily fearing he had made
the boy feel badly, ,"but ' with
every word I have been, saying
those .' birds have been taking
strokes that have carried them
farther and ; farther away from
me. ' 'r.;,.:vV ..;;'-: - '
"Just thing of the long, weary
way I shall hare to travel all by
myself! And that storm drawing
nearer every minute! The wind Is
my best; friend' now. Luckily for.
me it Is blowing my way, Thank
goodness. It is, at my back . I
couldn't bear - to face it tonight;
"i shall never forget you. boy.
When I come hack this way next
spring If ever I do come bk
I shall look out for you, and per
haps, if you want me to, 1 will
make a 'stop-over, 1 so we can
have some good times together.
Goodbye! Wish me luck, won't
you. for I certainly need it after
the bad start I made!"
Auto Greasing Station, Inc.
Portland. $25,000; Edwin Falls.
Bertram Smith and J. P. Harmon.
Reed Investment, Inc., Port
land. $5,000; Edna B. Reed. Mar
dith Pelton and Henry S. West
brook. East Side Church of the Nas
arene, Portland (no capital
stock); Dr. F. D. Lnse. W. E.
Northey and William Ebert.
Florist Generous
With Thousands
Of New Blooms
Generosity extraordinary was
manifested by a modest Salem
florist who did not let his name
be knows, when this week he dis
tributed thousands and tens of
thousands of blooms to the sick
and shutln families and to hospi
tal Inmates." Calling various
church leaders, he gave them the
flowers as a pre-Easter gift to
them for distribution throughout
the city. .
at loss sf
For tka best ."Tori mUng leases
Kzamiaetiea fraa W iniar year
sUitea azaiatt kraakafe.
110 N. Cooaanerclal 8C - '
. & J$P JSP 9 t
Lost and Found :'h
Committee For
Hunt is Chosen
Recalling that several - child
ren were temporarily Tost". dur-'
ing the Easter egg hunt last year,
the Lions club Friday arranged to
hare a "lost and found" commit
tee on duty at the affair Sunday
at the fairgrounds. "Mike" Ohllng
and C. F..GIse, aa tall members
who can see over the crowd and
espy the lost children, were ap
pointed. . . ; . - -. -, '..
Holllng Huntington. Dr. George
Lewis and George Reynolds were
named on a -committee to super
vise the awarding of prises for
picking up the wrapping paper af
ter the hunt is over. , -
. . . . ,' ' ' . .,
Late 1922 Ford Coupe la fine
condition, RnxtcTJ axeL several
other extras, 1029 license. ' -Pce
"TbeHoue That Service BalH
Rev. A. L. Heine's
High Grade Furniture
Wednesday April 3rd
l P. M.
1750, State
ate St.
Comprising: of the
complete furnishings :
of 8 rooms
Watch papers for further
particulars .
.. i
NOTE: Mr. and- airs. Heine
are mo via to the East, so
everything mawt be sold.
"In Charge" ?
'Rite Down Town
Phone 75 -(The
Commercial St. -
- -- - -
i ' - ' - r ' . " "" i "