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v, . Colls
Mr. and iMrs. M.. U. Jones of
Brook were rfvenV reception at
their home; IbUh Meadowi , Fri
day, MareaVls. Friends of the
family extending to three genera
Ueu. neighbors I; and business
friends from fslem, Woodbnri,
tad Portland, .called during the
afternoon and evening on the oc
casion' of Mr. ' Joaea f eightieth
birthday sjiniversary.Thia .mi
Beat plonee&wa one of a family
f thirteen children born to Mr.
aad JMrt. B. - R. W. Jones : ho
crossed the plains- with nine chil
dren by ox team front Indiana in
181. Four children1 war oorn in
Oregon.- Only four are survivors.
The youngest son, Scott Jones of
aoathern Oregon, Mrs. Sarah Clark
of Portland, and Mrs. Emma Elm-
nans of Woodburn. besides ' Mr.
Jones are the four.. The family
came through to Oregon, and first
settled on. and acquired, theNook
donation land claim between Ger-
'vals and Brooks near the Pioneer
cemetery, where they became ex
taslve land owners holding near
ly seren thousand -acres.
Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Jones are
possessed of a family of six chil
dren, nearly all present at the an-:
atversary. They are Ronald, of
Brooks, Ellis Jones of Eugene,
Gertrude Moores and Mabel Can
aan of Portland, Ild Wytbicombe
a Arlington, and Clara Gray at
Badlands. Calif. There are ten
grandchildren living at present,
. There, was a constant stream of
callers all the afternoon and eve
Biag and the guests were hsoplt.
ably entertained, with a bevy of
daughters and in-laws under? the
leadership, of Mrs. Jones Wjbdjwas
Tery proud to help In the 'enter
tainment In honor) of her still ac
tive and courteous octogenarian
bridegroom ' of the 'early pioneer
days. -
. Public officials and bankers
came to pay tribute to one of the
oldest still hustling tillers of the
soil, who began many years ago
to" plan the development of the
Labiah meadows and lived to see
four hundred acres converted into
the highest intensified, agriculture.
Mr. Jones served as a member of
the house of representatives with
credit and felt highly- honored to
hare been named forae of the
state fair board - under Governor
Wytbicombe. He took the greatest
Bride of his life in serving as a
plain UUer of the soil, and In 1 J 05
took pleasure in erecting- a com
aiodious and , beautiful home for
fcfts family at Lablsn. CoL E.
Hefer. - : .. .'." - : "
By ulu Hunt Peters MIX -.
cutBor D'ietand Heolkh aad DterVr Child rer
Tuberculosis and Sunlight
My mother, aged SO years, has
tuberculosis of the knee: We want
to Anow it putting her oa a diet
would cure It.
.J-i The right dL.
et is, a valuable
pjvrt -of the
treatment of
any disease, but
It Is only cura
tive, so far as
v we : know now,
in the diseases
that are caused
by deficient
diets. M. How
ever, it is. be
ginning to be
tuberculosis is partly due "to de-
iKient met, for it has been found
that those who suffer' from this
disease not Infrequently have for
long period of time been on a
baa A, which is so necessary for
the integrity of the mucous mem-
ranes of the body. ,
, -. - Tuberculosis - .of the r Joints,
glands and skin comet under the
wumK oi Borgicai tunereulosis,
' for formerly ft was thought that
- ely surgery was curative. But we
now now. that .the -ultra-violet
- rays or tbe sun, and the air-are
ao eurative.. At: Rollier's Instl-
nte in tbe Swiss Alps, where the
air u pure and rarified, and the
- ram Tunfit A nit., i.t ....
of the sun can be had. it is the
only method of treatment besides
the strappings to correct positions.
- If your mother would consult a
tuberculosis specialist the would
. knee and leg to the sun and air
every oy. beginnings with a few
' moments a day. and gradually In
. creasing the area exposed and Uie
time of exposure. . - "" - -
Some cases of. lung tuberculosis
art also treated by sunligfft and
; the artificial ultra violet rays, but
i not all Of them.. Only the nhrsi
elan who .has charge of the. case
would know whether the particu
lar case Is the type that would be
benefitted or not. x
We have an .article on tubercu
losls which takes up - the ' diet.
which yon may hare by following
column rules. -
- I wrote to yon several months
- ago and asked you to write on the
cause of a fungus skin disease of
the hands, which is made worse by
failed to see any response to my
; efHestion. Dear Dr. Lulu Peters,
have yon forgotten meT . P."
; No,' dear;- but there are so
asany questions to answer! How
rer, before this appears, 1 hope
yon have realised that the: only
sensible thing to do is to go to a
akm. specialist for a diagnosis and
"proper treatment, for no physician
.can give this without a personal
.xamin&Uon, An. I eaa do it to
: rive yon some general directions
for ringworm, which Is a fungus
growin, ana may oe your trouble,
for It not Infrequently attacks the
Hands especially around tbe fln-
Olive ZZ. Doax
. . . .
Satarday ; --'' '
Chemeketa- chapter, D. A
R. guests of' Dallas women.
Beta Chi formal banquet.
.Marion hotel. CIS o'clock.'
Hal Hlbbard auxiliary, cook-
ed food sale. People's market
North. Liberty street. -
City Girl Reserve commit-
tee luncheon at' 12 o'clock in
Cooked""-food : and colored
rr mAm ' mf ntMA - f nrnltnn :
store, .women of Sir Vincent
de Paul benefit. . '
Camp fire girls cooked food-'
and ilant sale at, S. P. tick-
a txff nii T !Kf .Im.' '
"'" .Bandar '. -. " v-C
"IVmIaI hlr Vint XfAtfciv.
dlst church, 7:30 -o'clock,-
Ertr mimic. V ' ; -.
St. Vincent de Paul; par-
lah dedication of the new
parish' hall. ; . ,
Baietn Uons club Easter .
,r, hunt at Valrrrnnntla.
First .Presbyterian church
choir in concert at 5 o'clock. '
Beta Chi Alumnae
Return for 'Banquet
"ZjOne of the most Jnterestisg of
the campus events of the year win
be the Beta Chi sorority formal
banquet at the Marion hotel this
evening: in celebration of the or
ganisation's founding on March
: ,JL host of 'alumnae and former
members 'will return during" the
day to attend - the affair. Among
them will bo the first president of
the sorority, Mrs. K. re. Legge
( Velma Baker) of Portland. Oth
ers ' who will be ; here are ' Mrs.
Marguerite Wlbble Walker of Mc-
Minnrille. Miss Margaret Jane Bo
Dine, Miss Ruth Hewitt, Miss El
aine Oberg, Miss Katheflno Road
man and Miss Margaret Goodin,
all of Portland, Miss Geqevieve
Thompson - of Astoria, Miss Mar
garet Arnold of Ashland; - Mrs.
Clara Jasper, and Mrs. Margarefl
St, Claire Rogers, all of Eugene,
Mrs. Florence Shirley Medler of
Lebanon, Mrs. Remoh Tryor Arp
ko of Kent, Washington, Mrs. Cleo
Weddle Hyatt of-Roseburg, andJ
l f nrtl - - - . . .
mil numft epmce ot aiuiij.
Among the Salem alumnae and
fornier members who will be pres
ent are airs. A. u. jsorr, Mrs. oaei
Savage Ohling. Miss Florence
Young, Miss June Gaines,' Miss
Margery- Christensen, - Miss Eva
Roberts and. Miss Vivian Hauge.
" The- order of Rainbow Girls of
Chad wick Chapter Assembly will
hold a special .meeting at 12:15
o'clock- Saturday afternoon at the
Masonic Temple in regard to the
funeral service for vivian Fleen
er who was .a ,. member : of the
order. r?-v- ; ; -; ' '
. Most any antiseptic lotion or
ointment will cure ringworm, If it
is persistently applied. The part
must be 1 " "y scrubbed with
hot water and 'soap to soften and
remove the scales, so the' medica
tion can penetrate and kill of f the
little plants. It temporary disfig
uration is of no concern, lodin la
one of the best applications. For
children, this should . be diluted
one-half with alcoboL - Jackson
states that, three to five grains of
bichloride of mercury to the ounce
of water Is one of the best appli
cations for adults. Sometimes one
application will affect a cure. Sul
phur ointment, ammoniate of mer
cury ointment, and ntany others
are nsed.
Occasionally ringworm may be
quite stubborn, and even after it
is cured-there will appear a new
crop. --.
- ' . - .-; ; .
Editor' Vote : 1t. Fstera cannot
dtagnoae, nor 1ve personal advice.
' Tour questions.U of seMraJ Inter- -
at, will ba answered lit the col- .
-. una a. la turn. Requests for articles - --
must be accompanied by a fullr
elf-addressed,- stamped , envelop
and 1 cents in coin for each article, .
to cover cost of printing aad hand-
riiac: or tne pampntet on reouo-.
mc and saintnav 1 cent m co
: with fully- self -addressed, stami
; enreiop. must oe enclose
. ' dress Pr. Peters, in oar of 1
WMZ: ;flowers ; . .. vf 1
W" ' UnC17TIV, ' f T?T M1TT?TiC UX -
Sheer cbiffon In l&e Tlaj Cpring flower will .
f. spring Shades adapta- I mplcu- l
: V 1 " ''" omplcxlon la Us J T'jry kUc?t eCeriio axe A f '
JVW ' '. - ot5rtr t department l :
The New
-a : -a - a
Society Editor ,
Former Saleni-Girl has
Portland Opera Lead :;
Mrs. v Gepevieve Boward '
former Salem girl : and for eight
years a pupil of Professor Haas
Setts, has attained a signal suc
cess In Portland ' opera; Mrs.
Howard entered a contest offered
by the Bruce " Knowlton - Opera
company of . Portland, and: was
given the Santuxsa role In the re
cent production of Catallerla Rns-
t-tieana. - In referring to her work
in this role the, Oregon Journal
spoke of herr as a second Rosar
RalsaJ- Her fame 'was instantly
established in the Portland music
circles and she Was engaged to
sing- tbe leading role in the com
ing -premier presentation . of I E.
Bruce-Jinpwlton's new v western
opera,", "The Woodsman.! This
production is to be staged under
the .dramatic direction of Paul
Bjornskold at the Portland; Mas
onic - Temple Thursday evening:,
April 4, with a company, of dis
tinguished artists. '
' '' A chorus of fifty hare been re
hearsing the -ensemble parts for
the "nasJslx months and .twenty-,
four men from -the Portland sym
phony will play in the production.
The, other members of the east are
Paul .Rjornskjold. s-. Stephen the
Woodsman; J. McMillan Muir,
tenor. Guy Raven Devon; Virgin
la Hutchinson, Madam Devon;
Herman Hafner, Henry who ' Is
Mona's woods , lover; Genevieye
Howard. Mona. the Woodsman's
daughter; ' 8. E. James, doty old
Raven Devon; and Everett Crav
en. Ufe friend of Guy Devon.' Mr,
Craven is also well known in Sa
lem musical circles. ... - . . C;.
' E. Bruce Barton 'will conduct
the performance. andDad Watson,
exponent of the old-time : dance,
has arranged the country dancesv
r -
Mrs.' Victor Hostess
To Bridge Glub Group
' . Mrs. B. A." Victor entertained
her bridge club Thursday, after
noon in the Victor home on Wil
bur street. Easter lilies and daffo
dils were used to carry, out the
Easter saotif.1 w.w
- The members of the' club group
present' included Mrs. R. E. Mc
Nulty. Mrs. W. L. Grey,. Mrs. C.
E. Hultenburg. Mrs. J..V. Schur,
Mrst F. M. Fleming, Mrs. Russel
Woodry, Mrs. Lr M. Fleming and
the hostess, - Mrs.' Victor. " ' : -Mrs.
Lu A. Baisdell was a spe
cial guest for the afternoon.
Hign" score crises were awarded
to Mrs. McNulty and Mrs.'Woodry.
- Mrs. DeLap and Mrs. Ashby en
tertained the "Orchard Heights"
club Thursday afternoon at the
borne of Mrs. DeLap.. "
The short business meeting, pre
sided oter by the president Mrs.
Ell Gibson, wis followed by a so
cial afternoon.. Some sewing -waa
done for the needy. :
The next meeting will be held
April 11 in the Oak Grove grange
hall and will be an all day meet
ing with pot-luck dinner. : ' The
time will be spent in quilting; for
Mrs. Farmer and. Mrs. John Sim
mons. '. . . "
Special guests for the after
noon were. : Mrs. Putman. Mrs.
Cass Biggs and Miss Alice Rlggs.
Members present were Mrs. C. H:
Fisher, Mrs. Bernam Southwick,
Mrs.. Frank Wilson, Mrs. Ralph
Wilson, Mrs. Ralph Wilson, Mrs.
Fred Gibson, Mrs. will McDowell,
Mrs. Eugene Southwick, Mrs. Roy
McDowell. Mrs. Ed Reed, ; Mrs.
Grace Bliss, Mrs. John Simmons,
Mrs. Isobel Falk, Mrs. Frank Far
mer, Mrs. -Will Knower, Miss Hel
en Bliss, Miss Mary waite. Mrs.
Cash Roberta and the . hostesses,
Mrs. DeLap and Mrs. Ashby.
Mrs. Knower, Miss Irene Know
er and Miss Ruth Farmer assist
ed In serving delicious refreshments.-
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Palllefer
entertained a group of friends at
a card party la their home Thurs
day evening. t Honors .for high
scores of tbe evening spent in
playing "600" were awarded . xo
Mrs. W. G. Lee and Mr. Abbott.
Second awards went - to Mrs.
Charles Campbell. and John- Sande.
J-,.-,. , , V
Miss Gladys . Mclntyre. former
soloist , at the. First .Methodist
church, will be in Salem daring
the Easter holidays ?to visit vrith
her mother, Mrs..Ora F. Melatyre.
Afternoon f Bridge
LIrs. Jones -
: Aa attractive ' affair of Thurs
day afternoon waa the afternoon
bridge 'party at whelk Mrs. Ellis
Cooley entertained for her moth
er, MrsT Seymour Jones, ; who Is
moving to her country: home on
the River - road soon. A . dainty
Easter motif was carried out in
yellow and. white with, dainty ar
rangements of daffodils, tpirla and
acacia, and with the cakes and
Ices. - , . . '
-Two tables of bridge formed the
diversion of the afternoon for the
guest of honor, Mrs." Jones, and
for Mrs. Alton Dy Hurley. Mrs. L.
E. Bean, Mrs. V. G. Shipley, Mrs.
John H. Scott, Mrs. Hal D. Patton.
Mrs. ET E. Bragg, Mrs. John H.
Albert and Mrs. Charles K. Spaul-
ding-. '
.-...' .
Mrs. Mauk Entertains
Birthday Club
' ' Mrs. Elmer Mauk entertained
the . South Salem Birthday club in
her home Thursday afternoon. A
ffeature of the dinner which was
served at noon was the attractive
birthday cake. The afternoon was
spent with needle-work and con
versation. '
The club aroup included Mrs.
W. E. Tomlinson, Mrs; Carl Bell
ley, Mrs. Louis Cervenka, Mrs. El
vis LaDuke, Mrs. Thomas LaDuke,
Mrs. W. F. Birdwell, Mrs. Charles
Axon, of Denver, Colorado, and
the hostess. Mrs. Mauk. v -
Mrs. Logan Hostess
Honoring Mrs.lirnge"-
' Complimenting" Mrs. - F. .- W.
Lange, Mrs. C. K. Logan enter
tained ' at bridge la the ' Logan
home on Jndson, sTreet Thursday
afternoon. - . ' .- - -.
In the group were the honor
guest, Mrs. Lange, Mrs. Wlllard
Wirts, Mrs. Harold Hughes, Mrs.
D.TC Beechler, Mrs. E. J. Huff
man, Mrs. Gardner Knapp, Mrs.
A.5. Robins, and the hostess, Mrs.
Logan.- - vr --iv i
High score award of the after
noon which -was' won by." Mrs.
Lange was presented . by -the
group.' Mrs. Huffman-won the sec
ond prise. -
e e .
- Kappa Gamma Rho fraternity
alumni Will return today for. the
initiation of a group this evening
at the chapter house. The initi
ates are Howard Kurtx, Ralph
Schamp, Clarence Payne, Alfred
King and Clarence Pood. ' Includ
ed la , the alumni group will be
Truman, Collins. Robert Notson,
.Warren Day, William Sargent,
Hugh McGIlvra and John Russell.
Easter Sunday will be our last Sunday at the Argo but
-will serve' dinner the following Sunday at the
v New Argola, 222 fN. Commercial
Same good meals at same prices.
Watch papers for opening date.
1 ili
r' 1 -J
crusher. They
breyoa, Satcrday I-Ioreia
Mrs. Wright Hostess
To Fridav Bridge Glub
' Mrs. David Wright entertained
the Friday bridge club at a bridge
luncheon in ber borne ax tne tan
dub meeting of the year Friday
afternoon. The motif of Easter-
tlme waa used cleverly as a decor
ative scheme . at tae- nwcnevsi
table. ; 'r : " . b ;
- The nest" noun included Mrs.
D. J). Clark, who wan a special
meet, and the club members. Mrs.
Elmer -Daue.' Mrs. F. G. Delano,
Mn. P. E. FuUerton. Mrs. E.
Knrtt' Mrs. O. A. Olson Mrs,
mr Vihhert. Mrs. Harley . O.
White. Mral Eric Butler. Mrs.
Walter Pennington; and Mrs. Leon.
W. Gleason. - - -:
The high score prise for the
season was awarded to Mrs. O. A.
Olson. Mrs. Eric -Butler, won the
high score award of the . after
noon .-'-I J" - ' .
Mrs. E. R. Frederickson enter
tained at a bridge tea in her Home
on Marion street Wednesday at
ternoon. Easter lilies were attraO
tively arranged about the living
rooms. The dining: room and tea
table were, decorated with daffo
dils. - V --r --.r -As
a result of the afternoon's
play Mrs. Ed Gabriel won tbe
first prize for high score honors,
and Mrs. A. L Eoff received the
second prise; ... j;
Included in the guest group were
Mrs. Ed Gabriel. Mrs. Joe Beck,
Mrs. Bert Smith, Mrs. Elmer Me-
Kee, Mrs, Louis Tumbleson, Mrs.
Roy Sbelton, Mrs. Joe Williams,
Mrs. P. W. Gelser, Mrs. A. L Eoff,
Mrs. C W. Standlsh, Mrs. Charles
Walker of Heppner, Oregon: Mrs.
L. F. Saner of Portland, and the
hostess, Mrs. Frederickson. '
Mrs. Earl Chapel was hostess
to the members of the Carnation
club Thursday afternoon la her
home on North ISth street. .
Following1 the business meeting
Mrsi Chapel, assisted Ty Mrs. Lola
Mosher, served a luncheon.' -
-The members present were Mrs.
Perry Wright, Mrs. F. O'Nell, Mrs.
William Hagerdon, Mrs: Hobson,
Mrs. Nellie, White, Mrs. William
Easter and .Wedding; Gifts,
Bridge Prizes new. shipments,
Novelties, embroidered Linens.
1SOB Coart
i.fprEasfer ;
Homemade and
CUk Crepe de Chine in the pastel shades for Easter
and party wear are exceptional values at these prices.
We want you to see the "Miniature dresses in this
department, you'll be pleasingly surprised when you
learn thatjevery one is sQk Crepe de Chine and the
prices are " - - -- -
2.95 TO 4.95
Of course, the HUle miss Must have ber Easter eoat
the materials and styles are "just Uke mothera" with
the prices ranging from--. w . -
4.95 m 17.50
We nave just receired a shipment of the cutest Utile
- printed and plain crepe frocks in sixes from So 1C
yeaza. Except for else fbese cannot be told front the
dresses that mother wean for afternoon tea and eve
xing entertaining. -, - -4
55 10.75
Hat little ones, exact duplicates of mothcra in close
. fitting and brimmed m braided and box weave straws,
hemps viseas' and combination of ribbon and straw
are "dipped, angled and twisted.";
March 33, 1S23
Esch, Mrs. Clara Parrish, Mrs. Ja
cobs. Mrs-.Petersoa. Ursv Mary
Gustafson. Mrs. May Lewis, lii&s
Theodora Gnstafson aad Mrs. Ko
sher aad the nostess, Mrs. Chapel.
j The next meeting of the club
wQl be held the evening; of April
IS at the Fraternal temple. Mrs.
Esch will be the hostess for the
ereninK. V. - c . :
- Mrs.' Win Fox entertained the
Haysvffle Woman's club at her
borne Thursday afternoon. Six
teen members were' present. Each
member, responded to ; roll call
with a, QuoUtion- or yerse. Mrs.
Reed gar a demonstration of the
making- "of ii ehryatallin lamp
ahades.- A delicious ; lunch was
served by' the hostess Next meet
ing win be an all day meeting at
the home of Mrs. William Rick
man, April -11. - Mlas - Lacy A,
Case,- nutrition' specialist of -the
Oregon SUte college will giro the
first of a series of lectures at this
timau ,
- '
Miss Jessie Starp and Mrs.
Robert , Robeck entertained. . the
members of the Dumb Dora club
at an evening of cards followed by
a dainty lunch Thursday evening
at the Rubeck home. Three tables
of -S90" was the diversion en
joyed by the club group which in
cluded Mrs. Harry Todng, Miss
i. . - ... - . ' j. - - " ' : . .. '
WmW- " . FOR
j Crochet viscas In the pastel shades, straw fjl&Zfys
I Isf and ribbon combinations and the black Toy- 4 ll : '
Z VI ba straws are all individualised with, their , " .1
" 1 if "over one eye" dip, their long droSplng sides - - - - iNy
VU and off the ear styles. ' '
W 3.95 4.85 8.95 A J
Jimwi - I .:.V .
K vJ. y V::s
r : V- v. " -' -.. - 7 : 0
. . i -. - -
Ellen Skpor. Mtea Bntt Kitchen,
Mrs. E. A. "Jackson, Miss uarriev .r , - ' - -
woif -it nosier. Mrs. Ed I Mrs. Stephen McMillan I Fst
ntii Vn Tin fiheoard. Mrs.
J A. Wright, Was Belle McEach -
cm and. the nostesses, jurs.
is deciJedry
ferent wiUx
and: yellow
leading the
ade of mot
Colorlul' sets to
harmonize , the
ensemble Idea . is
narticularly not
iceable. .
- ': V.: ARE ;
. -; . ' 4 .-.
Hundreds of dresses la this ' larp;e depart
men give k wonderful selection from which
to choose. Plain pastel shades vie with the
bright printed crepes.. One will surely find
them to their.likino; and priced ;
12.48 145
;v 17.50-
Coata of Kasha, Broadcloth and Moire, to
gether .with the novelty mixtures form the
basis of popular materials thissprine;. The
prices are quite out of the ordinary, being
exceedingly low for the high quality of the
coats offered. -
17.50 r24;50
beck aid MUa Starr.
Hendrickson) of Portland, will h
f the house guest of Mrs. Crawford
hwctju VTr t"-in. .
V gold
als J
to 3.95
V ' t