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    Th New OREGON STATESMAN, Salem. Oregon, Wednesday Morning, March 13, 1929
yj Ix)calNewsBriefe
. . l-s A ts rriln was
mrnvteA to Nick Pramatlas and
promaa by Governor Patter
Inhere Tuesday. The two pris.
Zrl . hare been confined to the
Sn county Jail for he pa,
four months, completing a Jail
,ntence imposed when they were
fMid guilty on a liquor charge
fiacres. Tine, of ISOeach
imposed at the time of sen
And the tines have not been
aVi. They are to pay $15 a month
un! r the terms of the parole.
T Talk at Junior Highs Miss
vei..ra Manthorne, Miss Beatrice
Wa"on ad Misa C"10" Crowley
will address the girls of Parrish
or high school Thursday after
imvn at on o'clock on Trioua to
ifcttons for girls. Miss Josephine
Sile. Miss Crowley and Dr. Mary
PTrrvine will speak to the Leslie
tsior high girls the same dy.
The meetings are a part of the
feaslaesfl and Professional Wom
an's iogram In observance ot na
tion r.l B. & P. W. week.
Wheel Off; No One Hurt W.
1H May, veteran night watch at
the Salem postoffice, may be a
rood driver, but he's not always
rwonsible for what the rear
, ' i.. . V I - - r An RftCentlV aS
W l' IV VI V "
be was returning from Dallas, the
a a, V mam inrn.
rsr wneeis iocaa, ia T
el squarely around in the road,
and when again headed for Salem
was minus a rear wheel. No one
was injured.
Ifc-pairs Under Way Extensive
repairs re being made at the
Ambassador apartment building,
reports J. R. Haight, member of
the firm which owns this building,
who was in Salem this week. New
"stair rails hare been installed and
-work on the lawn and Interior
painting will start soon. Before
summer weather arrives a sprink
ler syEttm will be installed on the
roof to cool the building.
rlmrch Game Off The young
men class- of the Leslie Meth--4;t
rhiireh will not play the
frim of basketball which had
Ci scheduled for Friday nignt ai
Y M C. A. This has been dls-
mtlnoed because of the basket
ball tournament.
Vitaphone Man Here J. M. Mc
Ferlan, Vitaphone engineer from
nreles. soent Tuesday in Sa
lem servicing the Vitaphone at
Bligh's Capitol theatre. Mr. mc
Farlan etated that Mr. Blign has
one of.the best Vitaphone instal
lations that le has ever neara.
( liimncy Fires Many The Sa
lem fire department was called
out three times Monday to extin
guish chimney fires. They were at
19.-5 5 North Fifth street, 45 North
18th street, and 1625 South High
AY. Y. G. Meets Sterling chap
ter. W. W. G. of the Calvary Bap
tist church met Monday evening
at the church parlors, with 16
membsrs present. A potluck din
ner, program and business meet
ing occupied the evening.
From Valley View Daplina
Hunt, clerk of the Valley View
school district, out from Silver
ton, was a caller at the county
school superintendent's office
i l!in;1s Inspected The Marion
rwnr.y court tooK a irip imo me
thern Dart of the county Tues
day to inspect roads that will be
m?de a pan of the coming live
yer.r road building program. f
lVrmit Granted A permit to
haul logs on the Charlesworth
road was issued here Tuesday by
the Marion county court to Cum
min:; and Parry, a partnership.
Iiirorce Allowed Final decree
of divorce was handed down in
circuit court here Tuesday in the
yise of Mary A. Fendler vs. George
X. Fendler.
Default Ordered Order of de
fault was entered In circuit court
here Tuesday against the defen
dant in the ca-te Grace Todd vs.
Thomas J. Todd.
Lights Imnroper L. H. Lane,
735 North 15th street, was arrest
ed Monday night by city traffic
officers on a charge of driving an
"automobile with only one head
Fi! t Stop L. C. Shepard,
222o Breyman street, wa arrest
ed Monday night on charge of
failing to stop at a through street
Kimball Trustees Meet The
vSoard of trustees ot the Kimball
A School of Theology meets today in
Jartland. President Canse will be
a Portland for the meeting.
Ai li.-son Released Wayne Ach
son. local bootlegger, was re
leased from county jail here Tues
day after serving a three months
isuu Daily Ept Monday y
Ffttattsman IBnMifftng Co.
21 5 So. Comaarrial St.
Member of fh.
The Associated Preaa it exeloa'valf
witnled to tba au lor pablieatiaa ot
til news SispateB. credited to it or
tt otherwise credited in taia sapor
ad aito to tba local irews aUaM
tl Member .
Paeifie Cou Repmeatativeo' -Art
our W. 8traa ,1m: faurile
Traieiica: Bit Weaters. Pariri. SMr..
Xoa Anijlen. - - -
1 ; To All Departroeala
Eatr1 at Uo Poit OfUeo ia Balm.
Oregon, aa aeeotU eUa Biattor.
iwicurnoi uni
"W 'aHaal VamfcM . Vo Aoaaa
W K.A Ofe u. ia ak
2 35; 1 fear 4.0. Elaonaora M
fl?X' r ko- 5 00 for 1 yatw la
I 37 ettr pan ai
'I' 80 aawatki .09 a aat.
Dirorc Aaked Suit for divorce
waa instituted in circuit court
here Tuesday by J. G. Turner ag
ainst May F. Turner. Ha alleges
that she hit him ia the face,
breaking bis glasses, swore at him
and otherwise mistreated him. Oa
March 4 qX this year she left him
and went to Junction City, he al
leges, and Its went after and
brought her back. A quarrel took
place on the return trip and they
separated and have remained sep
arated since then, he declares. All
property rights hare been settled
out of court.
Wierd Sights Seen Strange as
tronomical sights witnessed late
Monday night by Salem townspeo
ple were described Tuesday as
sodiacal lights by some authori
ties while others held they were
electrical phenomena caused by
streams of electrons sent out by
the sun. A ribbon of pellucid
white light was stretched across
the sky. being brilliant at the
apex of the sky and fading into
invisibility at the horizon.
Study Group May Materialise
Teachers in the Salem schools who
are interested in forming special
study groups for the remainder of
the year will meet at the senior
high school Thursday afternoon.
Miss Laura V, Hale of the senior
high is chairman of the committee
on special study, the meeting be
ing called to ascertain how many
teachers are interested in such a
T. W. C. A. Board Meets The
regular monthly meeting of the
Y. W. C. A. board was held at the
Y. W. Tuesday, followed by a
luncheon meeting. Miss Pauline
Schaedler, national finance secre
tary for the northwest region, who
is here on a two-day visit, was a
special guest at the meetings and
addressed the board members on
finance problems.
To Address Supervisors Dr.
Nelson L. Bossing of the Univer
sity of Oregon will address the
supervisors of the various depart
ments in the Salem schools at 3
o'clock this afternoon at the sen
ior high school building. Dr.
Bossing will address an open meet
ing of the teachers' association at
4 o'clock today.
Parents Guilty Mr. and Mrs.
Edward D. Moore pleaded guilty
in justice court Tuesday to a
charge of not sending their child
to school. Sentence will be Ira
posed March 20 by Justice of the
Peace Small. Meanwhile the de
fendants are at liberty on their
own recognisance.
Appraisement Filed Report of
inventory and appraisement filed
in probate Tuesday in the matter
of the estater of the late Willis M.
Hubbs lists the rael property at
$19,500 and the personal property
at $11,329.49. Appraisers are M.
G. Gunderson, C. A. Reynolds and
Florence Bentson.
.Handle Plymouth Line-Fit zger-
.ald-SherwIn, auto dealers, are con
tinuing the Plymouth line in Sa
lem, they announced this week.
The Eonesteele Auto Co. is also
agent for the Plymouth line of
cars, both agencies handling them
In the Salem territory.
To Talk on Milk J. E. Blink
horn, sanitary dairy and food in
spector, will address Miss Martha
Harrison's class In Home Nursing
which meets at the senior high
school this afternoon. He will ap
pear on "Facts about Salem's
Milk Supply."
Irish Musical Friday Irish
songs and Instrumental music will
be the features of the St. Patrick
progam at the Y. M. C. A. Friday
night. William MeGllchrist, Sr.,
will gffer several numbers he
picked-up while in the islands last
summer. Humorous readings are
also scheduled.
Budget Drawn A tentative
budget for the Kiwanls convention
which will be held in Salem this
year was drawn up at a meeting
of the convention committee of
the local group Tuesday night.
Russell to. Hubbard Dr. Ed
ward Lee Russell of the child
health demonstration" will give
physical examinations at the Hub
bard schools today.
Title In Issu! Suit to qulet tl
tle was filed rn circuit court here
Tuesday by Frances Skonetzni ag
ainst Relnhold Phillip and a long
list of others.
Repair Planned John J. Rob
erts look out a permit Tuesday to
alter a garage at 680 Ferry street
at a cost ot $1000.
Speeding Charged Paul Fuhr
er, Salem route 9, waa arrested
Tuesday night by city traffic, of
ficers on a charge of speeding.
Mr. Medley in Town John
Medley of Medford is a guest at
the New Salem.
Robert Goetz Visits Robert
Goets. superintendent ot Silverton
schools, wss in the city Tuesday.
for tho Veat Torto reading leoaea
Examination Tree We insure your
:. glasses- against breakage.
110 X. Commercial St.
-'r S In Oae Cherry trees - -"
' S varieties In one branched
' ' tre
, Campbell Kkrly grape vines -The
early, nig Mus kind, tie
Munger blackcaps, large plants
3 for 25c
Strawberry plants Rhubarb
Nat, Fruit, Shade Tress
pkabct raos. KtmucaY
340 N. Liberty Mar Cewt .
Teachers links Record Tues
day morning was the first halt day
In more than two weeks that all
teachers of the Salem high school
have been on the job. Principal
J. C. Nelson reports. The record
was broken at noon, when Miss
Naomi Taylor of the English de
partment went home ill.
- Miss Holt Returns Miss Beryl
Holt, head of the mathematics de
partment at the senior high school
is again in charge of her classes
after several week's absence, dur
ing which she has been convales
cing from a major operation.
Health Unit to Meet The Mar
ion county health unit win hold
its regular monthly meeting at
the Gray Belle this Wednesday at
iz o'clock.
Two Clinics Tosiav Dr. Ver
non A- Douxiaa. of the health dem
onstration will conduct toxin-anti
toxin clinics at the Haresville and
Brooks school's today.
Hills From Jefferson Mr. and
Mrs- Jack. Hill, farmers residing
in theJeff erson vicinity, were bus
Inessrisftors in Salem Tuesday.
Make Const Loot Mr. and Mm.
Frank Miller and son Arthur and
daughter Gladys made the loop
trip to the coast Sunday.
At Hubbard and Silverton A.
C. Bohrnstedt and E. A. Rhoten
made a business trip to Hubbard
and Silverton Tuesday.
Be Sure of Tour Milk Supply
The Salem Sanitary Milk com
pany sells the best quality of milk
that can be produced. Our milk is
bottled under the most rigid sani.
tary conditions possible. Don't be
fooled by price. Demand quality
milk. Phone, SI 6.
Genuine f 1.75 Cov'd Baking
Dishes, special $1.00 at Gahls
dorf's. 325 Court street.
Save at Gleae-Powem
Dissolution Sale. Now on. The
greatest furniture event ever an
nounced in Oreeon. Terms or
Furniture Upfaolstcre
And repairing Glese-Powers
Furniture Co.
Dollar Dinner
Every nisrht S:io a a v
Marion hotef.
Thomas Bros. Band, Mellow Moon
JSvery Wed and Saturday.
Have You Tried Our
New Salem Maid Ice Cream?
It's so different. A smile in ev
ery bite. Order a Shamrock cen
ter brick for St. Patricks Day.
Salem Sanitary Milk Co. Phone
Furniture Auction Sale
Next Friday 1393 Center, 1 p.
m. H. F. Woodrv & Rnn ara tho
Pottery Makes-
Ideal bridge or birthday gifts.
For inexpensive gifts, visit our
giftry. Pomeroy & Keene.
Old Time Dance Crystal Garden
Every Wed. and Sat. night.
Public Notice
Due to the Statesman's error in
auction ad in Sunday's paper I
want, the public to know that I
have nothing to do with the auc
tion sale as advertised for Friday
and that I am not connected in
business with any other Woodry.
I have only one store which is
known as the F. N. Woodry Auc
tion market and is located at 1610
N. Summer street. Phone Sll and
established 1916. F. N. Woodry.
While They Last
$1.75 Pyrex Cov'd Casseroles,
$1.00 at Gahlsdorf's, 325 Court
Card of Thanks
Mrs. Mary Fane, widow .of the
late Edward Fane, wishes to ex
press her heartfelt gratitude to
many neighbors and friends who
so kindly assisted her during the
illness and at the death ot her
husband, Edward Fane. The Span
ish War Veterans and Forester of
America of which Mr. Fane was
long an honored member are es
pecially mentioned for their kind
ness and floral offerings.
Dr. Edith V. Witzel
Osteopathic Physician and Sur.
geon. specializes in diseases of
women and children
Office 428 Oregon Bldg.
Phone 77$ Res. 991R
Itching Eczema Healed
We honestly believe CRANOLENE
the cranberry cream, will -heal any
case ot eczema or other skin trou
ble. Come ia and let us tell you
about It. Use one jar, and if you
are dissatisfied, your money will
be refunded. Price $1.
. - 115 S. Commercial
M S i M - V I
3 VU
. py V Sec
Find It
Here j
' 9& HOTEL .
LARGE 1FJ 1929
84 Blocks Already Petitioned
and Prospects for More
Work Loom
Pavink operations in Salem this
year will be extensive although
the mark of 14 S blocks made in
1928 may hardly be equalled ac
cording to Street Commissioner
Low who to date has received pe
titions tor 64 blocks of paving to
be laid in the .city this summer.
Further petitions expected by the
end ot spring will bring this mark
well above the normal amount of
paving. Low believes.
Work started this week when
two crews began operations, one
excavating curbs-on North llth
street and another ' running " a
grading machine on South Sum
mer street. .
On the program for paving this
summer are the following streets
' Bakar (or lath) from Mark at to Mad
iaoa, 5 or S blocks.
Eigtitoaatk. from Market to Stata Fair
rrounds, block.
Grant, from 17th to 18th, 1 block.
Madison, from lTth to 19th. 1 blocks.
McCor, from Mark to Hood, Sbtocka.
Norway from Baker to lTth, S blorks.
Korway, from 17th to 18th, t block.
Tilo road, from Capitol to Warnor, 2
Balmoat, from Cottar to "Win tar, 1
E, from Cbureh to Cottaf. 1 block.
North 14th, Xrom D to Nabraska, 1
blocka. .
Giiaaa, from Liberty to Fifth, t blocka.
High, from Dirision to Broadway and
Liberty, 5 or ft blocka.
Kay. from 17th to lth, 3 blocka.
Church, from South to HirhliDd. or
4 block.
Columbia, from Front to Commercial, 1
Front, from Columbia to Gaines,
Laurel, from Sprue to Locust, S
Market, from Commercial to Front, 1
block. i
Myrtle, from Highland to Pine,
8pruee, from Cherry to Brooks, 2 blocks.
Breyman, fro ml 19th to 23rd, . blocks.
Widening Church from Mill to bridge.
Cottar, from Trade to Mill.
Kearney, from Commercial to Liberty, 1
Summer, from Mill to Bellsrue, 1
Wilson, from Commercial to Liberty,
1 Mock.
Daridson, from Cross to Howard, 2
Elecrtie. from Berry to Tew, 1 block.
Rural, from High to Tew, S blocka.
Summer, from Cros to Howard, t
Wilbur, from Summer to Berry
Winter, from Hoyt to Electric, 1 block.
Tew, from Croix to Howard, 2 block;.
C. A. H. Fisher, 83, died March
11 at the home at 1211 Broadway
street. Survived by his widow,
Mary O. Fisher; four daughters,
Mrs. E. J. Ward and Mrs. F. Wilt
sey of Salem, Mrs. A. W. Hittle of
Onawa, Iowa, and Mrs. F. G. Ar
thur of Los Angeles, Calif.; two
sons, W. W. of Salem and W. F.
of Onawa, Iowa; and one sister in
England. He was the father of the
late Dr. E. E. Fisher. Funeral ser
vices at 1:30 p. m. Friday from
Clough-Huston chapel. Interment
Cityview cemetery.
William Andrews, 7, died
Tuesday at a local hospital. Sur
vived by his widow, Lida N. An
drews, five children: S. A. An
drews of Niagara Falls, Canada;
Bertha Tison of Roseburg; Wil
liam, of Lead, S. D.; Mrs. Elsie
Wilson of Portland; George of Sa
lem; five stepchildren: A. C. Car
ter of Fresno; Sam'Carter of Oak
land, Calif.; Mrs. G. C. Doan of
Toledo; Mrs. L. L. Sloper of West
Salem; Mrs. Josle Watson of New
port; and one sister, Martha An
drews of San Francisco, and sev
en grandchildren. Funeral ar
rangements later from Rigdon
and son.
C. P. C. Pills
Aids in keeping stomach
and liver and bowels in a
healthy condition v
For Use in Constipation
fc : PRICE 50 CENTS "
- ' - - -. ,
IMade in Sates ;;.;
' iS; " " '" T " -?.
Dra Btotv
Tfce- Original Yellow Front
-Drag Steve
rw SmwaBwaawBiwp an a, m a wssw
" Thirteenth, from, Mission to Sural, t
block. -
- Uniraraity, from Sural to city limits,
S, blocks.
Waller from II th to a. P. right of way,
S block.
: Block 1. Eois tnoVWdiUon. X to Bel
mont. Block 4, Oak addition, to Belmont.
Block S, Boberta addition, 12th to ISth.
A. total ot 111 cougars have
been killed in. Oregon by hunters
during the current year, according
to the reports ot the state game
commission. This, means that
$4,025 has been paid out in boun
ties. The trusty rifle of Joe Dhooghe
of Molalla has accounted for 11
cougars. These were killed on the
Molalla river and its tributaries
where there are . a large number
of deer. William dark of Oak
Ridge has killed seven, Ed Clark
of the same place ' five, ' Harry
Wright of Glide has accounted for
five; George -Wr Ramsey of Esta
cada has killed five and' F. L.
Pope of Jewell and Tony Erlebach
of 'Tiller have each slaughtered
four. .
Fred Arrner, the .state game
commission's predatory animal ex
terminator has been busy in the
Cow creek game refuge, and has
killed 12 cougars. Arzner has a
number of trained cougar dogs
and spends his entire time in
ha n ting and killing the big cats
that prey upon deer and other
game animals.
Dr. Nelson L. Bossing of the
University of Oregon school of
educatton will address an open
meeting of the 'Salem Teachers'
association this afternoon at 4
o'clock at the senior high school
auditorium. Dr. Bossing, who
spoke here recently at the
Y. M. C. A., will talk on "Teaching
Profession and Professional Con.
The meeting Is the second gen
eral meeting of the association
this year, Dr. Sanford MacDonald,
president of Philomath college,
having addressed the group ear.
lier In the yearj Miss Amy Martin
of Leslie Junior high is chairman
of the committee securing the
speaker for today. R. W. Taven
ner, assistant high school princi
pal, is president of the teacher
W. E. Scandling
Added To Staff
Addition of W. E. Scandling to
the staff of the; Belcrest Memorial
park was announced Tuesday by
J. H. Laidlaw, a brother-in-law of
the former who comes to make his
home in Salernj after an extended
residence in San Diego, California.
Mr. Scindllng's wife and young
oon iiave also removed here and
will make their home in the Royal
Court apartments.
Mr. Scandling for the past 12
years has been district manager of
the Walton N. Moore drygoods
company with headquarters in San
Friday, Mar. 15, 1 P. M.
At 1393 Center St.
Corner 14th & Center
1 electric VlctreU and records
this machine cost IIOQI mo
ll a I r davenport reversible
cushions, new, 2 duofeids up
holstered in Baker cut velonr,
1 daofold upholstered in
leather, 1 day bed, 1 mahog
any table, 4 Azminster, 9x12
rags, like new; small rugs, 14
yards of new stfr carpet,
Axmlnster; 1 Colombia phon
ograph and records; 1 5-plece
Irory bed room suite with flk
floss mattress and coil spring
and bow foot bed like new; 1
dining table and chairs In
: eek, 1 mahogany dresser, 1
walnut dresser, 2 walnut Sim
ons beds, coil springs and SO
lb. felt mattress, new; 1 It
piece oak dining room suite,
1 oak library table, 1 walnut
library tablet 1 hoover electric
vacuum cleaner, seven occa
sional rockers, 2 oak rockers
with leather seats, walnut
rockers upholstered .in .ve
lens, oak halltrae. eak hall
.rack, dinner wagon, 75 qto.
of home canned fruit, garden
tools, and many other arti
cles. Partys wanting furni
ture should attend this sale
as it Is a very fine offering.
Don't forget the time and
place, 13AS Center, corner of
14th I and Center Friday,
March 15, 1 F. M. and has
been moved to this address
for the coarvenleaiee of the
Mot point Electric Ravnc,
Drop Head sewing machine,
wood and gas range com
bined. Also the property
80x1541 tt-, 8 1 room house,
cherries and walnat trees.
If not sold will bf rented.
: : Terms Ca3h
Jtrs, Baker nd Mrs. Mortis
HT. Woodry
6 Sonl .
arc the Asctosooera $n charge
211 N. ConVL St, .
Kite Dewn.Tewm
for year
urn his
Legion Getting Ready For
Big Conclave Here
This Summer
Committee members to serve
the American Legion in Its annual
convention here have been an
nounced by H. G. Malson, execu
tive secretary of the commission
of ten which is handling the con
vention. C. B. McCullottgA, state
bridge engineer, has taken a place
on the commission, succeeding
Frank Durbins, Jr.
The committees are:
Convention committee assess
ments to date, as" announced by H.
G. (Fod) Malson, executive secre
tary of the commission, include
the following:
Housing Cliff Irwin, Frank
Cain. Heine Schmahl, Jesse George
and Paul Hendricks.
Finance Carl Nelson, Lloyd
Rigdon, Fred Slade. Fred Lam
port. Otto Kubln, Jacob Fuhrer,
Walter Kirk, Roy Simmons, and
I. W. (Doc) Lewis.
Registration Ted Irwin, Earl
Paulson, A.' M. Vincent, P. D.
Qulsenberry, Karl Steiwer, Gus
Wysong, Alexander McGee and R.
S. Raiffe.
Entertainment Vic. MacKen
xle. Col. Tom Rilea, Major Joe
Schur. Oliver Huston, A. C. (Bid
dy) Bishop, W. J. Brastau, Her
man Brown, James Goodwin, E.
H. Hobson, Roy S. (Spec) Keene,
John J. Rottle, King Bartlett,
Graham P. Sharkey, Bert Victor,
Barney Wright and Charles Elrey.
Transportation E. E. Birch, J.
H. Brady, Ted Endicott, E. P.
Thorn, Sterling Smith, George
Thomason, George Averett and
Major Elmer "V'. Woo ten.
Publicity Gus Hixon. C. K.
Logan, H. R. (Rufe) White. Don
Wiggins, Gus Wysong, W. H. Pau
lus and Ralph Curtis.
Drum corps Karl Hinges, Onas
Olson, Maurice Sawyer, Roy Stew
art and James Young.
This afternoon a dual debate
between Newport and Dallas high
schools will be held at Willamette
university to determine the cham
pionship of the mid-Willamette
district. In a similar debate held
ladi week at Corvallls, the nega.
tive teams of both schools won,
and left the title undecided; the
debates this afternoon are for the
purpose of breaking this tie.
The first debate will be held at
3 o'clock In the. recitation room
of the public speaking depart
ment. The second debate will be
held in the same room immediate
ly following the first. Ray Lafky
and Roy Harland of the Willam
Very Specially Priced at
A brilliant collection of coats dis
counted in price because of an enorm
ous special purchase.
Last minute success of smooth supple
woolens, basket tweeds and kasha, y
All of the new shades so high in favor.
Sizes 13 to 44
This special selling event to prove to
you that Kay's is the place to buy
Coats. -
Coats Dresses Millinery On.
ette university, debate squad will
be chairman for the debates. Judg.
es announced Tuesday were Prof,"
F. D. Learner, Leland Chapin, R.
M. Gatke, R. A. McCully, Roy M.
Lockenour and Dean Roy Hewitt.
Each speaker will be judged on
a point tfr percentage basis. This
provision has been made in order
that in event ot a tie In team rat
ings, individual scores may be
added and made a basis for surer
Crowd Gets Free
Bulbs Bui Takes
Other Goods, Too
Nearly 1000 Salem townspeople
availed themselves of opportunity
this week to secure free bulba at
the Belcrest Memorial park, J. H.
Laidlaw reports, but at the same
time the visitors made away with
a valuable shovel and a number
of rosebushes which were to be
planted in the park. Mr. Laidlaw
Due to the Statesman's er
ror in Auction advertised
ment in Sunday morning's
paper I want the public to
know that I have nothing
to do with the auction sale
as advertised for Friday,
and that I am not connect
edinbusinesswith any oth
er Woodry. I have only one
store, which is known as
the F. N. Woodry's Auc
tion Market and Furniture
Store, located at 1610 N.
Summer street.
Phone 511. Established '16
. F. N. Woodry
believes these articles were tak.ea
by mistake and would appreciate
their return..
' h o LL
anmWtnnnhW aw - mm 11 111 'MP'11" 4PSlPi
We have a 1027 Whippet six:
conch well equipped1, new rub
ber, 1029 license and a fine "car
in every respect f or S445.00.
"The House ThU Service Built"
Nate? D Y