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'J3anquet Program
Will Insure
I Success
The Business and Professional
"Woman's club is making exten
alre plans for what promises to
be a very Interesting week of em.
phasls on the aim and Importance
of thta organization. The plans
they are making are in conjunc
tion with the plans of the National
organization of which the -Salem
club Is only a branch.
Activities will start with a ban.
quet. Pnplic Relations banquet, at
the Marion hotel. Monday night
March 11. At this time heads of
civic clubs, employers and guests
specially asked will be entertain
ed by members of the local organ
lzatlon. Miss Cella Gavin, city at
torney of The Dalles and M.'as Mo
selle Hair, state president of the
organization will be . chief speak
ers. Tickets for this banquet may
be procured at Adams flower shop
on Court street.
' During the week talks win be
. made br local women before var
ious organizations and schools of"
the city concerning occupations
that may be taken as future activ
ities. Women who will be appear
ing on this program are Miss Car-
lotta Crowley. Miss Julia Webster,
Dr. Mary Purvtne, Miss Grace
Gilliam. Miss Irene Harrington
Dr. Estella Ford Warner, and Miss
MIrpah Blair.
. Special window display will be
made concerning the activities of
the organization In Salem.
A second high point of Interest
will be the reception given at
Ltauffanne hall for tae younger
business girls of the city. Exten
sive plans are being made far thli
and a special program. is being
Symphony Guests
Are Entertained
Mr. and' Mrs. William Burg
hardt were the guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Ralph Moores at their home
on Willamette Heights, in Port
land, Monday evening. Mr. and
Mrs. Moores were at one time
Salem residents.
Following the dinner the whole
party attended the symphony con
cert at the Portland auditorium.
Those in the company were Mr
and Mrs. William Burghardt, Miss
Maurine Elrod. - and her father.
and Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Moores.
Missionary Meeting
Postponed to April
The Woman's Foreign Mission
ary society of the First Methodist
church will not meet as has been
announced for Wednesday. The
reason for the postponement I
the funeral service for Mrs. W. H.
Bycrs which will be held in that
day at S o'clock. The meeting on
April third will take place of the
tea meeting which had been plan
ned for this Wednesday.
J. M. Devers Hosts
To Legislative Folk
- Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Devers en-
1 tertained recently with a six
o'clock dinner In honor of visiting
legislators and friends from Lane
conn It.
Those present were Senator
Hall of Eugene. Senator E. Bally
of Junction City, Representative
R. W. Potter of Eugene. Repre
sentative Emmett, Howard. Eu
v gene, Representative George Win.
slow of Tillamook, mni Judge
Williams Derby of Baker, and Mr.
and Mrs.. Devers.
., -
. Barbara' -Frjetchle club will meet
' at faff home of Mrs. C. A. Arpke.
4$2T95 .Falrmount. Wednesday af
7? tanbon'at 1:30: o'clock. Each
member Is to bring a pair of
scissors and come prepared to
mke books during the afternoon.
All members are urged to come.
St. Paul's Guild which was to
- - have met with Mrs. Kennedy to.
: v day will not meet until March 13
at the home of Mrs. O. P. Thayer,
744 N. Cottage street.
; . .
- Wednesdav
' W H. M. 9. Flrrt M. E.
church cea meeting In church
parlors postponed to April 3.
Barbara Frletchle, Mrs. C.
Zena Missionary society at
: o'clock.
Knights and Ladles of
Maccabees regular meeting at
I, o clock Miller's hall.
First Congregational Mis
sionary society. Mrs. W. D.
Clarke. 725 N. ' Capitol. 2
Jason Lee Missionary so-
clety, Mrs. A. L. Dark. 375
E street. 3:30 o'clock.
Ladles' Social circle.
Knight -Memorial church.
Mia Alice Riggs, 330 S. 13th
Barbara Frletchle. Mrs. B.
A. Armke, 1731 FalnaounV
- i:f o'clock. -
Pocahontas card party. Fra-
emal Temple. Public Invited.
. Thursday '; - -!
Carnation club at 2 o'clock
In Fraternal Tempi..
BU Chi Mothers clnb.
1:30 o'clock. Mrs. B. A.
Hodge. 1270 Cberaeketa SL
P. E, O. chapter G. Mrs. F.
W. Langs. 2:30 o'clock.
Election of officers.
U. 8. Grant circle No. 1."
Ladles of Grand Army of Re
pubic regular meeting. -
Ladles Aid society of Wo
man's Relief Corps. Mrs. O.
W. Johnson. 441 E. Meyers, 2
Raphatoiian 1 society. Mrs.
Charles Bates,. E. - Canter SL
Braeh College Helpers. Mrs.
nr-G, Lehman.
Friday V ."
? Daughters of -.Veterans.': 1
v o'clock. Woman's tlmVyj:
'Kins; Saul"- to bo present-.
in-ATlnory. -
News and Club
soft;" chuckles baby hyena
I . -" ' ?. f - '. .
Here Is one baby .hyena with plenty to laugh about. He's being
field and admired by Miss Barbara English, Memphis, Tenn., beauty.
The baby laughing hyena is the youngest of the Memphis zoo's fam
ily and one of the very few laughing hyenas enjoying the distinction
of having been bom in the United States.
Nuptials Sunday
Miss Lucile Agnes Bents and
deorge Zengel were quietly mar
tiled in the presence of a few rela
tives and friends In the St. Vin
cent De Paul church by the Rev.
Thomas V. Keenen, Sunday.
Miss Bents i3 the -daughter, o.f
Mr. and Mrs. William Bents of
Fargo, Oregon, and Mr. Zengel Is
:he son of Mr. and Mrs. I. Zengel
of Salem. The young Mr. and
Mrs. Zengel will make their home
n Salem.
Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Weber at
ended lae and groom. Fol-
owing the ceremony a dinner
party was celeb-ated at the home
of Mrs. F. C. Weber, who Is a
isier cf tne groom. Guests pres
ent for this dinner were the honor
quests, Mr. and Mrs. George Zen
gel, Mr. and Mrs. William Bents
Mr. and Mrs. I. Zengel. Mr. and
Mrs. F. C. Weber and sons, Frank
md Edward.
Mrs. Helen M. Atwood. county
aurse of Douglas county was a
bouse guest -of her sister, Mrs. A.
Lee during the past week. She
was here attending the state Tu
berculosis - association meeting.
Later in1 the week Mrs, Lee and
Mrs. Atwood attended the Nurses
Association meeting in Portland.
Mr. and Mrs. Stanton of Liberty
district, entertained recently with
dinner party, la honor of their
son and daughter-in-law of Kla
math Falls, Mr. and Mrs. C. E.
Stanton. Those present were Mr.
and Mrs. Roy Coffeey of Liberty.
Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Stanton and'
children of Salem. Mr. and Mrs.
C. E. Stanton of Klamath Falls
nd Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Stanton.
was a house guest of Miss Helen
Breithanpt over the week-end.
Miss Miles formerly lived In Salem
and has many friends here.
r s.i..i.M.t.M.;;wi .
, Vj niwirf.Cl.t.t.t.MUi i i J .
. . , ...... . , . : V
' At a tea or bridge ene observes women wearing frocks of Telrst, :
satin, it other luxuriona fabrics. Others wffl bo wearing the simplest '
of woolen -dlresses: still others crep dresses et on sports linos.
There Is a lack of harmony In such a group, declare Lade Lelong,
who ad-rises womeh to discard soprtsUko frocks and likewise Verret
and lace, for such sodal gayttlev while crepe ds chins and geergatU
ar Yomlnended as approprtato. Ahove, at left, 14 sketched a L.
Ion model for kridgi-tea wear, of befgs gorgetto.' Bight, mftori"
,aea drtsa of steel bias crepe da china, - - ., ;.
Society Editor:
Rev. Nori Sue
Will Address Society
Mrs. W. D. Clarke will be host
ess at her home, 725 North Cap
ital street, Wednesday afternoon
to the women of the Missionary
society of the First Congregation
al church.
The program promises to be
one of interest. The Rev. Nori
Sue. Japanese minister will speak,
and his son will sing accompanied
by Miss Hoshle Watanahe. Miss
Watanahe will also sing In the
afternoon. In addition to this
part of the program there will be
devotions led by Mrs. F. D. Klbba
Hostesses for the afternoon will
be Mrs. W. D. Clarke, Mrs. F. W.
Bally. Mrs. C- E. Ward, Mrs. J. C
Tibbitts, and Mrs. George Ross
Standard Bearers
Guests of Mrs. Barnes
The Standard Bearers ot the
rirsi aiemoaua cnurcn will con
tinue the "Voyage of Good-will''
Thursday evening leaving the
dock Mrs. E. T. Barnes, 326 N.
Capitol street at 7:30 o'clock for
the Philippines. The "S. S. Co
lumbia" will be manned by Mil
dred Warn pier, captain and Faith
Pirday, EIRay Maxwell and Elva
Sehon, as mates, while Neva Stolz
belse will, art as chsplaln and Mae
Ear hart and Gladys - Taylor will
assist Mrs.' Barnes as stewards.
Ether Lisle will be in charge
of the Missionary baseball game.
Mrs.-C. T. McPherson of Port
land wm a guest of her sister.
Mrs.' A. 'A. Loe over the weekend
She came especially to be present
for the Freshman Glee celebrated
at Willamette university this last
weekend. -
Portland Program
Draws Salem, Guests
Those people from Salem at
tending the Portland 'symphony
program Monday night are most
enthusiastic in their praise con
cerning the performance 'of the
two Salem young folk who took
leads in the chorus productions
given under the direction of Wil
liam Von Hoogstraten, and sup
ported by the Portland symphony.
Miss Nancy Thieisen, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Thieteen.
sang the lead In "The Blessed
Damozel," the poem of'Rossettl's
which DeBussyet to the 'fragile.
artistically illusive music so char
acteristic of him. Many in Salem
will remember that the Salem
Woman's club presented "The
Bleesed Damosel" under the lead
ership of W. H. Burghardt
several years ago.
Bliss Thieisen sang with re
strained beauty and gave a re
markably deep, sympathetic inter
pretation of the theme in a voice
of really great beauty. Edward
Fisher sang the lead in "The
HIehwAyman," Deems Taylor, and
showed as did Miss Thieisen, great
beauty In the quality of his voice
and the sympathy of his interpre
The chorus work was especially
The chorus work was especially
fine. It was extremely well dis
ciplined, and in "The Blessed !
Damozel." it sang without music j
with a very finished effect for a
"horns so young. !
After the concert, serving of a i
very informal nature was done in1
the basement of the auditorium
and everybody went back to enjoy
one of the jolliest and most in
formal receptions that the sym
phony has had this year.
Among those motoring down
for the evening were Mr. and Mrs.
Fred Thieisen. Mrs. John Roberts,
Mrs. A. B. Galloway. Mrs. H. B.
Thieisen. Miss Nell Thieisen, C.
W. Panlls. O. K. DeWitte. Mrs. J.
G. Heltsel. Miss Margaret Heltxel.
Mr. and Mrs. William Burghardt,
and Prof, and Mrs. H. Seitz.
Mrs. E. G. Merriefield and Mrs.
Vivian Oatts of The Dalles, have
been house guests ot Mrs. Rachel
Reeder for the past few days.
Mrs. Rachel Reeder has had as
her house guests for the past week
Mr. and Mrs. George Hurst of Sll
verton. Mrs. Hunts, a sister of
Mrs. Reeder. has been attending
the Tuberculosis association meet
ing held In Salem last week.
Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Stewart and
son Blain of Scio were Sunday
vuests of Mrs. Stewart's mothers.
Mrs. R. A. Patton. at the C. P.
Bishop home.
President Announces No
Change Will be Made Re
garding Arms Sale
Mexico's revolutionary outbreak
prompted today the first Impor.
tant policy pronouncement of Her
bert Hoover's administration
Mr. Hoover was represented at
the White House, and after he
had : twice -conferred with Secre
tary Kellogg, as seeing no reason
for a change in the policy under
hlch the constitutional - govern
ment of Mexico has been permit
ted to purchase arms and .war ma
terials in the United States despite
the five year general embargo on
such exportation to Mexico.
The embargo was set up in
1924 when the De La Huerta rev
olutionists sought to buy, war sup
plies In the United States. In De
cember. 1923. however, a large!
supply of surplus American army
rifles, maehine guns and ammu
nition was sold to the Obregon
government by the war depart
ment by direction of President
Coolldge. -Reasons
ar Cited
At that time the state depart.
ment announced -that the sale had
been made "In view of the rela
tions between - this government
and the Mexican government and I
or ine importance or tne mainte
nance of stability and orderly
constitutional procedure in the
nelvhbosing republic."
Soon after this shipment was
omnleed the Do La Huerta rev.
olution collapsed and - De La Hu
erta himself has since then been
refugee In the United States. .
There was no Indication at the
White House or state department
today that any request for arms
had boon received, from President
GH due to tho new, revolutionary
disorder.. Both the scope and ser.
onness of the -revolt still were
hidden behind the eriet 'censor-
shin enforced by the Mex?eo City
government. It was doubtful that
even- off lelal advlree from -Ambas.
sador Morrow In Mexico City were
more Informative than published
news report from Mexico ' and
oolnts on the herder,
The situs-
tlon was sufficiently grave, how
ever, to eause Secretary Kellogg
Anxiety. '
. ".Snrrey la Rtarfed
He began a personal survey of
official reports and spent part of
the day conferring . with - Under
secretary Reuben - Clark- who Is
In general charge f Mexican re
lations. Military maee of tho boa-
dor region brought , bv army offi
cers summoned to tho state de
partment." played s a part'- la the
conference. .. ';y :. ;
In some, quarters the White
House pronou aceraea t, was regard,
ed as a calculated "art
of the Met'cau constitutional gov
sramanttaince at lenst , rved
notloon the revolut'onarr r-flw
hat thv mat not expect aid from
-Jho Un.'ted- SUtea; , ;
Mrs. John Dunstan '
Hostess to Club. ?
Mrs.-John Dunstan was hostess
to her club, the P. L. E. and F.
club Tuesday afternoon at her
home on N. Summer street.
A two course luncheon was
served with covers placed for
eleven. Individual favors added
to the general attractiveness of
the table.
The remainder of the afternoon
was sDsnt In a social way which
more or less centered about
guessing contest. Prizes were of
fered for this contest and the win
ners were announced as Mrs.
Frances Greenwood, first prize,
Mrs. Axel Hlxon, second prize and
Mrs. Lettie Hansen, third.
Guests for the afternoon were
Mrs. Pearl Kinser, Mrs. Mary An
derson. Mrs. Lettie Hansen, Mrs
Mable Faulkner, Mrs. Hester Ho-
gan. Mrs. Azel Mlxon, Mrs. Fran
ces Greenwood. Mrs. Mary Pugh,
Mrs. Slyvia Furlough and Mrs
Alice Davles.
By Lulu Hunt Peters M.U
Diet and HealtK ard
Diet or CKildrer
Anstf rrs to Mothers.
God couM not be everywhere;
therefore i'.e made mothers.
- -Jcv.ish Proverb.
Y bab ; tongue is terribly
coate.:, although I wash It
twice a day with boracic
acid solution. First it was white
but now it is brown. She has 10
teeth, is a year
old and weighs
28 pounds
(Weighed six-
pounds at
birth.) I am
feeding her but
am also still
nursing her
She does n ' i
sleep well at
night I Imagine
on account of
her cutting
teeth. That is
why I hesitate
WtU XWTPentiJtJ to wean her.
Mrs. D
ii is aavisaoie, in most cases.
to begin to wean a baby around
the ninth month and have It com
pletely weaned by the tenth; Mrs
D. It Is probable that your baby
Is getting too much milk through'
her nursing and won't take enough
solid foods which help to cleanse
the tongue.
Twenty-eight pounds Is over
weight for a baby of one year un
less it Is large framed. It may be
that your baby Is fat, flabby and
a little anemic I would go to
a children's specialist or to a baby
clinic and have her checked up.
We have a list of modern books
on the general care and feeding
Cf children which you may have.
A. After the surgical removal
of ovaries before the change of
life-period, the change is brought
about. Frequently after this,
physicians prescribe certain ovar.
ian substances, and in many cases
they seem to help, as they have
helped you. Tell your husband this
Is not comparable to drug taking,
as he thinks, and no harm will
come from It.
We have an article on the meno
pause (change of life) if you are
"Win you please tell me what
effect catnip tea has on a baby?
i know a woman .who gives her
baby catnip tea to prevent its cry
Western Lady
. Tells Story
Natura controls all the func
tlons of oar digestive organs ex
cept one. We have control over
that, and it's the function that
causes the most trouble.
See that your children form
regular bowel habits, and at the
first sign of bad breath, coated
tongue, biliousness ' or - constipa
tion, give them a little California
Fig Syrup. It regulates the bow.
els and stomach and gives these
organs tone and strength so they
continue to act a Nature Intends
them to. It helps build up and
strengthen pale, listless. , under
weight children. Children Jove its
rich, fruity taste and It's purely
vegetable, so yon can give It as
of tea as year child's aooetlto lacs
or ha seams feverish, cross or fret-
Leading physicians have endors
ed it for 10 years, and its ever,
whelming sales record ot over
four million bottles a year show
how mothers depeaoV gn It. A
Western Brother. Mrs. RW.-Stw-rt,
4111 Rarltan BlUn:Ctf-erado.-
says: "Raymond . was tr
Ibly pulled down by eon-t patloi,
He got weak, fre'ful and er
had no ' appatlto or eoeriey va nd J
food seemed -to sour n tie stem
ch. California Fig Syrup- hrtd'm
onpinc aad playing again n lust
n few days, and soon ha was back'
normal weight, look'ng bat er
' Vta -buhad Jddked la -months; '
Protect your child from ImKs
'ossof CallforaUi Fir Syrna,lThe
--:t;f f tte rc-cti;c is 're ifori
aJ "f
f &
1 I -Mm
Myttery Cloak Death
is n
. . . tNVJL
' v V. V
President Henry Bennett, of
Oklahoma A. & M. college, has
denied that the death of Miss
Pauline Pruitt, above, 17-year-old
co-ed of that institution, occurred
as the result of a sorority initia
tion. Reports to relatives of the
girl at Wichita Falls, Tex., said
that she died shortly after drink
ing shoe polish given her as castor
oil during an initiation. Mystery
has surrounded the exact cause of
her death, police refusing to di
vulge details. At her funeral
services her sorority sisters said,
their rites over her body.
ing and it seems so dull and tired
and sick all the time when given
this stuff. M."
Catnip (technical name cataria)
is so called because cats are ap
parently stimulated by It. It has
a stimulating principle and Is sup
posed to have Bome effect Jn ex
pelling gas, and Is an old-fash-
oned remedy for baby colic. The
dose as given is two teaspoons of
the tea or Infusion. But any stim
ulant that Is given In large doses
s apt to stupefy and that Is prob
ably what happens to the baby you
peak of.. Much harm can come
from the practice.
There is something wrong with
the feeding program of a baby who
habitually has colic. While over
feeding may cause it, not infre
quently (contrary to the usual
idea) what is supposed to be colic
a hunger and Is due to under
R. Yes. pregnancy is nossible
u there is one healthy ovary. The
removal of a diseased appendix
has no bearing, except a good one,
on the possibility of pregnancy.
m w w
Just Worried: I'm sorrythat
your question (and those of many
others) are ofsuch a nature that
The ensemble mode is the harmonizing of given
shades to one's whole attire for example; a chic
spring: coat of tan with trim of darker or lighter
tan, a natural tone or print dress and then a straw
or felt hat to harmonize a tan and brown scarf
may form part of the coat trim or be worn sep
arately and don't fonjet the little things, for the
entire ensemble can be completely lost if the color
scheme is not carried to the jewelry and hoset
gloves and other accessories- harmonize these
with the rest of your attire and you hare the per
fect Ensemble Mode.
Be your own ensemble expert its lots of fun and
everything is here the best part of it is the cost
is no greater than just ordinary hit and miss at
For the Ensemble Mode
to 17.50
For the Ensemble Mode
17.50 to 29.50
For tho Ensemble Mod
2.95 4.95 6.95
For the Ensemble Mode
2.48 to 7.95
For tho Ensemble Mode
98c 1.95 2.95
--'' -" " 1 ' . " ' t't... ,.w;:'t,t..',V j
Peterfe Adventures iMr
ELL. there is one thing
sure." thought tho boy.
"Mr. Parrot here may have
been Polly's sweetheart, but right
now ' tho fellow seems to wins
more of his looks than of his lost
love. What conceited birds these
parrots are!" Peter did not dare
at ifcta out load, though. He
only asked:
- "But how ' did vou happen to
know mv name? That Is what
puzzles me." ,
"Polly told me of course. Be
sides almost every day from. my
perch in the woods I heard your
mother calling. 'Peter, Peter, come
here!' Her voice was sweeter far
than any parrot s In the sycamore
tree, and so cheery sounding u
just made you ifeel glad all over
to hear It. I made up my mma
tn make mine sound like it If I
could." .
All this while Miss Parrot had
not said a word, but at this last
remark she turned to Mr. Parrot
and spoke: "
Now that you have answered
all the boy's questions, you are
coming to the one that I asked
you a long time ago. jusc now
did you manage to talk like a
Two-Legs? "Why, it Is wonderful!
never would have thought you
were such a smart bird to look at
Mr. Parrot bowed low and
chuckled gleefully.
"Thanks, tee hee! Haw, haw!
Now don't you flatter me any
more or I shall do something fool
ish. It always makes me feel silly
to have nice things said to me
I am not used to it, you see. I
guess I am tne only parroi in tne
woods who can talk like Two-Legs
and it may be giving away my
secret to tell you how I do it, but
you nave been so Kina i guess i
'"Oh, please do," begged the boy.
I cannot discuss them in the news
paper colusn. Tou must see your
XMsy to use irrea results
For tho Ensemble Mods
2.95 to 4.95
For the Ensemble Mode
1.50, 1.95, 2.50
For the Ensemble Mode '.
48c to 3.95
"I always wanted to know how
Polly managed to mimic ns so
well.' " .- :V- ;
"To begin with," declared Mr.
Parrot, "yon must know that once
I make up my rfflnd to do a thing
cot in rue yyooos where
let nothing stand In my way.7
"Wanting to have a voice like
your mother s, boy, I tried and
tried and tried to make a noiee
like a Human's
"Day after day, all by myself,
out in the woods where nobody"
could hear me, I practiced calling
'Peter , come here.' But try as I
would, my voice was as hoarse and
croaking as ever it was. Then sud
denly, one morning I heard -myself
saying 'Peter' and it sounded
Just like I wanted it to.
"You yourself, boy, would have
thought it was your mother call
ing you. I was so surprised that
I almost fell off the branch. Then
suddenly I had an Idea. I would
have some fun. What do you sup
pose I did?"
Neither pretty pictures norrljcoktffwfc, adjectives.: wtU -dye
a dress or coat It takes real dyes to do the work ;
dyes made from true anilutt,rr:
Next time you have dyeing tavdo, tnr Diamond Dyes.
See how easy it is to use, fhem. a, comport tht
results. Your dealer will refund your money if you
don't agree they are better dyes. .
You get none of that re-dyed look from Diamond Dyes ;
no streaking or spotting. Just fresh, crisp, bright new
color. And watch the way they keep their brilliance
through wear and washing. -They are better dyes
because they contain plenty, of real anilines from
three to five times more than other dyes. 'But yotf pay
no more for them than for ordinary .dyes ,
The white package of Diamond Dyes Is the original
"all -purpose" dye for any and every kind of material
It will dye or tint sHk, wool, cotton, linent rayon or
any mixture of materials. The blu4 package is a special
dye, for silk or wool only. With It you can dye your
valuable articles of silk or wool with results equal to
the finest professional work. Remember this when
you buy. The blue package dyes siOc or wool only. The
white package will dye every kind of goods, including "
silk and wooL Your dealer has both packages.
For tha Ensemblo Moda
49c to 15
1 :
)1 WM::A