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    The New Oregon Statesman, Salem, Oregon, Saturday Morning, Match 2, 1929
I Local News Briefs
To Vfeft Market Twa . Salem
etudKDpn-Stuart Burke, sopho
more Is commerce and Albert
Matiels, Junior la comments arc
majorl&g U marketing at Oregou
State college. Their elaaa is plan
nine a field trip to Portland this
week-end to see the processes of
marks till Tbe class will visit
Swift and aoaipaay. Portland Veg
etable OH Mill company, Pacific
Fruit aa4 rodnce company, 8per
ts Tloft company and Oceanic
Tax fKMNNBto IUdr Siate
mant lor pro pert owners hare
been prepared and are now ready
to V sent out. "according to an
nouncement made here Friday by
Oscar ?tower, county sheriff. "We
do not send tbe statements out un
til tbey nak for tbetn or Indicate
to wbo-u" they want them sent.'
Bower tinted. There are about
14.000 statements In our bands
risbt no?' Tbo ,tr8t sU months
Installment will be due Hay .
Large Crowd at Conference
About 15 persons attended we
3ecoud Quarterly conference held
at the Leslie Memorial church
Thursday night. This waai one of
the biggest crowds ever to have
attended a similar meeting at the
church. Dr. T. H. Temple, district
uperiiitendent, was the principal
.,-.jkcr. Following the potluck
s ipii und business meeting, a.
-x-ial hour was enjoyed.
Imnwsteaders Allowed A small
quantity of logged off land in
wsjtrr. Oregon is to ba thrown
u;en to homesteaders June 7, ac-c-ording
to word . received ' at the
Marioc county clerk's office her i
Friday. Certain preferenois are
to 1- accorded men who served in
th- United States forces during
tl: - World War.
Tu Observe Activity Work
TN- third grade and primary
teael.trr in the Salem schools
have t;ten extended an invitation
to ob.-fci-ve the activity work beinjr
carried on in the Washington
jsrade -ihool next Monday eve
ning, when Mrs. Rose Gibson will
explaii. the methods she used and
vsult obtained.
t-ranklin Freed Floyd Frank
JlocaJ youth who was arrested
. nary 1$ on a charge involving
larceny of an auto, was released
on his own recognizance Friday
b order of Justice of the Peac.'
Small. He has been kept in thr
county jail here since the time of
!:i arrest.
To Portland Today A. C.
li-ilii nstrdi. local realtor, and Tru
man v'uiuniings who recently join
ed t( office as insurance sales
man, will spend Saturday i n ; i .i .i. Mr. Bohrnstedt made a trip to Albany and Tan
giH. ,.fj Friday.
Ileturn to Creswell M rs. Lulu
i nt. who has been visiting at tbe
home i.i Air. and Mrs. A. C. Bohrn-t-tedt
riuee early in the week, left
Frida morning for her home in
crvfi:. Mrs. Kent attended the
im-etiup of the state tuberculosis
assoiii! ion the fore part of th'i
I'uUuation Gets insignt
cl-v-r leading for "Ad-Craft
Nv.-." official publication of the
Advertising club of Salem, was
drawn this week by Renne, local
arti.-t. acd hereafter each issue
c.rt.f publication will carry this
,r.. Interest in the local ad-
iwa .aut w3 givniHg -
llix-on- Have Guwt A guest
ov- r tfc- week-end with Mr. and
Mrs. iius Hixson is the former's
mother. Mrs. Augusta Hixson of
t7vtlarid. She came to Salem Fri
day. Today she will visit for a
time in Stayton with her daughter,
iiTs. i lay Eggleston. '
Trio Released -Flora Raymond.
K. E. Morgan and Robert Meek,
arrested Wednesday on charges
of disorderly conduct, were releas
ed on condition that they leave
Sal-rii. 'Thursday after the po!ic-
had conferred with the district at
toi r.e
Deim nf rations S c h e d tiled-
Two demonstrations are scheduled
foi Uoib' Grocery next week. A
sperial showing will he made of
the u-inz products while Purity
Ma ii.i.aij-e. a special brand sold
onl hy ihe Purity stores, will also
on display.
To Teach at Cieelan Mrs. Elsie
Can.ei,::- of Salem, route three
l.a btn engaged as substitute
tea. her the rural school at
(.elaij. tuning the illness of
J 1 ...... I w r" rAVufar
;.fr Mrs. Carpenter will be-
! er emporary duties Monday.
VNr-'l'ng Charged P. H. Black
r.field w
cai arric officers Wednesday
II i j
r a chance of speeding. He
l h. $10 bail.
: iJ Dai!- Kveept Monday by
eiittman fjublistriiux Co.
:i: S. Commercial 84.
Vrmbtr of tha
Tbe Aso-iated Pratt is c.elas'-slf
ri;i'''d to the nw for pablicatioa of
i atpatrh.s eraditsd to it or
i t otha-rwia credited ia this papar
i d .ao to tha local mvi Babusaaa
business orrrccs
Punfu Caat RaprekODtatlTas :
4rt!ur V. St j pea. lat, Sacarlty
Bldt- I'ons-d; teaaroa Bldg. 8aa
frai !: VII UoaUra Pacilie Bldf,
r All lrpartiuaata
la-icreaT i the Post Of Hca ia Balaam,
Orafoa, at iwoaJ elaaa asaxtar.
Hcriptlaa Rata, ta Advaaea
AT Oregon ; Uatlf aao Soaday,
i i. .0 rBi; IJIi. tl.ti: S Ma.
-I Zrmt 00- KUaahara SO
'e-il i Jl. or $Vi.0A for .1 yoar ia
$ Bib Oarrlar
a moala; M OO a yaar.
, Mam bar
Teachwa Dallctta Oat The
first Issue of the Bulletin of the
Salem Teachers' association under
the new editorship of one of Mrs.
Grace Hockett's senior ttnllah
sections of tbe hlfh school was
distributed to the schools Friday.
The bulletin announces the next
council meeting to be held at Par
rlah at 4 o'clock Tuesday, March
S, as well as contains news of can
eral interest among the seaoels.
The issue eonjains seven pases,
the nteet pretentious yet publish
ed by the association. Tha mimeo
graphing is done by commercial
students of the high school.
Omrch Cpstfareaw Today The
Castle United Bretherm church,
17 th streat and Nebraska avenue,
will hold Its second quarterly con
ference Saturday evening. March
1. at 7: SO o'clock. Rev; V. W. Pon
Uns of Vancouver, conference su
perintendent; will preside. - Super
intendent Pontins will, a.lso preach
at the Castle church Sunday morn
ing. Spend Week-End In Portland
Miss Janice Fawk and Miss Viola
Keller, employes at the state
house, will leave this afternoon
for Portland. They will return to
their home at 1133 Cnemeketa
street Sunday evening.
Here From tieelan J. J. Spro
gis of Geelan, where he. is a mem
ber of the school board, was a
business caller at the office of the
county school superintendent Fri
day. Mail Out Outlines Outlines
for the course of study for the
last quarter of the school year
were prepared Friday at the coun
ty superintendent's office for mail
ing to the various county schools.
Stanfield in City "-Robert Stan
field, former United-States senator
from Oregon, was in Salem on un
official business Friday. He vis
ited the senate during the prog
ress of the debate on the Burdick
Typewriter. .Stolen- Two type
writers have been stolen from the
Collegian orfice at Willamette
university, according to a report
made to the police.
Bail Forfeited Chester II. Berg
of Woodburn route 2 forfeited
$10 bail in municipal court Friday
when he failed to appear to an
swer a charge of speeding.
Visiting in Portland Mrs. Jose
phine Applegate is spending some
time in Portland, visiting at the
home of her niece, Mrs. Josephine
Visiting in Albany Mrs. Floyd
Hilliker, student at the Capital
Business college, is spending the
week end at her home in Albany.
Walker Visits C. F, Walker of
Springfield was a visitor in Salem
Friday and attended the Lions
club luncheon. He is a member of
Afthe Springfield Lions club.
Bank Official Returns' S. B.
Elliott, vice president of the Salem
Bank of Commerce, returned
Thursday after spending two
weeks in southern California.
Jail Not Crowded Population
of the Marion county jail was
down to 18 late Friday, it was
indicated at the office of the
county sheriff.
Find -It
Police & Firemen's Benefit
Dance Monday nite, March 4th.
Furniture I'pholste
And repairing Clese.Powers
Furniture Co.
Dollar Dlnn
Every night 6:10 to at th
Marlon hotel.
Eat at 0'lary's
Where good food is served.
Old- Tint Dance
Crystal Garden every Wed. and
Sat. night.
Thomas Bros. Band Mrilowmoon
Every Wed. and Saturday.
Elk Dance with Mills Orrheet
Sat., March 2, SIks Club.
Big Dance at Haxel Greei
Sat. night. Good music, good
Don't Put This Off
"Why put off till next fall some
thing which could be started
now? The work of the Capital
Business college is so arranged
that one may begin at any- time
for a" full course or special studies.
Those who start now will be ready
for office positions six months
ahead of students entering in Oc
tober. Think this over. Enroll for
the beginning class in shorthand
Portland Police and Firemen's
Quartette at both daneee.
Music Starts at 9 p. m.
Admission $1.00 per couple.
Forced to Vacate
Entire stock must be sold. Sale
starts Monday, Match 4th. Nel
son's Jewelers, 480 'state street,
next to Oregon theatre.
Your Choice of Two Daacee
Modern dance Crystal Gardens.
Thomas Bros, and Royal Knights
orchestras, - ,
Attention. Golfers Salem Golf
Club invites your patronage.
Old Time Donee Caatilllas Hall
Mathls old time orchestra.
Fostoria Glassware Is Always
Acceptable. Large selection ta
our giftry. Pemerey Keen.
21 Measures Win Approval
of Patterson During
Friday Session
- Governor Patterson Friday sign
ed the following bills:
H. B.-. by Carkln Relating
to deposits over seven years old.
H. B. 71. by Car kin To Amend
section 9033. Oregon laws, relat
ing to aliens. j -
H. B. TS. by Carkin To amend
section 100T1. Oregon laws, relat
ing to widow's election.
'H. B. 1. by Carkin Amend
ing sections 4961 and 4CI. Ore
gon laws, relating to the state
board of education.
H. B. 170. by James H. K. 8cott
To amend section 2528, Oregon
laws; as amended by chapter 198.
general laws of Osegon. 1931.
providing for notice from landlord
to tenant to. terminate occupancy
of premises.
H. B. 281. by Wlnslow To
amend section 44. Oregon laws,
relating to place where certain ac
tions may be brought and may be
Delinquency Tax Provided
H. B. 306, by Collier and Chln
nock Providing for the issuance
of certificates of delinquency for
taxes levied by irrigation ana
drainage districts, etc., and pro
viding for foreclosure of same.
H. B. 3 21. by Malarkey Relat
ing to the election of justices of
the supreme court of Oregon.
H. B 350. by Briggs To repeal
section 5001. Oregon laws, as
amended, relating to teachers'
training schools.
H. B. 372. by Childs To amend
section 4955. Oreeon lawa, rela
tive to special certificates.
H. B. 3 95. by Henderson To
amend section 1241. Oregon laws,
relating to rejectio nof approval
of claims against an estate by an
administrator or executor.
H. B. 405. bv Chinnock To
amend section 5723. Oregon laws.
as amended, relating to applica
tions to appropriate water.
Justice Courts Changed
H. B. 498, by Chinnock To
amend section 5767. Oregon laws,
civins: justice courts concurrent
iurisdictlon with circuit courts in
trial of misdemeanors under the
water code.
H. B. 504. by committee on re
peal of laws To repeal section
3381, Oregon laws, relating to the
election of certain county officers.
H. B. 505, by committee on re
i nf lawa To repeal section
5518. Oregon laws, relating to levy
of library tax by counties.
H. B. 506. by committee on re
peal ot laws To amend section
3 255. Oregon laws, relating to
preparing and recording of semi
annual reports of county sheriffs,
treasurers and county courts.
S. B. 123. by Joe E. Dunne To
repeal section 7. chapter 371, gen
eral laws of Oregon. 1921. relat
ing to Drintiner and distribution of
lists of motor vehicle registrations.
S. B. 124. by Joe E. Dunne iq
amend rection 10. chapter 371.
general laws of Oregon. 1921. re
lating to temporary permits to
operate motor vehicles.
S. B. 126. by Joe E. Dunne--To
amend section 26. chapter 371.
lating to collection of fee pre
general laws of Oregon. 1921. re
scribed by the motor vehicle reg
istration law.
S. B. 203. by Jones and Fisher
To amend section 119. chapter
105. general laws of Oregon. 1921.
relating to fishing in Yaquina bay.
Teachers Gather
At Woodburn to
Hold Institute
The second local Institute for
Marion county teachers will be
held at the Woodburn high scnool
today. Mrs. Mary !. Fulkereon,
cnuntv superintendent, and Wil
liam W. Fox, rural school super
visor and county club leader, will
be in attendance from Salem.
Th forenoon session will begin
at 10 o'clock and will be devoted
to departmental discussion. The
rountv nrinciDals' association will
also hold a business meeting dur
ing the morning hours, with L. N.
Bennett of Jefferson in the chair.
A general assembly will be hW
in the afternoon, with Principal
E. A. Miller of the Grant school
in Salem and T. A. Raffety. chief
of the Oregon motor traffic divi
sion, delivering the main address
es. ' v:
Tri-County Meet
Of Doctors Set
For Tuesday Eve
The Polk-Yamhill-Marion medi
cat socla society will hold Its reg
ular monthly meeting at the Gray
Belle Tuesday, March 5. at 7
o'clock. Dr. Franklin J. Johnson
of Portland will give the principal
talk on "Lowering the Death Rate
in Prostatectomy," discussion for
which will be opened by Dr. F. K.
Power of Salem. Dr. V. H. Thomp
son of Salem will present two In
teresting pathological specimens.
February Sales
Hold Up In Good
Shape is Report
"Business for February was bet
ter than we surmised and up to
tbe standard of last year. com
mented a local merchant Friday In
refuting tbe claim that -there had
been a Mump locally in ealee."
"What we all forget." said this
citizen who refused to have his
name Quoted. "Is the fact that the
present never looks as good as the
past or the future. In general.
business has been quite good here
and we look for a decided Im
provement now that spring Is com
lag ;
Bonds From Alt Parts of World in Doctor's Possession
Bonds from virtually every sec
tion of the globe are Included in
the estate ot the late Dr. W. H.
Byrd - of Salem, it was disclosed
In the report of Inventory and ap
praisement filed la probate here
Friday. The total estate Is esti
mated at 8130.f84.a7 by William
8. Walton. J. C. Perry and Ed
ward Rosteln. appraisers. Real,
property amounts to $81,708 and
stocks and bonds 889491.88,:
miscellaneous resources comp lin
ing the remainder.
The following bonds were list
ed as part of the estate.
Republic of Peru, kingdom of
Italy, kingdom of Belgium. Salem
Elks lodge, government of Argen
tina, government ot Austria, city
of Marshfleld, J. TL. Linn, com
monwealth of Australia. Oriental
development company. Northern
Ohio traction and light company.
city of Twin Falls, Idaho, state
of San Paulo, Brazil, . city of
Union. Oregon, Stave Falls lum
ber company, limited, republic of
Finland, city, of Seaside .water
bond, republic of Uruguay, city of
Bend, city of Hubbard. United
light and power company. Mor
row county, Oregon, republic of
Colombia, republic of Bolivia,
rural high school district N6. 1,
Franklin county," Idaho.
An intereeting local hike has
been planned for the Salem Che
meketan society, this Sunday when
the group will visit the Chemawa
Indian school and the state school
for the deaf. Miss Grace Gunn,
member of the faculty at Chema
wa. will direct the hike. The group
will leave the Hollywood theatre
on North Capital street promptly
at 10 o'clock. Miss Gunn will be
assisted by two members of the
Boy Scout troop at the Indian
The Chemeketana and their
friends will arrive at the Indian
school about noon, under the sche
dule, and will have lunch at the
Wigwam, the tea room on the
school errounds. Following lunch,
a concert will be given by one of
the school's musical organizations
and then the hikers will make a
tour to inspect the school, fol
lowing which the group will hike
back through Painter's woods to
the school for the deaf, arriving
at about 4:30 o'clock. Superin
tendent J. Lyman Steed of the
deaf school will direct a demon
stration of the work there. Hikers
will reach town again at 6 o'clock.
Xo registration is required for
this hike.
HUBBARD, March 1. F. C.
Stellmacher of the Oregon State
Game commission, accompanied by
Ben Claggett, deputy game war
den, gave a lecture Thursday eve
ning in the Hubbard city hall on
the work of the State Game com
mission. .Mr. Stellmacher illus
trated the lecture with motion pic
tures of wild life in Oregon. He
illustrated the work done by the
trapper of predatory animals, the
propagation ot game birds and
fish. The commission operates
three game farms and this year
liberated over 21,000 Chinese
pheasants, Hungarian partridges
and wild turkeys. The commission
also liberated within the state of
Oregon 22,000.000 fish, five to
eiht inches in length.
Among other films was one by
Professor Finley, the Oregon na
turalist, showing bird life In Ore
gon. Mr. steumacner maae a
strong plea for obedience to game
laws that the game supply might
not fail and that there might be
plenty of good out of door sport
for all. All this work. Mr. Stell
macher assured, is done without
using a cent of tax money, the en
terprise being supported by license
Mildred Smith to
Speak on How to
Conserve Sight
Miss Mildred Smith, field rep
resentative of the National So
ciety for the Prevention of Blind
ness. will be in Salem next Tues
day and In the afternoon will ad
dress Miss Carlotta Crowley's
class in Health Education which
meets at 4 o'clock at the senior
high school building. Teachers ot
the first and second grades will
also attend the lecture, which will
be on "Conservation of Sight.'
Mips Smitn has heen attending the
annual meeting oi the Oregon Or
ganization for Public Health nurs
English Classes
Being Tested On
Penmanship Value
.' '-'"' : "
r English classes at Parrlsh Jun
ior high school are conducting an
experiment to determine If. possi
ble whether or not a student needs
five days ot penmanship a week
In one class, peamanship is being
taught but two days a week with
remaining periods spent In study
of English and history .topics.
Whether or not this precede re
will raise the English and history
grades and at the same time per
mit students to , make as rauer
progress as otherwise In writla
Is still problematical.
Janan Hokllnsr Included
Kimberly Independent school
district of Klamath county. Ore
eon. Lanwal valley high school
district. Idaho, East Fork Irriga
tion district. Oregon, Mount Scott
memetarr cornoratlon. Portland.
Mhool district No.. 5. Lane coun
tr. Oreron. hlxh school district
No. 3. Payette county. Idaho, Ne
vada-California electric corpora.
tlon, state of New South Wales.
rannbUe of Chile. United States
ot Braail, republic of Haiti. Sin
clair nine line eomnany. city of
Jacksonville, Oregon, state ot
Washington for Clarke county
road. Kingdom of Denmark, pro
vince of Unner Austria, city of
Newport, Oregon, Joint scnool dis
trict No. 142 for Marlon and
Clackamas counties. Willamette
Iron and steel works, city of For
est Grove, Market street railway
comnanr. cltr of Minot. s. D.
state of Oregon Panama building
Realtr Associates of Portland
city of Enterprise, Oregon, city of
Yokohama, Japan.
" The Oreeon Panama building
bond was the only one listed as
without value.
In' most cases there was onlv
one bond of a given kind in the
estate, the customary denomina
tion being $1000.
The University of Oregon moth
ers may get their Infirmary for
their sons and daughters, for H. B.
274, appropriating $50,000 to
match a sum to be raised for this
purpose, has easy going in the
house Friday.
Passage of the bill came some
what as a surprise, not because
anyone had any Idea it might not
get enough votes, but because it
took a lot of real hard work to
get it out of the ways and means
committee. This was finally ac
complished by getting the neces
sary ten names on a favorable
report, and it was then placed on
the calendar Friday.
The bill had ample supporters
in the house, and only two mem
bers, Johnson of Benton and
Weatherspoon had anything to
say against it. These two, and
four others, LaFoIlett, Wilkes.
Egbert and Stewart were the only
ones to cast negative votes.
Best Pupils at
Hazel Green Are
Given Rewards
The pupils ranking first for the
fifth month are: fifth grade, Emi
Yada and June Dunigan; sixth
grade. Earl Johnson; seventh
grade, Tatsuro Yada; eighth
grade, Violet Van Cleave and Glen
An interesting contest was be
gun first of the month, the points
being counted on attendance, de
portment, attitude toward school.
neatness. The captains are Dor
othy Montandon and Glen Looney.
B. C. Zelinskl and children
Quinten and Helen, Mis Carolyn
Williamson and brother, Victor
and Waldo Gilbert and James A.-
Looney are suffering from influ
enza. Rev. Miss Leila Luckey and
nephew motored to Philomath
Wednesday. Mrs. Looney and sod
Guy Allen returned with them.
Mrs. Looney was called to Philo
math by the illness of her son.
Hazel Green will play Central
Howell baseball team on Howell
field Friday afternoon.
House Deserted
As Phone Debate
Comes To Its End
The house of representatives
was sadly deserted between 2 and
3:30 p m. A large number of the
members were in the senate cham
ber listening to the debate on the
BurdiCk home rule measure. The
senate chamber was packed to its
full capacity. The door keeper was
competed to lock the doors to the
crowd. The measure lost and
many of the house members came
back somewhat sadder than he
fore. CLOUGHHi
.Huston v
lndoot Burial
OisUncticvt sV' A
cfUneral -TVK zTlrn
pA ! -JO
More Barriers Placed On
Operation of Banks;
Vote Unanimous
Oregon's new banking code now
awaits the signature of the gover
nor for it to take Its place In the
statute books. The measure, was
Introduced In the senate by the
committee on banking and passed
by the upper house last week. Not
a dissenting vote was raised
against It In tha house Friday.
The new code provides that-in-corporatlon
Is not necessary be
fore application is made for a
charter; it prevents sale of stock
before the charter is granted. It
further insures the safety ot the
depositor by providing that a 20
per cent surplus fund must be ac
cumulated at (he time capital is
subscribed and that the capital
must be paid in full; It provides
a definite method for reducing
the amount of real estate held by
a bank; It provides definite regu
lation as to the time when divi
dends may be declared.
Many New Phases In
It also redefines the extent of
loan to conform with the national
bank cods and allows for the mak
ing of larger loans where they
are amply secured; it provides for
the segregation of trust funds in
banks; it provides that at least ti
$10,000 bond must be established
on deputies of state bank examin
ers; it provides for a definite man
ner for sale of stock in case of
non-payment of assessment; It
provides also additional machine
ry for liquidation of assets in case
of bank failure and a definite pro
cedure for disposal of unclaimed
valuables in case of liquidation.
Another feature i3 that is spe
cifically designates by legal des
cription, or by streets and num
bers in the cities and towns, the
places where banks are to be. lo
ThP "S" club of the Salem high
school has apparently solved the
greatest difficulty confronting the
student assemblies, principal J
C Nelson said Friday following
the second assembly In which the
club members have functioned as
custodians of law and order. Sev
pral weeks aeo after repeated ef
forts to bring assembly confusion
and noise to a minimum. Mr. .Nel
son asserted that henceforih few
er student meetings could be held
Memhera nf the "S" club the
bie bovs who represent the school
in athletic competition got their
heads toeether and decided it
wasn't fewer meetiugs that were
needed, but plenty discipline.
They gained the principal's con
sent to "Dolice" -the assemblies
and now any time the students
come together the VW ooys may
be seen stationed about the audi
torium. And it worjta.
Louise Voget is
Camp fire Leader
HUBBARD. March 1. Camp
Adahi Camp Fire GIrJs of Hub
bard held election of officers at
a reeular meetine Thursday eve
ning. Officers named were: Pres
ident, Miss Louise Voget; rice
president. Miss Leafy Reed; sec
retary. Miss Anna Knight; treas
urer. Miss Aeatha Voget and press
correspondent. Miss Gungadene
Oregon Electric
Willamette Valley Line IssbT
Wltbaat spa ration er last at ttma.
tn Oiwa .
Finest Toric reading lenses fit
ted to your eyes at the above
We also insure your glasses
against breakage the only
firm In Salem extending this
splendid FREE Service. Exam
ination, too.
110 X. Commercial St.
"At the Sign of the Spex"
Saturday Shrub
Specials ,
Save money at Our
Saturday Specials
Hydrangea arborescens, ink
Tartarian Honeysuckle bush.
Virginia creeper vines 50c
sizes 8 for fl.OO.
Madame Butterfly two year
rose bushes SOc size at
a for T5c
Mt. Ash trees (beautiful berry
bearing trees) 4 to feet site
at 76c y.
Campbell Early grape vines
3 for SOc . ;
We have a fall , line I of fruit,
at sd shade treea, ornament
al shrubs and rpeee. .
Pe&rcy Bros. Nuriery
940 X. liberty, mfmr Court
Freshman Glee Tonight is r
Gala Affair; Traditional
Rivalry Is At High Pitch
The Willamette university gym
nasium ran a close second to the
capitol building Friday in compe
titlon for honors as the busiest
building in Salem for freshmen
were at work throughout the day
preparing for the annual fresh
man glee which will be staged to
night beginning at 8 o'clock. Each
class spent two. hours in practic
ing marching on and off the plat
form .and in singing; Intensive
practice will continue today.
4-H Leaders to Gather in
Woodburn and Salem
March 11 to 16
The first Marlon county schools
for leaders of 4-H boys' and girls'4
club work will be held at Salerrrtgiye a reading. Following this In
and Woodburn March 11 to 16, In
elusive. William W. -Fox, county
club leader, announced Friday,
The Salem session will, be held in
the public library auditorium andman song Mlss Edith Findley will
t T1T IV.. . 1. V. 1 ...111 1. . 1
at Woodburn the school will be
held at the high school. The
schools will be divided Into two
sections, one for the leaders of
local boys' and girls' club projects
attendance of which will be lim-
ited to club leaders and the club
presiaeni. in instances wnere tne
leader cannot, attend, one other
officer will be permitted to attend.
The second section .will be de
voted to cooking classes and Will
be open to the public. Mrs. L. ill.
Humphreys of the Crown mjlls
will have charge of this section.
Sewing classes will also be taught
and will be in charge of Miss Hel
en Cowgill, assistant state club
Mr. Fox says that the same type
of work will be done in both
schools. Heretofore it has been the
policy rfor instructors to come to
each county and meet with the In
dividual clubs, however the new
policy will he productive of great
er and more far reaching results,
Mr. Fox believes.
Fourteen divorce cases were
heard and 11 decrees granted by
Circuit Judge McMahan here Fri
day. The divorce decrees were:
Betty G. Badger vs. Malcolm S. i
Badger; Ruth M. vs. Percy L.
Johnson; Marie Hotz vs. Benjamin
M. Hotz; Alvah vs. Helen E. Van
Cleave; Katie vs. John Cafferty;
Paulina vs. August Schukey; Eth
el E. vs. Alfred J. Hobble; Carl
Cooper vs. Hazel Cooper; Esther i
E. Demarest vs. Lloyd C. Demarv'!
est; Gussie Stelnbock vs. Albert !
M. Steinbock. i
Chiasms Jius
Hra m4 f-UJaia mmm i
aa Ma boma. aaalad
RJbbaa. Takaaaatl
CniTcattsTf t L4M OR
v tf aa
ui ruuh tottfi 111! Iml
i Said, il Kati la. Bw-lfawl
' sau if jaufisuis aTZJLrvau ui
We Want
Bars PiMr Metal Sacks.
A Iron, Bottles, Hides, Pelts.
Wool, and anything which
you have to sell.
Three Tracks at your
Capital Bargain &
Junk Co.
H. ST EI X BOCK, Owner
145 Center Phone 398
By the bridge
'ouise Rice, world famous graphologist
an positively reed your talents, virtue
nd faults in the drawings, words am
hat nets that you scribble when "lc
Send your" scribbling or signstv
aa rata. Fatlnn taa ptctura rftaa ika
ad. cat fraai a bos af Mikado pawn!., a
i ceata. Aartt sss Loniaa Rica, cara of
bv judge mm
Calvary Baptist Church
(Grand Theater Bldg., eoTi Court and High) ; '
Bible school :4S. W. T; Jenks. Supt.!, B. T.s C:ia j
j 7:30 P.JK. BLOCKADES."
A Bible to be given away at this service to the .
W. KAWi COCHRAN; Pastor -
A line of students and towns
people wishing to obtain seserved
seat tickets formed shortly after
noon Friday, and before 5 o'clock
every seat in the auditorium had
been taken. This is a record time
for house-filrlng for the song con
test. In other years It has been
possible to reserve Beats on the
morning of the glee, but there
will be no vacancies to be filled
this morning. Persons holding re
served tickets hare been advised
to be in the gymnasium before 8
o'clock, as no seats will be held
after 8:15, and If any are vacant
they will be given to anyone wait
ing for them.
Seniors in Robes Tonight
At 8 o'clock the senior class,
robed in -caps and gowns for the
first time, will march Jn from an
anteroom ' and take their seats.
Welcome to students and visitors
will then be extended by Charles
Campbell, president of the fresh
man class. After a violin solo by
Miss Fay Irvine the seniors will
mount the platform and sing their
song, "A Vision of Old." Imme
diately following will be the Jun
ior song.; "Challenge to Loyalty."
Miss Rosalind Van Winkle will
play "Polonaise," by MacDowell.
andMisB, Helen Peniberton will
terinission the sophomores will
sing- "Alma Mater of the West."
and the freshmen will give "The
Ship Lausanne.' After the fresh-
play a marimba solo.
Matthew's in Honor Roll
As soon as the freshmen have
J finished their song the votes of
tne judge will be collected and
counted in the anteroom. The
jcounting will be witnessed by the
four ciass rresidents. While the
counting Is going on students will
try to relieve their tension by
singing campus songs. Finally
Professor James T. Matthews will
mount the platform and students
will move up to the very edges of
their chairs to hear the report of
the judges.
The winning class will repeat
its song and be photographed, and
Freshman glee will be over, except
for brief class parties. Following
their party, men of the freshman
class will return to the gymnasium
and begin the work of removing
decorations, tearing up the stage
and returning the chairs.
We have a 1023 Overland
Coupe, well eqnippHl, has 11KSO
license and in fine condition for
"The House That Service Built"
Our Candy Speeial for
this week end
Nut Fudge
22c a lb.
2 lbs. for 40c
Only at
Drug Store
11W X. Commercial St.
Phone 107
The Original Candy BpeVlal
Penslar Agency
. Waste Your
We will be glad to go to
your place and pay the
full value. We want
Bass, Paper, Metal, Etc
Salem Junk
SSO X. Commercial St.
Phone 402
Saffron Kline
"; -
.-us 'i.