The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, February 10, 1929, Page 8, Image 8

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The New Oregon Statesman, Salem.- Oregon, Sunday Morning. February 10, 199
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T". - "1 M Therefore, when we build let us think that we build forever.
Let Jtjnot be for
present delight nor for present use alone V;1
lv stons on stone that atime is to come'-C j a
4 Let it be such work ss our descendants will thank us for and let urltftiafc as we lay
when those stones will be held sacred because our . hands have' touched them and that men will say as they look uponaiie ;K4rfir
'7$&Fffi: labor and the wroudit substance of them: 'See! this our fathers did for us.'" JOHN RUSKIN. ' L t'lCJ r'lnSI
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' Builders Hard ware
You will find our stock of
r builders' hardware of the
best quality and priced
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. Real ..
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service to borrowers on improved real
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Modern Floors have
Color and Pattern
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You can't imagine what beauty a
design of embossed handcraft tile
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see it laid on the floor. Instead of
being just floors, these Armstrong
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r- t' J .: ' - ! : - : - - -.- .-- --
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CH for a, cop of tho Boantlfal IXne Book, on yoar next
, trly owatoira, yo will find at well worthwhile. .
A Charming Brick Home
J'.li I g'- . in in II , im, in n,,, Wll .t..0mMf.';-w-aZm,-.:
? -lit4 T:C!4- v..-vHr;-:; IKA '-, :
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nv -aj -rr j
I The variety of type and construction In the houses pictured and
described in the beautiful new Statesmaa-C. S. Hamilton home plan
book, now available to prospective home builders. Is one of the mart
appealing features of the publication. Not only, does the book present
some of the most up-to-date deshjns of leading western architects, but
Its plans cover the range of building wishes from frame to stucco.
Frame, of course; has long been a preferred building material in Ore
gon, but in the last few years stucco has been proved to be of extra
ordinary beauty and durability,, while brick has been standard for
'many years' in the construction, of comfortable,' attractive homes. The
Statesman -C. H. Hamilton plan book shows a number of highly at
tractive brick homes, designed so tJtU one or more will appeal to
every building budget. Herewith it pictures one of the substantial
brick residence types. One of its most attractive features is its large
porch. The exterior walls are laid up in buff brick veneer and a beau-
tirui, soit erreci nas oeen securea. ui course, tne construction mater
ial might readily be changed to meet the particular desires of indi
vidua! builders. Further information about this plan or others pictured
in the new plan book may be. had at the Statesman office or at the
Hamilton store. .ww -
Tty Marcla Meadows
The rogue, for early American
pieces of furniture grows apace,
and more and more of uo go rum.
maging happily about in attics.
farm houses- and antique shops
hoping to discover old chests of
drawers and four poster beds.
An acquaintance of mine not
long ago inherited a perfect old
mahogany four poster with a test
er top, and determined at once to
give it the right setting. She lived
fortunately, in a somewhat old-
fashioned, high celllnged house, in
which the bedrooms were large
enough to accommodate the hand
some bed. "
The walls were painted a soft
Cream tone, hooked rugs were
used on the floor, and some com
plementary pieces of furniture
were found. a Sleepy Hollow
rocker, a high chest of drawers
and an old spinet turned into a
dressing table. . ' .
A great deal-of thought and
?are was eiren to the most Import
ant choice of all the decorative
fabrics. After hesitating between
1 piquant old-fashioned chinti and
nn early American print in tones
of mauve and amaranth on ivory,
the latter was finally decided up
on. The design shows early Col.
onlal scenes with gentlemen in
cocked hats and breeches mounted
on handsome steeds . . v or prom
enading with charming Colonial
dames, - against landscape back
eronnds thai are beautifully de
signed. The fabric is perfectly In
but this sum was cut down to
$300,000. Senator McNary then
introduced an emergency meas
ure calling for an expenditure ot
(200,000 by the treasury depart
ment to meet needs In federal
government building repairs. The
passage of this measure means the
additional money for Salem", Far
rar said. ,
Widening of the postoffice an
nex by five feet - orireirnerSMe
would be possible If the $20,000 to
125,000 appropriation la received
the postmaster says.
. Wh
Textbooks used in Oregon
schools are not frequently
changed, according to results of a
survey made by Superintendent
George W. Hug of thef Salem
schools, who is also a member oi
the state textbook commission.
The statistics prepared by Mr,
Hug show seven high school texts
have been in use for 10 years
with but three, chemistry, Latin
and typewriting, recent new adop
tions.. Three of the other four
hare six years to continue and
one has four years, while the oth
er five texta used In. high schools
will run four years before . new
adoptions may be made.
In the grade schools, the Palm
er method writing series have
baen in use IS years and will be
used six more before a -new book
is necessary. lies ding, language,
drawing, physiology and hygiene
and dictionaries have been in use
keeping , with the room and has M0 years, with all to be used an
much strength and Character., It fs
used for " the bedspread, the ruf.
fled flounce, and the tester cover
of the bed and again as short over
curtains -. at : the .: diamond-pa ned
windows.. . '
I can visualise- the same tones
a tones of blue, on a linen tinted
round: used rvery effectively In a
tiring room with a peach-glow and
rust color scheme. The design, by
the war. Is done after the manner
of Huet, a famous old- textile ar.
tlat. whose designs were made In
Juoy, France, about-478K. Not
long ago, .an artist was discovered
In France who could do this type
of designing, and now we can have
adaptations and reproductions ot
these famous old. patterns made In
colonial cretonnes at modest cost.
No . assurance of " additional
moneys for Improvements In - the
Salem postoffice has been receiv
ed by Postmaster .John Farrar,
although Senator Charles McNary,
In a telegram to Mr. Farrar. hat
expressed hope- that $20,000 to
$25,000 would V be : provided for
Improvements to the present
building if a $2 00,00 a emergency
appropriation is. allowed , by Con
cress. - ii "
The Salem postoffice -was listed
-I..-. - . Xlll AAA
jprl&tlon considered - by-congress
other sir years except reading.
physiology and. hygiene. The lat
ter was changed at the recent
textbook commission meeting. th:
change being due largely to the
new developments in these ' stud
ies,aa was -also the ease in the
high school chemistry test.
' EUtensive . remodeling and im
provements loom for the next two
to four months on Stale-Street at
High where aeveral new tenanc
tea will make building activities
necessary. . "... . . . .-: .
' tTh major change will probab
ly be new construction in the. Ore
gon building wneer the recently
completed lease of the Metropol
itan Store will take effect May .1.
Remodel Front ;
: Oi Kay's Store
On State Street
-A new front for the Kay's Coat
it Dress Shop on State street was
complete! within the past -week,
the show window being ' msd
more - than twice as large as tt
former else ? with new glass and,
new backgrounds being added 1. 1
the window to Increase its display
The front of Fulop's store
which adjoins Kay's, underwent
a complete , remodeling and im
provement last summer.
Bootleggers Use Horses
bootleggers do not ride in hlgh-
powerea motor cars. The United
states customs service in the
1928 fiscal year seized 316 horses
and mules that had hauled llquod
waen conveyances.
The present year Is going to be
one of the most active in home
construction that Salem has ever
experienced, "according to a pre
diction made by H. C. Hummel,
local contractor and -builder.
llr. Hummel has two houses
now under construction, one on
Summer street and the other on
Royal. In addition, many heads of
families are discussing plana tor
new homes, and the Indications
are' that as soon as weather con
ditions warrant, there will be a
general flocking to the cdty re
corder's office for permits, he be
lieves. v
Last year Mr. Hummel built a
number ot homes in Salem, In
cluding three ' at the corner of
Front and Superior streets.
feet wide by 70 feet in depth. Mr.
Buckner had not yet announced
who the new tenant will be.
V . ; .i ..v. -
Buckner Starts .
Remodeling On
Commercial St.
. . . i, . il'H
; . 1 j l - j
Complete remodeling and; par
tial reconstruction of the Buckner
building on South Commercial
Btreet was begun this week, F. L.
Odom having the contract for the
An entirely new floor, new
roof and new front is to be placed
in the property. For 40 years the
building has been occupied by a
creamery but consolidation of
Capital City Cooperative creamery
with the Greenwood Dairy caused
the former company to make its
headquarters with the Greenwood
Dairy on State street.
The room being remodeled is 26
Construction work on the new
telephone building to be erected
on State street for the' Pacific
Telephone & Telegraph Co., la to
be started by May 1, according to
announcement made this week.
Whether the Job will be let on
contract or the work done under
the direction of a company build
ing supervisor has not been ' de
termined. ! , 1
The new . headquarters of the
telephone company will not be
ready for occupancy until late
next year, due to the large
amount of work needed to Install
new telephone equipment. Virtu
ally all the equipment now being
used in the Liberty street office
will be replaced by more modern
Work on Home
For Aiito Firm is
Delayed by Storm
.Workv on the new building be?
Wg erected for the Valley Motor
eompay, on Marion street neaa
Commercial nas been held up for
the last week because of cold
weather, according to A. E. Sie
wert, contractor.
Completion of the building Is
expected within a few weeks,
says Siewert. Weather condi
tions will determine the time.
When completed the new struc
ture will be occupied by the De
Soto agency, the (Salem dealer
being A. E. Anderson. (
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Plan To Build
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Beautiful When Papered
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ning and furnishing building
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Mow Is
ihe lime!
to start plans for Spring construction.
Do it now and avoid delay later.
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