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lews oi
Mothers? Meeting
Unique P. T. A.
A N 'ALTOGETHER unique and
4 splendid affair Is being plan
7 ned by the P. T.'A. association
of the Lincoln. MeKlnl7, and
Italia schools to. take, place Wed
nesday afternoon at the Leslie
Junior high school. The program
will begin at S:SO o'clock.
The theme of tha afternoon will
be an "Airplane." JUra. Flavd L
Utter, acting president oC the or
ganization will serve as pilot. The
- rartona parts of the airplane will
appear represented . as follows: -:
Engine vibrations. Leslie HI or
eheatra; Wings. Mrs. La Molne
Clarkr Fuel. Mrs. H. R. White:
Stick. Miss Dorothy Taylor; Cabin,
Mrs.'RL. Wright; Tall spin. Miss
Merl'.DImlck: Spark plugs, Mrs.
J. A. Kiebs. Mrs.. Walter B. Min
ler. Mrs. IL A. McCally, Mrs. Car
ey r P. Martin, Mrs. Alfred
Schramm, Mrs. B. F. Pound, Mrs.
J. S, Murray, Mrs. 1 Knight Pearcy,
. Two model planes made by chil
4 dren of the schools will be on dis
play during the" afternoon.
A feature of unusual note Is
that members of the Girl" Reserves
oT the schools will serve as play-
- room directors and carekeepers of
any small children whose mothers
want to-be present. The playroom
will be one of the rooms in the
Leslie school.
invitation is extended to every
mother who has a child tn school
"in any. one -bf the three schools, to
be a gsest at thiar "Mothers' Meet
ing." Some 400 guests are expect
I ? s
Carnation i Club Meets
At Fraternal Temple!
Members of the Carnation club
met at: the Fraternal Pemple
Thursday as the guests of Mrs.
M. H. Vlesko and Mrs. Perry
Wright. "500" was the diversion
for. the afternoon with high score
going to Mrs. Eva Traver, state
organiser and special ' guest for
the afternoon.
Mrs. F. A. Smith and Mrs. N.
the dub at this meeting.
Special guests for the afternoon
O. Bates were made members of
were Mrs. Era Traver, Mrs. Kirt
patrlck, Mrs. French. ; Mrs. ' M.
Woiz.:Mrs. George Patterson, Mrs.
II. Brlares. Miss Kb sem ere. Mrs.
Johason, Mi's. Marjr Gustafsoa,
and Miss Gnsiafson. , ; Members
present ; were Mrs. Mr Anderson,
Mrs. Arthur Gardner, Mrs. IL
Parrlsh, Mrs. Zell, Mrs. White,
Mrs. Albright, Mrs. Kertson, Mrs.
Earl Chapel, Mrs. O'Nell. Mrs.
Tyler Morley, Mrs. Sylvia Rlchter,
Mrs. Everett Rutherford, Mrs. M.
H. YSesko, Mrs. Perry Wright.
Mrs,. George Schultx, and ::, Mrs.
Mae' Lewis. :
... e e - .)-.;
Benefit Bridge Plans
le For Wednesday
' Members of the Woman's- Al
llancejf the Unitarian church wlH
entertain with, a benefit bridge at
the 'home of Mrs. Roy Burton,
Wednesday. Playing will
rneace at two o'clock. - '
'Hostesses tor the afternoon will
be Mrs. F. O. Breekenridge and
Mrs. Roy Burton. Those desiring
reservations telephone 104 4 J.
-h- '?:--
Mr.! and Mrs. C. P. Bishop en
tertained Friday evening at din
ner -for Senator and Mrs.! L. L.
fann' of Pendleton and Mrs. Mll
ored Tlsher of llood River.
i 1- Jn.
TTEAR-NO-HARM looked much
sH ashamed and a . Httle . b 1 1
frlarhtened. His mother hd
never "before scolded him so sound
ly before in all his young lire.
"Don't do that. Mother, cried
he. "I promise aerer to talk so
train. I shouldn't mind father
beatlasr me tery much, hut
couldn't stand my brothers i and
sisters laughing at me. I really
had no Idea how you felt, I was
only thinking of you and mnd be
caase I thought father let you do
all the work while he had an tne
fun."- -
"Which is an as It should be. my
son," declared . Mother i Grouse,
"and when you meet a little lady
Partridge who win set up house
keeping with you; you win under
stand matters better, in we mean
time don't trouble your head any
. a .;: . . " '
more idoui iu- i- .
am very happy, for no Grouse
has a handsomer husband or a
finer family than L But to change
the subject. AIl this talk stanea
I believe, f bout something nun
Avsr-Fa3t said.' . ' ; ' '
The boy la right, my dear lit-
tl Run-Away-Fast. There "are
eood and bad folks In erery race
those who sre . naughty because
flher do' not understand things,
and those who are suna necause
they do, and those who are hateful
and wicked ; lust because ; they
want to be. So. as our new Two-
Le friend says, it U not fair to
iudzi all Humans alike. He, X am
sure, is good; and true, and we
can trust htm, and that 1 enougn
for us. ; ..
"But we must haTS sense and
not think Just because we know
and lore him that we dare feelieye
in the kindness of all tha Two-
Legs. He himself hat told QS to
tide the moment we see on com-
tn. Are we rolns to do as ne
says. chUdren?" -
"Quit, quit, cult: yes, yes. yes,'
jnswereJ the i llttla . Grouse in
thorns, and both Peter and the
mother bird smiled with-.reliefs
- For. a moment everything . was
ulet. Mother ; Grouse looked
'roudly down upon her obedient
.Us brood and the boy watched
I X- v.. T
Miss Caroyl Braden
rUHE charminj? custom of annual Ooen House was observed
X by Willamette University
tneir cnapter nouses.
The Delta Phi sororitr 'entertalnlnc. from 7:10 until mo oVlwk
was decorated. -in: keeping with
Margaret Bolt greeted the guests
introduced them to the receiving liae, which .included Dorothy Ferrier,
Mrs. John Reed e, who is the house
Melton. Dean and Mrs. Roy Hewitt,
The serving table In the dining
fashioned bouquet between.' red
Heise,-poured during, the early part
bertson and Benlah Welch the
latter.-; .- ' ..
Assisting with the serving were
Mary Hershbergerv Mildred Cook.
Joyce Kidder,. Margaret Pro. Hel
ene Price, Florence Emmons, An
na Lanke Yvonne Cornell. Mary
Allen, Panllne Flndley, and Betty
Lewis. Dainty Joan itewcomoe ais
trlbnted farors. -.
" Daring the hour Lena Medler
played ' number of piano solos.
Marjorie Miller and Lillian Scott
sang, and Ira Clare Lore played
a number of violin selections.
The Beta CM sorority, enter
talned from 8 until 9 o'clock, was
decorated with spring -flowers.
Grace White greeted the guests at
and well behaved these shy brown
folks were, when aTirdllng wh
had cheeped before suddenly pok
ed out his head from beneath hi
mother's wing and chirped . from
beneath his mother's wing and
chirped in a distressed way.
I want a drink. I want a drink;
Oh, mother "you dont know how
thirsty I am!" At hlrworcls al
the children cried: . - : - , :
"So am L and I and I," and one
little fellow 'added in a squeak?
tolce." . . - -
.Oooh, I could drink . mor'n r
hundred acorns full I" - Mothet
Grouse laughed. -
Let one of my babies wish foi
a thing and every ,. one of hli
brothers and sisters are certain tc
want It," said she to the boy, then
turning to her brood, t
Well, run along, all of you.
and find-some daw; It Is not yet tc
lata In tha day that there will not
be a, drop hero and there to re
fresh you.":
.. . - - m -
Nezti "Drinking Down tha Dew
Is m
7 t
r v
j S
Sorof ities
sororities Saturday evening at
the old-fashioned valentine motif.
at the door and "Elixabeth Atkinson
chaperone. Miss Frances Virginia
and Beatrice Hartung.
room was centered with an old
tapers. Doris Phenicle and Helen
of the hour, and Beuneva Cul
the door, and Elma White intro
duced them to the recelrlng.llne
which Included Beatrice Lockhart,
Mrs. Alice II. Doddwho is house
chaperone. Dean and Mrs. F. M.
Erlckson, and Professor and Mrs.
EL C. Richards.
. The serving table was centered
with an attractive arrangement
of daffodils and acacia ' between
two seven-point candelabra which
held yellow tapers. Mrs. A. C.
Eof f and - Miss Leila' Johnson
poured during the hour.
Assisting with the serving were
Beryl Hale, Doris Steele, Marga
ret Moorehouse. Frances Smullln,
Helen Pyhus. and Helen Cochran.
Charming Sybil Spears distributed
the favors.
During the hour Rosalind Van
Winkle, Evelyn High, and Mar
garet Ghormley played piano num
bers and Fay Irvine played yIo-
nn numbers, accompanied by Hel
en McPherson.
The Alpha Phi Alpha sorority,
entertaining from 8:3ft until 9: to
o'clock, was decorated In the house
colors of lavendar and yellow.
ueone tuouuer greeted the smests
at the door and Anna Mary Me
Klnley introduced them to the re-
ceviing line which Included Mary
Clanfield, Mrs. O. P. Hoff. who Is
the house chaperone. President
and Mrs. Carl Gregg Doner. Dr.
land Mrs. George Alden, and Dr.
ana urs. K. . Gatke.
The serving table tn the dlnlna
room was a tractive with a center
piece of lavendar primroses and
yellow daffodils between Iaven-
ir . wiero in sirer noiders. Mrs.
J. H. Lauterman and Mrs. Alice
Fisher poured during the hour.
Assisting with the serving were
Helen Kafoury. Sarah Poor, Dor
othy Taylor, and Dorothr
Gladys Miller distributed the far
Lucille Cummlngs and Eliza
uem usaen gare a number of
Tocai soios and Marraret WrnV
and Bessie Weaver played several
piano numbers -
'.. : ;
Attractive Dinner i
Party Recent Event
Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Pierce en
tertained with dinner and bridge
at their home on North Summer
street . on evening of last week.
Covers for 12 were laid at a beau
tlfully appoints table. Following
the dinner bridge was in play at
three tables.
Guests for this affair were Mr.
and Mrs. Dan Fry, Jr.. Mr. and
Mrs. Frits Slsde, Mr. and Airs. D.
A. Young, Mr. and Mrs. H. G.
Malson, and Mr. and Mrs. - Karl
Becks. (Vc;
Mrs. Harry Kroner and Mrs.
Reed Carter were hostesses at a
Valentine bridge luncheon Wed
nesday afternoon at the home of
Mrs. Kroner. Covers were laid
for II. . ' - .
Phone 500 OLIVE
"V-fimr&VB)im ssyasfsssi Jfnat'ftm f
Miss Gertrude Winslow
The spirit of St; Valentine's day is the svirit of youth,
therefore in compliment .to s&jielightful a' saint three busy
Salem mauls are presented who
will continue to contribute to
Gertrude Winslow recently
unusual character before a
for the occasion at-the home of Mrs. William BurghardL
Miss Caroyl Braden was charming young Jiostes for two
evenings of bridgehe guest lists for which included a goodly
number of future society matrons. And finally Miss Evelyne
Ross will entertain Wednesday in honor of the good saint
himself whose birthday is commemorated February H, and
in celebration of her own birthday which falls on Feb
ruary 13. 4
L'Heur Gale luncheon at
Elk's club.
- P. M. club breakfast at
Elk's club
, Chapter A B of P. E. O.
with Mrs. Marie Ranch at
7:45 o'clock. Court apart
stents. Tuesday .
Junior Guild meets with
Mrs. George A. White 2:30
o'clock. " , -.i
Mizpah class of First 'Bap
tist church at 2 o'clock with
Mrs. L. G, Prescott, 1785 N.
CapltoL. .
Evening benefit bridge at
St.' Paul's parish hall.
Minnesota duh annual
meeting and basket dinner at
:to o'clock First Presbyter
ian church. y
fit Paul's Junior Guild
with .Mrs. George A. White,
afternoon meeting.
Chadwlck chapter O. E. S.
social afternoon club" card
party at Masonic Temple.
Sons of Union Veterans and
Auxiliary, Woman's club
house, T:S0 o'clock.
W. F. M. fl. of First Metho
dist church in church parlors
at- 2:80 o'clock.
Dauarhters of the Nile card
party and dance In the Ma
sonic Temple. , " -i
Barbara Frietchle tea . at
Woman's clubhouse tor ; the
women of all patriotic orders.
f Mothers' meeting at 8:30
o'clock In Leslie Jr. high. .
Lutheran Ladles Guild of
American Lutheran church at
2:30 o'efbek.
Thursday .- -. .
Thursday club tea for wives
of legislators at liome of Mrs.
Russell Catlln. ; U -i
Woman'a Alliance of TJnl-
tarlan church benefit bridge
in home of Mrs. Roy Burton.
at 2 o'clock. " m - .,
: Woman's O o u n e 1 1 ot
churches observe World Day
of Prayer with all day meet-
ing First M. E. church.
e. .
r Mr. and - Mrs. Donald Madison
entertained at : bridge In their
apartment at tha. Glendora Fri
day erenlng for Mrs .Henry JL
Kuck and Mrs. Herbert Egbert f
The' Dalles. Mrs. and Mrs. EacJ
Fisher, Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Know
tandV Mr. and 'Mrs. Bailie Barage,
andMr. and Mrs. Merle Smith. v
Violets and heather ; were ar
ranged prettily about the rooms.
) High score honors were award
ed to Mrs. Fisher and Mr. Smith.,
Society Editor
have cleverly contributed and
immediate society events. Miss
irtayed a solo "piano recital-of
small group especially invited
." r'
South Salem People
Give Original Party
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Prultt enter.
talned a large , group ot their
neighbors at a house worming in
their newlyremodelled home in
southeast Salem Heights Wednes
day; evening. i ,
The evening was spent in
games, music, and reading. Among
those who contributed to the en
tertainment of the evening were
Mrs. Peter Cooper at the piano ac
companying Mr. Cooper's violin
solo, later Joined by William Ball
with his guitar and Elvin Prultt
with his banjo. Mr. Skelton and
Mr. Prultt both gave a number ot
readings and , solos. Miss Neva
Sfcolshelse aid Mrs. B. F. HeOcel
also sang solos. Miss Marjorie
Prultt played a piano solo.' Nov
elty harmonica numbers were
given by Glendon Van Duka and
Virgil Clemens, the latter accom
panied by Miss Prultt. and a gui
tar number by Mr. Ball. An in
strumental group of piano, saza
phone, .and banjo played by Mrs.
Prultt, Harvey, . and Elvln was
espeehdly well received.. -
After the entire- group had euag
gospel songs, led by Mrs. Helkel
and Mr. Prultt, refreshments were
served In a charming, informal
fashloh. - -
The guests for the evening In
cluded Mr. and Mrs. Earnest Infer,
Mrs. Elvis La Duke and Glendon,
Marie ' and Roy Rottweiler, Mr.
and Mrs. William Ball and their
f amilyfc Mr. and Mrs. Peter Coop
er, Mr. and Mrs. P. F. Stolzheise
and Neva,' Mr. and Mrs. Calvin
Bressler and their family, Mr. and
Mrs. Arthur Clemens and their
family, Mr. and Mrs. Myron Von
Eaton, and Eileen, " Mrs. - C. M.
Landaker. Ttuth " Speaker, Mrs.
Hattie Sawyer,' Mrs. Helen Wedd
and Kenneth, Mr; Skelton and
Katherine, and Mrs,-B, F. Helker
of Dallas.
Si Paul Benefit Card
Party Tuesday Night
I The teachers of the St. Paul's
Sunday school will give a benefit
bridge party in : the- "parish haU
Tuesdayjevenlng.'" -' 4 -;
Reservations for the bridge may
be made by calling any one of the
following Malm! Victor, Edith
Bragg. Jennie .; Thompson., and
Jennie Lansing. .:-'v."a ;
Mr. and Mrs. Ttalph Cooley en-'
tertalned at Valentine v dinner
for -1 In : their - home . on. North
Summer street Saturday evennig. ,
Dinner wan - followed wHh bridge
as. he diversion ot the evening. -!
r yeSaisjs1ssBes.e(s.
liMhni mil triii
Miss,Evelyne Ross
Professor Peck Speaks
Before Women's ,
SPEAKING before the Salem Woman's club Saturday af
ternoon Prof. A. L. Peck of Oregon State college expressed
some opinions which were valuable to his interested listeners, ne
pointed out that there are "two things to be considered in regard to
a graden one Is the arrangement and the other is tne norucuuurai
factor.' ' Of these two he emphasized the fact that arrangement was
by far the most important in matter of serious consideration.
"Gardens," said Prof. Peck, are outdoor living rooms. He
warned that: choosing the border and general arrangement of this
"outdoor" Urine orom was as Important as choosing the waupaper
for the home living room. but. he
the advantage In view of the fact
. i . -..WTi1. ft-"
I 11 1 11 lifc . -M.
Prof. Peck pointed out the fact
that rock gardens were lntrlgue-
ing to work with but that there
was grave danger in them being
orerdone and that if they did not
possess logical landscape effects
they were a flat failure.
Old fashlonea nowers wen
lauded by Prof. Peck and rfeeom
mndMt k ; a highly satisfactory
flower to place In any garden. He
gave a bit of something to specu
late upon when he fugrested that
gardens changed with the develop
ment of the owners taste, me lec
1ot t dosed with the informal
twentv-minute discussion between
club members and the speaker
Ann eernlne gardening in general
At the business meeting Miss
Gertrude Savage was voted in as
aw member and Mrs. E. C,
Cross gave a report concerning the
work that had been done oy a
nmmlttee at large concerning tne
formation of .a hospital auxiliary
fnnrtinn tn connection with tne
Salem General hospital. Mrs. Cross
pointed out the fact that nearly
all cities the else of Salem have
such an auxiliary. A meeting 10
perfect these plans will be held
February 1 'at two o'clock at the
Chamber of Commerce rooms. '
The American Home pianwus
committee is planning a benefit
in the near future to supplement
the work that the county federa
tion Is doinc for tfce benefit of
the Farm Home Children, which
Is a major project or the Federa
Mrs. Martin Ferry accompanied
by Mrs. Monroe Gilbert delighted
her audience with two vocal num
uxiliarv Plans Made
A committee composed of Mrs.
E. C. Cross, chairman.. ' Mrs.
Charles Spauldlng, and Mrs. C. S.
Hamilton have , been appointed as
a committee at large to work out
plans for an auxiliary to the Sa
lem General hospital. The auxIL
larr will be composed of Salem
women without regard to club or
church affiliations and Is for the
direct promotion of andmld to the
Salem General hospital. -.
It Is reported that . nearly all
cities the else of Salem have such
auxiliaries. -February II a mass
nwtetinr of all Salem women lor.
terested In the hospital Is called
at the chamber of commerce at
which time plans will be furtherJ
developed for the r perrecuon .; or
this auxiliary. ,:
. . - ... ' .
The Mlrpah Sunday school class
bt the First Baptist church will
meet with Mrs. L. O. Prescott,
1785 Nortlj Capitol street Tues
day afternoon at t o'clock. There
will be an election of officers.
4 '"
."WSv 'fJ
4 -
mi W
added, "the garden living room has
that seasonal changes make all the
Bridge Luncheon
Honors Salem
An attractive affair ot the week
was the bridge party at whfch Mr.
and Mrs. Lynn Cronemiller -wer
hosts Friday evening In ' their
home on South Winter street.
; The Valentine motif was used
throughout Red carnations and
terns were arranged about the
living room and dining room
where six tables of 'bridge were in
play during the evening. . Prizes
for high score honors were, woqr
by Mrs. Leland Smith, and Ster
ling Smith.
Miss Bertha Orford assisted the
hostess in serving a late supper.
The ruest trrouo included Mr.
and Mrs. F. E. Neer, Hr, and Mrs.
O. F. Chambers, Miss Dorothea
8teusloff. Mr, and Mrs. Leland
Smith. Mr. - and Mrs. Robert
8 bins, Mr. . and Mrs. Sterling;
Smith. Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Mc-
feUy. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Pro-
bert, Mr ..and Mrs. Karl Pease,
Mr. and - Mrs. : Edgar Pierce, Mr.
and Mrs. Roy McGee, Miss Bertha
Orford. r Mrs. -Nelson Cranford,
and Mr. and Mss. Cronemiller.
Dinner Bridge For
Tano Qub Saturday
The Tano club was entertained
at the home .of Mr. and Mrs. W. J.
Uljequlst Saturday, - A seven
o'clock dinner was served wim
covers laid for members or tne
club and for additional guests. .
Following the dinner bridge oc
cupied the evening. Mr. and Mrs.
r. A. Conrtemanche of McMinn-
vllle. and Mr. and Mrs. Harley O.
White were special guests for the
evening. - --;
- . - l; '
Sigma Kappa Alu
Guest of MnImlah'
Members of the Salem chapter
of Sigma KaKppa Alumnal were
guests of t Mrs. - Lawrence Imlah
at her: home on North . Summer
street one evening of the past
week. : Bridge and a late supper
spent a most enjoyable evening
for s guests and " hostess. High
score for cards went to Mrs. L. L.
Jensen. - W V:
A. special guest for the occasion
was Miss Vera Slkes of Corvallis.
Alumnus of tha Salem chapter
present were Mrs. Roy Jaeobsen,
Mrs. Lb L. Jensen, Mrs. Evan
Stewart, Mrs. Reed Rowlandr Mrs.
Marjorie DeWitt, - Miss Getrtrde
Barkley, Miss Jessie Gibson, Miss
Bernlce Klrkwood. and t Mrs.
LawTence Imlah. ,; .1 . v
Social J Forecasts
Of Approaching
THIBeek is to be one round
of events for old and young
alike, for clubs, society, and
lodges. If Dame Rumor has any
thing like a correct interpreta
tion of the "future plans.
Monday afternoon the L'Heur
Gale and the P. M. clubs are each
plannin .bridge affairs. The
once-a-month meeting of the
formal, Monday -Night dancin
club will gather at Castiman hall
for 1U usual , delightful evening
with good music and much merri
ment. The young folk olan tn
make merry with sereral
of bridge at the G. L. Xewton
home. . I
The Daughters of the Nile ari
planning a dance and brldee fr.
visiting McMinnvOle DauKhter
and several dinner parties wi i
preface this affair of .Tuesday
night, j Mrs. J. C. Perry and Mrs
Elmer Daue are planning an
Elk's cub party for that dav and
there Is Barbara FrietchfA T..r,t
No. 2 which Is giving a delightful
formal tea at tha
Itouse in the afternoon
The rest of the week only grows
more, exeitinjr. The Thnr,i
club will entertain with one of
tW most elaborate teas of the soa
soh 'at the home of Mrs. C. r.
Bishop, a beautiful dance is plan
ned for out-of-town. Miss Wini
fred Byrd plays. In Corvallis Feb
ruary J4, a brilliant and outstand
ing event of the week, more
young folk bridge parties are
scheduled, and still more dances;
and these are only tho beginning'.
It will be a wery feminine
world who win greet the coming
of Lent and quiet for a brief sis
Mrs. Marie Flint McCall will
leave for Corvallis Monday where
she will remain for Monday,
the state Grange lecturers school
is in progress at the Oregon state
college. Mr. James P. Farmer1
national lecturer will be present
as will John Bradford, national
Playground and game -specialist.
Much of interest is expected from
this meeting.
The" Woman's Foreign Mission
ary society of the First Methodist
church will meet in the church
parlors Wednesday afternoon at
:30 o'clock. -The hostesses for
the afternoon are Mrs. J. H. Bak
er and Mrs. F. C. DeLong. Mrs. J.
R. Trlndle will be the presiding
officer of the afternoon.
Mrs. Benjamin Blatchford will
be in charge of the devotions and
Mrs. J." M. Cause will lead Jn the
mission study lesson for the af
ternoon. Special, musical numbers will
be given by Miss Josephine Al
bert who will sing a group of
wius ena miss .Mayre Fletche
who will, play a number of violin
Mrs. R. L. Farmer will act as
the chairman for the tea hour,
assisted by Mrs. E. T. BarnesJ
Mrs. Jacob Rise, and Mrs. W. T.
'Rosamunde" Will Be
Presented By Chorus
The advanced chorn c1ak of
the Salem high school will pre
sent --.Rosamunde" hv Frans
Schubert for their anual oner-
atic performance Friday eve
ning, March -1. The beautiful
Rosamunde". thouich simnlified
and adapted to high school use,
Is very similar to the original
opera and the, music includes
many of Schubert's most famous
songs, j
The following cast has been
chosen: Frederick, Prince of
Candla, . Homer Smith, Jr. y Ful
gentlus. King of Cyprus, Kenneth
Aoooti: Aioanaa, Lord of Cyp
rus, Rlchard Smart: Benedict.
Lord of Cyprus, Frits Amman n;
Leonardo, Lord of Cyprus, Joe
King; Philemon, shepherd, Wil
liam Mosher; Philander, shep
herd, Glvln Barbara.
Mr. and Mrs. William Ross en.
tertalned the Luck "500" club In
heir home Tuesday evennig. High
score of the evening was won by
Jo Williams.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Sheldon will
entertain the club at its next meet
ing, V.
.. e
Members of the D. E. club met
Wednesday evening for their reg
ular, business meeting in McCor.
cack'halL Bridge was the diver.
si on of the evening.
Mrs. W. S. Quackenbush'. who Is
planning to . leave soon to make
her home in Tillamook, was pre
sented with a lovely token from
the club members.
Teacher ' and , Soloist. Cello,
banjo,' mandolin, guitar, Ha
waiian instruments. Special
winter term, rates to students.
Nelson Bldg., Thurs. A Frl.
' Phone- S40
; : Director Ealem Ladles'
; ' 1 ' Haymony Trio
We I honestly believe CHAXOLENB
the cranberry cream. : will . heal
any case of ecxema or other skin
trouble. Come tn and let us tell
you about it. Use one Jar, and if
fyou are dissatisfied, your money
will be refunded. Price 11. 6 v
115 8. Comaierclal 1
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