The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, February 10, 1929, Page 11, Image 11

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    The Kew 02EG0N Statesman, Salem, x Oregon, Sunday Homing, February 10, 1029:
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ULflLLHil lylLLI
Motsrists' Get. More Value
For Dollar Than Ever.
' Before Says Shade :
4 .
More than 100 Dnrant dealer
from the 'six western states, west
ern Mexico, and the Hawaiian
Islands Kathered in Oakland and
Ban Francisco' last week to attend
the annual Pacific 'coast sales con
vention, according to H. E. Shade
Who returned here; last week, , '
, The Joeal Dnrant dealer was
highly enthusiastic ahout the au
i tomothre merchandising outlook
( for the coming; year and predicted
Lthat Durant wonld establish, new
tfjr sales records throughout the west-
i-ffl rn terrltor7' ' "
ftS While In San Francisco he spent
eereral dtys at the annual Pacif
i 1c coast automobile .show , "where
r the Durant display was on of the
utstandlng exhibits.
"Motordom's latest creations, as
j exhibited i at the auto show, far
over-shadow the displays of - a
, year ago." said Shade. "Meehan-
! lmnrnrmAnti nA it AllcTitfiil
color combinations were noted on
every hand. :
. ... Dollar's Value High
"In my opinion, however, the
outstanding feature of this year's
San Francisco show, was .the tre
mendous value offered for every
dollar spent In automotive trans
portation. Whether a purchaser
selects a four, a six or 'an eight,
ha -secures more for his money
than ever before.
"The new Durant six. which
sells In-the . price class formerly
regarded as the stamping ground
of the four, attracted much fa
vorable attention. The new models
presented in rarled color combin
ations, drew throngs every day of
the snow, The display also ln-
1' eluded an array of new 1929 Dur
ban t Four models. A cut-away
chassis which revealed the meehan-teal-etmstnictlon
of the Durant
Six was exhibited, together with
the Durant f?'' equipped with
tbe .Durant tour-forward speed
transmission. .j..
"It was especially noticeable to
me that automobile manufactur
ers have been able to give the
public more value than ever be
fore. In some ' cases mechanical
Improvements were, stressed; In
others, added equipment; In still
others, greater beauty of line and
color. An Inspection of the Durant
display disclosed the fact that the
newest, six and the four combined
all of them.?' , -'rf'i
Factory Supplemented
The local Durant dealer also
visited the big Durant plant In
Oakland where he found that
western- factory- officials are now
Leader Among Latest Durante
r : i
S ' ;
,. , , t . --, . , - "I
:-.-.-.-.-.'.-T-.T..:..-:.:.-... ....-. v.-. .-,:.v ?: :::. .v.vo:-:o:sVvo:o.:-:v.w .
A 4 , , ,
f v--- - .'-?:..-.-....-.. - -.v.v.-y .-.v.' jv.v.-.v- :...... v.v . .
- . - . . . ..... ...?!. . . . .V ....-.-.-.:.-S ... . . .. . . . f ,. . . . -.-. A . . . -. " "
, , ' ' ' A ' i ,
' ' v' ' V ' ' ' ' ' ' - - '
- ' ' , - . "
' - ' 'i ' - 'r
- v '
v : -v;-,
I ' ' v Av :
t-:.y.v.:.:-:.::v , sv-vty:-.:
i ii ' i -ji tmt 'ss 1 1 hi iitft I "fca m ssiiaTiwgffTiBisirVf" " 'fr"1"
f ' ''ir--- h-w. rrtr-- .jr-f I
Sk sv
A. Mi"rillH
This now Durant six deluxe sport roadster exh. tiled to dealers and western: enthusiasts for the
first time last week will be one of the most popular cars in the 1929 Durant line of motor cars, it Is
said. The retting shown above was part of the Durant r pedal display arrangement at the recent San
Francisco auto show. Reports state the display drew huso throngs.
Keeping to
- !
3110 Greatest Problem
In Speed Record Attempt
"WASHINOTOK, D. tt Major
H. O. D, Ssgrare of England will
hare a seora of knotty problems
confronting him on the sands of
Daytona beach when he attempts
to set a " new world's record ' In
March,' with his Oolden Arrow.
Not, the least of these wCl be
his problem of keeping the car on
a straight course, for a slight Tari
ation which would mean nothing
in a pleasure car traveling at
miles an - hour; might 1 spell T ruin
to ! him. The - world ; record : at
tempt win be made under sanc
tion of the American Automobile
association, the governing body of
speed tests in thin country, and
of the City of Daytona Beach.
While these two agencies will
make, every attempt to -have the
course in perfect condition, they
cannot influence thearlving of
the car. -
It will be up to Major Segrave
to keep It in a straight course. At
240 miles an hour the car is trav
eling S52 feet a second. Suppose
the car should deviate only three
degrees from a straight" course
while speeding along at its maxi
mum speed. In one second, it
would be 18.442 feet off the
course. If it were to veer ten de
grees it would be 61.42 feet off
the coarse In one second. On one
side as the ear hortlas down the
beach Is the soft sand of the shore
side.' on the other the water of
the ocean.
Farther than that, a car speed
lag along at upward of 200 miles
an hoar cannot be brought back
into a straight course at once. The
pilot may turn his steering wheel
to correct tne aevyoxon, nut so
great 1 : sthe forward momnetnm
that response Is not instantaneous.
As someone recently, wrote ; No
sporting record demands a finer
combination of courage and skill;
and. none Imposes . heavier penal.
ties for the absence of such ualt-
tles." ,
" Streamlining is anothre matter
that the 1 major had to consider. be obtained, would be perfect
At first thought the average per .
son might say that perfect etream'
lining will be the means of redu-r
mum. This latter might
but ' with 'perfect streamlining
there would be a tendency ' for
thecar to lift from the ground and ' , v
to become unstable from other 'JdnK
angles. It generally . is recog- s
nixed that a perfect streamline is V
a body of modified cigar shape..
In the air this design it it could .
For the first tint ed
In-the midst of the greatest pro
duction program In the history of
the company. Two new. $100,000
additions to the factory have Just
been completed.
-The Durant dealers' meeting
had Norman De Vaux, head of the
western organization, as its ptln-:
clpal speaker. JJr. tDe Vaux 4oTa
those present about the recent re
tirement of W. C. Durant from
the active management of Durant
Motors, Inc. The western chieftain
stated that Mr. Durante will, how
ever, remain with; his organiza
tion as chairman of the board of
"The remarkable record 'of Dur
ant In 1928 was one of the prin
cipal topics of all the speakers,
who pointed out that, during that
year, Durant business In the west
Increased more than 250 per cent
over 1927" said Mr. Shade. "Pro-'
ductlon plans for this year were
also revealed and an output pf 80,
000 Durant motor cars Is the goal
set by the factory at Oakland!"
Hufas :Why on earth do you
take all those magazines and pa
pers? Ton certainly l can't read
them. T. . - -
Goof us No, I don't bother with
the reading matter -but the' ad
mm. ll ir
Protection against all road hazards for one year.
. Our repair and vulcanizingTiepartment is well equipped to
a give good service. Our service car will answer your call
fi for roadside service.
198 S. Commercial
Telephone 471
CLASSIC ART deliberately
utilized in motoE car
j .1 tf r
i' r1i i
NOTE bt $b dynamit symmetry
. Chrjiltr ftndtr cant ours amj u bet Is txprtssei
tbt very essence af life mnd m tien, just at
da their counterparts in tbe "wave border"
tbe classic masterpieces 0 architecture
and design.
. " "tit"---.--, f-:.:'.: ! ', . "
THAT Chrysler motor cars
are so different in appear
ance from all other motor cars is
not to be wondered at in view of
the unique plan by which their
remarkable beauty has been
Chrysler engineers recognized,
as no others had recognized, that
true beauty in automobile design
must come, not from a chance
inspiration of individual design
ers, but from a conscious and
deliberate plan.
Guided by glorious precedents
in. art, architecture and design,
they applied the authentic forms
of beauty which have come down
the centuries unchallenged and
unsurpassed and translated them
into terms of motor car utility
and beauty.
, ' A"
- 1 J.U
I t t v ; .
It is because Chrysler style and
beauty have this secure artistic
foundation that they hare woo
the admiration and enthusiasm
of thousands upon thousands the
country over.
New Chrysler "6"Six kedy stylet priced rem $1040
$1143 " New Chrysler "75" Sine body stylet pried rem
'535 f$3341" NewCfcryslet Imperial Five custom body
styles priced from $2673 J47J. All prices f. a b. factory.
Fitzgerald-Sherwin Motor Co'.
Corner Chemeketa and Liberty Telephone 1132
1 mo?
' -.I r
.. "-!'
: it : :
-. . ' i . i . i i i . t
l I s&K i rTsAUA I costly-car! S A
n; y - A 1 1
II 1 ' I : t I &A A A AMI
that die net? Nash Kfis the only car of all the nctr cars mat cfTcr
all these important features as standard equipment. xt no extra cost
'THB new Nash "400" not only gives
JL you all the important 1929 re
finements listed above but gives them
to you without one single cent of extra
cost. All motor cars have two prices the
Some dealers (not Nash dealers) charge
as mucrTas$50 or$60 for bumpers alone
On thenewNash"400" you'll find every
necessary accessory . . . hydraulic shock
absorbers bumpers, front and rear
. . even tire locks . installed at the
price. If the delivered price includes the
extras, charged for at retail prices, you'll
find your car costing a lot more than
you anticipate.
at no extra cost. That means a very
much lower price, delivered," fully
equipped. Ti$ Nash '400" Jeads tb
world in motor car value! "
w' Zftads th Wtortd in .TJofor Car Valu4
355 North Commercial Street
nv :'
Telephone' 1260
The substantial value of the
Graham-Paige motor cars in
troduced one year ago resulted,
in the largest first year jsales
volume of any line in autor
mobile history! We present , .
the" new Graham-Paige sixes
and eights with confidence that
they possess even greater value!
- ,
L , -mii
. . .-'
' i
- ;r
rivecTisssfi ? and etfiU prices ranfhn fren$SS5 to S2493L
Cas ulortratM 1s Model t13. mx cynadeL bve pessrngw
SU99 (pedal eqaipuMnt extra). AB paces at factory.
Graham-Paige sales and i Service for Marion
v ; , '.and Polk Counties -
445 Center St. Salem, Oregon. Phone 450 -
Wtl i-
t 5tu
: .i at
it. i i j