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    The Sew Gri? STATESMAN. Sxtlem, Oregon. Wednesday Morning, February 6, 1929
The New
pRinnmrrrnp rum I
oivuvv urao run
(Special) From six to eight Inch
es of snow fell here , during the
recent cold snap and the ground Is
mostly still covered. Merry groups
of young folk hare enjoyed the
Enow to the fullest extent with
sieigning, coasting ana enow
sporti of all kind the order of
the day for-the week. High school
students were enabled to enjoy the
sports fully on account of the end
of the semester at Salem; and the
grade school was closed all week
on account of the teacher's Illness.
The Amity high school but did not
run all week on account of the
.testing system being out of order
Owing to the Illness of one of
the members of the cast, the
Spring Valley community club play
"The Family Affair." will not be
given on the regular date. The
play will probably be postponed
until the Wednesday and Thurs
day nights following which will be
Feb. 13 and 14.
The play has a cast of six char
acters as follows:
Dan Gillespie (a good fellow,
whose Imagination runs away with
him), ViTlan Stratton; Jorklns
Jobeon (his gardener, a high au
autborlty on potato bugs). Arlie
Flmkins; Deacon Smith who finds
it hard to be good under adverse
circumstances), .Frank Mathews;.
Sally (Dan's good hearted cook,
who. unlike most women, can keep
a secret). Miss Irene Windsor;
Miss Comson (his housekeeper
.in the matrimonial market, and
means business). Mrs. W. R. EdJ
wards: Louisiana (a dark brunette
on the warpath), Mrs. F. A.
Mrs. Vietta Harris of Dallas was
a recent visitor at the "home of her
uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. H. N.
JEFFERSON. Feb. 5 (Spe
cial) McKee Bros, are ) aving
the house torn down- on the Cal
Curl property on Second street,
which they purchased recently.
Mrs. Harry Jones visited Mrs.
Fred Barna Saturday at the Al
bany hospital, who Is recovering
from an attack of the fin.
Mr. and Mrs. J. R. McKee went
by auto to Portland on; a business
trip, returning Wednesday.
1 Mrs. Emma'Whedbee and Mrs.
II. E. Jonee went to Corrallis
Sunday to visit Mrs. Whedbee's
daughter, Garnet, who is attend,
ing O. 8. C.
Radio fans 'who tuned in last
Friday night between one and two
o'clock, on the N. B. C. net work,
enjoyed listening .to the dedica
tion of the "Singing Tower" at
Mountain Lake. Florida by Presi
dent Coolldge.
L. A. Davis-and son are putting
a new coat of point on the Interior
woodwork of the post office. .
Bonlta Radford, 'niece of Mrs.
John Vaughn, was thrown from a
horse ..while out riding, breaking
her arm, last Friday.
E. L. Barnes and family from
Wenatchee, Wash., are moving in
to the Elliott house on Main street.
(Special) Mr. and Mrs. Ansel
Folie of "Silverton, who were
guests Saturday, at the home of
Mrs. M. Haberlyr"ere Honored at
a small bridge party -when Miss
Mildred Haberly invited in a few
of the young people of the neigh
borhood. A. A. Geer was a Portland vis
itor Saturday, going down on the
I o'clock stage.
Ralph Wendell, the 12 year old
eon ot Mrs. O. K. Sebo, started
school In the Centervlew district
f last week
Mr. and Mrs. K. O. Rue are an
ticipating a visit by their son eL
Roy of "Minneapolis. He is to
accompany the Glee club of Augs
burg college, where he is a .stu
dent, on its western trip and
Silverton is included. Le Royhas
an excellent voice and everyone
Is looking forward to hearing him
Mrs. L. B. Haberly is spending
some time In Portland obtaining
medical advice.
ms. Edson Comstock played
the wedding marches at the Porter-Benton
wedding at the Silver
ton M. E. church Sunday.
E. A. Finley. who Is employed
at Jefferson, spent Sunday with
his family here.
Frank Albaugh has been seri
ously 111.
Rebekahs Plan
Social Hour On
Thursday; Night
SILVERTON, Feb! 8. -(Special)
The Rebekah lcfdge will
njoy a social hour following the
regular lodge session on Thursday
night, February 7. Refreshments
win d eervea.
The following Thursday night.
St. Valentine's night,' another so
cial win be held with appropriate
fame and decorations and re
inirPA ni iniiiMin
V lLLG TLHIilllllu
iSM W MM lllllllllllll
IT? V7 W YA '
lBL JBL SfcjFvffi
n RArSJN RAZORS AMP J IlK i !! L)j - jj
I ASSORTED WADSOS jgaZc- -p5 t&m ' I " 1
I qot'a bw ?ump" y nope"- ll
RICKEY, Feb. 6. (Special)
In the picture section of Satur
day's New Oregon Statesman is a
picture under the title "Twins to
Wed Twins." The twin brides to
be are sisters of Mrs. Howard Mc
Millin of Rickey. The young cou
ples, while on their honeymoon,
will visit the McMllllns.
Leo Doyles of Wyoming, a bro
ther of Mrs. McMlllin with his
wife are at present house guests
of Mr. and Mrs. McMlllin.
There will be a clinic held by
Dr. Russell of the child health
demonstration at Auburn Wed
nesday for the Rickey. Bethel and
Auburn school children.
Raymond Wallace and Roy
Crabb attended the Parrish Jan.
or high basketball game Friday
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Fitzgerald.
Mr. and Mrs. Vern Reeves and
daughter Patricia of Lebanon, and
Mr. and Mrs. Claude McCtHly of
Aumsvllle were guests of Mr. and
Mrs. M. M. Magee Sunday.
Doris and Viola Richardson
spent Sunday with their slter,
Mrs.- Cullen of Auburn.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Binegar
were gueste of Mr. and Mrs.
Adolph Hager Saturday evening.
TURNER. Feb. 6. (Special)
Mr. and Mrs. J. Webb and Tom
Webb had a narrow esrtpe from
drowning Friday afternoon when
their automobile driven by Tiom
3kidded into the millrace south of
the penitentiary when he turned
out to pass a truck. !
The fact that a door flew open
as the car turned over, saved
them from drowning, "as the car
was completely submerged In the
water. The occupants' were soon
rescued and taken to their home
east of Turner. Considerable dam
age was done to the car.
Alec Ball is seriously ill at his
home a few miles south of Tur
ner. Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Bear attend
ed the IT. of O-O. S. C. basketball
game at Corvallls Saturday night.
The Turner high school basket
ball team was defeated Friday
night by Stayton high at Stayton.
Orle Waller made a trip to Sa.
lem Thursday.
. Mrs. J. M. McClellan, Mrs. C. A.
Bear and Mrs. N. Gunning attend
ed the W. C. T. V. institute and
banquet held in connection with
the legislative session In Salem
Thursday. They also attended the
Mrs. L. Robertson bai almost
fully recovered from her Illness of
several months' duration. . '
Mrs. Peterson and daughter
were shopping In Salem Thursday.
C JL i ;
Dental Clinic :-
Held at School
HUBBARD, Feb. 5. -t Special)
On Monday, Dr. Brunk of the
child health demonstration held a
dental clinic at the Hobbard pub
lic school. Dr. Brunk examined
the teeth of all the children of
the grades to determine which
children, needed dental work done
in order to qualify for a lace on
the honor roll of the "Heralda of
Several of the high school stu
dents asked tor and were given
Statesman's Vctlley News
MAN. A. Dance
At Scotts Mills is
Well Patronized
cial) Mrs. J. N. Amundson left
for Portland Sunday where she
will visit her daughter. Mrs.
George-Krause, and family for a
Bennett and Beck Dunagan of
Halsey visited their sister Mrs.
George Haynes, and family over
the week end.
The dance given by te M. Wa l9 e hdrants
A. Saturday night was attended by
a large crowd.
Miss Doric Hogg visited her par
ents. Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Hogg,
several days last week. It being
the end of the first semester of
the Salem high school.
Quite a number of Scotts Mills
folk attended the I. O. O. F. visit
ation held in Silverton Saturday
Mrs. W. T. Hogg is visiting her
parents, Mr. and Mre. T. Maple
thorpe in Salem this week.
Joe Marsh and Ben Jeffers are
home from Washington, where
they have been working, the snow
being several feet deep at the
camp where they were employed.
Restaurant Man
Held Violating
- Sanitation Law
DALLAS. Feb. 5. (Special)
A Japanese restaurant keeper by
'he name of Lee Kamaye from In
lependence was found guilty of
;iolatlng the state panitary law
md fined $100 and sentenced to
:0 days in jail.
He started serving his Jail sen-
ence- in the Polk county Jail
- - - "3fc 5t- ,.s
. .:-,.v.v.,.v,v.1 a-X. :::::
: Indigestion is the result of too
much, acid in the stomach. It
wars your food, turns It into a
fermenting mass, gives you sick
headaches, bivd breath, (bllious
less, shortness of breath, -and that
lrowsy: don't-care-what-happens
'eellng. ' , . s -- - --'-v
' Pape's Dlapepsln has helped
housands of nuch unfortunate
jtomach sufferers to get their ap
petite back. Chew one or two tab
lets of . Pape's Dlapepsln after
aeals to dissolve the excel! acid,
md sweeten roar stomach.1 Then
your food will digest and nourish
vou. " Tou will gain weight and
feel fine. Pape's Dlapepsln does
what it promises to do. That's
the reason 5 million packages are
used a year. r'-.-. ' -
Tape's Dlapepsln will bring yon
relief In S minutes. .. It Is sold by
' Tit
SILVERTON, Feb. 5. (Spe
cial) The new pump recently
purohased for the city fire truck.
was delivered last week and a
trial test was made Sunday. The
apparatus was set to pump water
from the bed of Silver creek.
The force of the water was
strong enough to play freely over
the tops of the business blocks,
bordering the river. . The pump
and has the capacity of 500 gal
lons a minute.
It ig believed that with this ad
dition to the present equipment,
any building in town, should have
a fair chance to be saved.
Memory Placque
Given to School
HUBBARD. Feb. 5. (Special)
Monday morning the Hubbard
high school 'received a memory
placque from the Belfour Jewelry
ompany of Massachussets. The
placque is of brone, beautifully
engraved and mounted on ebony.
On It is provided space in which
to engrave the name of the out
standing senior for each of the
next six years. The seniors stand
ing is Judged on scholarship,
achievement, and loyalty.
Frances Willard
Program is Soon
TURNER. Feb. 6. (Special)
The W. C. T. U. will hold its an
nual Frances E. Willard day pro
gram Wednesday afternoon, Feb
ruary 13, at the home of Mrs. J
Bones. A committee has been ap
pointed to make arrangements tor
the program. Friends of the or
ganlation are invited.
DALLAS. Feb. 6 (Special)
Following is the Polk county Jury
list for 1929. released last week
by the county clerk:
Ackerson, Alva E., Grand
Ronde; Adams, Robert L.. Rt. 2,
Salem; Addison, Elmer E., Inde
pendence; Aebi. Fred Suver; Al
derman. C. E.. Rt. 1, Salem; Alex
ander. Q. D.. Rt. 2. Independence;
Mien, Davis Jr.. Rt. 2, Rickreall;
Allgood. J. R.. Dallas; Alsip. Vern
B.. Rt. S, Dallas; Arnold. R. B..
Airlee; Athey. A. B-. Rt. 1, Amity;
Atwater, Charles. Monmouth; Bai
ley. C. M.. Rt. 2. Dallas; Baker.
R. W.. Independence; Barker. S.
H.. Rt. 1. Salem; Barnhart. Les
ter, Rt. 2h Dallas; .Baumann, Hen
ry, Kings Valley; Baun. George W.
Monmouth; Beck. E. M., Rt. 1.
Sheridan; Bennett, Edgar A.. Rt.
I. Dallas; Bevens,Archy. Alrlie;
Bird. L. R.. Dallas; Blrks. Lynn
L.. Rt. 1. Sheridan; Biesell. F. J..
Rt. 1. Dallas; Black P. O., Rt. 1.
Independence; Blair, Dan O., Rt.
1, Sheridan; Boerama, H. A., Rt.
2. Amity; Boothby, C. H., Rt. 8,
Dallas; Burch, Warren, Rickreall;
Bork, E. C. Monmouth; Bouffler,
P. M.. Salem; Bowman. Thomas
I.. Rt. 1, Rickreall.
Boyer. William, Suver: Brink
ley, W. E., Suver; Brown. Homer
J., Dallas: Brown. Jack, Route 1.
Dallas; Brown. Frank A., Route
1, Independence: Brunk. T. W.
Route 2. Salem: Buckles. E. E.,
Route 1. Salem; Buhler, Abraham.
Alrhe: Burk. Earl C.. Route 2.
Salem; Butler.
Dallas; Byerley. F Q Dallas Ca-
Thomas E., Dallas; Campbell. W.
F., Independence; Capps, Mark,
Route 1, Independence; Car mack,
Samuel E., Monmouth; Chambers,
A. B.. Falls City: Chandler, D. F..
Route 2, Independence.
Chappell. J. M.. Route 2. Inde
pendence; Clifford H. W., Route
3. Dallas; Cline. Lester C. Route
" Tr dependence; Coad, Frank J.,
Dallas; Conn, G. A. Alrlie; Con
ner. Levi, Route 1, Sheridan: Con
row. W. R., Airlie; Cooke, W. W..
Falls City; Cooper, Loren". Alrlie;
toville, John E.. Rickreall; Cra
ven, J. Riley, Dallas; DsArmond,
E. E., Suver; DeJong, D.. Route
2. Amitt; Dennett, Bert, Route 2.
Rickreall: Dickinson, H. N., Route
2, Independence? Ebbett, E. M.,
Monmouth; Edwards, T. J.. Mon
mouth; Elliott, Fred R.. Dallas;
Ellis, W. R Dallas; Embree, Ce
cil, MonmOuth; Endree, Herman
J., Sheridan; Erwln, W. H., Sher
idan; Estes, B. M.. Independence:
Evans, George E., Monmouth;
Fenton. H. L., Dallas; Ferguson,
L. A.. Route 2. Salem; Fetter, J.
W., Independence; Fink, A. W.,
Route 1, Dallas: Foster, J. H..
Route 2, Dallas; Flshbaek, V. A..
Monmouth; Fisher, Robert S., Dal
las; Fiske, V. P., Dallas; Foer
este, J. A., Route 1, Sheridan;
Ford. Wm.. A.. Falls City; Fox, V.
A., Rickreall.
Frakes, Fred. Airlie; French,
J. A., Route 1, Salem; Friesen,
John, Dallas; Frlnk, W. L., Dallas:
Frlnk, W. L., Route 2, Dallas;
Friwell, Porter, Route 2, Rick
reall; Fryer, J. H., Dallas; Fudge,
Wm.. Ballston; Fuller, E. W., Dal
las; Gentle. James W.. Monmouth;
Gibson, Vltgil, Route 1, Salem;
Gilson, d L., Route 2, Amity;
Good, W. F., 8uver; Goodfellow,
Howard, Route 2. Rickreall;
Goodman. G. W.. Suver; Gott-
tred. Phillip. Falls City; Graham,
W. R..Monmouth; Grant, L. R.,
Route 1, Monmouth; Graves, C.
8., Route 1, Sheridan; Graves
George T., Black Rock; Grave, J.
H. Route 1, Salem; Guild, Joel H
Hagood, G. W.. Dallas; Hamer
Edward T., Route 2, Salem; Han-
na, Wayne, Independence; Han
son, P. C, Route 2, Rickreall;
Harrison, A. E., Route 2, Amity;
Hastings, Elmer L., Pedee; Hay
ter, Eugene, Dallas; Henry, Worth
W., Route 1. Salem; Hewitt,
Guy G., Route 1, Independence;
Harris. E. G., Suver; Hill, Clift
and Correspondents Page
on. Route 1, Dallas; Hoag.
Dwight A., Monmouth: Holmaq,
J. D., Dallas; Hoover 8. O., Route
1,' Independence; Hopkine, O. L.,
Falls City; Hoskins. -X. E., Mon
mouth; Houk, J. E., Perrydale;
Hubbard. J. E., Independence;
Hughes, Fred , W.. Rickreall;
Huntley, Lynn, Independence; Im
lah. James, Route 1, Salem; Ir
vine, Q. G.. Independence; Isher
wood. S. H.. Route 1, Salem;
James. J. H.. Suver; Johnston, J.
E., Dallas; Jones. B. F., Route 2,
Amity; Jones, Floyd, Falls City:
Keller, J. H., Dallas; Kurrie. C.
E., Independence; Kester, W. C..
Rickreall; Keyt, D. L-. Perrydale:
Lamb, W. H., Suver; Lehman,
E. H., Suver; Leveck, J. J., Mon-J
mouth; Locke. G. P., Buena vis
ta; Loe, R. L., Rickreall: Loftus,
J. G., Falls City; Loop, Edd. Per
rydale; Loughary, U. S., Dallas;
Lucos, M. D.. Monmouth; Lynch,
L. C. Route 2, Rickreall: Marks,
C. C. Route 1, Monmouth: Mar
tin. O. E.. Independence; Matti
son. (J rover. Independence; Max
well, B. I., Route 2, Salem; Mead.
A. W., Salem; Mlnty, George R.,
Route 1, Rickreall: Morrison. F.
H., Dallas; Muck. Roy G., Falls
City: Murphy. Joseph, Falls City;
McKee. Wade, Route 2, Indepen
dence; McKibben, J. J., Route 2.
Nesmith, James, Rickreall: Ol
iver. A. V., Rickreall; Osborn. W.
S., Monmouth: Powell, P. O.. Mon
mouth; Prather, Clcve. Buena
Vista; Pr'ce. P. O., Rickreall,
Probst, Louis, Route 2, Indepen
dence; Ray, Eben, Willamina:
Reiber, J. A., Falls City; Remple,
G. G., Route 1, Dallas; Rex. Ed
ward. Route 1. Independence:
Rlchrads. G. L., Route 2. Rickre
all; Rlddell. Wm. Jr., Monmouth;
Rickreall; Riley.
Paul. Monmouth; Roger. Hugh.
lndependence: Ro.rnau,
Auto. Route 1. Dallas; Roes,
Charles, Route 1. Rickreall: Row
land. Justin S., Route 1, Rickre
all; Sample, W. V.. Falls City;
Scholls, Fred, Route 1, Monmouth.
Scott. Raymona, Dallas; Scott,
O., Route 2, Independence;
Sears, J. P., Route 2, Rickreall;
Sechrist, John J. Ballston: Seller.
George E., Dallas; Shaw. Wm. T..
Dallas; Shepard, R. C, Route 1.
Salem; Smith, Joseph C, Suver;
Smith, O. C Dallas; Stelner, H.
R.f Independence; Stewart, C. E..
Monmouth; Stockton, Holt. Rouffe
1, Sheridan; Story, Frank, Airlie;
Strake. Fred W.. Route 1, Dallas;
Tacheron, Paul, Monmouth; Tt-ch-erow,
J. A., Monmouth; Thomas.
A. L., Independence; Mix, Ira v..
Independence; Powell, Clares C'
Monmouth; Craven, Walter. Dal
las; Vernon, A. W., Route 1, In
dependence: Wait. George K.,
Rickreall; Walker, Jesse E., Route
1. Independence; Wells, Clifford
F., Route 2. Independence; White.
J. J., McCoy; Young, William,
Harmon. Addie, Buena Vista;
Holman, Buelah, Dallas; Staats.
Sarah E.. Route 1, Suver; Turner.
Edna, Airlie; Burbank, Eva M..
Airlie; Henry, Stella J., Route 1,
Salem; Bursell, Lulu, Route 3.
Dallas; Lewis, Lydia, Monmouth;
Sibley, Lulu, Dallas; Grant, Edna.
Independence; Pomeroy. Mildred
T., Independence: Moyer. Ger
trude, Independence; Ebbe, Laura,
Dallas; Eakin, Dorothy, Dallas;
Dunn, Carrie, Dallas; Dodge, La
vern R., Monmouth; Dashiell. An
na. Dallas; Withrow, Pearl, Su
ver; Hurlburt. Alice, Route 2, In
dependence; Turner, Elma. Alrlie;
Williams. Cassie, Airlie; Warner.
Nellie. McCoy; Staats. Mabel,
Monmouth; Woods, Marie, Dal
las; Zook, Carrie E., Dallas;
Guthrie. Edith, Dallas; Stewart,
Grace, McCoy; Schwelzer. Hattle,
Monmouth; Hedges, Olive, lnde
pesdence; Mattlson, Nola D., In
dependence, Route 2; Grant. Flor
ence, Falls City; Willson, Addie,
Dallas; Stewart, Mittie, Grand
Ronde; Bolter, Edith A., Suver;
Morrow, Edith A., Rickreall
Bainter. Mattie L., Falls City
Lewis. Alice B., Rickreall.
COCQUILLE, Ore., Feb. 6. (A
P) Swift and company will build
a cheese factory on sixes river,
northern Curry county, the branch
manager here said Monday.. Con
struetion will .start at once.
AMITY, Feb. 5. (Special)
Anj "afternoon with Robert
Burns" was enjoyed at the home
of Mrs. George D. Thomas on,
Friday. "Auld Lang Syne" was
sung, with Mrs. Mary Townley at
the piano. Mrs. Olive Taylor read
a sketch of Burns' life from a
prle book edited by Messrs Belle
mia and Rlchter. Mrs. Mary
Townley also read a sketch of
"Highland Mary" and another fa
vorite, "Flow Gently . Sweet Af
ton" was sung. Selections from
Burns were read by Mesdames
Robert Calendar and George Mor
rison; grace was read by Mrs. R.
R. Thomas from Burns. All sat
down to luncheon of "short bread,
oaten cookies, cake and bonbons."
Mrs. Taylor yoared the tea.
Another pleasure of the meet
ing' was the presence of the new
bride, Mrs. Robert Calendar, who
recently came here from Scotland.
The next meeting of the Burns
club will be held January 25,
19J0, at the home of Mrs. George
Morrison. This club meets but
once each year, but the meetings
hate proven very Interesting and
C. A. Bear Heads
Turner Produce
And Dairy Co-op
trURNER. Feb. 5. (Special)
The- annual meeting of the Turner
Cooperative Dairy and Produce
association was held Saturday at
the high school auditorium, fol
lowed by a dinner served inthe
dining room of the Christian
church. A large crowd waS pres
ent despite the bad weather.
C. A. Bear was elected presi
dent for a term of two years. Fred
Miller and Chris Hanson were
elected s new members of the
board of directors.
Mrs. E. Pearcy furnished music,
including numbers by the high
school orchestra and a number of
members of the high school glee
elab Speakers were Ed Laugh
ery, Seymour Jones and H. R.
Snow and Rain
Prove Aids To
River Traffic
LINCOLN, Feb. 6. (Special)
rThe snowfall and rain during
the last two weeks have caused
the Willamette river to rise con
siderably at Lincoln. Steamboats
plying between Salem and Port
land have no. difficulty now In
navigating the stream.
Mr. and Mrs. M. Wilson of Sa
lem and daughter Leatha Wilson,
have moved to Lincoln and have
rented the John Boehringer home
Mr. and Mrs. Rby Kennedy are
California! Enjoy there a life out of doors
this winter. No matter what your pleasure
you'll find it there. California holds a mag
nificent variety of things to do and see.
r-but a day away
It's a short, pleasant trip via fast trains of the Shasta Route
When business or pleasure calls you to Cali
fornia you can be there "tomorrow." It's just a
day away and you will enjoy the trip on these
comfort-famous trains. '
There are 5 fine trains daily over the
Shasta Route, including: the swift, lux
urious "Cascade" only 20 hours Salem
to San Francisco and the "West Coast"
direct to Los Angeles. ' ,
$33.50 Roundtrip San Francisco
$52.00 Roundtrip Los Angeles j
16 day return limit; longer limits slightly more i
Special low one way fares $15.00 to San Fran
cisco, $28.00 to Los Angeles good on '"Coach
Special" to San Francisco, and the "San Joa
auin' (from Port Costa, Cal.) to Los Angeles.
Only one night on the train. By Southern Pacific
motor coach the fare to San Francisco is only
$13.30. " -
. East Thru Southern Smtuhime j
V You can add so much more to the pleasure of
your trip east by including California, Southwest ,
. and the Old Sourh. Tickets via Southern Pacific's
Sunset Route and New Orleans are surpris-
ingly low in some cases the fare is exdctlj the - r
as via other routes. ; ' . . .
Thmu tcsUtt m amy timfTtttrmil tnfrmti ? -..
the parents of a 7H pound son
born to them February 1. The
Kennedy family are happy over
the arrival of the little boy as
they have three girls, and this is
their first boy.
Farewell Party
For Townsends
Well Attended
CLOVERDALE. Feb. 6. (Spe
cial) Monday evening 25 friends
Land neighbors gathered at the M.
E. Townsend home to bid them
farewell, before they left fdr their
new home in Linn county.
The W. C. T. U. will meet with
Mrs. Frank Cook Wednesday for
an all day meeting.
Western Lady
Knew the Way
Every mother knows what It
neans when her child begins to
;et underweight, pale, listless, bll-.
ous, feverish and fretful, with bad
breath, coated tongue and no ap
petite. What every one of them
loesn't know is that it'a danger
ous to use harsh methods to start
:ne nttie somacn ana Doweis.
There's no use experimenting In
uch cases. Millions of mothers
iave proved the merit and rell-i-illity
of pleasant-tasting, pure:v
egetafcle California Fig Syrup. It
ently clears up the most stub
orn cases of constipation; stlmu
ates the appetite; gives tone and
trength to weak stomach and
jowels so' they continue to act nor
nally, of their own accord; and
nakes pale, lifeless children,
iright, rosy-cheeked and full of
A Nebraska mother. Mrs. Hazel
E. Roberts, Congress Hotel. Oma
ia, pays: "My little girl, Maylon,
ievelooed constipation. She be
came bilious, pale and fretful:
liad no appetite and couldn't dl
;est right. She was losing weight.
I had taken California Fig Syrup
as a child, so I gave It to her. It
regulated her quick. She began
eating heartily and digesting ev
erything. Soon she was her ro
bust self again."
Ask for California Fig Syrup
by the full name so you'll get the
genuine, endorsed by physicians
for over 50 years. adv.
v ss,s r . f
freshments for the event.
aentai examination.
ill drag stores. adv.