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Luncheon 1 Given
i Honoring Miss
Mrs. T. A. Llresley was lunch
eon host 55 In honor of Miss Eliz
abeth Lord Wednesday afternoon
at her home on Lincoln street.
Covers were laid for Miss Eliza
beth Lord, Miss Edith Schruyver.
Miss Winifred Byrd, Mrs. B. O.
Schucking, Mrs. Fred Thlelson,
Mrs. William Butghardt, Mrs.
Clifford Brown, Mrs. O. F. John-
son. Miss Mabel Robertson, Miss
.; Elizabeth Putnum, Miss Sarah
- Lansing, and Mrs. T. A. Livesiey
The dining table was centered
with pale pink carnations. About
the rooms were pink hyacinths
. and larlstlna In profusion. The
larlstina came from the LiTesiey
garden and bore some tiny blue
blossoms which aroused the en
enthusiasm of the guests.
The -afternoon was spent with
music and conversation.
Pretty Luncheon Given
For Capitol Club
Mrs. Milton Meyers was hostess
at an attractive bridge luncheon
for the members of the Capitol
clirb and a few additional guests
Wednesday afternoon at the Elk's
. Pretty potted tulips and tapers
in pastel shades gave a charming
spring-time atmosphere for the
luncheon which was followed by
the afternoon of bridge. Mrs. W.
Carlton Smith won the high score
of the afternoon.
The group Included the addi
tional guests Mrs. Dan Fry It.,
Mrs. H. W. Meyers, Mrs. Milton
Stciner and Mrs. E. N. Gillingham
and the members, Mrs. E. L,
Baker. Mrs. O. C. Locke. Mrs. H.
H. 6llnger, Mrs.. George Rodgers,
-Mrs. R. . E. Eee Stelner, Mrs.
George Rose, Mrs. W. M. Jones,
Mrs. W. Carlton Smith, and the
hostess, Mrs. Meyers.
Annual Get Together
For Dakota Club
The midwinter gathering whleh
has been celebrated by the Dako
ta elnb for the last three years
will be held in the dining room of
the First Presbyterian church on
Lincoln's birthday, February 22
A covered dish luncheon will be
one of the main features of the
There will be a short but very
pleasing program with Senator
Norblad, president of the senate
for this legislative session, as the
mat nspeaker of the evening.
The officers of the Dakota club
are president, J. L. Hall, vice
president. M. B. Stegner, and Mrs.
W. J. Llnfoot, secretary-treasurer.
Salem Heights Wom
an's Club Meets Friday
The Salem Heights Woman's
club will meet Friday afternoon at
2 o'clock at the community club
house. The leader for the after
noon will be Mrs. Nellie Baldwin.
The guest speaker will be Mrs.
William McGllchriat, JrJ who will
speak on "Experiences in India."
Mrs. Gordon McGilchrist will give
some vocal solos. ' .
Hostesses for the occasion will
be Mrs. Floy Hulsey, Mrs. N. Mc-
"3ure. and Miss Lydia Hunt.
Colorado Guests 7
at McElvain Home
Mr. and Mrs. E. A. MeElvain
have had as their guests Mn and
Mrs. Stanley Garshe of Pueblo.
Colorado. They came as special
guests of Mrs. M. M. Cottew. an
aunt of Mrs. Garshe, who makes
her borne with Mr. and Mrs. Mc
Mr. and Mrs. Garshe were en.
tertained extensively while
ing here-some of the outstanding
affairs being dinner parties at the
nomes or Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Mc
Myers, and Mr. and Mrs. Lee Cot-
The Colorado visitors left Tues
day for Pueblo by way of San
francisco, and Los Angeles.
Miss Maude Covington, city 11-
. nranan. speaking before the Writ
er's section of the Salem Arts
League, reviewed. a number of the
me American ana continental
books of verse Tuesday evening at
a meeting of the group In the
seclal room of the city library
. Tuesday evening.
Among the books reviewed
were Sylvia Townsend Warner's
"Tims Importuned." Elisabeth
Holltster Frost's fXast Lyrist,'
"The Gobbler of God," Percy
MacKayc; and "The Tower," W
B. Yates.
Following the reviews the group
enjoyed a general discussion on
books and the marketing of stor
Through the! suggestion coming
from the Institutions department
of the Salem Woman's club, the
Elsinore theatre entertained the
children of the Deaf and Dumb
. school Wednesday, afternoon as
the first of a series of matinees at
'which the Elcinore will be host to
the children of the' various state
. Institutions aboet Salem.
: The Elk's will give another one
of tlx i rfamous dances Saturday
evening at the Elk's Temple. This
dance' is to bra guest dance. Any
, one coming unaccompanied br an
Elk will need a ticket which mar
be obtained from any member of
the dance committee, Jl. J. Ram-
sejer. I Blsisden or Jack - Cher
rlngton, and they may also be oy-
talned at the; Elk's club.
Mrs. W? C Dyer.who was call
d tff California by : the- sudden
.illness- of ber mother Mrs. Clay
born Taylor,' will be returning to
.Salem ; Saturday accompanied by
her mother. Mrs. Taylor, although
not weJL is much Improved-
News and Club
i Olive M. Doak,
The Cat's Insurance
l'"';r L pi
This Persian kitten, Swami, lj
worth 125,000, at least that is the
ram for which his mistress, Miss
Helen Wehrle, has insured him.
This photo was taken akitty and
his mistress sailed for "Europe.
Card Party Given
Grants Pass Visitor
Mrs. Roy Burton entertained
at a card party for Mrs. James T.
Chlnnock of Grants Pass In her
home on Union street Tuesday
Representative and Mrs. Chln
nock and their daughter Norma
will, be here for the duration of
the legislative session.
Honors for high score of the
evening went to Mrs. W. D. Clarke
and Mrs. Wilson Darby.
The guest group Included the
honor guest, Mrs. Chlnnock, Mrs.
Paul Johnson, Mrs. Erie Butler,
Mrs. Harry J. Weidmer, Mrs. T.
M. Creech, Mrs. Wilson Darby,
Mrs. Phil Newmyer, Mrs. Grover
C. Bellinger, Mrs. Walter Kirk,
Mrs. Paul Hauser, Mrs. W. D.
Clarke, Mrs. Frank G. Myers, Mrs.
Roy H. Mills, Mrs. Walter Spauld-
Ing, Mrs. H. A. Cornoyer, Mrs J
Grant Bonnell, Mrs. Tom Gallow
ay, Mrs. William M. Hamilton and
the hostess, Mrs. Burton.
Girl Reserve Leaders
Advertise Y. 'Drive
A group of Girl Reserve advis
ors are doing their bit to an
nounce the coming Y. W. C. A.
financial drive by singing this
week before the various clubs at
their noon hour meetings.
Wednesday the, girls sang be.
fore the Rotary club, today they
sing .before the Realtors and the
Ad club, and tomorrow they sing
before the Lions.
The group includes Miss Flor
ence Power, Miss Muriel White..
Miss Elolse White, and Miss Doris
Clarke, accompanied by Miss Ros
alind Van Winkle.
mi-'1 . -m-r r
By Lulu Hunt Peters MIX
flutfior of Dier and HeaUh ndDicc or ChitdrtsrV
THE ancient and middle ages
Ancient Health Rules
1 . . I
tic rue wiiu i(jiurautx
and snperstitutlons, but we
find that Borne of their rules for
the maintenance of health did con
tain the truth
md eo are just
is aplicable to
lay as in those
'flays. Really,
.ne irum aoeB
live. on.
I am remind
ed of this while
reading a book
yon the - medical
.school at Sa-
resort, estab-
1 1.V m.M . T n 1
the tenth
UIU Hunt Pcrtii jiM century.
Many great personages went to
Salerno, among, them William of
Normandy, afterwards Conqueror
of England. The famous code of
the school was written in rhymed
Latin, probably for the guidance
of William. I'll give you some
excerpts of eome of the verses as
they have been translated. Notice
the attention given to Dyet (diet).
"The Salerne Schoole doth by
these' lines Impart
All health to England's King.
and doth advise
From care his head to keepe,
from wrath his heart,
Drlnke not much wine, sup
light, and soone arise,
When heate is gone;, long sitting
breedeth smart:
And after-noone still waking
keene your eyes.
When moved you find your selfe
to Natures Needs.
Forbears them, not, for that
much danger breeds.
Use three Physicians still;' first
' . Doctor Quiet.
Next Doctor Merry-man, and
Doctor Dyet." l
"To keepe good dyet, yon should
- . never -feed .
.Until you flnde yonr stemaeke
- cleane and Wold -. f '
Of former eaten meate, for they
..... . . ' -:... "i '
-go oreea
Repletion, and will cause you
: soone be cloyed,.- i-v..-:. .
None, other- rule bat 7 appetite
jhoul Y!odomw.a.V : "
.t should need. , . ,"' - ;
"Good dyet Is a perfect way of
i -
- cnring: .- , t
Society Editor ss
Social Calendar
Women's Missionary soci-
ety of the First United Pres-
byterian church meets at 1:30
Women's benefit association
card party at Fraternal Tem--
pie postponed.
Board -meeting, D. A. R. at
Y. W. C. A. rooms, 2:30
United Artisans, Fraternal
Temple, 8 o'clock, social eve-
nlng , for members and
. friends.
.Women's Alliance of Uniiar-
tan , church, Emerson room,
2:30. Patriotic memorial ser-
West Side Circle Jason Lee
church, Mrs. Richard Erick-
son. Each bring a guest.
Standard Bearer dinner for
W. F. M. S. at First M.'E.
- Woman's Alliance of the
Unitarian church meets at
2:3 o'clock in Emerson room.
Hal Hibbard. U. S. W. V.
monthly business meeting, 2
White Shrine of Jerusalem
gnests of Oregon Shrine No.
1, Portland. Reservations call
1979R or 167
Elks' club i dance, . guest
First Methodist church.
cooked food sale. Southern
Pacific ticket office.
' D. A. R., I Elks club, 2
Yomarco Club Alters
Meeting Plans
The Yomarco club was to have
met February 12 with Mr. and
Mrs. B. E. Sisson but changes
have made It necessary to change
the meeting date to February 5,
Tuesday evening! of next week.
The party planned Is to be very
interesting. It will be a costume
party In which each member is to
come dressed to represent some
historical character. A guessing
contest will be held later ln the
evening and score kept for the
person Identifying the largest
number of historical characters
The committee for arrangements
are Mrs. Fred Zimmerman, Mrs.
B. E. Sisson, Mrs. A. T. Wool-
pert, and Mrs. Harry Swafford.
D. A. R. Changes
Place of Meeting
The Daughters of the American
Revolution were to have been the
guests of Mrs. Carl Stelw'er for
the Saturday meeting but plans
have changed end the meeting is
now to be at the Elk's Temple at
2 o clock Saturday afternoon.
A special meeting of the board
has been called to meet this af
ternoon at the Y. M. C. A. rooms.
Board members are urged to be
Mrs. Monroe Gilbert spent sev
eral days of last week In Portland
as the guest of Miss Florence
Cartwrlght. While in Portland
Mrs. Gilbert saw the Gilbert Sul
livan production of Gondaller of
which she speaks highly.
Dr. and Mrs. Carl Gregg Doney
entertained at dinner Tuesday
night for Professor and Mrs. Ce
cil R. Monk, Professor and Mrs
Frank Learner and Dr. J. D. Mc-
And worthy much regard and
health assuring.
A King that cannot rule him In
his dyet,
Will hardly rule his Realm in
peace and Quiet."
Winter Itch
Itchy? Seema as though you
would have to take some wire
brushes and dig the very skin of fa
Perhaps yon have what Is known
as the winter Itch. We have many
complaints of that now.. The tech.
nical name for this winter itch is
Pruritis Hiemalisr The word pur
ltis used alone means itching
without apparent cause. (However
there la a cause for any disagree
able sensation in the body). We
know that general disorders, gas
trointestinal disturbances and the
unbalanced diet can cause Inflam
matory conditions In the skin as
well as other organs, so if you are
a sufferer of winter Itch or any
other disorder, you should have
a physical examination.
Winter Itch is usually noticed in
climates where there are wide
changes in temperature. Do you
wear woolen underwear? That
seems to be very Irritating to some
skins. If it does afflict you, .then
wear linen or silk next to the' skin
and put the woolens over this, if
If your skin is dry (dry skins
are most apt to ; be itchy) drink
liberal amounts of water and rub
some . glycerine .solution all over
the body." (One-fourth glycerine
and three-fourths plain or rose
water is a good; proportion for
most). Some find relief by apply.
Ing a saturated solution of boric
Acid. Others find that, general
baths with baking soda, about 10
ounces to the ordinary tubful of
water, are helpful; and strange to
tell Just the opposite type of bath,
an acidulated one. with an ounce
of hydrochloric acid to the ordin
ary tubful of water, helps others.
Editor' yt0 : Dr. Peters cannot ',
'dlasne. nor give personal advioe. ' 1
- Teur euetttoas. If of aracral Inter, i 4
' est. will be answered in th coU
limn. In turn. Requests for articles
nuit be aeeotnpanied by a Lilly z
rlf-4drMd. tamped envelope
end S cor.te la cola (or each article.
-to oovor eoot of priattn aad naad.
lias. For tbe pamphlet en roduo y'.
10 and satoJ-X. IS cent In coin,
W1U fully salt -adSreeead, stamped ;
envelope, mast eaeleeed. Ad- .
draw Dr.. Peters, la ear of this
Willamette Profs
Entertained At
Prof, and Mrs. Roy Keene were
hosts to a group of the younger
members of the Willamette Uni
versity faculty at an attractive
dinner recently in their home on
Lefelle street.
Covers were laid for Dr. and
Mrs. Robert M. Gatke. Prof, and
Mrs. Cecil Monk, Prof, and Mrs.
Frank Laemer, Prof, and Mrs.
Gerald Prescott, Mr. and Mrs. R.
A. McCully, Miss Helen Curry.
Miss Winifred McGill. Miss Ixis
Latimer, Miss Leila Johnson. Dean
Olive M. Dahl, Miss Ruth McKir
ron and Dr. Henry C. KohlerJ
Prof. Roy N. Locklnour.
This was the first of a num
ber of dinners with which Prof.
and Mrs Keene plan to entertain
the faculty.
Bridge Affair Given
Wednesday Afternoon
A delightful 'bridge luncheon
was given by Mrs. Curtis Cross at
her home on Fairmount Hill Wed
nesday afternoon. Covers for 12
were laid at a perfectly appointed
1 o'clock luncheon table.
Following the luncheon bridge
occupied the afternoon. Mrs.
Harry Hawkins won firstz prise
and Mrs. Karl Becke wori"second
high score.
Guests for the arternoon were
Mrs. T. A. Roberts, Mrs. Roy
Keene, Mrs. W. L. Phillips. Mrs
John Carson, Mrs. Karl Becke.
Mrs. Carl Nelson, Mrs. Paul Hen
drlcks. Mrs. Dwight Quisenberry,
Mrs. Roy Simmons, and Mrs. Er-
cel Kay. -
o o e
Bridge Luncheon
Event of Wednesday
Mrs. J. W. Meyers and Mrs.
J. H. Laidlaw entertained their
bridge club In the Meyers horn
Wednesday afternoon with an at
tractive bridge affair.
After the afternoon of bridge
the hostesses served a late lunch
eon to the guest group which in
cluded Mrs. Earle Small. Mrs.
H. G. Rosebaum, Mrs. Verne Mac
Intyre, Mrs. J. W. Lillie. Mrs. Har
old Hart, Mrs. G. L. Forge, Mrs.
H. W. Davis, and Mrs. J. II. Cal
lagban. O O 0
Willamette Shrine
To Be Portland iGuests
Oregon Shrine No. 1 have in
vited Wlllanv&tte Shriine, Whltf
ShYIne of Jerusalem to attend thr
ceremonial and official inspection
by the worthy high priestess Sat
urday, February 2.
A banquet will be served in the
evening before the ceremonial
takes place. It is expected that
many of the members of the Sa
lem order will be in attendance.
Those who wish reservation in
the special transportation which
is being chartered for the occa
sion will phone 1979 R. or 167
for such reservations.
The Willing Workers class of
the First" Christian church met
with Mrs. C. R. Lester at her
home on South Capitol street for
a business meeting and election
of officers Wednesday afternoon.
Mrs. O. A. MacDowell was
elected to be the new president.
The other officers elected were:
Mrs. L. H. Dunn, rice president:
Mrs. Mable Flint, secretary, and
Mrs. Willis Schleifner, treasurer
Household Hints
Sliced Oranges Cooked Cereal
Bacon Toast
Liver and Tomato Sauce . .
Baked Potatoes Buttered Carrot
Celery Jellv
Peaches 1 Tea Cnnkloa
Breaded Pork Chona
Mashed oPtatoes Baked Annloc
Head Lettuce with 1000 Island
Cranberry Pie Coffee
A new way of cookinr liver is
Included In today's reclDea. Don't
forget to use liver frequently in
me menu, as it Is good for the
whole family. The recipes are
for two. - -
Today's Recipes
Liver with Tomato Sauce
Drench liver in flour, put in fry-
samei. salt and nenner
wnen Drown take out of avmat
take one. tablespoon of flour!
small onion cut fine, one rreen
pepper and brown together. Take
stewed tomatoes, one can, strain,
put Juice in with browned onion
and pepper, put liver- In this
sauce and let simmer alowlr for
at least one hour. Delicious and
Baked Apples-Cut apples In
halves, core, place each half In
baking dish, put sugar, cinnamon,
butter on each half. Place a
marshmellow with raisin on ton
of each half or chooned nuts, and
raisins. Put one-half
in baking dish. Bake In oven un
til apples are baked. . !.
Thousand Island Dressing
(New) One-half cup tomato
sauce, one-fourth cun mayon
naise, one egg cooked hard.- chop
ped fine, one green peoner. chon-
pea. line, six sturred olives, chop
ped fine, one small sweet sickle.
chopped fine,, one teaspoon lemon
!uice,oneiourth teaspoon rait.
Mix Ingredients,' chill and put oV
er head lettuce cutJn halves.
SoKffeeUona . ..
P Keeping Out Drafts T
Take a : piece " of cretonne or
tny firm ' material - one-quarter-
srd wide and as long as the door
's wide, sew 'it up, leaving one-end
4 PICTURE without words? Almost for this is the universal
experience of young girlhood, the time when she must place
herself against the target of Love to await the dart that determines
her dee-tiny.
She can allow herself to be struck by the first of the arrows
from Cupid's quiver, or she can delay the event, enjoying the pleas
ure of the qccasion. And it is she, not Cupid, who chooses the
arrow that wounds. By her woman's intellignece she directs his
aim against her.
Her proper attitude on this occasion te to face the marksman
Peters Adventures
F all the silly performanc
es I have ever seen," mut
tered Peter. "These Tur
keys look as If they had lost tJeir
wits bobbing their heads and
twisting their necks, and getting
all ready to fly and then -walking
around in circles.
"Hopping up in the air, too.
like a lot of grasshoppers! hy.
Iaogt ors'
tliere isn't one
who appears to
;ood sense.
among them all
have a grain of
"Gobbler has forgotten every
single thing I told him and he is
just as bad as the others can't
make up his mind any more than
can they. I am tired of listening
to this babble! I am going to
slip off Gobbler's back and go
my own way."
open, fill it with sawdust by using
fruit Jar funnel. Do not fill it
too full so you can pack it down
-O fit the corners. Place over
;rack between door and floor to
keep out draft.
To women who suffer from
nausea." or so-called "morning
sickness," this simple measure is
proving a blessing. Most nurses
know it and it is advised by lead
ing specialists.
Prepare a small quantity of
finely cracked ice about a wine
glassful. Pour over it a teaspoon
fnl of Phillips Milk of Magnesia.
Sip slowly until the mixture is
gone or you are entirely relieved.
It Is seldom necessary to repeat
the dose to end sick stomach or
any Inclination to vomit.
- Its snti-aeld properties enable
Phillips Milk of Magnesia to give
Immediate relief in heartburn,
sour stomach, gas. Its mild, but
effective laxative, action assures
regular bowel movement, used as
a mouthwash It helps prevent acid
erosion and tooth decay during ex-
pectancy. . . ; ; . ' . . -.
With every bottle of Fbltllpj
Milk Magnesia, come In 11 di
rections for its ; many uses. AH
drag stores have the 25c and 36c
sizes, i Demand the . genuine, ' en
dorsed by"doctdrs - fort over- 80
years. ":x'? " ' .-f
f Milk of Magnesia, has been
the 17. 8. Registered Trade Mark
of the Cha's. H. Phillips Chemical
iCo. and Its predecessor
rhlllips, since 1875. adv.
. .
The boy wanted to get out of
sight before the Turkeys discov
ered he had gone.
"I don't believe the silly things
can think of but one thing at a
time," said Peter, aloud, "and
this deciding which way they will
go Is all they can manage. Cer
tainly the Wild Birds will never
miss me, and I daresay Gobbler
will have forgotten all about me
by the time the argument is over.
But if one of them should catch
sight of me stealing away, well
that would be different. They
might wish to know where I was
going nnd why. and it may be
that they would not think I was
very polite to leave them without
saying goodby."
So Peter hurripd. on as fast a
he could go. and soon he cam to
a turn that hid the Turkeys from
his sight, but not before lookinp
back over his shoulder he had
made sure that none of them was
following him. No! The silly
birds were hopping and bobbin;
about Just as undecided as ever!
But when he had gotten this fai
away, Peter came to a stop ani
looked around him.
"Now let me see." said he.
thoughtfully. "Which 'direction
shall I take? I am afraid I would
-S H ROA h
Relief guaranteed with one awallowof
JLJ) SanFrancisco
"Silver Gray" through
Stage leaves here daily
Arrive San Francisco 2:08
pjn. next day.
Low fare good only on
All-Coach train. Reclin
ing chairs, all-day lunch car,
also diner with moderate
prices. 50 lbs. free baggage.
Leaves here
Arrives San Francisco 9:50
sjn. next day.
DO to
Los Angeles
For Los Angeles, Coach
train makes connection at
Port ' Cosra, QL, with the
fast "San Joaquin" which ar
rives Los Angeles evening
of the same day. Only one
night on train. ,
Telephone SO or 41
gaily and with full confidence of her own ability to make a choic
Somewhere In the quiver lies the arrow with her life lover's nan
engraved upon It. She must be clever enough to know when Re
drawn and when the bow is snapped.
She makes herself even more attractive for the test. Her gi
ish figure and laughing eyes make her a tempting morsel as s)
stands against the target, the wind breaking fresh on her partc-.i
But she must not tarry there long, for others await their tut ;.
never make the other side if I
tried to swim across this 6tream.
And goodness knows how long, it
is! I might walk along this bank
for days without coming to a
bridge. rethink 111 " Peter
stopped suddenly, he laughed.
"I am doing the very same
thing that I scolded Gobblerfor."
cried he. "Well I am not going
to think any longer. I am going
to do something and do it quick.
At least iii the woods I shall find
'hade, and If I keep on walking I
am sure to come out on the other
side and very likely once out I
will find a road that leads some
where. Then I shall feel satis
fied. I am not used to wandering
around In the wilds, and 1 lose my
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound Helps Her5o Much
riiisTurgl)i Pa. "I wa just com
pletcly run-down. I had tired, heavy,
fhigpiMi feelings
ana l could not
rat. I was losing
in weipht. I read
so much about
Lydia E. rink
ham's Vegptable
Compound and
what a pood med
icine it is, that I
started taking it.
I have taken
eight bottles of
Lvdia K. Pink-
ham's Vegetable Compound and about
the same in tablet form. This is one
medicine a woman should have in
the house all the time. I am improv
ing every day and I sure am able to
eat. I am willing to a newer any let
ters askinjr a.ltout the Vegetable Com
ound." Mrs. Eij.a Richards, 21
Chautauqua St., N. S. Pittsburgh, Pa.
Lih: .ht ttr
linn mmrk a
stln, thti Sitl-
mark is tb itgn
1 1MMIII1 lt
mrwflart ytm
Our -Window
1 i J
' ' r
467! Court : . - Tel 114i
. Bj Laird
The Small BroV n
Next :
'Stump' -Rubs-Away
Avoid Too Much of Any FocA
and Too Little Exercise,
Say Authorities
Some people seem to think that
all t"ey need to do to reduce is to
stop eating sugar. That isn't trii'
As a matter of fact, as a promine "
nudical authority says, "Lvery fo I
that has any food value at all
fattening if taken in large enour
quantities." "Reducing weight," ) e
goes on to say, "means to eat les .
keeping the diet balanced and at
tractive." Medical authorities are alariwd
at the national "craze for redi
ing." "The experience of centurii
has shown," says a celebrated do
tor. "that a poorly nourished
becomes much more quickly subjfir
to such disorders as anemia, tuber
miosis, tne common cold, or variois
types of infection, than dees or
properly upholstered. . . . The crata
Toe thinness is an attempt to modify
the process of nature." '
How much more wise and sane it
s to eat moderately of all food
rather than omit the one ingrediert
hat adds so much to the enjoymer t
f eating. Sweetness is nature's
ideal flavor. And no other food is
io pure or so cheap as sugar. Eat
lcnty of such healthful foods as
ercals, apple sauce, grapefruit &Tkl
resh and canned fruits and vesc
ables of all .kinds sweetened to
aste..1 Sweetening makes it easy to
at the healthful foods regularly
tnd daily. -Don't overeat, but re
wmber it is dangerous to undereat.
he sugar way is the happy way.
The Sugar Institute. adr.
They'll want to
stay Home
SEE that your living room bar enough really
cory chairs deep, soft cushioned chairs
luxuriously comfortable and every maenber of
the family will reach tbe opinion spontaneously
that noma is the pleasanteat place there is.
Plenty of upholstered furniture give the living
room an air of friendly homines. Mind and body
are soothed by the rich quiet colors and utter
comfort. An hoar in this restful atmosphere and .
you feel ready for anything that does not re
quire you to move too far from your cosy corner.
Our selection of sofa a. chairs and suites Si
particularly attractive this season. Many beauti
ful designs of the finest workmanship are repre
sented, and mohair velvet and other ncholatenr
materials have navar bawta handsomer. Wa cor- jf
dially invite you to inspect the display in out