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Salem, Oregtm
December 29, 1028
Eael C. Bsownlee
Shzldon F. Sackett
- .- . - ae si '
"' '' 11 . ' -l
He who freely magnifies what hath been nobly done,
and fears, not to declare as freely what might be done bet
ter, gives ye the best covenant of his fidelity. John
mHERE are three reasons
X ipal ownership of her water system and an- extension of
the supply lines to a mountain
with many collateral ones.
First, advertising value.
one would be obliged to make
quality of our water.
Second, more adequate supply and better fire protection.
The city can look to the future. It can build larger mains ;
extend mainsif aster to remote districts in process of growth.
Third, it can getimoney at" a lower rate of interest, and
thus show a profition its investment above what is possible
with a private concern. It can
do away with the cost of pumping, besides getting an m
come from its hydroelectric
from the mountains.
Then there is the matter of going value, or franchise
value. Salem is a growing city. Will be a growing city for
many generations. The franchise or going value will in the
course of years more than justify the municipal ownership.
This will accrue to future generations of residents here, in
stead of going to the stockholders of a private concern. It
increases with every baby born ; with every new resident. It
is a legitimate value; but it should belong to the whole peo
ple who make up the increase, and not to a few people, the
private owners, located here or at distant points.
Any reader can think of a thousand good collateral rea
sons in favor of city ownership of a utility that we must
have; that we cannot get awhg without.
Girding 'for Battle
fflHfi 300,000 farmers of the United States who grow sugar
X beets, and the growers of the south who produce sugar
cane, will be represented in Washington January 21 and 22,
asking for a higher protective
other countries .
And they will be backed by
engaged in the sugar industry
And further by men speaking for other hundreds of
thousands of farmers who would grow sugar beets if they
could have factories offering them contracts that would in
aure good profits for their work and the use of their land
All depending upon a market not at the mercy of dump
ing of products from the countries where sugar cane and
sugar beets are grown by labor living far below American
On the other hand, the
the Cuban factories and lands and the refineries along the
Atlantic seaboard will be represented, along with all the
foreign trade interests.
It will be a battle royal, and great issues are at stake.
It is the biggest thing in the whole list affecting a better al
location of products of the land, in order to permanently
settle the matter of major farm surpluses, about which we
heard so much in the recent campaign.
It will be hard on Cuba and the Wall street sugar trust,
and on Java ; but the American farmers must win, for they
' stand for what is best for the great, majority of the people
of the United States.
SAYS an exchange : "Canada has slipped one over on the
United States and the world at large by inaugurating pen
ny postage as a Christmas present to its people. Uncle Sam is
losing a good many thousand dollars on his mail service as
it is and probably doesn't feel opulent enough to follow the
example of his northern neighbor. On the other hand if he
would stop paying postage for senators an.4 congressmen on
their campaign literature he would save enough to make up
the deficit."
The above is 'cute as a cynicism. But there is very little
of truth in it. The cost to the postal funds of the United
States on ''campaign literature" of senators and representa
tives is negligible ; a mere bagatelle.
The big cost is the salary list ; and the growth is in the
'increase of salaries. Perhaps they are all justified. Many
of them are, without doubt. 1 A
Probably a million persons in the United States have
the influenza, but the sickness of the king receives more
news space. That may be the correct news emphasis. A
king is more dramatic when fighting for death than you or
I in a race to repel the 'Iflu" bug. No prince has raced to
our bedside and no waiting world seeks knowledge of our
Wyoming or going. Yet life for the ordinary person is prob
ably as interesting as for the king and surely less exacting.
They have the compulsory
Ists in Massachusetts, and in
District of Columbia Congressman Treadwell of that state
ays it is being given consideration in 44 states. It is a safe
ty provision that is coming up,
Five new inmates came
Thursday: five new "fish"
It will run far above 700 by the end of July. But there will
be employment for every one of them. And in the industries
profitable employment. -
That's a nice thing to think about. Forty-five flax pull
incr machines at work in the
harvest, in July and August.
can see no such sight in any
thousands , of these machines
Willamette valley before many
Mrs. Lita Grey Chaplin
ieland at the age of 15 and divorced him in short order, says
she is again considering marriage, -this time to Roy D'Arcy,
screen villain. t An old, wise
Much that has been said
er was stuff and nonsense. His will turn out to be the cost
liest peace time administration the country has had up to
now. Practically all will be
he cbuld have stood for more
Warner of Stanford first
now formation B has been added to the repertoire. When
formation C appears the boys
(7s. -
THE aaleemanager of a paper box company waa telling me about
the hard lack all sweb. companies have suffered became of mod
ern fashions in worn em's clothes.
- A fchort-skirted dress caa be folded up aad placed la a box only
aboat half ae large ae those formerly aeeded. Since It takes Just as
saacb selling effort to- market email boxes aa large one, bmt at cor
reepondingly lower price, the mannfactarer fc compelled to obtain
anr business of some kind or else suffer reduced profit.
Aad the trouble doeaat atop with the boxes for the skirt them
selves. Skirts that do not qalte reach dowm to the kaee are. natural
foe with stockings with ootto tope, i Whom t wonu'i knees and
uvea part of her thigh are- exposed to tho fall view of oao aad all,
she wishes to have thorn incased mm attractively a possible aad her
stockings most bo silk all tho way up. Maybe you never thought
boat It before, bat aOk soi stags will go Into a much, thinner box
than if they had cotton tons. Oao tad from tho depth of a box
cos It look so much loss vahsaMa that tho ma
: the same price for it. Yet tile
whv Salem should have munic
source three main reasons,
That is of great moment. No
excuses to a new-comer for the
with a pipe line with gravity
power as the water comes down
rate on sugar produced in
representatives of other men
Wall street sugar trust, owning
liability insurance for motor
advocating such a plan for the
to the state prison before noon
"dressed in." That made 693
Salem district during the next
Possibly more than 45. You
other country. There will be
working each harvest in the
who wedded the jester of mov-
woman is Lital She s now 21.
about Coolidge as an economiz
said truthfully for him 19 tnat
extravagance if he had tried.
made formation A famous and
will surely know their A, B,
almost ae costly to
Who's Who and Timely Views
Growth of CItH AeroiroaUcs Des
cribed M Phenotaenal
lAasi slant Secretary of Cemmerc for
. Aeronautics.
(William Patterson MaeCracken. Jr.
was born at Chicago. 1IL. Sept. 17,
Mil. H ia a graduate of the Unlvsr-
mty of Chicago, whara ha studied law,
Admitted to the bar In 111. ba began
practicing In Chicago. Ha was assist
ant attorney general of Illinois In ltJ
and assistant state's attorney of Cook
county the following year. In 1928 ha
was named assistant secretary of com
merce xor aeronautics. Ho served in
the United States air service la 117
and lilt. He Is a Republican.)
rfOMMERCIAL aeronautics has
entered Into the business
world and, without subsidy,
it baa become an Integral part of
American business and transpor
tation. - In air trans
port a e r r i c e
alone there baa
been an unpre
cedented route
1 n c r e a ae. By
with a sched
uled route mile-
i(i of 8,396,
which was the
total one year
ago, the trans
port companies
now operate)
routes covering
VtPJaACGRACKIM 11.111 miles
over which their planes fly a dally
mileage of 27.817. Eighty-eight
cities are now directly served by
these routes with a total trading
area population of 80,000,000. On
Bits for Breakfast
Br R. J.
This is onr winter
. S
Mr. Tenderfoot, and if we are
going to get any more of it. we
will likely have it in the next two
or three weeks, and It will prob
ably be short.
Here is a tip to the Bitta man,
by a Salem grocer. He ordered
seven sacks of walnuts and fil
berts from a grower, for his store.
He paid the current prices, and
the check was $175.
There are few products we grow
that rnn into money so - fast for
the pound or the bulk. And there
is very little shrinkage. Jike that
of prunes put through the dryers.
And there, is sure profit for the
grower of nuts at present prices;
especially for the grower who has
mature walnut or filbert trees.
Multiply the present number of
trees by 10 and look Into the fu
ture 10, 15 or 20 years, and you
can visualize a vast annual sum
coming to our growers. The fil
bert tree increases its crop fast
after tt is five to eight years old,
and the walnut tree very fast af
ter ten or twelve years. A Salem
district walnut orchard 10 years
old made a gain this year over last
of more than 50 per cent in ton
nage. Salem is the natural walnut
and filbert center of the United
States, and It Is going to become
famous and rich as such. This will
extend to black walnut trees In
the forests and to chestnuts, and
perhaps some other varieties.
The Bits man has this letter:
"The editor of the Statesman hit
the nail on the head In his edi
torial under the caption, 'Moun
tain Water,' in this morning's is
sue when he said: 'The city should
own its water-system. It should
go to the mountains for the sup
ply. It should provide for selling
power all the way down.' Until
that is done we will be plagued
Old Oregon's
Town Talk from The 8tatee.
Our Fathers Read
Dec 9., 1008
While In Portland today. Gov
ernor Chamberlain will confer
with Major Langfitt, government
engineer chief, apon what action
is necessary to obtain the right of
way for the Tho Dalles-Celllo can
al on the Columbia river.
The Increase in Salem property
for 1903 as shown by the tax rolls
computed by County Clerk J. W.
Roland Is 1100.000. Total valua
tion la now $2,039.(59.
Dr. E. B. Hoover was appoint
ed" hospital physician at the
Old Soldiers' home in Roseburg.
succeeding Dr. George E. Houck
of Roseburg, resigned.
The Willamette; river steamer
Pomona of the Oregon City Trans
portation company sank 'in the
lower rlrer yesterday afternoon,
between Newberg and Oregon
City. The steamer was command
ed by Captain A. J. Spong, consid
ered one of the most capable pil
ots on the rlrer.
High Pressure Pete
several of the routes passenger
service was inaugurated during
the year and preparations are now
being made to Include It on var
ious others.
An important step was taken la
the) agreement between air trans
port Interests and railroad exec
utives to inaugurate several air-
rail passenger lines, at least one
of which will enable a passenger
to cross the continent la two days
and two nights, flying by day and
using the railroad to cover the
less farorable stretches by night.
Equipment used by the lines Is
steadily being Improved and In
several caees there are already in
use multi-engined planes with
heated and lighted cabins, easy
chairs, and many devices to bring
the traveler comfort as well as to
assure him safety.
These planes operate over es
tablished civil airways equipped
with various aids to navigation
such as beacon lights suitably
spaced and marked and lighted
intermediate fields at proper In
tervals. The government now
maintains air routes equipped for
day and night flying, aggregating
about 6,000 miles. Weather fore
casts and warnings transmitted
along such airways by a fast com
munication system enable pilot
to know unfavorable conditions In
advance and to avoid them. Radio
equipment la being Installed to aid
pilots In maintaining their courses
under conditions of poor' risi
bility and to expedite the trans
mission of weather and other
with this 'vegetable soup.' W,
The Statesman has no quarrel
with the owners of the Salem wa
ter system. They are evidently do
ing everything in their power to
rid the water supply of the algal
or vegetable substance with which
it is contaminated. And they no
doubt made a good Investment
when they bought the Salem
water system. And they are entitl
ed to eTery honorable and decent
consideration in the range of
Justice and business fairness.
If the city shall conclude to
own Its Water system, the present
system ought to be bought, and
the owners should be paid what it
is worth; both the physical value
and the going concern or franchise
value. And the courts would grant
them this, according to fixed rules
backed up by a long line of de
cisions. S
But the Bits man believes, for
many reasons, Salem should own
Its water system. He has been in
the fight for this since 1910 and
before. Had the matter been con.
eluded in 1910, when the. people
voted In favor of it, Sale'm would
now be In much better condition.
There would have been a saving of
several hundred thousand dollars
for one thing.
a -
But that is neither here nor
there. This is 1928; another year
will be ushered in next Tuesday.
Every day this Is neglected, the
going concern value will increase,
and the cost to the city will be
that much higher, when a deci
sion Is finally made -for city own
ership. The future Salem will not
be satisfied with anything short of
municipal ownership and a moun
tain supply. Why do we hesitate
and thus pass onto our successors
this higher cost, growing higher
every day? No citizen will feel the
cost of the system. It will pay tor
Itself, and finally retire the bonds
and then be in position for low
er water rates. And lower rates
might not be long deferred, with
good management.
Marlon county is not a welcher.
It lives up to Its obligations,
written or otherwise. The full five
year term of the county health
demonstration will be finished, ac
cording to the original understand
ing. It is a good thing; but the un
derstanding should have been ear.
rled out without respect to that
point. A contract must be a con
tract, In this county, as it should
be everywhere.
I will greatly rejoice in the
Lord, my soul shall be joyful in
my God; for he hath clothed me
with the garments of salvation.
he hath covered me with the robe
of righteousness, as a bridegroom
decketh himself with ornaments.
and as a bride adorneth herself
with jewels. Isaiah, Ixi. 10.
; ; ' eV t ' ,..-o
The Way
of the
Disnatches recently carried the
trivial news that a college debate
tam had been defeated in a
debate oa the Question: "Resolved
that we deplore the Influence of
modern advertising upon tne pun-
11c welfare."
There Is no debate possible on
that subiect for It has but one
side. Only a man too dumb to be
kept out of an asyium wouia
donbt the beneficial effect of ad
vertising upon the public welfare.
Sensible advertising, has taugnt
men how to lire In comfort. It
has raised them from contentment
with dirt and shabblness to a rea
sonable demand for comfort and
cleanliness. Advertising has cre
ated desires, the satisfaction of
which has led to enlture and a
new spirit.
Archeologlats digging for evi
dence of the ways of early man,
find a cave baby's rattle. The toy
is excavated near Kish, in Meso
potamia. Shaped like a hedgehog
it contains a hard mud ball. No
matter how far down the ages
man has been coming the cave
baby whs not unlike the baby of
civilization. Mental tests would
doubtless reveal little difference.
A baby's rattle has been in de
mand since the beginning of the
human race.
Yokohama, in Japan, has been
more than 70 per cent re-created
since the earthquake five years
ago". The Japs do not appear much
in the news except at the corona
tion of an emperor, an infrequent
war or an earthquake. But they
are a working people, tireless, am
bitious, apparently unafraid.
What is destroyed they rebuild.
They have the knack of taking
care of themselves. They go
ahead. They move up and on. Let
us watch the Japs, not in fear,
but in proper and helpful curios
Don AlfonsS. cousin of the
SDanish king, who has been visit
ing us, sails for home. The two
Americans who impressed him
most are Henry Ford and Colonel
Lindbergh. He said:
"Your Henry Ford is tne em
bodiment of simplicity. Colonel
Lindbergh is nice and simple. You
ought to take off your hat to
That is a significant remark.
coming from royalty. Don Al
fonso by birth and training is an
aristocrat. Interesting to see that
he recognizes the value and the
power of simplicity.
"Nice and simple," he says"
"You ought to take off your hat
to him-." That's worth thinking
Dinner Stories
"Stoo! For the love of Mike
stop!" shrieked the film produc
er, and obediently the cameras
ceased clicking.
The producer walked over to
the leading man-.
"Your exnresslon is hopeless.
he scowled. "Try to look as if you
really were indignant."
"I've done the best I can," re
torted the actor, sullenly. "No
body could do any better."
"Verv well, your salary is re
duced plenty from today on,"
snapped the other. Then: "Now,
that Is the idea. Hold It Take,
please!" ! .
And the cameras clicked again.
Rastns I tells you. Sambo. I
done found out de deffence be
tween men and de women at las'.
Sambo What what Is it.
Rastns Wall, a man '11 gib two
dollars for a one dollar thing dat
he wants, and a woman'll gib one
dollar for a two dollar thing wnat
she don' want!
HUBBARD, Ore., Dec. 28.
(Special) Miss Margaret Pang
born, who has made an extended
visit with her parents in Hubbard,
returned to California Friday.
Margaret- is the daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Pangborn of Peggie's
Tea room. '
Tho Grab
December 29, 1923 .
Who am IT What is my profes
sion? In what Ibeen play dtd I
score a success T
Of what Is Sinapore the capital?
What Roman slave extracted a
thorn from the paw of a Hon?
What French explorer founded
"If ye abide in me, and my
words abide in you, ye shall ask
what ye will, and It shall be done
unto you." Where is this passage
found in the Bible?
"Toy was eo&TEo i went
owmu rti ot ninotLr
Today in the Past
On this day, in 1845, Texas was
admitted to the Union.
Today's Horoscope
Persons born on this day are
free thinkers and they have no
fear. Underhandedness is not a
part of their makeup. ,
.- A Dally Thought
"Trifles make perfection and
perfection is no trifle."-r-Michael
Horoscope for Doc. 29
Persons born on .this day are
capable of much serious study.
They delve beneath the surface of
things and often make great scien
Answers to Foregoing Questions
1. Alia Nazlmova; actress; "A
Doll's House."
2. Straits Settlement.
3. Androcles.
4. Samuel de Champlain.
5. St John, xv, 7.
Cellini is Caught
In Own Gun Trap
(AP) Louis Cellini, whose home
has been receiving considerable
attention from burglars of late.
mounted a double barreled shot
gun over a picture frame, and at
tached a long cord from it to the
door of his room. If a burglar
opened 4he door he would be the
target from both barrels. Cellini
forgot the trap today when he
opened the door. He was taken
to a hospital In a critical condi
HUBBARD. , Ore.. Dee. 28.
(Special) W. S. Dillon, former
principal of the Hubbard grade
school, but now principal of the
grade school in Molalla. was ex
changing greetings with friends In
Hubfiard Thursday.
wis 'A ( i wt r-a. n m
New Liberty street business
houses and the project for mak
ing It one of the short cuts to the
fair grounds and Hollywood shows
the rapid growth of the capital
city It la not a too swift gness to
think of Liberty as lined with
shops and markets as far north aa
Mill creek and a business district
with a theatre and a bank on the
north side of the creek and out to
the water front. Market street in
San Francisco has the Twin reaas
looking west but Liberty and the
business streets of Salem all show
lews of Mt. Hood and half a
dozen snow peaks from 12,000 to
14,000 feet high. The Twin Peaks
at the head of Market street, San
Francisco, are only about 2000
feet high, while Mt. Jefferson, di
rectly east of State street Is oyer
12,000 feet elevation. Best we can
say, we ar poor advertisers.
The Community builders have
been holding noonday meetings
with free lunches and a booster
lectures, that make California
expansionists look white around
the gills, to locate scores of new
home builders in the Ben Lomond
district. New buildings are going
up and work on the new Freder
ick Lamport 160,000 home starts
early in 1929. To haye a realtor
show how Oregon has California
faded off the map in forty ways,
and Salem the Queen Bee and
busy spot of all towns in the
northwest is a credit to the real
estate profession.
Watch buildings spring up on
south Liberty street where the
new viaduct, to match the new
bridge on South Commercial
street. Is going in. That street will
be open in a few months and will
be an occasion for a celebration
to rattle the bones of conservatism
harking back to a time when
Salem was noted for having the
widest and muddiest street in
the webfoot state.
The Chamber of Commerce ad
vises keeping an eye on West
Salem, the beautiful residence
addition across the river. Salem
real estate and every business
house in Salem will be benefitted
by the rapid development of West
Salem. There is. a wise conserva
tion of the water front and pre
servation of the forest beauty of
the camp grounds and tourist coi-;
tages between the West Side high
way and the mile of -river bank
extending south. In time there
will be the choicest residences
fronting on the river bank on both
sides of the Willamette. The
owners of the property on the east
bank of the river couia not ao a
wiser thing, than to preserve the
bank from further caving down
and washing away, preserve the
natural trees and shrubbery ana
build a driveway on the river
front and encourage residence
building fronting the river. These
would command a sunset view of
the Polk county hills of great
beauty that could never be hidden
The state highway commission or
some progressive public body is
that Live
(Oa kts having arrived to the ago
of twenty-three)
HOW soon hath Time, the sub
tle thief of youth,
Stolen on his wing; mj three
and-twentleth year!
My hasting days fly on with full
But my late spring: no bad or
blossom shewth.
Perhaps my semblance mirM de
ceive .the troth
That I to manhood am arrived
ao near;
And laward ripeness doth much
less appear.
That some mora timely-happy
spirit enduth.
Tet, be it less or more, or soon
r alow.
It shall be still In stricter!
measure wen
Te that same lot, however
mean or high.
Toward which Tim leads me, and
tho will of Heaven:
All U, If I have grace to tuo
it so.
As ever la my great Task-maa.
John MOton (lt0S-lfT
CoL E. Hofer
topping and preserving the growth
of forest that extends tor several
mile between the river and the
highway from Albany to Corvallis.
The highway commission is not
overlooking Its best bet in pre
serving trees and shrubbery and
scenic beauty of tine groves along
the state highway, and not leav
ing It all for (he tourist camps to
Salem is today experiencing the
delightful sensation of having
many new business buildings "be
ing erected and three new busi
ness districts coming into exis
tence before the very eyes of any
one who will take the trouble to
walk over the territory described
in the foregoing fact summary.
Other parts of the city are ex
periencing group construction that
will soon blossom into busine9H
districts. No part of Salem is ov
er stimulated, but all growth and
development Is along natural and
normal lines. That is why all prop
erty Investments are safe Invest
ments.. If they are not already in
an area of expanding values, it is
only a question of time when they
will be. Members of the toning
property into business zones.
Could there be a better Indira,
tlon, or a more inviting existing
condition, in what is already a
community maintaining rapid
growth and spreading on both
sides of the river?
Listen In
KWX8 200 Maters. 1600 KHocrclei
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game description from Los Angele.
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New York over N BC.
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gram from New York.
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nental. )
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10:00-12:00 'The Big Show," NBC.
NBC 2 :l5-4 :S0. East-VJest football
description: 6-1. National orchestra:
-7, The Vagabond King :" 7-8 dance
orchestra; 8-9. "The Carnival;" 9
10. "Golden Legends;" 10-12. 'The
Big Show."
KORE Eugens (211). 8:30 a. m.
housewife's program; 10, music: 12,
concert: 1, music; 6:30, music; 6:45,
news : 7, sponsored.
KSL Salt Lake City (265) 8. NBC : 7.
dance orchestra ; 8. novelty ; 9, am
ateur night; 9:80. dance music; 11.
Coyote club.
KNX-Los Angeles (285). 8. play-
?oers' club ; 8:30, organ : 7, mystery ;
:30, feature; S. feature: 9. "Mr.
and Mrs."; 10-13 orchestra; 1?.
dance hour: 1. Midnight Express
KMO Seattle (S:).Xr8, NBC; 8 with
K.UW ; j orchestra ; o, orchestra:
11, .news; 11:15-12:30, dance or
chestra. KHJ Los Angeles (333). 6. doings:
6 :4, news ; 7-9. chain program ; 3.
symphony ; 10-12, dance music. 1-.
KGO Oakland (I7). NBC; 8.
snorts, 8:1. NBC ; t-11. NBC.
Lions Get Bid
For Midwinter
District Meet
Members of the Salem -ions
club were invited to attend a mid
winter meeting of Lions in the
northwest -district, to be held at
Longvlew sometime In February,
by Harry Swart, district governor,
when he attended the Friday
luncheon here. The exact date
has not been set.
Mr. Swart announced that
Lloyd T. Reynolds ot the Salem
den had been appointed chair
man ot a commute to "sell Ore
gon" at the Lions International
convention and at other national
meetings next year.
The Friday luncheon was'
billed , as a "father and son af
fair, but a number of the "sons"
present were daughters. Justice
Harry. Belt of the supreme court
delivered an interesting address
relative to the occasion, Charles
Knowland told some lather and
son stories and Edward Fisher.
University of Oregon student,
sang appropriate songs.
A kindly Providence has so ar
ranged it that the hunting and
'nousecleanlng seasons coincide.
-aa- hard to aelL