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    Society News and Cluk Affairs
(OLIVE M. Doak, Society Editor t
Mrs. R. L. White
Is Holiday
Christmas fairyland reigned su
preme Saturday night In the stu
dio ballroom of Mrs. R. L. White.
who was hostess at a Christmas
partr lor her students. Ropes of
green, wreaths with red ribbon.
. red bells, and soft lights set the
atmosphere for the Christmas
ballet which introduced by Eliza
beth Waters in a beautiful artis
tic toe dance. As she danced she
i called in eight royal : subjects in
white ballet costume and red toe
' slippers who completed the dance
with her.
This dance was followed by
Grace Day and George Birr ell In
an adagio number masterful In Its
Trace and quick beauty. Kather-
- loe Riley gave a well finished
acrobatic solo assisted by the
girls of the Junior class. Wllda
Fleener, Juanita Powell. Grace
Day, and Elisabeth Waters pre
sented some splendid work In
taps. Character work was artis
tically, realistic In Elizabeth Wat-
- ers' Dutch Dairymaid dance.
The program closed with a
sleepy time dance giren by the
baby, class, little tots of two and
.- three years, who were to sink into
' sleep as the closing steps In their
dance. They did this only to open
Vtbeir eyes to a real lire Santa who
. had come in to deliver popcorn
balls and gifts to the students.
Mrs. James Teed, Miss Marguer
ite McDonald and senior students
assisted Mrs. White.
A much enjoyed variation in the j
program was tne Tocai soio suns
by Miss Arbutus Ruddie. accom
panied by Miss Ruth Bedford.
Two hours of ballroom dancing
closed a very delightful evening
for more than 400 gaests.
I i
Hollywood Studio
Has Christmas Recital
Mrs. Mollie Styles gave her
Christmas recital at her Holly
wood studio Saturday night. Ex
cellent work was presented by the
various members of the studio
At the close of the recital Mr.
Styles served refreshments assist.
ed by Mr. T. E. Fnllerton, and
Mrs. Carrol Long.'
students taking part were,
Junior; Edna Strohmelr, Carrie
Strohmelr, Irene Fisher, Gene
Roes. Bobby Douglass. Alene
Douglass, Eric. Fitesimmons,
Maurice Fitzsimmons, Lorene
Lathrop, Willis Lathrop. Mazlne
Gunter, Jimmy Nlcholsen; ad
vanced students: Mrs. Douglas,
June Louchrtdge. and Francis
Orote. 'X
Miss Dorothy Browning gave
a pleasing vocal solo.
Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Waters will
have as Christmas dinner guests
for today. Dr. and Mrs. . Kenneth
Waters and Miss Julia K. Web
ster. Mrs. Kenneth Waters has
only Just returned from spending
few days of the holidays with
State Teachers
Meeting Draws
Local Educators
Mrs. Mary Fulkerson. county
school superintendent, will go to
Portland Wednesday to"attend the
annual convention of the Oregon
State Teachers association which
will meet orThursday, Friday and
Saturday. Mrs. Fulkerson is golm
on Wednesday to attend meetings
of the legislative committee, of
which she is a member and meet
ings of other committees. Other
Salem educators on committees in
clude J. W. Crltes. supervisor of
club work. Dean F: M. Erickson
of Willamette university, commit
tee on relations between secondary
schools and Institutions of higher
learning; Miss Gladys Tipton, sec
retary of. the classroom teachers'
A1 sessions of the convention
except the meetings of certain
committees will be held in the Lin
coln high school buildings. Dr. M
S. Pittman. director of the rural
repartment of the Michigan Stat
Normal school will be one of the
outside speakers at the conven
tion. Dr. Pittman was formerly a
member of the faculty of the Ore
gon State Normal school.
Frank Bligh Will
Entertain at Pen
Mr. and Mrs. Everett Walker at
their home In Klamath Falls.
Miss Myrtle Johnson of Seaside
is visiting Mrs. Iva D. Mitchell at
her home on Center street for
over Jhe holidays. Miss Johnson
who is member of Kappa Delta at
Oregon State college, announced
her engagement to Burrell M
HUcnell. sentcr In electrical en
gineering at Corvallls, last fall.
g. k: p. ciu b
Has Holiday
For the 19 th auceesslve year,
Frank D. Bligh will provide
Christmas entertainment at the
state prison. A program arranged
by Mr. Bligh will be started at 1
a. m. this morning.
MIsa Dorothy Baker a senior at
the University of Oregon, is spend
ing the Christmas vacation with
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. C
Baker. Miss Baker Is society editor
of the Emerald, daily student pa.
per in University and associate
editor of Oregna.
Mr. and Mrs. Shirley Barhyte
from Salinas, Cal.. arrived Sun
day night to spend the holidays
with Mr. and Mrs. Mohler of
Mrs. Frank Powers will enter,
tain her son. Dr. Kenneth Powers
and his wife and Miss Florence
Powers for Christmas dinner.
Mn. Dale Taylor and Mrs. O.
Pickens were Joint hostesses at
the home of Mrs. K. H. Plckenr
on Saturday night.
A two course luncheon was
served at a long table amidst
beautiful Christmas decorations,
the most unusual of which was a
raised snow covered roadway in
the center of the table down which
Santa Clans drove In a tiny red
sleigh pulled by eight reindeer.
Presents were exchanged and
Christmas cheer made the eve
ning one to be remembered by
this unique club whose one de
mand for each 'mensfer Is that
each one make one Christmas
present, for every meeting during
tne year at tne end of tne year
they have twelve presents . ready
tor Christmas certainly a noble
purpose for any club so thinks
the society editor at the last min
ute of Christmas eve.
Guests for the evening were
Mrs. D. E. Slsson. Mrs. Thomas
Roen. Mrs. II. S. Glle. Mrs. W. C.
Pickens, Mrs. W. S. Foster, Mrs.
Katherlne Middleton, Mrs. C. JC
Haines, Mrs. Harry Harms, Mrs.
J. F. Billeter. Mrs. Dale Taylor
and Mrs. K. II. Pickens.
The next meeting will be with
Mrs. Blllerter.
Mr. and Mrs. William Blake,
will entertain at a six o'clock din
ner for Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Wat.
ers. Mr. ana Mrs. w.L.. woeik,
Mrs. Alice Buts, Mrs. Edwards
and Miss Rose Folger. Mrs. Wa
ters and Mrs. Woelk are daugh
ters of Mr. and Mrs. Blake.
i i Mrs. Eda Edwards of Saskat
chewan, Canada, has arrived . at
the William Blake home for a
few weeks' visit. Later she will
accompany. Mr. and Mrs. Blake
no a raptor trip through Cali
fornia.' .
Word has just been received in
Salem of the birth of a daughter
to Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Stadle
man. The Dalles. This is "glad
Christmas tidings" to Grand
mother and Grandfather William
Blake. -
Miss Barnes Hostess
To Her Ballet Class"
- miss samara -Barnes was noa.
tess at an enjoyable party for
her students fa ballet on Friday
night Games were played and
special dance n ambers were glv
en. Prises were offered In the
games and these were won by
Joan New comb. Joyce Chambers,
and Barbara Bell.
The advanced student presented
lessonsn acrobatics, the highland
fling, being done In a lively man
ner by Betty Eyrley. Jasa num
bers were gives by Pauline Zoe
Chambers and Frederick Thlel-
sen, Theodore Foreman and
Clair Hurley gave a group of tap
numbers. June and Alice Coffee
presented BUHe Bumpkins In an
Interesting manner while Joan
Neweomb made East Side-West
new all over again.
The evening closed with re
freshments and gifts from the
Christmas which with many daln.
ty Christmas decorations made the
studio a real Christmas room.
F. G. Deckebach
Christmas Eve
Amoqg one' of the most Inter
estlng gatherings of the many
which are Inspired by the advent
of Christmas Is that of the an
nual Christmas Ere party at the
home of F. O. Deckebach. For
many years past the same group
with few changes has always
met and enjoyed the fun and
friendly spirit of "the night be
fore Christmas."
This Christmas will be no ex
ceptton. Those who meet for the
celebration Monday night were
Dr. and Mrs. Carlton Smith, Mr.
and Mrs. Homer Smith, Mr. and
Mrs. Edward GUllngham, Prof.
and Mrs. Hans Salts. Mr. and
Mrs. Frederick Deckebach, Mr.
Joseph Prudhomme and son Mil
wan Prudhomme, Mrs. Le Fur
gey, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Lam
port and Mr. and Mrs. F. O.
Miss Dorothy Livesley arrived
la Salem Monday morning for ner
vacation from National Park Sem
inary. Forest Glen, Maryland.
She was accompanied by miss
Adel Sterger who went on to her
home In Marshfleld.
Dinner for Eight f
Given by Colbnys
Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Colony will
be hostess for Christmas dinner at
their home on North 21st street.
Guests for. the. occasion will be
Mr. and Mrs. William Hamilton,
Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Zimmerman
and Mr. and Mrs. Walter Penn
ington. - -
Mr. and Mrs. R. A. McCully and
daughter Martha left for Albany
Monday to spend the holidays with
Mrs. McCully's mother and father.
Dr. and Mrs. D. H. Leech. Dr.
Leech Is pastor of the First Meth
odist church In Albany.
Miss Peggy Hamilton of Port
land Is visiting Mrs. William
Hamilton for the Christmas vacation.
a '
Merry Christmas
Prosperous New Year
Atlas Book Store
W. L Needham - John Graef
To Our Many Friends and
Patrons, we wish a Very
Merry Christmas and much
Happiness in the New Year.
Lloyd E. Ramsden
i i ! i i 1 1 r :
; I i ; i I 387 Court
1 I
t! - ' - I I
A DnILin Elay TJean- Flu J
General Markets
PORTLAND, Or... Dee. 34. tAP)
Dairy Exoboaga at prieaa: But tar: E-j
trma TU : standards 47: priaaa Drat
Vf ftra& 45: ten : axtrm SStt: lixsU
ST; aaeviaai extra 15; madias ikrsts 81.
PORTLAND. Or.. Da-. 24. AD
Hay Bayivg prieaa : Eastern Oragm
ttuaatby. $11,508 83: Do. al!a, $17(o
r.SO; alfalfa. 2I 50(2 J: do Tar.
rdSlT.SO; oat hay. $18$1S.M:
straw, $s.00 taa; sailing prtca 91 toa
PORTLAND. Dae- 14. AT) Milk,
ataaar: raw milk. (4 parcaat). $2.85
cwt. dalivarad Part la ad, laaa 1 par cast
battarfat. atatton. lc; . irar k. 52c; da
lirarad at rortlaaA, 544f55.
Paoltry. steady tnrkey tant loarer. Xot
Sraaaad Slel3. (; pTift. ahva,
fcaavv han (ar 4 .., tcQ-ISc,
adinm kant (SI 18 Iba.) 20e:
libt (aalar lba.) 17c: aprioc 21c:
Sattka. 18e20: tarkya. draaaad. Ne. 1.
SlrfiISe: caaaa.f 17cS 18c.
Patateaa. Maa4y, par nrt . Oviaa. No.
1 rrada Sl.40f1.50; comfciaatiaa. 70c
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TO all bur patrons those who have
shared with us and those who will
share with us in the future our hearti
est and sineerest sheetings. May Christ
mas be your best.
j;- , .. .. ,
We Are Wishing You
nil llp)llfVllvty
rTTSirii paiit 'I
. aa- Bcat Jtaiinj3a wVa aal ti
iii IIWuil Mai f at taa bttocy mpmifit K tha rti
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m.i ilH ysutf Taaar nmO iKSiaaS tiatt 0m Raaaar taa aata a f J fMaoav aoai
ft PaV ncfaciBca,c4caa:icpioalna. lii WjiilntlM mvtttM. la ttMVittJtm tarrifH my'jU. Al Ma aia
SarjiraAadSa' a .-atv4. a3aira4 ta ib otr wi ximri a-ar-a.-aiiy "ct. taa (aar hk.'Stisa a tap mtff l vara Umjf A (raoa af U'VJr
Mhr rriV. c a Mrlsaia teros. tW Vuiateal b-aaa at. low. ParaMrir a hauaiyeatra Aha 5aSA 4MaWav Viq
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ow.VtftrTkt tarvj'r avu.'t U-s'wa la Um U vty J ffir-t. tU Uat JT aAltl it y Jp .
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it.fcltfita.aKthi TBarrf JHm GifS?. , ULlKt3& r ""Nf aenia. tkara aa M
ajntrob tt aatttitial -ud m. tha lrjr HyVS , VrSP aaVrajatJaa a
iBfUnUt'uK .-ifc XT " Jgr Ak ypaWJiaiakraa4. Val
tr,,"a :iop Mah. r-xJ XT VT-.7, ya vaaaawAtC3r
y5i--r,ss vi a . fcx ral
PORTLAXD. Ora.. Da. 24 (AP)
Cattla ans eaiaaa opaalaf act i a : apot
fi asd fcaifara J5 ta 60 cantt fetchar
Rantipta. eattla 6S0. rahraa' SO.
Staara (1100-ltOO Iaa aood SH.SOta)
Slt.SO: De..(SO-110O laa) rood Si 1.15 a
Slt.M: Da. (800 and an). aaaa
S10509911.25; Do. cammon SV.OOkf
' Hetfara (SSO lb. 4ewa). frl $10.00
T 9 10.33; i. rtmmea SS.twwSll.0;
cava raaxi, a.vur sw.&u; uo. eaaaaai
aaaJiaai 7.002t.0O: Ia. k eat
: taa-.S4.SO0S7.OO. '
" Bulla (7ar Haft axrla4a4), goaal baafs
f7.sU9T.Ti !. cattar Va mi
CaJvav (500 Iba. dawa). aaetfius to
- evaiea St.00Stl.00; Do. call ta torn
an S7.SoaSS.00.
Vaalara. niik-faa'. ta cholfa S1S.00
V !.; ija. aaeainaa II.60S1S.09:
torn, rail ta caaaaaaa $S.504i$l 1.S0.
Hava, aetlTa. killing rUaaaa 25 ta SS
aat kigkar. raealpu 19SS, tscladiac SAS
van ar saroaga,.
Heavy, vaigkt. (J50 50 lb ). MaJla
t hM-a S7.aseS8.T5; madias waigkt
ISOO-tSO Iba). aaadiaai to eaaica) S8.S0)
Sa.SS: Kg t vaigkt (180-200 lba). aaaA
laaa ta abosea $9.240 1 55; ligmt ligkta.
.1iiu-i iaa aaaaUM la rbaica
Q$9.tS; aacklog aava. raagk anal
ajavta, $.T5ffl$7.75;J alaacbur pig
(v.iio Iba), asaaiasa ta ckoica $7,500
$a.0; faadar sa4 Vckr viga (70-110
. Iba. aaaalaai a ebolea. $7.13618.00
(8af ar ally kaga aad roaatiag piga ai
- (M"M ia a aava aaatattoaai.
abavp a4 laaba,
. calota SIS.
Iaaaba ($4 Iba. doara). gad ta cbaira
Sll OOtf $Il.v0r la. (S3 lba. am atad
4au $14)0$110: Ia. (all valgbU).
sail l evmBMa $$ CO: Do. (alt vtickta).
call to Mauaoa $8.50 tT $10.00.
TaarHac vttkan 1 19 - lba. 4ava).
aaaaiaaa ta ba4a $8.00a$10.SO; avaa
(199 iba. im). asadraas ta ckot S4.SS
OSS.SO; Da. (1S0-1S0 Iba), avaalaaa a
aboJea S.SO0$roO: Da. 'aU aralgbu).tf
evil t (Munm
CHICAGO. Daa. $4. (AP) Pittar mp
- af vhaat nppllaa, MpeciaMy la aaatkani
aatiipbrt cvaatrUb rr as wall . tba
Ca it a4 Sukaa. acted paraHUatl as
. trairht aa vbaat vaiaaa tadar. '- '
Oieaiag- amotatioaa vkaat vara' ajv
aattiad at tba saasa ea atr4ay'a fiaiab
ia MQi-t. lowar, vilb emrm aaobaagaali
vtt aU NU A abaAa U S-S
4va, - . i I
qaatabl ata4y; -f
Merry Christmas;
That's our Hearty
1EE UNITE wfth the
countless millions
of folks the world over in
expressing this old yet
Very worth-while senti
ment. ' ' T:,:-H;y-
Vp tAe favors of the past
isjnihgled with hopes for
a bright future in this ex
pression of our holidoy
good-will. .
7 Director's
Department Store
Christmas Time provides one of those periods in life, when -our thoughts in
cline toward our friends and the more worth while things of life;
It inspires us to express pur gratitude t o our Patrons and Friends and to thank
them for the opportunities we have had to serve them during this year.
May all enjoy these Holidays and may the coming year be a Happy,1 Prosper-
ous one.
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