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    V- '
Tbe Juior business mei
who deliver your Statesman
tM montng Jota heartily in
; wishing yow all a very Mer
' rj Christmas.
"No Favoi Sways Us; No Feat Shall Awe" T ZJFZ
.Moderate lmptrUrt
-South 'wind. Max. "temper.
atare'MondayT84;'Mm. 2;
River .4; Rain .04; - Cloudy.
Salem, Oregon, Tuesday Mom&ig, December 25,1928
Simple Yuletide to be Ob
served Aboard Battleship
Heading North
President-Elect Highly Grat
ified at Results of Good
Win Tour
BrightChristmas Engulfs
Salem; Devotions, Home
Ties Mark Great Holiday
TTAPPINESS, peace on earth, cood will toward men
A A whatever head you put it under, the fact remains, after
a brilliant, bountiful Christmas eve, that Christmas engulfs
the world and Salem. '1 7"
Salem's little corner of the world is all Christmas on this
greatest and most universal of holidays reflects the universal
acceptance of the day in devotion, in family gatherings, in
brightly illuminated displays that are enchanting tribute to
Him whose memory is served on this day.
Churches throughout the
U. S. S. UTAH, Dec. 24.
(AP) A quiet Christmas ere was
celebrated tonight by Herbert
Hoover on his homeward journey
through tropical ,seas aboard the
battleship Utah whose radio all
day brought greetings of the sea
sons from relatives and friends in
the United States.
Although the President-elect
and Mrs. Hoover during their
life have celebrated the Tuletide
In many foreign lands and once at
sea enrout to China, an unique ex.
perience is in store for them to
morrow Christmas day on a
United States battleship steaming
across the equator.
Good Will Delegate
Pleased at Results
Homeward bound, after an en
thuslastic reception at Rio de
Janeiro which climaxes his Latin-American
goodwill tour, the
president-elect felt much grati.
fied over the results of the tour.
He is especially pleased over the
fact that ail appraisals and analy
ses of his trip which have come
to him characterized his visit to
the central and South ( American
countries as a real and pronounc
ed accomplishment towards good
will and understanding and closer
friendship in the relations of the
Latin-American republics and! the
United States. I -i f?JU ,5:
Members of the-HckisJtHf),
-pointed out that Mr.HHooveritMd :
brought a Christmas gift of "peace
and goodwill', to the western hem
isphere and that his tour was one
of the most extensive -efforts of
history in that direction.
A torrid sun and clear .skies
f was the Christmas eve weather as
the hattleshin steamed toward the
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are symbolizing the meaning of
the day with special services:
business has paused after an un.
usually good year; the city, as has
the world, has turned its time
and thought to the glad holiday.
Not a home in Salem will es
cape the pervading spirit of the
Yuletide. Rich and poor alike are
sharing In the bounties of the
one day when all other consider
ations but good will and lore are
put aside. There will be gifts of
diamonds, where diamonds are
due, and there will be gifts of
dolls, where dolls are nearest the
heart's desire.
Beyond this, however, will be
food, warmth and 'clothing for
those who, in the manner of
things, are sometimes overlooked.
This day there is none so lowly as
to escape the kindly ' spread of
good will and'Chrisfmas cheer.
Thanks to the Salvation Army,
the B. P. O. Elks and the Associa
ted charities, to say nothing of a
score of lesser organizations, of
ficial and private, every home will
feel the presence. of Christmas be
fore the day is far along.
saiemi Christmas eve was
made magnificent by the many il
luminated displays arranged in
response to the Salem Ad club's
outlook, lighting contest. These
bright spots of rare beauty gave
the holiday atmosphere new
significance and helped to spread
the mental acceptance of the
great season. 1
So much for the public display.
In countless homes the fireside
glow was cast upon scenes of ut
ter happiness with a note, per
haps of sorrow here and there.
But generally, Christmas took
hold of hearts and minds and
"the night befdre Christmas" was
wonderful. Children were granted
an extra hour to enjoy their new
delights, or were sent to bed ear
ly, only to be recalled later to op
en startled eyes at the. array of
marvels.Santa Claus has somehow
managed to unload on many
This Christmas, just like every
Christmas that has gone before
or is to come, has been and today
will prove to be, just the very
best Christmas Salem ever had.
Santa Claus brought brides to
eight men and bridegrooms to
eight women here this year. Eight
wedding licenses were issued from
the office of the Marion county
clerk Monday.
A. N. Ely, 28, of Dallas, took
out a license to marry Maude Lue,
21, of Portlands The" marriage is
the second for him and the first
for her. -? ; i
Harold M. Brunkal. 25, of 1916
Warner street, obtained a license
to wed Rose Catherine Gibbon?,
18. of Bhelburn.
Ear D. James was given a. li
cense to, wed Milyina Ohler, his
residence haa been at 1390 North
15th street and hers at 17(4 Mar
ket street. Both gave their ages
as "leraL" The marriage is his
second and her first.
.Franklin E. Turner of Gervais,
of "legal" age, was given a license
to marry Mary A. Dyer, of similar
are. of 240 River street, Salem.
The marriage is hit third and her
Reginald G. Clark, 21; of Sll
verton. obtained permission to
wed Esther Cox, 18, also of Sll
vefton. Merl Bonney, 26, took out a li
cense to wed Marjorle Church.
20. Both are well known in Wil
lamette university circles.
A. Schulson, 448 Union street,
was given a license to marry Dor.
is Chapman, 1948 D street. Both
gave their ages as "legal."
Parents of Eleven Year Old
Boy , Declare, Man Has
Spirited Him Away
(AP) Police throughout south
ern California tonight were im
pressed into a search for 11-year
old Richard Granty whose par.
ents, Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Grant
believe has been kidnaped by
Harry Palmer, 40, a painter em
ployed by Grant.
Neither have been heard from
since last Saturday when Palmer
was allowed to take the boy to
Long Beach on a purported bust-
ness errand. The beach city ad
dress given by Palmer as their
destination has been found by the
police to have been fictitious, and
Palmer's bachelor room In this
city was discovered to have been
emptied of the painter's clothing
and personal effects.
Grant, who is a painting con
tractor, toid the police that Palm
er had been friendly toward the
boy and had given him presents
When the boy was not returned
Saturday night when expected.
Grant said, he thought they might
have been injured in an automo
bile accident and unable to . com
munlcate. The report of the be
lieved kidnaping was made only
after continued evidence pointed
to the. probability. Grand added.
Infant is Found
On Doorstep at
T. M. Hicks Home
A baby girl, apparently between
a month and six weeks of age, was
found in a rocking chair on the
Ldoorstep of the T. M. Hicks home.
1248 State street, early Sunday
The child was wrapped in blan
kets and nar it was a nursing
bottle half filled with mUk. The
officers said' the milk was still
warm, indicating that the child
had been abandoned less than an
hour when it was found.
Stanford Grid Star Slay
Mother's Lover in Effort
To Forestall Love Affair
EL CENTRD, Calif., Dec 24.
(AP) a letter from the mother
of Martin Rap Kllgore, IS, Stan
ford university' football player, to
Frank A. Sartley, 42, wealthy El
entro dairyman, led to Bartley'a
beinz killed here Sunday an ln-
H nest today snowea. ,
Kllgore was pictured by E. R.
Utlen., his attorney, as a youth
who, aware rof his mother's : al
leged Infatuation for Bartiey, naa
the inquest, on advise of counsel.
District Attorney Elmer Heald
testified that - he -found a dis
charged shotgun shell In a, patch
of brush "' 20. feet from where
Bartley's body was located. Ques
tions by jurors attempted to es
tablish : that Hartley waa kUled
from ambush - and ; that a ' second
shot was t fired as :- the assailant
stood .over the body. Heald said
be found a quantity of shot and
a gold tooth burled In the earth.
M.- R: Kllgore, father tot the
pounr; Stanford graduate, said
be cam into possession of a let-lhere today, that he would do
ter from his mother to Bartiey in
'which she vised endearing terms.
Bartiey was killed with a shotgun
from ambush near bis dairy farm
at daylight .Sunday -as he began
bis dar'a work. -
Kllgore' declined' to' testify at
everything possible In behalf of
his sod, but declined to dlseuss
the case. . - ;
- Friends of the two families said
the Bartiey ' andS Kllgorea , had
known each other in Texas before
coming to Imperial valley - .-
io mini tied
Judges Split Grand Prize Be-
. , t ween JLP- Boise and P.
J. Try7 Sri, Displays
Even after bringing in two ad
ditional judges from out of town.
no choice between the outdoor
Christmas illuminations at the
homes of Dan J. Fry, Sr.. and R.
P. Boise, could be arrived at Mod
lay night, the committee in
charge of the Ad club contest an
nounced, and as a result. It was
decided that the grand prize
would be divided equally between
the two contestants.
The three local judges scored
these two displays equally Sunday
night, giving each 40 points for
Uumination and 0 points for
artistic expression of the Christ
mas spirit.
Winners of the 815, $10 and 85
prizes in the various districts
District No. 1. First prize.
Mrs. R. P. Boise, 619 Court street,
corner Church. - Second prize.
Elaine Brown, 1140 Center, near
Capitol. Third prize, Barbara
Compton, 1010 N. Cummer street.
near E.
District No. 2. First prize.
Frank Spears, Jr., 1309 Chemeke
ta street, near 13th; second prize,
uoratnea steusloff. 1285 Court
street, near 13th; third prist, Mrs.
J. C. Sehwab, 14 4 S Center street,
near 14 th;
District No. 3 First prize, Mrs
D. J. Fry. Sr., 606 S. High street,
near Oak; socond prize, Mrs. A
B. Bayne, 414 Bellevue street
orner Liberty; third prize. Mrs
Curtis B. Cross, 222 W. Lincoln,
corner Fairmount.
District No. 4. First prize. W,
F. Powers, 1256 Court street, near
12th.; second prize, L. F. LeGarie.
1334- Court street.
Officials: of the Portland Elec
trie Power company have suggest
ed the following itinerary which
may be followed by persons driv
ing about to see the Christmas il
luminations: '
Cherrlan' tree, High and State;
Dan J. Fry. Sr., tree on South
Ugh; Leslie Methodist church
tree. South Commercial and Mey
ers; Dad Fry, Jr., tree at Lefelle
and Johns; W. M." Hamilton tree
west end of Lefelle; Curtis Cross
tree at Lincoln and Johns; A. C.
Eoff tree, 1416 South 12th; Shell
Oil companp tree at Court and
and Capitol; Frank Spears tree
Chemekata and 13th; John Me
Nary tree at Summer and Center;
Phil Brownell tree at Winter and
Union; T. M. C. A. tree at Court
and Cottage; Salem Ad Club tree
at Court and Church; R. P. Bo be
tree at Court and Church.
Fireworks Store is Burned to
Ground as Customer Sets
off Candle
Hot Balis of Flame Are Shot
About Premises; Reason
C A RTERS VILLE, Ga.. Dec. 24
-(AP) Death today claimed
four children who were earnins
inristmas money as temporary
cierks in a fireworks store, when
a Roman candle, lighted by a cus
tomer, caused an explosion which
enveloped the building in flames
Tne charred bodies of William
Shaw, 12, and Frances Shaw, IS,
children of the proprietor of the
store and Mary Bell "Dodd. 16.
were brought out of the blazing
building by firemen.
Mary Kennedv. 18. who with
me inree otner cnildren, was
earning extra holiday money by
working in the fireworks store,
was burned so badly that she died
in a hospital late tonight.
Hugh Padgett, 11, was severely
burned and his father, Paul Pad
gett, was badly cut about the face
in ah attempt to escape through
show window.
Crazed Girl Fights
Off Would-Be Rescuer
J. R. Shellhorse, Jr., 17. dashed
nto the burning building and at
tempted to carry the Dodd girl
outside, but crazed by the sudden
blast of heat, she fought him off
and rushed back into the flames
The youth made his escape with
both hands badly burned.
C. Davis Shaw, proprietor of
the store, told that. a man whoni
he did not know entered as a
number of perseps Ker. shopjhig
ua niicoea a targe iioman can
die from a counter. Before any
one could stop him, Shaw said
the man lighted the fuse and be
gan firing the hot balls of flame
about the store.
Other fireworks were ignited
and while the man with the Ro
man candle was being taken out
side, the swift staccato explosions
of the larger ones began.
" The entire store immediately
was enveloped In flames, only a
few of those in the building es
caping without minor burns.
mm denied
Tracks oi Lost
Pair Discovered
24. (AP) The first .word of the
whereabouts of Glenn Tde. and his
wife, who have been missing In the
silence of - the Colorado river
vast stretches 40 days was brought
hare tonight by P. P; Papraw. He
told : of discovering footprints o
a man, evidently those of Hyde, a:
Bass eablo crossing and Ruby can
yoa 'rapids in the bottom t of the
great gorge, ' - -
"Professor Sam Stevens, who
also goesy other names, and
who by his own announcements
can see clearly into everyone's fu
ture, now has a chance to deter
mine whether he is going to spend
several years of his life In the
Idaho state prison. , Circuit Judge
McMahan refused to free him
when he appeared in circuit court
Monday on a writ of habeas cor
pus, and as a result Stevens will
start for Idaho today in company
with Deputy Sheriff L. H. Mat
thews of Bannock county, Idaho.
A considerable battle bad en
sued Monday between Walter
Winslow, counsel for Stevens, and
L. J. Hosford, who represented
the state. -Winslow. contended
that the warrant on whicb Stev
ens was held was not legal under
the Idaho law. It charges Stev
ens with accepting a 8400 fee
from a woman on the promise
that be would reveal to her, the
whereabouts of some buried trea
sure: The two were to - divide
the treasure when it was found,
but the calculations went astray
and it never was found.
It was contended In Stevens'
behalf that his act had to do
with representing a future hap
pening, rather than a past or pres
ent occurrence, and consequently
The argument came to an end
not indictable under Idaho law.
when Judge McMahan declared
that there being a difference of
authority, on the question, he
would leave it to the Idaho courts
to decide who was right.
.... .. v
YJrW H pulpit
Machinery of Government
to Stahd Still While
Christmas Observed
President of United States
Will Spend Quiet Day
on Georgia Coast
Good V ill Fund Passes Goal Set; Children
Of Needy Families Happy on Christinas Day
Autos Wrecked,
Left Stranded"
Because oi Ice
SILVERTON. Ore., Dec. li
(Special) Sll verton garages and
wrecking companies . were jf busy
towing ears into 6Ilverton early
this morning as a result of the icy
streets on the hills surrounding
the city. East bill and West ' bill
were particularly bad. . "
It 'is- said that IS automobiles
were stalled at the bead of the
hill while a number ; of ' others
landed against the curbs and were
dnable to get either up or down.
Ed SvarrarLwho was driving
1own Liberty "hill, 'tore a wheel
off hla ear in the skidding pro
cess. " " " . - r r
Street Kettles Alone Nearly
Complete Remainder
Needed on Monday
will twinkle mer
rily today In a!l
those Salem
homes which the
Salvation Army
has discovered
to be in need of
Christmas cheer;
for Salem's more
fortunate folk
have contributed
In full the good
will fund which
the Army and
the New Oregon Statesman spon
sored in order that these children
might not find "Merry Christmas"
hollow mockery.
Coins clinking merrily into the
street kettles guarded by Army
workers Monday as last minute
shoppers rushed from store to
store but still found time in ajl
their hurry to stop and contribute.
told the story of success for the
good will fund. Whea the final
count was made Monday night, it
was found that the fund as
"over the top." totaling $1556.94,
well above the $1500 goal set at
the beginning of the campaign.
Larger contributions played an
important part all along, but it is
notabao. that the street kettles on
the last day, came within one dol
lar of supplying the remainder
needed to complete the quota.
Captain ,Earl M. Williams of
the Army, "summing up the .suc
cessful effort to supply Christmas
Mnn to Sa!?m's needy said, "It
is with great pleasure that we are
ai)w u report our full quota
raised and all the cases of need
Investigated and relief given and
Christmas dinners provided to
nearly 100 families, the boxes
containing articles ranging in
value from ft for the smaller
families to about $12 for the larg
er ones.
The captain states that eacb
box contained the following list
of articles, varying In quantity ac
cording to the size of the family:
Potatoes, onions, flour, canned
fruit, corn, tomatoes, peas, milk,
prunes, beans,' rice, sugar, maca
roni,; oatmeal, : butter or substi
tute, corn flakes, applet, oranges,
candy, coffee, bread, - meat,r cab
bage, fruit cae celery.
: A : copy 6t tbo: War Cry and
Toung Soldier (the Army's Sun
day school paper) .was also Includ
ed in each box. ,
The ..captain ' asked that ; the
Statesman express bis thanks to
the public in general for its won.
derful support In helping the
Statesman -and the- Salvation
Army In their efforts to provide
Christmas dinners for the poor in
,-.(Turn to Pago 2, Please.)
Good Will Fund
Along with the cash dona
tions, large and small, to the
good wilt fund, have come
many donations of foods suit,
able for Christmas dinners. In
addition to those previously
credited, the Cherry City Bak
ing company supplied nearly all
of the bread which was sent
oat by the Army. The Capital
City Creamery gave 15 pounds
of batter. Governor Patterson
sent in several boxes of apples,
one of which was a present to
Captain and Mrs. Williams.
Tickets for the Christmas
show at Bligh's Capitol theatre,
this morning at 10 o'clock, are
also available at the halvation
Array hall, 241 State street.
Previously Reported f 1432.02
Street Kettles, Mem. . 02.22
Additional from Km-,
ployees of Ore. Pulp
and Paper Mill . . . 1.20
Lablsh Celery Grow
ers Coop, Ass'n, . . 11.00
Chemeketa Chapter,
D. A. R, 5.00
Employees, State Mo.
tor Vehicle DepU . 8.50
Dr. i. 8. Sanrman . . . 25.00
Dwight Parr ....... 5.00
B. H. Chamberllm ... 3.00
Grand Total
Oklahoma Lad Unable to
Drive Way Through Christ
mas Shopping Crowd -
Judge Observes
Christmas, Also
Birthday Today
Among the few who celebrate
their own birthday and Christmas
on the same day Is J. C. Sieg
mund, Marlon county Judge.
"Yes, I was born on Christinas
day," he admitted to a reporter
Monday afternoon, without men
tioning in which year that par
ticular Christmas occurred. "I
celebrate both days together."
There is Influenza in the family
this year, however, which will
mar. the day somewhat. Judge
Siegmund declares - there" are a
great . many cases. of that sickness
la the county at the present time.
Two local abstract companies
each sent -a bo of cigars as a
present 'to theieounty court.
I" All county offices of every kind
will be closed today to. observe
Christmas.: Many, officials: and
employes left the city to visit rel
atives elsewhere. . , - - . - ;.
DALLAS, Tex.. Dec. 24. (AP)
Because throngs of desperate
laet-minute Christmas shoppers
had no time to listen to his own
estimates of his prowess as a "bad
man" an Oklahoma youth sang
his Christmas eve carols in Jail
here tonight. '
The boy, armed with a bundle
of what looked like sticks of dy
namite and a pistol forced his way
through the crowd of shoppers to
the mezzanine floor of a "dollar
store" here today and forced four
clerks who were counting receipts
to lie on the floor. The intruder
scooped ?2,740 into a black bag.
which he had taken from the
store s stock and attempted to
make his way to the store en
trance balf a block away. Those
in the store who had seen what
had happened gave him plenty of
room but at the entrance where
one crowd was fighting Its way in
and another struggling to get out,
no one paid much attention to the
flourishes of his pistol and two of
ficers collared him.
(AP) Over a nation at pear
with the world - the Christmas
spirit settled down tonight to bo ,
hailed nowhere more Joyously
than in its capital
The vast machinery of the gov
ernment was at rest and Its chief
executive and first lady joined
with the rest of America's mil
lions in preparations for the mor
row which throughout the Chrfst
mas world signifies peace. god
will to man.
The thoroughfares in the busi
ness district, like the main streets
from coast to coast, were
thronged with last minute shop
pers, including Mrs. Coolidge who
for a. short while today rubbvd
elbows scarcely unnoticed mfta
the bundle-laden crowds.
Government Employes
Join Shopping Crowds
The shopping throngs were in
creased by thousands of govern
ment workers who had been giv
en the day off by. a special order
from President Coolidge and who,
one and all, apparently turned eat '
to complete their purchases 'for , '
the holiday. - .
As dusk Bettled down and
youngsters became restless for tbe
arrival of Santa Claus, the lights
began to twinkle on Cbrilmas i
trees here and there In tbe city-
the largest tree being the one hi
the spacious parkway neartho
White House, the lighting t of
which was turned over, to Presi
dent Coolidge.
The White House Itself was be
decked for the Christmas season.
The windows were garlanded with
wreaths while over the door of the
portico at the north entrance,
larger than the others, was illum
inated with red. green and white
lights. Inside, the huge reception
hall was banked with poinsettaa.
their red blossoms standing out
vividly against a background nf
President and Lady
Leave For Coast
It looked as if Mr. and Mrs.
Coolidge, who leave the Whito
House on March 4, had put mm
added touch to the decorations
even though they will spend but
a short part of the Christmas bol- .
iday at the executive mansion a-c
they have arranged to leave too
city tomorrow for a visit to Sa-
pelo Island on the Georgia coast.
This trip with the prospect of .
the president and the first lady
being away on New Year's day?
however, is believed to be one ef
the reasons forthe large exodws -of
other government officials
from the capital for the holidays.
While It is not certain whethet
the President and Mrs. Coolidgo
will return in time for tbe custo
mary New Year's reception, many -in
official life .who usually ars
present at the ceremony have left
Window Broken
By Heavy Wind
One of the fiercest wind storms
ever experienced in Salem ushered
In Christmas day and caused dam-: '
age In various parts of tbe city.
The greatest - damage reported
was the breaking of a plate glass
window in the' front of the State .
cigar store, on State street near
High. . .. .
Hen Lee Happy Chinaman
As Checks Pour in From
All Over United Stati
The University of Oregon football
team and the Honolulu town team
appeared in excellent condition to
day for their game here tomorrow.
The " game j is called for 2 : $ 0
o'clock tomorrow "afternoon, ' v
ASOTIN. Wash.. Dec. 24.--
(AP) Hen Lee Is happy, for tbe
spirit of the American Christmas
has come to blm from many parts
of the United States.
A couple of weeks age the bent
little Chinaman. 11 years ago, was
destitute. . He bad no money, his
health waa bad, and a meandering
creek , was washing away his
shack. -.. -.,- '
On Christmas eve he smoked a
pipe, and bis eyes twinkled as he
observed a table heaped up with
Christmas gifts from ' people far
and near. - Most of . tbe packages
contained- food and clothing, but
there were other gifts. Including
two checks, one ' of them from as
far away as New York. A news
paper story bad been Hen Lee's
Santa Claus. :. " '
Tbe story of Hen Lee's plight
bad gone out over tbe wires of the
Associated Press after publication
in the Lewistoo. Idaho, Tribune.
Friends materialized ' Immediately
for tbe aged Chinese laundry ma.
His bouse was repaired and hi
wants cared for.
"Americans are a chivalrowa,
kindly people, be said. "I have
lived In America sixty years, end
this is tbe first time I have ever
been broke. - .f -
He was born In Canton," Chfcaa,
he said, and came -. to AmerVa
when he was 17Jandlng at Oak.
land, Calif.. "and -Joining tbe geld,
hungry mob that went to the new
fields . tn ' the Florence district of
central Idaho. For two years bo
panned gold, then tried a. restao- :
rant in Moscow, Idaho. JWaQa,
Walla and Starbuek, Wash. Forty-three
.years ago be , came to
, Althougb loyal to bis adopif 1.
land. Hen "Lee - never - concerts J,
himself ; with - citizenship ' papers, '
is still a Chi nest subject, so Aaotla
county could not officially give
him the aid it gives other nnfesw
ms Ifisk fflsTirsx 'i ; kf - ...