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Program and Bazaar Plan
ned for December 7; Ac
tivities Numerous
, WACONDA. Ore.', Nav. 28.-
(Special) The Waconda com
munity club met at the home "of
Mri." George Lemery "on "Wednes-
' day afternoon. '
: .Mrs.: William McGilchrist pre
sided at the opening exercises and
c6veral members gave readings. It
was decided to give a program at
'the , Waconda sen oolhouse on D$
;eember 7. Mri. A. 'L..' Collihaand
-UrsT Ed SctiaeL will Have charge
of the basket booth. Many beau-
'.iifuL naslcets wIU' be-on sale-. The
? Treasure Seekers "club will also
have a booth, offering many ar
ticles which they have made. The
- afternoon was spent weaving bas
kets. Refreshments were served by
the hostess, assisted by Mrs. Frank
Meet December 5
In the group were Mrs. I. A
.Loran, Mrs, Ellsworth Hubbard
Mrs. F. J. Ingram, Mrs. C. C. Rus-
eel, Mrs. Robert Cole, Mrs. Fromm
and daughter, Mrs. A. Lamb. Mrs.
Richard Patterson, . Mrs. S.. C.
Wane, Mrs. Ed Scharf, Mrs, WH
liam McGilchrist, Mrs. Julian De-
Jardin, Mrs. Francis Nueotn, Mrs.
Pearl Patterson and son Charles.
Mrs. E. Filer, Allen Nusom and
son Donald Nusom, Mrs. Vance,
Mrs. Wildick, Mrs. Joe Fitts and
baby daughter, Mrs. Vern Walker,
Mrs. Ray Barker, and children
Lona Mae and Jeanette Barker,
Mrs. Frank" Felton "and children
Velle and Duane Felton and the
hostess, Mrs. George Lemery."
The next meeting of the club
will be held at the home of Mrs.
McGilchrist on December 5. and
Mrs. Julian DeJardin will havt
cr.arge of t the opening exercises.
Visit at Sheridan
U. C. Loran spent a few days
last week as guest of his niec
Mrs. Ira Wilson and family at
Sheridan. Other recent guests ai
the ' Wilson home were ' Mr. ant.
Mrs. Isadore Loran, Mr. and Mrs
Henry Kassmussen of Silverton.
Mrs. J. F. Ingram, and Mr
Amanda Kamholtz of Goldendale
Mrs. Kamholtz has been a guest
of her brothers, U. C. and I. A
Loran of Waconda the past week
Special Service
Held at Brooks
l ' .. . ... ' .. "... : : A
"nfjr rrL j.i.!iiiij""'iwi - i
" ZZzfT &
: A tornado which struck parts of three counties in Iowa, causing
the death of one woman, injury to at least nine persons and heavy
property dUnujr Ierelexf this house at Troy Mills, la. Although
this vas th only, town In the path of the tornado many farm build
ings were wrecked and livestock killed. Corn still in the fields was
badly damaged.
Wolves' Shack"
Is Name Given
Monmouth, Ore., Nov. 28. (Spe
cial) "The Wolves' Shack." Is
the name selected for the new
3mlth Arnold confectionery op
posite" Ore normal" campus. This
name was proposed by Miss Orva
McFrederick, a student from east
am Oregon who lives at Arnold
Arms. As a prize she received $5
worth of merchandise from the
store. Excitement ran high all the
first part of the week as the name
and the winner were unknown un
til issuance of the Lamron Tues
3ay noon.
HUBBARD, Ore., Nov. 28.
Special) Mrs. - Susan Ott of
"'.lubbard, is visiting her son, Mr.
I). Ott of Salem. Mrs. Ott is liv
ng with her daughter, Mrs. R. C.
Painter. Mr. Ott is at present in
erested in the Health Ore mines
f Tillamook county, although he
Family Bulldog
Spreads Alarm
As House Burns
DALLAS. Ore.. Nov. 28.
(Special) The family bulldog
gave the alarm when the E. O.
Patchell residence at 602 Ellis
street caught on fire at 6 o'cock
this- morning. The faithful animal
barked frantically, arousing mem
bers of the family and an alarm
was turnod in.
Damage was limited to about
$100, and the dog is given credit
for this, as the blaze would have
been more serious had the alarm
not been turned in so quickly. The
fire department, however, respon
ded quickly, having both trucks
on the Job seven minutes after the
alarm was turned In.
The fire started from the fire
place, due to faulty construction.
Fire Chief Kelly said.
Monmouth, Ore.; Nov. 28. (Spe
cial) Mrs. Inei Miller, who heads
the department of rural education
at Oregon Normal school, return
ed Tuesday from an observation
tour of California rural schools
conducted by the state rural - su
pervisor of California, Miss Helen
Other Oregon parsons Included
in the tour were: "J. W. Crites of
the state department of education
of Oregon; Mrs. C. E. Mulkey, su
perintendent of Coos county
schools, also two city superinten
dents and two one-room rural
teachers of Coos county; Mrs.
Samuel "Hairies, ' superintendent
of Curry county schools; Mrs. Su-
sanne Holmes Carter, superinten
dent of Jackson county schools,
and one city superintendent and
one rural teacher of Jackson coun
ty Convening at Redding. Cal., the
party was taken by automobile to
San Francisco, visiting demonstra
tion one-room rural schools at Old
Shasta. Union and Wyandotte; a
five-room rural school at Wood
bridge; and a nine-room rural
school at Escalon. Individual so
cialized programs characterized
the work observed in these
schools. Another place of interest
visited was the State Teachers'
college at San Francisco, where
teachers receive specific training
in this type of work.
Mrs. Miller states that the trip
was highly profitable from every
angle, and that the work being
done at Fairplay and Oak Point,
training centers of Oregon Normal
school for rural teachers, is very
like that which is in progress in
the California rural schools she
It: .r":r'-:- - , P,l '
This coarse of the Portal Golf club He In both the United States
and Canada. Members who play on the course are residents of
Portal. N. and North Portal, Canada. View shows one of the
tees.' 'Most every match on this coarse is an international one.
Denison Funeral
Will Be Friday
Funeral services for Mrs. Ruth
Denison who died here Monday
will be held Friday afternoon at
2 o'clock at the Clough-Huston
parlors, Harry E. Gardner, pastor
of the Jason Lee Memorial church,
officiating. The Sons of Veter
ans auxiliary will act as pallbear
ers. Interment will be in the
Cityview cemetery.
SILVERTON, Ore., Nov. 28.
(SDecial) Mrs. C. J. Rosheim
and son. Lawrence, left for Med-
Tord Saturday. They will spend a
week at Medford and Sutherlin
visiting with Mrs. W. Golden
(Nettie Rosheim) and Mrs. George
Center (Lillian Rosheim).
Household Hints
Pork Chops with Sweet Potatoes
and Applea
Nut Muffins Celery
Lemon Crmb Pie Coffee
Wouldn't you call this menu a
little out of the ordinary? Try it
on the family some day. If your
fnmilv numbers four, two guests
may also be fed with the recipes.
if you provide plenty of cnops. ,
Today's Roclpes
Pork Chops With Sweet Pota-
twwr and ADDles Arrange pork
chops In deep baking dish and
pake 30 minutes m uui wtu
ISO rierress Fahrenheit). At 4he
end of that time arrange around
the chop alternate slices of sweet
potato and cored apples. CoolCLl5
to 20 minutes more until they are
slightly brown and the apples are
tender.' Baste once during me
time. Muffins One cup graham
flour, one cup white flour, four
teaspoons baking powder, one egg.
four tablespoons brown sugar,
thres-fourths teaspoon salt, one
cup milk, four tablespoons short
ening, one-half cup choppea wal
nuts or pecans. Mix dry ingredi
ents. Beat egg. add milk and
melted shortening. Add to dry
ingredients, add chopped nuts.
Bake for 25 minutes in a moder
ate oven (400 degrees Fahrenheit).
pastry. Soak bread crumbs in
cold water until soft. Beat eg?
yolks and mix with sugar, add
melted butter, lemon Juice and
rind to 60ft bread crumbs. Stir
all together thoroughly sad pile
into a pan lined with plain pastry.
Bake in a hot oven (4 50, degrees
Fahrenheit) for over 10 minutes,
then at S50 degrees for SO minutes.
Those Important Calories
VEach of the following fats con
tain 100 calories: Bacon, ope full
slice; butter, one tablespoon; cod
liver oil, one tablespoon; cotton
seed oil, one tablespoon; latri, one
tablespon; olive .oil,', one' table
Selfsame Thh
Purloins Autos
Of Two Cousins
The sting of the wasp is worse
than all other bees.
The petrified forest in Arizona
contains 25,625 acres.
Lemon Crumb Pie Three
fourths cup soft bread crumbs,
one cup cold water, one cup sug
ar, two eg yolks, one tablespoon
melted buter, juice of one lemon,
grated rind of one lemon, plain
The automobile of Dr. S. H.
Hobson was stolen the othir day.
Later It was found abandcr.ed at
Eugene, in such circumkancen
that the police there were abla to
determine that the thief stele an
other car and continued pn his
way south. That car has not been
found. I
The second car stolen also be
longed to a Dr. Hobsoai. who
lives In California. He is a cous
in of the local physician, and had
been visiting him here just! before
the double theft took place.!
In 1696, in accordance. with leg
islative enactim-nt, the mltiisters
of Virginia revived a sailary of
sixteen thousand pounds of tobac
co per year. ;
HUBBARD, Ore., Nov. 28.
(Special) Mrs. Laura Hicks of
Hubbard underwent a major oper
ation in Portland Tuesday. Mrs.
ias several other mining projects Hicks is an active member of the
nder development. Hubbard Woman's club.
Delphians Visit
Eugene Chapter
MONMOUTH. Ore., Nov .27.
(Special) Dallas, Independence,
Monmouth and Corvallis chapters
of the Delphian Study club, ac
cepted an invitation from the Eu
gene chapter to meet with them
Thursday. A morning program
was given at the Woman's club
building on the university cam
pus, and In the afternoon a play
was the principal feature of en
: BROOKS, Ore., Nov. 28. (Spe'
cial) Special Thanksgiving day
services were held rn the Brooks
Methodist church on Sunday
morning, in observance of nation
al religious day.-
Tae H rooks Christian Endeavor
society held its regular Sunday
e thing, service In .he . Brooks
Methodist church. Miss' Marie
1 Hinlavy led the meeting, i Mist
, ,Vfola,Uolyer. w4a' appointed to-lead
on "next Sunday evening; " Every
one ,is invited to tome to,thse
meetings, which are held every
Sunday evening: l
Bennetts Given ;
Farewell Party
SILVERTON, Ore.', Nov 28..
( Special )-Menibers of the- Cnri;
tian church gave the. Rev. and
Mrs. J. A. Bennett a farewell sur
prise at the church social rooms
Monday evening. The Rev. Mr.
Bennett has resigned as pastor of
the church and delivered his fare
well sermon Sunday. The Ben
netts were presented with a purse.
Monmouth, Ore.. Nov. 28. (Spe
cial) Mrs. Barton De Loach, Who
has been receiving treatment at
a Corvallis hospital since Novem
ber 17, is improved in health and
will be able to return home soon.
Mr. De Loach heads the depart
ment of commerce at the normal
school. "
; - w - V-- i - -i- - -V -
thsmcoern -
1. They'll Cost You Less
Z They'll Fit You Perfectly
3. They'll Feel Comfortable
4. They'll Look Like Natural Teeth
5. They'll Last
There are many reasons why people who need plates should have them made at
this time in my office.
If you have Pyorrhea which has advanced beyond possibility of being success
fully treated, or your teeth are too badly broken down to be restored, your re
lief lies in having the teeth extracted and plates made. Of course you want
the best plates and you want to pay the lowest price, and you want a pleasing
natural appearance. Here you will find the perfect combination of these fea
tures. '
If your mouth is difficult to fit, and you have had no satisfaction from plates,
lei me maxe you a set.
Dental Plates $15.00. Fit Guaranteed or Money
-C :: i:i Refunded . ;
:; : Bridge Wdrk-ik-1.
v.:'l':r.i Gold Crowns " --
- $ 5.00
.L ... 1.00 ,
Dental Plates .-itf.Jk..-: 15.00 j
-. " . lit ' - ." ' ,
i'-l I
f i
4 3 - --:
WMihunwnannr. t rr w
Come Pay Our Toj5land
A Visit
Dump Trucks
Oil Trucks
Steam Shovels
Fire Engines
Kiddie Cars
Electro Sets
Tinker Toys
and See the
Toy Pianos
War Time Tanks
Mechanical Trains
Doll Furniture
Doll Buggies
Teddy Bears ,
Toy Dishes
Toy Cooking
Hustler Toys
-Toys of Every Description
Everything to make
The Next Year a Happy One
sjtjt: 'zr esjxj
f -
ii v