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    Th New Oregon Statesman. Salem, j Oregon. Sunday Morning, November 11, 1918
Lions and Kiwanis Clubs of
Salem Stand Sponsors
for Entertainment
The First Circuit Repertory
company will come to this city
la the first play of the season,
Expressing Willie" by Rachel
Crothers, on Wednesday of this
- week.
The season will 'be under the
uspces of the Salem Lions and
Kiwanis clubs which have success
fully sponsored prerlous seasons
of the company here.
While the circuit ot the eom-
pany has been extended since
r last.; season with loop down
; into California and ' Neyada the
past fire years have made the or
ganization an "institution" in the
r cities which" are older on the cir
cuit. .
: Its season is looked forward to the one certain means by which
lorers of the best plays can be
ure of an opportunity to witness
' plays of recognized merit pro
duced by an organza tion com-
(' posed of experienced artists and
presented with the polish that is
to be attained only through long
; work together, as an ensemble.
Following "Expressing Willie,"
the company will bring on ta next
ir swng round the circuit. T. C.
s Murray's powerful folk-tragedy,
"Autumn Fire", Irish in setting
4 and : flavor, but universal in its
'. theme and as beautifully propor
tioned and balanced as.a Greek
j , Sir James M. Barrie's "What
Every Woman Knows" will be the
third offering in this year's list.
Moroni Cjsen, whose name was
i underlined in the formation of
the company to prevent plagiar
ism of the name, "First Circuit
Repertory Company" by other or
ganizations that might arise later
is abroad on a world tour, but will
; return for "Autumn Fire."
; Byron Kay Foulger, who was
" one of the company. Is directing
; the production of "Expressing
Willie." He directed the produc
tion of "Anna Christie" which
' was played last year in some ci
ties in the circuit.
il be
(Contniued from Page 1)
The report showed that there1
. are now 148. men and 159 women
on parole. Eighty-six patients en
tered the hospiial voluntarily
without court commitment. Fifty
of these had never before been an
v. Inmate of a hospital for the in
sane. Less than four and one-half per
cent of the patients received at
-the state hospital during the past
two years were classified as alco
holic psychoses. .The Sepember
30. 1914, report showed that thise
patients comprised eight per cent
of the total.
"The per capita cost of conduct
ing the state hospital for the past
two years was $17.75 per month,"
continued the report. "This, in
our judgment, is as low as is con
! sis tent with the proper care and
treatment of the inmates. If we
had to care for chronic cases with
comparatively few new admissions,
the cost of maintenance would oe
considerably less. Many of the new
patients have to be outfitted with
clothing and they all require much
more medical and nursing service
than the chronic case.
"Sterilization of the insane of
childbearing age is very import
ant, not only to prevent the devel
opment of Insanity in the off
spring, but young women recover
ed from one attack greatly in
crease the liability of another
.breakdown if subjected to the
. Stress of childberaing. The manic
-depressive cases whose psychosis
icomea in attacks of excitement or
depression with lucid intervals of
: -months of years, are at home dur
' Ihg the intervals between attacks
'and bear children, often having an
Infant at the breast when again
,.l committed. We try to presuade
.1. all such aceses to be sterilized as
'" a protection to both mother and
' ' The financial report shows that
-the appropriation authorised for
- the conduct of the state hospital
' during he present blennlum is suf
i fJcient, and that several thousands
;i of dollars will be returned to the
v general fund of the state on Jai
': nary 1.
5 lb. Sacli
Fancy size- delivered Anywhere in U. S.
Leave your order with any, Bank in Salem, The Cham
ber of Commerce or the American Railway Express
Comes Here
Leora Thatcher, as "Mrs. Smith" la the American comedy "Ex
pressiag Willie by Rachel Grothers, to be presented by the Mo-onl
Olson player eomiag here this week under the auspices of the Salem
Lions and Kiwanis clubs.
Myers Bogs Geese
Peace and Comfort
P. O. Myers, proprietor
of the Spa, was one 3Of af '
group of hunters who bag- ' 1
ged the limit of wild geese
in the vicinity of Arling
ton, in eastern Oregon
last week. Mr. Myers, if .
urged, will display a pho
tograph which proves this
assertion beyond doubt.
It seem that E. M. Hal
den, owner of the 7000
acre "Wild Goose Farm," -is
Sir. BIyers' brother-in-law,
and that means that
Mr. Myers always gets the
first chance at the geese
on this farm, where hunt
ers from all over the
northwest seek to make
reservations. The place is
equipped with pits and
live decoys, and after that
nothing is necessary but
a certain degree of marks
manship. Mr. Myers' companions
on this hunting -venture
a were Dr. O. C. Belling
er. Dr. f. H. Evans, G. O.
Blower of Los Angeles,
E. Ponnefl of Portland,
and Mr. Hulden.
Sewing Class Soon A class in
lingerie making, home and dress
accessories will be conducted at
the high school building by Miss
Helen Corey. under direction of
the state board for vocational ed
ucation, it is announced. ' Hours
will be announced shortly. The
class is held particularly appropri
ate, coming before the Christmas
- -
Dan 4m EL
I l l L
2o'5 10 lb.
Specialty Numbers
For Fanchon-Marc
Flashes of color In many hues,
swirling .dancers, soft musjc and
20 pretty girls mark the .Fanchon
and Marco stage presentation at
the Elsinore theatre Monday. Be
sides' this accumulation of beauty
and ability many other things are
In store for those who attend.
Walter Nileeon, champion Uni
cyclist, goes through many stunts
while mounted on a one wheeled
cycle far above the stage floor.
This daring performer balances,
the wheel with one foot while
! riding fearlessly along the edge
iof the stage not more than a frac
tion of an inch from the foot
Cliff Crane, seemingly rubber-
bodied comedy and eccentric dan
cer does specialty dances which
have made him famous in Earl
Carrolls Vanities and other big
New York shows. Doris Whit-
more, is known, as the youngest
prlma-donna on the stage today.
Possessing a fine, clear coloratura
soprano voice Miss Whitmore
proves a treat , when she appears
singing and playing her accom
paniment on- the violin while
dancing wn her toes. Jean Dlx
and Helen Burke a're also clever
dancers who have specialty num
bers. The Brooks Trio are three lads
who offer a number of banjo se
lections In red hot fashion. Their
laughing song is a novelty and a
sure fine bit of entertainment.
Then there is the chorus of 18
stilt girls who do a dance routine
while mounted on stilts. Theii
specialty, the Dance of the Wood
en Soldiers, is a striking and
beautiful feature.
""3 era!
Starts Friday
Sack S,
East of Rockies
n n
At -tlhie :
Mix And His Tony
In Oregon Picture
Tom Mix at his best in a role
that gives him and his famed
horse, Tony, every opportunity for
the hard riding, dramatic action
and ! spectacular stunts that have
brought world-wide renown to
that Inseparable pair of film stars.
This is the offering at tire Ore
gon theatre, where the popular
favorite Is presented in "Son of
the Golden West," a special pro
duction that has been acclaimed
throughout the country as the
greatest Mix picture yet brought
to the screen.
Colorful and , picturesque to a
high degree, the photoplay is laid
in that period of our history when
what is now known as "the old
West" was being reclaimed from
the wildness by pioneers and gov
ernment agencies that pushed civ
ilization along the overland trail
which later became the first rail
road line. Tom is seen in the role
of a' pony express rider.
Comedy, Vitaphon
Capitol Features
"Plastered in Paris," starting
today at the Capitol theatre, opens
with a "flash" sequence of world
war trenches and thereafter leaves
the great conflict "Hat." The
trench scenes show Sammy Cohen
as the dynamic little Jewish come
dlan where he gets a dose of pol
son gas and hospital surgeons de
cree that thereafter he will be a
kleptomaniac. Ten years later
they are delegates to the American
Legion convention in Paris and
that proves the signal for a rapid
fire series of adventures in which
the comedy element is especially
strong, it is said. Others who ac
quit themselves creditably include
Lola, Salvl, diminutive Italian
beauty contest winner.
Val and Ernie Stanton musical
comedy and variety stars, who will
be seen and heard in a Yltaphone
presentation program at the Capi
tol today, have made two appear
ances in Yltaphone, the first of
which is titled "Cut Yourself a
Piece of Cake" and "English. As
She Is Not Spoken." In their sec
ond i number the Stantons sins
some original comedy songs.
Joe E. Brown is featured in
Don't Be Jealous" the one reel
playlet which will be seen and
heard in the Vitaphone presenta
tion. !
World's Champion Old Time Fiddler and winner of
first prize in contest sponsored by Henry Ford, at
Fprdson, Michigan.
Four Appearances
on the screen
Douglas Fairbanks it
Ell Vk
lit ! - TSy
if ci
I Patterson
I Talking1 New?
I j Col. r .
J ! IJadberga's
I Take-Off and
j Reception ,
life . -.
Henry Weyman and his debut
antes will be seen and heard. They
will play three popular songs.
"Doll Dagtce. 'Dew- Dew Dewy
Day" and "Over Moonlit; Waters."
The debutantes are one! of the
four girl . jazs bands on major
vaudeville circuits; i
i : h
(Contniued from Page 1)
buildings will be needed before
the end of the next biennium, it
is not believed that any costly
expansion programme will be un
dertaken at the next legislative
session. A survey of the institu
tions showed that a new building
Is badly needed at the state in
dustrial school for girls, where
the two present structures are
crowded to capacity. In case the
erection of a new building at the
girls school is delayed, it will be
necessary to refuse commitments
and otherwise curtail the popula
tion. It was said that additional ac
commodations also are needed at
other institutions, but that the
outlay of capital necessary for
construction is not justified under
the existing unsatisfactory finaa
eial condltons confronting state
officials. !
Under a new law approved at
the last session of the legislature
the governor Is- chief budget of
ficer and must pass on j all de
mands for appropriations sent to
the legislature. The state budget
director operates under the direc
tion of the governor, and prepares
the budgets. Under the old law
the budgets were approved by the
state board of control.
Governor Patterson said Satur
day that he was sure that the
operation ot the newly created
budget system In Oregon would
save the taxpayers a large amount
of money annually. I
(Contniued from Page 1)
in a season. If we lose it will
be a good thing for us, and if
we win, that will do us some
good too. Whichever way It
goes, this game is going to bene
fit the team."
Miss Cooper Appointed Mabel
Cooper of Salem, freshman in
home economics at Oregon Agri
cultural college, has been appoint
ed to take care of the new Asso
ciated Women Students' office for
two hours each week. Miss Cooper
is a pledge of Alpha Chi Omega,
social sorority. j
Armistice Show DeLux
v Ar
Today MonTues.
gammy Cohen
and bis War
Baddies on a
Rampage la j
Gay Pare jj
Wonder Sound Effects and.
Marvelous Musical Score
It's Different I .
Stanton Bros.
Comedy sketch
" ' ' I t "i ' "
Jim R. Brawl
in ViUphone J
Playlet "Dom't j
Be Jeakma I
(Contniued from Page 1)
The second section, commanded
by Captain BJ F. Pound, will form
on Commercial street between
Marion and Union streets, facing
south. The wnlts in their order
will be: Sedgwick post. O. A. R..
in automobiles, escorted by the
Sons ot Veterans; Women's Re
lief Corps in! automobiles; Ladies
of the G. A. R. in automobiles;
War Mothers in automobiles;
Sons of Veterans and auxiliary;
Daughters of Veterans; other pa
triotic organisations of the Civil
war. i
The third section, commanded
by O. H. Hull, will form on Mar.
ion street west ot Commercial,
facing east: Salem Cherrian band.
Spanish war i veterans and auxil
iary. Veterans ot Foreign Wars
and auxiliary. American Legion
drum corps, American Legion and
auxiliary, other patriotic organ
The fourth; section, commanded
by Captain L, M. Williamson, will
form on Commercial street at
Union: Boy! Scouts. Salvation
Army, school organizations.
The fifth section, commanded
Buster Keaton
Ernest Torrence
by Herman Brown, will form on
Marion street east of Commercial
street, facing east: civic and fra
ternal organizations, patriotic.
civic and fraternal floats. i
Automobiles Wanted - :
The sixth section, commanded
by Walter Zosel. will form on
Front street south of Union, fac
ing north: industrial floats. i .
In addition to Governor Patter
son's address, the exercises at the
courthouse will include the sing
ing of "The Star Spangled Ban
ner" by Hallie Parrlsh Hingeis,
presentation of the "1928 Novel
ty" by the Salem American Le
gion drum corps, the number with
which it took second place in the
national contest; and the Legion
Auxiliary glee club singing the
number with which it won the
state contest. The exercises wtll
open with silent recognition of
Getting Up Nights
If Bladder Weakness, Getting
Up Nights, Backache. Burning or
Itching Sensation, leg or grolln
pains make you feel old, tired,
pepless, and worn out why not
make the Cystex 48 Hour Test?
Don't give up. Get Cystex today at
any drug store. Put it to a 48
hour test. Money back if you don't
soon feel Hke new, full ot pep,
sleep well, with pains alleviated
Tnr Cvstex today. Only 0c. adv.
b -
1:45 t a'w,f
P. -'
Big' Featixrt
the "zero lfbvr" and an invocati
tio J
by Captain Williams, chaplan
Capital Post.
In connection with the plan to I
transport the O. A. R., Ladies of
the G. A. R., Woman's Relief
Corps and War Mothers in auto,
mobiles. Dr. B. F. Pound has
asked that 50 automobile owners
who would not be in some other
part of the parade, volunteer tha
use of their machines, reporting
to Dr. Pound at 9:30 o'clock at
Commercial and Union streets. I
50 Musicians
For Banjo Band, Mandolin I
rs l a. i it. 1
isrcnesira ana nawaiiuiujj
Club. A place for beginners fy
as. well as advanced players-
For information call or
Ida M. Mathews
Nelson Bldg.
Thursday A Friday. Phone 540
Idea With
World's Champion Unicy clist
Prims Donna
Eutern Radio ArtUU
: Plctnrs A,
: ' - ii -