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    jAe'KTw Obeooit Statesman, Salem, fffigm, SaturtdyJIoriiing, Vctobir 17tT9ZB' z-
Local News Briefs
The Dalle. Folk Visit Mr. and.
Mrs. Louis J. Gates of The Dalles
Were guests at the Marion. Friday.
On Hunting Trip J. l. Cutler,
night sergeant at the police sta
tion, is on a pheasant hunting trip
to the Wilsonville vicinity.
Batch m Fined H. C. Bate
ham Of West Salem was fined
$2.50 in municipal court Friday
for operating a motor vehicle with
improper lights1:
Califrnians Her Mrs. Kay
Hop Lee, who is interested in one
of the large hop ranches in the
county, is here from Stockton,
Calif., and is stopping at the New
Salem. H. Bing Quong, also of
Stockton, accompanied her.
Mrs. Mellinger Leaves Mrs.
vr sudinA M uneer. i3Uh south
Church street, left late Friday for
: ' Los Angeles to be with her son.
. In-law and daughter, Mr. and. Mrs.
Angelo Comitti.
Erlcksoh Back Dean Frank M.
Erickson of Willamette university
Is back from a two-day trip to
Tillamook, made in the interests
of the university.
Will Have Operation Miss Vivian
Carr, English teacher at Leslie
junior high school, will be out of
school next week and is going t
Seattle to have an operation per
formed for sinus trouble. Mrs
Helen Hamilton will take her
classes for the week.
Teachers Out Two Parrish
teachers. Miss Lois Reed and Miss
Rita Seid, were absent from Par
rish junior high school duties Fri
day. Mrs. Chrystal Edwards sub-
:: stituted for Miss Reed and Mrs?
Madeline Nash for Miss Reid.
Lockers Arrive Ten new lock
ers to, be used for the continuation
school pupils a located in room122
of the senior high school building,
arrived Friday, and will Be xeady
Xor the students Monday.
Crossing Permitted The jmb
t lie service commission has grant
ed the application of the Jackson
county court to establish a grade
crossing over the tracks of the
Southern Pacific company a mile
north of Medford.
Xeedham elected Robert Need
bam was chosen manager of the
Clarion annual of the Salem high
school at the election held Friday.
This is the first year that the man
agership of the Clarion annual and
newspaper have been separate offices.
Garage Planned D. T. . Potter
took out a permit Friday to build
a garage costing $200 at 1462
North Commercial street.
Marriage License faeaed Clar-I
Is D. Bailey 38 of Bend, took oat A I
license here Friday to marry
Rosetta Belsher, 35 of Salem. .
Portland Couple Weds The
Marion county clerk issued a mar
riage license Friday to Alexander
Rady. 22, and Edith Lyche 20,
both of Portland.
Mary L. Vaughan
administratrix of
the late Felix M. Vaughan by an
order filed in probate here Friday.
was appointed
the bstate of
- two Permits .Issued Permits
were issued Friday to Reinwald
and Krehbiel to reect two dwell
ingsat 1SS5 and 1615 North 19th .
at root anl inatlna ttTAA i
l Baars Jailed William Baars
vnn. Pi.ont Tit tr Ai-las Jailed here Friday after he
ice Greenley. clerk -of the- school 'J befen wrested and brought in-
cistrict at Pleasant Point, was at
tending to business matters in Sa
lem Friday.
Crowder to Speak The Rev. U.
S. Crowder will speak on the lSth
amendment and Governor Smith's
public acts in regard to prohibi
tion' at the Strath Salem Friends'
to Justice court on a non-support
charge. Bail was set at $1000,
which" he failed to produce.
Chapel - Vis ft or Miss Emily
Kneubuhl, executive secretary of
the national organization of
Business- and Professional Wo
men's clnbs, was speaker at the
l ii u i l ii , iui in ovum JPridav
and Washington streets, Sunday r r,ua'-
vgni l M . 2 Vk Causes in Portland Dr. and
the Rev Charles C Haworth pas- Mrs j M went Portland
tor of the .South Salem church. Prldayt where Mrs. Can8e attend-
rr,, ed the semi-annual meeting of
Thonuu WUUU tier? th nrornn Kranrh of th Wo
Willitt. of San Francisco and allygJJ. Sionay society
points north and west sPf MMethodist churcn. Mrs. Can9e re
saiesman ana "".centlr held in Wichita. Kansas,
throughout the coast states, is vis-, ' .,,,,,, '
v Uivu euc ea llcuucu ao m vaosa w
from the Oregon branch.
Stars In Play
Whiteside Fined Otto White-
snle was fined $10 in municipal
court Friday on a charge of reck-
Jes.s driving filed Thursday night
ae was reported to have cut cor
ners ana passed approaching ve-
cich-s on the wrong side, on Sa
lem s downtown streets. His
Jiome is on route 1 out of Turner.
t.atliff Pays Fine John Gatliff
or .saiem route 4, was fined $10
in municipal court Friday on
charge of taking the right of way.
Gatliffa automobile participated
In a collision with a fire irv
Thursda-noon at the corner of
vourt and High streets.
iting his brother Steven Willitt,
of the Btate automobile division.
He will be in Salem for several
Attorneys .Pee Asked Motion
was filed in circuit court here
Friday by Viola G. Hannon ask
ing the court to require Fred L.
Hannon to Jay her $100 as an
Doney In Klamah Falls Presi
dent Carl G. Doney of Willamette
uui.cioilj 13 """'"e . I,tln,.c0 f, Ith vhloh t nrniiL
in Ktamath Falls where he-'"":" ",T
V u vr; aids v vr o u v
motion asking an oraer oi lae
I i 1 n n A l-AOCX A
wui maae a nuu. uL iro. She had previously filed
to stimulate interest in the unl "tx c . nf
, t... ii. , ,m 1 motion asking an order oj
mwtlMOHrt preventing Her husband
speak to a church 1 from mlesting her during the
and also to a .group of "anie"e Hinrr ,it
Arrive From Fast M. and
Mrs. Frank Miller and their tkro
sons and daughter have arrived
from Florence, Wisconsin, and be
gatf Friday to move into their new
home in the Alderbrook addition,
which they purchased recently
through A. C. Bbhrnstedt, realtbr.
pendency of the divorce suit.
Victor , Wolfe Appears Victor
Wolfe. 17, is slated to appear in
juvenile court at 10 o'clock this
morning to answer to charges in
volving the administration of
"spats" on the person of Paul
Franklin. This nunls'hment was
MnHJcted at high school Monday,
IS 'i f !
.. '.in 1
ing beyond its mother's call, was
shot oipeared by the savage Coz
sack bodyguards of the Czar.
The . dreadful brutality of life
under this tyrant is shown with
dramatic realism in Emil Jan
nings' latest starring pictures for
Paramount, "The Patriot." which
was directed by Ernst Lubitsch.
,It will open at the Elsinore the
atre for three days. The Manhat
tan players will be held over to
day with "The Patriot." "The
Alarm Clock" has proven one l
the best and funniest comedies
ever staged here.
mHE final event in the Willaxn
ette University home-coming
nroeram this week-end will
be the play to be presented to
night in the Oregon theatre by the
Willamette chapter of Theta Al
pha Phi, national dramatic honor
The play chosen is J. M. Bar-
He's "Alice Sit-By-The-Fire." Miss
Mariorie Walker is coaching the
play, with Prof. R. M. Gatke as
aisting. Ray Derrick is the man
The cast includes Virginia Ed
wards, Donald Grant, Ruth Bauer,
Elolse White, Jack Ruth, Oliver
Bowe, Bernice Jackson, Esther
Lisle, and Mildred Pugh.
Franklin having dffended by not
Cross Complaint Filed Henry aDDearinK Saturday to work on
Ruechel filed an aswer and crotes the hjgii school athletic field. The
general consensus of opinion at
the court house this week has
been to the effect that little or
nothing will be done to Wolfe.
Tet hne Club
new members
Chooses Fi f teen
were . announced
V '-M . ... - "
, j w i evil u o mi C1UD OI
vnn hi.. mi
w.c m6u bvuuui. iney are: Kath
erine Goulet, Elizabeth Watei-
Bruce Cooley. Vivian Fleener,
Grace Holman, Alberta Mills,
Yvonne Pickell. Loi Wilkes.
ioya ciagett, Virgil DeVoe, Oli-
.ver wrager, Kathleen Fitzpatrick
Jean Castridge, Myra Wicklunder
ana Rose Peterson.
- " iwiusiruu ueaias mere
.were two fatalities in Oregon due
to industrial accidents during the
week ending October 25. accord
ing to a report prepared bv the
state industrial accident commfs
slonyhere Friday. The victims
were unris Johnson, Portland,
-.c.uulau, una jacoo studach. Cor-
anis, laborer. A total of 904 ac-
ciuenis were reported to the com
mission. Firm Incorporates The Fen
wick Land and Livestock com
pany, with headquarters in Jordan
Valley, Malheur county, and capi
tal stock of -it 5,000, has been in
corporatecL. hy J. S. Fenwick
Frances E. Fenwick and Edith
Then?t ther article- 5 "2
here SrM COr,poraUon department
25 000 1 KwAcf.demr' prtland,
li-r ' H- Menl- Arthur H
Lewis and Ida v u ' f '
Opera Chair, a i
.ra chairs for the audTTor umTf
the senior high school arrived
mai an punlis
uunng a
They were orders
be seated during aTho'u?
They were ord v" 7 ,nour-
Northwa, Bfcl "."X. lurusn the
.nys men are installfng'them."1
Hear From Dr. DeKii.. T
letter to a Salem frieTd Dr"wi.a
Jhe Sin61116' frmer "5So?oi
the Marion county rhiM v
demonstrauon. wrfteso ?
it IS r Wfk befDg d0e by
the Red Cross in the Porto Rican
area -swept by the hurricane seT
ral weeks ago which also demor
alized a portion of Florida Dr nl
T?t!De J8 heated at lt Ju'
Porto Rico, with the Red Cross.
complaint in circuit court Friday
n the suit brought against Hugn
Worley and a number of others.
Including Ruechel, by the Spaulp
ing Logging company. Ruechel
seeks to establish a mechanic's
lien againft Worley superior n
right of tnat of the logging corh-
Routes to be Extended Routes
number seven and three served
frnm thp Salpm nostoffice are to
be extended, beginning November JDo,1ir Tinner
1. Postmaster John Farrar t- ETery night
ports. Number seven wtu De in- MarIon hotei
creased east from the Middle
Grove school and will total 32.80 i yick Brothers for Atwater-Kent
Attention A Hallowe'en party
Is to be given at the Fraternal
temple, Monday 'evening, October
29, at 8:jD0 p. m. for Modern
Woodmen of America and their
families. Good time, guaranteed.
At tfoe
Atwater-Kent Radios
Vick Brothers.
5:30 to 8 at the
miles, instead of the present 29.30
Charles W. Brasher is carrieh
Route three of which Lyman Mt
Donajd is carrier, will total 32
miles, the extension being four
tenths of a mile east from the
Salem Heights school.
Will Move Today A c t u a 1 j
work ol transiernng me iurms!i
ings, records and other equipment
of the Oregon National Guard
headquarters to the new location
in the south end of the new Bllgli
building will be begun this morn
ing, according to word, from the
office of Brigadier-General George
A. White, commander of the Ore
gon National Guard. The head
quarters have occupied the fifth
floor of the Masonic building the
last four years?
All Electric Radios.
Christmas Card Problem:
Easily solved just jjhone 500
and ask our salesman to call with
samples. Commercial Printing
(Dept., Statesman Publishing Co.,
'215 S. Commercial.
Old Time Dance Crystal Garden
Every Wed. and Sat. night.
EvcMrreen Shrubs
See our display across from
PEP building. Pearcy Bros.. 240
N. Liberty St.
Rummage Sale
Oct. 26-27. 131 N.
E. Club. Fri. and Sat.
High. D,
New Art gtudlc
Room 426, Oregon Bldg. In
structions in oil painting and
pastel Thursdays, Fridays and
Mrs. Ondeans. I net rue-
Giving Lecture Series The Al
liance of the Unitarian church is
sponsoring a series of lectures for
discussion of modern problems
which are open to the public. The
Rev. Martin F. Ferrey, pastoV of
the Unitarian chufch, corner Cot
tage and Chemeketa Btreets, gave
the first lecture of the series Fri
day night, sepaking upon "The Ev
olution of Law and Morals." By
request he devoted a hprt time to
consideration of several of the in
itiative measures to come before
the voters.
Housley Apprehended A man
going by several aliases, but whose
real name is said to be J. W.
Housley, will be brought to Salem
from Medford within the next few
days to answer charges of ob
taining money under false pre
tenses. He .was arrested in Ash
land this week on a liquor charge,
going there by the name of J. M.
Rose. He went here by the name
J. W. Rose. It Is reported that he
has also gone by the name of J.
W. Hensley. The charge against
him here involved collecting
money for a firm and keeping
the money. Sam Burkhart, deputy
sheriff will leave today for Med
ford to bring him to this city.
- -- CmAvim Th T? BT
w Woi-i Pnphron nnator of thft I - cvpin
Calvary Baptist church, talked to!fHnMn. w"' start tneir cooked
M.k a7)i nnt -tHnV KrtH- food sale tomorrow, Saturday,
the high school student boar "-jrw 7th at ha Trini tj.ii J
ance of Frances E. WlUard day J,, aQ orKanIzatlon of the
leagues and endeavors of the city.
Women Wanted at Starr Fruit
Products Co.. Church and Mill
Sts. Phone 439.
Planer Trimming and 16"
Mill wood. Prompt delivery.
Spaulding Lodging Co. Phone
Old Time Dance Mellow Moon
Saturday night. Admission 25c.
Fresh Homemade Cider
Guaranteed pure and clean, 35
cents gallon. Bring container.
849 Rural Ave.
Regal Lilies
Blooming size 5c each. Satur
day only. Flake's Petland. -
Cooked Food Sale
Saturday, Oct. 27th. 428 Court
St. Sponsored by Daughters of
Union Veterans of the Civil war.
Furniture Upholsterer
And repairing. Giese-Powers
Furniture Co.
Emil Bnchmaan Has Opened a
Barber shop in the Market
Building. Two chairs have been
installed and good work will be
Two delightfully entertaining
and clever girls are the McCuue
Sisters appearing In Fanchon and
Marco's "Artists" Idea, at the El
sinore theatre next Tuesday eve
ning and Wednesday matinee and
Th PGP ta Ion ifA pirla rm o tmm
Chicago where they have establish
ed a reputation for their dancics
and singing. In their act they in
troduce a new dance sensation the
Creole stomp which is taking Chi
cago by storm and is due to follow
on the road to popularity that wa3
made by the Charleston, Varsity
Drag and other dances.
Their sparkling personality puts
a kick Into their work which, .puts
it over in great style. Alt their
song numbers have a certain ap
peal that few singers get. . When
you leave the theatre humming
the tunes you heard these song
sters render you will realize that
when it comes to putting a song
over they can do it.
Czar Paul the first of Russia
the world's most modest man!
Judged by his orders when he
appeared in the public streets,
Paul might deserve this title, for
every man, woman and child was
driven from the thoroughfare by
armed soldiers before the carriage
or sleigh of the monarch made its
Death was the penalty to thos?
who dared even to peep from win
dows when the Little Father went
by. Many an innocent baby, stray-
A 12-weeks' course for house
maids will be started shortly
through the part time continua
tion school as a result of reques
tor a repetition of a similar courr t
offered last spring, announce.
Mrs. Lillian Schroeder Van Loan,
director of the continuation school.
Salem housemaids as well as
mistresses are encountering prob
lems that the course will try to
make easier, if not do away with
entirely. Mrs. Van Loan finds that
many of the housemaids are neith
er satisfactory to themselves nor
their employers and the course
will have as one aim to make tlu
housemaid feel that her job is
worth while.
Only practical problems will be
studied under the Smith-Hughes
training program. Mrs. Van Loan
ir making arrangements for a spe
cial instructor for the course.
All phases of the housemaids'
work, from personal appearance
to table service, procedure in
cleaning the house, care of silver
ware, mending and laundry will
be considered. The course will be
held twice a week, days to be d
termined for the students' conven
ience afterenrollment. ' 1
Housemaids may enroll now.
the course to begin the week of
November 5. But 15 housemaids
can be accommodated, and thuso
enrolling first will be given pref
erence. The course is offered with
out charge and these wishing to
take it should sign up in room 122
of the senior high school basement.
Rebekahs Hold
Social Meeting
SILVERTON, Ore.. Oct. 26.
(Special) The regular Thursdiy
night session of the Rebekah
lodge was followed by a social
vhlch was given in the form of a
Hallowe'en frolic. Music and
games filled the evening, which
was followed by lovely refresh
ments. The dining room was ap
propriately decorated in orange
and black streamers, lanterns an.1
witches. Large bowls of bright au
tumn leaves and fali flowers com
pleted the color scheme.
Teacher Attends '
De Coster Rites
HUBBARD. Ore.. Oct. 26.
(Special) The seventh and
eighth grade room of the Hubbard
public schools was closed Friday
on account of the teacher, Arthur
Myers, attending: the funeral of
his grandfather. Arthur De Cost
er, of Independence.
! Pastor Resigns
Due To Illness ;
SILVERTON, Ore., Oct. 26.
(Special) The Rev. J. A. Ben-
nett, pastor of the Christian
church of Silverton, has placed -his
resignation with the membi'S
of the church.
Mr. Bennett has been in HI
health for some time and although'
he will give up the pastorate, h
intends to live in Silverton for tue
Everything evens up in the end.
The poor man pays a little each
month for six months and the rich
man takes six months to Dav.
Sutherlin Sun.
rfl;im n
1023 Buick 4 Touring that Is
well equipped, has 70 "0 new
rubber and in fine condition.
Is a snap at 9150.00.
"The House That Service JUUU"
Oregon Electric fty,
Willamette Valley Line
The student body, accompanied
by Lena Belle Tartar's orchestra,
sang the national anthem and
'Battle Hymn of the Republic"
and the orchestra also played two
other numbers. Barney Cameron,
student president, presented gold
letter "S" pins to Isabel Chllds
and Lee Coe, editor and manager
respectively of last year's Clarion
annual. A pep rally was held the
last part of the hour.
WIUot epamtoa r ( Urn
- MS Orcoa Bid.
Special prices in Petland
boarding kennels
r Proprietor .
Rt. 9, Box 3
TORIO rcadinc iana. W la
nr year fiMa aftrast hrMlig.
Examination too. i
Tnompson-Gtutsch Optical Co.
11 V. Coma'l St.
Thinking Through
The Bible
By J. D. McCormlck
Vow on sale at Atlas, Pattons
and Kimball book stores
John J. Rottie
41S State St.
Expert Shoe Fitter
for rent
Things Electrical.
191 South High TeL 2112
- Vogan's
(Mellow as Moonlight)
These assorted chocolates
sell regularly at 60c a lb.
This week-end Only
32c a lb.
2 Lbs. for 60c
The Original Candy Special
If. 135 Coml. St. Phone 107
Penslar Agency
Dr. Floyd L. letter
906 First National
Bank Building
Salem, Oregon
Every gat. 1:30 P. M.
F.N. Woodry's
Auction Market
1610 N. Summer St.
7 coats, chickens, incubator,
brooder, 8-in, plow, 1 horse
cultivator woren wire fenc
ing, 2 wire gates, cross cut
saw,, trailer, tools, furniture,
linoleum rugs linoleum yd.
goods blankets and many
other miscellaneous articles.
These sales will be held reg
ularly every Saturday, if you
have anything to sell, bring
it in. Want more cows, hors
es, hens, pigs, turkeys, geese
ducks, machinery onions ap
ples, potatoes, grain, tools
of all kinds or anything else
of valne. Buyers waiting. Yes
everything sells for cash.
Come in and bring your
Cash Paid for Used
Furniture Auction every
Wed. Nite 7 P. M.
Private Sales Daily
, Established 1916
LaDD I3uSE-J, Bankers
Established 1868
Office Hours, from 10 a. m. to 3 p. in.
m mm mm
inieilll i
v r It
J t ' s
111 li II II III
t ', 5 . ...
m -mmm. WVV .. n . n AJ
, Preachers
spoken a
great deal
hell, but
they have
never told '
us where
hell is.
you will
Noted Bible Lecturer and Evangelist
Sunday -at 7:45. Doors Open at 6
About all most people know about hell is that it is down, and
reputed to be very hot. Some evangelists would almost like to
have us believe that hell is so jammed full that there is hardly
standing room left.
Professor Everson will tell you exactly how many persons are
in hell at present, just where hell is located, if the devil is in
charge, and if the fire burns the meanness out of people or if
they must go on burning forever.
. Intensely Interesting -Not a Dull Moment In It
Professor Everson's lectures are along the lines of history, re
ligion and present-day events dealt with in such an attractive
and scholarly manner that they make a strong appeal." New
York Mail.
Hundreds Attending Why Not You?
SOMEWHERE TO GO" Soend vour evenimrs amid the
songs and inspirational talks at the Armory. It will put hope
and new courage into your life.