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    r--. . I 1 ' 1 - .. . 1.
SMfiEST in
1 GliOWS
..Gridiron Clash Saturday to
it. . .
- Be Classic if Dope Fol
: lows Through
J. There's
something strikingly
parallel about the Willamette unl
'Varsity and College' of. Puet
'Sound football teams that makes
their' games of unusual -Interest
BI the on? this year more
sting than those that preceded It.
" ;BUh are Methodist schools, and
titers is little difference In the re
spective enrollments. In football
both have been leaders among the
smaller colleges of the northw-v
for many years.
""But you ain't heard nothin
j-jrt.'t Three years ago both schools
seught new athletic coaches, unl
whom did they select but a coupj-?
of old team mates from O. A. C
"Cac" Hubbard going to Coll??
pf Puget Sound and "Spec" Keene
returning to his home town to
coach at Willamette.
Attention Focused
That coincidence focused atten-
, tlon on the succeeding develop
ment of athletics at the two
schools, and particularly on games
between the teams coached oy
these two cronies, still the best
of friends' but all the more ketn
as rivals In sports.
; To date, Hubbard has had t
alight edge fn football, his Lo&
gers winning one game from Wil
lamette and tying the other; but
Keene has made up for. this -by
lightly better success Ik baseball
'-This situation has now lastert
for three seasens, so that teaafs
4tt both achola may be said this
year for the first time to be prod.
uets of the rival coaches. At first.
Hubbard had the advantage of a
better nucleus, as Puget Sound
bad been winning from Willamette
for several years when he took
the helm.
:-. But on the face of the situations
Hubbard still has tne edge, be
cause, he haj been successful, for
one reason, in keeping his first
year's squad Intact with the tors
. of only two men, OTlson and Ta
turn. .
Stars on Gridiron '
" Among the player ' who wlli
perform under C. P. S. colore Sat
onlay afternoon will be found Oil
man, Hannus and Ledoux, back-field-
men who played here two
Jouts' ago; Ferguson. Brear. Hur
worth, Garnero, Booth and Ranta.
linemen of an equal length of .
perlenco under Hubbard's tutel
age and as members of a well co
ordinated team ' which has been
together that long.
U Keene. on tho other hand, na
found it necessary to develop . a
,ost"of new player each year, aid
of the men who played against
Paget Sound here two years ago,
Will have only Cranor. McMulUn.
Mumford. Mort and Ruch. Prenrh.
Yersteeg and Emmons were mem
bers of the Willamette squad that
year, but did not play regularly.
: K Keene had been able to keep
all his stars from the last two
years, he would have a team that
could walk all over several Coet
conference elevens; he would have
Blcaa at center, Propp and Sco
fleld at guards, McKensie and
JRogera for tackles. Reggie DePce
and Mahoney for ends, and Clon In
ter, Campbell, Bennett. Jungblotn
and several other back field, star
t call pon; not, all of those, men
;"wp bottor at jtbo Ume than thoso
Who. fill their ohoea now but
would have played together for
tbroo seasons, and ; that would
apell a lot.
Streauoas training for the WU-
uiTarnij lootoaii team
In preparation for Saturdays
sjamo against College of Paget
Sound ended Thursday. There will
-'be bo practice this afternoon, bit
the squad accompanied by - the
coaching staff will take a-bike
into the country. v -
The players will have another
opportunity to relax tonight when
they Uttend the W club banquet
at the T. M. C. A. Banquets are
not the usual thing before football
games, but sine all of the play,
rs-and the coaches will be there.
nsinn -
. . ii m expoctea that the menn wIU
not the in conflict with training
- - Saturday night after the' game,
" tho- football men wiU be honor
:a ones mors. as. nests, at the
- rWIUaaMtte Alumni -association
-nanaoet. which will also be held
sat tno.y. M. c. A.- . . -i r-
. Last night the players attend
ed the Capitol theatre as guests o
Manager Frank Bligh.
Alt or these frivolities do not
-mean that the squad is - taking
ie - ruget Sound game -lightly
"taey indicate, rather,- that ' the
team .has been "polated. for tbj
game and that tne process Is elm.
' plete: A little diversion 'to top it
f f is in line with good policy, ac
cording to the belief of Coach
. "Spec" Keene. , .
v.: Almost the last tbinr that hap-Spened-
at Thursday night's prac
tice . was an Injury. ri to Garney
.tJranor, star half back! which may
keep him out of Saturday's game.
No .scrimmage was 'planned for
Thursday and the players had in
structions not to tackle in run
-nlng-down under punts; '..but one
ead candidata hadn't beard' 'the
Instructions, and bo tackled Craxu
Or hard, twisting bis knee.
t With the prlco raisin around
-XI cents for fat lambs, the 1928
i-erop of between 100.000 and 110,-
. 000 Is being shipped from the pas
tures or Klamath county to the
consuming markets in Central and
Southern California. .': " i
- . - , ' .
Undrr the guidance of "Spec" Keen and bin nesistanto Wniamette University's football aqnadiuui developed unexpected power this fall. The clash with the Col
lege of Pnget Sowwd here Saturday is evpected to try thctr prowess to the utmost. In the photograph above, reading from the upper left, they are: Dnunu assistant
coach. So f, E-jdebretM-n h, FbUpoC g. Page h, Smith e. Flock t, Versteeg t. Cardinal f, Mort g, Mnmford e, Tucfcer e. Belts , eene beaU
coach, Irkrrmsn r. Woodwortli assfetMt roach, Basanauseeii t. Holt e, Ixckbart, Emmons , McBee h, French-r-h Cranor h, BicMallin f, eich man
ager, Pnrvtne assistant manager. Second row, Kasbergcr assistant coach, Gibson e, Adams o, Taylor, Hills g, Depoe q, Giiwl g. Pope c, Shiftman e, Batrson
t, French, Carpenter , Majoeky, Koch t. Sparks assistant coach. Bottom line. Window Msistant coach, Faber h, Pomeroy, Schomp, GUI g, Del isle
Phil Saelstrom mascot, Mutre -f, SatcheweD -g. Hartley c, Johnson, Garrison q. Warren, Wilson. ,
0. A. G. TO USE
Thurle Thornton, Husky Half,
Back in Lineup After
' Bad Injuries
CORVALLIS. Oreii Oct. 15.-
flpi Vernon :EI1 aH-coast
guard, was named Htnight by
Coach Paul Schlasleraa captain of
the Oregon State college; football
team In the game with Washing
ton at Seattle next Saturday. A
squad of thirty slayers left here
tonight for the north, eneoaragea
by a rousing station rally by the
student body. .
The- same men who went to
Pullman last week, made the trip.
except that Schell. tackle, recov
ered fron injuries sufficiently to
go In the place of Dell Scott, tacK
le, who is now in the injured list.
Though determined to win, rue
Beavers are not expecting an easy
game, despite the one-sided score
piled up on the Huskies in Port
land by the University of Oregon.
The team will arrive in Seattle to
morrow morning and take a work
out during the afternoon.
CORVALLIS. Ore.. Oct. 25.
(AP) Lineup similar to that
which played Washington State
in the first half of the game last
week-will start It or Oregon State
against Washington in Seattle
Saturday. Coach Schissler an
nounced today,
Thia includes almost a sopho
more baektieldV as Maple is the
only let term an. others being
Hughes and Sherwood halves, and
Chief Thompson, fullback.
Use of theke unseasoned play
ers to start important games is
forced by early season injuries of
Twitchell and Meeten, veteran
back. Twitchell was hurt in
early practice and has not played
In any conference game this sea
son. He will, go to Seattle but
probably will used, Schis
sler says. Starting, linemen are
W hillock and Strtff. ends; Luce
and Stout, tackles; Ellers and
Carlson, guards; Geddes, center.
Light signal drill, dummy scrim
mage, passing and punting prac
tice replaced heavy scrimmage
thts week. A squad of IS heaves
tonight for Seattle following a
student rally; '
SEATTLE. Oct. 28. (AP
Thurle.- Thornton. University of
Washington halfback who has
been out of the lineup for two
weeks because "of injuries, will
return to the ..gridiron Saturday
against ' Oregon State : college.
Whilo Coach Enoch Bagshaw was
puzzled as to wbat linemen ' to
start be picked out the ouartet
today that will fight for the hus
kies in the back field. . ". -'
Joe MeCana was named as
quarter whU Chuck Carroll, nigh
coast scorer, will be as the other
half -as usual, 'and Johnny Dal
quest will start as fullback. Car.
rqll has-shown much improvement
in his kicking since the disastrous
Oregon game last week, bat he
still spasmodically boots the ball
ever the sidelines. The backfield
men were functioning 4well and.
wu uie waoto nave recovered from
injuries, . , ;,- Vv.
A week of bard workoats has
filed to develop av strong line and
on this weakness, football fore
casters hers were giving the Ore-
con State eleven- a -alight edge to
tako tbo .honors, i ..';. L
,l"ormal opening of the new Wa-
lem Golf club course southwest t-r
the city has been, scheduled for
Sunday, it was announced Thurs
day by KreellCay. president f fa
ciud. . i ne course has been In
uso since last Sunday, -trial dav -
and members have found it to be
in excellent condition. In fact
they are becominr mere enthtii-
tie about It each day, and have
aepi it up constant use this week.
A tournament. which will h nt
interest to all members will be ar
ranged in connection with the for-
wal openning. The nature of thl
tournament will be announced Sat
urday. '.. . -rr
The road to the new course is
out South Commercial street to
Miller, west oar-Miller and out nir.
erslde Drive to the club's erivar-
road leading to the west, -which U
maraea oy a sign.
- ; , : : - i r-r
Here Is Army Of Gridiron Warriors Who Carry Willamette's Hopes
A lot of football . teams- look
good on paper until it's used for
printing the scores.
The big schools used -to banquet
on weekly j victories. But now
they're on a strict diet of defeats.
This season a lot of top notch-
ers would have, a swell chance to
The Navy set a new record in
two weeks. They were sunk twice
fn the same place.
Michigan came to Ohio to do
some cleaning up. But the Wol
verines went back with their own
ears, washed.
By Thanksgiving there will be
a lot of alumni that have traded
their pennants for handkerchiefs.
Ton can't wave a flag and weep
at the same time.
The moral Is: The trouble with
trying to be an Ail-American is
that you're liable to end up all
wet. - !
The Stiffs Furniture. Roth's
Grocery and New Oregon States
man bowling teams in the Busi
ness Men 'a league ended Thurs
iay night's play in a three corner-
ad tie for first place. 1 The States
man quintet beat Roth's GroceVy
two matches out of three. Stiff's
did the same to the Salem Sani
tary Dairy, and the Fairmount
Dairy won two out of three from
Montgomery Ward and company.
itaipn Kietzlnr of the New
Statesman team broke the league
recora lor game score, setting a
new mark of 215, although this
Is his first season.
Scores were; .
nw at&tcn
''""f SIS 107
H. WkiU 11 149
Hol v., ,4S
Sarkett m
owl!y J ; 4S
19S S39
US 436
S9S 2153
Wat 157 154
ToUla , 75s TA
Beta's Oneaiy
c Rota
Klein k
E. Bota
i 142 134
J US 116k
.123 152
-115 111
-ITS 14S
Sf 2088
ns S2 -
S60 .
546 1S7S
aanttaiy Jlalrr
C Oatrfaa .
IBS 151
-1SS 138
.ITS 10S
. M 118
. S7 8S
.614 617
615 1846
Baoatgoaian War
11S 9
101 150
102 14r
: 143 162
Tata la
128 875
120 S6S
116. 420
646 1892
Yalnaoaat Baliy
Shay j,
k-.lSS - 153
124 114
113 147
145 . ios
. 637. 646
143 - 420
123 Sl
135 SSS
145 - 893
668 195?
OeUvlS. fAPf-LJ
uianeaetau thundering horde, of
aonecruaaers started; out on : their
first odvssey of the big ten foot
ball campaign tonight, heading for
Iowa City where they ; expect to!
flatten : championship hones . of
"Big Chief? McLaia and his Iowa
mates in. the - headline attraction
of the conference's all-star card
Saturdays .: -
Except for minor Injuries to
Wayne Kakels center, and - Ken
Haycraft, end, the Gohpers were
In splendid shape for the combat.'
Other, big ten teams also were
enroute to foreign battlefields to
night. . Wisconsin sent 31 payers
to Ann Harbor, : gunning for the
first victory over a Michigan foot
ball team-since 18 $9. Noticeably
absent from the. squad were Gene
Rose, fullback, and Joe jCresky.
guard, who have been suspended
for disciplinary reasons.. . - - - y
Ohio State's squad of 31 will
leave Columbus tomorrow for the
Indiana game in splendid condi
tion. - , ' -
Northwestern students had the
largest- pep meeting of the season
today to encourage (heir .team in
the seemingly hopeless-' task --. of j
defeating . Illinois. , Coach Oick
Hanley baa developed a beautiful
passing game. ' which forbodes
plenty of trouble for the Mini.- ..
But It Hasn't Won Either;
Tie Games Played With
Eugene, Chemawa
i to Aipany jiign scnooi iooioaii
team, wlt plays Salem high
bore SatubUay in the dedication
aw . . m i .
hgam for O linger field, is more or
less an - unknown quantity here,
but sack information as is avail
able indicates that will bo a
tough outfit for the red and
black gridmen to master.
Saturday's rivals have not
played any common foe yet this
year, but a basic for comparison is
possible due to the fact that Al
banr slaved n 8 to 6 tie game with
the Chemawa Indians.
Both Games Tied
The.Chemewa cloven, in turn?
played Medford and lost 37 to 6, a
slightly smaller score than that by
which Salem high was defeated by
the same team.
Albany - hasn't been defeated
this year, but neither has it won
a game. Its other contest was
with Eugene high, and that also
ended in a to tie. , .
No Practice Today j
Coach Louis Anderson of the
Salem high squad gave his men
their final workout Thursday at-1
ternoon. No practice Is scheduled
for- today, so that the players
stand little chance of going Into
the gamejwith any injuries unless
they indulge in class or private
scrapping in the meantime, which
of course Is forbidden to football
men. - -
The game Saturday afternon Is
called for 1:30 o'clock on the new
field, where the grandstand has
just- been .completed. Students
have also erected some movable
bleachers, so that there will be
plenty of room for spectators.
Jimmy Ilartaon. 21, and bis
brother Henry, 23, of McMInnville,
both suffered fractured skulls and
other injuries when their motor
cycles collided with an automobile
driven by Herman Gassner.
IT is easy to tell you what Chesterfield is
'x met. It is not strong, nor irritating, nor
ov-sweetened not is it flax or tasteless
or insipid. '; . : .
Friday. Oct. 2
lags World series, seventh
game: New York Nationals, 11:
Brooklyn American Associations,
7.- Batteries Crane, Keefe and
Ewinx: Lovett. Caruthers and
1908 R. .W. Richardson, of
Pittsburgh, catches the kick-off
and runs 101 yards for a touch.
down against BucknelL
1911 World sjeies, alxth and
final game: Philadelphia -Ameri
cans, 13; New York Nationals, 2.
Batteries Bender and Thomas!
Ames, Wiltxe, Marquard and Mey
era, Wilson.
112 Hobey Baker, of Prince
ton, catches a punt and runs 15
yardsa to a touchdown against
1917 Manuel Silva. of St
Mary's, catches kick-oft and runs
90 yards to a touchdown against
uaiiiornla. '
1927 Walter Johnson signs a
two-year contract to act as man.
ager of the Newark International
league club. .
By Norman EL Itro-r
IF there are any. baseball bugs
in this town these days thev
have holed in for the winter.
Football's the stuff now with
Chicago U., Illinois and North
western unlimbering within taxi
distance of each other and Knute
Rockne's Notre Dame squad dovsji
the road sways, v
And as Rockne sends his team
through another season of globe
trotting an interesting sidelight on
hsi teams is offered by a veter
an football coach and fan who has
great respect for old Knute.
"I'd rather send a team of mine
against N6tre Dame at any time
regardless of how powerful an
eleven Rockne has than against
the average outfit of any class,
said he. .
"For the simple reason that
your team will "come of a defeat
at the hands of Notre Dame In
better shape than from a victory
.any other team.
: "To tell 70a what It & we fust ypMOd '?K
enough for anybody, and yet. . . they uttisfjJ S '
And not oar claim," but your own tost
sopplies the proof! ....
ft .
Game Saturday Last Before
Team Leaves For Big
Clash in Berkeley
EUCfENE, i Oct? 1 5. ( Special ) I
The -Oregon football team will
play Monmouth Normal school on
Hayward field Saturday, accera
in to Jacs: W. uenenei, grauu
ate manager. This tilt will be
the final one for Oregon before
leaving to play California at
Berkeley, November 3.
Oregon's overwhelming defeat
of Washington, has given the
team some confidence for a vic
tory against California. The old
cry of "hold 'em Oregon" has van
ished, and nothing short of a win
will satisfy. The team is the
strongest turned out here in many
years, and is following out coacn
John J. McEwan's prediction that
Oregon would begin to win in his
third year as coach.
The Washington victory was
not entirely free Jrom gloom
Five regulars and one substitute
were unable to return to . prac
tice at the first of the week,
George Stadelman and George
ChappelL centers; George Chris-
tensen, tackle, and Ted Pope, all
are suffering from minor injuries.
Cotter Gould, fullback,, is on the
side-lines with a wrenched, hip.
and Charles Williams, half, has
x severe cold. All these players
will be ready before the Califor
nia battle. ' .
McEwan will spend much time
in the next ten days drilling the
reserves. Oregon's showing in
the California contest will depend
greatly on the ability of the Ore
gon reserves. The reserve - line
under development is: Robert
Keeney, Jerome Lillie, Everett
McCutchan. and Ted, Park,
guards; Tom Weoms, ' Homer
Dickson, Scott Warren, and Mar
ion Hall, tackles, and Willia West,
Lawrence S 1 a u s o n. . "Walter
Browne, Harry WoodV and LaSalle
Coles, ends. ,
i j
lfifnier trames mium
For This Week; Huskies
And Aggies Will Clash
fAP Followinr a week-end
of heavy pounding and big games
the gridirons of the west will set
tle down to the scene of lighter
games Saturday. ,
In one of the two conference
arames scheduled the University
of Washrnrton and Oregon State
College meet at Seattle. The de
feat of Washington last wee oy
the University of Oregon was one
of tht unlocked for episodes of
the week-end and gave the Hus
kies a "one won and one lost"
standing in the conference. Ore-
eon State occupies one of the cel
lar positions having lost both of
her conference games.
At Moscow, the University of
take on Idaho in the only otper
take on Idaho in the noly other
conference game thic weeK-ena.
Idaho was smothered last week b7
Stanford, while U. C. X- A. in a
nnn-conference game, beat Pom
ona. Neither team has yet won a
conference game.
trtTi TT.A ND. Ore.. Oct. 25.
rAPi An Alnhonse and Gaston
war of concession seems to be im
minent between coaches Of tne
Oregon freshmen and the Oregon
SUte college rook football teams
as the arame between the twoirival
elevens approachea. The contest,
to be played on Multnomah civic
stadium field here next Saturday,
has drawn no optimistic reports
from either of the rival coaches.
despite the fact that neither team
has as yet been defeated this sea
Dick Newman. State yearling
mentor, in glancing over his cas
ualties after a tough game with
St. Martins, has conceded the
Webfoot yearlings a decided edge
in the contest.
But Bill Reinhart, Oregon
frosh coach, doesn't want the;
edge. On the other hand, he is
perfectly willing to concede Coach
Newman an edge if necessary a
little larrer edra than nrhini
Coach Newman would be desirous
of granting the Webtoota.
And so it stands.
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or Suit and O'coat
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This Sale positively; Ends
Saturddyi! Oct; 27; 1928
3 -
California with a record of on
won and one ties in the confr.
ence schedule will olace t
Olympic club at Berkeley. T'm -
game wui be the thirty-eighth ! . -tween
the two teams and a reviv i
of the oldest game in point .,-
time on the California scbfdul
The University of Montana ;ir; i
Montana State tangle at Rutio i-
their annual big game. Mont.-.
shares ofte Qf the low position? i
the conference naving iosi uotn of
et..fnn l.adlne- tip ffol.l uitli J
a clear record of three games wo
will play the team of Fresno Str,.
at Palo Alto, in view of the pm..
with the University of Soutl.-vn
California next week, Co i
"Pop" Warner of Stanford vpoI
keep most of his first string ov
of the Fresno State game.
The University of South-: a
California and occidental v
scheduled to play at Los Ango!
while the College of Idaho inva i
Pullman for a game with V;i-';.
ington State. U. S. Chas won on
and tied one of her conferen, -
games, and Washington State h.n
won two and lost one.
Both of Salem's Junior hih
school football teams will be in
action. .outside; the city this after
noons Coach Aubrey Fletcher ,of
Parrtsh will take his squad to
Stayton and the Leslie gridaters.
directed by Earl Douglas, wiU
play against Gervais union hlgh
at Gervais.
Stayton high is known to havfy
strong team, having beaten Les
lie 3 to 0 and won from Turner
high, which in turn had beaten
the Corvallls high school second
team which played a tie game
with Leslie here a week ago.
Leslie's eleven is badly cripple !
by Injuries and illness. Regular
hA win either not play . or be
badly handicapped from these tw )
canoes are DeHarpport and Mar
tin, the ends; Shipman, half bark:
and Sevik, quarterback.
phand, is in good condition and in
expected to make a good showing.
ays Only
aficl' Saturdav
aiasterui Offle