The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, October 16, 1928, Page 10, Image 10

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- Y Salem, Oregon, fTus3ay," October f 6, 1 92 7, i
1 t
Fivs Minute Speeches Make
.Cig Hit at Largely At
J tendecf Ljuhcheon
-. Dara of the "Four Minute
Speakers' were recalled Monday
jit the Salem Chamber of Com
merce luncheon when. a program
-f .. f tr e : snappy . talks, each 12m-
; lt4 to fire minutes. was presented
1.10 m exceptionally large.andap
y 4reeiatiTe r number ..of members
; ' aaA .gueatsv, President Vick . an-
sxounced that while each speaker
4..waa allowed five minutes a fine
w6ld be assessed in the event
that a speaker failed to use bis
r fall time. The treasury was not
enriched by so much as a, thin
first introduced was Douglas
. McKay, commander of Salem's
. American Legion post, who spoke
, of tke:. high honors won by the
. poet's drum corps at the national;
contention ot the Legion in -San
Antonio where, in competition
with .the nation's best and richest,
- they 'carried off second prize. He
-. outlined the program of welcome
-$ which begins with the arrival of
. the drum corps at the Southern
Pacific station here today. . urged
' all to take part and thanked the
, citUens of Salem for their spon
taneous response.
-Next came M. P. Adams, man.
ager ofthe Sky Line orchards,
diaenaaed the walnut growing in
- daatry in the Willamette valley.
He declared that as soon as wal
kout production in the-valley reach
: ed "-ther: volume which is en-
Ztitmlr", possible herer 'California
f - will have to play second fiddle.
- 1 President Done? Speaks
rlrfrPreaident -Ponejr.. . of ... Willam-
.rtte Jui Iveraity',' ' tke. third-speaker
t outlined the .progress of that in
? stltBtlon and showed its value to
'-Salem: He said that the student
body, although necessarily xe
' atrleted to about 5 00. is drawn
- from approximately 30 states and
brings about 1200,000 to Salem
annually, spending about f 1,000
"t Dr. Doner explained - the ob
iecta back of the coming -drive to
raise about $160,000 In order to
complete the contract with the
Rockefeller Foundation and said
that thrroal of Willamette Univ.
ermity officials la to make- that In
stitution the finest in the north
west. -
Henry Crawford, a member of
the State Fair board, talked in
terestingly of that Institution, the
things It does for Oregon and for
Salem, its appreciation for what
Salem has done for the fair ' and
the future's plans whereby Ore
gon's fair is to be the best In this
section. Among other things he
estimated -that, at a conservative
figure, i 25,000 perarns from out
side Salem visited the fair and
spent 10 each, making. 1 250,000
brought here during taejme wee
He also explained that the dates
fotvtbef fair are fived by the leg
islature. not the ' boards i
State Treasurer Kay; the fifth
sneaker, found himself handicap
Ded br time in presenting excel
lent reasons for defeating the pro
posed Dunne automobile tax re
duction and gasoline tax increase
bills at the November, election.
Hfe said Oregon has sepnt $70.-
000,000 in building a system of
highways that is superior, to that
of any state with an approximate
ly similar population and showed
that al this work, as well as fu
ture road -' programs would be
wrecked through passage of the
Dunne measures. "Business men
who have the interests of Oregon
at heart should do their best to
see that these crippling bills are
defeated," he declared.
-Hero for Hoover.-
Indian Lad Hit
By Motor Truck
Malcolm Clark, Indian boy, wad
bit by a motor truck near tne
"Big Chief" service station, five
miles north of Salem on the Pa
cific highway Saturday night. He
was taken to a Salem hospital f pr
Examination and then to the
Chemawa Indian school hospital,
where it was reported that no
bones were broken and that the
lad was suffering from
P'.;;r. ff. I
Colonel William' (Wild Bill) Don
ovan, who 'was awarded the Con
greMlonal Medal of Honor for war
time servlce-with the old Wth N.
Y. Infantry, and' new assistant at
torney general of the United States,
was one of Herbert Hoover's ad
visers In the preparation of the
speech of acceptance.
: Err ' Eztrss . Se; finto . 4S ; SM4isa
txtrs 'SSe; SMdiui flntl 3; tadr-
SM f .-y . ''- I
POilTUA!fI. Orm Oct. 15. ( .
Milk SU4r- Xsw Milk (4 pct cnt),
f2.SA (i aUvm4 Psrtlaad, Icm 1 r
fti kwMarfat, ttia. 52; track, 5e;
4cUt4 at PcrtlsiHl, S5. - -
pMitrr Bteaaj,' ksrir
AH, kcatry kM (ever 4H -),
S5c; SMitnt knf (S to pmdi),
ISc: lirkt immtv S4 ). le: ld
roostcn, 10c; springs M ickorss,' 35;
tags,-isc; ynr white Fekw dacka,
10c; tsrkT slivc, 2 5 80c: sroiWrs.
seease. j
yiUUn Easy t lOe Mwr. Per
IAA v'mAm f!mm ft t M 0, 1 In.
esftblcrs. fl.40l.SO; IscaX rly rr4-
. A mm 2. . 4S4s nrs-ssn-
General Markets
foaruurD GRAIN
PORTLAND. Ore- Oct. 15. (AP)
Ch rrain: Whet Bis Bend blutitein,
bard white fltS; tofe white fl.21;
western white. $1.20: bard winter $1.12;
northern aprinf $1.11; western red $1.12.
Uata !. Ji, 88 lb. white. 3.
Barley No. 3. 45 lb. B. W.. $34.
fwii No. 2 Kaatern Yellow, shipment.
Millron atandard, 927.
PORTLAXD. Ore.. Oct. 15. (AP!-
Har Buyifia; prices: Eastern Oregon
timathy. I3C.506r21.00 ; valler $ 17.00ft
rt 50 iMHt. $lT.60ei.00: eloTer.1
-V " ' I
$14.000 15.00; "oat hay, SI8.001B.50:
straw, f 7.50 ton.? 8 riling prices, $2 ton
;," -:' UVS8T0CX "'"
PORTLAND. Ore.. Oct. 15. fAPL
Cattle sa4 etlTts. Steady, eatlle 2600.
ealvM S10, inalading S9 eatOe and five
esivas SiUee. tMSncb. .
. Steers . (1100 1130 lbs., sW. 912.00
ft 12.80; (M llOOC Ibt.). SosmI,, 919.00
nii.ov; -iBvv sss P7, meoinn, 910.75
12.00 ; coBHSan, $.2510,75. . Haifera
(850 : lb, down), , good, '91S.00 10.65;
cotsman, $ 8.75 1 0.00 r esws, good. $9.00
69.60; coeaaasi t medium, 97.00 9.00;
lpwr matter,- a4.7AeJ.D0,- Bnta (year
ling hnbsm), gooa beers, 97.25 07.75;
cutter to medium, 9507.2. Calves
(500 lbs. down), saedinm to choice,
$10.00 12.00; eull to common, 97.50
10.00. TeaJora, milk-fed, good to cboica,
913. 50014.60; medi'am, 912.0013.50;
cnu 10 common, iv.uuun.uo. ,
-Hogs. ; Koeomta 3110. inolndins 582
billed through. Light batchers weak to
IOL lowac, packing sows, 2550c lower
other elaaaoa steady. !
'Heavy weight, (250-850 lbs., medinm
to -ckoteo. 9S.00e9.50r medlaar weight
(t 00-260 lbs.), saedinm to choice, 99.75
9.74; light weight 160-300 lbs.), me
dinm to choice 39.75 10.15; light Ufhts;
tiau-isv 10s., meoram to ekoiea. SS.50
09.75; packing sows, rough and smooth,
37.2508.00; slaughter pigs. (90-130 lbs)
medinm to choice. 9926 9.00; feeder
and Blocker piga (70-130 lbs.), medinm
to choice. 98.60 9.60. . (Soft or oily
hog and roasting piga excluded in above
quotations). . , -
Sheep and lambs. ; Receipt 825 in
cluding 523 direct. Strictly choice Iambi,
oue lower, otner classes steady. -
-Lambs (84 lbs. dowS), good to choice,
91 1.0043 13.00: (92 lbs. down), medinm.
910.0041 11.00; (all weights). cull to-
common, 98.500 10.00; yearling wethers
(150 lbs. down), medinm to choice,' 99.60
610.00; -ewe (120 lbs. town). medinm
to choice, 9.603 0.5O (120-160 lbs.).
medium to choice, 98.606.00; - (all
weight), cull to common, 92. 0g 9.50.--
Chicago osvanr -
r CHICAGO. Oct. lS.-i-(AP)-epsesls-
tsrs whs haT aatidsatad s his iscrass
of th Caited Sutos wheat siaihls ssp
pry Vocsbm sctivs ssytrs sf wheat tossy
at she msu ,
Closing snstattons on wheat were nerr-
.t l-se set seeiiss to s-se sstsscs.
with corn snebanged to 9-8 vp and eat
s t s on.
iraw Tomx arocxa
NEW' YORK. Oct. IS. (AP). The
took market va as impressive damen
atratioa of atresgtk today in th face
of a marking up of call money . rates
from SH to 1 mr nL sforo the a two
seoro msaes were wtrsstod to :
records, swrral sf tts ga' rnnnin'g from
S to neaiy 25 point. Total sales raa
over . 4,0000,000 sssraa. . r
' Csss Tkissklag was the spectacular b
dividssr f star, soaring S4fc point ts
s Sew higk record at 89SH and elosing
sosr tso top. Ksttsssl Tea arss IS
points to s sow top st 39S and ssssd
to S91 aad ' V on taromerr-W ard raa ns
fnearly 13 poiaU to s sow peak st 304
sns rsssisoa su sat s Irsettos of its
sain. - lad nst rial ' Aoyon, Intorsstionsl
Harrootor. Motor Prodaets, Otis Eleva
tor sad General Cable all established sow
high record on extreme gains sf. 3 to
aearly 10 poiata.'
Press bayinf cams into th oil shares.
high Vesicas Seaboard erSmsd 9 to a new
high os the roeeat disssvsry of a gsassr
well 1s Krsga eossty. -- ,--..-..
Prodietioa of higher copper prices sad
increased ' dividends l ti minted the bay
ing of the copper akaree, Chile elimbisg
mor than 4 points to 54 J-9. America
SmelUng foRsek S psiats on the tradi
tional "selling am the -good sow," but
recovered moot sf its loss.
' Chrysler ran sp more than ,5 point
sad Hd son received fresh buying sup
port but General Motor tamed heavy.
Heaviaes also developed is Osty. Csr
tisa. International Nickel sad Warren
Bros. Belting of Gootyear, which broke
5 points, was attributed to the delay in
the arrival of tso Grst-Zeppeia-
Lad Shoots Gun 1
Load Into Thigh
HOOf) RIVER. Ore., Oct. 15.
(AP) Robert Turneaure, IS,
was seriously injured today when
an accidental discharge from hla
shotgun tore its way through his
thigh. - The boy war hunting near
this city. -He was in a hospital -
here tonight.
K l. r - v .fwV
rt.SSyw, fcf. ', .. - , rj- r7 . ' 'SL
.--iJsaSsySsijiiipM nxasn.K .l, yws-. ,. ..f jg--,,..
: :! '' & iJt yw,f Jviv t " " -j
' i , tS: wtoo
r'iiWi M"iTf m
y J
PORTLAND. Ore.. Oct. 15. (AP).-
hrtitaA-a Dairy Exchange, net prices:
Butter: Extras 49Ve; standards 49c;
prime first 40 He; firsts 44 He.
BEAUTY 1 1 jil aLmffij
mpletely W . U d BSN
Jiquipped ffi II I I er (less tubes) ' I
with 7 Cunningham Tube
and Aerial and Q round
SS:.:.,. S232.50
Western Air Patrol
"100" Console
. A. C AU-Qectrle
With Tubes s 1 WfasWW
With DywsmV8psksr A Tubes
Another exceptional value
such as 3roulI find only at
Western Auto' where tre
mendous purchasing power,
m a s
economical l&o-store aism
butlon and "direct to you"
sales policy mean
greater savings
for you. -
Ye$t indeed . . . this is the 1929 Radio! A
Radio that embodies 3very up-to-date
proven feature, and offers superiority
from every angle of radio performance.
Construction throughout is the best . '. . design . .
materials . . . workmanahip . . . everything . . . Every
vT?!?J rVn centered-upon producing an A. C. All
Electric Radio that gives you performance far-and-away
ahead of the times . . . that challenges any other
ai0, regardless of price to surpass it in Tone. Vol
ume, Selectivity, Simplicity, Beauty, Dependability and
y&iuG i
ftSli ? as 5f,Ul? finished walnut cabinet of de
lightful design, with beautiful burled panels. Mech
anism is totally shielded. A special jack enables you to
play records on your phonograph through the radio
aad speaker. The built-in "Rola" Dynamic Speaker is
exceptionally powerful ... yet faithful through every
noteor overtone . . . It permits tuning from the mer
est whisper to ball-room volume without distortion.
Give this wonderful radio a chance to prove our state
mentZ'JJi0i'r home You'U be delighted. Ask for
our FREE Jlome Demonstration
EtHf."9 J. W r?rrtetd rdl PPUe including
.S2? 'JT1?" " -Cunningham- tubes. "Rola spemkers.
. ana j&.upror chargers and replace-
Tranco batterise
I-meat units. . ..
foe Unset - Western
Air Patrol AY C.-AU-
Blectrie - mechanism
mounted la' a. beautJ--
ftu ' Wahrot Console
Cabinet, - with burl-
panslsd doors. . .Ex;
eptlel tone- aasl
bsautr at sv Terr'low
Ask for FRXZB Home
pemonetravtton. .. : A1
Thm WtUTi tare fwtWfere .Ass
ppum . Swrvtnm thm mmtmrlmt -
J 9 19 worth mwarmntd AccssswrsWs. rrwa
GsWs, Coif Emmpmrnt mnd Radio.
Itii2nl5qs: InthsVfest-
Salem Store 210 N. Commercial .V- M,
r sww sspaTs m , -
"Western Aato":
Servicm . .
additional , value
Wltn more than ISO ;
stores In the West . . . '
and enr Customer is
Always x Riaht -PoHey
too ' receire ,Xo
cal Berrlce' whereTer ;
Totrmar. be . i and;
eurWsst-Wide rep
ctation for fair and i
honest d saline: assures
your permanent satis- s
faction.-with roar
Western Air Patrol.
fJ T VTT--I-T TT 1
Hon WmM Ws
tWe are game enough to make a sacrifice to gain business volume
. Come m and reap the benefit of
This Special Offer
" - -- ' - - .I-"' . ! -I - - '
The newest Fall
styles. Smart tailor
ing and fabrics. $20
to $25 Values. Drive
for New Business
$30 to $35 Values.
Drive for New Busi
ness price : j
$24 -
Men s Over
coats and
In the very latest
styles. Special drive
for business price
We have a few ' all-wool
coats in broken sizes which
we are offering durlns; this
drire for. as low - aa $12.
Come in and see If we can
fit yoo. -"
'AV.'.-A- "
Pleated top style troasers in the
latest afcades priced for this drive
$3.45 to $5.95
I Hen's Shirts ;
New TOtterns in trenuine broadcloth
shirts at $L45. Silk stripe broad-'
cioui smrts are y 5 and .4a.
. This line indndes the new long
point collar, in the newest patterns.
: . - : j-- Hen9 Caps
These are all wool caps made with
gooa- trimmlnra. new shapes and
raatertala. All reirular 12.50 and
S3.C0 hatsT are priced
Extra Special SBS
Men's fancy hose, regular yalaes op to 45c are priced
at 23c a pair. Limit 5 pairs to a customer. This is to
dean op a0 of the odds and ends we have in fancy
hose. All )?ood patterns and weights.
Ladies' Raincoats
To dose out our line of ladies' raincoats made by the
U. S. Rubber Co. They are all $70 and S0 values
and guaranteed waterproof. We will sell (Jo Qf
any coat in the store for :' " " -'-" yiLm0
469 State Street
" f ' -sV '
Salcsi, Qro.
lUn'g UmonsdtM
Winter weight cotton union suits,
Msgchester make. Regular $1.75
Priced for this drive 29
S Men's Ties - Si
TbiM Tin. includes the new stripes
"f?, to helvy weight silks,
fllen's four-in-hand ties
'' i Sweaters 4- .
Roughneck Sweaters. Coat style
with shawl collar, white Ym a i r
Priced afonly ' fS4e45
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We are showinar a farm i!
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