The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, October 14, 1928, Page 20, Image 20

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Semi-Annual ' County Con
vention to be Held at '
! Jefferson Thursday
JEFFEItSON, Ore., Oct. 18.
(Special) The semi-annual meet
tuff of the Marion County Federa
tion of Women's clubs will be held
In " the Christian church here
'Thursday, October 18.
The morninjr Beasion, opening: at
19 o'clock, will be taken up with
business, after which luncheon will
: b -served In the dining room of
the church.
A program will be given which
- will include a vocal solo by Gene
: vteve Weld: an address by Grace
r Chamberlain, president o the f Irt
4ltrlrt of Federated Clubs of
Southern Oregon; a talk by Dr.
: F. G. Franklin of Willamette uni
versity on his recent trip abroad:
and an Instrumental duet by Mrs.
J..O. Van Winkle and Mary Louise
.. Plana Discussed
Jefferson Women's club held its
first meeting of the year this week
ia the library. It was decided that
the study of art will be taken up
this year.
Plans for entertaining the coun
ty federation meeting next Thurs
day. The Talbott, Sydney and
Jefferson clubs will be joint hosts.
Aftr the business meetink
luncheon was served at the Elite,
with Mrs. D. II. Looney and Aire
H. D. Mars as hostesses.
Monmouth, Ore., Oct. 13 (Spl).
The normal school music, phys
ical education and public speaking-
departments furnished talent
for a progrem at the county fair
at Dallas Thursday night. .
William Frederic Gaskins, di
rector of music, arranged and con
ducted the program which was
sponsored - by Monmouth grange
as an entertainment feature.
Participants were: M lag Flor
ence . Johnson, readers; Miss
Louise Woodruff, lyric soprano;
Miss Grace Maurie Mitchell, violin
ist; William McMillan, concert
baritone, who was guest artist
from Portland; Misses Gloria
Parker, Hazel Kirk and Mildred
Crain. Piano accompanists were
Mrs. Sylvia Osborn and Mrs.
Frederic Gaskins.
67th Anniversary of Order
at Independence Occa-
sion for Program .
MONMOUTH, Ore., Oct. 13.
Special) In a fast, snappy game
here today Monmouth defeated
Linfleld college on the gridiron
2t to 0. Monmouth ' made Its
first score In the first period af
ter blocking a Linfleld punt.
Four touchdowns were made by
the local eleven, Cloninger scor
ing two, Senn one, and Campbell
ne. Barney Senn was the brlgt
Individual star of the contest.
Coaches Wolf and Earl of Mon
mouth were much gratified by the
game played by their team both
on offense and defense. The lo
cals held Linfleld twice on the five
yard line In the last period, avert
ing the threat of scores.
18 (Spl.) The North Howell
Grange will hold its meeting next
Friday night at 8 o'clock.
Mr. and Jrs. E. W. Baughman
of Portland visited relatives here
last week". .
Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Fletcher,
their son Ellsworth and Alan
Wiesner drove to Suver last Sun
day and visited the Koester fam
ily. '
. E. O. Dunn Is building a new
barn. ' He has also purchased a
nnn rsnfni Irontnr jii1Htti
the first of the kind to be useS
In this locality. -
. Mr. and Mrs. .Ward Manning
of Gervias were callers at the Ellis
Stevens home last Sunday.
mm m
DALLAS, Ore., Oct. 13 (Spe
cial) The Dallas high school
football team defeated the team
from the Stayton high school on
the fairgrounds field Friday after
soon by a score of 14 to 6.
The teams were evenly match
ed and played exceptionally well
for-this early In the season. Stay-
ton had eight men Injured during
the course of the game and Dal
las one. A large crowd of root
r from the Stayton school ac
companied tne team nere.
(Spl.) The play, "The Poor
snatch's Divorce," given ty the
Monmouth. American Legion will
he presented at the Isls theatre
Tuesday, October 18.
It was previously given at- Mon-
month and proved an exceptional
'Wrist Injured
When Ax e Slips
JEFFERSON, Ore., Oct 13.
(Special) Paul Kotthoff cut his
wrist badly while splitting wood
- at his home In some way the axe
lipped, cutting a gash In his
wrist and severing an artery and
. two leaders. . Dr. Van Winkle
the wound.
Revival Planned
Starting Sunday
JEFFERSON. Ore., Oct. 13.
8pecUA) The Christian church
here ts planning a series of revival
meetings which will be gin Sun
day evening. The Rev. Rex Dallas
f Albany will be the evangelist.
" it ym a EpiUw. fits, rhlliag SiekMM
r OwUio mttw hmw b4 wiif
mm mmm,r wltkMt fsU. Attacks atoppe
rrer ia many twi. KO NABCOT-
KB bsrmfal arac Batisfsetkm r
PcTfe ML SUavMs Co- 1M4 W. 44th 8.
. OUraUaa, O.
17 1117 S
Well wcommended men and
wosnem have exceptional op'
Bortnnlty aelllng exclusive
' tine of lln4rerle-cuaranieed .
the best in America. Except
' clonal profits for industr
ova repreeentatlvee. No pre."
vlous , experience necessary
i sales made quickly.' Free. ;
t selling kit : with made . op
samples. Immediate corres-
pondence' Invited. - ,
Quality linsrerie Cow
Security Bid.
STAYTON, Ore.. Oct. 13 (Spl.)
-The Knights of Columbus of
Sublimity and Stayton will hold
installation of officers at Sublim
ity Tuesday night, October 16.
Joseph J. Strange, district dep
uty, from Hillsboro, and his team
are expected to put on ' the cere
monial. -
Edward J. Bell of Stayton, -dis
trict deputy over four councils in
Marlon county, last week installed
officers at St. Paul. Mt.' Angel and
Salem. "
D. F. Hallahan, special agent of
the K. of C, recently paid his an
nual visit to the local council and
reported finding the books and
records in excellent condition.'
INDEPENDENCE, Ore.. Oefcr 13
(Spl.) iThe?67th anniversary
of the Masonic lodge was celebrat
ed In the Masonic, temple Wedges-?
day night with about 200 in at
ttendance. " - -
Roll call was the principal fea
ture of the evening and a number,
of replies came In letters from
absent members. '
Program Pleasing
A musical program consisting
of vocal trio number by Dr.
George C. Knott, E. N. Linqulst
and F. E. But, a Tlolin solo by
Glenna Hlltebrande and a piano
solo by Naomi Hewett was en
A well prepared dinner was af
terwards -v served. In the dining
room of the,temple.
Bipod Poisoning
; Proves Serious
MONMOUTH Ore., Oct. 13
(Spl.) Lloyd HiU of the Mon
mouth Meat . Market, has been
critically 111 at a Salem hospital
from , blood . poisoning as result
of cutting the end of one finger
In a slicing machine. He Is now
believed to be out of danger.
aiem iNews
fix Helen H. Eodolf - Phone 2402J
West Salem Man's:
Spit Crash lictim
W. J. Klbbee of the Kingwood
Service station on Bgewaterand
Kingwooa avenue nas receivea a
telegram telling of 'the 'death of
his aoft Edward In an accident
Mr. Klbbee at this -time has re
ceived no further particulars.' Ed
ward was the youngest of Mr.
Klbbee's three sons being 18 years
of age. He had been working in
a newspaper office and doing very
wen. The . sad news comes as ' a
complete surprise and Is a- diffi
cult thing for Mr. Kibee to real
ise. The boy was killed In Can
andaigua. New York, and Is to be
burled ia Johnston, New York, by
bis mother. Mr. Kibee's many
friends in West Salem, are most
sympathetic with him In his sor
tWest . Salem V is pleased and
proud of W. R. Peterson on Edge-
water street who Is member .of
the Salem American Legion drum
fcorp and who went with them to
San -Antonio, Texas. Mr. Peter
son's return Tuesday is eagerly
awaited by thet townspeople who
want, to let , him know how happy
they are in his success.
7 The West Salem Community
club. will have its' opening' meet
ing for the winter season Monday
evening. A program has been ar
ranged. ' The club meets 'In 'the
Community hall which Is the base
ment of the Ford Memorial Meth
odist church, at 8 o'leock. This
is the third season for the club.
A council meeting was held
Friday night when J. R. Benton
was elected police Justice of West
Salem. He is to work in .cooper
ation with Clive Scott, traffic of'
fleer the city council' had put bn
patrol duty some time ago. All
offenders of the truffle laws pick
ed up by Mr. Scott win be brought
before Mr. Benton.
P. J. Stadelman, now complet
ing his fifth term as mayor of
The Dalles, announces that he
will not be a candidate to succeed
himself. '
MT. ANGEL, Ore., Oct. 13
(Special) The Mount Angel fire
department has announced that Its
13th annual dance will be held at
the school auditorium Thursday,
October 18. Dancing will begin at
9 o'clock promptly.
, Special . entertainment will be
prorldedt as in the past, when this
event has been outstanding from
this viewpoint. Music will be pro
vided by the Varsity Melody Men
orchestra from Salem, directed by
Lester Landgraf.
Th,e committee in charge in
eludes Aj 'J. Ficker, P. F. Schwab
and J. L. Wachter. .
Three Eligible
For R.N. Affair
t ,
SILVERTON, Ore., Oct 13.
(Special) Mesdames Bert Green,
Clyde Rameby, C. A. Neshelm,
and I. Metcalf, are members of
the Royal Neighbors of Silverton
who are, eligible to attend the
luncheon given In Salem on
Monmouth, Ore., Oct. 13 (Spl.
Members of the junior class of
Oregon Normal school enjtiyed the
first Juniors-mix of. the season
Thursday, evening.-' Mrs. Beulah
Thornton was ihlstress; of , cere
monies and started the events
with a ' grand march" .which pro
moted, a friendly atmosphere.
Stunts " were , presented by
groups from four divisions of the
state: .Willamette valley- district
southern district,' Eastern Oregon,'
and Multnomah-lower. Columbia
district. i,-
The Pendleton round-up and
rose festival stunts were especially
entertaining and original. Alpha
betical . groups gave other im
promptu stunts' pertaining to the
seasons of the year. .
Mrs. Thornton introduced Mrs.
Morris1, Mrs.' Bell and Mr. Santee,
the junior advisory committee. "Af
ter the serving : of light refresh
ments all joined in. singing com
munity songs .led by 'Marian
Worth. :
STAYTON, Ore., Oct. ' 13
(Spl.) -D. M: Doll was elected
commander of the Stayton post of
the American Legion at this
week's meeting, but since he is
now a resident of Salem, declined"
Tuesday In -the Fraternal templecthe election. The vacancy will be
R. Dean, finance officer; Dave
John, chaplain; J. A. Hlx, his
torian;' H. P. Rauscher, sergeant-
at-anns; Harry Humphrey, Frank
Bast Percy Hlatt, Hugh Weitman
and Paul Pietrok, members of the
executive committee.
The post .voted to discontinue
its dances at the open air pa
vilion until next -spring.
SILVERTON, qo., Oct 13.
( Special) About 0 members of
the Yeoman lodge of Silverton ex
pect to attend the initiation which
is- to be held in Salem tonight In
the Fraternal temple.
Bridge Opened
6r West Side
(Special) The bow nestswe
highway bridge over. ineuca
mute river between " Monmoutaf
and Corvallla is now opeai for traf-
fie.- Thia hTidge hat been, under
construction for sereral months.
k The slaughter. J house 7 c . lk '
Carlton Meat company -irai en
tered and robbed of about . 10 V
worth, of meattnd bides.
for all members who have secur
ed new policies of 31000 or more.
Mrs. Laura Peterson Is to be host
filled at the next meeting.
Other officers elected -were:
Glen E. Fox, vice commander;
George R. Duncan, adjutant; W.
on an
A freight line , between Tilla
mook and Astoria has been estab
lished by J. H. Hennessey of Gari
baldi, who la making dally trips
between the two cities.
Monday, OcL 15
1:30 A. M.
Stock Farm Machinery,
Household Goods, Etc
Located 1 mOe west of West
StaytOB, OreM on the mw
Market Road. Watch for ar
rows. Thursrlay, Oct, 18
10:30 A. M.
20 Head Cows & Heifers
.30 Sheep Horses
Located 0 miles north of
Brunk's corner; 8 miles from
McCoy on the Bethel road.
Follow arrows from Brwnk's
Terms, $10.00 under, cash
6 months time on approved
bankable notes.
' J. W. BriedweU of Bank of
, Amity, clerk. t -
, See Sale Bills for Particulars
r & son
',' . -I z are Um . "'
v. Aoctioneera ;,
t Remember- " Rite down Towa
: Phono 75 '"Hm,
Cash for Caed FnrjUrnre,
t ' - I ' CaUhoa Us' 'V-;
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Wm. J. Bennett
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at the
Emmanuel Full Gospel Mission.
420 State St., Upstairs Oyer the Plan's Shop'
and every night this coming week at 7 :45
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rij.v." J'-i-.. ...